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Awesome Icons & Symbols for Logo Design & GUI - Part 2

Daniel Evans, Logo Designer

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17 Lessons (1h 13m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Overview

    • 3. Icon Bulb Part 1

    • 4. Icon Lightbulb Part 2

    • 5. Icon Clipboard Part 1

    • 6. Icon Clipboard Part 2

    • 7. Icon Pizza Part 1

    • 8. Icon Pizza Part 2

    • 9. Icon Watermelon Part 1

    • 10. Icon Watermelon Part 2

    • 11. 3D Base

    • 12. The Overhang

    • 13. Icon Palette Part 1

    • 14. Icon Palette Part 2

    • 15. Icon Microphone Part 1

    • 16. Icon Microphone Part 2

    • 17. Final Word


About This Class

Do you want to develop STUNNING, professional material design, vector icons for use on websites and apps? This is your opportunity to gain insight into the work of a published, award winning graphic design professional who will show you how to create STUNNING material icon designs within no time at all!

In the course, you are going to learn, by way of several case studies how we prepare and execute designs for a wide range of uses and topics.  You'll learn the tricks of Illustrator and how to use each tool to maximum effect to yield professional level graphics, quickly and easily!

All you need to do is grab a FREE copy of Adobe Illustrator following my instructions in the course and you'll be well on your way to designing awe inspiring vector icons!
Let's get started today and I'll see you on the inside!


