Autumn Color Trends 2019 - Learn to Mix Beautiful Colors in Watercolor | Irina Trzaskos | Skillshare

Autumn Color Trends 2019 - Learn to Mix Beautiful Colors in Watercolor

Irina Trzaskos, Watercolor Artist & Illustrator

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7 Lessons (30m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Supplies

    • 3. Color story 1

    • 4. Color story 2

    • 5. Color story 3

    • 6. Color story 4

    • 7. Last Thoughts


About This Class


Welcome to the "Autumn Color Trends" class! In this watercolor class, you will learn how to mix four trendy autumn color stories. I am so excited to share with you the latest color trends so you can continue building your successful art portfolio. Mixing colors is so relaxing, also it trains your eyes to see more color hues and as a result, become a better artist. I love researching trends and discovering color recipes for every hue and I hope you will enjoy watching it and mixing colors along with me. 

Have a creative and colorful Autumn!

x Irina. 

P.S. If you are just starting with watercolor, below you will find the link to the "Basics of Color Mixing Class" also in Project and Resources section of the class you can find all the information about paints and colors I used during this class.

Class: The Basics of Color Mixing in Watercolor



1. Introduction: Hi. I really ask us whether Cover assistant illustrator. Welcome to my skill Church in here on immediate off water car classes for beginners into this. Plus I want to share your autumn colors France and how to make something. What? Only glasses and filmed in deal so you can follow along if you notice General Thank you for journey and welcome press a follow button from Let's get 2. Supplies: so to make strange the autumn color palettes, we don't need a lot of supplies. We just need your water color paint open listing of the entire, uh, paint ballot by the colors I have in a project section off the glass. If you're interested on dumb, we'll need water. When it paints power, it will need, uh, water car paper. Worry. If you are having a schedule query you polis, you're of ballots that will work to also need any brush you are comfortable with. Working on a paper towel should dry brush. So when you need to take more beans than this more that, uh, it's very hopeful, but all what you'll need, So let's make some colors. 3. Color story 1: so in very first grand color palette will have soft a warm autumn colors we can use in Oakland. A cloud work and, um, and every mix will have one color, which will be repeating creating a color harmony as we talked in basics off color mixing class if you watched it. So, uh, we have a collection Naples Yellow. If you don't have discovered, you can try to use any yellow you have or ocher yellow pro bono work, too, So the first color is Naples yellow itself. But if it feels too bright to you, try to add a drop off violent agent. Well, it is a complimentary car off yellow, and it will neutralize it if it feels too bright for you. Next caller we have is sunk magenta with a little bit off Naples yellow and a lot of water , soft and beautiful, warmed up by and drop off Naples yellow so magenta we've Naples yellow like these. Next, let's add shower makes more magenta a little bit of violent, and Naples you again. This is too much yellow, so let more magenta and more violent. Now it's too much violent, so visas hook color here we have Magenta, the pilot, Naples yellow, of course. Next, let's makes a soft green collar. Well, he was teal, because I called Seo is officially called Azure Blue. I will be sharing all the cars in my car. Pull it in a project section, of course. So, um, when they say my gentle it's gonna create on prose. But magenta is easier to pronounce, and it's a more popular name of a car. Even it's no official, so we mix some steel were for Naples yellow course we can use morio. Thank you. So I keep gets in court so much yellow or too much good into my shop. Still, however, the result is just a soft, beautiful green. Yes, this is the right one. So here we have Teal. What a sort of blue at Naples. You next. Let's make some red orange for these trends, the color of that eso were using carmine red with Naples yellow that we get this creamy, beautiful orange, so it's got him in red. You can see carmine red is different than magenta. It's a warmer at Naples yellow, and the last color needs to be great and will use Naples yellow violet, which is complemented it. So, uh, they'll turn into any woodrow color and a little bit off ultramarine boom, and we'll use points of what? Yes, it is out of her this beautiful, warm shade of gray which will work great with all the colors in our transit Pillette because it also has the unifying color, which is Naples. You. So he used yellow Violet at Ultimate in Blue Services. Our world soft out of trends, the color palette. 4. Color story 2: saying Next home in next Renzi, full colors bullet will have following colors. We need almost black color. Oh, but I don't like using black. So let's use Payne's gray instead. If you don't have Payne's gray, you can use mics off. Okay, Um, I didn't blue with Sapio. Or you can add a little bit off other color, uh, in your black so it doesn't look too flat pants, can I? It's a beautiful college. Wait each other from a little less next call. It is, um, brownish, but it has a very nice total. So I'll show you how churning set we need. Cardinal Orange on its complementary ultramarine blue envies me x wing it to have more orange bamboo and we need more paint so it wouldn't be too watery. So I said, Is ultra high this beautiful around. So here we have on the pains. Great. And here we have kind of orange, but ultramarine problem. Next, we need a soft romantic pink so we'll take out of my gentle and we'll add a little bit off from Naples yellow Geant, a little more magenta and a lot of water. You can see how beautiful lesbian cloaks way of brown and with black. So here we have Magenta and Naples You just a little bit. Next, we need a kind of a nude color. So