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Ayurveda for mindful living - Know your body type

Pallabi Bhagawati, Knowledge is super power

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7 Lessons (13m)
    • 1. Welcome to world of Ayurveda

    • 2. Ayurveda - The science of mind body and soul

    • 3. Your Mental Constitution

    • 4. Characteristics of Gunas - Ayurvedic classification of your body based on it's function and nutritio

    • 5. L6 Vata Predominant

    • 6. L7 Pitta Individual

    • 7. L8 Kapha Idividual

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About This Class

Welcome to Ayurveda for mindful living. In this class I will elaborate about importance of mindful eating habits and also help you understand basic body types of an individual classified by Ayurveda. You will be aware of three basic body types and characteristics of a human and based on that you will learn to choose your food and diet. 



1. Welcome to world of Ayurveda : have you ever tried to achieve deeper form of meditations in your life to achieve peace, progress and prosperity. But somehow you could not concentrate. You must have tried all the tricks and techniques that your meditation teacher might have taught you like concentrating on your breath and then imagining about the positive affirmations and all other mind programming techniques. Well, it didn't work. And then you start to think and reading what might be wrong with me or my surrounding that I am unable to achieve that desired form of meditation and mental stability. Now, let me ask you a question. Have you ever looked at your plate? Yes. That plate full of food, which is fuel to a brain on brain, is where all the meditations and mental programming starts. Have you ever looked at her plate? Do you know that food plays a major role in mental constitution? Yes. This is what we're going to learn in this course. We're going to learn about Ira Veda. I read a for mindful living and food for the form of meditation and happiness. Hello. My name is Valerie Polity. And I welcome to this beautiful chorus. Beautiful journey in which we're going to learn about the Ira, Vada and Mindfulness Club together for the first time. As described in the course landing page, you must have already gone through. You're going to learn about how to choose an IRA Vedic diet for the mental constitution. According to your body type, this is going to be a journey off. Nourishment and happiness welcome you all. 2. Ayurveda - The science of mind body and soul : Hi. Let's begin with what Ira Veda is. A little bit of its history and what Ira veda means to me. And do you okay? Arbiter is almost 5000 years old. Natural healing system It is a signs of life originated in the Vatican era in India, traditional Chinese medicines, a few off them and Greek medicines are also sometimes influenced by are very are very awas made popular by money. Cherica He was a saint from Vedic era of India and over the time it has become one of the most well established natural healing system most popularized within the world. I read A is more than just treating ailments Ida is all about, you know, establishment off balance between mind, body and soul Practically when it comes to Iran, whether it's not just, you know, addresses the payments, physical ailments, but also mental stability and mental constitution is also being addressed by the ayurvedic processes. So practically I read A If you are following our very lifestyle, your mind, body and soul will be in proper alignment. That's what Ira Vedic, you know, prestige Aries all about when you follow our Vedic lifestyle IRA video will give you a guideline off your daily routine, as when a season and routine based on your mental constitution and your body type. That's how it will help you to bring your body to a very stable state of mind and physical state as such. So it is a science off life. RU means life and freedom and science, so practically is that it is a life science itself. So in next few classes, we're going to learn about various aspect related to our very lifestyle. 3. Your Mental Constitution : your food is responsible for the quality of your meditations, for not only nourishes the body but affect the mind, and it's alertness and awareness. Thus, it is important for you to understand your food, your body and your mind. Our bodies, like an instrument which needs daily tuning a perfect instrument, is key for perfect music. Likewise, for good quality meditation, a light and healthy body is essential over a period of time. The bad food habits, lack of knowledge off what is good for our system. Lack of rest and sound sleep as well as years of abuse to our body and mind can cause disease in the body. There are days when you sit to meditate, but you feel sleepy or get bombarded with zillions of thoughts. The reason could be your food. A simple understanding of your food