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Avid: Edit Like a Pro

teacher avatar Lambis Charalambidis

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

24 Lessons (1h 52m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Class Project Overview

    • 3. Managing Bins

    • 4. Creating Custom Profiles and Layouts

    • 5. Importing and Transcoding Footage

    • 6. Best Shot Selection

    • 7. Placing Clips in the Timeline

    • 8. Timeline Explained

    • 9. Editing Part 1

    • 10. Editing Part 2

    • 11. Editing Part 3

    • 12. Editing Part 4

    • 13. Trim Mode

    • 14. Monitor and Extend Tool

    • 15. Changing Clips and Segment Mode

    • 16. Match Frame Tool

    • 17. Time Warp

    • 18. Resize

    • 19. Dissolves

    • 20. Titles

    • 21. Color Correction

    • 22. Sound Mixing

    • 23. Exporting

    • 24. Final Thoughts

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About This Class

In this lesson you will learn to edit with Avid the most proffesional editing software.

We will learn to create a project , how we can set up our settings, manage our footage, lerarn how we select the footage and which part of a shot is interesting and at last export for different sources.

The lesson is for everyone. Also begginers and more experienced people in editing can participate.

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1. Introduction: I just have these based in Greece. Any feature feels commercials. Another two years of thieves on the software that I use 20 that is the most professional software, but most most houses use. Most of the professional editors work today. We will let how to take it with a composure. Way will create one minute video professional moments in our relation, every working, this big beginners, intermediates or the ones that they know. The only thing that you need is a lot of having comport yourself. So if you like anything as a whole big, you want to let our professional to do it, let's go see how I can do it. 2. Class Project Overview: now we'll start using the first thing but we have to do is to check our row food that's on take in which setting is being shooting. This is very important for finishing the project. We have to know the exact settings on information but the row food that is being sought so we can create enough it a project with the same same things and have a nice workflow on a perfect export video to check our bro food. That's we go to the hard drive, but we have foot debts. I have the foot that's in the hard drive of psych. You be on its unfold the wet land base. So I get in here, you see 1/2 all my place. So to see the information that the clips were being sure, I right click on that. So the clip now's opens with quick time player. Now I want to see where the information now. So I go to window. So move, Inspector. And here we can see all the information off their Oakley so before one is a 264 the dimensions are 1920 10 80 16 beat audio at 48 kilohertz on the frame rate is 25 frames per second. So now we know all the information. We are ready to start off it making a new project. So we quit a big time player on. We go to the search. Manu. This is the same for my accusers. NBC uses you Go to the shirt button you right after Media Composer you see here in application, they haven't Media composer Baton pops up, so we double click the icon a Navid stats floating. So first I look box that pops ups is select project. In this box, we can select a project that we already open or we can make a new project in our case, who will decide to make a new project here? You see, this is the folder where off it saves the project on the assets off the project. So it's been saved. My name's computer, the only A documents are big project they use. A profound is where you can make your own settings or use the default in Amit az haven't starts up the user profile that passes the default. In a while, we'll end how we can make our own savings on all sword cuts and make our life easier. So we say that projects It's on a private older so no one can see them. So now we want to create a new project. Here we see the dollar box off new project. Here we have the project name here. We can place the name that we want to give to the project and I will give them they personal moment. Now we have the name. So here we have the four months when you open the Dell of Books, you will see the difference for months that we can select the NTSC four months are for Brazil in America on you see different frame rates that they have 24 for cinema 34 broadcast. The whole system is the European broadcast system on 24 is for cinema 25 p. G's high definition on broadcast on 25 is the interlaced frame rate that has more information in one frame. But this is something we let after the 7 20 Is the 80 ready as we say, that is 12 82 7 20 Here we have a different frame Rates 23 for America, 25 for broadcast 29 97 also for America. 50 for Internet 59 94. Also for Injun. On here we have a 10 84 months that this the 1920 10 80 the high definition, full high definition signal they want but the most cameras are using. And here we have a different frame rates. As we said, our footage is being short in 10 80 p 25 as we read in the movie Inspector off the week time. So we select that. So in the color space we open the dollar box on those two callers base they y cbrc are seven old night That is the digital saying no, that all new cameras are using is used on digital cameras. They are to be seven old night excuse in the analog cameras. It has to do with Devi's cassettes on all forwards, but now days we don't use that. So then one that you will use is that why C B c. R. 709 A stereoscopic mode is for the well for those that would like to edit three D. But I wouldn't suggest the film option is for the whether they want to a 35 millimeters family or 70 element of film is only for professional. Now we sit up all our settings for the new project on. We're ready to push. Okay, so when we push Okay, we see that approach it with the name personal moment is being created on. They seize our new project. So we push cocaine on the habit, opens the new project with that which is big. 3. Managing Bins: Now we are in the interface off. So now we will explain what we see here. First of all, this one is the project window is where we're keeping our Baines folders on edits generally has they'll of assets that we need. So when it opens automatically by sit up makes a big with the name of the project on the big is here The big is the place we can keep or assets I mean audio video pictures, titles the effects on everything. A good tip for that is as well as we organize our footage is the best way to it. So I can close this being on you See, the color was black That face mean that the pain is now closed. So if I want to reopen my being, I'll double click on that on being personal moment school here. I want to put all my footage So I go to the personal moments. I click on that Now it's highlighted on I write the name off the being I want to give and put all my rest. Brasses is the food that that things being shot. So I write footage. No. So now my fault it is created on it's gold food that's raw. So here I can import all my footage. Yeah, is the composer's window that we have a source for knitter On the record moment. We learned about that in a while, and here is the time line that we will make or edit. This is the three more boxes, but have it brings up when we start abroad? 