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Azure Kubernetes Service, Automate Deployment CI/CD pipeline, Docker Kubernetes Azure,Beginner Guide

teacher avatar RapidDev Pro, Full Stack Developer & Tech Entrepreneur

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

21 Lessons (2h 2m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Docker Installation

    • 3. What is Docker ?

    • 4. Docker images and containers

    • 5. Custom docker image and run inside container

    • 6. Getting inside of docker container

    • 7. Pushing image to docker hub

    • 8. Useful docker commands

    • 9. What is Kubernetes ?

    • 10. Install minikube, kubectl CLI and virtual box VM

    • 11. Create Pods, Replicas, deployments and services in kubernetes

    • 12. Kubernetes Dashboard

    • 13. Deploy Node.js app to local kubernetes cluster

    • 14. Create AKS cluster on Azure Portal

    • 15. Install azure cli & run AKS dashboard

    • 16. Kubectl context explained

    • 17. Deploy app to AKS

    • 18. Azure CI/CD Flow Overview

    • 19. AKS Build Pipeline

    • 20. AKS Release pipeline

    • 21. Source Code

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About This Class

Azure AKS: Developers Beginner Guide to deploy containerized App with Docker and Kubernetes on the cloud with Azure Kubernetes Service ( AKS )| Take your app from local to production powered by Kubernetes  | Automate deployment process using CI CD pipeline with Azure DevOps.

What is docker?

An open-source project for automating the deployment of applications as portable, self-sufficient containers that can run virtually anywhere on any type of server. Docker serves as a lightweight alternative to full machine virtualization provided by traditional hypervisors like VMware's ESXi, Xen or KVM. 

What is Kubernetes ?

Kubernetes is an open-source system for automating deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications.

What is AKS?

Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) is a managed container orchestration service, based on the open-source Kubernetes system, which is available on the Microsoft Azure public cloud. An organization can use AKS to deploy, scale and manage Docker containers and container-based applications across a cluster of container hosts. 

Learning from courses:

♦ What is Docker?

♦ What is Kubernetes?

♦ Install docker on windows, mac, and ubuntu.

♦ Install Kubernetes ( minikube ), kubectl CLI tool, VirtualBox VM on windows, mac, and ubuntu.

♦ Docker Hands-on: Create images, containers, push the image to docker hub.

♦ Kubernetes Hands-on: Create pods, replicas, deployment, service on local Kubernetes cluster.

♦ How to load balance between multiple containers running inside pods.

♦ Create pods, replicas, deployment, and services in Kubernetes.

♦ Kubectl CLI tools concepts.

♦  How to create a Kubernetes cluster on AKS (Azure Kubernetes Service ).

♦ How to deploy the app to the Kubernetes cluster on the cloud.

♦ How to automate build and release pipeline for Kubernetes cluster (CI/CD).

Who is this course for:
Beginner Guide for developers who wants to deploy containerized App with Docker and Kubernetes on cloud with Azure Kubernetes Service ( AKS )

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

RapidDev Pro

Full Stack Developer & Tech Entrepreneur


Hello, this is RapidDevPro.

I am a Full Stack Developer, Tech Entrepreneur. Working full time building software projects for 6+ Years in cutting edge technology for various clients. Lead team of software engineers on multiple projects. I am sure you will learn lot of concepts from my classes which i have learned over the course of years.

Thanks, see you in my classes.

