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Awaken your Channeling potential & connect with your guides.

teacher avatar Fernando Albert, Your daily dose of Light

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

16 Lessons (2h 4m)
    • 1. Lesson 1 Awaken your channeling potential and connect with Spirit Fernando Albert

    • 2. Lesson 2 Awaken your channeling potential and connect with Spirit Fernando Albert

    • 3. Lesson 3 Awaken your channeling potential and connect with Spirit Fernando Albert

    • 4. Lesson 4 Awaken your channeling potential and connect with Spirit Fernando Albert

    • 5. Lesson 4 Exercise 1 Awaken your channeling potential and connect with Spirit Fernando Albert

    • 6. Lesson 5 Awaken your channeling potential and connect with Spirit Fernando Albert

    • 7. Lesson 6 Awaken your channeling potential and connect with Spirit Fernando Albert

    • 8. Lesson 7 Awaken your channeling potential and connect with Spirit Fernando Albert

    • 9. Lesson 8 Awaken your channeling potential and connect with Spirit Fernando Albert

    • 10. Lesson 8 Exercise 2 Awaken your channeling potential and connect with Spirit Fernando Albert

    • 11. Lesson 9 Awaken your channeling potential and connect with Spirit Fernando Albert

    • 12. Lesson 9 Exercise 3 Awaken your channeling potential and connect with Spirit Fernando Albert

    • 13. Lesson 10 Awaken your channeling potential and connect with Spirit Fernando Albert

    • 14. Lesson 11 Awaken your channeling potential and connect with Spirit Fernando Albert

    • 15. Lesson 12 Awaken your channeling potential and connect with Spirit Fernando Albert

    • 16. How to meditate.

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About This Class


Do you want to talk about your spiritual guides? Thanks to the channeling, you can get messages from your spiritual guides, and loved ones, automatic experience writing and even transmit healing from light sources to other people or yourself. Channeling is a something that, with a little work and perseverance, you can achieve. In this course, you will learn everything about channeling, from an easy to understand the point of view. You will find some exercises and a mantra that will help you to develop your channeling skills.

This course is very simple and direct, focused on channeling and how to carry out the technique easily. You will discover how to take full advantage of your connection with your spirit guides:

  1. You will learn everything about channeling and why it is great in your life.

  2. You will learn the necessary steps to follow when wanting to obtain information from channeled beings.

  3. You will discover a dormant potential which gives you access to a more accurate source of information.

  4. You will learn to have a lot of peace in your day today, and you will have a great connection with your guides.Do you want to talk about your spiritual guides? 

Thanks to the channeling, you can get messages from your spiritual guides, and loved ones, automatic experience writing and even transmit healing from light sources to other people or yourself. Channeling is a something that, with a little work and perseverance, you can achieve. In this course, you will learn everything about channeling, from an easy to understand the point of view. You will find some exercises and a mantra that will help you to develop your channeling skills.

This course is very simple and direct, focused on channeling and how to carry out the technique easily. You will discover how to take full advantage of your connection with your spirit guides:

  1. You will learn everything about channeling and why it is great in your life.

  2. You will learn the necessary steps to follow when wanting to obtain information from channeled beings.

  3. You will discover a dormant potential which gives you access to a more accurate source of information.

  4. You will learn to have a lot of peace in your day today, and you will have a great connection with your guides.

Your guides will change your life!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Fernando Albert

Your daily dose of Light


Fernando Albert is a very gifted Psychic Medium and Energy Healer. He speaks English, Spanish, Galician, and Catalan. Fernando believes in constant learning and both personal and spiritual development, so he has both attended and taught spiritual workshops around the globe. Fernando follows his life purpose in being of service to others. He dedicates himself full time to providing psychic readings, energy healings as well as coaching and teaching others.

Although Fernando is extremely talented at doing Energy Healings, he loves working with Tarot cards, taking his readings to the next level. He also enjoys doing Mediumship readings. In addition to these services, Fernando offers Energy Clearings on homes, venues, vehicles and small objects such as rings, statues and more. He love... See full profile