4. Creating Custom Profiles and Layouts: So now we'll make a new user profile so we can have our own savings on every time we loved off it, we will have all settings loaded on. We would not need to do it every time. So we go to the project we know said things manual you can see here we have the user Profound selection. These is set to the default, as we say. So I'm opening the ballot box and I'm going to create user profound on in the profile name . I will make you use it. You can have your own name on the name you want in your own city. And I pushed. Okay, so you see now and the use of profound ballot box, there's an user created user. So every time we load, the settings are set up will be placed. So now I'm gonna make a little organization to the windows so I can fit everything and have space to work properly. I'm going to the composer window on. If I go to the right side, you see, kill sir, chains to another. As you can see, the diagonal arrow is created. So if we pushed the left and keep the button post We drive a culture on women in the mice the window. I'm gonna take the time my window and bring it up to here. Reminds to do that. So now to say about say things, I'm going to Windows and you see that its walls workspaces at saves in workspace that you want to work it said on source record editing. I know Push, save guy. So now every time I open it and I choose user profile user, these set up will be uploaded for me before I start importing my clips. I would like to open some new windows because I will use it in the next steps. And I want to sit up my user profile with that. So I'm going to the tools menu pushing audio on. You see, a new idea to window is open. So driving that on placing it here So this gives me that were in force off audio so I can mix and steak If my po do is high or low. After I got the tools you see audio mix set on boots, audio mixer, you see, the only makes it that both appears so I drive it down here? No, I have. So now I would like to say by your savings. So I go to win those workspace save. So everything is set and I have a cold facets I will mean in my 5. Importing and Transcoding Footage: Now we set up our user Perfect. We will need to import are clips and stop anything. The only way that you can bring clips in average piece by in bowling in a big as we produce it. We have made being row fruit it so I'm double click on that. I'm going e gonna import my clips. There are two ways importing clips in Avi to decisions. We have to make a decision that the bends on the size of the project. If you have a big amount off clips, it is wise to open the sleeps on after Transcoder toe on average coded so we can aid it fastly Because if no transco, the project will be heavy on we will lose time to make our edits. So the way you can import these five arm a link menu on the telephone books appears So here we have our volumes. So I'm going to a site. You'll be hard drive and you have all my folders. So I go to the folder that I have my footage where based on you can see all the quick times a movie files are appeared. So I'm clicking in what with safe bathroom pushed good to the end, and I select all the clips and a quick method of selecting all the clips. Is he firstly using Able A or Control A for B C. Users on or sleeps are selected, So now I'm ready to import and push the button so you can see now it is processing on its importing or clips in my being. So now you can see my clips are placed in my being on. It's in your day, but they was shipping the first way to work. He's straight work with our files on no transport. We select that method. If our project is not big on, we don't have a big amount of clips. If the amount of the clips are be, we have to transport it. So the project is lighter. We can work fast, so if we want to transport, we go to the being. We select one of the clips with April and A. I select all clips of being because I will need to transport all clips. I pushed the right button on I go to consolidate France cope. So here consolidate sounds good Books appears there is two way of doing, consolidate or transport. Consoli date is four clips that I got this. I want you to consolidate it in another hard drive so you can work in another machine. So that is something more professional on. You don't need to know about that right now. So we select Transcoder Method here we have our volumes and I select media to four terabytes dry. So I have space for the Transcoder. So here, Transco only on my linked five. I'm not selecting this dialog box because maybe have another kind of clips inside that I want to France cope. If I use that box, only family media will be transported here Have a target video resolution that my clips want to be transported. If you're making a video that you want to share with your friends or uploading the Internet , YouTube or something like that, the next aids the 1 20 exit it's the most appropriate is a very light five. You can edit fast and it has a good quality in picture Apply formatting option. You don't use that because you don't want to reformat your foot. That's to something else, especially if you don't know what you want to reform I black color transformation compatibility mode. We don't use that because we want to keep the settings off the road. Food. So space Recap wire. Here is the space that the transport will require its 47 giggles, as you see, so we'll need space on hearing the space available on our drive. That's 8 60 geeks free space. So we haven't space to France Cope. So here covet your simple rate. We don't need to convert because we want to keep the Rowe said things on proverbial or the big death. We don't want to change that. Also on target or you for my we keep em except because I would create em. Except for the transport. We want the to be fast and used his method. So the space required for the owner is three megabyte space available is 8 60 weeks. So now I'm gonna put a sheet Cresco. So, as you can see, the 10 scolding and convicting method is standing here. The dellape folks big it and so you How many clips will be, Transcoder? And here you see the time estimated Eastleigh. But now old stop Transcoder because this will take a while. Oh, use their modelling method, not the trance court to show you how weird this pirate it's mental, you select, read. It doesn't change in the way you have to transport and after aided in the other one, you start editing from the beginning, but nothing changed well, the final size and that make when veteran scope you have light of. I consider that the tax code method is the faster because you can do whatever you want and not having problems, and also you can transport your foot. That's untenable. Try that always is faster from an external drive. 6. Best Shot Selection: here in being rope with its We have all our clicks on now will need to review them and make our Celeste's to see a click in of it. You go and double click to that when you double click to the sleep they sleep appears to I sort of wanted This is the monitor where the footage is played on when you can play on May just selects This is the blade with the same button you can stop the clean thes battle is for step backward one frame So you make an absolute selection on this is step for 13 This patent, our step forward 10 frames on this one is a step forward 10 years. So now they want to make our selection way scroll with a Telesur way Put are in point. We don't take it from the beginning because my whole we don't want you select up to here And here is the mark out point so you can see it create to markets in clean. That's our selection. So now it's the time to make a new timeline. We go to the project window, we created you being we right edits because here will place or edits are moving at its close to music. So I have them all the same being but in different tops Inside, being edit with right button, I choose new sequence. You can see a new sequent is created but has a different sign From the clips you can see here is something like a film's free. Here is where you have already So I named that professional. So now you can see now at the record one toward the name is 80 personal moment because if you don't click your bloated there and now you have the timeline. So here is the timeline you see the cancer and here we have beeves for video on a one a two is for audio on here the left Peace, the video and audio for the cliff's place on the source monitor. Now what I want to do is put my selection to the time So I have my clean. I want my selection. But I don't need to keep the ordeal because I will place music and the name. So I'm going to the left on the disabled. A one a two clicking again in the source monitor you can see here There's an override on splicing but the override Bucky is that over eggs? Everything on these important that will see the process is for insect eating between cats and nuclear. So now I would just place it in the time like so I pushed over. Right? So now you can see here in the time line clean this place. I can move on, scroll minutely In my time if I played, I see there's no audio place because I didn't bring him. So now continue doing that with my footage. I'll go to this next clip. Sure. I