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AutoCAD - Advanced 2D & 3D Course

Michael Freeman

AutoCAD - Advanced 2D & 3D Course

Michael Freeman

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33 Lessons (5h 13m)
    • 1. 01 Introduction

    • 2. 02 Software Requirements

    • 3. 03 Selection 01

    • 4. 04 Selection 02

    • 5. 05 Modify

    • 6. 06 Vports 01

    • 7. 07 Vports 02

    • 8. 08 Vports 03

    • 9. 09 Vports 04

    • 10. 10 Vports 05

    • 11. 11 Dynamic Blocks 01

    • 12. 12 Dynamic Blocks 02

    • 13. 13 Wipeouts

    • 14. 14 3d Basics 01

    • 15. 15 3d Basics 02

    • 16. 16 Preparing the 2D Drawing File for 3D

    • 17. 17 Creating the Walls

    • 18. 18 Creating the Window Openings

    • 19. 19 Creating Window Frames

    • 20. 20 Modelling the Internal Doors

    • 21. 21 Creating the External Door

    • 22. 22 Adding the Base Slab

    • 23. 23 Adding the Roof

    • 24. 24 Attaching Materials to the Model 01

    • 25. 25 Attaching Materials to the Model 02

    • 26. 26 Setting up Cameras in the Scene

    • 27. 27 Enhancing the Environment

    • 28. 28 Lighting the Scene 01

    • 29. 29 Lighting the Scene 02

    • 30. 30 Rendering 01

    • 31. 31 Rendering 02

    • 32. 32 Walking and Flying through your Model

    • 33. 33 A Look at Object Based Design

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About This Class

After learning the basics of AutoCAD many people want to move on to more advanced concepts. 3D is becoming more popular as it makes it much easier to visualize the end result of a project. In moving into 3D however, there is much more to learn than just the 3D modeling aspect. In order to present your finished image, you need to know about camera placement, lighting the scene and applying realistic-looking materials.

**Please Note: This course was recorded on the PC version of AutoCAD. If you use a MAC then the commands and locations may vary. I do not have a MAC so am unable to help with this but a quick Google search should help you.**

Meet Your Teacher

I have over 23 years experience as a Draughtsman & CAD Designer in a wide variety of disciplines. I started on a drawing board learning traditional drafting skills and witnessed the introduction of CAD softwarinto the industry. Originally starting on the very basic AutoCAD release 10 I have used every version of AutoCAD since as well as adding various other CAD software. This has given me a unique insight into how best to utilise these great tools in the real world environment. 

Over the course of my career I've trained countless people in the use of these tools and as most of this training was geared towards getting staff members up & running with this software as quickly as possible, I developed a method that gets my students actually creating drawings ... See full profile