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1. Lesson 1 Awaken your channeling potential and connect with Spirit Fernando Albert: you know everyone and welcome to the channeling course Here you are going to get to learn to connect with your spirit guides with beings off light, you are going toe. Learn how could become a vessel for the white length could channels. This is a course where you are going to learn right from scratch how to have the right man's connect with your guides, the right mindset to be able to start Chang, which mainly means receiving wisdoms from hangar service off like there is a lot of channeling and we're going to be doing a lot in this course. Okay, you truly are going toe enjoying very much every single class because they are going to be delivered to you in a very easy way. There are very easy approach to the topic. Every single person can understand the whole contents of his cars. It doesn't matter your speak awareness. As long as you have a desire to open through these high grade energies, you will be able to succeed these cars. These cars will come with some exercises, but they're very simple exercises that you will get go enjoying. And as you progress through this course you are really going toe Have a great time because you are going toe Be able to see progress is starting from within air here on on this progress is going to become much more significant as you are able to see and to look back Hey, like after six months, eight months, you will be able to look back at moving on. Say, Oh, gosh, I really think that they once started on now Luke and connect with my guides. I can channel some feeling, you know, you're going to feel that it's great. Okay, I having, you know, channeling for pretty much all my life, you know, a fragment of the life I wasn't a wearable on. Then, over 10 years ago, I awoke and I just started. Could practice active. Okay. Channeling will be many benefits to your life will really, really help you out to Frank Roberts to find the available kind expansion. Know of your goons because you're going to get to connect on to ask questions to your diets toe Hagar, Beings off line. You can even feel your loved ones in this spirit that they're close circle you on your also going to be able to channel feeling energy in a way that you can bring wellness to yourself as well as real world is to order. So okay, And it's great because you always will have this going to support this This great help that you are receiving okay on you are going to see that life. It comes much easier when you have these shoe port. When you're able to make these astral phone calls, you're going to see that light becomes much easier. Jointing proof. In many ways, we're going to get straight. Fuller could point. You're going toe. Avoid many traps for many unnecessary bumps on the road. So you're going to see that life purpose is going to be much more significant on much more stable for which is quite from cast. Okay, so we have been said, Am I invited? You know, to enjoy these cars, I am sure you're going to learn lots. I'll be very happy to have you here. I always love to answer two questions so I can only send me lots of questions. All these courses they get on growing. I love bringing bonus glasses, says you might know from, or courses But if you don't, you can be sure that this car is going to keep on growing as it progressed. So Okay, So what are you waiting for? See Annex Class. 2. Lesson 2 Awaken your channeling potential and connect with Spirit Fernando Albert: Hey, everyone, How are you guys do in? Thank you very much for following me on for joining this class. It is for me a very, very huge pleasure. Do we teach you for you? Okay. As you know, answer no other on. I am going to be talking to you. I love about channel No. My goal. My parts for these cars is for you to get to learn and master. They are really off channel Okay on yester starts from the ground. What is channeled? You know channel. It's as they were refines in every other. You know, definition Okay. Like you have pipes a channel, the water or you have different breaches, child. Whatever you know, it's a little bit it's in the same way. But here the difference is that you are channeling information from where from initially the astral plane from beings off life. Okay, you are going toe. Possibly be working with your spirit guides at first. Okay. And mainly it's going to be work with your spirit. That's you are going to realize that you are going to get that feeling. Connect with your guides in a way that you can chat with them, and you can get wisdom from them. You can get a conversation with them. Or maybe you want two years download, You know, from your guys. Something's hiring, you know, a channel text. There can't be many, many things. It's okay. In fact, we're going to talk a lot about channelling on the extents off challenge. In fact, we're going to talk about it already in next class, different types off channeling. Okay, so you're going to see that it's possible that you are already channel. It is possible that you haven't noticed on you actually have already started channel okay, especially. You know, chances are if you're an artist, friends dance shots harder that you are challenge and heaven knows. OK, so you're going to realize that thief first step from channeling will bring to you a greater connection with your spirit guides. Okay, you are going to be able to feel your spirit guides as closer beings. Okay? You're going to feel them like some things that are right having this guy quotes ok or having the universe in the astral plane. You know, our spirit guides are much more closer to us than we realize. Insert It is something that hours even days to sell your to be able to feel closer to us for as to treat them as we are in the same in the same level. Okay, off energy. This is why they are able to channel wisdom through us, thanks to challenge. Okay, This is why it is the very first benefit pay that you're going to find a connection with your spirit guides like no other. A connection that you are going to be able to embrace day after they were going to find a closer, more personal relationship. We here because the main benefit can obviously this is going to be bringing you multiple benefits because the fact that you are able to go with your guides maybe some things you need to make a quick decision and you're unsure. So channeling you can always mentally ask to your guys and on receive a hand. Okay, a piece of that bites. This doesn't mean that your life are going to solve. I leave your life with no by the contract. However, you at least are going to be able to get pointed in the right direction from your rights because those are going to be posse for you because he's going to make you feel more confident it's going to make you feel that you have, you know, a great care connection. You know, with yourself that you are even more ground that even though you're coming to your guys in that something astral, you're going to feel more secure on this is going to allow you to feel more ground. You're going to be able to progress faster in life, get through the right avenues, OK, toe, find robberies to find development to safe on bumps on the road and necessary traveled, you know? So it's like you're going to really well forward in life at a much, much faster paid. So they and this is actually one of the main main benefits I have to share with. Now, on a little benefit thing. It's it. In fact, in powers hearing evidence, you know, every single human being is cup able for him. We all have, you know, channels for white light, the same way we have veins. We have nerves, you know, we have also astro arteries, okay, that we can channel the energy through it. And this is why energy human works. Okay. And you can also Yeah, here. You know, there are many more valuables off healing, but the basic and most various a stake of humans channels the father you open up on you start with low human light on. You said that no other person through your hands through heart chakra or even through intents. Okay, so you're going to feel that if you are really a healer and for some reason you don't know yet how to channel, you know, like help according with your guides, when you start to do that and going through the scars, you deep ongoing able come. So you are going to steal that you're human abilities are going to empower. We're going to enhance their going to grow stronger. And that's going to make you very happy, you know? So here, myself, I can share with having partum on how significant this has bean, you know, from for me from the one. And this is why Personally, I want to bring this to okay. So empowering him. Levin's It's one very significant point. No, another drink point. We haven't mentioned your student grants, but there is someone closer to you on also closer than the spirit guides, which is your high yourself. It's sort of sane. Your copy your your Alka copy with more wisdom, you know, version of yourself with much more wisdom. Cocaine on. You're going to be able to receive insight from this. You this? Hi, Gher. You okay? It's like somehow is hanging you Something's knows better. What is best for you than yourself is human wedding. Okay, The separation of you with more wisdom and you can you know the load wisdom from from your higher self through challenge. This is another reason why Shannon is great because for self introspection, for self analysis, inner self healing, self progress, you know, it's it's fantastic, you know? So it's a great tool for you to use for others, but it is also a great goals for you use for yourself. Okay, so it's very significant. You can even connect at a certain degree with loved ones and spirit, you know, in Syria can get a little tricky. And we're going to talk about this new leader class. But you can get to connect with their loved ones and spirit because you really are going to get going that yes, are going toe open up and start download information. Okay, He's very simple, OK, on the recent re simple. It's because in the end, all you are it's a vessel off white lang. And to use something with more modern terms, you can pretend that you are a rather on Internet rather okay or your social. You know, your crown chakra is your Internet connection. Okay, it's it's what brings you the information from the Internet. Okay on. Then you bring it through or getting any form on. Then you asked you bring it through. It will be the screen of your phone. Or it would be the result of why we're download you making the computer. Okay, so it's like you are very much like that. Like encourage. Rather, you only transfer energy from point A that it's the astral aimed your point being. That's it. You know, guess and go for them. So that's why so simple weeks is all you know, on the more you are aware that you are a visual avoid like the better the more intense it shines air going to become the more clean and the more clear, they're going to turn. Okay. Also, you're going to get very fast. Progress in life have been converse or of self. I haven't mentioned this to you, but the reason of all is like not only you are going to be perceiving smoking. Actually, you are going to realize that others are going to see this great potential, okay? Or there are going to be able to realize a great something different view is they know where you didn't know you were going to see that you're a person that that has ago Gator takeoff energy, Because you're going to give more that impression off, finding progress, finding always accomplishments or was moving forward. And this is something that definitely channeling is really going to open the door for. Okay, because I can tell you from my own experience, you know, since a aware of these I think we're challenging in my life or something, I don't know, very they say is in No on. It's like I have I could mention hundreds off events that I said, Oh, I'm glad that I have asked my guides. No. So it's something that you're going toe end up, including your life on. Then when you get this buy from you running this based off I was bringing moving forward, always having the assortment of making the right step forward. Oil will see this security. These are weirdness. And then they're going to feel that definitely you're a person, that they want to connect your a person and they can feel safe to colloquies on. Definitely this is going toe open. Many abortion your life. It's going to bring many opportunities and you're going to be much more off a winner. OK, so you can see even if it channeling seems something more insignificant when you start bells number incorrect, you realize that various, much more. Quit on. You know what I am explaining here today? It's yes, a sliver off what it feels because when you start to get amazing wisdom on when you start to get main blowing messages you have behind him and your life changes, it's like you're going to be Wow, this is awesome. OK, so as you can see, you know, challenge deep is when you bring a lot of your life on you. Don't think I'll give your time to get to correct this So now we're going to get going during class, and we're going to see more about looking, so see, Annex class. 