can change the way you meditate and change your life. Our mental attitude greatly depends on food we eat. According Toa Ira Veda, our mental constitution could be divided as Thomas Rogers and Satwa. A combination off these dosha is, and Ghana's defines our personality, type, temperament, body structure and diet off choices. The basic nature of the mind is to become happy and creative. That means sat week along with this. The right amount off Rogers and Thomas helps us to fulfill our daily desires and activities . According Toa Ira Veda, there is a connection between how we eat, how we act, our health and mental makeup. We have a choice to respond and not to react to circumstances through a good balance off Satwa Rogers and Thomas in our mind. 4. Characteristics of Gunas - Ayurvedic classification of your body based on it's function and nutritio: Welcome back in this lecture, I'm going to talk about characteristic off Southwick Thomas, Sick and Radisic individuals. Some three qualities imply calm and to see as impurity creativity and clarity off perception. They're careful with their diet and eat only what is suitable for their body type. Like freshly cooked green ready tables, grains, fruits and juices are the part off their main diet. This keeps them healthy, light and energetic throughout the day, whereas Thomas is inertia and heaviness. Thomas sick individuals are lazy, sleeps excessively on, get easily irritable and can lays all the day be let ergic and do not work. However, our very active at feeding time and can eat all kinds of meat and heavy food largest leads to focus and attention. Restlessness, many thoughts. Radisic Individuals are egoistic, ambitious, aggressive but get quickly drained off mental energy and like hot and spicy foods and sweets. 5. L6 Vata Predominant : in this lecture, I'm going to talk about the characteristic off Batta P. Dominant person. Vata Predominant person are usually impulsive, yet creative. They're quick learners and can grasp new knowledge. But tens do forget easily. They're full of ideas and thoughts. The usually slender tall and the fast walker in cold climates, their hands and feeds then do become cold. They're lively and fun. They have changing mood issues and irregular daily routine. They're very quick and short, high energy, but her sin. They're very much Braun toe wary. Fear Andi anxiety. When there is some kind of imbalance in life, they have usually dry skin and hair with minimum or no perspiration. 6. L7 Pitta Individual : welcome back, and let's move on to the characters off a bitter, predominant individual, Usually Peter, predominant individuals are off medium physic, strong and well built with a sharp mind. They usually have good concentration, power, orderly, focused, assertive, self confident and good public speaker. They have excellent management and leadership skills, and they're excellent entrepreneur. Sometimes they're aggressive. They're prone to temper tantrums, impatient and angry. Sometimes they're authoritarian, demanding and pushy. When Peter is out off balance, they're competitive, passionate and romantic. They have a strong digestive system and appetite, irritated. If you miss or wait for a meal, they're prone to meditation and anger. The typical physical problems include rashes or inflammations. Off skin, acne boils, skin cancer, ulcers, heartburn. Is it stoma and insomnia? Apart from that dry or burning eyes? 7. L8 Kapha Idividual : Welcome back in this lecture, I'm going to talk about the characteristic off a couple freedom in and individual cover. Predominant individuals are stable, reliable, faithful, easygoing, relaxed, slow based, affectionate and loving, with a forgiving and compassionate non judgment and nature. They usually take a little time to learn something, but retains it the longest. They have soft hair and skin with the lowered soft eyes and a low, soft voice. They tend to become overweight and may have sluggish digestion. Do you usually prone to depression but self sufficient, gentle and haven't essentially undemanding approach to life? With a great immune system and excellent health, they usually remain calm even during an emergency situation. This drives to maintain harmony and peace in their surroundings to the point of stability. For others, however, there might be a little possessive towards relationships Kafar Freedom in and individuals usually do not like cold and damp weather. They're physically prone to cold and condition. Sinus headaches, respiratory problems, including asked Emma and allergies. When it comes to me, I am actually a typical CAFA predominant person. By going through all the tree lectures on characteristics off individual, you might come to know about your type. You're ready. Type your property in the next few lectures. I will be elaborating more on this topic and help you to achieve deeper meditation and have a healthy life.