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1. 01 Introduction: Hi, guys. Welcome to this Advanced Auto Cab tutorial. This tutorial is designed to follow on from our basic article tutorial that we previously released. And Mr Torrey, we're going to use the same building, but we're gonna take it much further. We're gonna start where we left off in the previous tutorial with a two D building outline . If you want to get this and learn how to drive us and you can do that previous tutorial if not, you can just open the file which is included in this costs. If you have your daughter cut before, you may want to start with this course. But I recommend during the basic costs just you might pick up some extra command you didn't know about. We did cover some new for 2000 and 18 2019 commands, so I'd recommend starting with the basic cost. But feel free to stop here. So for hours, cause we're gonna developed this plan from a two D basic layout we see here, we're gonna learn to do some dynamic blocks so we can move these doors around on. We're going to develop into Afridi model, which will end up looking like this. We could see we've got rooms, got doors, were then going to apply materials, great looking, more realistic. And finally, we're gonna look a rendering and lighting, which will allow us to produce a full Freedia render such as this and you'll learn all these details for obvious costs. So let's begin with some more advanced modification tools. Not so cut, and we'll start from there. I'll see you in the first lesson. 2. 02 Software Requirements: Now, in order to take this to the next level to develop this into a free D plan, you will need a full version of articles. You cannot do these things. And also could light Also could, like was OK for the basic cost. But we're gonna take this a step further. Now we're gonna use some advanced commands are not available in order, could light. So you will need a full version of article. Also, please don't use pirates off where In order through this kind of rendering, you need a good copy of also cat from all sodas. We're gonna please in life muffin, which is only available via Autodesk account. And we're gonna be using some materials which have coming in, you know, to come in at 2019. If you have all the versions, feel free to use them. You may not have the exact same functionality on materials, but you'll have something approximate, but please make sure it's a legitimate copy of also cut. I do get a lot of questions from people who are obviously using pirate stuff, which doesn't have some of the options included in the pirate in the Pirated copy um, I try and help. I'll help anyone with questions. Legitimate questions. Please don't hesitate to ask. But if it's to do if it's because you've got a pirate virgin, which you downloaded from the Internet somewhere, it's full of viruses. There's not much I can do to help. I'm afraid, uh, I really do. If you're gonna be doing this professionally, you need to have cut anyway. Are took out. If you follow the link available in the bonus section of this course, it comes with a 30 day trial, which should be enough to do any. Do these courses. You could get AutoCAD light, have a 30 day trial to have a basic costs a full or took out. Have another 30 day trial to do the advanced cost. Maybe do it that way. The men. If you're going to use it, you can buy it. The good thing about Arctic up these days you don't have to buy the whole software. It used to be you had to buy article, which was something like £3000. Um, obviously, that's a lot of money to spend if someone's only gonna give you one project to do. But now it's subscription based, so you pay a monthly fee and you can switch on enough whenever you want. You can have also cut for a month. No, have it the following month and then get some more work and have it again. So if you get him, weren't. You can work your subscription around your projects, which is a great thing. You don't have to sign into any 12 month contract or anything like that. You just pay as you go. You could also, maybe by lt one month. If it's a basic two D drawing you doing, you can do a lot of good light. Next. Want to get some free D work? So you have also got full version. Maybe you have a whole suite, which includes more advanced software, because you've got more advanced work community. I mean, before I move you back to lt. So it is really flexible. There's really no need to have pirates off for these days. I won't grains over the irises, um, of malware. That pirate software's full off just very moment. Nothing comes free. Okay, if someone's giving you free software is because they want your details on my want stuff from your machine? Yes. So if you want the software, see our bonus section, I'm his links to all the downloads, and I will take it to be able to the site where you can get a free trail. Okay, so let's move on to the first lesson and get started. 3. 03 Selection 01: hi guys. So in this tutorial, I'd like to go back to basics a bit and talk about the selection command if you 2 may article basic costs when you did lonesome basic selection tools. But I'm going to go a lot more in depth in this advanced cost and show you some things that can really speed up your drawing. It's this kind of thing that really sets you out. Maheras. Another cup professional and investment really speed up your drawing. You see people quite Muto also cut picking away one thing at a time, but the guys who have been using it a long time, we'll just fire through. Use all these little commands and tips and tricks to highlight difficult groups of items. And you'll see in this tutorial how powerful that come bay. So the first command will go back to the basic. So although we could select items first, using a basic pick, command our window to get a full range of selection tools, we need to really have ah, it'll active. So for the purpose of this tutorial, I'm just going to use a race you could use, move or copy, but for the purpose of this, I'm going to quickly raise. Okay, so the first most basic selection tool is just V Pick on guys simply picking items one at the time by clicking on them. Okay. No, With this, you can if you accidentally picked on that item and realize you didn't need that when you come type, you fundo enter on, it will under type it again and you can keep on doing your selection. And you could click Come again if you want there to money. But that is that is pretty much a basic command. It's simple on its what most new users will be doing. Okay, well, press escape to de select a mall the next command. And we spoke about with some a basic course, but I'll go over again, is clicking Raise our window command. And if you remember, the window over where the window works is if we click him a top left left click ones. You don't have to hold it down. I mean, we drug out window to the now you could say I window is completely covered some objects of as it's just crossing, but not completely cover them. And if you notice a go gray when the window covers anything that goes, Greylock is being selected. Now when you go from top left to bottom, right, you need to completely cover the object with the window in order for it to be picked. Okay, So if I don't cover these bottom four here, if I just slightly go over them with the window, it won't select them. That's great. If we draw our window from right now, if you watch the shapes going grey, as soon as we took the shape, it will be selected. Okay, The auto cat term for this is crossing. So this way is a window. I'm a window hasta luego over way over shape. That's a window selection. This way is a crossing selection. And it means if you cross over object we selected. So again, if we just touch phase ones, you can see they have actually been selected. So that is the difference between going top left down. So you saw it? Come on. But it's different. Doing going top left down top right down. It's a window are crossing okay and you can practice up. This drawing is downloadable from a cost so you can play about with this and you'll notice of diamond different cause that squares and the circles and you'll see why soon. Okay, so that's window. But supposing you only wanted certain circles and squares you couldn't drop window without selecting of as you didn't want. There isn't over command if we quickly rise if you type f and return. This is what's called a fence selection and how this works is it is a line that works is a crossing command. So as soon as you're lying to choose any object, it selects it. Okay? And you can see this is very good. When you've got objects in amongst others and you only one certain objects, you can go around with these funds any shape you want, you can even press the fight. And so an awful on If you wanted to only go. There are certain shapes. If you wanted to, just on this is very useful. Come on. It's one a lot. People don't see a lot of people using it. People tend to just prefer toe do this kind of thing. I don't know why it really does speed things, especially on a complex drawing so that's fence. Now, if you have a complex area, it might be some kind of field off funny shaped room or something like that. And you wanted slit everything in there. You can do what's called the window, Polly. So if you don't do you pay for Window Polly. And now this works like drawing the window. But it doesn't have to be square. So for draw, pull your line unusually would be following the boundaries of a room or something when you did this. But you could You could use it just to select the group of items within an area. Uh, and you'll see. All the shapes were in that shape. All the objects within that shape were selected. And this works just like the window command. We have window Polly, and we have crossing poli. So window Polly was w pay a few type CP. Now, if we select raise type C P now it's the same command. But this time, like with the window, we only have to touch it, okay to select him. So when we used w pay, you can see we have to actually cover something completely to select it with crossing Polygon CP, we only have to touch it and again this is useful for working in restricted areas 4. 04 Selection 02: all these commands, remember can use the same. Ah, for remove to remove individual items from your selected set. I mean, if you remove one too many hoops didnt want to remove that type A for at and you can add or something. And you can use a mix of selection tools so we might want to slit all these whether we know . And then you see, Polly two sleds these wounds a man just like that one. And then use a fence. Maybe for days. I'm It will depend on your drawing. What? You couldn't you join? Some cut drones can get very, very busy. You can have things all over place of these commands. Really do coming, Hyundai. Supposing we move something moved, please for me And imagine it was much more complicated selection set limits. We had random objects all over with taking a while to slip them all, move them. And then we wanted to another commander the same objects. We don't need to go and pick them all again. We can just select, uh, a command again. Whatever we want to go on Type P foot previous on that will re select the last group of selected objects. So if you didn't multiple commands on the same objects previous really just come in handy. Something else we can dio if we wanted slipped everything in the drawing, you can just typing. All I'm not will select all. Okay, um that can come in Hyundai. The main reason I use that it is Sometimes you'll open a drawing. This might be reacting you want to see, but somebody inserted something using for uncle ordinance and you might have a circle attain. These things can be usually are tiny, so you don't actually see them. And every time you zoom extents, you get something like this and you feel what's going on on your drawing is actually down here and there the origin. But every time you zoom, extents this happens, remembers them extensive double click on the wheel zooms, all zooms, everything in your drawing. And what's happening is you got some object appear. You can see it every circle. Sometimes it could be it could be a bit of text with a full stop, which is toning. You just don't see it. One thing you can do here on this is where I usually use it is the rays. Oh, return. Don't right. Click to completely command yet zoom into the area you want. Remember after removed the window around your main drawing and select it and then if you them extends. What we've done here is we've selected all and it is picked automatically All these random objects all over place we haven't up to zoom around and finally is little full stops and bits of lines and bits of hatching. It slipped it all. Everything in adjoining we've de selected what we want to keep anyway. So that is the main reason I use select all. But it does come in handy for other things as well. So they are our main selection tools that we use with the mouse to pick objects. But there are other selection options as well. And this is why I've made these different colors, okay, One thing which is quite good and also cut It didn't take it out for a while. It took its command out for a while. I think a lot of people complain because a lot of people use it if you have a lot of objects of the same. So in this case. We have always circles and we just want the circles. You can select one right click Ammon here select similar, and that will ultimately select objects a similar to the one you've picked so select. Similar. And it selects all the circles on what can do the same with Syquest. That's a good command. I do use a lot. A lot of people, user. It does have its limitations, though. Supposing you any wanted the red circles select similar. It is