3. Lesson 3 Awaken your channeling potential and connect with Spirit Fernando Albert: you know everyone. How are your guys doing? Well, first of all, once more, thank you very much for joining me. It is a huge So in the pressure lesson, we were talking about the benefits of channel in the different aspects off, channeling that you could connect with your guys, you couldn't connect with your higher self. You know, there many things that you can connect with through channel, and we're going to see it in the course of the next few lessons. As you know, from the prayer. Listen, there is a huge, huge value in the life benefits that you're going to get challenged and connecting with your very own spirit. That's so for today's lesson. They go worse for me to share with you a little bit the type of channel, Okay, because you may find that you actually have seen channeling a red mating. Not. And if you haven't no problem at all, there's nothing wrong. Okay, However, it is good to know if you go because then you are going to be able to put in shape yourself back. Okay, On this, it's a good way for you discover. And to see that there are many type of challenge. And this may wait your interest into any off these this new planes I am going to be sharing . Okay, so it's quite fantastic to get him now A little because all of them, so you can know what's the most ideal. What suits you the best. What? You're so this Sanger's okay, Maybe your interest in experiencing all of them, I can tell you they're quite quite awesome. Okay? I actually have experienced all of them, you know, are off life. It ends, you know. But I'm going to be explaining to you, and you can see that you can to experience off. Okay, So the first type of challenge, you know, I would say it's the mindless way of channelling and most of the kinds. It is not that knowledge as such way, because not even the people who are experiencing this level of challenge are able to notice that there, Channing, they will call it. Oh, it's my news os work inspired. Oh, I had a great idea out of the well guess what are all of this? You know, this could be very well speak with I mean, every single time that even happens. It is not your own creative mind, sure that something's also it is a form of wisdom off energy that you might ask them loaded without notice. It's very popular to not be aware that you are channeling these states is his shirt. There is more like the fact of saying the muse, the inspiration is, well, didn't help Every time you know, and if your interest in contrary restaurant with this every time you know you feel spire. Or maybe you found that you have drawn or you have created something that you're saying, Gosh, I don't even recall creating its new year, even like I'm confused. Well, yeah, I know I wrote about it, but it's in a like at the same time, there is a sippy off doubt that makes you feel that if you leave anything at all or not, so you know you don't know if that you channel it. It's like I have felt inspired to goes, or he think my mind to focus on these in this paper, you know, So you're going to see that every single time that you have this inspirations. Most likely they are external channels again that you have a activated brownie subconsciously, in order to pull more conspired you in your work. So if you are an artist, a creator of some sorts, you definitely are going to benefit from challenge because you're going to get to receive the wisdom and the insight from a spirit on from any source that you need in order to get a fantastic result looking. So the fact that you are we can challenge as you are onerous. It will also make a very positive impact, your heart, which is quite fantastic, especially if it's something you want to go soup Now, the second biggest challenge. It's the conscious channeling through right or what's in here is where I would say there is al automatic Dragon. Okay, where you get to connect with your guys to connect with a being off, like, you know, and said the intention to start to receive as much information as possible. Okay, in here, when you are recording it or what? What you are writing it, you're going to remember? Okay, this face in the conscience challenge there is, there's still some memory recall, okay? And this memory recall it is affecting new in a way that will allow you get some memory, get some awareness, already have Chang, even though it's always advisable for you to write everything down or record because you know a steel you will be losing a lot of information on it is something that you do want to avoid. OK, but you're going to realize that you're going to be right. Now it's something or saying something. Andrea lies what I am just saying. You know, this happens to me under of times in many of the Reince Idol. Ah, you can buy a voice recorder and I, yes, allow the energy to flow and it's like, Well, you know, it's like it really gets surprised. Okay? They amount of a something's information that can go through. It's really overwhelmed, and you're going to be very happened when you start receiving that information off because it will come with a catch off, please. And I think cats off positivism. Okay, which is going to be quite fantastic for you. No, in here you still have some ridiculous, he said. But then we go to the semi trends that you won't have us much. Rickel. In fact, it is quite easy to forget everything if you are not trying to pay attention in terms of writing things down or in terms of bringing details. OK, so this is a semi trends, you know, he takes somehow you will be seeing a chair, okay? And then maybe your head is down and the like, this you have with your eyes closed on. Then you start speaking up, okay? You're still aware if you consider the noises and you can recall everything that happened through the session even though sometimes you can experience what it's called couple of consciousness, OK, feeling the perception of your physical body s wearing the physical body on. Then I think the perception off kind of like something else can link is you're getting feedback from a different room or you again more sleep that about your own surrounds. Okay, there is nothing wrong with this, but, you know, obviously you want to re merge them back and send, you know, the intentions to receive information, but not lose it from your own focus. Okay. No vixen. Pizzeria. Food trends, okay. And the food trends that ever consciousness is very rare. Why? Because the waking consciousness. That one, your hand, pregnancy, this increase. It's known as a strong as the consciousness that it's going to be available out there against the Astros trances. It's treating necessary for these to happen booking because the food trends there is no go on the way. There are no gloves on the way on. Indeed, you will have a much easier way to be able to go to the astral projection or to limbo. And, you know, for me lead boat and see a some degree off nothingness. Nous pains. But it feels before regardless because they the energies, either positive or there is no energy entire, you know, And then he coming. Peaceful looking growth energy is present, You know, many kinds in here. Okay, The love for the oneness, the love for the connections, you know, out there they love for the experiences of give me a hand was in a full trance level. You can isn't goat, including astral, and you will be able to go serve yourself in a state of trends, doing whatever work being whatever support, looking on other kinds of knowing full trends. You are going to lose some of your consciousness. Not most when you come back, but you might lose some of your recall. Okay? Even built it is significant, for you could see that the full trance is going to bring you a lot more deeper, deeper messages. Okay, very messages that possible. You will have a hard time to Rick. Okay. In the food trends, you already will have a disconnection from the physical realm. On you will be in a polling that you're only person mean sensations of pastoral. Okay, on then we have one, but not least eggs. At 30 years, when I have experience of myself in Sant's Sands is when a group of people states in circles around the crystals on they said, intention to bring a spirits forward, but his spirits of light working with the spirit, guides and everything. So in here, you know, it's what happens. Me, physical millions. Okay, that's what happens. Physical mediumship, where there could be something complacent involved, where you are in at the deep level of trans spirit can control more or less of your body if you in a safe setting off. Obviously, we went to another spirit because much control scan on they can go. A lot of surfing's on. Definitely. You're going to steal the channels here, Have a certain degree, you know, specialities that intention because that being made channel through taking control of your entire physical. Okay. And I made making your writing something down for making you your face changed to echo Pass . Um, OK, so it's something present and it's something that I'd say there is a certain degree off channel intestinal. That girl really goes a little bit. Been young of what would be the basics of challenge okay, or the types of child. So now that you know more, you have a greater foundation off. What is challenge all about? All you need to do right now is to go ahead and get started, you know, to go to next class and starts to work more and more on this, you are going to be very, very paste in. Find great brokers in your challenge of its king. So with that said, I went to visit extend Sense Express 4. Lesson 4 Awaken your channeling potential and connect with Spirit Fernando Albert: Hey, guys, how are you doing? Well, less lesson. We were talking about the different types off channel in on. Possibly by now. You have even decided moments where you have bean charming before. Okay, I'm sure that you think about it. You are going to sign moments where you're has done challenge on you haven't even know it's . But the great thing is, as you know, you can harden sensibility and you can get toe channel yourself. You can get on making these very vases something that you can control and something that you will be able to do at wheel. Okay, it's fantastic. So now we're going to start talking about the next stage is for you to get started. The very first feel sessions where you can practice on, develop your channeling Harvey's. Okay, So the first thing we're going to talk about today it's about this set on the same how to prepare rubber, you know, they everything knows in length. It isn't Corcoran to set up to set some visit who have some folks to keep some things into account because it is not that it can be something dangerous, or it could be something harmful because, you know, Shannon is completely safe. Okay? But a proper right second city east. Significant Because it will help decisions go better. Okay, We help to improve the sessions. It will make the connection much more fluent, much more efficient. And it is something that you will be very happy to hear because you're going to find that when you have a right energy, you can get more empowering messages on the entire experience. It's going to be much more uplifting for you. Much more full thing. Okay, much more joyful. So having the right seven setting, it's very, very important. Okay, So the first important thing gauge for you do not have any fear whatsoever for any struggle or any difficulty that you may have a thirst. He's like going to the gene. You first have to start small. Okay. At first when you start channel, you might not get hold. A lot of information, even on the fares. Several days or even some people may need a few weeks. My only be getting gibberish. Okay, uses information. The various random felts are nothing at all. You know, this is something that will change. So even if you are in the situation. You cannot get anything at all. Don't you worry. Keep practicing. Half some her severance on. Continue on practicing your channel because you know you're going to be able to get their everybody can, you know channel is 100% safe. Okay, there is no you no danger whatsoever or any problem that cook it in your travel. But it isn't Corkum to always keep a vibration energy because it is true. You know that it strongly revisions. Are they more empowering? That thing is going toe. If you had to go with low vibrations, their work can happen. Is that you connect with her being that maybe is not so much off life, maybe we'll play like one of your spirit Guides will play got like a trickster. But you really there is still identify these entities because they're going to communicate with you in a different way. You're going crazy. They're going to speak weird, you know, on your going to make you feel that you are feeding your ego and the spirit guides all their beaks off nights will never figure. Okay, so this is a going a good way to find a difference in between the both. Okay, No, it's very important to try to be happy and to make these civilizations, especially at first. Okay, you want to visualize that you are getting a good chunk of text from your guts. You want to visualize that every day? They asked. Early. You get go more with your screen guides. You get to connect with them in a more daily based soaking on. As you are preparing yourself for your first chance session, you want to make sure that you visualize that the entire room is enhances. Perfect. That is, empower that the energy is fantastic. You want to restore allies the outcome. You want to visualize that you are hell, that you are ready and that you are going to get a look of wisdom ultimate on. But you also can't decide that you already have received out of wisdom here before it has happened. You cannot really be grateful and visualized for the decision could be a successful one, because it's going to send universe with a stronger bites that you really want to charity. You want to connect with your guides, and you're very serious and very grateful about looking. This is significant because it will propel you forward in a faster A's. No next step is the speed with predictions. Make a sick, you know, thinking one sales he's looked like it means because there is harmful. And this or whatsoever. However it is true, that is strong. Your reasons. Are they more operating, the more clear your information is going to be. Hey, at least you want to make sure you match that energy off your spirit lights. And you know, like it's nothing dangerous or nothing really problematic. It's not that difficult. Race immigrations. You really are happy. You are really going with a good behavior, okay, with an open heart, so it already makes a very big difference. Okay, so the next key it's to use different techniques of protection. You can use a babble of wildlife around you and sitting tension for your guides to protect out from this energy A. To protect you to help you empower yourself on. Allow only posses energy to penetrate your bubble. Okay, that's significant. And that's in court, because then you will get to receive information and much more peer way. Another think and uses to burn some dry white saints in the room. Or maybe you can burn some Palisson they smoke from these pants will raise a racist remark . Aly off the room on you know, more than doctrinal protection. I would talk about enhancement, empower racing the vibrations so much on Satan, especially. That's the log. You are going to find that the connection with you guys, it's going to be easier. It's going to be more powerful. It's going to be much more insightful. Okay, like you're channeling sessions will be much more complete. You know, when you protect the place and when you empower the energy to the maximum state possible. That way right up acting you are empowering the energy. You are enhanced. Okay, so it is something really, really awesome in the way that you can get really good results, really good burgers and really good outcomes. OK, in your sessions, if you take a moment to properly empower the vibrations off the plates now, also very important you need to make sure you're not disrupted, Okay? Other people in the house should treat your channeling sessions as something sacred because it is something organ for you is something you are learning for on if you go ahead and you get distracted and you get on the time you know the rails from your doings, you're going can come frustrated. It's going to become easier for you together, said, and could lose your connection with these higher beings off light or comedian that even connect with the medal because your game and you again frustrate. Okay, so it is significant for you. Be a welcome. Now, that unit Do not be distracted. You're going to meet 30 40 minutes for yourself, Okay, for no one would bother you at all. That's very, very Okay, so make sure Okay that once you have your right standing, you have burn your saves. You have not some crystals, the room mating. You know, you have invited your guys go ahead on it starts to say the right intention to start to clear your mind. Number