was Girl, you see was loss of night. So I don't think that I go from here place. Sure. I make the out. I don't wanna get the audio. So I disabled the A one a two. But I Bush over. So you see? No. I made my first edit. I can stroll in my time light and see what I've picked up. You've seen the record monitor every time you see what? What? You've aided it on what you have placed in the timeline. The line. As we said, it's a big It's a personal moment, so I'm continue picking up clips. I'll go to the next click. There is a gross over the Czech citizen movement there at the end. So I make that point here beginning I place my I don't want you again. I am at the end of time like you have to be careful when you scroll. Sometimes you leave the ulcer behind. This is dangerous because if you leave the kills behind when you override, he goes inside your edits and kills what we have. So we don't want to do that. So we build a d on do over, right. So we have to be careful. So they kill, sir is at the end part on We're going into so swollen toe push overnight on. You see, Now we have the so people going I'm gonna take right So that should make a point about disabled deal. Have over. No, Here you are. If you can see the four tools that you can use Really? This is for a transition manipulation that will make how to place the transition. This is the able cream. How can make different claims on the same for the override proves how we can train police with different ways. This is a segment mold that we can move clips on the same with statement moved. Lived off the rack. So now we have a time like he want to minimize our timeline to see our clips in the timeline. We go down here in this scale bar, as you can see, if I move my state bar, make my time life with more details or with less than two. If I bring my skip to the left, I have. I can see the whole time so I can go easily to the end off my peeps. So now I'm continue my big caps. They picture from church. I disable audio over. So now I will need to insect basically in my time because I want to place it before the picture off. Same job. At the end of my time, Black and I can go to a It's with rewind or forward. These buttons moves the culture toe ever end. So if I worry why I'm moving to the previous edits, if I go forward, I go to next. It's so I'm placing my ulcer where I want to place my plate at this before picture of ST George I go source morninto enabled. Before I pushed that I disabled audio tracks again because, as we said, we don't need. I put supply steam. I know you can see with the time line on Nuclear was inserted before the picture of San Short. It was like that. Now I have the keys off the window before I have the wedge. So I'm moving my skills to the end, as we said and they keep on making might be cups. So I see here a nice big person job, so I'm going to get disabled or did Franks. I'm wasting that in my time, so that's the way I'm going through my clips and make my AIDS. 7. Placing Clips in the Timeline: Now I have made my select and I have always groups in the timeline I can scroll easily and see my lips again. Understand the food that's that they have this way. I can easily think what I want to do before I don't know, have a structure off the clip on how we're gonna place that lives in the time you seize by scrolling Looking to your foot It's ideas come to you. How you gonna use your footage? Now I'm gonna make a new seek Woods name Muster. Andy Personal. I'm gonna show you another reason why I make the select the big advantage of having that gives us the opportunity to drive. Draw in the source. Morley Door. Personal moment. The select that we did You can see now I blow did in this. So this morning, the whole sequence off my select. So I have as a plea and I can scroll, make big caps, decide what they want to do, place it in the timeline. So you're gonna see here? I have the video ordeal from the clip and I can place them whenever I want. Not a week that they c inside the sleep But this place in the source winter has select is to go down here in the timeline and see double source record entirely. So if it was this button, you can see that I see the whole structure off. My select on the Kelso is now green instead of being blue in this sequence, because now it's simply and it's no a sequence, the same thing. I can do it also, we actually you see, when I load ignorantly I have information, so sleep in total one source push it back to the sequence pushing again back to this structure. So if I want to clear my source, I go here. But they had the click name. I push it, push clear monitor and everything is out. So going back to sequence, I will explain some things about 8. Timeline Explained: Now we're gonna say some things about is that my window? Here is the effect more. But this opens the effects. This one is the dream more but that we can make dreams and edits. This is if we want to step in every effects this is Step out from that This is the quick transition that we can make easy and quick these holes This is the render effect where we render the effect that we have placed collapse is when we have multiple layers of video that we want to collapse in one remove effect is the button. When we push it, it removes the effects that we have placed in the clear marking is the button that you mark the in boy, that your click wants to start or curated. Mike out is the mark. Output magically is if we won't mark sleep in our time. This is for cleaning both marks in and out the fat man. But it has also some room default inside and we can place it here so we can have more buttons open. This is the edit that we'll see how it helps us anything. This is the extract on this is the left toe, but we'll see what they did extract with extract. This is the head fate that makes afraid in order. 9. Editing Part 1: now we will start already. I want to say before I start that the general concept off anything is picking the right so and placing it in the right moment. That has to do sometimes with music on. That's has to do with the base of the scene. But you want to wait. This is generally done by marking the point on they are going on deciding if you want to override or in statically after that, the next step off anything is fine tuning as we say it's making of the exact creams, so everything is in place. I mean, you know that off base on anything with music in the appropriate Really. So in general, that's they think process. You have to make the best select place them in the right moment. Have a nice aided with music. So when the big bumps you make, they and we will see how now. But I have my select and I have my master edit personal moment sequence. I will place my master on the record morning. So now you see, there's nothing in there because I didn't do and edits in that I will place first of all my music. Maybe because when I'm editing, I will try to have one of two choices on open some new tracks in my timeline for video on audio Now also, you how you can open a new video try in the time. So when you're right, But you go new video truck on, you see, a to crack is placed with the right button. You'll be track off the free practice. Great. Very. Wouldn't does the process is this box this box, you see, you can move it through the video tracks on this monitor shows you which video track is enabled. Tractor this enable disables the other tracks on if you have it in the in the upper layer off tracked it. So's the upper layer off tracks. So no, I'm gonna okay, new audio track more. You want to track more? So you see you in your tracks. Created and again you track more. No, no, you attract more. So you see, I have all my facts set in the master sequence, so I'm gonna show you now. But if you're here, you've got enable told disabled tracks. This is the way that it works. Tracks that this enabled they did goes. The practice is not enable no edits That way we can just place only track in video one if the practice neighbor or just audio in the trucks that we select here we have As you can see, two buttons in its body truck these but helps you if you push s this place. So this means that place only audio one product so you can hear only one track If you work fast these newts the track so you can meet a practically Don't work here fast So now I'm gonna take my music. Go to the my top music I've made