kind of basic. It just sees objects, is objects. It doesn't go in debt for its colors and things like that. But we do have other options. Okay, so we can select an object. This is a red. This is this tour 5 32 foot name which they'll color red, right click. Quick, select. And we want to search the entire drawing. We're looking for an object type a circle on the property we want to match is the color. And you can choose any radios, different objects off different types of properties, too much. And this for this tutorial. We're looking for a circle with a color equal to again. You can have different options, but Miss Case won't color equals two on its it's read here. Okay, this is what we've used. Don't supply, including a new selection set our exclude from a new selection. So we want to include it with creating a new selection set okay, on their ago. So this has selected over circles with a fill up equal to this red sort of a quick select could be used to go for the drawing and select objects of a certain type Select. Similar does a good job. But if you find select, similar is picking too many items. When you can do it, you can also click on select Similar. When you say Oh, OK, I only want to the red circles. So when you can radically go too quick, select a plight of a selection. So you're planning to your selection and you want circles where the color is not a call to right, Exclude. Okay, and that will take them out. So if you've gone through and you've selected a load of items and as you select him and someone says, actually, I don't want the blue circles anymore, you don't have to start a game. You can just edit your selection sex. Now I want another thing I want to talk about with the selections. And this will be the last thing on selections his groups. So you may find yourself selecting the same night and over and over again in a drawing again, Joins get much more complicated than this. This is just demonstration. So you find yourself slipping all these red circles over and over again. When you slip them. You can right click good unto group. No, you will see. But by clicking on one, it selects him all. It looks like block if you remember Block. So you've worked with blocks before. You've done one in the basic cost. This is what would happen when you selected a block but a block his classes. One item of what this is just a group is different. A group is just a selection set. That's just how you put them. And so if you keep at it and I'm changing colors moving them you're free to go around to do that When you're finished, right click group, Come group. There you go, Andi. There you go. On what you can dio if you wanted that to be a group screw close. Actually, I want to add about one as well. You can go up to group, Uh, and now you've outed and similar. You can remove from group. Maybe you want took him out. Okay, When you can carry on selecting about doing things with it And at some point, if you wish, which is always good practice when you finish that it earned its to one group. It might be a certain items you want to keep in a group because someone else will be using them. It's up to you. But group is a good way of key purees items to give us. See, you don't need to re select lots of different complicated items all the time. And as I said, all these things when you look at them, the may take out a few seconds. That may speed things up by a few seconds. But when you've got complicated drawing you doing things over and over again, you worked on it for days at a time. Have amazing place knowing how to do these selections can really It knocks hours off your where over cost of the week. So I really recommend you get to grips with the different selection totals, use withdrawing, have a play with fences, crossing points, windows, all that kind of thing. Andi. Yeah, I'll see you in the next lesson. 5. 05 Modify: Okay, so in this lesson, I want to go on to be advanced. Modify tools again if you've done the basic costs we went through. Move, rotate, mirror copy. I'll just do a brief catch up on those again. Drawer. A basic rectangle on As I spoke about me Basic costs, you'll hear me clicking away on the mouse. I have my mouth set up. It's of a right click is returned, and you can do that under your user properties, which we went over in the previous costs. So when you hear my last clicking away, all enduring is I'm left clicking to select. It'll left clicking to select that item. Right click is my return to self finish Lipton items left, click left, Click I mean, if I need to an exit command right click on right click is just my return But it's exactly the same as Mary term, but okay, so, males, as it says you slept in object return when you move it. Simple. A copy use exactly the same way, but it's a copy command, so it will leave the original. Where is okay. Delete levels on bond rotates. Okay, right site. So let the base point. I have also won't have married snaps on. Okay, Andi, I'll go for a visit. Not sure if we went for the first course, but it's always good to show you a game. Services extend and trim. Okay, so imagine stroke. Polar line. So this buck, we only wanted to extend as far as that line. We don't want to cross over that line like we show. Okay, So trim. So first thing, we select our line we want to use That was trimming line. Okay, we right click to return on. You compress return, right click. It's up to you. A man. Which side do we want to trim? You click on the side You want to take out? I'm gonna go right, Clifton. And if we just move that out, I can show you Extend works a similar way. We want to extend up to that line. Select everything will use a window at this point. A crossing window. OK, and they go on extended automatically. It's about line. So that's Truman Extent a copy of seeing a mirror again mirrors. Select the objects, Then go right Click Mira line. It's askew is about a line a line is this line here? I'm with MEREDITH. You can stay. That's merit. Okay, fill it. Shumpert and blend curves. So we have two lines up, and you do see this a lot When you find a drawing someone else has done. He doesn't really know what they're doing. The may using that you may see a corner like maybe a wall, something that is drawn that way. But because it hasn't been drawn with any kind of oh snaps or anything. When you zoom in the ends don't actually meet. You would do see this a lot on a few tries, hatchet or something. The hatch will bleed out through there. Nothing will work. Its cumbia nightmare. If you do say this used Philip Command Philip Command, make them into a nice, neat gone with ends touching. Maybe you want a radius on there rather than actual right angle Live up. I'm just gonna find out what Go units. Because this was drove very random. Okay, so for radius when you slept, your fill it command. Don't have saying, uh, for radius type are returned. Let's go. If 2 50 and this means a to 50 radius Okay, so I returned that. Now, when you slip him, you get a to 50 radius curve. And if that poly lines, it will actually join them as well, Which is quite okay. Let me just give up. Okay, so we'll go about today's two lines. I suppose we didn't want to curve. I want to this kind of shun for here again. You select your command and you have some options you can use the angle you may want at a certain angle. Usually it's a distance that's used D for distance. I will go up to 50 game, and it will ask you twice because you could have different different lengths on each side. So we want to 50 on 2 50 Return. Now. When we sweat the lines, that's what we get. I'm not to 50. Is this dimension from wherever Conner would have been it to 50. There, 2 50 there and, like so you could have had 2 50 there and meets a van. It would have been there. The longer line. That's the sham for command blend curves. This is used for things like Withdraw polar line. So we click on Fully line Poly lines come in straight. But if you look down here, you can Havenaar compress a And now we've got circles. Okay, so you could have a smooth circle. Maybe we have one appear to We want to join it together. But we want that join to be curve. Maybe it's something like a piece of rope or chain you wouldn't actually get. You don't want some flour? It just looks off so you can use his blend curves Command. I'm not what? Career sweeping curve line. Okay, stretch stretch will let you fight the strong rectangle. So but here's and stretch. I tend to use a crossing window with stretch slipped The part of the object you want to stretch on when you grew up it you don't have to grab a group you can pick anywhere. I tend to use a grip, you crumpet, and you can stretch it. Usually you'd use it to stretch the length of something lice, and you can You could type it and so you could type in Want to stretch it by 500 it would Oh, so oh, you may want to stretch it so that line that okay, extend sends to extend single part like a line. If you want to extend an object, Stretch Command could be good for using for doing that. Personally, I don't use stretch much. Prefer to use grips if you slept an object by shift clicking these blue boxes. Think of Asia's great points when you commit it that way. I just find you have more control by using grips of what you're actually moving. What you don't But some people do. You stretch command. So there you go. It's up to you. A lot of these things of personal preferences for me. I like to use the grips and manipulate objects that way. Okay, scale we went through, but clicking objets the base point is where you want to scale around. So let's use this on a reference so on you can scale it up. See how it's going. Bigger turned to use so scale. So let the object quickly based point apply a scale factor. So we want Let's times it by 100 for instance. I know it's huge when you scale up by 100. What's got if we go? Zero point is there is there when we scale it But now it's about scaled. We can with scale command before we draw a rectangle of unknown size. So remember to joy you do the outside and then it's 500. Come on, 500 will do a 505 100 square if some woman came along with it. Actually, I want I don't want to be 500. A phone would want it to be two meters by two meters. 2000 by 2000 when you can use scale, slit your base point there and down here reference. We press our that's my son going. Sorry. So reference length. You could click our original length, specify knew and what I want to be 2000. So you would scale up from 500 to 2000. And I have done their It's a scale. Use our original length of 500 now make up 2000 and it will scare everything. But it scares everything uniformly the whole shape. That's cool. All right. Okay, 6. 06 Vports 01: Hi, guys. Welcome back to this. Advanced alter cut costs. Andi, I want to get into some of the layout souls. Now, um, this again can not just speed up. You work but make you need less drawings. Many joins up more professional on. This is an area where a lot off people are lucky. I get drive from people who have used auto cut for a long time, and they're not. They're not very well done in terms of the layout on the sheet tools and things like that. The view parts people do seem to have a lack of understanding of how you these work and how best to use them. So this is quite a big subject will probably cover. A few chapters were working through the different ways of presenting your drawing and making it easier to use. Okay, So to start off, I'm going to use this basic drone which will look familiar to anyone who has done the basic cost. Because this is this is what you create when you do the basic costs and it's difficult drawing, you might get if you will in construction or architecture, that kind of thing. But it the same principles apply to any discipline. Okay, so this could be found in a resource is section of the costs. And this is how it will open up. Know what we've got here? We've got We're in loud one louts up. We have, ah, sites of block here, which he's a fall, If I remember rightly. Yeah, very full. Fairly rang a lot. Most displays to use a full ties or blocks. But for the purpose of this cast, I wanted something you could print on a normal home. Prints. Not a lot. People have a free I will. Certainly a one princess. So I did keep. This is a fault for purposes of a tutorial. But we have one title book, which is a block, and we have a few part if you double click your interview part. Did you go? We have our modeling model Spice. We have our dimensions and text in paper spice. No, on risks like that is a basic drawing. No, we're gonna make this a bit more advanced, and we're gonna set this up as a drawing document. Marvin, just drink. We're gonna end up with a few tabs with different drawings and different views, different scales, all that kind of thing. So let's have our main plan here. Andi. So supposing this was old main loud. Okay, this is our joy. Number one male out of the room. Okay, But what we want, we want to get my detailed. We want to do a drawing of each room. We want adding some extra items. Maybe we'll have an electrical out for each room. An architectural layout. You may have other things. You may have a Nike T desk layout, furniture lay out that kind of thing. OK, but this is our main drawing. Number one. The room loud. No, what I'm going to do, Who's I'm going to write. Clip this. I'm going to typing rename on. We can rename our layout up. We'll call that. We'll just call it main loud. Okay. Now, if we right, click it again, go to move or copy on. What we want to do is create a copy of that. Say was going to say it all up again. Create copy. Moved to the end. No, I have is a duplicate. I'm Let's rename this room. Is there a one? Okay, so we haven't made loud. I'm in exactly the same type of blocking everything. Rooms