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1. Introduction: Hello, everyone on. Welcome to my course on as your community services also rawness as your I guess. Okay, so my name is represent broke on. I'm a full stack developer and I'm going to be your instructor in this ghost. So let's quickly have a look at the things that we're going to learn in this course. So, first of all, we're going to learn some of the basic concepts off Doctor and the Cuban it is. So we'll start with over on festival will understand Body stalker and by the view stalk. So once Dagestan, then we'll award to the doctor candidness enemy this and we'll understand. How can you work with your doctor images and the rover containers again? And we're going toe also create our own custom application for which we will create own custom dougherty meat. So we'll understand each and every concept. Just doctor file. How do you create a low profile and how do you build a document from the dock? If I okay, and we are going to push this talk, that image to the doctor helps, or God help is ah, history for storing your doctor images. Okay, that's built by Nokia itself. So once we understand the basic concepts off the doctor, then we'll move on with dick abilities. And that's what will understand what this Cuban it is. And why do we use communities? So once we understand that will move on with setting up the Cuban this on a local machine. Okay, so during the Cuban, it is cluster on your local machine unit. It will call this minute you. So first of all villains told the Munich you on our local machine and then we'll install the cubes. You can do less well, which is required to interact with recuperated clusters. And we'll also installed a virtual box which is a VM. Okay, so this VM is required for the Munich. You'll do so once we're done with setting up the local communities, cluster will prepare. You understand how good the bride, the parts that plague US services deployment by actually deploying the app to the local communities cluster OK, And once we're done with this, then we'll also understand more this Cuban dissidents board and how can you work with the Cuban? It is dashboard And how can you run the cumulated dashboard? Okay, so now we have a major league awarded over concepts as well as the Cuban of this concept. Now it's time to move to the as your puberty, this cluster. OK, so first of all, you're going to understand how can you create an azure kubernetes cluster on the azure portal? Okay, so I'll walk you through this with life demonstration. And once declasse story said the Bundy Azure portal were going tore on the case dashboard. Okay, which is, as your community service dashboard using the Dorsey like, OK, so we'll also install years or see later on your local machine and we are going to run the guest. That's what with seem Okay, So once that is done, we are also going to understand How can you deploy the apathy as your greatest list of remember previously? We deployed the application to local communities faster, but now they are going to deploy the application to the circulators cluster in cloud. And once that is done, we're going to understand how can your permit divorce process off convenience, indignation and candidness deployment? Right? Because if you make anything destroyed, application it requires four story building that image pushing the message of God help, then making a deployment with that image. Okay, so it's not efficient solution to perform each off this thing Manual is right, because in large scale application, a lot of developers are working and they are continuously pushing that chord again. So how do you automate all of this process? So we're going to implement this. See a city by plans. Okay, so what's the plan? Will do Assume it's the gorgeous post today depository, for example, get up or any other repository, then it will automatically triggered a bill pipeline. So the baby by then we'll basically created a Kareem it and push it to the doctor. How? Okay. And it is also going to produce some of the artifacts that will be used by the release by plane and the kind of arctic effects it will produce. Village pretty aluminium all file because they released by plane is responsible for creating redeployments. So it needs the diploma amplify. OK, we're just going to be produced with the Bill bourbon as our defict and released by plan will basically deploy the amel file using the Cube City. A toll on our changes really reflected on the fly Okay. So from the developer perspective, all the developer has to do is simply post record and rest of the whole process off. The deployment will be taken care by, See a city by plane. Okay, so we're going to understand how can you perform this on the azure develops. Okay, so those are the hopes was previously known as the STS. So we're going to understand how can you basically configure the bill and the release by plane on deals are develops. Okay. So wasn't so excited to share all my knowledge and the learnings with you. And I hope to see you in my next lecture. 2. Docker Installation: Hello, everyone on in this video, we're going to understand. How can you install talking on your machine? So does told you Don't put on your machine. You have to visit this website, which is hope Dark dr dot com. And once you visit this website, what you have to do is you have to click on this explored button over here. Then you have tow goto the global community addition tab. Okay, Just Agassi, which stands for community addition. And here you will find various unstoppable file for different operating systems such as the Mac. And then you have for the same to us for adorable, those okay? And you can even choose it from here as well. Okay, so currently I'm on the windows, so I chose this one on here. You will see a police Logan poured on Warburton. Okay, So, first of all, you have to log in. That is, you have to create account, underdog help before you can download the executable file. So I have already created that. And if you haven't, then you can simply sign up. Okay? You can click here on the great account, but I already have one. So I'm going to simply Logan with my own. You can see we have this guy. Dr Burton, over here. You can simply click on this on it. Will. Basically don't order executable. If I have it, you can simply in started opportunity in machine. Okay, so I have already downloaded this particular executable file presidency were here in the file system. Here is the insoluble fight. Okay, so what you have to do is simply double click on this and simply proceeded with the installation. Once we're done installing, you can simply stars for their doctor app, which is over here. Okay, simply click on this, and it is going to start their doctor again and you can even see it. Over here is Well okay, So this is the doctor. Next stop on. Once you are done with this ones who have started the dogger, you can simply go with determinant on. If you're only windows, then make sure you're on the criminal as an administrator, but looking on Brunnis adminstrator option if you're only Lena authority Mac, make sure you use this Trudeau before the command that I'm going to tell you right now. Okay? So just run this stalker version. Check the doctor vision. Okay. And as a side, if you're on the lyrics or the Mac, you go. You have to be applied to pseudo before this command. So the command will be pseudo space dog. A space version. Okay, on. Once you heard this command, you will get the appropriate version. That is big. That is being in star loner machine. Okay, so in my system, it is 18.9 dot toe. OK, so here is the doctor claimed version. And here is the doctor said whatever generated over Injun version. Okay, on India coming will use. We're going to understand what's the difference between the doctor claimed and the doctor Silver. But for this video, we just wanted to win, started or got on a machine on I hope you were able to follow along. And thank you so much for watching this video 3. What is Docker ?: Hello, everyone on in this really Soviet when you understand for the stalker and why you do the you stalker So doctor isn't doing that allows you do on your application Insert off the docker containers OK, on dinners is nothing but indulging in stents offer doctor image okay on containers also provide the isolated involvement to your application. Now let's understand what this doctor image. So, doctor images, a file that holds your court weighs on the libraries, all sort of other dependencies and even the operating system which is required for your application. Okay, so now that we had a look at the doctored image as we listed over dinner, let's understand why did is need 40 docker container for creating isolated moment. So let's as you must scenario where you have one Lenexa and on this one Lennox server, you want to deploy five applications and let's assume that all of this five application are using Norges. The 1st 1 is using the Norges version seven the other one here 9 10 11 and so on. Okay. Now all of this application will only run on their specified version. For example, the Norges Version nine application cannot run on the eight. Okay, so we need to somehow create an isolated environment for each application to give them appropriate version off the libraries that they need to successfully run them. Right? So how would you solve this problem? So the one ways to speed up the five virtual machines using the hyper visor. But that's not an efficient solution, because it is going to take a lot off resources as well as their time. So this is the kind of situation where Dr plays a vital role because it solves this problem in a different approach, which we're going to see some so large first of all, have a fundamental architecture. Look at the virtual machine for sister doctor. So first of all, let's have a look at the architecture of the virtual machines. So now if we have a look at the architecture of virtual machine, you have your infrastructure at the bottom. Most layer. Okay, so your infrastructure is nothing but your hardware itself on on the top of which you have the hyper visor, which is required so spin up previous operating systems. So, for example, you have trio playing application application, a BNC so If you want to create an isolated environment without doctor, I'm talk your truly isolated in bombing. So what you have to simply do is spin up all these three guests opening system. Right now, this takes a lot of resources and as well as their time because it takes time to put up the guest dropping system on your virtual machines required the dedicated resources as well. So it's not a very efficient solution in terms of the sources as well as their time. So now that you had a look at the intermission architecture, let's have a look at the architecture of the doctor. So is against the in game of knockout again. You have the infrastructure to the bottom mostly, and your infrastructure is nothing but your PC. Laptop hardware. Okay, now, under top of which you have your host or being system. So, for example, if you're running Lennox, those are the Mac os. Okay? Now, instead of the hyper wiser to spin up the individual virtual machine, we have a doctor in general over here looking. Now, this doctor intern is responsible for creating isolated in moment for each and every applications. Okay, so for example, you have a biggest on ABC. The NF okay. And you want Oh, run it in an isolated environment. So you basically done it instead of the container in the doctor using the doctor image. Okay. And the doctor image, as I told you before, holds everything that this record for the application Bhutan, including your court based the library's dependencies as well is the operating system okay ? And Dr Ingenuity, Dogger server is so smart that it can it can even share the common libraries between various containers. OK, Now, for example, if your application A and B are using some off the common Lebanese than poor doctor in general, do is it will share between those two container so it is efficiently utilizing the resources as well as the time. Okay, alerts have a located docker engine component itself against. So the doctor engine company basically compresses off three parts. The 1st 1 is to Dr See like the 2nd 1 is did a stadia. And the 3rd 1 is the doctor demon or it is also called a stalker silver. Okay, Now the Doctor Seelye is a command line tool that allows you doing directed the doctor sold over two Rested. OK, so whatever doctors see like a Margie will run, it will basically first awful contact the rest tibia and rested cable for the coordinate with their doctor demon. And I definitely the doctor. Demon order Doctor Server is responsible for managing each and everything. Such as creating the image attending the Imagine several deacon dinner starting the container, stopping the container. Okay, so I definitely their tasks are performed by their daughter demon. What you basically do is you basically in Dr Winter, Dr Server using the doctor, See, lie to less tibia. Okay, It's as simple. Is that okay? So that was it about their doctor engine components. Now, let's understand. How can you build a doctor image? Because I deem elites. Did Oconee means that it is running and start off the container. Right? So how do you build it? So we are going to practically do it in the upcoming videos. But let's have a brief look about how do you create one sort of create a broken image? What you have to do is you have to create a dr file. So there is no I said extension for this file. All you have to do is simply name the file a stalker fight. Okay, Now, instead of this doctor file, you specify everything that you need in sort of the doctor in major. Okay. So, for example, if you need some basic means that such as the AL finally knocks image or any sort of base inmates. So you hear specially various command that needs to be learned to start your replication. Okay, on. Once you build, these are doctored image using the doctor cilla using the doctor billed common. It will generate a docker image that can be taken on any sort of machine which has a doctor on it. And your application is going to run successfully. So we will be doing everything practically in upcoming produce. But I just wanted to give you a brief overview. Okay, Now, let's understand what this doctor helps. So hobbies in registry or the repository for the doctor Immediate. OK, so anyone can upload their image to the doctor, help on anyone can download any other person image from this particular doctor. Help. OK, so as you can see on the screen, there are various images available, such as the engine X, The oracle readies busy box Mongo strategy. You want dual buying pose grass, nor OK, so these are all the images. They're not being applauded by the users. So what you been simply do is you can simply download this image and then it on your own system as well. Okay. And if you want, you can create a replication and created in Dr Image for this uploaded on the Doctor Hope and you can publicly distribute to anyone so anyone can download that particularly meets underneath on their machine. It's as simple a stack. Okay, So just like we have the repository for storing the court based which are get hope it lab and Big Bucket. Similarly, for storing the doctor images Broker has created a tune called the Stock Could help burying . You can simply upload your doctor images anyone you can simply explore other doctor images is well, which are being uploaded by 1/3 party. So you guys, this was all about the doctor introduction. I hope you were able to understand what the stalker and why do you stalker on the tank consumers for watching this video 4. Docker images and containers: Hello, everyone on in this video, we're going to understand How can you work with the local Remigius as realistic and dinners ? Okay, so let's get started on. As you can see, I am here in my 10 minute. And if you're using windows, then make sure you're on this with the administrator on. If you are on the next on the Mac, make sure you use this sort of command for each and every doctor. Come on. My show. You in this video. Okay, So, first of all our list down all the images on your system, you can make use of this command. We just open images. 