one, Relax your mind as much as you can. Set intentions for any thoughts that come to you to go away. Do not stick with you. Okay? Setting tensions for having a connection for having a message for having the right move all of the time. and to be in a state off love on beings because the higher the very vicious are harder, they later the stronger it becomes OK, This feels to me that it is significant for you could become aware that the greater reparations, the greater and the better the session it's going okay. And then, you know you want to set the intentions to connect with your high yourself or with your guys, but certain off, almost like announcing. Okay, it's almost like saying it out loud. Hang, I want to connect with my guides. My harvest open, I decided, received wisdom from them. If you know the energy off one of your guides or more, you can devote their names. In order to be thankful Chris steps forward. You went to invite him into your energy. Invite him into the room on filling your heart. You are welcome. I want to connect with you. This way you will grow your guys closer, conclude on you and get them to connect with you. Okay, on this is when could make it much easier for your channeling sessions, and it's going to make it much, much later because you are going to have a great easiness to get messages back and forth on every single time. It's going to become easier. That's another important fact. Okay, but then when you get used to it, you're going to get to a point. You're going to be able to get natural to a point of saying, Oh, sh rating the rights turn. Now I feel that I should keep going straight, you know? And like that Cool. You know, speed. Second, you're going to get an answer from your guides. Okay? Age. It would be like your new Google. So, you know, in the morning, practice this, they better you and ask over who that's important, OK? But yes, fooling steps again and you will help you. So now you know, they sit on the setting so east time for going into the next listen. So singular 5. Lesson 4 Exercise 1 Awaken your channeling potential and connect with Spirit Fernando Albert: you know everyone. Well, now it's time to get your hands staring on DCU work on a very simple yet empowering exercise on. It's going to be quite easy. So they were going to connect with the higher self to attempt to Yes, connect with high yourselves. That's it. Okay, So what I want you to do is to get started on. Could do a short guided meditation number one. OK, five minutes. 10 minutes, tops. Okay, some breathing meditation, even It's enough you want to calm down your mind on Do also you want to relax your physical body on your consciousness and you Okay, then once that party, Stan, you want to set intention to connect with your hunger itself? Okay, connect with your Haider cells with intention. It's going to become significant at the time off the channel in session. Make sure to have the note that in front of you. Okay, then give thanks for the support for the assistance on and start writing down everything that comes toe. OK? Yes. Right down. Keep writing. Don't down the information. Yes. Keep breaking. Maybe it fares. You'll get to see your own information on you will get to see your own first. But with their severance and practice, you're going to get to start to see more and more news that they're coming from channeling Okay from your hide yourself. So give it a try. We spend 30 minutes in your session and don't overdo it. You can do it every day or every other day with this type of sessions are the ones are going to help the most, so time to get started. 6. Lesson 5 Awaken your channeling potential and connect with Spirit Fernando Albert: How are you? How was that work? That preparation that session. Have you guys tried already to connect with your hide yourselves? Well, like this definitely recommend you guys loose. So if you haven't done so key success for these courses, the practice practice practice. Okay, So if you go ahead and use keep all of these exercises or you rush them, you are not going to be able to get the most out of his connection. Okay, So it is important for you to realize that as you are able to go, Sue, it's okay. You are going to get a lot of progress. You are going to get a lot off. Well, being you're going to join very much your sessions in Chan your sessions in ST aside some time to connect with your spirit. Gangs on toe get a smudge wisdom as you can get from them. OK, so you know, there is possibly a new question that May has come up to your room. Okay, This is something that I have been asked many kinds OK on is, in fact, something that they have experienced myself. Something that I have dealt with myself on. Obviously I want you guys do is keep that part. You know, it's to get confused in the front line that separates imagination on channel. You know, it's very east invented fact in some of us. Start from this can point that you are doing these with not a purpose off ego or nothing. Parker souls, you know, bragging or whatever. Okay. But you good without genuine corpus to receive growth, receive equal expansion. Okay, It's feels that you are going to be able to stern between what you are making up and what you were. Channel. Okay, There's a very fine line between the two. However, it is somewhat easy for you to be able to invent. Define is you are going to be a will. Loose. Oh, okay. Then define whether you are imagining or whether you are having a conscious channel. Okay, then you remember you every single person can channel. Okay, this is something very, very important. So if you feel that it's constant, your imagination no, you know. And if you feel that he has no occurrence, it comes everything else. The blue, everything. He was very random. You know, if it's something that resonated, connects with you. I still would say that, you know, because in the future, make make more sensible anyth It's complete nonsense and it's good for you may think that and to say OK, so does this really make any sense or not? If it doesn't still make any sense, it could be something from your mind you want to question if you have imagined okay. If you have imagined that, then he's fine. If you realize that you haven't imagined that, then you know definitely you want to go ahead and make sure that you are properly energized on that you have a right said and said It's not the common or Korans. Or it could be that the energy in your place might be more very or mind me or maybe Hanger . So this is why it's very important for you all of the screen saints and if you have already bone this claim since then, you want to make sure that you continue on on getting more and you continue on entering to get more. Priest tells to raise it by refusing any real. Okay, so you know and you're going to be able realize that it's very, very using, you know, do channel and to find the difference. Okay, is very easy to find the defense for an instance. Let's say that I am telling you Go ahead on this aligns this Ferrari going down. He'll speeding like there was no tomorrow on. Then, settling a couple cops ran behind him, pulled him over, he gets a ticket, and then he goes home for a straight. Okay, So as you having following my statement, you have in picturing everything in your mind this Iran, the sound of the engine speeding. You know, the sound off this Syrian off the cops, then they folks from the card in cool out. I'm getting a ticket. You know, you can very easily visualize everything in your mind. Is your hands being written something that you have visualized in this sense? Then it has to share with you. You are not Shannon. I repeat, you are not channel okay. It is significant that you get to know that there is a degree off channeling when you feel that information comes out of nowhere like seven. No invention that as I was explaining the or the fair Ronnie, you see, for instance, a pink elephants flying over goodbye. I don't know. You know, whatever. Okay, Andi. Well, then out of the blue, you said Wait, where is safe and comes from. Well, maybe that elephant was something channeled. Because when you channel something, you really feel they get appears and it comes out from nowhere. Okay, He comes out of nowhere in a sense that it's really, really mind blowing and really amazing. Because you in the moment feel well, a delivery wrote this, you know? So it's going to be really fantastic because you're going to get toe be able to eastern much easier when you're challenging all when you are not another keep on okay for you to channel. It's when you are receiving information. You know, spirit guides go very fast, like great euro car. Aren't used up all foreign Jews happiness during passionate spirit. Fat Bennett folks, a June plans, you know, But even faster than that. You know, my green can't even, you know, make up words that fares, you know. And if you keep going for a while, I will start going down. The street goes faster than like 123456789 10 11 person team. You know like that I get into the usedto your brain actually going to adjust to the high esteem that your spirit pates hands, you know, been saying crazy. A scheme that your guy's hand on, you know, I have really bean, you know, feeling that something's information comes in the way that you forget it. Or if you don't get to write it down, it's gone forever. You have to channel it on for something that comes hard. Okay, so that's why you nickel trash usually and yes, you know, avoid writing one before anything or questioning if you should write something or no. Yes, right, OK, compose very fast. And if you receive something that goes very fast, it means that you are in the channel. You can be sure that you are actually channel okay. And that's going to be something very positive on something fantastic from when you get toe discovered more and more that you are in channeling because you're going to also understand that we're channeling because you're going to feel that everything goes away. Very fans. It's like you're going to feel I better start writing because I'm going to forget absolutely everything. Okay? And then you're going to feel or just right, Right? Right, right, right. And you're going to be writing at our very fastest speed, almost that you are your coasts. Okay, so you're stepping on your own coats, you know, but it giving to get use for the space, it's going to get to a point that you're going to be able to channel through bonds that first is easier to speak. Did you bring the focus? They taking this upcoming the the finger that you are writing? Okay, But when your game or used to the pace of chan, you can yes, is saying then Yes, Fine. You're a voice recorder on. Start talking and start challenge on. Then you get to listen. Everything that yourself when you cook is even more amazing. Because some things you feel that you fall into the same I trends, you know, and then you lose it a little. You know, it feels to me that this is something that you're going to find. It also is very significant s when your consciousness is trying to go away or somehow, inside your conscience is taken away from the very charming you are doing. Even though you continue to channel, you know you are channeling because you're going deeper into relaxation and you're going deeper into your challenge. Okay, so it is, like, very significant and very important for you to see that meat. When you get these, you are going to empower much more your connection with the spirit. Because when you get on information from a spirit and when you manage to write it down on when you are right in your life, you truly bring a big difference. And a big transition, your champion of beauties and your connection with your guys. Okay? And you're going to realize that also the information will broke. Recipe the clatter. Okay, don't worry. For the beginning, there is most your staff on then fuel or nothing from spirit. There's going to be more and more information from the spirit, and the more you get used to it, the more prone you're going to get through it on. The easier is going to be for your consciousness and for your mind to speak the information between what your guys are sharing with you on between what your mind. It's trying to make up, especially because maybe can have in this equation that you didn't get anything at all. Okay, so it's going to be good for you to realize that you didn't do it difficult at first. Progressively, you're going to hear more wisdom unless useless information. OK, so you know, this is significant. Now that you know also the different types of channeling that everybody can channel the second saying, You know what you mean initially, right. Second setting. So you really can move forward haze that a the connection with your guys is going to be quite even Now that you know the strength, the sensation between imagination on challenge, you can be more confident that the commission that you received the garnish with challenge it's going to be challenging on the made up by your mouth. Okay, so seeing express 7. Lesson 6 Awaken your channeling potential and connect with Spirit Fernando Albert: Hey. Hey. How are you guys? Well, we're going bigger, Chairman. Now, you have a much larger sorry condition. In terms of channeling in terms off preparing yourself for the session, We haven't been out a different type of channeling. We have also being talking about the differences channel on your imagination. So you have everything we need. Yea. Now it's time to go ahead on and truly make our first contact. Okay, so, you know, first of all, you know, it's very significant that you go ahead and you do your preparations, your thirst, intentions, everything. Once you're prepared between your starting right now. Okay? I want to give you a few points. Okay? A few key points for what? We have been talking about. The score number one. Usually the first things that come our channel cooking. Let's say that you ask a question and you get a green car on. Then you say, Oh, wait. One should be a brown horse, you know, because of course it's But maybe that green car It was channeled because maybe spirit wanted to saving where off a neighbor that has a green car. I drink a green car because that person may not be gentle. Pay for an instance is making something that so. But I tell you that the first thing that comes to you, it's going to be most likely channel. Okay, it's very important for you to noticed. Now. It's very important to focus on your crown chakra because this spirit, we'll attach their okay. They could've patched him anyway around your order. But where your vibrations are, the hangers, it's in your crown chakra. So this is where a spirit will act, hands for your chance. So it's good for you to focus on your ground chakra area. Get which is about two or three pubs above the head, and you want to invite the spirit Go bond with your energy. These minor, because this way, you are going to be able to empower the connection and keep the connection is strong on big . Okay, so next thing for you is to set the intention to connect with a being like, Okay, maybe you could do it with your higher sales with your spirit