my selection For example I used the music Good double click it As you can see, the music double click is loaded Like the clips in the social world As we said, with a total surface we can see the audio track music Wait here for now. As you can hear, the truck is loved it that we need So we have to go to the audio mixer. Push this battle from this group. So no, These two tracks they were eight to his group go to but like their 80. So you can see way. So now we hear music. Now we're gonna select from where the music has to start For having a better idea about music we can open the way for by going too fast, man in here or your data way for So now we'll see A way for is opened in the old truck so we can see the cats on the bits. So if I open my time like I can easily zoo mean no select so way. 10. Editing Part 2: so no, I make my selection music the important I'm going to place it in the time. So I'm gonna go back to my time machine toe on. As you can see here is the trucks that having the source because we have music tracks. We have anyone 80 tracks on these tracks. As we can see, they will go be placed in a one on 80 track. So I don't want that because I want to place them 56 or tracked. So maybe, I believe sent other sounds in the other tracks. So how did I'm going to the A one? Practice the source, please. You see a matter hoping up on saying they need to a five after going toe 18. This is a matter of coming up. I'm driving it to a six. So now my music will be placed. 256 or defer. I can do that with three and 456 So I had my source morninto enabled Who's over, right? So no has been seeing I mean, my my time. Like I have my music placed on my time with my way For now, I will start anything What I want to do is start putting my clips and the order that I want to put from my select. So I'm going back to any stuff selecting edit personal moments that have must select driving that to source wound go toe. So instead of seeing the timeline, I see this or sleep. So I scroll. I see all my foot taking a decision to stop the wedding with the abstract shows. So I believe that this is the best show. So I'm gonna make a bigger gonna see myself by playing it again. I'm gonna go back to the point played on our port. So my time life on you can see because there's video noted in the source sleep. There is also a video. A no deal can be placed in time. So I disabled or the US because they don't work Any order replaced satellite enabled video . It was enable from source morninto with source for So now you can see the first lady of the clip is being placed in time Makes my eyes in my time Now, as you can see, like I scroll the edits everything from record modeled. So she play from here. You see I'm wearing my first ed here. All these buttons is for using them sequence of these battles that you can use social. So now when my first edit, I go back to the source. Walter, I got trouble on voting. Decide winds will be my second. So second suit. As we said, it will be 1/2 track again. So close up. Gross. I said I wound. I go back sequence addition able. You can see I place my So now I want to cut my No, I placed my second video. I'm going to be a big deal back to Mrs Monitor. Don't morninto. I want to close off again. Mean point back with sequins over right here. You are minimizing in my timeline because I have manic leaps, I won't likely to be experiment. I think here because they use it. So whatever I do, I'm gonna place our point out, boy, And I'm now going to show you they expand toe because, as you can see from the way for the big the cat must be here. So my our point is here. You see what happens with expand to now 11. Editing Part 3: now May for Eddie. I want to extend. I live with my click because as you can see, the clip must end here. So I put a bullet here from these My account wouldn't for record morninto When you see there's a now well placed in tyre life and now I'm gonna show you extend toe extent toe is that have been displaced here in the record world. It affects the time Look and look. What will happen if I push extent you see now the tail of the plague was extended to the output. But you have to name the track that you want to extend. It's very important because if I do, you see right track was not selected. Nothing will happen as many times as I pushed the button. So it's very important to select weights. One whisper you wouldn't extend. So it's a very well part push extent you see now, and it's nicely with. So that's the way. So I placed by kill so there. But now notice Get that you placed on our port. So if I go fast pushover right, you'll see that the clip would override on. Take just the out point So do I have to go to this book on a clear. Both marks on you can see out point now is disappeared on. There is no king out in my Tyler, so I have to be careful before I do any edits. So there's no in outpoint set except if I want to say something. So now I'm gonna sit, boy, and so you how you can sit hated with my full. So placing my pills or where I want to make And that was import. I'm going again to source Lee. So it's morning I could total. And I'm searching for my next Lee maximize my timeline. Excited to use these two pictures of ST George So making my name point again Our point. Go back to my timeline. I take my video that said, first right track and I placed my age. Well, the thing is, if I don't do you don't like the music tracks that this will affect your music. You see, we got close now You also over, right? Your music price. If you see it's a cut in the music that don't work, so do it. Just careful to take every day that picture is addressed to track. So now I did you see? Know where it is? Getting a life now here. I want to cap May click because they get the music is changing now I don't want to extend I want to cut this tale So I'm gonna go and make a 18 point I'm gonna go to the end of the clip, Make out point and I'm gonna use the two buttons that they make Edits in the timeline capes . This is the lift. So if I want justice, elite is the least two You see? There's no sleep again. You see what happened? I just cut the tail off the shot. So now we continue ready. We're clearing in again. We're here. So my boy. Come, teen. I put my culture at the end off my edit and I'm going to pick up. Except Mixer, as we said, is the next big circle ST George Placing mean point out sequins over. Right. So I have my six kids go here. I push play more space, but from the time right place and stop sequence. And I want to cut my click there, so make an important here. You see because I want to change the click there so I make a point. Go to extend, push extend you see now clear because it's extended to the import. So cats Day know the extent that I saw you previously detained? I like cats. If it said toe import extent If it says to an hour, be careful in your timeline. If you sit a now point to extend leak on you forget that you have important in your sequence. The extent will be made in the book. So careful when you push to be sure where you want to extend now clear good marks again I don't go to name my So we're back to my source monitor Total deciding to play with the church off place this vertical down short making the point back to sequence placing I could go back way so I saw in my that the beginning off The clip is longer that I need so played made I saw But the head of the tail is longer that I mean so place any point I'm going to the start of the very replacing. Now we will explain the two batons leave on extract as we said we want to cut these head off this clean. So look what this happened. If I pushed at least button out off the clip I selected now is lifted. You see, there is nothing here on adds a black, please. So if I want to move it, I have to select segment Lift over right to push it. Click on sleep on the dragon. Drop it to the cat. So now you see, I did my aided. My head Dale is being cat. So now I will end you and I will show you the second way. So I mean so extract toe Deletes the selected portion of the clear, but doesn't close the gap. Now see if I pushed the extract button. What? This happened, You see? So now you see, they in our point that I selected was deleted on extract to close the gap. So we have these two to deleting in our point on with live to the vein out point is deleted . But when gun closed the