30 will show the images president in your system, but it is not going to show all the images. Okay, So if you want to see all the images, then you can simply say Dr Images and you're gonna plan. And we would call this a funny. Okay, so this attribute will is don't all the images. Okay on if you're wondering where this hyphenated too good came from, okay? And what are all of the redwoods available? So you can simply on this command, which is doctor images? IPhone, iPhone, help. So it will basically tell you what are the options that even passed. So this particular command Okay, just this. So the high funnies for all okay, on Devon F is for friend that if you want to filter down some of the images using some condition and the hyphen, Q is for the quite against these other three flags available that you can pass on this topic Images. Come on. Okay. And the hyphen. Cuba Only short. The new medic ID's. OK, so as of now, there are no images. So once we have the image, I'll show you how the gun works. Okay, on. If you want to see containers than you condone this common Dr P s, guess what? Please don't only containers, OK? And if you want to see all the containers irrespective affords this status with very discreet it stopped or eliminated. You can run this government are gonna be a siphon here. Okay, On your tongue. Anyone done this common Dr P A Siphon FNL. So it will show you all the reports available for the candidness. Ok, so these are the reports that are available for the convenience. As you can see we use the iPhone a flag. So we just present over here that stays. Show all containers. OK, so these are the basic amount released on the images and the containers. Now, since we don't have any major, we're here on the system. Let's try toe, pull some image from the doctor. Hopes so that we can start using the locker images as well listed over convener in the upcoming videos. We are going to create our own image as well. Okay, but just for the demonstration just for getting started, I just want to show basically, use the existing image from your doctor. Help for the demonstration. I'm going to make use off image, which is created by organization auto use. That card is to do OK on the name of the images. A lower. Okay, So if you feel so supported, as you can see here it is. Okay on. They have videos ordering medicine, but I just want to use this particular images for their demonstration. So, as you can see, it isn't symbol of web. It is. Hello world. Okay. And Nicholas, since on deport 80. So the way you can pull this particular images by running this command with the stalker Pull to doom slash Hello, world Also do Mr User name which project this image on Hello world is there repository Name ? Okay, so combine it is an image name. Okay, so if you copy this on simply go to their terminal on B street over here and hitting the so , as you can see it is going to pull this particular image. Okay, Now, image also have the tax associated with it. Okay, So the's particular image, I think it only has this latest act, which is the default tag applied to any sort of image if it doesn't have a tag. Okay. Now, if you want Oh, pull a specific tag off, emit. Okay, then you can specify Over here we want to do things like that. But that should be president would here in their dog, Habas by looking So it is only going toe Pull those images with that particular tag. So no. Now you can simply than this command with this doctor gave me this. Ok, so as you can see now we have the image on our local machine. Okay, So they deposited. Name is totem slash the world tag is the leaders. Here is the immensity. Okay on here. Is this size or not? Okay, so now let's see. How can we were on this image inside of the container. Okay. So as you can see currently, we don't have any cadaver money. Okay, So the way human are Dundee made in sort of a container is by using the doctor on command. So again, you can simply say Dr on you can make yourself half Unefon help Attribute. If you want to understand, what are these special tags that you're gonna blow over here or get So as you can see that there are so many eggs available Okay, so now I'm going to simply run this image using the doctor and come inside here Simply said , Dr Run, I make use a happen Be at reboot for specifying deport. Okay, so here I'll say 3001 column 80. Okay, so if you're wondering, what is this? So the port that you are seeing on the left hand side is deport that you want to run on your host machine? Okay. On deport That you see on the right side is the port off the container. Okay, so the board of the host machine is going to map to deport off the container to basically on the application on. Then you can simply specify the name of Deem it. So here it is to do slash. Hello? Would Okay. And now you can simply it and that. Okay, so it is going to spend up deport. Now there are sometimes issue with the logs on the windows power sharing community. Okay, so I'm going to close this. And if I hadn't over Peace command, as you can see, the container is started. Okay? Andi, here are all the information such as the continual 80 theme. It's name which the container is running. Okay on before says when? So 3001 is mapping to the people. No, let Rosa on if I hit local host 3001. So, as you can see, this is a symbol which is a hello word on Dhere. It simply shows the container i d in which this particular images morning. Okay, so here the contemporary data shows is 21 seat will be ok so people will eternal on. As you can see here. Is that condemned already? so simple. So I just wanted to demonstrate you. How do you run in the inside of their docker container? Okay, so this is how you basically run it, OK, now, let's understand. How can you stop and start the container? Explicitly. GOP. So what you can simply do is you can make yourself this command with this doctor. Stop and you can pass the container. Ready? Okay. So I'm going to copy this and be stirred over here and simply going to say hit. Enter. Okay, let's go to the browser. Fresh the app. So I think it shouldn't run. As you can see this, I cannot believe it's not money. And if you want to start, then you can simply make use off this. Come on again with this doctor. Start specifically condemn already. Quite simple. Deficient. So as you can see, that started working. So these were the basic information about the doctor images as molested Docker containers. OK, so this was a just a brief for you. They are going to deal with the doctoring with this and they can't there more in the upcoming videos. We're going to create our own custom. Dockery meets on We're going to push it, put it over Baseball on. Well, spin it up in the container. That Let's see how everything works right from this bridge using the doctor fight. Okay, but for this video, that was it on. I hope you were able to follow along. And thank you so much for watching this video. 5. Custom docker image and run inside container: Hello, everyone. So in this video, we're going to build the custom docker image. Okay. What? First of all, let's build the custom application for which will be billing the customer robbery meat. Okay, so I'm going toe be making a simple web app. Hello? Word using the Norges. Okay, So if you want to install didn't just on your machine, then you can simply had overtone or distort org. Then go with your download section on Install s put your operating system. We're here. OK? So you can choose any sort of installer operating system once you're done installing what you can simply do is you can head over to the government. Okay on, you can check the Norges version, but I think this command, which is north hyphen we give you the Norges version on the NDM also comes bundled with the Norges. So you can check the in members in as well by using this command, which is in my friend, We okay, because I know it's trained. Located northeast application. Okay, so here I'm going to create a direct record as nor just tap on. I simply go into this producer director so as you can see it is empty over here. On here. I'll say in B m and it on. I'll use the hyphen, my flag to keep everything as before. So as you can see, the baguette starches and file is created. So no one installed but gets Carter's express. Okay, it is. Ah, Norges framework. Okay, on. We're going to simply create a very minimalistic framework. Just a hello world message. Okay, so let me just open this files Indyk or did it. Okay, so since I'm using the escort, I can simply use the court space, start to open this current directory into the score. And here I am going to simply create a file which is indexed Georges. And in sort of this, I'll simply like the court to create the nor just sour Cydsa. Const expressed equal ability. Quiet express. Okay, I create a variable cord. Is that on a sign? It does express on here. I'm well, doesn't this appropriation okay, so you can take the board from the environment variable, but just for the demonstration, I'm goingto take a static board with just 4000 on here, I'm going to simply say and here, right, listening on board 4000. All right, on just about this, I'm going to add a listener, get side after use. Now for every part. What I'm going to simply do is I'll receive a request response object as well is the next function Okay, So it's uncalled back. And here I can simply say responds north saying and here I'll send the message again. So I would say hello. Hello. From nor have their sick. Okay, so let me just say this and let's ride on this in the browser, so I don't go over there. Okay. On Dhere. I'm going to see this in order Index tortoise. So as you can see this thing app listening on. Poor 4000. So let's had ordered Deport 4000. Okay, so here, I would say local host call in 4000. On. As you can see, we have this message, which is hello from, nor that okay. And it is looking perfectly fine. Now just to make this my search local little bit bigger, I can simply put this inside off air to attack. Okay, So since we are viewing this popular response in an browser, so yeah, let's Let's right door on this several again. Well, within browser's refresh the absolute against you have the skill, dear Mrs Now, which is help from north. Okay, so no one application is ready. OK, so now what we want to do is we want to create a custom made for this particular application. OK? So as I mentioned you before for creating the custom, you made your little daughter file very new specific water, the things that is required by the application. OK, so first of all, here I created all the file. So all you have to do is create a docker file. Okay? There is no extension required. Just a doctor Find itself on here. You have to simply specify what do you need for this application? So you obviously need the Norges for this particular application. Okay, So what I'm going to do is I'm going to head over to the doctor, help Okay on here, and search for the Lord image. Okay. On just simply opened this base for the doctor officially means often, Lord. So as you can see, these are the latest versions available Okay, in various flavours such as the Alpine again. So if you're wondering What is all panel? Pine is the smallest Lennox distribution. OK, so the size off that particular institution is around just five MB. Okay, so in five MB, you can get the minimalistic Lennox operating system. The complete opening system with the Norden story Les Belles. So is ended a missing right. So I'm going to big. This produced a little buying version. Okay, you can choose it as per unit. Okay, there are various other flee. What as well. For example, you can even choose the defect women. So Or the fact remains is the one wearing you don't specify this past week flavored off demons. So we just specify the water here is, but OK, so as you can see if you just especially with the North Pole inversion extend defector image. Okay. And if you're using the hyphen slim or the high final point, then you're trying to basically use this specific type off the north image. Okay, so we're going with the Alpine. As you can see, it is eternal over here. So, as you can see this mention over here that the size is only around five. Maybe because the I'll find version of the Knox is quite small. OK, so yeah, let's head over to the core base on. Tried to use this particular as a base image. Okay, so your doctor basically bears on the some some of the basic image. Okay, So So some of the things that you basically need for your application to them. So don't be. Include this image you can make use off this from entry. Good on you. Here you have to specify the basic. It's OK. So the basic means that we're going to use is north Colon a darts, extreme Nord zero hyphen, Alpine. Okay, so now we have this basic miss ready. So this will. This will give us the holy next opening system along with the nor just version. It started as by looking now under top of which you need to continue building on application. OK, so first of all, I'm going to say the working directory. Okay, So the working directories the folder wherein you want to basically paste your application core base. Right. So there you basically want to work with your application. Okay, So just for demonstration, I'm going toe Name some random direct premium, for example, slash Sandbox Okay. It's last test. Okay, So this is the directory in this whole Lenexa operating system? Very. And I want to work. OK, so this is this basically side stick and text folder for all the upcoming docker commands. Okay. Okay. So now I'll basically copied this. Like it's gorgeous and file. Okay, so I said it is not just and final destination for the So this is how you basically make use of the copy command. Okay, So you specially for doing it to copy that? If I love folder, okay. And then you specially target directory. Okay. Now, since as I told you before the work directory, say said stick and text directory for all upcoming commands. Hence, I have used your daughter. Otherwise, I had to specify the old part. So that particular four Okay, so this dark, they notes this popular directory. Okay, because the working directory sites, they can text as well for all the upcoming commands. Okay, so now I also need to copy the packets Law, Jason as well. Okay, So he writes it. I get iPhone lock door. Jason and I invested in the test for literally. Now I'll make you loved it on. Come on. Okay. So their own commanders used whenever you're building limit. Okay, so they want to around this common, which is an install. So what did we lose? It will install on the picket specified in the pack A star Jason file. Okay, so you can live your using expects. So it is going to install the express in this pursuit. Dockery Mrs. With Okay, Now, after this, whatever simply want to do is I need to copy the whole or business. Well, okay, so as often as we only have the next case file, But if you have liver files, then those will be copied. So this particular for that? Okay, since they target folder that were specified the start, which is the current context directory. We just slash sandbox. Last test. Now, what you have to do is, whenever you're done, the inmates inside of the container you need to make use off the semi cmd command because this is this is for the country melons. Basically. Okay, so this is not executed at the time off billing limit instead, this is executed at the time off running the container. Okay, so here, You specifying the farm off. So here I want to exhibit and then start again. So and start is going to go to the back of starches and fight, and it is going to have a look at this start strip. So I let me read it over here on in this Starscream, I say simply say nor indexed Ortiz. Okay on. Yes, it is going to simply start. Dino. Just what on the financing there you want to do is expose Deport. OK, so I'm going to simply expose 4000 board because so that the application can be run on this particular port. Okay, Now let's go to their terminal on try to build the meat on first. All I'm going to stop this. Okay? So first of all, I basically see the existing with this. So, as you can see, we have this pre used images that we used in the previous video over just to doom slash Hello word. Now we want to be a lot of enemies, so let's see, How can we do that now? Basically, your custom made support to have to do is you have to do in this command. But this doctor Bill and you have to especially the part off the doctor. If I Wherever you have placed detoxify looking since we're running this Come on in the same directory there are Dr Felice Place. I'll simply here so dark that always you have to specify the full part again on simply hit Enter. So it is going to perform each and everything step by step. The first step it is doing is pulling the door checks in Georgia O Donnell penny meat from their dog help. So as you can see, it is doing this on it is further going toe perform other steps as well, which we have spread specified here in a doctor fight. So if you observe carefully, the second step it perform is what can be said, citing the work and get a tree that third step waas to show you that scroll a bit. Okay, so the first step was to copy the packages and the four towards Deepak is locked, Isn't okay, so it is in the same sequence that were specified here in the doctor fight itself. Okay, then it basically then dnb install Okay on finally basically corporate. This source scored on Bay street in the psychedelic pre on. Basically, they start this command with the CMD and start OK, so as you can see, it has successfully been doctoring it. Now if I simply Sudhakar images So as you can see, this is the new mix that has been created. So we haven't yet applied the back as well. Is we haven't named Image answered is showing none. So here is the majority. Here is the time it was created and here is the sites. So as you can see, this protective immunity is having the full fledged UNIX operating system. Still, the sizes seven day amid the reason being is that we're using the Alpine version. If you were if you were using the defect awash in without using the Alpine over here, your investors would have gone around 706 100 MB something OK, but there are also some corns associated to the Alpine person. So some of the basic things that as the gate and everything doesn't come stall with the openly next OK, so basically reduced the size, they don't on some extra libraries and the features okay, so it comes with the minimalistic libraries for running really next operating system. So as you can see, we have basically Gordon image. Let's understand how can you run this image inside of the container? Okay, so we have already basically land this image, just