will be makes young once again got him in the tab. And, um, Naples yellow together handle and some water to it. So this looks kind of like skin tone, but it looks great in any autumn compositions. Plus, it's a part of this trend. It power. So here we have got him in the ground and Naples Yellow Bend water for next cover. We need a very rich brand. So we'll take Cardinal Grant and you remember from basics off color, mixing that to make Allah teacher deeper, we need to add a drop off complementary chit so she cadmium red will add a drop off green. Let's take some more paint. So it will be secret. I had a drop of green a little bit more grand, so we have this strong, beautiful deep that hand Nice. So we have got number and and green just a little bit of green. And next color we need is a beautiful gray which looks a kind off like autumn sky. So for beautiful grade. We need once again genetics. What crime? I didn't do. We've gotten orange this time. We need to have more blue and orange until loaded with water On we get a very NYSE autumn sky, grayish blue. So here we have old Ramadi in blue and cardamom orange. The same makes us here about different proportions. Here we have more blue and here we have more orange. So this is our next trains full color palette. And I hope you like it because I don't like it so much. 5. Color story 3: next color story, which is unplanned. It's almost more chromatic. Uh, no every day, but it doesn't have a lot off jumps from one car to another, so we'll start with pans great, but will add some working detailed, which is cannot create on a pilot. Get, um, I'll ride with colors in the project section on the cross so a little bit of broken dear to our Payne's gray. And we have this beautiful, um, dark, great cover with a little bit off. Bergen did under talented. So have pains, great and Morganti. So I really encourage your tour. Try to mix the colors with the pain you have, so look at the color and find the one which is so similar to watch I have. If even if you don't have a color exactly a smart so the next don't call it. We'll mix by using my gentle Naples yellow on the green, a beautiful, dusty pink. It's the result off these mix. So here we have my gentle Naples yellow on a classic green, but the next color we just need to make so some weapons in with Naples. Hell, the same Bergen, Do we us here I said is out to get a color which is similar to this one, but still different stretch. With a little more. We're been detected, so we get a darker call her next color when eugenics four colors. Which is so magenta, A little bit of broken digit. Naples yellow on damn Payne's gray when yet more magenta here. A little more broken. Do on Payne's gray and no, they need more Naples yellow. Okay, this is the right one, I said, his ultimate get this. So tell Pen. I hope I pronounce it right. But this is a beautiful brownish grey, almost like French grey. I don't call it so here we have magenta bourbon D Naples yellow, Aunt Payne's gray. So now, to these makes lists at some more magenta under said is out to get a brighter pink. So it's all these, plus some more of my gentle And now that's at a little bit off from Naples, yellow chant and a lot of water so you can see this color palette has some new chose, has some brighter beings some deeper beings on. It really looks almost like monochromatic. Even we used a lot, a lot of colors. So here we used all his colors of them, some more Naples healed. So this is our romantic, monochromatic, trendy full color palette. 6. Color story 4: So next train. The color story has more colors. It's a large specter off colors off different hues. So it's if you need some colorful composition, it's a good one to use. Even it has some brighter colors, but try Teoh. Use the brother months in more moderate way and just be careful. Don't use to much green because then it will be feeling like summer. Not like autumn. So, um, and the spell out to have a color for a year, which is leading coral on for eight, will mix cardamom orange with my gentle contents, some more orange attuned because it's so autumn. So where we welcome orange. So here we have gotten in orange and magenta. Next color is a deep, beautiful blue. We mixed it before, and other courses on this one is so perfect for these colors floating. So it's so made out of steel and violent, and the city is out of her beautiful but each dark blue. If you don't have seal, you can try to use emerald green or a cold, really have so you have till and Violet for next color. We need Bourbon Day, but a warmer one when we used in the biggest color Pinette. So we need to make some called him in the dance with a little bit off Gossip Queen Onda, We get this stage beautiful wine color. So it's got him in the head and classic green. Next all her someone bright colors ended. So the 1st 1 is some magenta. We have a little bit off. What remedy in this is too much blow. So, like, more gentle? It has to be pretty Lights over, agent, Plenty of water. I don't need more gentle my gentle here, Aunt Ultramarine little. So next color is a beautiful green eye shade. So will use teal and a little bit of cardinal orange. A little bit more off garden porridge. Okay, this is Torrance. Now we need some more teal and the visas with beautiful green weekend. So we used to you and garden important. Just a little bit. And the next color iss So will yours. Lemon yellow on the little metal piloted and again ballot was overwhelming. So we're neutralizing Guimond yellow with violet under getting Chris greenish beautiful. You so that Simon the hero and Violet. So this is an unusual but ranging autumn carpal it. And I hope you have fun using it and they can't wait to see what you do is beautiful car combinations. 7. Last Thoughts: Thank you for joining me in this class. I hope you had a chance to make some color. Sydney, if you like to class, please live in Europe and the blood. The project, your project section off class. And if you're shelling a project Mr Lee's techniques that can see a beautiful art and those CIA minnix close by.