area one. Now what? This is gonna be a, as you probably guessed is a zoomed in drawing of rooms there. When we can put more detail ing here, you don't want to put too much detail in. It's a bit too zoomed out. Things will get bit cluttered. So we're gonna have We're gonna have assumed android for ecru. Okay, so now we've created this. What Will dio We'll double click in our view Part takers into his tiles Model space. Andi, if we were to pan Now remember, Pan, you hold down your middle mouse wheel If we were to pound because we have our text in papers base and Dimension, that can happen and that's that's not good, because if you didn't notice you May Bay Se was ending here. So we didn't have outside and we went into tiled model space when we started putting around and zoom in and all sorts of things we went. But to pay for space, we think hopes What's going here? Okay, now way to stop that. When you go into your view port your tiled model space if we go back to our main loud, This is fixed. This view is fixed. Okay, so we don't want that to be able to move, so we clears padlock here. We lock that view. Now, if you were to pan even in turmoil space, it's locked. You cannot. You cannot change that once you have your view set. It's a good idea, toe. Look it. And that way, nobody can change it. Because if this is to scale and someone ever so slightly change it can lead to all sorts of problems. So always lucky view plots. Okay, now, room one back here. Okay, So we're gonna set five room joints now, we're gonna have an individual join for room. Okay? So I'm just gonna grab all these tax. This is something I like to do and just move it out, move it out to the side there. And then we could just pulling bits of Texan. Reuse it that way. We always have the same I mentioned style. Textile. There's nothing worse than opening somebody's drawing, and they've got free. Different dimension styles, lots of different textiles. It's all different fonts and sizes. It just looks so, um It just looks amateurish. Basically doesn't look professional. You want the same kind of follow through of the same size is on styles, usually in Britain. We would use something like 3.5 height for a title of 2.5 dimension. So you can have different sizes for different types of text, like titles and things. But you want the same fun and you want to follow through with if all the titles, the same size, all the dimensions, the same size and all the text the same size. Okay, it just looks more professional. So we need to figure out what scare we want. These room joins Now the main plan is 1 to 100. So we want to zoom in more than that, you usually limited by a not a critical of any Skelly one. You could have 1 to 52 a half or something like that, but usually limited Teoh kind of drawing standards depending on way. While I'm in Britain, we have British standard scale sizes. If you look down here, you consent your scale. We wouldn't usually use. They certainly know in construction. Usually it go 1 to 20. You might have a 1 to 25 and then you jump straight to 12 50 For the purposes of a to toil or practicing. You can use any scale you want, but I just can't bring myself to use 1 to 30. Really? So Okay, what I'm going to do, I'm going to set 1 to 50. And we want all our rooms to be the same scale. We don't want different scales for its drawing. So use the biggest one to set your scale. Yeah, that fits in nicely. We have room around the outside of it for some text. We don't. We wouldn't want something like that. It's too big. OK, so give yourself plenty. Everyone protects you don't want to drive. Looking to glutted. That looks OK to make, so we'll use that will start off of his room one and we'll double click outside. So now we've got a room one in the center. We also have this. We don't need this. We don't need any food outside of real one. Really? So what I like to do is change of you, pop. Okay, So if you remember this window, were looking through two here This is called a view part. When we drove up in so one thing happened a lot. In cat, you have lines on top of lines. We have our view part is actually on top of this total. What? But when we got to click at Because the title block is a sitting, a few much manfredi of it. The tons block is sitting on top of a view part. It's selecting title block. Okay, so how do we slept? Viewpoint? Well, there's a few different ways we could just draw a rectangle around because we did. Ah, window rectangle. We only fully selective a viewpoint. We didn't slept the full block off its title block. We could have done that. We would have slept title. But here we already slept view pop. So you can do it that way Another way, if you find was happening. You think? Well, I want my view part to be on top of my title, but not be able around. If you right click, we consider this drawer order. Okay, So by slept in our title block right click your order sent to back that has now sent potato blocked behind everything else So when we click here now of you partly sitting on top when we can click it Okay, Georgia, you you'd end up limit Salata cut tends to fiddle around and move things on top of each other. Really? You don't want to draw things on top of other things if you can help it. But you have to sometime if you drive a boundary happen, you might do it again. You might view part. I would do here. You probably would do the view part. So draw order is something you need to know on the gun. It's just right Click you can bring to front you consent to all You could bring it above object. So if it multiple objects and some for each other and you could just say, Well, OK, so it's a block, bring it above objects. And now you title block of your top again. Okay, so what? Select up? Send it to the back. Now we construct downside whole view, pop, and what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna grab these grips. I'm gonna move it up to about that. I'm gonna grab this one. My mother and on the view port remains rectangular. It's not like a square way, sort of grab it. It would just brought back on it. It keeps it square. So we'll move that whole side, and I'm just going to do it. So what I've done, I've used with View port now to own because of outdated view. Port smaller. It's only shoulders. This room on that leaves is everything around here free for text? Okay, but I don't actually want to show the view. Quote this. If I printed, it's now I would have this square on and don't actually want. So what you want to do when you using view parts? If you got two layers, I was creating new layer. Call it report. It's a view part. Andi. I'm going to make it invisible. Okay, so now if we select all of you, Paul, we put it onto this layer. So you get this message. One or more objects has been moved to a frozen it. That's a warning to tell you that you've turned your object off. In this case, it's exactly what I wanted to do. Close so that we haven't. Now we just a lot of room. Berryman. We've not changed underway model whatsoever. We've not this offer. All of that deleted anything. All we've done is change how it is going to be viewed. The benefit of doing it this way is if we wanted toward something into this room. Just circling there is on allows. We don't have to redraw anything. Anything we had is there. It's all gone through through a view port control. Believe it or not, you would see and you will see people who if they wanted a room view, they would have gone Well, okay, I'm going to select this and I'm going to draw a rectangle, and I'll just trim out everything outside of that rectangle. But, uh, now, believe it or not, they say, is how some people he's got. I believe I know that is how some people use carpet or something. And for each room, who would have something appear of? We made it an overview part. Instead of doing this, that would have just scrolled up to there, and they would have a each room cooked down. And then if I do that, something like that circle, we would have had to add it to everything. Base a nightmare any changes have to be duplicated love once things get missed, this is why you see joins where things don't match up. And it's just terrible way of working. Makes everything. No, me to think twice as long that file sizes are much bigger is it's just not very good. So by doing it this way, it just makes things much more efficient. Okay, so over the next few lessons we taught some detail in here. We're going to use a lot of layer control of you. Part controls of it we can keep. I have been the same model, but having different views. And this is a game. It's a really important part about a cut. So join me. The next lesson will start after some detail into this room. 7. 07 Vports 02: Okay, So we're going to start putting in more detail into his plan now, using the various advanced commands. Um, I'm gonna go about two model space. I'm going to show you first. All our information won't spin this one. Plus this one layout, I think I've mentioned that before, but it's a very important point. We don't want various different joints and layouts all showing different things on some projects. What you'll find is you love a building layout like this, and then the electrical engineers will go and work on their layout. The mechanical guys will go put air conditioning, that kind of thing. Heating on their layout. The 30 space planners might put some furniture and desk layouts on a different layout. The architects of using a nivel out for the walls and dolls and things on what terms happen is the architect will decide. Okay, I'm gonna I'm gonna move this wall. I was gonna move it meat to that way, I'm gonna put the daughter on this side. I'm gonna flip the door because that planet doesn't get shared. You end up with things like the door, maybe flip around on the light switch end up being put behind my dorm. The heat in his radio is put where the door has been moved to off the wall is moved, and no one's told relating goes have a lightning lab. It's just becomes a better nightmare. No liver. Even if you do talk and speak with each other. What? It's just more work. Every time you change something, you've got to change it on free or Farlows, you're just giving yourself my work. So I'm gonna show you how I'm gonna show you a better way to work. And that is just to put everything on the same plan and use layer control of you control to show it. So let's see what we mean. So let's have a look at that. We'll start off. We're bringing some blocks. Remember how, if you did, the basic cars were created to block. This is a block. Um, but you don't have to create every time and tell because you don't do that. When you goto work somewhere, they'll use another block library. You as a cup game will end up saving your own block libraries, and you have blocks real sorts of things that use depending What discipline you in? If you move around disciplines, you'll just have a general block library. Like all good guys do. If you need something you don't have or if you're just starting out, the Internet is full of cut books. You convert a coupla anything you wish. Don't pay for it. We're all in there and they're all free. Just don't love him. So I'm gonna There's a file in very saucy section of this course with the blocks. You'll need to do this tutorial. If you want. You can use out. Feel free to take it and use it as you've beginners block library and just upto as you go. Okay, so let's open. Our file had called block Library, okay? And don't worry if yours doesn't look exactly like this because I'm recording minces ago, I will out some blocks to this as we go for every tutorial. What I'll actually upload for vory sources is a finished block library. So no, probably a lot more blocks and we won't actually end up releasing with the costs. But you will have these blocks in there somewhere. So let's choose some furniture. This is all furniture. A moment And if you click on it, you conceive of the layer furniture block. Okay, So, Well, I tend to do his open up a block, Kleiber, and just choose. And he had some to think you may need. So that's half. Let's take all these tables. Um, the sofa's will take the chair. Mr. These desks. In fact, you know what? I'm just gets out a whole lot. I'm going to select the whole thing. All right, I'm going to click on copy clip. You know, in auto covers two versions of copy this version of a modified copy which we've used. If I clicked on that, all that would do is let me slip copy of these items within majority. We also have the the normal copy of it you would see in windows and things that where you can copy out of the fail and paste into another. And that's these clipboards tools. So copy here. Copy. Clip will let you copy out of the drawing. If we go to our drawing, go to model space and then paste, we could actually bring them into our drunk, and it will bring in the lay it everything as well So now we can see what we've got. Okay? And we could start to put some furniture on our Lau. So this is gonna be a what kind of reception area here. This is a reception desk. So what is our copy command? I've got a feeling this is gonna be It's going away too big. But, you know, it's a small office loud. And for the purpose of this, you toil. I'm just put line there. So that is our reception desk. Okay, um, fit away. They would, you know, for the tutorial. I'm gonna leave a lot. That is our reception. Okay. No, let's have Oops of our meeting. Meeting desk, maybe this one. So this could be on me to room here. We'll go tighten up. Lewis is gonna be a better meeting room. Look at it was actually, I think this is blocks tend to commit all sorts of scales. And looking at this, this is actually drawn quite big. Find measure much. Uh, yeah. So what CanDo is you scale, Andi, I will. Just