1. Introduction: welcome to the course. It's my hope that the forthcoming information will enable you to excel as a designer. If you're succeeding in your skills, it means I'm succeeding as a teacher. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to start a discussion, and I'll do my very best to help I post new courses on a regular basis. So if you want to stay up the date, please be sure to click. Follow next to my using them by clicking follow. You'll get priority announcements when I launch new courses when I share, Resource is and when I launch contests. 2. Overview: Hi, My name's Daniel Evans. I'm a professional log or designer. A large part of being a competent log or designer involves the development of symbols or icons to use another term. And so in this course, you're gonna be looking over my shoulder as I design various icons for different topic. The overall style will remain consistent, however, and the style of Oregon explore is called material design. Material design is what's known as a flat form of design, employing solid colors free of Grady ins. The material design style was a product of Google introduced in 2014 and since it's grown exponentially in popularity throughout many areas of graphic design. Besides, law goes, the material design style Onda symbols we're going to look at can also be used in Guiyu eyes graphical user interfaces, which employed on website Andi in soft away. So without further delay, let's jump in and explore the development of material design style icons 3. Icon Bulb Part 1: So he is a less than perfect but adequate sketch of my light bulb and we're now going to proceed to convert this and we're vector icon. So wanna go ahead and select the pen tool to begin ons I want to select. Rads is a color now for a look at the shape. Most logical thing to do first is to draw a circle over the bulb. So selecting the Ellipse to I'm gonna hold shift so that we draw a perfect circle and non Orval and I'm gonna go over the sketch with the circle like So Now I'm gonna reduce that very slightly and I'm gonna select the sketch. I want to go the layers panel. Or rather, I'm gonna go the transparency panel. I'm gonna bring the opacity down 50% just so you can see our pen over the top of the sketch . I want to select the pen tool again. I'm gonna continue on from the circle to draw the rest of the bulb shape. So clicking on the edge of the circle and clicking on the sketch beneath at the corner. Andi pulling down a curve like so unq licking across to the point where Pink Line shores to denote that. Where on the vertical clicking there. And I'm gonna click upwards next with the selection tool. I want to select the shape of just drawn on the circle. I'm gonna go The pathfinder make compound shape expand because I want this to be a single shape backs gonna select the rectangle to I'm gonna draw over the ship to the halfway point on with the selection to I'm gonna hold shifts and select the bulb shape underneath. And I'm gonna go the Pathfinder panel underneath shape modes minus front, rather in the sect. And this leaves us with half of the bulb. Next, I want a copy. Cross this half bulb Goto added. Copy, arming, border at a paste if we like. Oh, use a keyboard shortcut. Alton shift and I'm going to go to transform Reflect with the right mouse. Click Andi in there, man. You're going to slack vertical, which is already so like that. I want to click. OK, I'm gonna merge this with this ship. So as you can see, a pink line of Here's with in the sect written upon its that means both shapes of flush so selecting both or ships with shift, I'm going to do the same again and got the Pathfinder panel. I wanna click, make compound ship and click expand, and that makes that single monitor ble shape next. Gonna tackle the screw at the bottom of the bulb. So I'm going to use a rounded rectangle to Andi. I want to draw over that. Like so with a selection to I'm gonna replicate this with the old in shift on, just dragging a copy down strike. So now for the final shape, a section of a circle So going to go to the elect stool. I'm gonna draw an oval shape Andi with a rectangle to I'm gonna draw over it and I want to take a portion of it out by selecting both of these ships going to the Pathfinder panel. Gonna shared boards minus front. This gives us the shape for the bottom of the bulb. Screw. Now, then she whether all these ships the bulb on this screw all align together, we're going to select all we're going to go to the align panel ons underneath the line objects we're going to select horizontal align Santa. So there was a minor adjustment there. Now all of those elements are lined up vertically. So now I'm gonna go heads and color the bulb, selecting the actual bulb itself. I want to select an orangy yellow color from the spectrum. It looks nice. I want to select the screw area and I want to select degree from this watchers and just that tiny bit in the slider. Now we select the bulb and move it across because you don't really need the sketch animal. But you can see that we do have an outstanding shape. And that's the shine of the bulb. So I will go on to develop, not and we see a circle. He s It will go on and select the Ellipse tool Amel drawer, circle Appear on the bulb. I'm a color it white. I'm reduce in size. Next, I'm gonna make sure I've got a stroke selected and nor fell. So selecting the fell and going to the swatches selecting non and will highlight a select the pen to So with the pants, you'll I want to start here on the bulb on click appear and I'm gonna pull out a curve. With that done got the stroke panel. And for wait, I'm going to select 16 for the cop. Gonna select round cup, taking up the weight by clicking the up arrow, we began to see an increase in the size of this shape. With that done, you would object Expand and sure, only stroke has checked. Click OK, now that convert the path into shape. Now we can manipulate these to make it a bit more perfect on grouping those selecting both hold and shift and gonna object group. I would just move those down just a tiny bit more. There we go. 4. Icon Lightbulb Part 2: now, since moving the bulb away from the sketch, have notice an imperfection on the actual curve at the bottom of the bulb. So it's never too late to go on and make changes to make a perfect. So I'll do exactly that with the zoom tool. I wanna have a look at this fault in the curve with a Direk selection to I'm going to select Leon the point, and I'm going to bring this handle and raise it up. I want to take this handle. I'm just pull it in ever so