gap, we have to do it with another two. But if we want to close the gap with extract to we delete the marquis Now point closes the gap. So this is the two ways you can delete track for time. So now I made aided. I'll go to the end of the clip on. We'll edit my next clean. So I go back to my source morning toward I don't know. And I said, My next clip, that will be the white off the church. So I'm picking up that Go back. My editor i d select segment more leaves over night I over at my peak. So now, as you can see and I want to cut it here. So now I will show you another to edit to. So you have We can cut with Ed. So if I pushed that edit at this point, you see what happens Unaided was created in the clip. So now with Mark sleep, I can select these sleep. You see, it's selected on now. I can live so with at any to can create different. It's in the same clip as you can see. For example, may God ended here and make unaided dear. So now I have my clean ended in free clips 12. Editing Part 4: now I have made all mice elects and I have a time life about one minute off the clips I So now our need to catch the music on have music got here. So now I'm gonna show you the two ways that you can cut the music. As you can see, the music stops here. So this is a nice point that I can get my music so maximize my timeline. You see the way forms If I pushed now caps lock button, you'll see e I can scan you. So with the caps lock, we can scan the only you have the perfect cut. I mean, going rain by afraid on leasing every frame off the audio. So here is where I want to get him using. So now I want to get here everything. So I have to select video on audio 56 Crack that the music is placed Make a name point Minimize exact Get my timeline. Go to the o maken outpoint You see video on earlier is selected on now I can leave everything. So you see now what happened is that I have one minute clip with one minute music here the way you can cap music on rodeo together in separate cracks 13. Trim Mode: So now I have my first pass off the edit. I have to check my did what I did. Go to the second step. That is the final human step that you finalize your edit. You make small cats small creams. Who then about the drink too. We will learn about how we can sweets the place of two clips on how we finalize our ed. But the first thing we have to do these to see what we've done so far So I'm gonna play the video way, Way. So now I saw went deep on. Now I will try to find humor My let's go from the beginning. The timeline starts with video on the audio at the same time. So I will show you how I cannot a gap off black time light. So I have a little black so I can feel this likely. So if I go to the timeline right click on you go to the menu Had Philip at start you see what will happen. A small clip off black is created in the beginning. So when I play now, it doesn't start with video and audio. It has a little black that I can say how my head It is tough, See So now we'll out. So you they cream toe disabled audio tracks on going to the beginning I maximize timeline and I play So I want to drink here on give some friends to the second sleep on delete the frames from the first sleep but without changing federation. So why don't go doing is I have selected the beetle track that I won't wait it I go here they mode they put this battle So you see a team button is open in the cat So you see both clips left Lee under rightly are selected in purple So you see if I treat right one frame you see what happens in my time light I opened the tale of this short on time eating from the head off these So So if I want to do the opposite I don't go like that and make here give seven frames because the music I wanted sayings seven frames earlier So now I go back again to Supreme Boat You see back to my credit I go back, I play you see? I fixed my If I go again to the cream mode. I pushed the primo button. I just let the left clean. You'll see what happens if I dream One frame left. You see what's happening. I had to the tail of the clip frames, but I pushed my whole video track to the right. So I'm not killing from the next clip. But I'm just posting all my clips. Three frames to the right. If I go right, sleep on, give some frames, you see what happens. These clip pushes the left on gives two frames in the head without eating them from the previous. So we have three ways of training on that deal doing yet. So I go back to my last and it so if I want to go back to dream both clips with safe Bush Mark rightly, I go to tree mode again. Back. I opened my dream. Now I have to did ST. Now I can do that so you can bring your plate. A. They're keeping the same duration, just changing my head tale of the shot you can push to the right, or you can push to the left on give frames without changing federation off the previous or the next flea on. This is how I can print clips with pre mode. That's very important. Very useful, but 14. Monitor and Extend Tool: So now I'm gonna show you the same process with dream, but with another button they extend. So for example, if I want to extend a second sleep this clean and it from this clip, what I can do is have a nim point right here. You see, if I push extent now, what will happen? You see what happened is in the point was a clip was extended input, huh? Right. So I do that on the same thing. I can do it with valuable. So if my second clip I want after here, I will place Justin outpoint. Clear my point. Isa said I will clear both in another point. I can no point here. Extend on. You see what happened? The clip was extended until this'd is how you can use extend toe. But for another time, you have to pay attention. But when you have a now point and you forget the point extent is being done in the import. The point every time prevails the output. And that's something that you have to be careful. Now I'm gonna show you how we're gonna make different EDS. I mean, if you have two clips that you want to use in the same place how you can put both inside and decide which one is the best. So if I want to change this shot, for example, and I want to see something else here. This is the Markley, as we said. So if the right video track is selected, the one that I want Mark, I put that button you see now the clip is selected. So if I go on, I click on VT. Track disabled. The one crack. You see those unimportant out, Boyle said to track. So I'm going back again. I'm uploading my selection sequence. I'm deciding to put these tables in so making from clicking in point. But I want to use now because I have set mine point. I don't need to sit out point to the source clean because it will take the out ball that they said in the safe winds. So now you see, I can dress my video tracking V to suppress them. Be too proud. If I overwrite that, you see what happens. I have two clips, so now I can see my do edits. For example, as I was saying earlier, this is the two that you have to use the morninto If I use the monitor toe envy to you see what will happen. I mean, if I want to see what I had before, I'm sweet Sing this box to be one you see, e I see my previous a So with that way you can have to edit with decide which is the most appropriate. So now I want to keep my previous ended because I think the new editor that I did isn't so good as the previous one. So I'm going against my sequins. I'm sitting. I mean point, I'm saying on our point here on I'm lifting read, too. I'm placing again. Hopes will be free. Oh, clean both marks on now. You see, I have my previous So that's the way we can have. Different edits were tainting this box. See which one we like. You can do that in many tracks, as many as you like on having as many it's as you like. The only thing is to change the box today that you want to see 15. Changing Clips and Segment Mode: So now I will show you how you can sweet places in the AIDS. For example, Here we have the shot of ST George and here we have the picture. So I have an idea off treating places in these two clips. So I'm going to the left using the segment mold extracts placing toe. I'm clicking on that with the command button. Click. Click here on I dragged my sleep to the previous cat. So now you see, two clips are taking place in the now 80 is being done like that. You see, I sweets place to the to AIDS. I can do that, you know, sleeps in my time. Like for example, if I will replace They did hear clicking and get here. We think of money. But Bush I track made it here and now you see the just streets places. So do they Said it. Now I will show you Web segment mode, lift over right toe death. This is the two. So we click on that on the select, the other one. So I go here and if I drag it you see, I can move it whenever I want. Make my chains like that I do, and I can say it's placed my aided. So in conclusion, segment mode lived off right to his for changing places. Two clips and I can move it. Whatever I want to move their or put it back, bring it back again. Put it in a new video layer that I don't want to see on the segment. Mold extracts place. He's for chains in places in the sea if the AIDS on they are very important tools. 