Automate tasks using IFTTT | Santosh Jadagoudar | Skillshare
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7 Videos (41m)
    • IFTTT Course Intro

    • IFTTT Basic concepts

    • First applet using SMS and DateTime service

    • Send out Tweets as stock values change

    • Play a song when you enter an area

    • Share url of a post automatically on social media

    • Job helper Update Google sheet


About This Class

In this short practical course, you'll learn how to use IFTTT to automate redundant or mundane tasks. It has a lot of potential and it'll make you productive. 





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Santosh Jadagoudar

Knowledge is the essence of existence!

"Hi, My name is Santosh and I hold a Bachelors in computer applications and Masters in the same, with few certifications. After spending valuable time at several desk jobs with major clients across APAC, EMEA, and NA regions(With fortune 100 & 500 clients) for 7 years, I realized my potential and interest as a Independent Consultant. Training and continuous improvement have always been my forte and I foresee a huge potential in our learning systems today."

Presently I am a Web Consulta...

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