slightly. So this creates a more flowing curve. So with that done, we need to copy this half. So a lot of symmetrical someone to select the rectangle tool. I'm gonna go over the half that we've just added on the bulb. Andi want to select the bull recorder object on group so I can work with the part of it selecting the rectangle holding shift, selecting the bulb in the Pathfinder panel, selecting in the sect. And we're left with that half bold that we edit it. So with Alton shift, I want a copy that cross pulling across gonna transform of the right mouse click going to reflect and selecting vertical clicking. OK, Andi, Holding shift to keep it on the horizontal on one emerges to together. Holding shift on Going to the Pathfinder panel selecting me. Compound ship Onda, Expand. Selecting that again. Got object. Arrange sent back. So we now see the shine of the bulb. Now to give some greater detail of the bulb. I'm gonna copy this across. I want to copy it across again. No, I'm gonna place this color blue. Bring out the front. I'm gonna place this over that shape. I want to select both shapes. I'm gonna go Pathfinder beneath shaped molds minus front, holding shift to keep it on the horizontal. I'm gonna drag over to this original bulb, making sure it's on top. Object. Arrange. Bring in front. I'm not gonna go the colors panel and I'm gonna increase the magenta with the slider. Like so? So this gives a great a detail and death to the graphic and helps it overall. And shining is an aesthetically pleasing icon on give some extra detail. I'm going to select the bottom shape on. I'm gonna take this up with a slider. Black slider on a little bit of Sion, so I'm just going to switch off the sketch because you no longer need it on. I'm going to select all shapes and I'm gonna go to Object Group. So this is trapped as the singular object. So now I'm gonna go ahead and select the Ellipse. I want to draw a circle holding shift. I'm gonna go to object, arrange send to back. I want to select all these objects and in the Pathfinder panel, the align panel. Rather, I'm going to go beneath align objects, the horizontal align center. This will bring all the elements into alignment on the vertical axis. Now on to take the sickle and with the sliders, I'm going to find an appropriate color for our lightbulb icon. Now, the original color we hot, which was gray at bluish gray, has actually appropriate. It's looking very nice. So it's nah, virtually at the myth, changes or corrections. So, with a direct selection to I want to make the screw part. Light gray, adjusting on the sliders, clicking the bottom. She began to make this difference. There we go. Now. If this icon was to be a part of a set that shares the same effect. What we need to do is paste, then the universal fact in this case, it's a shadow. And this is taken from the pizza icon. So would use this piece as a guide to apply the same effect to this icon using the same angles. So I want to go ahead, place this over here and you'll see how I'm gonna play in effect to this icon. Using the ship was a guide. Someone is just like the pan tool. Click appear and you'll see him now. Flush. Same angle as the shape Look down here. Andi will just complete the shape of the most important thing is the angles. Just saw that when all icons are to gather the look consistent. So reds of the original shape going to select the bulb and I'm gonna bring it to the front going object. Arrange. Bring the front. Now I'm gonna just the ship. I think so. Andi, I'm gonna make it's more pleasing to the eye around these sections. So the pantry Well, I'm just gonna drawn on extra ship. They select fourth or shapes Pathfinder, Mick, compound ship and expand. Zooming out with a zoom, too, when it's like the light bulb. Because object arrange. Bring the front. I want to select the ship beneath. That was just drawn with the eyedropper tool. I'm gonna match it against a circular background ons in the slider. The color panel I'm gonna bring. Slide it down to make a light of color with the block slider and selecting the circle alongside the ship we've just drawn. Gonna go a Pathfinder. Andi divide with a direct selection tool. I'm gonna get rid of this piece and to make things perfect. I'm gonna work on these pieces down here. So now I'm gonna go in and remedy this with a pan to I want to click down here. Macon On a point. They run up here and finish up here. Clicking out here are we make that shape and in the layers panel, I'm going to bring the shape down beneath the light bulb so that it's it's behind. And if we select the circle goto object on group, I can just pay the shape with its neighbour and shape by going to Pathfinder. May compound shape and expand. So if that change done, it looks like the some substance to the bottom of the bulb so you can see a shadow. Or rather, a ray of light. Andi, you can't see behind the bulb on screw portion. So that marks the completion of the lightbulb icon. 5. Icon Clipboard Part 1: and now I'm going to develop my clipboard icon. As you can see, I've placed my sketch in the document by going to file in place as usual. So to start work, I'm gonna select around the direct angle to and I'm going to select the color I'll select pink nice and vibrant. Andi, I wanna drag out around the rectangle Now, using the keyboard, I'm gonna press the down arrow to reduce the curve of the rounded rectangle on. And I'm happy with that. With that done so that nor further changes can be made to the corners of the rounded rectangle. We're going to select it. We're gonna goto object, and we're going to go to flatten transparency. I'm gonna click. OK, so that and she was that this shape remains as it is. Okay, I want to select that. I'm gonna go with the transparency panel, and I'm gonna reduce your capacity to 50% so that when we say the sketch underneath again, I'm gonna draw another rounded rectangle for the paper on the clipboard. So clicking and pulling out ship Andi using the down arrow on the cabled to reduce the rounded miss of the corners on them. Happy with that. And again, going to object flattened Transparency on clicking. Okay to finalize that shape. Selecting both warships Holding shift going. Teoh, the allying panel on underneath the line objects horizontal line center clicking that will ensure those two are aligned on the vertical. Now I'm going to highlight this. I'm gonna bring this down to 50%. Also certain. See this sketch underneath again. Now we're gonna tackle the obstruct text. And for this I'm gonna use the rounded rectangle loans again. And I'm gonna