16. Match Frame Tool: So now I'm gonna show you are very important to for anything much frame toe months, friend Toe is used if you need toe a bloat The source file on having all the foot that's in the source. Sleep again from a sleep that you have placed in the time. So for example, I see here that the people are closing the bright So I have an idea off placing the PLO's on different music. So I would need to find the source, sleep on, bring the audio. This is done with the man's friend too. So I go to the beginning of my I take that right We do. Crime is selected. I selected See what happened in this so swing Don't know if I lose much frame No Matt's frame source Great. Their regional please is open Now I can scroll again Fine, but I want so a nine point is being created These mean that you select in the point is where your cat is said so I want to keep this in point Now I will need to place their clothes in my timeline. So I go here I select the audio track side. I want to place. My ordeal is a one they do. I select video in both practice. So from taking that too someone speaks but not point on. If I leak over right, you see what happens now? They're float is being placed in order. Track one and two in my master timeline. So now if I play Mike Lee Oh, have up close and music studio, You see what happened? Well, I place said no track in my timeline off a close playing apparently with music I can place another audio track if I want in crack free for for example I can make their closes begin on places second time with little delay placing an in point here So they don't start together And they do seen I go to tweak for ordeal trapped and select them See what happens if I over right now Both a second up close is being placed. It is the same but I want to make their clothes is bigger. So you see, I have two tracks of closes. You see it is a slight delay. So now I want to move my second audio track a little bit to the left So I don't hear these delay. So I go to my statement more left over right to click all that. I select both tracks and they tracked them to the left, so I don't have these. So they select segment mode now playing in my head. So now I double my clothes and I have to laze forecloses. So that's the way you can place or doing time line plain panel it to music. You can do that if you need to go to the source. Sleep, but we've been That's rain, too. Select the video track that you want and push my sprain. The cape is being placed on the source sleep, and you can select whatever you I mean to select again. These can happen also to the ordeal. Look, for example, I go to the closes, I said, Do you want to much frame on now? They original plea displayed on my source monitor, So that's the way you can place audio. You understand? How important is the mats frame to 17. Time Warp: now we will talk about effects How we can place an effect in that leap I have a clip speed How we can teens the size of the Nimitz having a close up shot. If we don't have it, Onda, we will take a look What fx are at their fix that haven't because it's in the project window. We see if this purple box this is our whole video and audio fx. So here we see two tops video and audio video is for the video. Graphics and audio are for the audio FX. So as you can see, there are many effects that has. Now I'm gonna show you how can change this speak perfectly. So let's see what? Wait one to make a little comedy here on having these So playing in fast motion. So I Mike smiles my time right again and I'm going to fi project window. It affects video time. The time rap is the effect that you can scenes speed off cape. So I'm using time rap. I'm driving time up in my sleep on now you can see the effect place in the clean. So now how it contains on effect my effect. I goes here to this baton. That's the effect. More button. I want to change speed off the key. So how can you do that? I go to the left. In my timeline, I see faithful to click on that motion effect editor. That book's appears so here I have a speed graph that sold me. In which speed? Now that clip Explain. I have a position so I have the type, but I want to rent it. Affect, duplicate feel. Both feel Temple related field, VTR style and related playing video fluid Motion Draft Freud Motion. I didn't really use fluid motion because it's the best time and gives you the best quality speed motion. I keep my source imprint abrasive on my output in progressive on here. As you can see, I have the percent speed. So tainting that on placing to 50% it so you can take the faith. You see Now the bar is placed on 2 50 and you see how the graphs are. Things so know my speed is playing to 50. So here have the render effect. You have any move effect, but they can move my effect months frame as we said so I can match for him on having so ski my profile on Sainz They born again And here is the play look But they can't play Look, my effect to check it Underplay on the pre mode if I want to dream by effort So now I will keep my effects In 2 50 I rented my effect to see what happens So I'm going to render effect I'm clicking on that on your Della book disappeared They render effect that box where I can say it the dry that the effect will be created So I'm keeping media too. But I have all the assets off my project and I'm kicking. Okay, here is there rendered but that you see the progress off the red? I was saying the fluid motion is a heavy effect that needs time to render but it gives you a perfect quality motion Speak. So now that they're in faintness let's see what happened. I'm closing the motion effect editor that Look, folks, I'm gonna go a bit back. You see what happened? So now I have they please be chains on giving a little comedy to my video. So you can do the same by slowing Nick Leap. How you can do that? You go to the clinic, you open a fake motion effect editor on instead off to 50. You can put 50. So the less you put from 100 down you have slow motion on a few place number you have fast be. 18. Resize: I will show you how we can resize a new image on having a closer shot in the same short on how can place to effects in the same Klay. So here we have placed the clip speed. So now I will need to resize toe, have a closure salt in the bright on her father's company. So how can I do that? If I want to be size, I go to project we do again effect video cement and I choose recites. Be careful if I choose to resize and driving dropping if it doesn't apply because there's another effort. So I'm going here to edit I select I hate to and the select me one with at the two American idiot you see, unaided is being created on to track from one to the end. I do. I think I did it on now Unaided is being placed again So now I have a portion. I want to place my effect So good Bemis resize and you see what happens if I track effect is placed on top off the clip I want. So be careful because if you throw in effect in a video layer, you see what happens? The effect goes to the whole crime. So be careful to making a dead. It's on placing the FX in the right duration that you want otherwise, you were placed there, fixed to the whole clips and affect the whole time line. So I do what I did. Go back to the science to the effect that I want to change is or we two tracks. So I select me to track and I go again to effect move. So again you see on your dollar books for precise is being upload it. So I opened background. The background is if you place a black under your payments on you want to scale down your emails If you want to have a caller in black in the