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Automated Multiple Face Recognition AI using Python

Three Millennials, Development | Programming | Entrepreneur

Automated Multiple Face Recognition AI using Python

Three Millennials, Development | Programming | Entrepreneur

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10 Lessons (1h 55m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Requirement and Installations

    • 3. Computer Vision and Introduction to OpenCv

    • 4. Implementing Basic OpenCv Functionalities

    • 5. Introduction to Face Recognition

    • 6. Implementing and understanding Face_recognition Library

    • 7. Project Part 1

    • 8. Project Part 2

    • 9. Project Part 3

    • 10. Future Scope

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About This Class

Hello, welcome to the Amazing world of Computer Vision.

Computer Vision is an AI based, that is, Artificial Intelligence based technology that allows computers to understand and label images. Its now used in Convenience stores, Driver-less Car Testing, Security Access Mechanisms, Policing and Investigations Surveillance, Daily Medical Diagnosis monitoring health of crops and live stock and so on and so forth..Even to analyze data coming from outer space stars, planets etc also we use Computer Vision.

A common example will be face detection and recognition and unlocking mechanism that you use in your mobile phone. We use that daily. That is also a big application of Computer Vision. And today, top technology companies like Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Facebook etc are investing millions and millions of Dollars into Computer Vision based research and product development.

Today, we are inundated with data of all kinds, but the plethora of photo and video data available provides the data set required to make facial recognition technology work. Facial recognition systems analyze the visual data and millions of images and videos created by high-quality Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras installed in our cities for security, smartphones, social media, and other online activity. Machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities in the software map distinguishable facial features mathematically, look for patterns in the visual data, and compare new images and videos to other data stored in facial recognition databases to determine identity.

A Facial recognition system is a technology capable of identifying or verifying a person from a digital image. There are multiple methods in which facial recognition systems work, but in general, they work by comparing selected facial features from given image with faces within a database. It is also described as a Bio-metric Artificial Intelligence based application that can uniquely identify a person by analyzing patterns based on the person's facial textures and shape.

One of the major advantages of facial recognition technology is safety and security. Law enforcement agencies use the technology to uncover criminals or to find missing children or seniors.

Airports are increasingly adding facial recognition technology to security checkpoints; the U.S. Department of Homeland Security predicts that it will be used on 97 percent of travelers by 2023. When people know they are being watched, they are less likely to commit crimes so the possibility of facial recognition technology being used could deter crime.

Facial recognition  can add conveniences. In addition to helping you tag photos in Facebook or your cloud storage via Apple and Google, you will start to be able to check-out at stores without pulling out money or credit cards—your face will be scanned. At the A.I. Bar, facial recognition technology is used to add patrons who approach the bar to a running queue to get served their drinks more efficiently.

Along with all it benefits Computer vision Industry is $20 Billion industry which will be one of the most important job markets in the years to come.

As the fastest growing language in popularity, Python is well suited to leverage the power of existing computer vision libraries to learn from all this image and video data.

So.. Learning and mastering this Face Recognition Python technology is surely up-market and it will make you proficient in competing with the swiftly changing Image Processing technology arena.

In this course we'll teach you everything you how create a Face Recognition System which can be automated so it can add images to its data set with help of user whenever new faces are detected .

Here are the major topics that we are going to cover in this course.

Session 1: Introduction

Introduction and requirements of the course.

Session 2: Basics of Computer Vision And OpenCv

Students will have a basic understanding of computer vision and students will be able to Image Analysis and Manipulation using OpenCv.

Session 3: Introduction to Understanding Face Recognition using face_recognition library

Students will understand how face recognition works and how to implement various functions of face_recognition Library and will learn how to compare two faces using Euclidean Distance.

Session 4: Project: Automated Multiple Face Detection

Students will be able to understand and implement Automated Multiple Face detection AI

Session 5:Future Scope and Face Recognition Market

Students will understand various applications of face detection and will learn about trends in this market

At the end of the course you will be able to

  • Create Automated Multiple Face Detection System

  • Learn Basics of Open CV

  • Use Google Collab

  • Understand how face recognition works

  • Understand What is computer vision and how it works

So without wasting much time, lets dive in to this magical world. See you soon in the class room.

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Three Millennials

Development | Programming | Entrepreneur


At Three Millennials, We share a belief that Sharing Knowledge is the best way to Increase Knowledge.

We transform students who are just beginners into paid professionals. Our courses diversify from Web Development to Mobile App Development (Both iOS and Android Development) to Python Programming, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and much more.

We believe that the knowledge we share today will become the leading experience for tomorrow. Our primary motive is to help others learn variety of skills and give them sufficient knowledge, so they can excel in their careers.

Feel free to reach out to us with any questions you have regarding our Courses or any questions for that matter.