draw the shape pressing the up arrow on the keyboard that achieve that shape I'm gonna call about White. So selecting white and the swatches hands with shift and ult. I want to make a copy of that on. Don't want to make another copy. Now, selecting those three ships, I'm gonna go to object flattened transparency Onda. Okay, so that nor further changes can be made to the curves of these ships. Now I want to select each ship on going to go to the align panel underneath, distribute objects. I'm gonna click vertical distribute bottom on a law. There was no change. This doesn't sure that those three are equal distance from each other. Good demonstrate lots. I move that one down camel coat of the same option once again and you'll see it adjusts the middle one. 6. Icon Clipboard Part 2: next, I'm going to develop the ticks in the design, so I'm gonna go to non fulfill. I'm gonna select Stroke Hund. I want to select color in this case rads. And I want to select the pen to and I'm gonna draw the ticks with the pan to so making a nunca point holding chef to keep it on the vertical. I want to click on an anchor point just down from the first, and I'm gonna click across holding shift still on, creating another hunger point. And this creates our tech shape. I'm gonna increase the size of the stroke by going to the stroke panel. Andi, I'm going to select nine, and I'm gonna increase from there. No, that looks good. Now I'm happy without a court object. Expand Andi and she will. That stroke is ticked clicking. OK, we now have the solid shape, so I'm gonna rotate that by going to the edge of the ship until we get a double arrow as you see there and then dragged that cross placing that they I'm going to do an adult and a shift to copy that on. Then ult an altar and a shift again for the last one. I was selecting all three holding shift. I'm gonna go the Pathfinder panel, the align panel rather on. I'm going to go to vertical distribute center once again underneath distribute objects. It appears this one's fine. Also just increasing that in size. I'm gonna call those white for the time being. Now, I'm going to give this some cooler. I'm going to turn up the transparency of this because we no longer need to see this sketch . For now, I'm gonna call about a brown. Now, the inner shape is actually paper someone color that white taking the A pass ity up to 100% . We've got the Tex Tex A normally green to denote something being correct someone of color Those green Andi, These shapes represent abstract writing. Some gonna just assign a greater those. For now on, I'm gonna group the objects I gonna object. Group on grouping all. I'm gonna go back to the transparency panel and I'm gonna take it down a 50% so I can see the sketch once again. So I gotta work on the clip at the top of the clipboard. The first thing I'm gonna do is select a circle to place out up top, selecting red survive and color that stands out over the the sketch. Andi, I'm going to use a rounded rectangle going to the tools, selecting a rounded rectangle. I'm gonna draw that out there, going to object, flattened, transparency, clicking. Okay, so that this locks down. It was a rounded corners, and nor further changes can be met highlighting the circle and the rounded rectangle gone to a lying underneath Align objects selecting horizontal align center. So those a novel sent it on gripping those selecting the rectangle tool and using a rectangle just to cut the bottom portion off this ship above, they're gonna pathfinder under me shaped molds minus front. So we're left with this ship now I'm gonna combine both warships to make it one by going to the Pathfinder. May compound shape and clicking. Expand. Now I'm going to reduce the transparency, the opacity and the transparency panel down 50% something. See the sketch beneath. I'm gonna draw in our circle with the Ellipse tools. As you see here. I don't wanna turn that up just to see how that looks. Color in the circle. White highlight on both Hold on shift. Gonna were lying underneath a lion objects horizontal line. Sander moving this up slightly with the the up arrow on the keyboard. Clinton both. You want a Pathfinder beneath shape modes Gata minus front. So this takes out the circle from the ship, putting the truck the transparency down once again to 50%. We have a ship at the bottom. So actually going to use a around the direct angle and I'm gonna bring this down adjusting curves with up our one a k warder on centering the speigel or lying the line objects horizontal line center going object to flatten down the transparency again. Clicking OK, because we're happy with the curves highlighting both hold on shift. It's got a Pathfinder clicking divide beneath Pathfinder's clicking direct selection tool clicking the ship beneath. We can deduct that by pressing backspace on the keyboard. Now there's a final shape below, which suggests a shadow as if there's a part of paper on the clipboard. So I'm gonna put that there for now. When a court object on group, I'm gonna make sure that these three shapes hands the clip above Orel centered. So good or line underneath. Elaine Objects horizontal align Sender. So there we have it. All ships on our lined. Now, let's get the work on the coloring. I'm gonna select the clip, and I'm gonna bring the transparency over 200%. I'm gonna color a gold. I'm looking for some form of gold color to suggest that it's made of metal. That looks nice. Looks like a direct selection to the eyedropper. And then I want to bring that up on the slider for the block and the cola panel to a I want to select the actual board of the clipboard. And I'm gonna try a dark brown by bringing the black up for the writing. Gonna select all three, and I'm going to reduce the black so it's less prominent for the techs selecting all holding shift. What a bring gown, Scion, I'm gonna make sure this shape is it both on grouping this grouping those on Make sure that above the shadow of the bottom what you days so reading of the sketch that marks completion of the clipboard and I also need to do now is add its background high like mole Gold Object Group so that one manageable unit on selecting the lips, too on drawing a circle behind gonna object arrange sent back, highlighting old going to the align panel underneath Elaine objects horizontal align sender clinging upon that and that send as the clipboard And again we're gonna go to add it pissed . And we're going to apply the same ship to the clipboard design so that it has the same kind of shadowing effect. I'm just reducing the slightly moving it, clicking the graphic gone object arrange Bring the front. Making this a little bit smaller. Un selecting that shape holding shift. Selecting the circle. I want the Pathfinder on clicking divide using the direct selection tool we read over the ship. Yeah, un selecting my chief, we use the eyedropper tool to select the color of the brown on the circle on. We can use the sliders and the color panel to adjust just to give that effect. I'm not happy with the brown, so I'm going to select the circle, and I'm gonna have a fish around the spectrum to see if I can find a suitable color. That's a cool I'm looking full. So selecting this ship beneath using the eyedropper tool on matching it with a circular color. Andi taking the black slide off to get a darker version off it that marks this icon complete. 