guides, but sometimes I believe it's beneficial for you to go ahead on connect with any beings like to set the intention for anyone who has a message for on who comes from the life and has the intention to bring the haggis purpose for you want to save intention to receive messages from the being? This is why you cirque of one believe it open on did send the universe. Yes, I want to connect with having afraid. Okay, That way you are going toe set. Intention toe received the hag. It's information that also make sure to send intention that you only want to connect with something off a booking the law off the free wheel You Only the sire could connect with things oflife. What will happen? It will make it much harder for the negatives entities to be able to make an insolence. Because you are going, you are sending to the universe a very clear message. I only one connect with being shot. Okay, that's another important point. Now the next one It don't Yes of serve what you get right down or what you are exactly doing okay, because Uniqlo observe everything. Make sure toe have serve your surrounds. Okay. Make sure that you go ahead on focus on any feelings, any emotions, any noises, human here you can. Even it's feel if someone you know somehow has touching you had the sense off touch mean activated from the Astro Katie's something happened on It's not scary at all because he's had Yankel touching that. He doesn't feel physical, but it makes you feel OK, which is which is quite know. Okay, so you want to make sure that you observed everything only are they thought also company because maybe some of these thoughts could be imagine. Okay. And at fairs, most of his thoughts are going to be imagined. But then you know when you have more practice, it's possible that also a spirit will implant some information and we'll implant some awareness in your mind's eye. I'm on. If you go check there, you are going to be able to get that piece of information, which is quite fantastic. Game. Now, when you get information, don't judge, OK, this is something that I have seen already sharing with Don't yet. Information? Yes. Write it down as it comes. It doesn't matter. This isn't the competition on your challenges are going to be private off yourself. So if you wrote down well, a spirit is going to bring to you a greater growth on Your guys are implanting greater awareness in your heart chakra on your on, their wearing staring and it smells on. You are moving forward. We your job and you're going to find opportunites. As you can see, probably you notice one of the things they said. It's not a channeled. Obviously. You're not going to tell you something like that. Well, doesn't matter. You know you're channeling. Keep right. Don't go back any race, they underwear. Heart. Yes, You're going forward with your child And then in the end, you know you want for the record to keep it there to see how many times you were interrupted by your own thoughts on you will see the progressive decline off these interruptions. No one is going to see your astral in sanction. Always going to see your challenge So you don't have to feel embarrassed if you want something personal or something that given when no 12 see it's yours and yours only. So you have to worry about removing any information, OK, so make sure to transfer information very backing the weight is given to you. Don't anything okay, even if it goes with grandma typos or with, you know, whatever, he doesn't matter. Yes. Write it down. Good forward. Make sure that you bring all the information bear with him because maybe you could feel that they are bringing to you a the information in a way that is coming up with a mistake. Or maybe you think this is something real this matter? Leave it there. Go get it, write it down because something's enough information in channel comes fragment. There it comes, you know, in pieces, sort of speaking, okay. And some things, the grammar or despairing it's not the best, especially the grammar, you know, meditate. Normal thing. It's as anything for mission of meat for yourself is not something that you need to share. If you're saying well, I went to channel a document for wisdom and healing for my kinds. Then, of course, you know, if you get to put something personal, you are going to want to erase it. But when you get out of the States, I perceive that you I'm not going to be able to have issues with channeling no more. Okay, because then you're going to allow information to slow and to keep on going looking so, you know, keeping everything very bad things important. If nothing happens that fares don't worry about yes, for the fact that you are saying the intention on that you were seeing this energy, it's going to bring a subconscious province. And regardless of how you are doing or how you are in this very moment, progress is still going toe happen. We think. OK, the only thing that you really need it's for you to get started. Okay? It's for you to get started. And maybe, you know, you can go even a smaller than what I said before you can get started. You have a hard time with a smaller 10 or 15 minutes. Sessions. OK, where you find that it's easy for you to get something started. You get communities meditation and if you got nothing, no worry. Settle on. You know, you don't get to build extra frustration because it means 30 minutes they're getting nothing, which is another thing. If you have any struggle, if you feel a stack, is your feeling formations that flowing? You want to make sure that you set yourself aside on you still decision. Okay. You give things for a session, right? Everything else down, right down. If you have any decision and wine on, then move on until the next day. Okay? Don't overdo it. Never. Okay. Never. Ever. So let's say you went to your session. You have a couple pages off work information. Maybe, you know, a 75% of information from your guides and just fantastic, you know, fun. Cast. Now it's time to finish. You first. Want to go ahead on one toe? Ground back. I want to make sure you please yourself that you know everything down. We a date. Okay. Make sure the date, because that way you can see your privates. Okay, You can see your progress, and you can see what's days. You have better information with a to have less information. Because depending on how was your day? The things they read, it can also influence your channels. Okay, so it's going to be nice and significant for you to realize that I see what they think. They're going to see this pre operates on. You're going to see that you have bean on the growth. Okay on, you know, concern and grounded yourself is important for you to change the energy income, your normal energy on including innovative a energy, the energy that you need to incorrect with life us. When you are done with this, you obviously are going to continue with your legs. Okay, so you know your own thoughts. A certain with you will have in trace appear they're going to be gone from from your challenge. Okay. And the more you practice, the less these thoughts are going. Compression. So the kicker here it's for you could practice, practice and practice. The more you practice the mirror David ever sold, Sherwin could get on the faster progress you are going to experience. Okay? Giving me more joyful because your practice, they're going to see that you are indeed honing your challenge evidence, which is something fantastic. Okay, so now you have some more information. I really started class. They released these one west, so now is toe applying the moment could get complaint is and to see progress and see the results in your improving Channing governments. Okay, so see you express 8. Lesson 7 Awaken your channeling potential and connect with Spirit Fernando Albert: Hey, how are you guys? How's it going? How you guys have spoken and really with any of your guides. You're how? Your sale. Maybe you have spoken with love scaring with rendering of life. How was, you know, make some kind Tow boats something some meditating into what you have progressed so far. If you having following you see it, you'll now Anything new following on the advance off their recommendation has put some time into him. I am sure that you are ready. Should have get something. You mean that the start off the wishbone, It's going to come area on from your guides. When you set intention, call neck with them. You are going to find the realization that it's going to be quite easily and quite lesson on. They're going to have a predisposition to sing information. So everything you child, the more you practice, it's going to become very easy. It's going to get squat crying that you're going to yesterday. A quick check on, then Boom, That's it. You know that's big. So, in this lesson today, I went to cook a little more about building deeper in creating because it is fantastic to go ahead and just hard to channel your guides and you start to receive messages from them. You know, it's very cool. Hey, what messages you have from You know, that front desk? That's always great. We all love. However, in order to get the most articles, you can actually ask them questions. Okay? Asking questions about yourself, ask them questions about life itself. Okay. Asking questions about maybe they outcome of a certain decision that has made or maybe a appears that you and you want to move forward. Okay. In front. It's very significant is for your guides that you take them into consideration because your spirit rights but they want on what they desired. It's for you. Keep them into account. Okay. This is something I mentioned earlier. List Your spirits want to be more chronic with you at a more personal level in that one on one basis. OK, they want to be your friend. We want to give your advisers your h is their companions on their reach off channel, you know, and there was going to provide their health. They they really in June Cashel connections. They they find those to be very important on very exhibition at the kindof keeping our relationship. Okay, so, you know, started You are also able to ask questions about yourself. Okay? It we're helping toe a your veil and ways then you know some things. We have things in our lives that we either extra granted. Or maybe we assume is something normal or we hasn't ancient. However, this meeting I being this maybe you're having to go to send something that's in the future . Maybe you are really good at looking the ice off someone and gain a perception of a person . Maybe you can figure out that you have a talent for computer programming. Or maybe that maths is They're not sure you're going through a pan. You can t squared many things from that from You know, if you change these few things, you're going to grow in this avenue. If you go ahead, invest into that. You're going to get results. You know, everything that you relate who developed it doesn't matter. Okay? Like purpose NYSE professional life, you know, finances, held relationships the s and reminder. Ok, it doesn t matter because they were here. It's for you that work on development something related we seen your energy is you can prove your guides if you keep into consideration. Hell did participate with you. You are going to always go through a faster avenue and you are going to be able to find breakfast. This doesn't mean that you are going to have everything flawlessly happening. No, wait. It can be, but obviously a maybe a life lesson, maybe a key chain. A karmic payment might be something that you have to work through That on your guides will walk you through there. And even though this moment we feel for a strain, at some point you will have a realization that will help. Saying I am glad that we then have I am very glassful. Hey, is something that I see that you're going to encounter with view. Focus on the with your bags, which actually love you. And we want to approach them as equals. Okay, they actually dislike greatly. Is the approach to them within, you know, behavior that it's critical religion. Okay. They don't want you to be praying that something they actually do not like at all. Okay. You think it was the arrogant without said or whatsoever. They will understand that you need to create that They don't like it because they're spirit guides See themselves as equal. You ingrate! Refrain! You'd approached reference. Say, Hey, buddy, can you lend me a hand here? You know the same way or Hey, Mom, can you giving islands in this situation? You guys have the same. Hey, you know, their names approach Her name is even happening. The energies in the tree listen, OK, but for saying, Hey guys, how can I go forward in my own situation, You know, on then you're going to get guidance and answers from on day, one week approach to them. Yesterday. There Yes, like everyone could participate. You're like they kind of leave your life. That's important, but they want to participate in deep. Okay, You can also ask them about themselves. You can ask them about their names about what they represents for you. Why they're connected with you when they come from. You know, it's a lifelong relationship, so you can always get to see with them on Capitol them again get no, because when you get to longer guides, I can tell you that from a lot of spearing's. You become a stronger person, become more grounded, more confident, and you always feel that you have this wonderful things are around, and that's going to give you a greater level of confidence. And it's going to be a big push to go forward in life, on to accomplish and more. Okay, it's going to be like, really fantastic in this past. So getting to know them going to connect with them, it is something is going to be very, very positive outcome in your relationship with something that they can help your is when you seek equal growth with them. Okay, is when you say the spiritual growth and Sprinkle of words when you were asking them maybe about your significant parcels, maybe a fascination tempering growth. Maybe you can go ahead and I'm asked him. OK, so how can I develop my fair? I What can you do so I can be more aware? Reynolds, you know, and then your guys will tell, you know, we're going this for you on that career. You will need to gaze, wouldn't commit taken over that you know your rights will using pictures and will rethink idols. How could perceive how most slower. Okay. And you're going to steal from casting because of I was going to see what you have here a secret relationship with. And then Shannon you will became It will become more than that. You will become indica daily. They gave everything. Okay, The conversation. You know, I always say that we something's goes forward. That was in the streets that they're coming with themselves within your cuckoo. Maybe most of them are, but some of them and surely open to the facts. But maybe they don't know, have the brightness enough. Could not do that in public because of judgment. Get or really care eggs in. It'll about digestion. But anyway, you know we can converse with him. Very nice. So you know what else you can do with child will know what? The front casting as a child. Everything you want, unique and child are