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1. Introduction: Do you want to learn how computer vision can make a nice people? Do you know that s two layers? You upload a photo on Facebook They have already at that made you and your friend. If you are looking to learn about computer vision in order to recognise faces, then this course is just for you. Right? Owns official ordination applications. Some of them include security. Feminine investigation. Already management for two indexing with us intelligence and many. Yeah, we can see how market is filled with this applications. Still not sure whether President delusion is for you or not. Then let's take a look at global phase of collusion, market size and how much it will increase in the coming years. It is estimated that it will close with a $10 billion mark by 2024. Don't wait any for them. And let's begin. Our journey of learning Basic mission was in quite an XLR Korea. So what are you waiting for? Get started right now. So before beginning. Let's Seymour. Other environments are prerequisites for the course. You just need to know basics off fightin nothing else. Just everything will be taught in our force if you don't have a hypothesis in computer Born with Values, which is a free cloud friend from court, let's start with first the window on a more modest computer vision, and then we will learn about opens, even an implement waiting. Basic function in peace like I am did, I am sure, which will sure and greedy midges and women want to help protect edges. Offer them. You've been known about face of admission levity, which would help us to locate faces in an image. It will use its nuclear ambitions to compare really spaces and match them with each other, often onboard the library's. We will start with Project and end up and create a system which can detect offices in and give me image and identify faces. According Toa. History does not fall in the lake doesn't. Then it will ask the user to give a living image and then updated interprets accordingly. There's automating the system. So what are you waiting for? Let's get started 2. Requirement and Installations: in the previous video, we learned about how you are gorgeous, face reduction might be needed and how beginning this will remain. Start with the list of requirements which are here and we don't have been done. How to install them on herpes 200 Start. You know, I am a list of requirement we have been. So find happiness, which I'll see make Dilip press recognition. No one's here, and there's nobody used for Newberry calculation, and and he's a now everything religion attorney mix. Make sure opens. If you want to be used for opens, it is use for president off Recognizing face importing images. Excel showing any medicine except means in every Zazi make believe and President Mission. You seem a is that once was prospect for the little present ability testing back. It's over. It is mainly usually because he make you seem. It provides a platform who don't know Lebanese wrong, bilious different languages like C and sleeplessness mixtures. Mexes didn't Bill delivers a modern sleeplessness tool kit containing Washington algorithms and goals for creating complex so pregnancy business to solve the element problems. It is used in both industry, and I can make in a wide range off. No means, including robotics, embedded devices more my phones and visit engine So delivers the main library which is acquired Next Fix Face aggression. Oh, this is entirely dystopia. It is used to recognise and many play phrases in any Children back. This will be the main. I believe it really used in this prison. So let's start how to install them and help him. So for installing you be underwater cmd cmd It seemed a hurdle. I take the point Illusion delusion. It is near the sure help My conclusion 2.7 or a moment or 2.7 or an emotional three after taking the my version. Oh, revisiting Okay, if I conclusion we have to install a few over the liberalise which made the requirement document. So we're doing this. Let's see make this is good mission then what? And lastly open. You know, it's not a pleasant suburbs since I will in short, everything only what we're doing. So after this, if we get a never if it doesn't work, what we get it is mainly you do seem it is not compiled in our system this Sunday. Don't ever think Sharia with dollars Michelle Story for C plus plus already we're just such measures for you. You first thing their ticket after clicking You don't want Mrs Studio a Mayor Dave 2019. You're still moving this to No. You having your weights instruct to install it? We just need one thing just next. Drug development, etc. Placeless didn't directly caring strong. I am in started about six playing city, so I will be bringing it. So after this any problem which we are facing when starting the packages it won't hurt and it will star equipments in the city. But if after going on this he doesn't have any more, then the other option is to work with what does whatever. Well, well, everything What time it is in a little club service used for my corners you create We don't have a much how much powerful man it gives us free GBU which was to create high level prove nothing busily without having issues. This is this we can record. I understand you. I will teach the end typos in this we'll make it easier. What is the language? And everything is almost similar to buy imagery I think different. You can't even write the common from languages. Let's name it like face protection. But then, of course, like India waas first thing before they've been sure. Lewis, then Oh, good. Your ones we connect it connects with the impossible. And after connecting greater gives us the GP with language Minnie Quay working empty. We couldn't do up. It's late. This is why I need someone from Come on functions better under explanation markets done storm see weak and then is the definition No, boy, simply it will do. Okay, No final words You So you back. It isn't Everything is in the story. So the next door next thing which we're with you and drink them ginger and building. I went accident to increase this period. Begin used gp and provide some free gpt for all the women It was so let's see after I look at energy people that speed off the processes training, testing everything in Mrs So your definition with that requirement section in the next chapter Except we will learn about different libraries which are used specifically open City and Fraser revolution. And you did I will be with them on how to work with him. Well, you see you in the next lecture 3. Computer Vision and Introduction to OpenCv: and to raise like Chevy are going to learn about open CV. Let me quickly explain what computer vision is before we dive into open TV. It's good to have an intuitive in this training off what we will be talking about to the rest off the course, the ability to see and perceive the workers naturally, to us humans. It's second nature, all of us together, information from our surroundings to the gift or vision perception. Now take a quick look at this picture. It takes us less than a second to figure out there is a cat or dog and a pad off human next . When it comes to machines, this learning process becomes complicated. The process off, passing to an image and detecting objects in one of my temple complex steps, including feature extraction, that is, detection, shaved addiction, which declassification except computer vision is We don't know what this food in doing. Just great. You can accept. Expect plenty of job openings to come up in the next 2 to 4 years. This question then is, Are you really taking one day off this opportunity? Computer vision is a full of deep learning that animals marching to see. Identify imposes images like human. Why use open sea before computer vision tasks open? CVR open source of computer vision Library Start started out as a research prosecuting them It currently the largest computer vision library in terms off the shield number or function it woods open TV employment off more than 1500 algorithms. It is freely of animal locomotion as well. It's a kind of make purposes. The library has interfaces for multiple languages, including by singer. Why anti blackness? The next lecture. We will learn about various functionalities off open scene. And how do you get him remanded, inviting and how it will beings food for our project? His defection. We'll go see you in the next lecture. 