Autoit for beginners to automate boring stuff | Rajan Elangovan | Skillshare

Autoit for beginners to automate boring stuff

Rajan Elangovan, Coder- Blogger-YouTuber

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16 Videos (1h 3m)
    • Autoit Tutorials Part 1 Overview about autoit and installation setup

    • Autoit Tutorials Part 2 Record and Play back using AU3Recorder

    • Autoit Tutorials Lesson 3 Autoit Window Info tool

    • Autoit Tutorials Part 4 Scintilla Editor

    • Autoit Tutorials Part 5 Defining comments in autoit

    • Autoit Tutorials Part 6 My first script

    • Autoit Tutorials Part 7 Variables and Constants- Theory

    • Autoit Tutorials Part 8 Variables and Constants- Practice

    • Autoit Tutorials Part 9 If Else Statements- Theory

    • Autoit Tutorials Part 10 If Else Statments - Practice

    • Autoit Tutorials Part 11 Select Case Statement - Theory

    • Autoit Tutorials Part 12 Select Case Statement - Practice

    • Autoit Tutorials Part 13 For ..Next Loop

    • Autoit Tutorials Part 14 Do..Until Loop

    • Autoit Tutorials Part 15 -5 Important Window Management Functions

    • Conclusion


About This Class

AutoIt is one of the best window application automation tools available in the market for free. Using AutoIt you can automate any window application by its simple scripting.

 What this course offers...

This video course doesn't make any assumptions about your programming knowledge. You don’t need any prior knowledge to benefit from this Course.

 You will be guided step by step starting form how to install AutoIt, how to record and playback, where to write the script, how to compile the script, how to make it as executable file, how to identify the window object, how to automate any window application using a logical and systematic approach.

Complex concepts are explained in simple steps to ensure that you can easily master the Autoit scripting even if you have never coded before.

Course Curriculum

1 Introduction to Autoit

2 Autoit Installation and set up

3 Record and Playback – Theory

4 Record and Playback – Practice

5 Autoit Window Info tool

6 My first script

7 Variables and Constants- Theory

8 Variables and Constants- Practice

9 Define Comments

10 If Else Statements- Theory

11 If Else Statments – Practice

12 Select Case Statements – Theory

13 Select Case Statements – Practice

14 For ..Next Loop

15 Do..Until Loop

16  5 Important Window Management Functions

17 Calculator Automation Project

18 Conclusion

Reference Book

AutoIt Scripting for Beginners

Feel free to visit my blog Amarindaz





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Rajan Elangovan

Coder- Blogger-YouTuber

I'm Rajan Elangovan. I do programming, blogging and researching on various different tools and technologies which inspires my interest. I have been into Software Automation Testing for over 5+ years now and my interest in learning new stuff which enables automation has never been compromised.


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