you can channel. We'll see. You know, if you're a mathematician, you can child called. You need to have something give understanding for the spirit to make energy flow. It's going to be very hard for you to reproduce, you know, unless you are in that Obviously the strength and you complete the transfer. All command writing. And then you can channel whatever is No. Yes, that's a initiative on channel Pure gold. A second. Okay, Is your connected? They're connected with situation. Then you need to do it. Otherwise, the ego, we also blow. Okay. Like except except, except for trance channeling. You know, your people, we block it because ourselves doubt, you will see. I don't know, man. Come on. Because your ego will remind you that you know math instead, Off stepping aside, I'm allowing you thrashing bags and another information to come. Okay, maybe even because of a combination of guides that one another person hands, not some random person might want to do math. Matt's experience mathematician. That might have some scientists for some order. Why? Spirit guides in that s so. But you can turn you signature child, who you can channel a sculpture, everything inside. They also want to mention to you that it's important people ahead on their years in boat. Okay, because sometimes you know, especially when you have a make a conversation with your guys, he's not going to be so much about Ah, a very about imitation of work is going to be more about, you know, that confirms that they are cocking songer gets your guys will we'll help you in a more, you know, a normal way or taken in animal is friendly with curricular. Okay, so you get to understand your own symbology because your guide something who use your own symbolism Okay, they will showing in your mind sign in order for you to understand some bitterness and perception is very important. Right? And your challenge have certain prayer lessons because this way, you can go track down and you can read you consign, your symbology is on. Then it will accelerate and make faster your chance, your dates and for you. So you know, for some reason you don't get to understand something. Okay? You can go ahead and say, Hey, could you tell who he coming again? Again? Understand? You know, some things they would get. Really? Okay. So what you can do is can you explain meeting a different? Have you would got table. OK, so don't hesitate in doing that. If you re still miss, that's or whatsoever is very normal Muslim. Okay? They staying the mind four seconds and we get distracted. Cool. They can go. OK, so? Well, now you have a love more recommendation on a bigger idea what we can do in terms off your guys. So now it's time to get Chung CNN Express. 9. Lesson 8 Awaken your channeling potential and connect with Spirit Fernando Albert: Hey, everyone, how are you guys doing? I am pressured that you guys now have already build a stronger foundation with your guides on, especially with your channel in movies. You know, if for some reason you know you are star or you're having some issues still, I recommend to you go ahead on after this lesson. You don't continue the progress you make a stop on. Then you go on your practice. They after today you can even retake a lesson if it helps you out, you're more than welcome to go ahead and send me any questions that may come up to you. I would be very happy to provide an answer to those questions. Okay. My goal Here. It's for you to get good channel. So the sooner your challenge, they there okay on. You are going to see that it practice that you put into this. It's going to really pay off. I want to make sure that even overdo it, though if you're still having done any channel gain or you have had a hard time, whatever come into you, it's to give yourself some time to continue to practice on this first steps. Maybe you can continue on relaxing. I could be your mind on. You can continue on doing short. There's issues where you can see maybe easily distracted or if thoughts come to your mind in order to spark the problem. Okay. But you see that after some practice, you are going to get in your way of challenge, and you are going to be able to connect with their guides, as we haven't seen in the prayer lessons. You know, help about that yourself properly. The second setting, you know, the principles off channeling, You know, the mechanics channel, you know, with whom you can connect with you shouldn't be connecting with on then. You know, even how go deeper in terms cough channeling and connecting with your guts. This is sort of an additional lesson. Okay for you to feel more encouraged, connect with your spirit guides on a daily basis, you know, gonna be with your diet. You don't even need to be talking out loud or moving your lips. You can talk to them mental on. This is going to give you a great deal off personal defense. Okay, It's going to give you a great deal off I really need to react Toe. Go towards the right avenue in the first shot To be able to be much more confident in yourself, Much more confident in your surroundings on you are going to feel you are assured as you are brothers in in this life. Death okay And it's going to make you feel a shirt in your entire life on this is no yes, because you know how to channel obviously knowing how to channel it's going toe open you other of others on it is the engine for where will the same the kicker of the situation? It's your connection with your spirit Gods like a share before your street gangs When to cooperate with you They weren't good needs your life We should They cannot leave it for you the kind of the sexually but they want to be able to share with you Go help you move forward on the same way the life goes This soul agreements are part of you on park a fam for feeling unique to make after this knife well before this life ends, better said the fulfillment and the purpose off your guys for you to fulfill your agreements. So in green, your guys in your life it's going to bring a lot off wellness on. It's going to bring a lot of great balls Well, because you are going to be able to make any life movements thanks to, because their recent waits Great, because you're going to feel that you always have someone that you can make that consultation okay, gets the point that this is like having a coach constantly available for you. Imagine that you have a coach and you call the coach, and then this person, we'll support you, and we'll give you any advice on for such a service. You're going to pay a very, very, very best Bryce. Okay, However, when you get to connect with you guys, you're going to have this 24 7 coaching service available for you complete for free in every moment off the name or names, because you can reach them at you're so okay, you can reach them at your mind's awareness. So it is significant that you get used to go English your dates on a daily basis and learn what they recommend for this lesson. It's for you to give it the trap, OK, to try to build a connection with your gang. Because when you get to build a connection with your guides, you are going to also have a greater increase in yourself on with that on on getting used with your guys for pretty much everything you're doing, you are going to be able to avoid negative outcomes, certain negative situations in love again. This doesn't mean that you are going to avoid them all, as I should within the prayer. Listen, you may have to go through something more difficult. Your guys may allow this to happen in order for you to feel life, listen or two brothers in any degree. Okay. How winner? What they see morning here is that at a certain degree, units, there is something unnecessary that you're going to experience on it. So good. Then, if you are used to connect with your nights, you are going to be able to get a sense of that. And then you believe in to the side you want to go forward or now obviously you will decide to not go forward. So this is why it's great because, you know, when I really bases you're going tohave. You like some extra protection at all levels physical, mental and speak with him now. It is fantastic milk. The great thing is that your connection, we hear spirit guides gets on growing. You know the affairs It might be, yes, a few words there any gruesome sentences, then maybe mentally, you will eventually connect here and there. But it's like calling that without even thinking about it. You are going to reach out to your guys in order to be able to oversee for their wisdom from them for their awareness. You're going to be like, Wow, this is really a great thing because I get through to always be in constant flow of information to get on, find great opportunities. It is something symbolic and and powerful because sometimes maybe you feel drunk to go to one place and are of no reason. Almost not no one. You go to such a place and then you find something amazing. You know, many times it can be the inference from your spirit guides because they're stronger, your connection, he's with them, the more they're going to be influencing your life. Okay, on this is very symbolic. because you are going to be ableto no progressive how you are getting greater on better results. Okay, so, Billy, the connection, you know, with them is essential because you're going to really open many person. You can do it in a very simple way. I'm going to see a story. You know, he my very first steps how I have done, you know, And this is on a on A on a daily basis. Even if some see, you know, you still can go ahead and try it, because sometimes we surprise. You know, one day I got out off the house, okay? And walking. I waas a green who do everything, asked for my guide's advice to, you know? So I was going toe a grocery store, you know, I wanted to buy some card, you know, from a game and used to play many years ago on kind of like a first of all walking, You know, they made me go to the grocery store first in the one for every turn. I would ask him. Shankar left Shaiken, right, You know, on they actually made me make a longer I longer ray and just a longer wait. So they could a grocery shop on there was kind of like an absence of a small absolute on economic failed. They made me go there because it was good to go a little bit more off exercise in those days, being just so you know, it's like, Oh, thinking actually made me become aware of this. But then, you know, in the grocery store, I don't remember any What what happened? Okay. And but they believe that he was not in a special. They take me to go by the card game. I was a little bam. But they said, Well, okay, I want to look obvious. They advised him on then, you know, I wanted to go toe bookstore Kato to buy some rooms who read? Um, Okay, Andi, I say was going there. You know, again a few turns when I reached to his start. Okay. I was asking, you know, they brought me several of upsets and ask my kids. How about this one? How this one on They were never agreed. Okay, they would say No. No, that's another one. But they were constantly telling me that there was a special one. Then she brought one from the back that felt powers and connection on. Then I felt, Oh, is this one? And then it is my great And they said, No, you have still not that one. And then it was a real shock. And then when I was about to tell here, she said, Wait a minute, she was saying good words. He said, Wait any minute she went through. But I came with, uh with an external box that had one set of rules on. Then she said, I believe that my gut said This is one on Then I called her yet cities they want. I asked my guides on. They said Yes, he is the one. So do you know if she was able to perceive us? Well, that even though they last won prior that one was good. It wasn't the perfect one. And, you know, the last one Nice. So I really love it because they less one. That's that s so it was great. But when she got this new one, I love it even more. And he felt a much more powerful connection with their rooms. Okay, So as you can see, the guides, the buildup in way to move forward on by the wing. Why did they say not by the card game? It wasn't toe. Tell me. No complaining. No business of its. You know, next day the game had a special promotion that if you both whatever among cough money, they would give you, like 25 person, you know? So I was like, Oh, I was going to spend that on Great. I'm going to get, like, a little more. So, you know, it's like I got a benefit there that they would have meets if I have a national guards. So significant fields and significant, You want to go ahead and ask because you're going to receive a lot. Okay, so we having said we're going to go ahead and check out next list. 10. Lesson 8 Exercise 2 Awaken your channeling potential and connect with Spirit Fernando Albert: Hey, folks, how are you going? It's time to get your hands there. Okay. It's thanks for an extra science on. You know, I belief is extremely important for you to get to try to connect with your rights. Okay? At least for one whole day once. Okay. The same way. I easy. Many years ago. Anyone you could when you wake up from it for every single action you want to ask your guy . Strike Louise Maday off. Okay, look, way. There is no influence from the war going everything like you say. OK, so it surely what's this? Maybe, Or should I check my phone now or should I take a drive? You know, like every plan you're going to do. You know, if it's flexible, ask your rights again. I'm trying to follow through with what is sick, and you can even do this, you know, with yes and no questions. But free to get in of innovations and see how it goes. Okay, try it at least for one day or a couple minutes. Okay? And see the difference that it can make in your life when you are asking your rights. And when you come like the answer, trying to put some thought into it off. Why? I'm what's behind. Okay, so go free. 11. Lesson 9 Awaken your channeling potential and connect with Spirit Fernando Albert: How is it going? Well, I am pretty sure that you now do. Here's a very complete sound nation in Astro awareness for your channel in connection with your diets. Okay, because as you work your channel abilities your astral awareness, we'll always get to expand. Okay? It will always meet with progress with developed. It is something that this is shirking Prager lessons. You are going to be able conclude in your life. It will bring many, many things, many pasties outcomes on possibly you know, you already You really think these you should have at least clinic with your spoon guys a few kinds and have some sense off that awareness and getting channel messages on you are progressing. Okay, is you haven't yet connected with your guides for channel. Don't worry about Okay, But I would suggest you that before you continue, you go back and you work better on the earlier lessons on humane practice. More they one or one's OK because everyone then channeled, But you Russian, then you're going to make it more difficult. It's going to be more complicated for you. And so you are going to feel more stock and you're going to feel that your brother's enough . So make sure that you know you are You have a very