4. Implementing Basic OpenCv Functionalities: In the last video, we learned about open CV and in this video we will start putting a more open sea dysfunction in open TV and how to use it for start. I am already installed weapons. If you fight, then I am on. There we go. I have to get images. Then I went to my report office protection to get the images. You know what I am? Perhaps it is then doesn't help ministers to a destiny. So an open sea view. We have this oh like machine. See, imposes everything using names, moving images and text. How do you can working majors too long? This I can hear you wondering. Two words Pixel Williams. Every number three presents the back seven you at that particular vision in the given image , I have shown the pixel values for a grayscale image where every picture contained only one . When I don't the intensity of black color in the location. No wonder the color images will have multiple values for single pixel. This windows can be a president, thereby intensity off. Three different generals which are red, green and blue are either RGB reading and writing images is essential to any computer vision project and opens Even I really makes this function were not easy. Now let's see how doing bottom is. And I will display image for starting embodiments to embody maybe er through defining variable which is suppose image and we can use before doing on this very important city. So we do looks next off The important say we do, we can do the next thing is reach indoor door. I am really This function helps Too important I'm it on here Damage which we can dig is that test jpg is in order once we have a major really too short show they made its does in simple core cimento not I am sure you only have to win news posters The name of the image if we see and second is doing also ABC So there is the image which so began running this novel It seems like it crashed because it doesn't support See we do you support the widow called happens a different functionality which is we will collect that is import cimento Ok , do this See board cereal Before this we don't it way Do change it But I did in this Okay, Okay. On this takes anyone pushing so we didn't see no it on it Image So no, we have learned how to read and write in now. After this began, do the right image, right? Any medium? It's embarrassing. Like this seem Ito north. I am right imagining which is to be seen, which can me, ABC nor J p. G then don't say anything can be imagining with this image. Don't rely on it. Truman's getting the check in the news this first miss or they're only do we made his were present. Now we can see that BBC don't diabetes also present no next month after reading reading Important. The next part, which we can do is color change. A color space is approved on what president colors in a way that makes them delivery. Producing is a very British. We know that grayscale images have single pick civilians and calorie ministers three ministers most upper division uses use cases Use this image in Greece Skin well various application like videos your compression device implement to lead an accident. Use just a corner space as we understand our RGB miss consists off color intensity off different color generals, The intensity off color information amazing are typically less It just we Collor's on the grace concurs. So, you know, once in maybe a once in there, we can really an image, and it will ensure it in with this kind of skills. It is, Greg. Unless kid Jimmy color skin just we could escape and we're gonna show them in a region. So let's try 11 first. We can use it like great great ones too. See, we do not. I am reading the same function that we can use it to change and change it to the great skill. I'm sorry. My bad. That is emotion. It's cynical. It's gonna change Good news. Yes. Then we drove you insane. Pleasure to check the image then the second thing second Bam, It is how regions we just see we do dark Look, I which were interchange. So huh? And the school So the image is given is being Bijie are no Okay. You can hardly imagine degree based and we can have like was goody. Now we're doing it. Just me. Just me and you're doing do just me. You didn't may just cannot do this. I'm sure seemed to underscore sure on it. This is all become script on this and we do underscore, I am sure just me. Just me which was this image Capital? Gov. Martin and just be much different user traditions in is that we can change the conform it off often image after joining local woman we can change became the size and which is in very important aspect as in many, much money, mortals walk with her fixed sites image the same idea to go with computer vision mornings. The images we used for training our moment must be off scenes is now It is my problematic react creating our wounded asking does it escaping images from your sources But what makes it is the operation is useful for training The planning mornings when we need took an ornament is toe the morning pushing. Do this We have a simple come on Chimberg I recommence mg were strong saving Do not recess easy. Come on. And this Come on, push would read Write the name of image image Then this eyes Yeah, Begin Go to like one prayer tomorrow. I was glad image This is done. We can do it like this in this simple someone Any mention in this region? No, no, no. Double resizing changing colors. Now next to things which make sure Lamis tradition. You need a large amount of the tree in a depending. I'm sure you must have come across the line off part in form for more. It's passionate, most deep learning algorithms. I haven't depending on the quantity and quantity of it. But what if you don't have enough energy? Does but all of us can afford to manually collecting liberally minutes, Twitter do it restarted. Getting leads really images is not one of the most used and easy to implement Diethelm initiative. Is it mean to this alien was treating the immediate arbitrary angles providing the same level and delusion thing off the times You can have older Imagine your for what you so basically more dysfunction. This this will require quite a so Ford We're bringing within three lettuce woman corns. I was in problems. It isn't going to we can give the coordinate. This is Damon Ship, of course, were doing every new mission. Give it according to him for metrics say we too