scary. It's 8.75 now. We can rotates. It looks a lot better. So there's a reception there. Okay, Andi, Only I'm going to leave. I'm a library so you can follow along blocks. You will get blocks of all different scales and all different sizes, so you might need to scale from a bit. So I would leave it like that. Um, maybe we'll have. This is like some chairs, like a waiting area. So remember that could be Don't have maybe maybe one of a set there. Okay, we'll have normal off some desks, so let's put some desks. Uh, put some. Actually, I like, uh, for this one. You don't have to be copying exactly how I'm laying out my office. Feel free to just loud. However you see fit on, maybe even get some of the blocks in different blocks grow in line. You might not live. Age might be ciders and different ones feel free. So let's put some I spoke with table in here. Uh, so far. Well, do lovers are furniture, layout, And because these blocks came in with her own financially, I'm going to leave that I'm going to leave on furniture. Okay, so we have a layer in here called furniture block. So we have our lights. We have our furniture for these lights again, if you if you import fewer electrical if you were working in the electrical industry, would have a block library full of all sorts of electrical symbols. If ever You people who work in that Mr Will know there, there's always status symbol for switches for connection units, sockets, all that. It is a whole library full of them. I'm not going to impart something like that. I am just going to draw something fairly simple, and I apologized to any of you electrical guys out there if it's not exactly what you used to. But again, it's just for demonstration on. So I'm going to draw up a simple block. No health in the first course, the basic costs. I showed how to write a block. That is a correct way to write a block w block. Give it to names. Let the objects There is an easy way I wanted. It tends to get used more often than not Now you can actually just go to you can copy it out of your drawing good toe out of your drawing. Coming here instead of clicking place, click on paced his block. I'm bringing I'm not ultimately creates a block in your drawing. No, If we go toe block list, there is, uh, OK, but one problem with this is that you know, block, we got two properties. The name of a block is given by also cut, and it will be a dollar C 94 days. It will be some random or toe cut file system. That's not a problem. If you're just using it within your drawing, it's not specifically to cut standards going. Prove it to be a block procedure. Created a block this way will allow it to give it an actual name. If it's something, it's gonna be used again and again in the company. Wanted to create official block for you blocked library. And you made a bit better off doing doing it that way. If it's something like to the purpose of this tutorial, we just want to use over and over again. In this it was drawing. There's nothing wrong, in my opinion. We're just doing it that way, and it's much quicker. Just paste this block. Okay, so a light switch, generally by the doll again, it's only a tutorial that's not a natural construction drawing. So, bottle lights, which is briefly that. Okay, come about my phone going off money to remember to put it on silent when I'm doing these videos. Okay. I'm just going to position it. Roughly where? It was very rough. Summer got light switches. We've got lights. We've got furniture. What else? Well, we might need some radiators in here. Keep in room. Wall. Um, Ready. I said looks roughly student. 1200 by 100. Okay, I'm gonna hot shining. She was a side hatch. I don All this was the basic cost. Um, I'm going to create new layer cold. Radiates is on. I think he's come be read. No fear wall. Okay, Okay. Let's let donna object. Andi, One figure needed to mention about this light switch. When you create blocks that way by copying are cutting and then pasted his block, they will come and there will be a Malaya that was active when you created them. Okay, so if I was to, it's like this on to explore it. When I created this, it was on the types of blood Laugh. Well, you can dio is double click it. I mean, we'll let you idea the block a man we can put out. Let's put on the lights and lamps. Well, so for changes so a block can be edited after you've created it. Just findable clicking it. You have all your normal tools, change layers, that kind of thing. You can change how it looks, anything come close. So if you add a block, you had it one instance of a block because it's where all the same. But all these are now changed on always inside of thumb there on the lights around. Okay, I also want to put them all over blocks on the lights. And don't forget you have elements in a block on one layer and you have a block in another layer. So I'm going to use our select similar command. And there we go there, old selectors, These aren't selected because I've already put moment on a different layer. So it's not seem that a similar. So we put these on my likes and land. Now, if I did select some of them, Okay, so we have our switches on my lighting layer. We have our lights on the lights in layer. I will now put this on the radiator layer. I'm going to change a court to buy last, So it's all set of a bi layer color. What does that mean? It just means the color of a subject is set by its layer and it's layer is radiators and it's red. Then I'm going to use our cooked go to radio a tow layer paces block. Now it's old and it's all on the right layer on. I'm going to move it. I'm going to use the center point on. I'm gonna put it in the middle of that window there. But I'm going to move. I'm going to move it out. I'm gonna type in, Let's put it 100 mill off the wall. Uh, actually, let's move it back. 50. So it's 50 million for well, okay. And again I divide by just moving it in the direction I wanted to go. I'm in typing and figure No, I could just take the middle of that window is a base point so I could go copy, click on the radiates that's in the middle of the vice point. By clicking the middle of each window, I can put a radiator. Okay, I know when we drew this, the windows were mirrored so I can mirror these radiators. Now. Use a middle of a swole who's lying. A man horizontal was a matter plane, and it will flip it over that horizontal I put him on the other side to So there we go. So now we've got furniture we've got hating on. We've got lighting. Um, you may have some of the things as well. You'd probably have something like a ceiling, Great, that kind of thing, All sorts of electrical sockets and fire alarms. I'm not going to go into that much detail because it's the same process. I just want to show you how we go about set up for viewing of the drawing. But as I said, it's all being done on one model. Everyone will be using the same model, and that's exactly how you want to leave it, if you can. Okay, so we're gonna save this now and in the next lesson will start looking at how we consult different views and different lay out Trump's for each of these disciplines. So let's click on Save, and I'll see you in the next lesson 8. 08 Vports 03: Okay, so let's start looking at separates. Amaze out into different drawings. Now I'm going to do it all in room one. The process will be the same for each room, but we're gonna focus on room one. So let's go to our room. One top, because we set up our view park. We only show room one. Okay, I'm not put any text on for now. I'm gonna concentrate on set on changing these to the different views. So what's rename its first? And I'm gonna rename Room one. Uh, sorry furniture. Okay, then I'm going to do a copy. Right click copy. Moved to end. Creates a couple. Okay, Andi, I'm gonna dio again. I'm really Movil copper. Greater copy Moved to end, and you can see it's automatically renaming it. We want furniture to everyone. Furniture free. Going to change this one. Just double click it. I'm going to change it to lighting. I'm going to change this one to I call it heating it. It may have been called mechanical. Some for depends to complete work for I was just gonna call it heating so we know what it is. Okay, so we've got room on furniture room one lighting everyone heating because we created a copy of the furniture afterwards. Self of you. We don't need to change any of the views. All we'll need. Teoh change. What showing? Okay, so if you go out to Model Spice, we're gonna get look over some layer control. We went over this in the basic costs. If you just wanted to turn layers on enough. Sure. Individual things. We can select something like, Let's put zero on as our current layer. And let's select lighting. If we wanted to turn light enough in the whole drawing, we can turn off on all the lights, go off switches and lights have gone okay. If we wanted to turn our fellow drop, same furniture's gone. But what we've done there is We've turned it off in the joint. It's gone out of the whole joint. That's not what we want in a moment. What we want is a way to turn items off just in there, letting that allows. So we only want furniture in our furniture allowed we don't want furniture. Showed him a light, another heat and loud again. We want lighting immolated allowed not in a furniture, heat and loud, but our drawing is the same. Drawing weaves in one drawing here. We don't have different plans for lighting and heating, so as well as normal A of control. We have something called Vieux port. Later control in view pot later control. You can change the settings of the layers in the view pot, and it will only be affected in that view part. So what do I mean by that? Well, let's see. Room one furniture. We only want our furniture in here. We don't want lighting and we don't want heating. So it's double quick to go into a tile view part. Let's look up before we do anything else. So now, on account of it now, if we go to player properties, we have these extra commands. Here we have as well as freeze and on and law. All right, these ones, these VP freeze new VP. Freeze the p color. What a VP is view pot. So what's what? What what's basically saying is we can change the settings interview part instead of the majority. It sounds probably sounds complicated, but all it means is we can go to we're furniture so we can go to our light in layer, which is one walks on. We can go to freeze and it's disappeared. We can go to radiators and let's freeze those two. That's right again for purposes. Mystery tutorial. Think of Freeze and all Enough is the same kind of thing. So they have now gone. We've turned them off. But we only turned it off in this view part. If we go to another view best over if we go to our main layout was still there but in the furniture drawing in that particular view partner gun. So then we could go toe. I like to, um, probably guess by now, but we want to turn furniture. The key phrase Onda radiates is the pay freeze. Okay, so now you can go to players on go to furniture. Okay, so now we can go here and you've probably guessed by now we'll go to layers and it's it's not new view. Port freeze. It's via part freeze. So furniture on radiates us. Okay. And click back into paper space. Remember to lock your view parts. They will go to the heating out look of you. Parts on the heating loud we want radiates is view part freeze and furniture viewpoint Freeze. Okay, clicking pipes place. So now we have free drawings for room one. We have furniture with only furniture. Showed we have lighting with only lighting showed on We have heating so from there Sorry, that's my era. Turned out for a month We have heating with only the heating showed Okay, just a radio. So let's change our title. Let's change it to room 01 Furniture room is there too Lighting 01 light Sing on board room 01 heating No. One thing we need to do also here is we need to change this scale 2 50 Um, I leave the day It's up to do what you want with the date change about 1 to 50. This one 50. Okay, so well equipped do extents. So now we have free drawings for rooms, area one, furniture, lighting and heating. So let's start putting some text on who now dimension on our main loud is for the overall office on my furniture allowed. Let's put a dimension off the room itself. So dimension will go from snap from that point that point on again I was in the basic cost because it knows what scale this view parts out. It knows how to how to measure it. Even though it's a different scale time mainly out. It knows what Skelos so it can work out. Even though we're imp experts, it can work out the length of this off these length. That's the beauty of our talk. Onda. We would probably have another one showing why this dollars? Okay, I would go on. We have left some room here. You could write notes and they want some kind of furniture. Should Jule again. That's just notation with being through notes in the basic course. Let's change our joy. Number two 00 I'm it'll probably a draw a number of system. So we call it something like her one. All right room Want a is for furniture? I am just making up this number and system. Your company and whoever you work for would have their own system which would be told to fall over. Let's just make something up. So someone got room one ace furniture beings lighting. No, si. Okay, see? Is heating. Thank you. Okay. Dimensions. I'm just going to have dimensions on our on our furniture. Lout. That's copy. Let's put our room name. So we now I don't want We can just copy this from here. Way to go based paste. Okay, so what we've done is we've created for my main loud. We've created a room loud. Now I'm a lower. I don't think we need to show you wouldn't show all these things in here. So what we can do now? We can go into my main room layout. We could go to the view port. Freeze on. We'll freeze it for all free the furniture radiators under lighting. But that's just a basic loud. There we go. That is how you create different drawings on differently out tops using only one model. This is your model. Everything on it, everything overlapping each other. A big model of lots of information can look a bit of a mess in model space. But this is just for cut people to use another space. What you're actually issuing or sending two of us is these tubs. Very well. Look, exactly is a shoot, But any amendments don't of this one model will automatically be represented in all the different layouts UBS. Okay, that is a much better way of working and much quicker way of working and much more efficient. So I try to work that way as much as you can. And you could be really complicated for this. This is Ah, quite simple drawing. But I've seen I've done really complicated drying. Just using this layer control to turn off details is a great way of working. And I recommend you get used to working that way. Okay. And I'll see you in the next lesson. 