suddenly be off confidence, and you have experience a few kinds to connect with your guys and channel There was today we're going to take it a step further. We're going toe connect with more than one guy a hand. This is something that it becomes quite interesting. And it's something that I learned, you know, maybe, like a year or two after Channel. So it should something that it's like three basic. Okay, But it's something that when you already are able to connect with one guy, you're going to be able to go to this next stage. Okay? It is not difficult is actually a rematch is actually the same because, you know, you can connect with more than one guy more than one being off life at the same kind, you know, because they only the only things here. It's for you to be able to be Syrian, shape their energies, okay to know if whatever guy is talking and then a different energy step scene, you need to be able to identify and go step with Frankel. The right energy. Okay. And you are working with your guides. You want to go ahead, We want to try to break through and connect with a second night. So maybe you can you can help. Hey, I went to also steal the connection from another of my guides and you're going to notice that and energy season is happening around you. It depends on the person can happen in many different ways. But definitely I will see this energy shift happening for you in a way that you can really feel that indeed her new energy has clinic. This is one reason that it's important to get to know yours. Big lights, because France, that's imagine that you are working with this spirit guides off someone else on. Obviously, we're working with your very own spirit. Guides always work through them. So what happens here? You need to make sure that you understand when a message comes from your guides or where it comes from the other person's that So we whoever you are in contact. Okay, It is something that I cannot really get put. Split it with you because it's everything abstract. But if you are familiar with your guys that this was free to They could track it. Okay, it's for you. Could connect on the sick intention to get a second image, but definitely you can be connected with more people being so the same time on some things . They took all our plans that if you ask them to be income, more ordinary things, they might think girls. Okay, more or less on. Then you will be able to identify who is telling me what. Okay, that's going to make your readings, your sessions, the assistance of good news to someone, Max. Much more empowered. Okay, so, you know, first of all, I also want to share with you that these street guys in now and every single being off language channel, they have sort off on a universal language again. You're going to get that for you. Your guys always speaking English or in whatever language you Pistor and were the most comfortable with. Okay, you are going to feel that maybe you talk with the guy. Or maybe even I love when spirit that break out from springing Scotland. And you know, then maybe do you know that person talks a Scottish? You're getting perfect English Wang because of the universal language you're going toe. Always understand It doesn't matter where this great come from or what language is here. She used to talk. Okay, We're going to be able to always get to understand. OK, so you know it is significant in free to be aware that you can connect with more important stuff like never on yourselves. Toe 18 told all the wells you know, I attended to a world renowned second medium, a dance workshop. You know who I am very grateful for many lessons. But one thing that she came is that only one spirit could be connect the And then now the different works up with a very passionate picture. I can hear that on Did she force mint who are reading with more people spirits all at once to prove me wrong. But proof that need concurrent with more than one spirit in your yes spoken because the only Nico open actively protected and then allow the inch to come in. This is something quite fantastic looking said intention to open up where everything off line once stepped forward on has information for the heights of my goals. I allow toe end, okay? And then this way you're going to get Miss. It is your own computer. So are, you know, insight that you are going to be very grateful and really happened on. Okay, So make sure that you focus on the energy very match off these beings. Okay? Because sometimes they change. Maybe you're talking with someone, but suddenly, in someone else talking in at fairs, you can feel confusion looking. But then it's going to be much easier for you to handle, especially when you get used to. It really will happen. That will help noticing that you're going to be channeling more people beings. But the only focus you have to have its for if the energy changes. Okay, so it's very important, you know, to go ahead and to allow yourself to focus more on your own creativity, you know, like know exactly you know, channeling this moment where the energy shapes you want toe allowed to see what the loss in your mind in orderto ankle to the energy off, the being of life in France quite positive. The focus of your physical body memories percent they think might make a different scenes. Okay? They might make it different perception off their presence. Maybe one. We make your ear feel warm or the other one will make your chest feel whole. You know, they would have different perceptions. And that will also help you breathe into side. Um, okay. You can actually, you know, also get some insight from your higher self in an SOS, asking your high yourselves to point you out in their body which areas for organs or whatever you need to have some attention. Need more nurturing or meat. Whatever. Okay, you can make sure that you are with your body. Very relax. When you it's okay, you're going to see that your hunger sales he's going to be able to point to you maybe any areas from your body that you would need the attention for in the desert of herself. Scare. You can go to yourselves on thanks to challenge can be very, very empowering. OK, you know, the only seen it has to share, he said. You want to make sure that you cannot allow you're eager to get on the way because ego will destroy your channel in connection is your getting messages that they're feeding you as he should with you in a little lesson. It means that you are on your eagle and you are no longer connected with things off that on descending channel. It's nothing to be raised about because of where it's a vessel fly no more than an incoming round. So did you notice that doing these is going to open? Many other serve you, but you need to be. Yes. And the rotor There is no need toe feel if you're superior to others, even could be happy with yourself on. You need to go back yourself in the back because we're allowed to step on the sign on allowed these energies will take control of decision is stepping aside from your But, you know, it was significant that you do not allow your you get in the way of your chance because, you know there is no there is no line. Okay, there is no from here. Inside here on. Definitely. You know, your ego can sleep in in a split second, and you probably will not notice. And then your message is going to start to get painted. Okay. So what you want to make sure you are always a opening that especially at first when you have a very use challenge. Okay, you uncle, that would check or even triple. Check your open up, especially if it doesn't work well for you or if you're having excess traveled. We want to check your open up on If you are moving forward in the right based on the right direction OK, you can ask Your guys seem like Hain. I might open up and you lend me a hand and assist me for their quit Spain because they will also help because they want to pass. Mission is they want you to be ready and could be open. So ex first you know you will need to be swellings the actual opening up. You need to ensure you the guts fares. It's in court and then we're going to get use on opening up will be something for you that will happen. Alchemy, depending on you don't even have to be concerned or to refocus where they open up or not. And if for some reason one day you feel that you are losing the connection, you're going to feel when you are challenged and you're going to feel no issue Every chronic thing. That's very moment and maybe even day. That channeling won't notice it as far as some of your boys or the base of your writing business are going to be receiving that material well. So definitely isn't poor country now who always like you, are opening, but especially at first. Okay, so now it's time for one more listeners. We have a few more cool, usually is to share, so giving. 12. Lesson 9 Exercise 3 Awaken your channeling potential and connect with Spirit Fernando Albert: Hey, hang. How is it going? How are you guys? Well, I hope you are very excited with channeling because it is something amazing. Okay? You something I Mason. I'm pretty sure if you're here today, you are seeing the mission. Well, let's go and make it more amazing. It's time to get once more our hands Steri with this exercise. It's okay, Andi. He's quite single. You want to go ahead, prepare yourself for your transition setting the intention to connect with a ding off light that it's not one of your spirit guides but has on intention to bring messages that serve your highest parts on. Then go and see what messages you can receive. Okay, Make sure could record everything Andi toe do some pondering after the session because you might make some awesome realizations. Okay, So, trying to be decent 13. Lesson 10 Awaken your channeling potential and connect with Spirit Fernando Albert: haying. Why are you guys? Well, we have to reach through this lesson a very, very interesting lesson. But now you can see we're reaching jr. Okay, Because I feel that we have all the materials that we need for these course. Okay, You have everything that you need to get Channel on. Get Go home. These marvelous. Okay. However, I wanted to bring a few more scenes. Kind of like a few more things for you practice with onto full era cocaine. It's all speak one development and all spiritual practice. So it's going to be a very harshly things again on every single court. Every moment that you invest in a child is going to be reward even he seats more, you know? Yes. For finding out things. Or maybe yes. You want to go ahead and sit in in the energy off channeling batmen Shannon little that seal that energy that flows through you when you channel. It's hard to explain, but it's an energy that makes you feel any chance that you feel good. Okay. I need you feel how many happy, not like super accelerated, but maybe makes you feel happy on top off your other emotions case. It's Connecticut parcel of healing. Uh, has ah bodies touch? Okay, which is quite quite yes. So you know, in this lesson today where they want to share with you, it's that being young is spirit guides on loved ones and spirit. You can also do some shelling in some objects. For an instant, you are able to channel crystals. Okay. When you practice channeling, you can get to channel crystals. Okay, there is a A type of readings here that it's calls like commentary that it's recites around reading other people objects, okay, and getting to see what energy you your assist. Okay, on it is significant to work on site committee because that can y view much more stronger with the energy of a person. Okay. And I have to share with you that you are going to feel that it's great to get a sense of what's going on with the person off what's happening. Yes, out from holding a crystal. Okay, It's going to give you a lot to think about, and it's going to make it. It's fantastic because you're going to feel that is something that we worked. Great. Okay, so you know you can read crystals. Hey, Andi, you're not hard at all. Correct crystals You want to get started with and crystal that belongs to you. Okay. You do not want the Yes. Go to the store on, you know, writing the store trickery. Because definitely it's not the right way to use a crystal. You want to make sure that you are in a way that you have seen, you know, have you are in sync, okay with yourselves. And you are in sync with the crystals that you're going to me. If you feel there is a certain degree of this connection with where you have your crystals , you want to go ahead on kings the negative energy that no longer belongs to. Okay, So what I want to share with you is that definitely It's quite you see, to get information from the home Farage from that from the from the the crystals from the objects of the person, my hands. Okay. And it's as easy as first of all. You should go ahead and here your mind completely against you. Clear your mind company. You are going to steal more liberated on you are going to steal more released. You know, in a way that you're going to be able to know that you are receiving a huge amount of wisdom from you guys on that there is always because it received from the crystal and from other objects. Because as you as you grab it, you went to focus on the first emotion. Okay, Raina Crystal. Already it's different and challenging a spirit guide. However, crystals are powerful healers on. They should have consciousness. However, you know it's always important. You know, toe, make sure off that. Okay, that new anything. You have plenty off off good flow at the time off reading crystals that you have different crystals. Everyone check this crystalline to check it off. Crystal, maybe you have a friend that says, Hey, hey, the only Czech woman crystals says. You know that's going to be very posse for you. It's going to be very good looking. So you know it's important for using the protections you know on. Do you want to hold the object? The crystalline desecration in your hands, on holding time? You know something like this, you hold it like this. And so you know you want to go ahead and show you these. I make sure you always and now the inch too slow. You know, like when you the reason you every percent in that work, you're grabbing the energy. Okay, you may find something on your own that will work best for your moment. Sharing that with others. It made me feel that in the is something that can be quite fantastic on something really quite positive mind belong. If someone used permission, even read their their their their car keys or you know their cell phone, you can. You can even do that. Even though it's not a year for the cell phone to the way you should get mishap with the battery. Ethical, At least some people can. You know, it happens to me. I can't do it where you're right. We'll ruin it. So, you know, in the end, you want to make sure that you do, and you get you. You are some concern. It's very easy to channel the information from these objects because you decide you're sucking at the energy you want toe. Yes, its allies. That information is flowing right from the crystal into your hand on into your mind's eye. Okay, United to read it. And it's very important. Trust, respect on