short. Good. Beijing. Magritte's, it's It's a remission. Medics. Those in condoms. So where is Booty? Yeah, we're doing just making upset down. So we really would like problems. I do. Bruise. My guru means the image will do from the exact thing my brother ordered its 19 in one day. My bird. Okay, Yeah, This I'm doing this. This is the This week on the same day. Now his distance this day was toe. See, we do not. That how flame we get image Intend to Mitch? That was in one. - Let me check the future. Maybe stick on Piracy has no tribute. Rap effing that gets watt not wraps. Now see me to under school. I am sure DST since we're all doing it, diminish as we want. After this, the next thing which began newest mistranslation. Mr. Leadership is in geometry transformation that maps the push off every object in the image to its location. After the translation operation object presented location Excellent. In the import image is shifted to a new position. Every lex given it away. We're capital X equals toe explains dates and capital like Oh, shoot. My prestige means changing the position from one place to when the SNB respective procession along different dimensions. Mr. Official can be used to add shift in radiance to the morning is my translation. We can change the portion off the image overall. Genuinely image. Give more where I do in the morning that needs to make a general General SCB p which works in difficult conditions either when the object is not perfectly aligned with the center of image. Let's try this way, places, Remove this You will again Um, the movement and we used to. But when we need them any so forth, including eyes and proper mathematical function, we use the library known by no by since we haven't, but we cannot give em. It was two. And the north flute. Duh. How much we have to move it. We have a 1,000,001 100 pixels. So you 100 taxi girl. Listen, that laws not using condoms get 100 fixings. Misty. No, I didn't check it out. This signal you are you can see that Just moved in. His junior, despite has been doing to a center down here. Picks is really we can see that No expert, No, no. Last and next in the last part, which is edging addiction. It is under point in an image metal image. Brightness changes sharply or as the discontinuous. So if discontinuities generally correspond to discontinuities in depth in surface or inundation changes in my day, a book with Properties Religions, seen elimination. It is a very in school he just often image that can be used for different applications like last vision or looking that image and organization. Let's try to help you do this. Do this. It's kind of easy, my friend in Born in part getting like edge. We'll still see group and he's the key would it's where we wonder edges, I put. They are like 101 missy in general, it's right here. We can see quite a bit now Jeans, too, and see what happens. Do you ginger again? Were you ever get introduction? Learn previous functions off CV do now. In the next video, we've learned about the term functionalities and other application off basic cognition. No, do you next 5. Introduction to Face Recognition: in this lecture we will learn about by to freeze recognition library before they wish. You know that what we should know that water is again, you know, then every time you're plural for Facebook, the platform just facial recognition algorithms to identify the people in that image or type certain government around the world. Use facial recognition technology to identify catch minutes. The application off this abnormal off competition are must, and business and arm world are really being the benefits. Incredibly recognition Border is only going to increase in the next few years. So why not teach yourself how to bridge build one measureless an official recognition will , in order to understand how Fraser ignition books like this first get an idea off in several feature vector very much learning over the texture. Do not say as input nuns from his duda. This is more rhythms, goes to the data and identifies the paneling. The leader, for instance, suppose we wish to identify moose fish face is presently in love human image. How much do built ins? We can look at that as in Britain, First is high mid on the face. I don't know when one little reliable, since the image could be skilled toe smaller face how we were even after the scaling agreements change other issues, they show fight off the face with a lot the face. Then whether what? They're part of the face like lips, nose except clearly the independent you differently. This have different I mentioned. Like one of all similar faces and similar dimensions. The challenging bar days took on one particular facing the numbers machine learning algorithms. Only an ascendant. This is the new medical presentation off Face it. Stop this future director Future will become brothers. Maybe his numbers off specially ordered. A simple example is begin freezing, mapping two off each other to which comprises a height, wait average color RGB red off lips Head off those and many more. So while images, no one factor that could really present it as off our off numbers off each one off course that could become less. Other features that could me that I have from the image were, for example, letters. Consider just this fire No. One's. We have included a gym aging Brophy director. The problem becomes much simpler Clearly when we are purposes and represent the same person feature My best deal with me whites a minute. What does that mean? The distance between the do did you like that would be quite small. Machine learning can help us with two things. Driving the feature director. It is the figure to many women list down all the features because there are just so many machine learning algorithm can intelligently label out as many off such features the most important and which in May, no distinguishing an image. The 2nd 1 is matching up. Once a feature vector has been on being a machine anymore, where the needs to match a new image in the state coffee just like their present in the chorus. Now that we understood the basic off office, admission works. But just understand about our one. It's a religion and Buddhism using some off the room writing memories. This is ignition. I'll every which is miss we are going to use, recognizes a 1,000,000 manipulates faces from fightin or from a combined name and its simplest It's Blue, losing the giant starting in the requirement section. Do you use this building the planning mornings, so performing I facing admission morning, which I really want to use as an a curious in 1973%. It has made his features like it can find location of images. Now, given picture can match two different pictures. Can my nameplate fishing features in a picture? Canrong plan against the picture. And we defined out Mitch by its name that it can find it in other. Another picture. Okay, so now we know the basic principle off issued remission. Now, with the next week of crime, how do quote it now you understand how it looks. Thank you. 6. Implementing and understanding Face_recognition Library: in the last picture, we learned all about face recognition. And what is phase of admission appear in this video? Ever learn more basic cognition on horribly in Bloomington? Full. It's mids daughter before all of the requirements which ran here for this a p a have been in store after this. I have done