youtube slash shallow well inside of the container. Now, let's understand. How can you do on your own custom made inside of the country? So two run lead image you consider, Please that Dr Run. Then you can do deport mapping, using the hyphen beef like so here You have to specify the host much import and the container port. So, for example, or for the host machine port, I want to run this app on 3004 port. Okay. And the container port is the 4000 because our application is running on the 4000. So what I'm simply going to do is I at the 4000 over here on Dhere. You have to either specified the Miss name or the image I d. So since we don't have any amazing name side, I'm going to specify demons Idea that and simply had entered. Now, as you can see, this'll has started running the container itself. So if I run this command with stalker PS. So, as you can see here is our container running. Okay, So if I know nobody poured 3004 we should have ah application running. Okay, so you find a fresh this. This was an older version of the North. Just at that was, in any case, I'm closing this I find with the local host 3000 four. Then, as you can see now, application is running on insert off their docker container. Okay, So this is how you basically late on your doctor image instead of the docker container. And as I told you before, if you want to stop your container, then you can make yourself this Stop. Come on. Okay, so now if I go to the pros on and fresh, it is going toe simply stop the Okay, So, you guys, that's how you basically ballooning meat on. That's how you need instead of the continent. So unless this was all about creating the custom images for your custom application on how do you run it inside of the container? Yes. I hope you were able to follow along. And thank you so much for watching this video 6. Getting inside of docker container: everyone. So in this video, we're going to understand How can we get in sort of chicken dinners and see all the system file present inside of the container? Right. So in the previous Udobi created our own custom docker image and ran it in sort of the container. Okay, so this time we will simply try to get into liquor dinner and see what what are the things that are present over there? Okay, so first of all, I'm going toe spin up the container. So if I had a friend, Dr Pierce, As you can see, there is no container running as of now. So here I am going to simply spend a bigger deal but an income earned doctor hyphen B for port mapping. And for example, if I want to run this application on 3004 pork okay on you and the continuing port is 4000 and here I just simply specify the image I d. And if I hear dented, let's go to the browser. Onda fresh the page presidency. The application is running on the 3004 and this is actually turning in sort of the country . Afraid so. This time you fired your doctor Bs. So, as you can see here is thicker generality that has been running as of now. Okay, so let's see, How can you get inside of this container and see all the system finds? So to get inside of the container? What you can do is you can simply on this command with stalker execute. You can ah, blair flag, which is I d. They saw this stands for in directing more. Okay, then you can pass on the continual rating with this president over here. Okay. And here you can say slash bin slash message. So as you can see no beer instead of the gondola, Okay. Now, if I go to the world for that, you will see that we have all these fights. OK, so this is basically the alpine distribution off Lenox. Okay, so the size off this pretty troubling system is very small, and we can see that all the operating system Pfizer present over here just like you find it on the next. Basically. Okay, on as you can see, here is the sandbox folder that is created. So if you remember in Indian provincial gov specified this working directory as slash sandbox slash Stressed. So as you can see this producer for the risk created in sort of the doctor image. Okay, so now if I simply go into this predator folder, you will see another folder. Korda's test. Because this is what we specified. Hearing your dog or fight. Okay, so now if I go into the past Fuller, I'll see all the file that I simply cooperated. Okay, on. They're not even generated on their own time, but an Indian BIMST, all sisters, nor models and everything. Okay, so we have the doctor file itself. We have the index, Jace North bottles. Forget to lock Justin and the packages. Okay. On the interesting part is that fire in the north version over here. So if I said Lord hyphen B, as you can see, Theodore's extend or zero is already in stored inside off this base image. It isn't a fine he made for this particular lord specific version. Okay, on, if I simply get out off this stalker container and if I don't go north, happen v. So, as you can see on my system, it is a door 11 or three. But instead of the doctor continued. It was eight or $16 0 Okay, so, you know, clearly understand how this immediate basically holds the specific version of the libraries that is required by the application to one. Okay, so this was all about getting in? Certainly the doctor. Okay, so I just wanted to give you, but if information about the same on I hope you were able to follow along. And thank you so much for watching this video. 7. Pushing image to docker hub: Hello, everyone. So in this really? We're going to understand how can you push your doctor images? But it all got help. Okay, so we have created our own custom docker image on now we want to do is now we want to push this image to the dog. Help. Okay, so now, before pushing the your name, Mr Dog would help make sure you haven't accounted over up. OK, so I already have one. So once you create the corner near Dhaka, have first of all, I tried to log in before pushing the mystery dog. So you can basically looking into the doctor by you using this combined with the stalker logging. Okay, so you have to interview using him as well as the password. So you can see the Logan is sexist. Now, what you have to do is before pushing your mission. Don't help. You have to attack that image. Okay? And in that case, the midges north tagged as of now. So let's see. How can you die getting it and then push it to the dog? I hope so. The way you can tag early meat is by running this command just stalker tag lanigan specified which image? You wonder back. OK? And then you can finally passed the name. So I call it as a big bro slash uh, Norges. Okay, so now if I return doctor images So as you can see, theme name off the meat is pretty gross national. Just. And if you do in space for a specific tap than their default tag that that will be given to the media will relate this. Okay, So, Noel, post this image to the doctor. Help, and it should appear over here, so I will go to their terminal on the way. You can push your image. Your doctor help is burning this commander with the stalker. Push on. Your name is named. Basically get signed copies and pasted over here on click Enter on. It should start pushing our dog help. And as soon as it is done, it will be reflected over here only. Okay, so they just wait until it is done pushing to the doctor. So, as you can see, it is done pushing good or could help Large Corp unit or could help. Now I fairly fresh my profile page underdog hub. I should have another image. So as you can see, it is over here. We just pushed just few seconds ago, citizen, or just happen at Okay, on. If I simply opened this, then you would see all the information regarding the med itself. That is their diet and everything. So, as you can see, here is the bag. So by default display just okay, So you're against this was all about pushing your remission, Dr Hub. Now this image is publicly available for anyone on you can simply pull it. Using this particular name on you will simply get your get this particular image on your local machine of it. So there is. This was all about pushing on the twister dog. Help on. I hope you were able to follow along. And thank you so much for watching this for you. 8. Useful docker commands: Hello, everyone. So in this quick video, we're going to see some of the useful commands off the doctor. Okay, So since we have had a look at most of the commands in the previous videos, let's just try to wind up and we get all of the components that we have learned. Okay? So, for example, if you want to see the containers, you can make it off the dog GPS case where it is going to show up there and inconvenience. Now, if you want to see all the containers, even if they're not running, you can make yourself have any attribute. Okay, on. If you want to remove the dinner, then you can make use off this commander. Bitches talk are removed, and you can pass the container ready, for example, this one. Okay, some would look over this Bay Street over here on my firing Dogger Bs. I funny. We should have only one condition. As you can see now, if you want to remove their luck and Devon as well, you can simply your doctor. They move on basically at the ready. Okay. Now you won't get some other, such as you cannot remove the continually, Fritz. Funny. So what you can do is you can make use often iPhone f attribute. Okay. So if if that also doesn't work, then you need to stop the continent and then remove it. Okay? But you can forcefully removing and embarrassment. Okay. So, as you can see No, we have forcefully removed the gun dinner. Okay. My final doctor Tapia's hyphenate. There is no content left. Okay, because annoying federal doctor is happening. There are no country nous left. Okay, now, let's understand. How can you are telling my people containers all at once without having toe individually delete them with the idea. Okay, so let me, first of all, try to spin up the conditions quickly. So I First of all, thank you for giving me this. And here I am, going toe spin up. Took and dinners get the 1st 1 is for our application itself. So let's say, for example, $3000. 4000 um, Bruce slash Nor just happened, and I'll be running another candidate. Okay, so I answered All girl, I found me on, for example, I want dude on this condition alone for 3001. Okay. On the container port will, Baby, let's say I'm running this for the good image. Okay? All right. Hopefully that makes sense. 95 ward off PS I funny. OK, so as you can see, I have these two containers running. Okay? Now, what if I want to deal it all off this condition at once instead, off individual it there being the ideas. OK, so you know that we can get the content already using this command with this doctor Tapia's high. Funny, I think you. So I think you stands for the quite flag which only returns the I d. Nothing else. Okay, so even if you have 50 grand dinners, it will return all the 50 idea off those containers so you can simply What you can do is now what you have to do is they did all those 50 containers with just one commands are actually How can you do that? So you can hear simply there a doctor removes. Then what you can do is you can pass the various ideas by using this common talker. Yes, I funny. I think you booking. So this particular part is going to do it on all the 80 off your African dinners on the doctor removed will remove each and every doctor convenience. Okay, let me illustrate this on again. It is saying that you cannot simply removed it on Incan dinner so you can make yourself hyphen f flag so forcefully remove them. I find a Lockerbie s life on a And as you can see, there are no good Dennis left on this. Seem a place for the images is when so ordered. So you want to remove all the this one at once? So start off taking each and every society. What you been simply do is you can say that, but I am. I OK, so in gets off image, you have to specify a reminder in case of cardinal it was him. And here you've been simply say, Dr Images. I funny for all I found Q for quite and simply hit. End of says, you can see everything is deleted from the medias. Okay, so if you now run doctoring medias or even didn't agree minutes iPhone A. There are no images left on this producer system. So this is how you basically deal with the images and the containers. Let's see some other commands as well. So for example, if you want oh, understand. Working off legs are present on each and every. Come on, the Children. You can always make use off the help Tribute. Okay, so that will give you order the flags like you can use. Okay. And you can use it on any sort of doctor. Come on. OK on. If you want to understand what's there? Disc? Use it done by the darker than you can simply there. Doctor system nine DF again. So it is going toe give you the disc uses of the rubber on here. Also, you can simply turn dogger system if I never, never so basically understand what are they had to Good that you can pass. As you can see, we just use their DF, which shows that excuse it. You can make yourself other attribute as well. It's just the events in foreign. The proof. Okay, so the broom common is basically used to remove the unused data, or in some cases, it is also quarters dangling him in this. Okay, so they're dangling images are the images that are not having the bag and the name associated to them. So if you want to simply the move on the and use data order dangling me this what you can simply do is you can make this command with this doctor system through. Okay, so it will give you a warning. Like whether do you want to remove these all these dangling medicine north. Okay, so if you say yes, then it is simply going to removing. Since we don't have any with this on our system that over brutally claim spaces, you know? Wait. Otherwise it would have shown some sort off space that it cleared up by the moving the dangling, which is because dangling images I'm not actually used again. Those are mostly the limited images that does under dead while building the doctor image. Okay, So what is this world? The basic command that you need to basically understand on you guys. I hope you were able to follow along. And thank you so much for watching this value 9. What is Kubernetes ?: Hello. Everyone on in this really over. You're going to understand what this Cuban it is. And why do we use communities by There is need for communities. Okay, so capabilities is orchestration bull that allows you to deploy, manage and scale containerized application. OK, so let's understand why do we need to communities? Okay, so let's consider an example where you created 10 to 15 micro services using the doctor on you containerized all of those containers. And you basically deplored that Convenient. Right? Now let's suppose that you get some of the high traffic on some specific micro services. For example, if it's an e commerce website, then your order Micro service is getting a lot off traffic light because the user of placing the Lord of Orders. Right? So what you need to do is you need to scale those containers at the right time. Okay, So, how to use? Decide how many containers do you want to done? And how much do you want to scale and return the containers that you want to scale down? Okay. So things like this requires a lot off manual effort. Okay, So the Cuban it is priced tools or commit all of this process. Okay, on it basically reduced the burden from the Lobstein. Okay, so let's understand words The architecture of the communities on how each and every core component works in the Cuban. A disc, Lester. Okay, so if we have a look at the architecture of the communities, you have the master and you also have the worker nodes. Okay, You can have one or more master inside of the communities cluster. Ok, so the master holds the core competence off Dick Avery Disc Lester. Okay, so some of the core components are Controller E Bay Sever Shader and the key Value store. So let's understand, each and every competent step by step. So the main component and the central point off attraction here is the basis of what? Okay, so everything in the Cuban Aidas cluster is done through the air base of Okay, So So the best. Always their top most core component inside. Articulate this cluster, OK? And if you talk about the controller which is also known as the application controller, replication controller is responsible for managing the replicas off your working Nords. Okay? For example, if you want oh, deploy five instance, off your application. So it is the responsibility off the replication controller to check whether all your five instances off your application are running properly or not. Okay, then you also have the shareholder. So whenever you deploy the application ridiculously disc Lester, the base ever communicates with the Schuttler. So the schertler decide on which Nord are does this application. It's stupid. The blood. Okay. And if you talk about the key Value store, it is also one of the most core components inside off the court kubernetes cluster. So the key value store holds the state off the kubernetes cluster. Okay, so everything related to dick abilities is stored in the ski village store. If this data is lost, then all these state off the committee distressed ability lost because the base over takes the request on started in the key value store. Okay. And it price to come continuously updated key value store as part that in just industry it off the application. OK, Now remove that the worker nor the American nor has three main components. The 1st 1 is depart this ignominy. Stick your proxy and the 3rd 1 is the Cuban. It now if you talk about depart