9. 09 Vports 04: Okay, so now we have our room. 01 What I'd like to do now is well, we need it for all the other rooms, so I'm gonna show you. It was a couple of ways we could do this. I tend to, like copying previously somewhat, rather nothing to reading the same thing over and over again. So why have attempt to do is attempted is to go room one. Furniture copied is a port. Just lay out. Sorry. Create copy. Moved to the end. Okay, I'm gonna I'm gonna rename up, Bring to furniture. Just get out. Okay, That's what's room to furniture. But it's still showing everyone so weaken clicking out of you, Pop. We'll need to unlock it for this. Once you've unlocked it, we hold down our middle mouse button. But before we move it after we've held down the middle about mouse button withheld downshift. Now what? She full dough. If I show you without shift, hold on our mouse button. We're gonna pan vest to get room, too. But look, we're going up a bit. We're going down about how do we know we're going to still be in line? And we're not going to throw everything off. So if I hold down my middle bass book before moving anything, I hold down shift. Now it it locks as it turns on it. It's like also we've only got we can only go horizontally to say so. I'm gonna move it there. I'm gonna click outside now. Our view part because room was a lot smaller. We don't have room, so let's It's a non view put layer temporarily. I'm just gonna use my grapes. I'm just gonna drug route it's about Okay, I got a double click. Remember this escape? No. What's up in there? Well, because I'll talk about it so intelligent it knows that these dimensions were associated with rooms, area one. So it's keeping them when I move the viewpoints, keeping them in place. Okay, so I went to delete those. I'm gonna put new dimensions, and very I could have moved the grips. I could have moved. I mentioned this dimension of this point I possibly could have left, But because you've got this association with the original points, it can lead to trouble down the line. It's easy to damage is so easy to do and cut Now it's easy. Just delete the original ones and put new dimensions in specific to the actual area you're talking about. OK, so and I like to have my dimensions outside. Say, we've got a fan just bring out of you. Bring this view part in a bet, because we've got catching a bit of that detail. No, Let's, uh okay, it's no get a bit lost. Would you please a man? Let's turn our view partof ago. Hide some of those lines. From there we go. So now we've got two options. Let me savor drawing. We can even copy room one lighting and rearrange the view port again like I've just done and do it again for eating. But chances are our view parts would look a bit different on each drawing. It be a bit messy. So now, after miss One, it's easier to just copy this. Move it to the end, a copy and create two copies off this drawing. I won't call it room to my thing. Caps Lock on to lighting on room two. You too. Okay, Andi, I will lock my view part. So room to lighting a lot of you pop and we can actually do, like, control through here. We pulled on my news of it quicker. So we want This is a lytle out. We want to exist. One here, Vieux port free. So freeze furniture, unfreeze lighting Keep radiates is from I mean click out. I'm in room two heating the great lock of your parts. We will get rid off furniture on. We will bring in radiators. Okay, We can move the name tiger for these. Actually, he's changing too. So to there we go. So now we've got room one room to. So to recap, I used one of A's creative in your room and then copy that room and just did some layer control to get the light in the meat. I'm not gonna go for every room. Um, you can do if you wish the practice, but I'm sure you get the idea that would be carried through with each room and you would end up with free lout. Subs for each room. Furniture, lighting and heating 10. 10 Vports 05: Hello. Welcome back. So now we're going to look up creating some kind of legend for this, um, joins you would usually have a legend or K depending what you want to call it. And it would show things like this. Radiator block. Um, the lights and block on the switch. I would just tell you what those symbols mean. Basically. So we're going to a simple cages for those free items. I want to show you a command. I know what people know about actually called change space. Have shown a lot of people this command people have been using it for a long time. I didn't know existed. So I do want to show you this. I'm Let's go to room one. You know, I'm gonna dio is I want a copy with a pinch of this text here. I'm gonna rename it. I'm gonna rename it legend. Okay. No, I won't. It's a great list here, but this text, single line text when you're doing notes you doing a paragraph of notes? You won't. Well, it's called Semtex, so I need to change this. So it's true that we could create some, um, text, but we have to match the font size and everything The easiest ways to get it. If you have single line text to go to this express tools by express tools is it's got tools also kind of broad and don't really belong in any traditional area of a quick, quick fixes and quickly tricky tools. I'm as one of hand attacks convert to him text from outside. We're gonna go for some of these express tools like turning this cost cause there's some good things in here. But now if we click this, we can see we have em text and you can tell out because when you double click it, you get always kind of word type editing tools. Now, these grips, this is your actual text box. So I'm not a big up. Okay, so double click it. First of all, we're going to line up I'm a model. It's, uh on. We have Oh, what we have in here. We have a radiator. I e alright, fitting on day white switch. Andi, I don't want to underlying those. I want to just be five. That's actually just to fry all that left. Okay, close out. This is how I do legends and case. They're afraid to a different way. There's no real rules about from size and maybe rules within a company work far. But for me, it's just a simple woman. Now we need to take our items out. So, for instance, this one wouldn't have any. Okay? And I just want to show you I actually, like took a legend of fair. We don't need a legend of a financial. Paste it onto the light in one. Andi, this one and I will pasted onto the heating. Okay, You know, this one isn't great stuff. Radiate. So this one will only have the radio. I know we'll tidy of lights will put everything in the right place. I just want to shave a change space command, because when you're doing a legend dishes away. This is why I always use his command. Um, I'll show you have a problem. First. The problem is, if you going to models post detailed, most based on normal model spokes. And you copy that when you're going to paper spokes when you paste it, it's huge because it's to scale. It kept the same scale on your scary model spaces. Actual size. You're scaring paper space but like 15 yrs committee natural size. So then people might stop to Well, I'll scale it, trying to work out how much you need to scare it to make it look the same. You don't need to dio for way. The easiest went through its use. Restraint change space command and change base allows you to move item from one space to another, so from model space to paper space and vice versa. But it keep from looking out the same way. So if we just copy one of A's down, this is when we're gonna take out of model space and we tape in CH space. So let subjects slept about one. There we go, and it's taking us into papers base. It's taking us out of the town model's face into paper space so it could slip, please. But if you look this light here, even though in Post Face, we can select it because that is now in paper space, so we can't select any of this geometry. That's Johnny Model space, but this has been converted into the papers. It's a great command, and like I say, not a lot of people? No, it even exists. But especially for legends, where you want everything to what the same, It's It's a perfect command for this, so we'll do it again. Space. There we go. The light switch on and we'll do it one more time for a radiator. See Spice. And for his legend, this legend now is that it can be copied so you can copy this light in legend. Just copy copy of the whole thing as it is from room one. Lighting pasted in room to light. Same with the heating. Christ, have a go. So that's just a CH command with serious space command. And I would say it's a great command. You will use it, especially religions on. People have been using cup for years. Feel afraid to go. I'm no exists. They probably don't. I'll see you in the next listen 11. 11 Dynamic Blocks 01: Okay, so we're getting more in depth now. We've also got we're getting some more advanced commands now. Andi, I want to show you dynamic blocks. Okay, so let's find a block this bloke have created. This is standard L shaped Desk. Okay. No, if we place up, if we have this block here, we could put that in a room. Um, but really, you would end up with a few different options with this desk, you would probably end up with one that way around on gun of one. That way around on him in office loud, you would end up with a selection off different ones, different sizes. You'd also, um, you know, soft sand facing that way. And you could just have one block you could have on just literally take that block. And as we've just done, merit merits column up. Why? I just have that one block mirrored around. The problem with that is a few of text in a block. Then you'll be mirroring the text also. And it's just not a very efficient way of work. If you want it changed. Asked a different shape. You'd have to stop mirror and moving it around, but there is a way in also cut. We could have walked called dynamic blocks. Dynamic block is a block which can be configured with different options contained inside. So let me show you. I'll show you buy. It will actually build it. I am it. Block together and you'll see how to build it on and how it works. So let's take this. They say we got a block of a chair and we got desk on. We're gonna creates a block, so type in block, we'll call it. Um, let's call it Dean desk for dynamic desk. Nice point. Uh, well, uh, objects, sweats all those on. Okay, so now we have this block. So by double clicking a block, you can go to block it, which will do. And now this is a block editing. We got off these my concern here, and we have to pull it here if you don't save his pellet click on this. But the man you get this offering palette, and this is what lets you create dynamic blocks with all sorts of different configurations . So what we want is we want to desk that weaken view 100 revise and merit Viva Life. So first go to parameters. This will be a foot perimeter. The flip perimeter will be from that midpoint down on the label. Flip state. One could be there. I also want this arrow. Miss Arrow will be a Nikon we can click on. So you don't really want to over a line. You want it somewhere where you can see it, but you can. Everything is changeable. Lights around something about it. A flip state. Now we'll go to actions on the action we want to do. The parameter is just control. So this is a state that actually what that control will actually do. I'm not control Flipped it. So we slept, flip under actions, and it will ask a select parameter parameter is the one we've just created. Flip State one please let up. Now it will say select objects. We saw it. All right, click OK. And I'm going to create another parameter again Flip this time and we just repeating what we've just done but in me of a direction. So the midpoint from there, we'll put this label here. We'll move Ferraro. Okay, now we'll go to actions. Flip. It's foot state to select objects. All right, click. OK, I'm in. Lastly, make sure when you could close way click safe changes, and it looks exactly the same. But if we click on this block now, we have our two arrows. Reserve arrows, we positioned. If we click on this one, we can flip. I'll block. If we click on this one, we can flip it in that direction. So between them, we've got every configuration off this desk and it's contained in just one block. So all we need to do is copy this one block somewhere If we didn't have desks already and we could flip it around, change the configuration as we please, but is for basics of dynamic blocks. They are very powerful and very great. You save a lot of time, a lot of different having obvious different blocks and messing around with blocks. And if you look when you're looking for blocks on the Internet, you will see some really good dynamic blocks, especially people. You could have one person and it could be kneeling down, standing up, bending over always different movements. You might want on a construction drying. You could have just how hard. Her honor is, Ah, money of shirt, tie, suit or Renko. You have all these different configurations of people. It's just one block. 