Autumn Watercolor Bouquet with Sunflowers and Lavendars | Camilla Damsbo Brix | Skillshare

Autumn Watercolor Bouquet with Sunflowers and Lavendars

Camilla Damsbo Brix, Teaching Whimsical watercolors

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12 Lessons (1h 2m)
    • 1. Welcome to class!

    • 2. Tools and Materials

    • 3. Sketching

    • 4. First wash: Sunflowers

    • 5. First wash: Lavendars

    • 6. First wash: Wheat and Berries

    • 7. First wash: Pumpkin

    • 8. Second wash

    • 9. Details: Grasses

    • 10. Details: Shadow

    • 11. Details: Fineliner and Gelpen

    • 12. Let's Wrap up

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13 of 13 students recommend this class
Mary Braz

With Love from Mary

I watched two of Camilia’s Cases and enjoyed them both. It was fun to watch her process unfold and I would love to try painting along with her. Her style of explaining what she is doing and why while she paints is really helpful. I am a watercolor artist too, and would not hesitate to recommend her to members of all levels. ~Mary
This class is fun! Camilla takes you through each step very thoroughly and when you are finished, you have a great Autumn painting. It's obvious that she's very skilled, both as an artist and as a teacher. You won't go wrong with this class!