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Autumn Watercolors for Very Beginners

teacher avatar The Artmother, Professional Art Teacher and Artist

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (28m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Supplies

    • 3. Autumn Leaf Tutorial

    • 4. Pear Tutorial

    • 5. Apple Tutorial

    • 6. Autumn Tree Tutorial

    • 7. Final Thoughts

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About This Class


In this class we are going to create 4 super simple autumn-themed watercolor illustrations: a leaf, a pear, an apple and an autumn tree. The class is ideal for very beginners - we are going to use easy techniques - we are going to bleed colors into a simple wash and make deeper colors/shadows/details in a second layer.

We are going to use only 4 colors: cadmium yellow, sap green, alzarine crimson and dark brown. There are no complicated drawings, only simple shapes. I will show you how to paint different objects with basically the same painting technique by only changing the basic shape and some colors.The autumn tree project will teach you to loosen up from defined shapes.


So, what do you say?

Let´s get started!

Meet Your Teacher

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The Artmother

Professional Art Teacher and Artist


Autumn CHALLENGE! Win 1 YEAR SKILLSHARE PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP by watching my latest class, "Learn Perspective in Procreate - Two Point Perspective". Upload your project to the Project Gallery until the 20th of October to be eligible to win! Good luck:) I am so excited to see your class projects!