7. Icon Pizza Part 1: So here we have a sketch of a pepperoni pizza have placed the sketch onto the are bored by going to file place, locating the file. And then that place is that on the outboard. So I'm going to jump right in, and I'm going to select the lips, too. I'm gonna select and brown colored Phil, I'm gonna hold shift, and I'm gonna draw out a circle holding shift allows us to draw circle rather than an oval ship. I'm gonna align that with the edge of the pizza crossed. I think so. Next, I'm going to draw a second circle with nor fell. I'm gonna vote swatches, select nor fell non for no fell. I'm going to select a white stroke after selecting stroke in the tools panel. I want to select the Ellipse tool again, and I'm gonna draw out a circle in a position. Not Andi. I'm gonna go the stroke panel and I'm going to select 16. I'm gonna bring that up slightly. How? Using the selection tool. I want to select the circle. I'm gonna go with the transparency panel, and I'm gonna bring the opacity down to 50% so that I can see the sketch of the pizza beneath as they say that stroke much is it? Well, with a negative space of the sketch. So I'm gonna go ahead and select the path I wanna go to object, expand animal, ensure that stroke is checked and I want to click. OK, now, that circular path is now converted in with solid ring shape. I wanna color this red just for the example on them. One. Hold shift and select the circle behind. Now in the align panel. If we go to war lying to we need to ensure that align to selection as highlighted, which it is Onda Underneath a line objects we click horizontal align Santa Just ensure that everything's lined up in the circle and likewise, we got a vertical align center and it looks as if that's a line. Pretty much already now thoughts to shapes selected Goto Pathfinder on and select minus front. This deducts the front shape from the shape of the back. Now, to take our slice from this full Peter, I'm going to select the shape I'm gonna go Pathfinder, make compound ship, and I'm gonna click Expand. Now this treats the shape is a singular because it's now a singular whole shape. Now I want to select the shape and make a transparent again by going the transparency panel and bringing your capacity down a 50% just suing. Still see the sketch behind. I don't want to select the pen tool, and I'm gonna take out a wedge from the circle, which represents a slice of pizza. So clicking in the circle, clicking out following the sketch, creating an Uncle Point moving down to create another uncle Point at the point where a pink line appears, which denotes the perfect horizontal. So clicking out there on clicking back to the original Anchor Point holding Chef. Do we select the circle behind or circles on and we go to the Pathfinder panel and click in the sect. Now this leaves us with the slice of pizza. 8. Icon Pizza Part 2: so for you. Select the shape on. We got the transparency panel. Bring the opacity down a 50% again just so I can see the details of the sketch. As you can see, this three pieces of pepperoni, two halfs and one full piece someone to go ahead and select the Ellipse stool from the tools panel ons. I'm just going to select red from the swatches cool heads and draw a circle on each position like so Now I want to select all of those Holden shift all circles on the slice of Peter in the Pathfinder panel. I'm going to select divide beneath Pathfinder's on using the direct selection to I want to take out thes portions of the pepperoni. So now that the sketches nor further use, we can isolate this by bringing down, I'm weak and begin to color it in the color the pizza is. So I'm going to try the base first. I wanna mess around with the sliders in the color panel just to try and obtain a nice color of Braddy cheesy pizza. I think we're gonna go towards a yellowish color like so, and I think the crusts already a color, which resembles a crossed but will well, experiment further with fat. And I'm gonna select with pepperoni pieces. I don't want to increase the darkness of the Reds by taking up the K slider, which denotes black, just to make it darker reds to resemble pepperoni. Andi, there we have it. The completed pizza slice. So the final touches mounting less upon a shape, and I think I'm going to select the circle. So selecting the Ellipse tool from the tools panel ongoing object arrange sent back. I'm going to select the eyedropper tool. And I'm gonna much the bread of the pizza using slider. I'm gonna bring down the yellow to try and find a suitable color. Just suggesting these Andi think I'm happy with that. Next, I'm gonna introduce an effect which will go on and reduce. I'm gonna click the pen to I want to quickly young a point of the pizza. At that point, I want to click outside of the circle and I want to create another anchor point appear on. I'm gonna click the top on a point of Peter. I'm gonna close that shape now. I'm going to select that ship. I'm going to go to the layers panel on. I'm just gonna bring it down beneath the pizza on going to go to the colors panel and I'm going to use the sliders again. Just introduce a different color. Like so with fact on selecting that Shipholding shift selecting the circle, we go to the path fineness panel Select Divide. Using the direct selection to I can take out this piece outside the circle on the final touch. Underscore new Select the shape Andi turn up the block to make it darker. Toe Act is a shadow and that marks completion of the pizza icon. 9. Icon Watermelon Part 1: he is a sketch of my watermelon. That of placing the document using file and place. Now I'm going to select the sketch. I'm going to go to the layers panel and I'm gonna lock that down clicking until a padlock appears. So now use a pen tool on top