background, for example, you go to scaling scales. You keep fixed expect you see what happens now you see, on the black I was saying to you so if he's gay loud, you can see the black polo by having another quarter. For example, having magenta. So no, you have made the shuts off smaller and you place them back Now I don't need the background . I want to have the close up off, father. And right. So now I'm gonna rope escape. We escaped in, Have a close up on a boat in position, and now you can see teens exposition. I mean, I should place Mabel or And why position? No, I will keep my shirt here. So no close effect, editor. And let's see what happens. You see, Miss? So he's a closer shirt off the brag on my father, and now we have a scale in effect place in time. 19. Dissolves: No, but I have made my 80. You see, I have placed their audio tracks that I want from the shooting. I will show you how I can put fates and results in picture on Nodia. We'll understand how important is the result on the face? This is important because sometimes the cats doesn't work. So if we place it is old or a faith things small fair I don't see or something that the audience will know. So my 50 tracks that's with that nice shot off the sand. So I will need to place a fading here. So I maximize my timeline and I wont diesel. So I go to this little quick transition I selected feed your track that I wanted to put this old You see what happens if I pushed with transitions? You see, that box is a beard on here you have tracks that you want to apply the transition. You can now teens and yet they on your tracks that you want. You can select and select a new one if you have made them stay. So no war is if you haven't selected the right video track or audio track because when the dialog box. He's a beard. You can say yours. Election. So here I will keep my these old and be one product. So here is the result I can put my dizzle begins at the starting off the car I can put my result being said on ending at the start of the click or I can have it in the middle. So let's see the three ways on what its ways that so I'm gonna place my the self in the middle of the cat. So you see, now there is a slide fading begins before my cat you're gonna see on the see something that I don't want because a picture start before the music. So again, I'm going to the cat clicking quick transition. I'm moving that. So my results. That's at the ending off the cat with affecting the right side of these old You can extend the duration of these old and point or left. You can extend the import or you can drag it by the middle. So now I'm gonna start my diesel that off the cape. So I think that you see what will happen is a nice result made in the beginning of the guy . Now I want to use the same result in music. So selecting the audio tracks, clicking quick transition and I pushed up So you can see now the result is placed in both cracks video and only let's see what happens. So now you see, I like this is all made in the picture. But I think that is old. Being made in this music is a little bit longer than I need. So I'll go the select my video track. Could you a cat? I select the other tracks. I want liquid transition on immigration. I'm putting Dan frames. So you see contains in duration from here. I'm having exactly Zoepf that you want to do on these. That means that this will affect the starting point. And if you put a number here, you have dissolved starting before you. So you can say how many frames you own. Your dissolved to start before the guards. So you have two ways off changing federation on the position results. So now been added on Let's look what happens no longer a picture on a short one in the audio so you can see I can do whatever I want the results in my time. So now I want to go to be shot on having any So with this show. So I go to the cat The selecting audio lifting video that I want to dissolve. Click with transition. I want my these old to be I don't get a 10 frames. I wanted to start at the middle of the cat so I have here. But that can go to the middle of the cat. I put my duration 40 frames again. Maybe I pushed at so in the middle. You see now off the cat on these always place overlaying for 40 frames 20 and 20 on the friend push transition. Now you can see I can change it having starting off So keep it in the middle. You see now what will happen? You So how these old smooth a cat on you saw that it was small for instead of having a cut from the inside of the church So now we'll see. But God be smooth The transition is better 20. Titles: Now that we have placed all the video effects that we need in our timeline, we will need to place some titles, explain to the audience what the event is. As you can understand, the titles are very important because they give the opportunity to the onliest to understand what they're saying to give the days and have all these things that we want to address to the audience. So I'm gonna show you how we can make a video title. So I want to place my video title in his second short. No, Maybe in this third. So So I'm gonna go here. I'm gonna show you how making you I'm going to the menu. Sleep. I thought you Tyto on a new title that books appears so I have to selections monkey to entitled to Today I will show you the title to that These for beginners So if you think you know title so you can step in in my toe and find your way there that it's more professional on you can do more graphic things with titles So clicking on title toe You see, I've entitled Toe Box appears so I have a back now snapshot off my payments. I have the time. So you see here have this election toe. But thanks to the video placement to the square directed the rectangle to a circle to lyinto. Here have all my phones, the styles that templates, the borders, the background, the turning, the leading If I wouldn't bowl if I wanted Talic on the caller Sado border Here we have their land here would have crowed or bro if we want to create or cross at the end titles So I'm taking on t button I'm clicking somewhere in my picture in san Make picture You see a killer So is now there by Ward as well know now you can write what they want So I'm thinking cap Slow writing winning. So I'm going to selection tool again clicking selection Now I can't wait to place a whatever I work now I need to change my phone. So here what? Geneva If I open that, I can't say it's my fault to any foot. Like so let's put So you see how? Because it is a magic for we lost that. So you go here the right side track the box. So now old in my robe. So you go back to selection toe places. So with a laugh with the field, you continue to your foot to any court. What you like with the shot you can drop So But this place here decided that selection. For example, if I would do you see here you can scenes the perspective officer. I see you can place it wherever you want. Are you concede the border on the sadder callers off there? So? So now I made my title. How I say my table. I go to the main You I go fire Say thank you. I see it So the name of writing, waiting I want these to go and being right. Maybe had to have all my assets. I keep the resolution I gave my project whose say so good. I'm getting a title to move back to Abby. You see, bin music? A new title wedding is great. So double clicking on that word. Back to my sequence. I'm selecting where I want to place my type here, for example, I'm selecting now that we did practice this empty our situation to placing in point to you . So I place my point in my time. But source window pick over right, you see. But now I don't like the title in place or pictures of San job. So now I want to move the title. So as we said, I go here segment book left or right, clicking on my title, taking it and putting it here. So now I have my please before, So now I need to make these ALS in my title, so I go to start. But the select segment mold said that the video track off title is selected. I go to put position, put integration 20 frames in the start of the cat pleating you transition, and I want this twin in with the cut ends. So the title play with Fabian's face, these old unplayed better having a small intro on a smoother outro. 