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1. Introduction: welcome In this free course, we're going to paint for simple autumn thing subjects. Leave a pair, an apple and an autumn tree. There are super easy and simple idea for very beginners. We are not going to paint realistic objects, but brother simple illustrations. As a very beginner, you will learn how easy it is to paint two simple objects. We don't need to layers on a few colors. We are not going to mix colors only played them into each other. My name's Alexandra Gabbar. I'm a professional art teacher. Artists on online educate. You can follow me on social media, for example, on Facebook and Instagram by typing the name D art mother and I'm also launching my own website. Www de Arte Mother, Don't come. You can find my illustrations designs on online courses I'm offering. There you are mostly welcome to join or growing tribe off watercolor beginners on Facebook . So please just find the group watercolor painting for beginners on. You can find an amazing community there. There are very enthusiastic beginners and you can just get an extra moderation. Are you ready to start learning? Let's get started 2. Supplies: welcome in Disputed. I'm going to show you what supplies I'm going to use, so let's start with the paper. It is a day Lerone e Equity Point Medical Paper. It's 300 grams on a four sized. It's cold pressed. It has a really nice texture. You can use any paper you have. But if you are before purchasing a logical paper, make sure that it is at least 300 grams so that it will actually make sure your sex sex. Okay, let's continue. You will need clean water. This is, um, middle sized brush and let's talk about the pain. So I'm using the Winsor and Newton help on sax. You can use any pains you have, um, are not really limited, but we're going to use only four collis to show you, um, a year they are. So we're going to use cadmium yellow sap green, dark brown. We're going to add in the 2nd 3rd and port project a little bit of red. So here are the projects were going to do Here is a total a simple art, and leave here is a simple pair on. Actually, if you can see and you will see and tutorial that actually, they're pretty much the same. We're going to fall pretty much the same process with this to than in the sternal. We're going to add a different color. This red on this 4th 1 is enough. So the different technique, but still with the same colors. I hope you will enjoy the tutorials on. Please don't forget, Teoh. Share them even in the project Gallery of Discourse or India Political for Beginners Faithful group. I really love Teoh Seurat Fix. So let's get started. 3. Autumn Leaf Tutorial: in this first video, we're going to paint an autumn leave. It is going to be super easy. I'm just started here so that you can see we're going to paint it absolutely easy. Uh, shape. The first thing you need to do is tow weather. Your pains. It will just make your work easier. So just spoke a little water into your pains. It is going to be used to also so that you know where things you are using. You can't Chris catch the shape of the leave. But I think it is not necessary if you think it is necessary. You know what? I'm going Teoh show you. So I'm just going to catch the shape off the leaf like this on when you have painting. Try to avoid painting over the pencil mark because you will will be able to erase it. So I'm just demonstrating how to do that with careful breast jokes. And you can actually raise them after first layers dry but always erased pencil marks after everything's completely dry because it can mess up everything. So what I'm actually doing I'm painting a light layer off cadmium yellow here on I'm going to dab my brush into the CEP green on. I'm just going Teoh bullied, discolor into the cadmium yellow a bit. So what I mean by this iss okay, is I'm going to try to mix color, actually, but with the water, I have owned the painting, but try not to use too much water. Um, on the painting, I'm using a 300 grams called breast a radical paper. So hopefully it won't will not, like, curl or get the wavy. But if you use too much whether it can get now I'm going to add dark brown dark down here. As you can see, it bleeds right into this can me, me yellow. And what I'm actually doing isn't on the painting, but it will be or lease. Okay, great. It was enough for now. You can play with the shape again. Try to award the pain Spencer marks. And this is our first layer on. That's right. Until it's dry, you can use a hair dryer or just put it aside and just wait. Uh, how do you like it? Okay, so our first layer is dry. I really love how it turned out. What you can do now is Teoh paying the second layer to make these colors more pop? Or we can continue with the details right away. And that's what I'm going to do. I'm going to take my brush into a detail brush, but you can use your decide brunch if you can. Like, paint thing lies. But I will go for this detail brush. I'm going to paint this town and followed, uh, direction off this leave. Okay. Make sure that on these stems, follow the direction off off. Believes because it's like Kermit and the day start, uh, the same sport you can have more. You can. Unless, uh, how do you like it? You can take a really leaf as your reference photo. Okay. I think I would love somewhere here. Okay. I really love it, so OK, so this is our super simple leave. Uh, you need to wait until it's fully dry before you erases dispensable Merck. Let's continue with the second object 4. Pear Tutorial: OK in this video we're going to paint a pair following this taps and again using the same colors Cadmium, yellow submarine on dark brown. The only difference is in the shape, so you can Chris catch the shape I'm not going to. I'm just going to paint a simple pear shape that I'm using now Onley, cadmium yellow and I'm going to do the same as before. I'm going to add a bit offset Green up here to blend. It bleated into, uh, the cadmium yellow. You can add a bit more water to water of the pigments and again I'm going to add dark brown dark down here. I should I'm doing pretty much the same as we believe. Onley in a different shape. Make sure your load lots of big mons so that you cannot knows. Okay, so that you can add enough Onda again. We can wait until it's dry. However, I can paint the stem appear. It doesn't really matter that it bleeds a bit. It will make in the fact that it's ah ah bit like shadow. But I think there's too much water dare so I will take tissue and just soak up But I think this no. Okay. Soaked up too much, so I can I can fix this. Andi has just wait until it's drug. Okay to fit pigments. Okay? Again, we can wait until it's dry. Yes, and I'm just going Teoh before off this dark brown down here to make it even more shadowy. Kinda. And actually, I'm going to work on this. I'm adding more pigment at the edge. As you can see, you can like flavored to shape a bit more And now add a bit of water and just market toe works inside off the pair. Small fleet. This Okay? I think the Paris like finished Onley thing I'm going to do is to play with death, stem a camp and so pained one side and down here. Well, repair is finished. 