of this or the geometrical ships. I want to select the Ellipse, too. I want to select a bright color from a swatches panel. I'm going to choose a hot pink on going to draw out on oval shape over the sketch, so that would see the sketch behind. I'm going to select the ship, got the transparency panel and bring the opacity down to 50%. With that done, gonna select another ellipse of a different color have slight blue. I'm gonna call the sketch can I'm actually gonna hold shift to draw out a perfect circle. Like so. I'm also going to assign some transparency to this by taking the opacity down to 50%. Now I want to select another lips of a different color. I'm going to select orange can I want to draw out the circle, hold and shift once again, I want to select the circle behind hold and shift and I'm going to go to a line beneath the line objects And when a click horizontal line center that brings them together on the vertical and I'm gonna click vertical align Sander And you see, both circles are now perfectly send it. I'm going to select all shapes and I'm also gonna go to align once again and click horizontal line center, and it looked as if they're already scented. So next I'm going to select a rectangle. I want to drag it down to here on gonna select all shapes on. I'm gonna click in the Pathfinder panel, divide with a Direk selection to I want to highlight all the shapes of both. And I want to click back space on the keyboard, turning off the sketch by clicking the padlock in the layers panel and then the eye. We can see what we've drawn. Now we've got a couple of straight paths off ships and either side, so I'll just highlight those select and delete using backspace on the keyboard. So he is the shape real left with which is resembling a watermelon, and we're gonna bring it to life with some color. So the direct selection tool, I'm going to select the shape of the bottom. I'm gonna turn the opacity back up. I don't want to select the green from the spectrum, and I'm looking for a dark green which resembles that of a watermelon. I'm happy with that. Now, for this portion, I want a kind of cream color using slider, bringing the yellow down on bringing them agenda down on the scion on the final piece. Needs to bay reds. So there we have the watermelon. Now we need the ads, the pips. 10. Icon Watermelon Part 2: now a draw. The seeds. I'm going to select your lips too. Draw a circle holding shift with a pen to I'm going to click here. I want to click up here until the pink line appears to denote perfect center on the vertical. I don't want to click down. Okay. Selecting both ships going the Pathfinder panel selecting make compound ship selector expand. Selecting the rectangle to dragging over this. Selecting both ships on D I'm going to select in the sect in the Pathfinder panel. I'm gonna copy the shape with Alton shift. I'm going to right click Transform reflect ons with vertical checked click. OK are holding chefs to keep the shapes on the horizontal. I want to join these. What is intersect? That means the lined up perfectly. Selecting both ships going. The Pathfinder panel may compound ship clicking expand to make it a single ship. Now I want to take one of these reducing in size hold on shift to keep proportions on. Introduce one here on the pink line because that denotes the perfect center holding shift. Adult gonna make another one shift null again. I'm gonna drag one off the side copy place one there shifting all again to make a copy. Um, policing one way. Now, to make sure the pips a symmetrical going to select all holding shift, I'm gonna go to Pathfinder, make compound shape expand so that all these pips attract a single shape. No going to use a rectangle tool. I want to place it. They and I'm gonna hold, shift and select the pips on the Pathfinder. I'm going to click minus front with Alton shift. I want to take a copy of these pips. Right? Click transform reflect with vertical checked. I'm gonna select. Okay, Andi, I wanna hold shift and I'm going to align old pips holding shift, selecting the rest. Gonna pathfinder make compound shape expand. And that's the watermelon graphic complete. All that remains is to add the circle to the backgrounds to make it an icon. So I'm gonna select all of the parts of the melon Good object group and want to go to the Ellipse. Andi, draw out the circle, Gonna go to object, arrange send to back. And now I'm going toe select. Both got were lying. I'm click horizontal line Sander that make sure the both aligned I am just like the circle . And I'm gonna try and find a nice color in the spectrum for our watermelon icon. Now, I'm happy with that on, and I'm going to do something here. I'm going to use the pan to I'm going to select non for the Phil, and I'm gonna have a stroke of white Now on the anchor points at nine o'clock on the circle I want to click across across the three o'clock now with a path selected on the circle Select that hold and shift. We're gonna go the Pathfinder and click Divide. Now I'm gonna go to object Orange send back, and I'm gonna make this circle background to torn. So it's gonna be one color at the top and a different color at the bottom. So this to Tora design of the circle looks as if it either folded paper or the watermelon has sat on a table. Now, looking at the watermelon, I couldn't see that there's transparency still assigned to the ship, so I'm gonna turn the opacity of 200%. And I'm actually happy with how that looks at 100% so I'm gonna leave that way. And that marks the completion of the watermelon icon 11. 3D Base: Now I'm gonna show you how it developed three D base icon, so he'll have our existing pencil icon. I want to draw out a circle holding shift using the Ellipse tool. I don't want to call of a circle the dark purple with the eyedropper tool much ing the existing local taking a copy of this circle, dragging a copy upwards holding Alton shift. I want a much this circle, which is now on top to the light purple of the existing icon. So, as you can see, we've created a kind of three D cylinder effect just by placing one light circle on top of a darker circle so we can take this pencil. Make a copy of that on place that on top, go on the object, bring the front and you can see how that looks. We can also use a rounded rectangle to to do the same. Could draw that on and using the eyedropper tool or selecting any dark color. He's an old on shift to make a copy of that. Andi, using eyedropper tool too much the light of purple, taking a copy of the pencil object. Arrange. Bring the front you can see how that looks on. Obviously, we can do the same with the rectangle tool to draw square, in which case we have a dark square at the bottom on which have the light of square but one top, and that's a result. So there we have the original icon, which we developed. We have this cylindrical icon and three day the rounded square in three D on D. The shop Cornered square in three D. So this represents an option that you might wish to consider when you're developing your icon designs. 