the your party is the smallest deployable unit in the Cuban . A disc lister on insert off part. You can have a Republican donors funding. Okay, so your application done insert off this part only, Okay. No. If you talk about the Q proxy, it basically holds the I'd be table. OK, so it managers water the i B on which your application or your convenient is running. Okay. And if we talk about the cube lit, Cuba is one of the most core component instead of the vertical. Nor Okay, so just like we have this pace over here on the master, the cure, it is one of the most important competent here on the work in order because the Cuban it continuously indirect. With the base over on, it tries to give the oblate like what is this state off the Lord's, whether they're running or not. Okay, things like that surprise to come conveniently communicated with the base over. Okay, so these are the basic competence off the kubernetes cluster on. Let's have a look at how the affliction is the blurred and ones. So, for example, user makes her deployment using the Cube City. Elsie Lytle. So that request is entertained by the base of a possible stores that request in the key value store. Okay, then it tries to communicate with this regular tow, ask for the appropriate for cornered, available toe. Deplored that particular application. Okay, on. Once the deployment is made than the basis of what updates the value for the request in the key value store and the replication condone, make sure that the desired number off instances off your applications are running inside of the worker notes. Okay? And the cubic continuously gave the information to the base over the lighting, The state off the worker nodes. Okay, on if one off your lord basically shut downs are crashes than it is the responsibility of the replication controller to make sure that the desired number off the replica sets are running inside of the worker notes. Okay, So you think this was the basic components off the Cuban disc? Lester on? I hope you will able dough understand some basics regarding decouple natives clustered on. Thank you so much for watching this video 10. Install minikube, kubectl CLI and virtual box VM: Hello, everyone on in this video, we will, I don't know. The necessary tools required toe the community's blister on your local machine. Okay, so during the community's clashed on the local vision, you can make use off a pool car. Less many cube. Okay. So many girls, they're going that allows your daughter on the Kubernetes cluster on the local bishop. Aside on it's a single nor separate dec sister. That mean there can be only one work ignored. And the minute you also requires the virtual machine to run. Okay, so I personally like to use it with a little box, but there are other various work to machines that communicate supports on. Here is the list of them on. One more thing. I would like to use that if you're running this mini cube on your windows machine, then remember that since we're using the word toolbox with minute job, they were toolbox, and the hyper V cannot run together. Okay, So since we're in in the Mini cube with virtual box, you have to disable the hyper V. So do disabled the happened, you and head over to the controller Bennett. Okay. And here you can simply search for done with those feature on off. Okay, so you can go to this party corruption. And if you school down over here, you will see that Here it is. Here it is a hyper V. So we should be unchecked. Okay, so in my system, I have already disabled the hyper V. OK, so make sure this particular option is unchecked if you're using windows. Okay, on. Remember that once you on take this high part of the option from here, you won't be able to use the doctor because the doctor for Windows software actually depends on the hyper V. OK, so it requires the hyperbole to one. Now, if you're wondering, kind of used the doctor of individual box so that we can use the Munich you and the doctor together. Well, if you want to use the doctor the D virtual box instead of hyper V unit to install a very old version off Dakar software, which is called a stalker toolbox. Okay, now, this doctor toolbox used to be there for the very old over General David does in the back. But I really don't recommend you to use that particular software because it is outdated, OK? And even the official documentation of the doctor suggest you to used in your washing. So I just wanted to let you know that you won't be able to use the doctor once you disable this hyper V. But you need to do it so that you can use the Munich you. So if you want to install the with virtual box, you can simply had a word with the Google ends and such fortune walks away with the force link in the desert. So here is the caption for the water box. You can hear the work of you download section on, download the water books as part your operating system. My system, it is already installed. Let me just show you. So, as you can see, here is the executable files that I start on my system on what's already installing. You can simply search for the virtual box at. Okay, so it should look something like this. You might not see this many job over here if you're install is completely fresh, Okay. But that's okay. All you need to do is make sure that your wardrobe boxes running. Okay, so once you are done installing the virtual box minuto installed Emily Us. Well, okay, so if you search for a stock medical and you can head over to the gate a page of the minute You okay? So on this get up. Eight. You have the down lord links for videos offering systems. Just dilly Knox in there with those so you can simply click on this and ah, lordly medical as well. So let me show you. I already have done ordered this. Okay, So if I search for Munich, Ill here is the executable file. All you have to do is simply double click and install it on your machine. And one certain installing you can head or body terminal. And simply on this command system et tube. So it will show you the version that is in stolen in machine. Okay, now, once we're done installing the medic, you we need to install one more. Pull Carl s cubes deal. Okay, so the Q Trivial bowl is used to interact with the Cuban. It this question. OK, so it's basically a command line interface. So to install the cubes, you tell you been simply serves the cute little install on. Just click on the force Ling in the desert on you can download or installed the cubes ideal as per your operating system. Okay. On this executable file off cubes. A deal not to be done on your machine. Okay, So what you have to do is simply at this two year part. Very well. Let me show you currently on the windows. So if I go to the environment variables, let me show you how I have a depart for the que to deal so that it works properly. So is against he. Here is the part for the Cube City download section. So it is in my daughter's fuller and then the cute little executable file. So make sure you are dick. You chortle in your apart, basically, to make it work properly. Okay? And once you have sort of the moment available probably for the cubes a day, you should be able to access this culture deal from anywhere in the system. So if you lundy cubes Vivian on your terminal so as you can see, it should give this position that wins. The cube cereal is properly configured on your system, so as you can see you're destroying the group's retail description along with the comments that you condone with the Cube City. OK, so if you see the output like this, that means that cute retailers probably configured on your machine. Okay, So is I. Hope you were able to follow along and install the tools such as the virtual box. Okay, Minnick, you as well is the cubes ideal. So thank you so much for watching this video. 11. Create Pods, Replicas, deployments and services in kubernetes: Hello, everyone. So in this video, we are going do along the community's cluster locally using the minute you and we're going to create the part the biggest deployment and the services on their local communities cluster. So let's see, How can we do that? So before we proceed further, let festival start the local communities clustered using the minute you So to start the medical begin simplicity many cube stock on before I simply start I want to show you what are the trigger? Study can pass to this particular command. So they won a table that I want to show you is called as the M driver. Okay, so let me assure you it is over here. Okay? So if you're using the any of the water machine other than the watch box, then unit Don't make sure that you need to pass that particular value to disappear. And I drive with two. Good. Okay. But if you're using the virtual box that no Nieto pass because the default value for this attribute is the little box itself. Okay, So since we are using the Watcher box, I'm not going to pass this value to the hyphen infant bm driver attribute. But even if you barter, then it won't be a major issue. And they realize that the right to boot that you can pass. Then you can have a look over here as well. So they're just clear the mill on start the minute your child's in Munich, you start. And who didn't? So it is going to take some time to start the Munich. You okay on? If you're running this command for the first time than it might download the minute you buy also file. Okay, that this approximately 150 be so that might take some more time. Israeli further in English for the first time. I already have the profile. Don't read it on my water box. The reason is that I already then this command previously answered holiday downloaded. So yeah, it might take some time on your machine, but that's OK on. I'll get back to you as soon as it is done starting in Munich. You so as you can see the minute Cuba's started successfully No, If I run this command with just meaning que status. So as you can see, we have this proper status off each and everything, but that things have running or not. Okay on now, since our local communities clusters running Professor cubes it. He'll get deployments to get deployments from the local communities list as a concert says no, this is fun because there are naughty parents. If I say get parts so again knows this is his phone. And if I say get services, then you would find only one service, which is the community service. Okay, so you guys, let's see, how can you be create our own custom the Brahmins and departs in the local community discussed. So let's just head over to the court case. And here, if you see properly, I have credited the parliamentary amplify reason I'm name. This file is too damn high friend diplomacy. Gargamel is because the mess that we're going to use is they don't slash hello, world against which is a shame is that we used in the talker lectures. So just understand it over concepts again, there is no such compunction to name the file. You can name it whatever you want. It just has to be a Yemen, okay? And in fact, your deployment file again. BDs and file is well, okay on, even if you create your contribution, Filing the Yemen when it is saying to the Cuban it is a place of what it ultimately gets converted to digest. But the Emel file is more human, readable hands. People prefer to write the confirmation in the file in sort of the gist. So let's understand what is presenting. Dizzy Amplified. Okay, so first of all, understand that each and every Cuban it is resource can be created. Using the confrontation specified in the Yemen file are digits and find okay on either the case, whether it is a Yemeni file or digits and five unit to specified three things for any kind off communities resource. Over there it is a service order deployment or a part of the Peter said. You have to find these three things, which are the kind of diversion, anonymity, the kind of specify what kind off resource it is. Residency. This resource defines this office on this resource defines redeployment. So that's that's what kind of present a B version is. The communities the pay wasn't that you want to use. Okay, so if you're confused about where this Cuban it is a p A than you can head over to this documentation. Okay, so if you think the search for the Cuban it is April documentation on the Google. You will find this over here on. You can simply read regarding the same. Okay, so there are various even points available, such as the slightly baseless everyone or the extension slash even with that, Okay. So you can read more about the Babel joining a wish. You okay on? The last thing is the materia. OK, so these are the three things that are required in Madrid is nothing. Just a name that is given to your Cuban. It is a social now for the service I have given, The name is to doom. Haven't hello World happens of its OK, so there is no compulsion to write this service over here in this office kind of resource. Have just named it so that it is easier for us to understand what we created deployment. Okay. So whenever we I interact with accumulated listed using the Cube CPL command line interface , you will see that. But you will see this soon that it will be easier for you to understand what kindof logs are printed in the terminal. Okay, so just for the proper naming, I've named the hyphen service over here. Okay, so let's understand each in everything when weapon. Okay, so let's start with the deployment. So if you're wondering, where are the parts? And the replica shirts also always remember that the diploma itself creates the plague aside with itself creates t parts. Okay, so you don't need to explicitly create departs your diploma. These are timidly creating the part itself. So if you go here in this back configuration off this deployment type of resource, so here you first of all specify the replicas. So, for example, if you want to run the five instance off this particular container or or this particular application, then you have to specify this. We're here until this backs. And if you have a look at the temperate than here are the various thing that you can pass on to the temperate, such as the label on the label that we want to give to this producer application is to do my friend hello world. So this is the label by which you can uniquely identify the application from various at the replication in sort of the question. Okay. On inside of this bag, under the template. A key you can specify. The container says, Well, okay, so here I have named the continuous to do my phone. Hello, world hyphen, Cardinal. The images that will be using is thereto slash. Hello, word. Okay, so this image, if not found on the local, will be pulled from their doctor. Help on deport. That I want to run this container on is 80. Okay, The reason I have specialty container port is 80 because this image is built on the board 80 itself. Okay, so on this particular image exposes the port city. So we have to use the content. Borgetti. Okay, so this is all over the department's. Now, let's understand what this service so service is a kind off Cuban. It is resource that allows you to access the reports even in sort of the Christian and also authored of the cluster. Ok, so let's understand how can you exist the parts from videos perspective such as instead of the Kristen outside of the cluster. So, first of all, if you have a look, a tip at this office selector properly. We have named this characterised to Tom Special Award. So what this will do is it will simply try to pick up all the boards having this particular label. OK, so as you can see, here we have the here we have already labeled as to do my phone. Hello, world. So this service is going to target this particular parts. Okay, Now, if you have a look at the ports So here there are three kinds of force available. 