21. Color Correction: so now. But we finished with all that on our video, is edited and had older effects and things entitles that we want to place. We have to color correct our video color Correction is a very important step because we can call correct. It's shot on have a continuity of colon Meaning not having shots with high brightness and shorting on short with low brightness that cat and give a strange sky So we can make our viewing smooth by color Correcting it sleep on having a continuity in court Now I'm gonna show you the menu off Colin Correction So and I want to call it firstly so here, you see is the color correction more so Boost that you see color correction of books is open now So here what we have first in a composer window we see in the middle of the plate that we want to color correct right window We see the next step so we can see the continuing on in the left. We see the previews work because this is the 1st 1 We don't have any previous. So it's back. Here is the color correction dialog box Here you have eight s l and cares. You have controls human assets. Generally, this is a very professional tomb. But I will show you fastly how you can bring the brightness down. Or give a little bread, Mr Clean or give a little saturation Or the Said Ackley. That will help you having a community in your garden. So we got cures. You see, here is the master, as you can see, if you make a dot in the middle If you drag that down, you see what happens. The brightness goes down a little bit. So I'm gonna keep that scroll again to my first shot, bringing a little bit down blackness go to the next shot. Bring my but this doubt no good to master situation and give a little saturation. So you see what happens now? Of course. Unsaturated soothing months. I go to the next shot. You can move to the next should with this fast forward. Fast work, as we say. I see Now going good the show. I'm gonna put the brightness down a little bit. I'm gonna give a little saturation. So if I want to bring the brightness apple, it be more, uh, writing that. Uh, so you see now the brightness is out. If I drop that down, the brand is thes down on here, Master Gamma, I can title it a little bit. The blacks You see what happens. Um, you see now what will have to go back? My head It I used so shrinker mode that goes back to you Edit every time that you are You see Now you see now how saturated on how they look the 1st 3 shows you try use that whole timeline color correct on give more alive emotion to the shops Now that smart toe for called correcting for beginners please go back to call a correction Hope if you see if I give a little bit game you see found nice they should is made So this is a mystery to make should careful these friends the white Sometimes you may have problem with that. So this is the cooperation mode on how we can color correct our clips 22. Sound Mixing: Now that we call a direct all our clips on all the time like we are at the final step off mixing mix, It is very important. So you don't have gaps or no deal on. They don't play very loud or very low on you. Have a nice screen. So how we use the mixing tool on the audio toe to have a nice master out here we have the audio tool. As you can see, I can make it bigger if I won't like that. Frankly, the Rite Aid's down. You see, if I play the time right? You see limiters go up and down. So yes, it is the audio mixer here. As you can see, I have the audio tracks a one a two a 34 But here I have a number off makes pains. That means I can have four or eight was the whole time. So used the eight track so I can see the 56 tracks in that. So you can see there are my 11 miners eight. So if I want to bring the music a little bit louder so I go to group on my group. These two tracks a five a six that my music is placed on. You see, with 11 sliders, I can bring it louder or lower. So if I choose loud that you'll see now. But humor view meters are playing, so now it makes my music. But it's very loud because my master has to be but minus eight minus four. So now I want to bring my music back because it plays two plus zero. This'd is dangerous because these can speak on cracks your audio so the ordeal cracks on. No one will hear a nice audio, so I'm bringing it back to minus seven. Now you can see the music place levels I want, so I want to makes opposes with the music. So I hear what I have done until now, as you also the audio, too. It picks. That means if it goes to read, he's forbidden. I don't have to go dread. So I have down the two tracks level because when they play all together, it picks. So I go to the audio mix it i d Select Group selected because if I keep the group selected , I will change the level in the four tracks instead, off them first. Do that. I want to change. So I group the drugs I want and I'm putting down the liver. My understand? I'm gonna go to 34 select this group like 34 group because I want also to level down these applause because I looked it on now. Place you see now the applause airplane on with music. I think there is no thinking. So now I want their clothes to have a smoother entry. So I'm going toe a one a two, I think quick transition. And I'm extending that to 50 frames. So I have 55 so I have a swath of interest on. Now, look what happens on. I'm gonna do the same at the end off next league. So I have a movement out from keep it 5 55 And I'm gonna do that all the tracks or have a smoother entry. And now you also. But it was small for their floaties toe. Go in, the music go out. We didn't feel the cuts. So everything place wolf without the only is understanding what the editor wants to do. So that's the way we can makes our tracks on having a good mix 23. Exporting: now that we finished our headed, we are ready to export. There are several ways that you can export your foot. It's you can export for the Internet you can export for broadcast. You can export to see in a deity with friends, or you can do whatever you want. So if we want to export our time line, we know here we select old tracks. We place a nine point start for Eddie. We go to the end well for a time line, put a now point. So now old video tracks and noted tracks are selected. So now we're suit that we export everything that we want. We go to five export. So here we have the options. The best way is to export a quick time movie. They go to custom so you can custom settings, video and audio. You can sense the dimensions so they match their profiles. See, I would have our to be for an olive export on 60179 for digital export, and here we keep Native Dimension here would use use marks and use enabled cracks on the format options. We can set our settings in the video settings here. You see a man, you pop out, you see 86 this four a fasting code in the current frames per seconds in the high resolution, give us a very good Internet foul to set in Internet to upload in YouTube or NVIDIA. If you will need a broadcast far you go here, you select April progres eight skew in current frames in the gamma correction None. So it doesn't change the colors. So this is in two ways. That you can export your footage for Internet use or broken issues. Now I'm going to the rodeo. I'm saving up 48 kilohertz. Lena Stariye Normal 16 Bates Little India. So Okay, the preference next screaming. I know that allow providers will transport food. That's too. There's primi so you don't have to worry about that. No, t, I say so. Here I go to my hard drive media too. Have me eight exports. I'm making a new folder. Personal moments create giving a name my must export monster Personal moments I would say here you see the time that needs for export. So in one minute we will have our expert ready. So now if you will to make your father lower. In less relation. You can use other software like Ampex, crinkly or a toe and colder so you can transcoder your food. That's to lower resolution files or you can lower down the dimensions. This is all about export. Now you're ready to make a video on export, your figure in the right settings. 24. Final Thoughts: So now that we know that it's now time for you to make your own personal video off one minute. So I'll be waiting your videos to make notes and start discussing about the project. Don't be afraid to make mistakes. This is the only way you can. Don't be afraid to make questions. I don't be afraid to edit as you like. I'll be here waiting for your videos and we can discuss. Have noted that. Thank you, very that's waiting for your figures.