having I'm under my bedroom to it so we can check on the images and everything . No, I came to my ward or face detection in your area. On the fights? Yeah, we can see this is my folder. Only me. Just Okay, So let's get started to start this building port visit and even were doing for open city imports. Cynical for but it isn't. And when Morgan Boat Board matches on board, we do under school. I am sure. Good. Now they have been bordered everything which we needed. That's right to our for this we're meant all the equipment. They start with the face ignition water. Oh, models functions before there for the testing. We really was that Mama, don't gpt Solans short, I'm sure. Oh, Mama, Door keeping okay. Only Mark Mr. Before, which is to say I am you and you know it comes like image You look is we're learning the last session on open sea. You know, it goes next time to learn this for the physical mission. Look, we have to use antique ones too. This is a condition North Norden is friend. She used to import it. Seamus, I am really back for the face ammunition And so you know it will come is Mama So the next step is Oh, before I need to Really the any face in any much The first in which we're do is you take made the face is the very image this can really good in a buyer ordinate it's I don't The four corners of the square are two points which can be no describe. Let me show you how it can. It can be done using location New vision. What is true is condition north, please Good shows. This will find the location. So let's say we want to the division. So you have got to get a location for physics. Two of the main ones, extremely one for you. This is prayers and his name was present in under its top right left and not so our business. Oh, Hubacek, is it right on? Do it! We can use CV tow truck to tow in the last section I for work to go see Makeover director So indecision commit So just this start See me too Don't go Rectangle has five centimeters . Let like it. Sure, it means is I am G. I'm not going what I want. Well, point other resented his first to start pointing important starting point is always left and Dr and then point is always light and mortal. So I point this lift which is your left is one drift even in modem marks I never mend up almost 56 Then for the next right and mortem So you know right this stuff of the night and more than miss 1 63 After we are played the point the next parameter is taking it This color more such kind of is as the storm sadnesses It's almost blew BG are so blue Deal Where does Ramsey? No, let's next thing is thickness What more or less two is enough? I supposed to excel weakness. It shows the idea only which I want you doing Image marked humbly present it depended it weaken shortlists Secret door. I'm sure something zoom um that we can see the blues most this error Maybe you do. We have taken the image which has been rebuffed his ammunition so we can make it coming by using image. I am. Which was he was my CV do toe and image so offered this niche No there Okay, way to go You're not a perfect image that you one day like tender eyes were open able See we do not not were fixed Work way have sear similar parameters for team each See Obama the next thing which we are it is no Was your skin Yeah, we can write Don't start point It's gonna be busy like Be well No, this is one way profits when they did 66 True After that we have formed okay for it is we learned for see we do nor formed So it definitely worked You actually simplex before And then I spare me do and fitness we have Oh, the thickness man Way before skill You gonna do you want to do fight with white thickness? It shouldn't be again Okay, here we go on it because the name Mama. Yeah. So this is how soon you do back Kendall and it works. And this is all we get. Location from faces commission not fixed location. No. Now the individualist which we can get from Professor Division moralists No features. Then marks feature Facebook and month features. So either African ready these features. So my man, this conclusion not please know marts and imagine this waas AMG on this. And when we reject awarded condense then they would begin off every fij face feature. You're begins in Montana. Chin left. I left. I broke Muybridge. No Step nine time when I will don't believe exit. So we get almost every face detail. So he was in this We can get in your face detail So after this, after this function is in court As as I swore shorter you in last according more than 40 dust and going on towards the original feature so every means should be inquiry. So this trail another example for that I can show. See, Mama, they're stressful money. Let's name doesn't know. Morning first office or condition. Look, reach plan! This is no more. No biggie isn't only Miss friend, but if we can add another image, just me. This new school with a mission. This can be the dystrophin, which we have. You hear more damages after loading it. You ever do is including how importing worlds. It's simple. I don't see it was No no. According when importing close to visit Allusion One is holdings. It was full forced with more. Um, and any on this dependence the first part of it, I actually contains only one thing. My, it will be besides ridiculous, you know. Oh, get the NYTIMES similar from No, this couldn't was to. Okay, my man, this currency me have been for him with the disease. Let's see what importing contains just for you. Wait. Getting you figured I got an idea off with us on the teachers with different expects you. Well, let me just end quarter inanity. Come on. If you just does compel this one non image toe, which I don't know which. Jimmy, what is an in? Yeah, So to come back, we have one more function. But before let's check what is there in the test? Image is started. Here we go has turned basic abundance of food off my man. So let's check you. There's a payment of quarter. Is bullying this morning. Batmen check is in the sport condition north. Oh, it will compare compare faces. It will compel the border thing. So first, according no, just good. Yeah, you were. Yeah. Oh, that's is one bomb toe you when they want you. Look at my back. You were dreading damage. Goes your dress. Let's check. That isn't since it's a 1,000,000,000 medal, we will get come after comparing. Does it match our doesn't match? It's all abandoned on the number of features since they miss condense. No, it is. It may be true it matches, but let's see if it doesn't contended. Let's suppose it's just with what's test image is too limited condition it or intra. So we go to guess to LGBT right running it on the results running buddies is Jake. It's for us now. This door facing remission now very understand it through our faults to annoy it combats them you clearly and distance between the mountainous what features off building bridges so everyone knows Euclidean distance. I described her main square. So how do you grade in distance J. You get initial days and little on the function. Yeah, we go. Is it a tradition influenced by his part dish dance? So that's well, the first were to make it just again. I won't give a proper visit, So let's make a dist. We run This was this tous Okay, we're going to distance. Let's check the distance. Stones is 0.47 either. What is it? Listen, this is the distance antics. But if it was just win, I wonder what to be done to check it. I just I just want this Just do a