12. 12 Dynamic Blocks 02: somewhere. You see this a lot is with dolls on what we can do We can actually make when that will turn this into a dynamic block. So let's just try a bit better. I'm going to a bit of a doll frame, and I will move for now. On that, I will create frame. Uh, okay. On. And okay. I like to move fast it all into the We'll just trim off. Basically, changing this door of a new shaped just give up that my detail. Okay, so I have been a modified dollar. Still very basic, um, in front woman do Is this to Okay, so drop by, sit down. And if you're following along, you don't have to look exactly at issue. Just draw anything. Any kind of doll you want is a basic shape. So I'm just going to copy this, and I'm gonna move it out just into a better working area here. Um, I'm just tied it out from that line off. Okay, so now type in block to make block. I'm or playing. Do you know I like if I got dynamic blocker like to preface it with d William for Dynamic that why? You know which one? Lena Dunham. It blocks and no vice point. I'm going to just click. It will be one of these. Okay? Slipped all the objects. Okay. A memory of a block of a dog. No. Double click it before going to our block editor on. We will create. Excuse me again. I'm going to create a flip option so I could get a midpoint. I'm going to just draw temporal line there. So you want a parameter? We want flip Andi around that midpoint. Well, I, uh oh, actually go, OK, Something. We will never flip parameter around this midpoint. Andi. Now, flip states what movies to that. Okay, now we'll go. We can actually believe that line. That was a temper line just to get the mid point down here. Now get to actions and will say flip flip state one. Select the objects away from there we go again. Actions and flip state to select objects. Off we go. I know because I'm safe, Miss Door. Well, now been irritable. So if we could come out dollar, I'm click select. Similar. I leave this double dog because we haven't won. I believe I was I shall copy this from that base point on. Let's go ahead and put it in all the door opens. And now it's just a case off flipping our dolls. It's a big correct. If the architect comes along, there's actually I want the store. Putting me in a way is a really easy joke to change him. Andi Doors is the place we do find these dynamic blocks a lot. Also, staircases, desks and furniture. Um, all sorts of places, Really. They are really good on a really powerful toe on. If we go into our pellet, you can see we've only used a flip command. But you can have rotations and alignments. You know, you could have action, so it stretches another place to use if you remember out when we drive radiator, I think we did it 1200 millimeters long so you could have one block for a radiator, and you could have eight different sizes are as many different sizes you want on a pull down list. So you could say 800 know to swap this for a meter radiator and it your base point will be moot point. But you could change the size of the idea to just by clicking on it so you can use it for all sorts of different things. Scaling, stretching, rotating arrays on again, this spell it. It's good, I think, have a play around with it, trying to some different dynamic blocks. But, yeah, that's a that's dynamic blocks for you. 13. 13 Wipeouts: Okay, Miss, Listen, we're going to look at wipeouts on quite a simple concept, really. But we don't have been very 100. Andi, I'm just trying to find where we could have used one here. So if you remember in an early lesson, we did our room names on if it were just room there, it doesn't look very good. You can't read it. Very well. Um, in this case, we can just move it. Put certain joins. If you've got a big site layout and you've got all sorts of trees and roads and things, you want to put a note on their there's just no clear place to puts it on. What you can do is you can use something gotta wipe out. It's actually called text mask. Now, we also cut, but it a wife out is the same thing. You'll hear people call it white thoughts because that's traditional name Fred. That's what it was called. Um, So what you wanna do, you go to express tools, a man go to text. Andi, Text mask. Okay. No, select your text. Right. Click. Uh, now, don't worry. It's not trimmed Anything. This whole still, uh, if you go to the main layout model side. It's all still there. What has actually done is it's drawn in in Freedy. It draws a flat, plain, square plain and puts it in between just above you drawing Andi attacks. That's how I want to cut works. Um, but for all intents and purposes, it looks like it's created a blank area so you can read your text and you can see that's much more readable than it was before. That plane is cold eyes, the wipe out. It's a wipe out area and a few type wipe out. You can actually create your own wife. Bounce. Uh, text masks is an easy way of putting away part between your texting. You join boat, you can just draw a wipe out if you wanted an area just kept blanked when you can't do that . And if you type life out, one of your options is framed. So if you type f a man of the moment, that off if you turn them on, actually puts the line the boundary line on so you could turn it on enough depends you may like line on. No, like you will. That's why pals so they have multiple uses. Really Mainly used around text Teoh make things legible. Really? When you've got busy drawing. Okay, I'll see you in the next lesson. 14. 14 3d Basics 01: Okay, so let's get into some freaky modeling now, You know, Told by we have It's up here called Freedy Tools. If you don't have this as usual, right click in a blank area. Good to show tubs and click Freedy tools if it's got sick there. But it will be all Miss Bar. No, I want to show you the basics of free D modeling. Now in the late videos will stop modeling our building and you'll see that we generally only use a few different ways. A few different methods, different people have different methods of doing things of his as we've also cut most things is marvel one way to do it. I like to use a mixture of box and extrude, but we'll get into that later of a moment. I want to show you the different methods of modeling. Okay, so the simplest thing if we go back to our main area here and we draw a rectangle, Okay, Now I want to go into this view here just so you can see what's going on. So it puts thing toe Afridi view. If you wanted to turn that, I'm actually let me measure it Okay, so it's It's roughly 900 by 1400. So this is just a demonstration because that's a bit you can click on extrude on extrude wolf. Pull out a two D shapes such as this in the Freddie's base. I'll show you what I mean by that. We click on the object, right click once we've selected our object and we can make a rectangle into a box going to a cube. Um, figure now, but it's asking for is basically the height. So if we wanted it one me too high with typing one files may go. We got box. I'm eyes Afridi object. One thing to be aware off here if this was a if it's have been drawn, it doesn't have to be a box. I made you a random shape here. Okay, so extrude we can experience about shape now if I got two properties, right click properties. Okay. When you can see, this is I Freedy. So it Freedy saw it on If we go to visualize visualize again If you don't have that right click here Joe tubs visualized If we go to hidden mode on five away, you could do that here as well. The this view you can change here. Um, visual style. You can change here so you could just quit up, which is an easier way. It's something I'm trying to get used to using. I don't cut. Years ago before, we had so old habits die hard anyway, hidden view. We can see that this is a freely side object you can't see inside it. Okay, If I just undo. Yeah. Okay, so this polar line here it was drawn him one. Go. So it's a single pulley line. If I was to maybe Hudson geometry, I drove up. I mean, like, when I came long enough to it, um, did something like that. Okay, I meant I wanted to extremis. If I click on extreme on a select individual lines on make it. Okay, Conceive, this looks different. Now. If I got to hit him, you can see that this is a closed solid. Whereas this is thing is actually a surface is So this is a A surface A bit like a fence around something. It's hollow in the middle. Okay, I'm a reason this is happening because it was is it didn't see it explain this. That is an enclosed area with one line, so it sees it as a as one object. Okay, whereas if I was to joint like that, that is a selection of lines. So when I extra vase, it will extreme flat object. It seemed that as a flat surface on the line is a boundary of that surface, so it's extruding this at the flat surface. Here it's just seen as line. So it's actually just extruding a line in a really thin kind of plain or a surface, which is what it's doing it. It's creating the same as this, which is a flat surface, but it's creating it in the vertical plane. Okay, and there's reasons for doing that with reasons for wanting a surface rather than, um, solid. It's just different ways of modeling, very wise to convert some flies into a solid Okay, um, but you're best off having a single polly line and even closing that Polly line could help . If you if it's still one continuous line, it's still come. Ls try going. Sure you're trying. If for some reason that wasn't extremely improperly type credit, which is shot for Polly line I did offers a raise about and appear on the modify. It's one of those commands I tend to typing. Well, I did poorly line, and you quickly pull on you and you have the option to close. If it's still extremely light and it's one line like that, try closing. It will usually fix any shoes, but generally, if it's a single line, it will come as a solid individual. Lines will just extra the lining to a surface. Okay, but that's a that's extrude extremely is a great command. Um, if you have walls of a building, for instance, you could extreme vote or you could create a box of them. It depends if you've got lots of windows and doors. Sometimes it's easy to this extrude again. It's It's one of those things you'll find your own way of doing. It amount, probably the way you prefer, and you end up with the same in the results. Someone else who does it a completely different way. But I tend to use box on extrude for most when I'm free D modeling, as you'll see later on. Okay, so box is a really simple command. Click on it and then draw a rectangle just like you do with the freed two D rectangle. Quick ones on the next option is height. So you basically drawing a rectangle under extruding in the same command and you can type in a value here or you can just click any way you want. And that's a box. That's your solid box over. Simplest Freedy, Commander. Vile box. Okay, so we also have revolved left and sweet revolvers. A great command. It's really powerful command. It's one of those commands where you don't use it that often. But when you do, it is by far the best way to do what you need. Demonstrate that now I'm gonna go into a going to a front view, okay? And I'm gonna have much of we wanted for some reason to draw a wine glass. OK, so I'm gonna change my UCS. I'm just gonna change to the view personally. Okay? I'm gonna draw. It's a straight line again. There's no dimensions. Here is just a rough on. I'm going to draw half of our wine glass in profile so we might do something like that. These appoint lines, that's a line of the depressed A for Nak. So an awful off a man they believe. Come on, let's go turned press out to go back to line mode a back arc mode. This is our time to do a outlook because but climb out axed Do kind of come out strange as you join them. So I draw them where? No, I will have an act That looks very strange. The glass. I know, but I drove reacts as I drove a line and then I grabbed user grips to tweak it. What I actually wanted to do was put some kind of okay, bubble, uh, man turn off and I am making me suffers a girl, as you can probably tell, um, I don't think God ever get a job is a glass designer. I just want to do something random. That's not going. Come on. I but something like up do. I mean, do you was different because that looks rubbish. But there you go. If you fall along, just do anything. It's just a demonstrator. Command, Um, make sure everything touches that lying but line into sexy whole shirt. Okay, so what we've done? We've drawn half a profile of the glass just to demonstrate foods. A mirror that that is a two D image of a wine glass. OK, but you just draw half of it. Now I'm gonna go back to this freed Eve. You actually go about the world coordinates and are afraid of you. Here. Go to that one. Okay. Bucket world coordinate system on. Go to Freddie toes. I'm gonna go to Revolve. Select objects to Revolve. I want this profile here. Okay, I'm right. Click select axes so you can choose an X or Y Or is that I like to draw a line because you get me. Sometimes it could revolve around the wrong point. So I always like to draw my Lina. Miss line is axes. So it's prove a center of the object which you'll see in a minute. Object is a default. Just press enter, select an object to evolve. I'm going to use that one and that you can see it. What is actually doing is it's taking her shape and revolving around the line. We chose in a case like this, you would go with the default, which is 460 degrees. But it might be for certain objects. It was just, you know, a way to something like up. Who knows? It depends what you join the reception. We're gonna hit the enter for the default, afraid of 60. Okay. And that will give us our object. And you can see this would have taken some modeling to dry it with extruded extraordinaire circles and fill it some more. Corn is not kind of thing, but it was so easy with the revolved. Come on and on area this is good for which provides more relevant in architectural is if you were drawing columns or pillars of a building, you might have a knock on on eight pillar with some molding at the top. Different surfaces, a bit like this kind of thing. And you might have that as an image photograph R two D drawing you can, unlike a two D drawing and just trace it with a poly line. 1/2 of it on the axis of the men. Just revolve and you've got your column. I mean, it's just a case of copying all those called. So that's for Revolved command. 