5. Apple Tutorial: OK, in this video, we're going to paint a super simple apple illustration. Actually, we're going to do the same as we did with the leaf. And a pair Onley thing is changing that we're going to add a bit off read into a color palette. So we're going to be me. Follow the same steps. So take her cadmium yellow and feigned a simple shape. Simple apple shape. You notice around it. - Okay , so we're going to do the same. So that or brushing to the sap green on just pain Sundance into this side on a bit of water to mix it up and bleed it into D cadmium yellow. Okay, on what we're going to change in this one. We're going to add the red, not the brown. So take a red. The thing two years to swim on simply feigned a thick layer to the edge and just let it bleed into the apple. If you have too much water, it can soak it up with a paper tubal. Uh, I and on the border of having too much water, but okay, it's pleaded into head. Okay, Uh, the red and the green blood into each other in your son. Just going so good. Great. I'm going to clean my brush now and take a cabin in yellow and go over to place. I soaked up the water too much. Okay. I was pigments hair. So I'm going to add more. We just come in yellow on, just play. What? End of it. Okay. Now we can wait until it's fully dry on. We can continue with the second layer. Okay. When our first name is trying to add a second layer, all of thing I'm going to do is to have a bit more off ready to just size to make it. It's more defined where, uh, dark, you can play with the shape off. So just add a think layer off Pittman's sides. And then what? Your brush and gold were these badges with water. Let it. Okay. You can do this with any colors you want. For example, you can make this green pop for I don't really want now. So do that. And okay, I think it's cool. Okay, I would love to do were more thing. So take your dark brown on, simply painted, But don't start at the edge, but a bit inside the apple so that it makes more realistic. In fact, I will just say this thing here. What you can do is Dio Bank. Oh, don't Why like this? As if it would be like whole, you know, from which this themselves on here makes your that you don't touch the rim, it doesnt lead to each other and I think it's finished. So it is a super easy and single apple, I think, where beginners can do this easily. So we're way having me followed this taps. We actually read the 1st 3 objects we believe we prepare with the apple. We did the same. So we made Layer Canyon yellowed and add a few docks off, agreed to make like we're right within it and then added shadow or darker part with all the bread. Allen's did brown way. We're going to continue to tweet and autumn tree, which is going to be a bit different, but we're going to use the same exact Calas 6. Autumn Tree Tutorial: in this video, we're going to paint an autumn tree. As you can see on, we're going to use the same colors as we did with the apple. So first step is to start with cadmium yellow again. So what I'm going to do is to make sports like this kind of in the shape off circle thing. And now we're going to continue with the red and we're going to actually do the same. Andi, make sure that you put your brush to the parts which are, like, empty. Like where these white jaws So that Ah, this red preserves its color on also that it bleeds into cadmium red in some places just to make it more interesting. But it's better. Doesn't Mother air just nice? Okay, I think it is enough for the read. And now let's do better off green. Okay, But from the step green we're going to use on Lee just fi damps. So that adds a bit of accent to it. You know, the rules painting so doesn't through the painting, and I'm going to do the same with the dark brown. So here and there just a few off this dark brown okay? No, I can't continue with this tree so I can paint a few branches down here on paint. It's part It doesn't really matter that it plays into it because we are going to add a second layer, and I really allow that. It is just light here. So I'm going to leave it like that weekend. Create something like this at the bottom. To continue is a bit of wash here. Okay, I'm go. I will make a second layer here to to make his branches. But now I'm going to start with a cadmium Yellow began on. Just make a few more leaves down here to make it a bit interesting. Again, we are just simple making dogs and more off this brown can go dark hair on on a few greens . And we can also create the effect of falling leaves. Uh, that's true. Raids in some, you know, on. I think it's a bit too much, but Okay. Okay. Artery is almost done. Um, what we need is to wait until it's dry to paint a bit more branches into a tree. Okay, so the only thing we need to do is, uh, can at like I does. You're And there you can renew some off this. Ah, leave colors. It's here. I wish you don't need to do too much because it would ruin the country. But to the end of this branches, make sure you are painting a bit off a darker color. So a bit of Fred, I'm going to adhere on. You can't just actually continue. It is dumping around to make this tree a bit more y brint down here. I just love how lose it, iss I will renew. Ah, this part but more. We want a darker layer here. Okay. All right. So our autumn tree is finished. I think I hope you like it. 7. Final Thoughts: Okay. I hope you like this free course on the tutorials on that You were successful with them. Please feel free to join. Skill shared. There are so many more amazing classes in watercolors. It is really a good experience are really coming due to to just join us on. And also look for what I'm sharing indie art group or on my Facebook pages on on my instagram because I'm planning to add more courses. Maybe even more free once. So I hope you on enjoyable, joyful on wonderful our journey full of success.