Hokusai. Yes, and do you? It shows them the face distance I didn't finished in should be as small as possible More than you means more The physicist then it defines the bullet went there was to force all the faces detected on 24 7 is quite moving forgets Was this a p A help us to recognize don't for this in the different images but did not see how many people in it is in many no new or unknown The medical director detector And how are rhythm bologna itself to take new images Inordinate office And afterwards I invented for new people I would relearn might itself. This will be seen in the next lecture when the world government declared Next thing soon live. I don't see you in the next election. Thank you. 7. Project Part 1: on the war system now, Emily, Like, riveting. But I meant coming up with this point to make us understand and implement. Or do we had a phase detection morning, a system that can not only take faith in people for this in an image, but also what's getting done and take take you images from user They made its which are remember this is too and and modify insists did abyss. So I understand you and me this and recognize them in the friend images. So you are already installed. The bickering in started equipments. I wanted my life. You know, I have seen it through fish picture that's in this. You're on the board. Us, You know, in this light, here are for testing ministers to him is to is three dish for and desperate. Other than this, I have a Ford Offenses. This water. I have 40 minutes off Bill Gates. No, no, not Must. And Jeff Business other than this Have you doing meters off Moody and Mama, this images are for testing purposes. This place is what we like President of this for our projected for now. So technically we have built up from will this posit as it will check. Or there for this in the form is this for now? Do they check all the business? And then it will try to see which test images. I'm doing the job Two faces in this weird owner, Melba. So dumb on a project will check or limits and see those Arizona tamano midget majors belong . Yeah, so they start. You have far starting first, Very important things. Import. What's foremost in your face is a condition, you know, shortfall this board. See, we don't and important Waas never get in with shouldn't. What is it, then? Import? Nobody communicate vision both this lastly No, We're gonna do this One thing's important. No nicks. Next thing which were real dick one day Me this well done piece work as we have learned. Last thing that I remember one thing this from you and then and the Koran images. So for that, we really find a function like the function will be. Find functionally me Get on board. Well, here this function we want a list we have you internalised which contains all the and quarter physicists with that means So for they do create an empty. Let's first and its name being according actually being there. They're doing that you see, on the borders It walked with wonder Soon during goes or I threw me, huh? There for me. Find with Norc more. This gives us access to this file. To move into this pile is not slash. This is Yeah, for this. Okay. No v. I do the food. No, they won't. Name of the business on et means strode in the in this list. So for f have names if no means well they didn't believe me on the type of fine should be image to uses each obviously so if not and ripped the deputy Jim, you more and mother five moment getting BNG This is it. Just break them one. They can defend a human face What is true for? You're more now we're told image by since it isn't the directly remember best is this English doesn't It wasn't a flight this you know the image matter in court This image So according it's true a former FIS or according new media Is iss New Zealand first find out what? Any corner in anger? No, As we have a list we had each phase and morning in it so and golden Well, since we just wanted me on your gpt fire begin to it is have not split it had no some part before door dpt in the community. Do you know within the first word we work first, he'll be in you don't. If you use the France function this function we have only majors with things they make. Good. Right? Okay, let's check. Doesn't want one jacket looking like that's against to get under school. Important physicists. Okay, What happened is in you many meanest woman back. Okay. Okay. So you have got to solve a very simple everything dealing from you. Turn it again. Here we go. Okay. If names that to solve this begin to one thing, we can take that. I agree. I mean, they're like, but Oh, you mean after me? My name is because Western Book takes on the three attributes can work properly. Musk. Let's unit. Okay, So the next election I use this image is to check the new images which were noticed, So I hope to see in the next lecture What? Thank you. 8. Project Part 2: spiritually and court. Would you find the function, get imported faces which gives all the faces from this border which input on the basis. So now through on this detect all the things this and I do before get importing Mitch after this before still be warned us is a good strong This included thing Go. You don't see this first in this function. I don't see around the faces, but they should. We don't want to face this different. So they want for this and then quit partner for minutes over this. This is and Gloria ones too. This sends internist. Okay, This'd is since name defined regional on different each and every different daily. So the other key component over so they can bend keys. So regret two things from this pieces in quarter, which has all that good stuff and known faces names after this, you need We need to first important. And I am Jake goes to see We do know that I am indeed memory. I am so you know, let anybody mess. We don't know anything. Boston, which will do its first location. So this prohibition was to what? No, this prohibitions after this we get a little Dishman, then we have to import this so more these according members in Gordon's If No School four north Face and going So what's happening? You? It's in building trust. Formally, Mitch. Let's take an example. You know, a mystic, an example of management in this image. First we get damaged using my family. After that Riddick, the location face locations. So we get to locations. Is one location for oil drum. And at that location is where Obama. So this is This begins in earnest. Then, after this, we take a known face and pulling It goes too far. There's importance, image, common face, no missions. This means that what Every for his location, my memory is location. We have different. And according so far, not a little bit different, including and for Madrid. So I have a different face, has got a different including in our image. Okay, so after this what we can do after this we are okay since our image conducting multiple face so to guard in general refers we can cared And Eddie Lehman reporters, his name's they weren't ready so together. I understand. For if according no in accordance morning in one of his importance. This What do we want to you? We do need every in phase. Imagine fist for it For every unknown face we do keep our name. It should be standard for anything Soldem started Name will be this order Ruiz match. So for imagine was to don't compare this which will give us a brood in, will you? Your comparison is between Sorry. No