12. The Overhang: Now I wanna show you how to develop an icon overhung. So here we have the pencil icon again. I'm gonna use the Ellipse tool to draw out a circle holding shift. I want to match that with the purple of the original icon. And I went on group the original icon, my own object. Long group. I take a copy of the pencil with all turned shift on. We bring that the front going to object the range. Bring the front now to make an overhang icon. We simply increase the size of the main graphic so that it'll the hyung's over the background, like so we can do this with a rounded rectangle before using a rounded rectangle in the icon copying down pencil. Arrange brain front On light wise, we can do the same with a rounded rectangle. How we also do the same with the square. Same rules will apply as a rounded rectangle, bringing that to the front. So there we have it. That's the overhung principle, and that's an option for you when you're developing your icons 13. Icon Palette Part 1: so he'll have my sketch of a paint palette which are imported and illustrate a using file on place. So I'm gonna select sketch and I'm gonna lock it down in the layers panel. Now, I'm gonna use the Ellipse too, with a red color sort standard over the sketch, and I'm gonna drag out a circle holding shift. I want a place that they over the sketch of the palate. I'm also going to draw another circle here. Next, I'm going to use a pan tool to draw the curve of the top on the curve at the bottom to make a complete solid shape. So, selectman a pan to clicking here on the circle, clicking up here, pulling outward curve clicking young a point. Clinton settle down here pulling out another curve like so I'm clicking here now we're just gonna make the shape transparent so that wouldn't see this sketch beneath. And the transparency panel I'm gonna put the capacity to 50% clicking young. A point again continued on the ship when I click and on a point down here in the middle of a curve just adjusting slightly on clicking one down here to complete the shape. Now I'm gonna turn the opacity up. I want to select all shapes. I'm gonna go. Pathfinder may compound shape, expand. So this is now a solid shape. With that done, I want to go the layers panel, unlock this sketch, and I'm gonna click the I icon because I no longer want to see this sketch. I want to analyze the ship to see what corrections need to be made to make it indoor flowing ship. As you can see, the covert the top isn't perfect. Neither is a curve at the bottom. And we have a little hour here, so we need to rectify those things to make the perfect graphic. Someone is human. I want to tackle the curve at the top first with a direct selection to I'm gonna manipulate this curve with this handle. I want to pull it out towards the right hand side, like so. And that's that curve fixed the curve at the bottom. I'm gonna click on the anchor point and use this handle and pull out a more pleasing curve and that's that fixed. Next click the anchor point here. I'm going to go to the pen tool I wanna hold the icon on the bottom right on corner, and I'm going to select the elite unca point. I don't want to zoom in selecting delete one point once again, and I'm going to use a direct selection tool to manipulate this curve to pull it out. Like so I'm gonna zoom out holding cult. Andi, I'm just going to adjust this year, my clicking on the anchor point just to make that one a little bit more perfect clicking out Andi, I'm happy with that ship, which is going to be our paint palettes. 14. Icon Palette Part 2: So now I'm going to switch the sketch back on, and I'm going to assign some transparency, and I'm going to switch it down to around 50 just to see what shapes are gonna add to this . As you can see, we're gonna add a hall in the palate that's away. The thumb is put through the palate and of course, we're gonna ads the paint's so I want to select the Ellipse two hands on a drag out of shape and I'm gonna rotate it by on the edge of the shape until the arrows appear un rotating it like so just pull it in very slightly on re sizing us. I'm going to use a circle for the paint to keep it simplistic when a hold shift, pull out a circle and then use an adult and shift. I want to make copies of the circle like So I'm going to get rid of the sketch by clicking the I in the layers panel, and I'm gonna color palette gray and will turn up the opacity. It will turn it down slightly on, and I want to cut out their ship hold and shift, selecting the palette going to the Pathfinder panel on selecting minus front. So this deducts the shape of the front from the shape of the back, which was the palate. Now I'm gonna proceed to call the pins. So select that one. I want to select the yellow and in blue than a green when a purple adjusting less yellow would just make it a little bit more prominent. And there we have it. Those of the pence and the whole complete on the palate. Now I'm gonna go ahead and group all of these shapes. Object group under one a draw, the sickle, A background dragging out with circle hold and shift ons I'm gonna go to arrange sent back . I'm gonna position this in the Sanda just to make sure I'm going to go to a line A line objects horizontal line center. I'm gonna call a the pilot white on the more support color thinks gonna be for this is agree. So I want to select, agree, taking a black up, and I'm happy with that. But I'm going to separate the circle into two, selecting the pan tool, ensuring there's nor fell by gonna non and swatches selecting stroke, clicking and nine o'clock Anger on the circle clicking at three o'clock Anger on the circle un selecting both path and circle on clicking in the Pathfinder panel Divide ongoing object Rain sent back with a direct selection to I want to select the half above on Click fell on . I'm gonna take down the black slider like so And that marks completion of the palate. I can't. 15. Icon Microphone Part 1: So here have my scan of a microphone and I inserted as usual by going to file and place, I'm gonna go right ahead and start developing this and HVAC. I'm going to