relief. The messages have come to you where they are from your diets or whether they are from the past. Okay, if a piece of plastic is off someone else, you might be able to pick up a certain degree of energy off course, much better from a crystal. But you're sometimes observe plastic. It works well because, you know, he has no energy. So the energy hands, it's more more connected. We were like, you know, with a person, you know, So you know, if you go ahead and you allow the mission is to come in, you're going to realize that it's very easy. Okay, you need to try to understand the crystal that socially important Greece close to half a certain degree of consciousness, especially quartz crystals, and what you want to do what you want to go ahead on trying to understand what type of crystal is because they're some crystals that maybe you connect with them on they and provide alcove with Sloane. Maybe you connect with other crystals, and they can provide without extra healing, because the crystal finds that for your high. Just look, Xining, it's vest. Okay, So you know you're going to see that when the crystal brings messages off here. Message with empowerment. It's great, but can also be a type of crystal that absorbs now that his energy okay. And then you get outsourced to get the christen the place where there is negative energy on . Then you can go ahead and read the energy once more if you holding in your hands if you're looking for answers. But generally it's Mr Yes, tossed away because it's not a good managing anyway. But you need to get to connect with here. We're here with crystal. So if we had a personal a much more personal relationship with your Christian it was this way. You're going to be able to get a lot more out of them. Okay? The Christians would generate out energy free, and it's important for you to have certainly reaped off balance in this hospital. OK, so you know, instigate crystal, you will be able to do different things with if for some reason you encounter negativity, you know, a negative message or something difficult, you can be sure you know that possibly the issues will be resolved. Okay on that. Something fantastic because of faces can be results, you know? Then then activity will be going away, and then you're going to have more our seas energy. Okay on. You know, I want to say that crystals afternoon bring out of truth into the communications crystals. You know, if you start reading them, you can read them. Yet she shared with you holding the crystal in your hand. I'm allowing the flow to keep on grown. Okay, So it's important to understand that the crystals well properly communicate with you in a way that you're going to get a Sein's Andi understanding of what's going on on what type of miss it is you are receiving. And what king do you know? It's night. You're going to seal that also you can channel, you know, from the higher your sales other animals, especially if they're your own animals. It's quite fantastic and quite varsities. Go ahead on visualize that you can get the insight. Also know for baby from animals, you can get it from a pant, even okay for me to the high yourself Selves on, you know even from crystals. And And if you want to play like some sad commentary games, you know a someone enjoyed playing there. Maybe they're fun. You will be able to see. You know, that's to say, commentary you can develop, even forced for their You know, your awareness, your challenge abilities, and you are going to have a kosher connection with your guides, a crucial connection with your crystals with your totem animals, you know, on make a say. If anything, I think it is found that bring can be result. Okay, you can be yourself, made me say Come in threes More for fun and for the living free messages, you can look an amusing way, but for sales, you know, I don't believe that it's the best this year because you know, some things se commentary can confuse you. Hear it Used channels to make sure that when you jump into psychology, you ensure that it's ready for you. Now have it comes at a moment that it's going to be good for okay because in the end second , you're going to be great, and it's going to be an additional beacons for food and developing them. Sekem entry can be really fun. Games from test. So with lots of war, that's for severance. In now on you are here. Extend pressure that you are ready to give it a try to cycm a tree and with a crystal a pan or something. Okay, So Well, I want to say that it's a huge, huge pleasure providing this for you. I am very happy, you know, provide all of his information from so a very, very huge pleasure. Hey, we'll definitely keep seeing each other, so ceiling. 14. Lesson 11 Awaken your channeling potential and connect with Spirit Fernando Albert: Hello, everyone. Well, I want to bring you these additional lesson, Okay? To share with you the extra help you can get. You know, there is always additional external aids to give you a push with a specific, challenging life. Okay, Some might better some making worst. My personal advice is for you to manage to be able career channeling a straightforward on without any external aid. But if the future you have grounded enough there, really, You know, have a child rubber Maggie. Want to maximize it? There are always external aid that can help you out. Or if you need a few pushing up fares, you may want to the way, but you need to make sure that you don't get a costume to a point that you will only be able to channel. He's you use external aids. Okay, so I'm going to pay a lot of attention here. I'm going to guess mentioned into you. So you're aware. Okay. So, first of all, all alpha and see the waves. You know, all of my great annotations to come with Syria waves on. They have alpha. A swell came out also waves that another feels, you know, and I want to share that. This can be great, you know, put you in ST off Channel joking, but again, usually to use bring with to channel that they can aid in there. Okay, something that really helps out a lot. When you get to go to a media group, let's say or you meet up with a few friends. It's that, you know, four or five persons that you guys are chairman. Make sure to the meetings that all of your channel together okay, because when people are chanting at the same time, it is is here than when it's one people on when they're five people. It becomes much, much more easier when there is only three. Okay, and not even when there's only one. So, as you can see, when your Children with a group of people is going to bring even for their benefits, even if it's with another person. Okay, one plus one is 10 years not to speak. Well, okay, so keep that in mind. More people channeling with the same intention of the same times you can really you can really get out of plots. Okay. Guided meditations that would preparing you to be in the second challenge, You could help out as well. Okay, these are usually very helpful. Okay, so you know, you can also use their certain legal plants out there. Don't know very well, to be honest, but that they would help you to expand your mind's eye. You know, they're always also both drugs legal and illegal. You know, like minute coziness, a legal drug or, you know, secondly, us illegal. You know, they're substances that obviously I cannot advice for you can take it or not is something that only you can decide on. OK, the substances may or may not work to enhance your challenge, but they me under your perception, Andi, you know, is not ideal channel with Anelka perception. Okay, it's better to do it completely. Say completely, Lou. Thick and completely away. Okay. Unless you believe in France, that's fine. Also. Okay on then. You know, the most important ingredient having an open heart, good intention, and I would desire to progress on toe. Get it done. OK, they're going away to college. It's essentially, if you have a sign, you're going to accomplish it with help in problems. Okay? So with that being said, we're going to go next. Listen 15. Lesson 12 Awaken your channeling potential and connect with Spirit Fernando Albert: Hello, everyone. Well, we have reached toe our less less If you have been following at all the courses, you know, I always like toe spend a moment and give you thanks. Gratitude is essential on you know, I am very grateful that you have fallen all the waking okay and very grateful you came. And it's a big owner sharing all of his wisdom with you. So I want to say thank you. Think is thank you very much for completing your course. You're going to see that channel is going to bring a lot in your life is going to be fantastic on you're going to see many life changing situations that will happen things to the fact that you connected with your rights. Okay, So make sure you keep on your daily connection with your rights and you'll see that it will truly pay off when you check back for several dates, you will see Well, my life has to be changed working with my guts. So I went to let you know also even in questions, You having said yes. Can she go ahead, Let me know. I am very happy toe. Check them out on that can even mean future about his classes. For this course, A swell as always, I Houston's taken in complaints. Okay, so thank you very much. Once again and see you next course. 16. How to meditate.: Hey, hang everyone. You know, I wanted to bring on additional bonus class that I find that it will be extremely helpful in every single course. In fact, pre matching every single course, if not all of them. I have been asked how to meditate. So I'm going to give you guys a brief video. You know about meditation. I do have a block. Made it with Fernando that come that if you search how to may take, you will have a complete guy. Okay, But first of all, it means share a few things. A get started with many myths that are not true. Maintaining is not about setting yourself in Lotus position on starting tenting on four hours pretending toe work. No, definitely. That's a wonderful type of notation that it's a mantra type of meditation that you may practice with or without the lotus position. But definitely that's just one off the many, many, many mate is yourself there. Okay, so you don't need that. You know, it's good for you to have a specific spot, communicate, you know, there that is the that is not the best place. Even though sometimes there is no other option and you have to go with that option. Expended another, made a little. But if it share or a room that you can specify it for maintaining them, that would be ideal. Okay, But that's the only thing you needing. No toe. Be able to set the right seven setting. Okay, Like if you have a family, you noticed everyone. Hey, I am going to may they now, So I don't want to disturb than you love yourself. Even if it's in your bathroom, that's fine. Okay, If you have any dogs and cats, you know, you definitely want toe prevent them from access in because they are going to access, especially care, because they feel drone toe a greater source of energy. Always and they're going to be covered. Your meditating that your energies concentrating on the cat will love to go there to put the poor and to receive some love. Trust me, I live cats, so I know that well, So you want to be the Easter you know on to make it the place comfortable for you. If you have an office and you feel it stressed out, then don't maintain their knighted somewhere else. If it has to be your room. Then find so be it. But make sure that they places the right A seven saying is very important. You may want to, you know, version insensitive You want, or like, a candle that it's not really necessary. Okay, you have to make sure that you are able to relax to lay down or sit down whatever you more comfortable with, you know, on make sure you're not going to be the start, Cain. Now, when you get to that there many many wish to meditate. And for me to give you guys a simple one, it's a simple US breathing exercise. Okay, us went toe. Get yourself comfortable. Okay, on. Then, allow your bring to go on its natural pains off surf you're reading. You can even question your Renick even think about oh, and bring faster and green slower. I feel that I have to take many deep breaths and the insured breaths that I don't recommend them. But every now and then you will and things like that to a point that you yes, allow your brain to keep on its own on for you to be observing it. Like if you would be watching a tennis match. Okay. You are? Yes. Observing You're not interacting. You're not questioning the athletes your years looking at their gaming until one scores. Then here. You just want to look at your breathing until in Aatish is over. These will put your mind at very relaxed state. And yes, out from that, you are going to find the huge difference. Okay, try it on. You will see. It will definitely make a huge difference on I want invite you to try this with some instrumental music. But also I want invited with without it. If silence disrupts you, then put yourself some instrumental music. I understand some people struggle with silence, Will even a very nicest society. But then put some instrumental music. Okay on when you can try some saying moments even if it's in the middle of the night because you woke up to go to the bathroom. Okay, but here to try, because you will see how much it pays off. Also in convention that I have a host of guide Nate ations in May date with Fernando that come and over there you can get medications to help you sleep to help you. Okay. Your shackles to Luthi. Dream toe. Check your akashic records to connect with your guides. Toe. Amplify your shack, Grass toe. Do in a research. Empower your self esteem. Everything okay? You can find it there on one less piece of advice. He's not so much about meditation, but it's about a man. Falls for you to try to go easier with life. You know, we live in a society that it's mad. The average person wakes up checks, their phone goes toe weather teeth both to breakfast, a coffee, checking the phone again while you do all of that driving and some even checking the phone , wondering they go to war Working, working, working, checking your phone, then talking here and there. Have to win this place. Other place, then activated in the afternoon. Think that it's here. Over there. Over there, you get a home exhausted, give cook dinner. You trigger something again. You're watching TV, checking your cellphone and talking with your friends, and then you go to bed exhausted with your suffering. Hand the secret by to your very best friends. You know, that's awful. And many people are going the page No. You know, you need to tack on constant activity and constant steel. You have to find moments off silence. You have to find moments off relaxation. And if you can decrease in the amount of things, they're not a festival. You're doing all these long then better. Because if the mind is constantly at 100,000 MPH, it's not going toe to toe down. Not even if you're trying. So you need to also have my finished in a day to slow it down. Okay, so with this, try both and you'll see how much easier meditation gets. Okay, so see an express.