embarrassing is between face and corner. He says What happens? You? Yeah each things weren't reach freezing morning Each face which we have in this Facebook been quoted and check Does it match on it Doesn't. Yeah, so after this. But how can we need to reduce your how it matters and what doesn't? So for every used the dunk face distance is just built This tool for north he's dish It doesn't have his distance of each back general there best match the rhythm When the most distant he is the one next to like a batch match Next. I'm Bailey not I mean I mean gives us the minimum vendor so and face distances in just insists with the best missed index. So and just which is I must mention Knicks Next be changed for no no face names off this same index less. You changed the name we're beginning the new If it doesn't match, then it will be. And if it matches you get the name vitriol on me up Like simply, Trudeau is every leader we updated the fizz names. Any is teams. Don't no. Then abandon our effort isn't name and a pendant. So now what is almost completed? What? Something out of it. So let's drink for leading television. Give this four point in it. We can use this. Oh right Mortem lift in the last video by just by Mr Listen left and modern But it's more time than then. It was like money for his location and freeze names are really right. Is this zip, please Location This wouldn't want for each and every location and face me Which argument? Bridge So yard Finerman don't remain bottom left and me So first thing we would do is seeming to bank which I am G seven parameter is left Coordinate. And according since that we don't want to interfere in the thing. So I left minus 20 o minus 20. The fine was, don't you? What? Got bitten? I don't see. They mean yes. What's it all? Okay. You seem Texas so we could renew you. I love strolling. Step is stop trying different Now we're going to find that So right, let's drink tea Mortem blistered straight Everything we have on the points Best thing this color which were. But if I have blue obviously you don't in rgb BG hot Then last time please take my picture 30 fighting than a finger. We need to define the living when a But we can do this. We can define a rectangle and then defined Liban So we need to find first in line with electric. I didn't like seem almost just you change it illegal border because they weren't busy enough damage mortem minus this. We don't want this image to have a survey of one of the things I see what you know Griffin Hole, my man getting out of that thing So we can now just seem little text in the tech conducting . Next means each What? Which is? That would be the reason. See, don't I want have you, uh in pride reflects which would be point Flay that Mitchell And being for then we really have no one. But I won't be busy with so we can have it way. Do what? All right. Don't last not least fitness. Go defining the swath that you want. No, come out of the new business so we can even print it. His name? Is this a money to used to? Okay, so, yeah, You know, this last different that's drawn, it can new issues. Now, what does the cord distinct? The poor. They were using the function, major. What was out immediately on it. E not this last hours when this is new. Very object is more in my mate's use. Run this. Okay, I would say is a known face. And Cory is okay. Okay. Again. Location spelling. It's every school you don't know. It's got work. Get But this is a huge image. Forget running perfectly. Yeah, perfect. So I'll court is working. We can detective this. Let's see if we can. You take multiple in medicine. So chick reaching you just one begins. You don't want them in an unknown because yeah, and visas. They don't have a major off. Jeff. Imagine about that's what if we had. We could never identified. We're going over looking distributed. So in the next lecture, we would track toe deal with this animal and any minutes using We don't have to do and get back in. And Lucille, except for everything. Thank you. 9. Project Part 3: in the last period. We were successful classifying noticed image, and we almost classified classified faces and we were infected, really detecting faces. So the only thing which means is making the system learn how to take image use images from user and any to its only Thomas. So in future, have the same in my same person the same face a bit, so it can detect without any problem. So in this we will make the system run. I don't think the images so for this bigger than it plus, if then the name of it must be lonely. It's not No, no, no, that's scored. Sea surface was two glasses of wine. That is so you ever get bored of the last thing? We get them from the last fist with your face classifications. The only bottle which we had weeks sick leave, All of which were waas done pruners began using. But if its statement if we get a new one and see in the school, please, if we get a moon surface or should we be sure ask you, is it if user hair can indifferent this image on this face on? If you was again then ask an image for it is a kind. Then let them The mission in Vienna lived were So what's the use of land we're shouldn't goes to work. Good women face more. You like who? No, sister. That's the question. So let's if during this business and leaves this is yes, on in Capitol. Guests wants to It was it was easy. Instant. We should big big Mitch by So Mitch. What? What? Oh, and if images not in the same porter, That on sore in the box? Where do you only have on the medicine of order so they relate Named village after this? Oh, since we have the name so mission wounded by no means to the new copies so far. Yeah, to there's two parameters for exist imagining and this source, Which is why me next is the location, since it's the right kind of living the location. So take the location. Just this. But if you're looking with a PC on my right dash, this is really is This is so we move image. What should we do? Is sure once the absolution so print on Mitch. So yeah, we bring the image language if This isn't It's That's in flipping the solution, which we have. Just seeing this Griffey's That's a boy's room. That one in. They don't see him. We're going to need in the school. Fees is number. You take this one good or never the course. Okay. And I did a mistake. Recorded a week or two. Okay, Now look, it works. So the next thing that you really do is just loaning for his image. Which waas we come back. My is your We're just one. We have been stressing the limit, so check it's working people . You can burn it and you choose Dorinda effect. So what next? So I looked up for They may very well. That's right. Okay. You ever getting that isn't a noticeable, but I do have to system. All right? Yeah, we have a ₹100. Yeah. So we're gonna Yeah, right it is. Mom, Don't you do G? Yeah, I devised Mama. And you're it goes one profit. So your best with the next to each when he was three. Expose on the first cases. Does it go? Bank was another image. This is damage ST Moody and Obama. Yeah, so Miss J this fear of this. Which movie? Sure. Its base. There. So you have. This is my first like this With this next image in the image next to me. Just don't know down bad movie this second I wanted to my order since it's a bloody you don't so angry. Everyone coming. So finally, Mitch, Jim, fight, which is? Yeah, but get 10. Well, yes, in fact, yes, but I didn't devise by factory, so