1st 1 is report itself. The 2nd 1 is their target poor. And the 3rd 1 is did Northport. Okay, so the pork is deport that is accessible instead of the question target port is the port where we need to forward the request in sort of depart on the North Pole is deport that is available outside of the cluster. So deserve the main tree kind of support that you have available inside of this office. OK on. We have kept these of this type is Lord will answer. So it is going to lord balance between this five replica set off your application, OK? We don't have to handle the load balancing it is done medical when it is itself. So if you're wondering why the nor port is 20,003. So the Northport rains can only be between 20,000 and 32,767. Okay. So make sure you I didn't know what we're doing. This range only. So now let's see. How can you basically deploy the application for thinking with this cluster using the group's hotel? Come on. So first of all, I had over to the directory. Okay? On Dhere, I can simply say oops. Ordeal, create high for Neff. Then you can passed it. The polonium. If I Okay, and here take that. So as you can see it, that's created this office. So it says service created then it also says the deployment created the reason it is telling in the sequences. Because forced, we have this service in our family. Fine. And second, we have redeployment. Okay, so now you find on this government is cubes ordeal. Get deployment. Presidency. We had this to do happen. Hello. Will have only plummet. And this names come from this particular matter. Ok, 9500 jobs. It he'll get bards. Okay. So as you can see through the Cuban eighties has already created the five running instance off this particular application. And if I, for example, run cubes 30th get services So now we have another service running, which is to do hyphen handle iPhone service again? No, there do is by which you can simply get to the application in the browser force units to first will grab the Munich your baby. So here you can save your baby. Simply copies. Okay, go any closer over here on now, if you go to the diplomacy a modified you'll have after carefully that be especially in Northport as the 30,003 on this is deport that is excitable of our 30 cluster so very currently accessing the application outside of the customs so convenient to accept this port at Mrs Go over here on enter this sport OK, And so, as you can see, other pictures deployed with the local communities Crestor. Now let's also have a look at how can you access this producer replication using this again today? So here you can run this command with just many cube service. Then again, spaces by the name of this office. Okay on then you can say hi fun if you are so it will give you the exact you well by which even simply heard over on access your application. OK, so it is the same. You are rendered. We just heard previously, as you can see so deserving basically two ways by which even access your application running in sort of the communities question. And I will have to show you one more thing. Which is the Lord balancing, which will be done by our service. So if you would have up to carefully in our diploma nimal file, the kind of service we have is off type. Horrible answer. Okay, so it is going to Lord well, in spite of in the five replica set off our parts. Okay, so let me first of all show you departs. That application is having. So if I think you CDL get parts so this every five parts they're learning Okay on that. Let's go to the president. Let's see what body is currently running. So it is this one. Okay, bitten ending value off a double. Have HR. So, as you can see, this is the part that has been currently displayed in the browser not just observed that if I try to hold on this application in and calling it a board, Okay, it is going to use some different parts. Okay, so this is done. Maybe service. And it is load balancing the traffic on various different parts. So destroying the part that is used, is it? 862 x t. OK, so actually, the idea is completely this one. But I'm just picking up some ending character so that it is easier for us to map. Okay, so this time, in incognito more the part that Rand was this one. Okay, So as you can see how this service is lower balancing between this five replica set off our parts. Okay, So this is all about the Lord balancing done by the service. So you have is this was all of articulating. The part played asserts deployment as well is this services in the community is listed. Andi, I hope you will able to follow along. And thank you so much for watching this video 12. Kubernetes Dashboard: Hello. Everyone on in this movie are going to have a look at the tremendous discord. Let's see, How can we exited on? How can we use it to perform video submissions? So Cuban it is. Dashboard is an app that allows you to and drag ridicule in a daze. Cluster components such as the bar, the plumage services and much more on you can simply perform their tasks which even perform from the terminal on you can perform it from the application is But so let's see, how can you open the Cuban natives does work. So since we are currently learning the local communities cluster using the minute you you can simply here Same manicure dashboard. Okay, so it is simply going to open up the that's what Over here. So as you can see here is the community's dashboard on it basically shows everything right from the diplomas toe barge, tow the biggest sides. Okay, eating everything along with the status off everything like how is everything working? So, for example, if we go to the deployments, so as you can see here, we have to do hello world deployment. Okay, so here you have all of the information about this particular deployment. Now, if you want to The services residency here is thes office that is running with Strydom. Hello, World service. And now if you go to depart So as you can see, these are the five parts they're learning that we specified in the confirmation fight. Okay, so here a departing on, Let me demonstrate to you how the community is automatically maintains district of the application. So, for example, if I remove any of the bar Okay, so let's get this party basically crash. OK, so that was dilated. So as you can see again, the communities creating the five parts. Okay, so what it is doing is it is basically creating the new part to maintain the five the biggest state that were defined over here. Okay, So, for example, if I did fresh this particular page, you will see that again. We have this five part running forward. The earlier ones on this one is just created a few seconds ago because one of the parts basically crashed and the same information can be fed from the terminal is well, so you can simply secure trip. He'll get boards. So here also, you will see that all of these parts were here. But this is this 3rd 1 part was just created Few seconds. OK, and it's straight. Does this morning looking So I just wanted to give you a brief or you regarding the community's dashboard. Okay, So existence and collapse so that even in practice it Okay, so you is that it wasn't about the meaning, your dashboard, you can do and number of things over here. Okay. But I just wanted to give you a brief overview about this application, so Yeah, I hope you were able to follow along. And thank you so much for watching this video. 13. Deploy Node.js app to local kubernetes cluster: and everyone. So in this real via going to deploy our custom nordeste application that we made on here in the previous videos on, we're going to deploy this application to think you will notice clusters. Okay, so you remember that we also made it over filed for the same on. We even applauded the doctor image, which is this one reparative go slash, nor just haven't happened. So what I'm simply gonna do is I'm going to create a deployment just similar toe there. You don't have any polonium if I okay on, I'm just going to replace the image president over here with my own image. Okay, on most of the confirmation will remain the same. So let me, first of all, make off. I lower here. So here I just call your dad's nor just iPhone app. I found deployment body Emily. Okay. I'm going to paste all the configuration from this file on Bay Street over here. Start off too. Damn high phone. Hello world. I just want to call it as Norges. So I'm going to replace all the existing differences off on this file on let's instead of five Arab leaders. We want to run 10 replicas often or this obligation on one more thing. That unit to operate is the image name over here. So in sort off Judum, it will be the probes, slash, nor just iPhone app. And the container board will be 4000 because our replication bones on this port, if you remember. Okay, on dhere also, they're not a good board. Should be 4000 a lady on instead of the Northport. Let me just pretending. Or pork poultry 30,004 instead of the 30,003 it is used over here in this particular deployment. Okay, Always. I think we're good to go. So let me just go with your terminal on Simply created deployments. So here and say cubes appeal. Deviate from that on here. Elsie North Jay's iPhone at high friendly, prominent Auriemma. And if I hit end up residency, it has created service as well as the deployment. So here, if I said cubes ideal get deployment. Okay, So here is the new government they discredited on. It also shows that that the how many parts already eso we wanted the 10 instances off replication or the fish? Only one is ready. Okay, on it. It might take some time to basically get all the parts ready. OK, so as you can see, no five already. And now if I see you still get parts will see that the communities is creating departs for the application of a So for the Norges, it escalated the 10 ports on. We have this five parts for a earlier application. Now you can see it off this thing in the communities that sport is went. So let me this simply open of the Cuban at this dashboard. Okay? So if I say Munich applies border, it will open up the Cuban. It is die sport. So, as you can see, here are the 100% deployment done on it say's 100% off departs at all. Turning on D replica sets are also money. Okay, Now, if you go to the elements, as you can see here is the north just plummet that we just brought right now. And if you go to depart, then as you can see here, the 10 parts static created for application. Because this is what we specifically here in the replicas on Here are the previous application. Five replicas. Okay, so, no. Since that application is running, our ports are running. So begin simply exist this particular application. So the way we can exist. This is by running this command, which is first of all, let me just get this office so I'd cubes. It'll get service on the way you even get the u r l for the replication is. But I mean this command, which is meaning you. I remember this committee's only applicable for the local communities cluster. So here you can say Munich, you then you can say service and you can base this off his name on. Then you can simply siphoned effort you wanted. So you can see Here is the real for the application of this carpet is already browser on hopefully true work If I hit enter. So as you can see, it says hello from Wardak. So this is how you deploy your own custom application to the Cuban. A disc, Lester. So you guys, I hope you were able to follow along on. Thank you so much for watching this. Will you 14. Create AKS cluster on Azure Portal: urban on in this video, we're going to understand how can you create the as your abilities cluster on the azure portal looking. So first you visit the spirit with which is poured Their daughters are not come. Okay on. If you have, they're going on the assure you will be navigated toe this home bit So make sure you log in with your account. Basically on here in the search bar, dusting the search for a guess. So it will give you this Cuban natives office. OK, so it's off. No, we don't have any sort off cholesterol created, so creative class of what? You have to do it symbolically contest. Okay, just get community service on simply, just select the plants. Okay, So here are the subscription plan. So, for example, you might have the trial plan on. You may have the peers of your any sort off plan. Just like this on if you don't have any resource group, just implicate one. So here I am going to simply say guess new resource group. Okay, They might say it. Guess new looking Onda here. The Guinness is automatically selected. Okay on you can even select the any sort of specific communities version as you want. I'll just keep it to us. Deformed. You can even change. The region is mint on. And here you can see, like the north size. Okay, so here you can have a look at devious missions available on work. The place so you can choose the best for you need. Okay, I'm going to choose the minimal one on. Duh for the Lord. Count on or corn basically space word. How many worker nodes can run in your cluster? OK, so you can select it over here on. I think you can change it later. Okay. So as it is saying that what off north that should be created along with the cluster, you will be able to decide delayed. So initially, I just great one. No. Okay, in this question on and simply can't review and create. So first, it is really creative service principle on it will run developed nation. Once developed nation is completed, you can simply click on create working on you will be successfully able to create a guest cluster. So let's just wait for a while until the validation gets completed. So, as you can see the validation has passed. Now, while I have to do it symbolically, chronically in Britain Over here. So I hate decreed on this may take some time toe create the guest cluster. OK, so it might take around somewhere 3 to 5 minutes toe complete this process. Okay, so I get back to you as soon as it is done getting okay. So as you can see, the cluster is created successfully. Okay. On here. Article A structure deals. Okay, so here in this order section, you can find all the cholesterol details such as the resource group. It is using the humanities version. It is everything get worse. This status, I think it is still creating, right? It is not yet completed. But that's OK on here. You can find this obstruction every day less Well, Google course memory and everything looking. So I guess this was all about creating the cluster on the case on I hope you were able to follow along on. Thank you so much for watching this video 15. Install azure cli & run AKS dashboard: Hello, everyone on in this video, we are going toe installed. The azure sea light on. We're going to access the Cuban Aidas cluster from a local machine. Okay. And we are also going toe. See, How can you run the dashboard off the communities on the as your communities, Lester. Okay, So first of all, if you have installed the Joshi love, what you consider do is installing the resource he louds and believe in size for installed . You'll see. Like on it will be the four sling in the desert. Okay, on you can download the appropriate file s period operating system. My system I have already downloaded. So as you can see here it is so simply the way. Click on this and posted on once we're done installing the loc like you can check their Georgie Live Washington using this particular command, which is is it a funny thing lotion. So it will give you the version that is installed on their machine. Okay, So once you have on sort yourself, probably you can now interact with the as you're really disgusted. Do perform various tasks. So let's start interacting with years of accumulated cluster. So First of all, what we're going to do is we are going to authenticate with the azure, so using the of your seat like so here I am with this. Is that locking? Okay, So what this will do is it will take you to the closer. Okay. On. You have to choose your account on. You will never get it back, buddy. Looking for a few more? Dominant As you can see, it says you have long been now. Okay, so now good on the community's that's what for your as your Cuban are discussed from your local machine. You later on this tomorrow. Okay, so here it is. I'm also going to be broiled in your disk amounts in the dissociates again. So what you have to do is simply copy paste this. Come on. And here you have to pace your own resource group and the cluster name so you can get the resource group information and Nicholas turning from the overview section, I guess I'm just simply going to properties Go to determine on based my resource group Over here on my cluster name is again a guest hyphen you. So I'm just going toe Teens that is one okay and simply hit. I don't Okay, so what? This come on. Basically did Is that basically said the current context as any case, new for your cubes ideal commanding do. OK, so I'm going to discuss this in a dedicated video in probably the next for you regarding regarding the Cubes ordeal context. OK, but as of now, let's push it for the 200 guys work itself. So now the 2nd 1 that you know to run is is the same commanders about just the place to get credentialed with this browser over here. Okay. Simplicity house and hit. Enter. So what it we're going to do is it is going to simply open up their die scored. Okay, on your local machine on that nice word is going to point to the as your kubernetes cluster . OK, so the damages against the owner terminal if everything is working fine. Okay. So simply go to the browser, wait for a while till your eyes were basically appears so, as you can see here is there's your communities, Lester, Die sport on. Remember that this particular dashboard is pointing to the as your kubernetes cluster instead off your local medical Preston. Okay? Always remember that. Andi, if you see any sort off problem in terms off their day's work, so as you can see on the screen, you might say something like this. So what you gonna simply do is you can head over to this partner documentation off a ks. Okay, so if you search for a guest dashboard, you will be navigated toe the desperate page only. Okay, so let me show you. Okay, so if you saw is what they kissed Dashboard, you will be navigated to this documentation on. If you see any sort of problem a Zaken see on the screen, then what you can do is simply it on this command. Okay, Simply copy this on based it on your terminal on. You should be fine with this kind of errors. That might appear. OK, so let's not navigato recuperate is dashboard s urgency on Let's corridor deployments on Currently, As you can see, there are no diplomacy because the s aside the disparate as were disappointing to the guests. And so far we were doing the deployments to the local kubernetes cluster Nordea guests. Okay. Hence we don't see any sort off the plummets over here. So there is. This is how you run the as your two minute it's plaster dashboard on your local machine using the azure sea Lie on. I hope you were able to follow along and thank you so much for watching this video. 