select the rounded rectangle tool and a bright color from the swatches on. I want to draw out here. I'm going to draw this stand first. Andi, switching off that filled. I'm actually going to select the stroke. A red stroke going on the stroke panel. Select 20 point, and I'm gonna move this up. Just increased the thickness on that. Do I will goto object, expand and show a stroke is selected and click. OK, with that done, I'm gonna take the rectangle to and I'm gonna use this to cut. Selecting both hall and shift. I got a pathfinder shape boards and minus front, and I'm gonna use a rectangle tools to do this Bottom shape holding shift, aunt clicking that stand above I'm going to go to a line and I'm gonna click horizontal line center to make sure there was to a both senate. I'm gonna go the rounded rectangle to and I'm gonna through the base and using the down arrow on my keyboard, The decrease, the curvature of the corners. Very cool. I'm going to use the rectangle tool to cut that again. Hold on shifts and selecting the base ball. A Pathfinder on selecting minus front. Here we go. On holding shift. Selecting all three. Going to the align panel. Andi, beneath a line Objects selecting horizontal align center. Very cool on with the rounded rectangle tool. Again, I'm going to do the shape appear Andi. I wanted Teoh the microphone heads with the down arrow, the up arrow rather on the keyboard. I'm gonna making them to this pill shape selecting old. Actually, I'm going to select leads to hold on shift. And I'm gonna go a Pathfinder and making that a compound shape, selecting all going to align Andi horizontal line Sander. Now, with that done, I'm going to select with sketch. I'm gonna call to the layers panel, expand it on, and I'm gonna click the I certainly know long to see this sketch, and I'm gonna go work on the details off the graphic 16. Icon Microphone Part 2: now I'm gonna color the base, withstand a silver color. So it looks like a Silva metal. Andi just in the sliders. I'm going to keep it that color with a hint of blue. And, um, I want to select the heads of the microphone. Ongoing color. This a more silver color. I'll keep that like that might make adjustments later. I want to make this the same color as this stand. Now what? They want to make some changes to the shape. So I'm gonna highlight those to select and make the compound shape. And I'm gonna click expand when the human select the rectangle to on And when I select the stands and I'm gonna go to shape modes in the Pathfinder panel and click minus front, this is gonna leave us with that which looks a lot more clean. I want to just the base bring it down so that it has the same negative space gap as the head of the microphone. Understand? No switching sketch back on. We can see we have shapes on the head of the microphone. Some gonna use around the direct angle to make those and they'll move that cross. Make another one. Andi, Another one on selecting all three holding shift. If we go to the Align panel on beneath distribute objects, we select vertical distribute center. This will line all three to ensure that equal spacing is between. Oh, I want to color those black and holding shift. I want to select both shapes ahead of the microphone on the holes. I'm gonna get a Pathfinder and selecting divide. I want proceeds to delete the access at the side pressing box based on the keyboard. No, I want to take these shapes, selecting all three on with Alton Shift. I want to drive across to make a copy. Right click. Transform reflect ensuring vertical is selected, clicking OK and holding shift to keep it on the horizontal. Remove that cross until it hits the line where the pink shows intersect. So that means it's flush with the head of the side of the microphone, so that marks that portion complete. I went out in the shape in the center, which holds ahead of the microphone in position, like so when he's the eyedropper tool to match the microphone on, did the black slide and the color palette just to bring it down to make it lighter on and selecting those two ships ahead of the microphone on the holder. I'm gonna go to the alignment panel on select Horizontal Align Center and that's now Senate for the shape going to do with little effect at the bottom, ensuring both ascent at bygone the Align panel horizontal line center on. And I want to go the Pathfinder panel on select Divide with a direct selection tool. I'm going to select the excess and press backspace on the keyboard to get rid of it. Selecting it. I'm gonna go up with the black slider on the color panel like so this creates a kind of shadowing effect. Now I'm going to select the rectangle tool, and I'm also going to apply a shadowing effect. Appear moving a shape in front by God, the object arrange bring to front on and when to use a direct selection to to select the holes in the microphone and using the black slider and the color panel, I'm going to bring down Akal. It'd gray now is a finishing touch. I'm going to give some shine into the microphone because the normally made out of shiny chrome. So I'm gonna select the rounded rectangles. I don't want to pull out a pill shape. I'm gonna place it here. I want to select White, and I'm gonna go with the transparency panel and bring the opacity down to 50%. Like so I'm gonna try 40. With that done, I'm going to select the halls and the mic afford gonna goto object, arrange bring the front And there we have it. I want to select the sketch and switch it off in the layers panel by clicking the I. I don't want to ensure all of this is grouped by going to object group ons. Now I want to back it upon a circle, selecting the ellipse tool on drawing a circle holding shift going object. Arrange center back on selecting both. Going to the align panel on selecting horizontal align Sander. If we give the circle some color, we can see where we are and just allying that again with holes on the line center. Now I think I fancy a pink color for the circle, so I'm gonna click upon the circle and select the hot pink from the swatches and I'm gonna finally tune in the color palette with the sliders. Onda popular fat. So that is the microphone icon complete 17. Final Word: well done for reaching the end of the course. I hope the information has proven valuable in extending your skills. As a designer, I post new courses on a regular basis, So if you want to stay up to date, please be sure. Click follow next to my user name by clicking follow. You'll get priority announcements when I launch new courses when I share Resource is on when I launch contests.