Awesome Chess Openings to Surprise Your Opponent | Greg Vanderford | Skillshare

Awesome Chess Openings to Surprise Your Opponent

Greg Vanderford, Knowledge is Power!

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16 Lessons (3h 7m)
    • 1. Lesson 1 Introduction

    • 2. Lesson 2 Queens Gambit Accepted

    • 3. Lesson 3 Queens Gambit Declined

    • 4. Lesson 4 Nimzowitch Defense

    • 5. Lesson 5 The Semi Slav Defense

    • 6. Lesson 6 The King's Indian Defense Revisited

    • 7. Lesson 7 The King's Gambit Accepted

    • 8. Lesson 8 The Schliemann Gambit

    • 9. Lesson 9 The Closed Sicilian

    • 10. Lesson 10 the Ponziani

    • 11. Lesson 11 The Evans Gambit

    • 12. Lesson 12 Ruy Lopez for White

    • 13. Lesson 13 Ruy Lopez for Black

    • 14. Lesson 14 The French Defense for White

    • 15. Lesson 15 Ruy Lopez for Black

    • 16. Lesson 16 Conclusion


About This Class

Awesome Chess Openings to Surprise Your Opponent is my response to the many requests that I have had to create a follow up to my first chess openings course, Learn to Play Chess Openings Like a Master.

Chess openings are a critical part of the game of chess because without a deep understanding of the many ways to start a game, you will get blown off the board and lose before the game ever really begins.

In this chess openings course, you will learn openings that start with 1.d4, including the Queen's Gambit, Queen's Gambit Declined, Nimzowitsch Defense and many others. In addition, you will learn more ways to respond to common 1.e4 openings such as aggressive openings like the King's Gambit, Evan's Gambit, and the all important Sicilian Defense. We will also go into more detail regarding how to play the many classical Spanish Opening variations. 

In addition, you will learn more ways to respond to the French Defense as white so that you don't fall for the many tricks embedded in this strong opening for the black player.

More Chess Openings for the Modern Player will help you to become a stronger chess player, and win more games by giving you a strong understanding of the very critical area of chess strategy that is the opening phase of the game.