16. Kubectl context explained: Hello, everyone on in this video. I want to talk about the Cube citadel context. What is it? And why is it important for you during this time? Okay, so in the previous video, well, and this command, which was a ks get credentials, okay? And as soon as well. And this command, because of my sexual here on the terminal, it says that the current context has been said to be against you because of what does this mean? So basically, you understand, we used the cubes. It'll come island interface to interact with the Cuban. It is cluster, right? So that cubes deal is just a tool to interact with the cluster. OK, now, if you want to interact with the multiple cluster from your machine, the cute little must know basically a story you want to try. OK, so that's where the concept off context comes in. Okay, so Kareen alone are machine. We're trying to access the book last us. The 1st 1 is the mini cube that we're using so far. And the 2nd 1 is the jury gets class, start booking. So, by running this command, what we're doing is we're telling the Cube city and to use the A kiss new cluster instead of the Munich you're working on. That is the reason why if you run this command just Cube city l get deployment. You don't see any sort of diplomacy. As you can see says notice was formed because we haven't deplored anything on the case cluster. But on a local machine, we do have two deployments on the medical plaster. It is a local communities, Cuesta. Okay, so let's understand How can you tell the context off the cube cereal and how can you fight in the context? And how can you basically perform operation on the context so that you can simply work with multiple cluster? OK, so if I run this command with just cube City l one pick on if I say guarding context, okay, so as you can see it, it saves The current context is a case you That means the future deal is currently pointing to the A. G s new cluster. OK, and if you want to get all the context, then you can simply say cubes ideal conflict on you can hear, so get hyphen contexts. OK, so as you can see Currently we have two context configured on our local machine. The 4th 1 is for the minute you which is a local communities cluster. And the 2nd 1 is the case New beaches and as your kubernetes cluster. OK, so now begin street between these two contexts and the cubes, it'll will point to that particular cluster and every operation that you perform with the Cube City and it is going toe talkto that particular cluster. OK, so currently the cholesterol is a case. So whatever command we learned with the Cube City l it is going to operate on the case cluster. OK, so let's see, How can we stretch to the medical plaster? So does reach the context. You can simplistic you CDL use context on the name of the context selection, for example we want to use the minute context. Okay, I think I forward to applying the conflict comin over here. So you have to say cubes, ordeal, conflict use context and the name of the context. OK, so as you can see, it stays true to the context minute. You know, if you're on this command, just current context, okay, then it says many cube okay on to verify this. Let me just even Dundee get deployments. Come on. Okay, so you will see that on a local communities cluster, which is meaning they have put deployments already made. Okay, on on the guests. We haven't done anything yet. Get hands. It was showing nor deployments on the case. Okay, So as against eight for showing north Sosa's phone. So that's how you basically, sweetie, put it in the context on if if I again don Cube CTL get context. OK, then. As you can see this strictly north which current context is said? OK, so currently decide to the medical context. And if you want to know what all can you do with the cute little conflict command? Then you can simply on this command with this cube city l one pick, I find I find help so you can perform this many operations which are current context. The late context. Ok, get context, side context, Everything Okay, So you guys, this was all about the cute little context And I hope you were able to follow along And thank you so much for watching this video 17. Deploy app to AKS: Hello, everyone on in this video, we're going to understand how can we deploy the implications for the Azzurri Kubernetes cluster? Ok, so first of all, let me have a word to determine on. You have to make sure that the Cube city is pointing to the correct cluster. OK, so as of now, at this point, including Munich, you Now we need to point to the guest fester because we need to perform operation on the guest list on north on the mythical. Okay, so I'm going to hear, say, Cube, so deal conflict, use context on the context that I want to use this. Guess you OK? And you can take the context by running again. This good context, woman, and you can see the Estrich is now on the guest. Earlier, it was on the medical. So now our context is a case now. Okay, so now we can start performing the deployments using the cubes. It'll come on. You remember we already had the department animal fights that we deployed on the local kubernetes cluster, which was unique. You. Now we really deplore both of this application to the case as well. Okay, so let me heard or been through the mill. OK, let me, first of all to navigate through the hole base again on inside of this school with equal basis. So as you can see, I'm here in the project folder on here. I can simply start deploying all of these Yemen fights, but the your communities question OK, so now we're going to make the dough to remain the Force One is this two term diploma Knuble, and the other one is our custom application deployment, which is north just after planet. OK, so now I'll go building on. Now let's start deployment using the Cube Syria So here and secure city and create iPhone half on the name of the diplomat. If I listed on the monument Okay on. I'll also create the deployment for the Nordeste application as well. So here I would say, the high finance on gorgeous deployment Yemen looking so no, if you'll never get to the communities dashboard. Okay, Andi, fresh their dashboard. Huge. See that their diploma will be in progress. So as you can see the 50% off their deployment is impacting and 50% are done and the same starts are shown for the ports and did a little status. And if you keep refreshing, I will show the abraded by you. Okay, Ondo, let me even check it on the list. But okay. So you can take everything using the Q treaty less Well, because we just said the context to the A case. Crystal. Using this use context, we can simply say Coop City and get deployments. You get on. As you can see now we have two deployments we calculated just now a few seconds ago. So for this application, did they not desired under there now available on for this particular application? Five. Because I don't decide. And if I were available and you can even take departs us But so if I said Cubes hotel get parts stressing CEO departs there indicated by the ASAC abilities Blaster on it You can even take the same in the dashboard is so, as you can see, here is our day's work. So as you can see, all of the departments are done on. If I simply go here in their deployments, then as you can see both off, the implications are deployed. Okay, on, if you go really part So you will see that these are the 10 replica shirt off the Northeast application. Because the the PLA minimal file basically specified intended because their hands the community's first created there, Then they put aside for the same. And here are the five parts running for the to do math. Okay, so this is how you deploy the application to the bazaar kubernetes cluster on even if you go with this services, OK? So as you can see for this Norges up here is the external endpoint. Okay, so now if I open this patrol application, a replica chilled open and this application is running on the Azzurri Cuban a dish Leicester north on our local cholesterol. Right. So as you can see, here is the message from our custom nor just up. And here is the end point for the doom Hello, words Service. Okay, So as you can see on one important thing to note here is that when we were running the application on local medical cluster ok or local communities Crestor, we were accessing the application using the door pulled okay, in case off Tom deployment as well, Asti, Nor just have the plummet. But The important tingle Lord here is that the North port is not supported. The idea gets us off now. Hands it is accessing using the people. Okay, not in order. Okay, so it is accessing using this particular boat. Okay, so that was all about are deploying your application. Togias accumulated cluster on. Thank you so much for watching this video. 18. Azure CI/CD Flow Overview: everyone on this reserve your went to understand. Why do we need this year city flow for our communities application? And how is that going to work and do and again? OK, so as agency currently, this application is deployed on the other communities cluster. And now let's assume that I want to update this application. So how this is going to happen. So the way you can do it is by simply going to the court base. Okay, First of all, make beach in the solar. So you want to teens the message. Okay, So what you will do is he will change the mindset. Then you will build the doctor image. Okay, then you will push that image food locker help! Because this particular atyour cluster is running this producer documents. Okay, so which was upgraded a while ago? Okay, so you would have to build the freshly image than you would have to push Daddy. Mention God help! Okay. And then you have to again make the deployment. Using this diplomacy amplify on once you make changes to existing deployment instead, off cubes, it'll create you make use of command keeps it will apply. Okay, so that's the difference. But he would have to do that on you have to perform each and every step right on in case off the end time scenario where your application is live, OK, in gets off big projects. A lot of developers are working on it. Right, And there are a lot of frequent pushes to your application, right? There are frequent upgrades to your application, right? Since a lot of people are working. So how would you handle your cluster app in such cases? Okay, so what you simply do is you make yourself the CSU, the flow, okay. And this year's yearly flu is a general process in this offer. Development lifecycle. Okay. It's not like it is specific to Cuban eighties or something. Okay? It simply in strained for continuous integration and continues department. So the purpose off the sea a city is toe removed the burden from the developers, anyone that develops to deploy the application manually, OK, Instead, the CSF flow allows you to automate the whole deployment process. It's a simplistic and as I said, it is not specific pic you put in It is it is a 10 directing. So let's see how our see a sitting flow work for others of communities application. So, as you can see on the screen there, developer will first of all, post record by making the changes. So let's assume that in this index charges filed, their l'Opera want to tease the message. Okay, so it will send the message and simply pushed the application to the depository. So let's assume except get up again. So once the developer push record, the destructive thing will be taken care by this yesterday. Flow developer doesn't have to do anything else apart from pushing the cold. OK, so actually, how the flow will happen. So within sight of a biplane between digital repository and the assured develops bill. Okay, the azure develops was a little bonus justice, which was visual studio team services. But now it is a Cordless assertive ups. Okay, so we will say, tempted by plane on this repository. So what will happen is a sinister developer push Citicorp to dig it up. The bill by plane will be triggered automatically and bill problem eyes going to perform various stars such as it will basically first awful bailed emit from the doctor file, and it will also push this particular image dog could help on build will also produce some of the artifacts which will be used by the released by plane. Okay, now they are defects that the build pipeline will produce are the diplomat Deimel file because we will need the deep, lemony Emily toe make changes to the existing deployment. Right. So the release poplin will apply this particular deployment Yamil file using the Cube CPL Command. But that's in part of the release papers. OK, in case of Bill back then, it will be the image using the local file and it will be blooded image to the local help. And it will also produce the artifact on dispensary. For this flow, it will produce a diplomat in Yemen file which will be consumed by the release. Okay, on the release by plane will be triggered as soon as the bill by them is succeeded. Okay, so, as a list a system that is pushing the Mistral rocker help and producing their defects, that is, by then, we'll start walking. So what at least pipeline will do is it will basically pick their diploma. Deimel file on. You may be the help off Cube City L it will a plan that particular deployment and are changes will be reflected on the flight. Okay, so you don't have to do anything. Everything will be automated using this. See a city flow. So this was just a basic overview off how the flow will work and doing in the upcoming videos. We're going to set up this Usually flow on the azure develops, which was a little known SVS Tea is OK, So you guys, this is a brief overview I wanted to give you regarding the docs city flow on. I hope you were able to follow along on. Thank you so much for watching this video. 19. AKS Build Pipeline: Hello, everyone on in this video we are going to create the bill by playing in our azure sea. A city flu. Okay, so let's get started, eh? So first of all, you have to visit the border is your dot com. Okay, so that's a czar develops portal. You can configure this year's You're the flow. OK, On a year it was known as the STS, which is visual studio team services. But now it's called. This is your story. So let's start by creating a new project. So here I continue project on. I'll name the product as Norges. Guess c a city looking on. Let me keep it just public. Just click on create. Okay. So it will create the new project for you. Okay, so here is the new project. OK, so now what we want to do is first of all, create the bills. Okay? So you can go well here in the hamburger menu. Okay. On Dhere in sort of the pipeline, you can click on Bates. Okay. So, one Super league on this, you can set up a new bill by plane. Okay, on. So, first of all, it is asking Berry's record against yourself? No, we haven't pushed our core to any of the repository. So let me just try to First of all, pushed record to think So let me open. Dig it up on here. I'll simply clear depository, Okay? And I named this repository as North just iPhone app. Funny cares. Let it be public on symbolically gonna clear depository. Okay on. So what I'm simply gonna do is first will push my court over here on this repository. So they alleged head over to the port base. OK, so these are all defiance that I want to push, But I don't want to push this nor models. So I stole. I created getting notifying science to get ignore on here. I ignore this. Normally use. Now, let's had ordered criminal. Okay, on First of all, I'll say get finish lies. Okay. And I'll act the remote as an origin, so I get removed. Origin. So I have corporate this particularly you on, and we just might get up about you, want it and simply heard end up. No, If I do get straight us So as you can see, these are defying their yet to be under so what I'm simply gonna do it's and say get I know I committed. And for the message I say Okay on. I'm simply push this image with the mustard guns. Okay, so as you can see, it is done pushing the court. Okay, let me refresh their apple. And as you can see, we have all the files over here. So now our repositories ready toe created by plane from the azure develops. So now I'm going to stick it up over here. Now it will ask toe, indicate the mic it public or videos or day walks. So we're going to do that. Okay, so first of all, it is asking for me to select a repository, So we have done the authentication. But if you're doing this for the first time, that it would ask. You know what indicated with the good up? Basically. So you can see this is the repository that I want o work on on. I want created by plan on. Okay, so, no, it is asking for me. Toe give access off reading. Right. Okay. So let me just simply broke this program installed. Okay? On as soon as the excesses given it will redirect back to the sort of ups. Okay, Okay. So, no, it is showing some of the basic pretty find templates for your biplane. Okay, so you can choose s polio needs. OK, so whatever kind of project you have since our application isn't just I'm going to choose this one. Aunt. Here it is. A showing, this assured by blend Auriemma file, which it is going to push on our repositories on what this email file will do is think deserve the steps that it is going to perform. Okay, Manimal, this bill is executed, so we're going to completely modify all of this thing over here. But as off Noel, simply click on save intern on once it is done pushing this profile. So the our to our repository were take people on. We will start a dating this file Esparta needs. Okay, so let me click on Save England. Onda simply Yukon seven. Donald here is well on. It will basically configure on. You will see that after a while our get up Aleppo will be having a new file called us a sort by playing