Yeah, we can we get concluded our present books properly. You can aerial images and do your stuff is well in this even you can remove this pace bowler and add and actually demonstrate. Just use be when my eyes good work. Since it will be it will become a huge course. So I just made it for work and dealing with the meanest You can build them as well. In the next video, I will talk more if you just pull off this part. Invent this product can be used how you can make the most of it. So I hope you will be bad for the next figure. Thank you 10. Future Scope: in the last lecture. We completely all the things are more facial recognition. This lecture study the school or fish in that condition. So according to Forbes, Fisher like ambition is a biometric technology reading. Distinguishable the sheriff. He just what a person Anything expect Professional organization. Market will grow to 9.6 billion. Don't lose by 2020 who gets used in a variety of ways from alarming. You don't lock your phone to go to security at the airport for chase products, at stores and in killing dinner and musician restaurant. It was used to identify if our moon stalkers come from through the gate at the Rose Bowl concept. So let's talk a word. The future of facial facial recognizing one of the things that is is a relation the most is security. Official recommendation is a very effective pool area and help no enforcement forces like a nice prominence ends off. Families are leveraging technology to help you just accessing the technology this technology can before they don't have to be used in other revenue, such as Indian XXI confidential files or others interview Monday. This can make other security measures, which is passport and keys off list I made that. You know it doesn't look in the implementation. Cognition is within some with another transpiration anklets, then the broken bone. Everything's technology to use cases as carry cards, toe payoff for your aspiration Feed cereal instead of having to go to a boot to buy a ticket for the fish in that condition would take your face towards his toe and charged The come down, You're crazy. Previously, this could potentially streamline the process and of the minds of North Profit dressed interestingly, the future is you. So in Northern, you know about the future facial recognition? No. But before going for the mission more, its pros and cons feel the bulls are improved. Security Official Biometric security system can drastically improve security because every usually, when does open devices will be a container for any press possible. We can click captured by the recognition system, and you will be honored, probably with the patient like emissions guarded system. You can potentially reduce cost for hiring us to cure yourself. It's a goodness thank you, thank you. It is higher. Curious with distinct watch. It feels high technology is becoming more and more reliable the success rate is currently at high due to the development off really officially taken by election technologies and in front of chemists. The combination of this technology make it very hard to do business, too. With such accuracy, you can have conference and the cream ices is more security for you before in order to confirm a mad security box bending to ensure that this system most, as previously stated that dignity is now food. And this morning this is official recognition. Technology can know for new automate the process and ensure is accusing. This means the convenience and lower costs. Now, after the ones the corns rules, the console fishing nation technologies are it does too rich in today's world, a times to really good, since there is so much time the world, whether it may be very according to a movie or 100,000 places to store everything. The Quest piece. This means that in order for official witnesses recognition system to be efficient, the only process about 10 to 25% over compare this. Many companies use many computers to process everything and cut their time it extra pencil how we worked in technology they looked significantly, This obstacle is here to stay. The second issue is Dr Miranda has a very strong influence on whether or not our faces forces, in order for a vision like missing system, were completely identify. Face signage, multiple angles, building for five, parental for different agree and more to ensure the most accurate presenting matches. Also, any obstructions test fishing has or had can definitely cause some problems. Timmons, who prevents any setbacks or failures It is best to ensure them to do tapas, is constantly updated and operate with this data. Are going bulls importance. Let's see, what are the best uses investing this for fishing technology now and in the near future, you want them on the studio. First is pre winter delicately. It can be used room prevented, identify criminals and you deal area according to one official recognition ratings is actually a string better. And more importantly, important league praises violent incident in retail stores by 91%. Another thing which is used in our resist unlocking forms. Now another thing is smarter. Patient regulation has big toe make advertising more targeted by making a Jupiter guesses at people's inch gender from this like a squirrel, really Planning on stolen screens? Our guest judges with Special AG nation building It's only a matter of time before official recognition becomes an omnipresent advertising technology. Next year's for a missing person. Regulation can be used to find missing Children and repent of your gun. Trafficking has no missing. Encourages. Our group tapas enforcement can become alerted as soon as they are managed by face recognition well in a report to tow any other public place. In fact, 3000 missing Children read, discovered in just four days using official position in India, but can also use for anything blame. The street has developed a groundbreaking facial recognition app that helps the blind using facial recognition. The applicant is this. When we pull us smiling and alert the blind person with more illusions, repetition, this can help them bedroom, just gentle shows situations. Then another help can be like notices. It's. This condition can be used to diagnose diseases that can cause detectable changes in a period of appearances. As an example, National human Generally Genome Institute research use this basic picks recognition to protect our Agassi's R D judge syndrome, and with that is a portion over 22nd for most missing. This mission has noticed, like moving Mrs and I. This explosion of the cases as algorithms get the one where does investigated it's an admission will become an invaluable diagnostic tool for all sorts of conditions. Another fueled. Another thing can be done not for tech schools from threats. Black school attendance can be used in casinos. Hopefully will be cheating. That can be used to fascinate secure transactions, which can be used to validate nuclear Europeans and many more. It is so many, so many so many uses in nowadays and future. So this thing which we are learning the schools in there for you to death and to get up good place, are getting or had a good project working it. This project will help Have you do many things which are the studio? Anyone? Many things which are not distribute. You're using official recognition. Thank you for staying alone and even Oh, please give it back. Thank you.