dirty. And so as you can see, just a few seconds ago this new filings posed by the assured there were OK presidency on. We're going to completely modify this because we want to perform a different task. We hear okay. Nor the and came stall or build or something. We don't want to do this. Instead, we want to perform some new task. So it is running this particular OK, so now what I'm simply gonna do is since it has pushed this particular fight to the get up , I'm going to take people off this particular branch. So let's go to the core base on here. I'm going to simply say get pulled Origin master. Okay, So it against me now, the latest court is pulling on our local machine. And if it will do the core base than his, there's or by plane Auriemma fired. Okay, That was posed by the sort of ups. So now we need to update everything from here. Okay, Now, I already have returned. Some of the task as well is the steps that we need their short billed to run. Okay, Okay. So let me show you this. Okay, so here it is on minutes can be everything from here on my base right over here. And I'll also remove this comments from you. Let's have a look at each and every thing when my one. So that's why we have these variables. Okay, So instead of the variables you're defined, available that is needed were during the building bucket. So we need somebody was just the image name. It is used in this script again. We also have the dog ready, which is again used in this pretty script. And you can put as many people as you want. OK on. You should not put the sensitivity, but that is the password over here. So I'll just show you in a bit. Where do you set your password? So, first of all, let's have a look at the steps that are very process is going to perform. So first of all, bill process will run the doctor Bill. Come on, using the doctor file and it will pass the image name as especially over here. Okay, on. We want to keep the emission limits that protect post national just because there that's the image them that we have post. But you don't get up as you can see over here Okay, on a Sfar is the next step is concerned that the doctor Loggins perform using, you know, Brady. Okay, so this is operated from this variable Ondas, What is the password is concerned. We should Don't put the puzzle over here because it will publicly visible. So what you gonna do is for these sensitive variables. Okay? Now you can simply hurt our body as your build pipelines. You can click on this addict. Then here you click on this icon, just besides this run burden on. Once you click on this, you will see option called as the rebels so you can go to this variable on. This is where you can add your sensitivity. Mel's okay. I'm goingto at this particular available over here, which is password. Okay, so let me copy this bastard over here. I'm simply going to log this so that it is not visible. I learned that the bus. So once you're done, simply click on save. Okay? Certain we'll see if this produce levin able into your build in variables. Okay? So don't worry. Even if it's not here, it will be picked up from this particular environment. Variable. Okay, so once the Logan is performed successfully. What we need to do is we need to push this stalker image to the doctor. Help again using this dogger push. Come on. OK, now we do also perform some of the other tasks, such as copying the artifacts and publishing the artifacts. Okay, so if you remember RCs City, Florida Adam, apart from pushing the doctor image so the dog could help our bill process also produce some of the art effects which will be used by the release pipeline. Okay, so let's see, What are these artifacts that we've been produced with the bail by plane. So here we basically have to ask the forcefulness, the copy files and the other one is the published build our defects. Okay, so what copy files is doing is dis copping this particular PML file, which is, nor just act, deployment Yemen. Okay, so this is the deployment Yemen that we want to do. And this is the one that we want to be part of the as your two minute this question. So it is going to copy this and Fisher in the artifact stating directory from this source directory. Okay. If you want to understand words devalue off this source directory as well is the artifacts dating victory, then even first of all, source about this producer task, which is codified. So, for example, if you sorts for copy, fights, task assertive ops. Okay, so it will be the first linger over here. You can read it. A commendation about what copy? Firing task is. And if you score down here at the bottom in the Q and A section, and if you click on this variables we're done, then you will see various variables. They're not being used by the bill by plane, and you can read about them or get So, for example, if you talk about the source directly, it is the directory where your sore school is copied as simplistic. And if you saw its for the Arctic staging directory, then you can find the information about digestible over here. Okay, so this is their directory where your art art effects are copied before being pushed to the destination. So you can read all other variables that are available over here. Okay, so what we're doing is, first of all, you're copping the file from this source raping the artifacts tracing directory and which file of recouping we're copping in or just at diploma level, vile, because when released by plane will basically apply this particular deployment, it will need this to Germany, amplify looking. And what next? What we're doing is simply publishing the artifact so that it is available for the release pipeline as simple as that. So let me just head over to their dominant on a post. It changes. Okay, back to the good people. So I simply at this I learned a commitment. Cities were here, I would simply say updated a job biplane, Yemen. Okay, let me just push it so they must have much. So, as you can see, I just successfully pushed record for the most of lunch. Or if it will do this producer build page, then you will see that a new bill will be triggered automatically. So, as you can see, here is the new build triggered along with the Commitment city, which is a greater problem. Okay, let's have a look at the logs on the in fact, if everything works fine, okay? So if every step works fine along with Dr Bush, then this particular docker image should tell. It's trying to a few seconds ago because it was last pushed two days ago. But if the your bill was this particular image are so the our help, then we should see the updated time. Okay, so they just go over here and see the logs on. As you can see, I think it is. It has started pushing this particular our image. Total dog help. Okay, since their doctor Logan is success, so just wait for a while until it completes on. Then we'll move on to the doctor presidency. It is done pushing the doctor Lee Mr that Dr Up, Let me go. We're hearing recoverable. And if I live fish this particular page, I should be the time should be objects. So as you can see it say's few seconds about. OK, so this image is no pushed just now by the assured built biplane, okay. And each and every task that we specified in the biplane Knuble succeeded. So even you can see that the copy if I lost a book. Okay, so just picked the or just I have an apple plum amiable and put it to the straightening directory. Okay, So this was all about the bill process. We have successfully done everything. That bill process should go for our application. Okay, Now, in the next video, we're going to work on the release by plane. So as I hope you were able to follow along and thank you so much for watching this video. 20. AKS Release pipeline: Hello, everyone. So this is the final step off RCSC the flu. Okay, so we have successfully completed the bill process now. Very toe run the release process. Okay, So simply had a word with these. Really? Step over here. Okay. On the symbolically gone new by plane. All right. On inside of this new Bible and windows. Various templates. So I'm going to tow this one, which is deployed to communities cluster, because that's what we want to do. OK, so I'm going to simply apply this template on. I'm going to close this now. What I want to do is first of all, I would like to add in art effect on the artifact will be off type build because we need the data from the bill. Suggested Romania mollify. And here you have to specify the baby name. Okay, So what is this one on its way to the Virgin is concern. I didn't choose the latest on I simply okay. No, What we want to do is we want to trigger the release as soon as the buildings successfully completed. So how do you trigger the release? As soon as they barely succeeded. So the way you can do it is by clicking on this, I can be just continues deployment, so make sure you don't died. Okay on. Make sure you click on this. Enable working. Okay, so as you can see here, it says creator release every time a new bill is available. Okay, so that's all you need to do. Our toe continuously triggered the release as soon as the barely succeeded. Now, let's had ordered their tusks. Now, instead of this task, we're going to make use off the cube. Situate us? No. Here I elevate the name, escapes a deal a black, because this particular task is going to basically make use off the up, like a month. Okay. Using the cubes ideal. And here you have the space for the commanders. But so, as you can see, it's a select auspices. Cubes to tell. Come on. So you can simply choose any of them were going to use the A black Our okay on here. You also have to create this of this connection. So let's see, How can you do that so greatly service connections symbolically on you on simply name your connection as for example, my North Jess connection. Well, okay. Thank you. Configure it. What you gonna do is simply you can head over the rhythm on this. Come on with this cute city convict view iPhone, iPhone. Okay, so all you have to do is copy all the contents from here. Okay? On basted with you on as far as the Cube Conflict 100 my people frustrated is so they don't drop down to choose any of them. So obviously we won't be choosing the minute you because it was a local communities Lesterville, which was in the case in you. Okay, so also were going toe click on this except on frustrate certificate. Also, click on this very, very connection. OK, so as you can see, the connection is verified. You can simply click on. OK, OK, so we have created this of his connection. Now, what we have to do is we have to use the conflagration fight. Okay, So what this contradiction file is, it is a basically file that will be used by the cubes. Deal apply. Come on. Okay. Now, if you'll remember, we basically produced the Emel file as in our defect from the build process. So how do you get one, So simply click on this. Okay? And here, residency, we have this artifical available because we actually created those artifacts in the build process. Okay. And here is their diplomacy a modified that we need to get. So we just know just I found out, my friend implement or Jamel And it is this one. Okay, so simply going, dude over click on this. Okay, I'm gonna get so it is going to pick this particular fight. OK, so I think we have successfully configured the cubes retail of black Common properly. Now all you have to do is can simply click on save. Okay, so we have successfully configured the release by planets. Well, OK, so I think they're going to go over there testing. So I will go to the core base on. All I do is make some changes in the court and push it on the tab. Okay. And as discussed with the azure CS 30 diagram flow that the developer only has to push the court and the rest of the things will be taken care by the majority walks. So he renting the message as Hello. Well, im going to simplicity. of this. Now I will go to determine it on simply going to push this index fight. Being able to master plans. Okay. So as soon as I push it, what will happen is it will basically triggered the bill by plane on as soon as they really succeeded, it will create the release by plane on that application. Should be deployed automatically. Okay. On mill. Well, let me also one of the atyour Cuban at this dashboard. Okay, so here I just simply copper nickel mine from previous command that Iran. Okay, so let me just try to get those. Come on. OK, so it was I think this one all you have to loosen played on this command with this as your a case on. Then browse. So let me hit this one so that you can probably see if the application is deployed or not. Okay, so let the humanities that would open is well okay. On, I think is off now they're built by plane. Should be running over here. So I think our communities dashboard is also open over here on If I go here in the build pipeline, a zoo can see there is this new bill, honey. Okay, so it is basically performing all those very task. Okay, On, like building the image, pushing the mystery. They've got hope. OK, things like that on You won't even see over here that the bill back plan will basically push our local image over here. So the last push Waas made two wars ago, so in just a few minutes, it is window push again. Put it off the map again. So if I keep refreshing this time should get updated. Okay, so they gave me this sort of fresh again. So, as you can see, the doctor billed by plane has pushed the Don't go. Do you mean just now? Okay. And I think bill processes successfully completed my finger, but really step so we should see a release that would be automatically triggered. Says you can see this release is already cute automatically just because that bill discomfited and you can even see the logs over here. Okay, so you can if you click on this, you will see the logs. Okay, so let's see if the diploma and PMO is applied on. If it is the broad successfully. So the regulators are playing the harmonium will fight. Okay, so is it so as you can see everything, God succeeded. Okay, so if you have a look at the logs off the cubes available there are some money which are cubes. It'll a pleasure on, Maybe use some resource created by the cubes it calculated. I've never saved conflict or the cuter Delaplane. That means what we're basically trying to do is that we are basically trying to create the North. Just deployment. Okay, But we already made this diplomatic using the cubes. It'll create command. Okay, now, what we're doing is are released by plane is basically using the cubes. It'll apply common. Okay, So what we can do is to get rid off this bottle of warning. But you can do is simply first world delete this deployment. Okay, So what I'll simply do is I'll go to the terminal on Dhere for civil Rights cubes Idea. Get deployments. Okay on. I'm going to delete this deployment, which is no Justice Clarence. Sites or groups in here believe deployments. And I deliver this nor Justin bombing. So as you can see, this diplomat is the leader. Okay, on if I do cubes. Appeal Guide service. Oops, I made Gives a deal. Get service. Okay, so as you can see, here is the service as well. So what I'm simply going to do is I just remove this service. Also, transit cubes it yet the lead so obvious and this obviously. Okay, so I really did. Everything's completely. Now what I'm simply going to do is go to the core base. Okay. On Dhere, I just update the messages. Hello there. What? Some looking simple. Is that logically their Dominion? Okay, on, uh, let me have a word with the project for us. Let me push this changes. I think it does. So again. Since I'm pushing to dig it up, it is again going to trigger the bill. Babbling on it is also going toe then figure released by blend as well. Okay, so let's just see now. So let me just refresh this bill bitch on. We should see a new built by plan. Could You did OK, so as you can see here is this new message commitments is that we just committed to our repository. So let me just wait for a while until they release Also completes Okay, so I'll get back to you as soon as the release also completes. - Okay , So as you can see in the cubes ordeal apply Common. This time, we don't have any sort of warning. Okay, So now, like, just head over to the Cuban eighties Dashboard on simply the fresh there, that's what. Over here. Okay, so I think that that's board is not running as off now. Okay, So, commuters, first of all, simply fried rule under dashboard once again. OK, Okay. So, as you can see here is the north just deployment. We just created just 31 seconds ago. That means this diploma desiccated by the release of pipeline. Okay. And we can verify this particular deployment by checking if you get this operated a message . Okay, so let's just go to this office, OK? So here is the Nordeste service. No, if I click on this and endpoint okay on which application is running, and if you get this new credit message, that means everything has been working properly right from the bill to the release. Okay, so now if I click on this Okay, so we get the hello there wasa a. It isn't upgraded My sister, we just pushed against. So this was all about the release by plane as well. And I hope you were able to understand the proper and doing flow right from the creating the biplane with depository. The assure the up spirit on triggering the release by playing okay on the successful bill. So is this is how you are dominate the hold CS 30 process. So I hope you were able to follow along. And thank you so much for watching this video. 21. Source Code: it.