15. 15 3d Basics 02: Let's look loft. Okay, Now loft will take a Siris of profiles on it will blend Afridi shape into him again. What do I mean by that? Let's draw circle. Um, unless copy that, I'm gonna cop it in the set. Axes. Okay, so you can see it saying here in our custom plus set, which means it's gonna visit axes. I'm gonna I'm gonna have a few rows. Okay? But I'm going to using the grip. Something make it. But this one a bit smaller, No one even smaller, Miss one. Cool. That didn't sleep out on the same size. This one could get bigger. Then I'm going to use this point. We draw a square flip, move up, move up square. Is that exceeds 10 Awful. Plus such I'm good or something similar. So I'm going t make bigger. So change your shake from the so I'm just gonna thing points. I'm gonna scare this one 0.5 scale vis one. So there I'm also gonna wrote site this 45 degrees on this one 90 degrees, actually, let's wrote this one 60 degrees. Okay, so we have always different profiles here. Um, you could also do a column lives. Although you wouldn't get you wouldn't get some of the profile. This is used things like sometimes should. If you're doing a tube where I had different, it was getting narrower or wider. Paulson got a weird shape. You might use it. I'll show you how it works. So we go loft select cross sections in lofting order so it's important you select them in order because it will join. It's good what is gonna do. It's gonna join that one to that one. I meant to that one. I meant a violent, and it will join them in the audio. Picked him and you'll see as I picked him. It's given us a shape and was so it's gone narrower and wider, and it's blended as a curve. It's not just a jagged edge blended. It is a curve, which is good, but hey, we're gonna go from a circle to a square, so let's see what happens now. Go on and that one is twisted It I will go when I right click. I'm still right click again, and they would have a shirt. And if we hooked on, uh, shift and mouse wheel, you can see, this would have taken some modeling and frayed A. But we've actually got up things like boats. If you ever see a proper drawing and design drawing of a boats hull, it will have the various profiles and, however showed changes. This is perfect command, for it's another of those commands that you don't use very often. But when you do need it comes in very handy. Okay, so next we have sweep, sweep again, commits, used a lot of time for pipe work and things that 100 ailing. Okay, so I'll shave this sweep now. How it works. I want to. It's a top view. Um, I'm gonna draw a pulley line. Okay. I want you to imagine that this is a pipe on a drawing. Are hundreds something like I'm just going to it fairly rough, using the poly line, switching from axe the lines just by pressing value now, turning all phone enough. Um, because something for some reason, bizarre Piper now, But we're gonna end up with something like that. And this was a 300 millimeter diameter pipe. Okay, So when you drawing in my other line, which was the center line of by So what we dio We need to components to menace we need But the route which is this center line here That's the root of your pipe by centerline. We also need a profile of the type. So what? What is the cross section of the pipe? In our case, it's a circular pipe Onders 150 millimeters radius or free 100 diameter. Okay, but it could be any shape. It could be square. It could be a stash shape or anything. We're gonna do this circle so they have a two component you need. This will disappear. Um, it's just gonna you just time out to cut a cross section. That's good to Afridi View. Okay, so good to sweep. And it's asking us. Select the objects to sweep, but means resection in miss cases or circle. Okay, right click for eater. Psyched sweep path. OK, so that's our path. There we go. You could say this is disappeared because it's just used this as I cross section now the way also could used to work. You had to have a cross section on your paths that you have to join a circle goingto kind of a left you or front view. Awesome. From drawing a circle in my profile on the interview Auto Cup Now is more intelligent. It can It can take that in place itself. Some people will say it's still good practice to put it there, and they may be right, but you don't need to know. It is a much basically the sweet command again, Possibly quite a difficult thing to model without sweet, but easy with it. So number of those commands you use rally, but when you don't need it comes in very 100. Okay, so how for modelling tools in the box have pulled down. These are pretty self explanatory. Really? Vote. They work the same as box. So we have cylinder. You draw So the coat you give it height. Okay, you draw a circle, you give it heights ago and you can type in all these dimensions If you know the actual dimensions off a drawing. Our design, you contact the they I'm just drawing them. Reflect severe. Um, yeah, You don't use that. Sure. I suppose if you had something on eight balls and thin light on maybe a lump shade, I don't know, um, which again. Just just playing with AIDS. You'll find out. Hot season. Flores. This used to be called a down change into Taurus. Um, I never use this. I have seen objects drawn using this, and you'd never believe it started as a tourist. People of different ways of drawing I tend to use rotate for quite complex shapes and reverence, fears and donuts or loft. Just experiment player out of it. Sure, sometimes you make tears when it depends on industry. Extremely kind of mechanical part with that kind of thing. Use Basil. Um, maybe even Taurus Architectural 20 is extrude and box. And that's what I'm going to be showing you this. Listen. Okay, um I don't want to talk about the differences between solids, Andi surfaces and mesh. Okay, so I kind of took some it already. I That's a free decide. It's a solid object. As mass you can find out his properties is its volume. That kind of thing surfaces flat surfaces just as you would think you can create. Explain our surface, huh? That is a flat surface, and you can do things that you can frickin that surface 15 mile effect. You could say it's going thickness to it now. Um, I don't talk to you surfaces. It turns to be mainly Freddie solids. I use we also office mesh here. Um, no mesh is used. Mashed tends to be used where you've got a surface. Andi, If it's got lots of lumps of months of it, you can you come and smooth out, decreases moving of it and refined how maney kind of squares. It's made up off. If you really want to make lots of detailed ground survey, usually if you have a survey where someone measured it high every meter, that kind of thing off the ground minute with a grid and you could make a mesh out of that , I put in all the different bumps in the ground, my kind of thing. Um, for the purpose of this tutorial, we're just going to use free d modeling. Freedy solid. Sorry on you'll see you can do a lot just with free diesels. Just with extruded and box, you can do a lot of things. So moving on, we're gonna go back to our building model, and we're going to use mainly box on extreme to create Freedy building. We can render weaken light and we could even walk for so we'll start line the next lesson 16. 16 Preparing the 2D Drawing File for 3D: Okay, right. So this is the lesson a lot of people have been asking me for. This is we're gonna get its Afridi now. A lot of people, when they want to use Cadbury, all want to go straight into Freedy. The basics of freely go into over software anyway. So if you learn good freed IATA cut skills that will prepare you to learn most of the other Freedy packages out there. So what will Dough is will draw the same office layout for building on. We'll do it in Freedy. Now, the way we've drawn me so far, we've drawn as a two D drawing. If you knew this was going to be freed, EU wouldn't have done it the same way. Um, the way we drew this, it was done to teach a two day draft in basically. So in a way, we're gonna be starting again with Afridi model. But a lot of work you do. If you do use freely, you are converting a to D plan into Afridi model anyway, so it's a good it's a good way to learn it because this is generally what you'll be expected to do. So we're gonna talk to D model and we're gonna create Afridi model from this. Okay, so what I want to do, I'm going to say this, Andi, but I'm going to save us. I'm gonna call it building Free Day, okay? And we can We can dilate these Lay out Trump's so select one just like windows commands. Go to the invoice shift. Select right click. Yes. OK, so we just got main loud Girls are model on. I'm going to Billy. Oh, blocks. I'm going to delete slut. Similar. Really? So it's similar mentally our furniture I'm going to delete. I'll switches lights on our radiates is so looks to Okay, so what we're left with now is just our room plan. Now the way we create free days, we take this flat two d geometry and we give it height when we drawing. If you remember, we have this move this away. We have this UCs x and y so if we draw would give it according up that way, which is our x coordinate justice that way, which is our white quarter. All we're doing in free day is adding one more. Is that coordinate Ondas that co ordinate is height. So as if it was coming out of page towards us. And that's it. People make a big deal of freed, even make it sound complicated. But all you're doing is adding one extra dimension. So for good two of you, Cube Andi, ever notice on top if you click on one of the corners. So this corner here, But it's Afridi of you. And now you can see I use yes, as the extras had coordinates. So we got X in that direction. Why is that? I'm us. I said that's an extra anything. We drive freely. We just give it one extra parameters. Okay, so let's click on top of a member of you Cube. How to use it. You can click on various paths. Okay. Wants to temporarily. I'm going to I'm just gonna delete these dolls on Bond. I'm going to delete the windows. There was a reason for that which will come out this later. Why won't for now sleep. Those goes for a window. Going to leave a hatching Now I was going to include was going to do all this work. I'm not included as a resource file, but as I say a lot of your Freedy were well, bay to convert to rejoin to freely. So it's good that you follow along cleaning the drying up, ready for Freedy. So what? We can actually do weaken delete. We just want our incident of walls and what we're trying to get is a plan off the walls himself. No windows, no doors. So we can actually delete all these horizontal lines here. Overs horizontal lines on. We can use the extend command to extend those. Okay, um, doing, Uh uh, uh, I'm not. Will be a wall plan with no into the does. Just a basic wall plan. Um, I'd like to do is get rid of any of these closed areas. So it was true out these bits, like so. Okay, so you have outside wall, we have Ah, in a wall. What we need for Freedy if you notice this is separate lines, what we want is one closed polly line. So we're going to do some doyline at it, typing credit. Or you can click on this. Well, I find that it's up to you. I'm and make sure with Pauline and that you slip em for multiple So we're going to slept. Those fella's just slip. Okay, Right. Click on. We want to join them. Uh, so now we should have, uh, on. We need to. I thought, what we'll do, create. We've got So we've got external walls. Let's turn our external walls off. Uh, what we want to do is just close these ends because we want this to be a solid object. It's like we do the hatching. We want them to bay solid objects. Pull your line in the game. Smart, multiple joining. Okay, that's all one. So that's how it should end up. In order to go this, you need all your ends detection and no open areas. So it should be one continuous line all the way around. That's what we need, because we're gonna create a solid object. So this one, this is all split into different. So close these ends. So and we'll go my line. I did multiple slits all up joint way. Have what basic goal here is to objects. Now, I'm not sorry. And certainly Walls, let's just check out external walls. Just the targets of I'm going to draw you. Turn your rectangles. Okay, We'll send rose to back old geometry of this extra extra base is gonna Leo's could complicate things. Like so these external walls, Okay. No, If I'm not compliant, settles because we're now the base ready to do our Freedy. Okay, so the next chapter will start in the thickness to this. 17. 17 Creating the Walls: Okay, so we're ready to put some thickness to us now and give it a height. First thing we do, let's go into a nice Freedy of you like to use this one here. So now we're kind of looking at it from above and to the side. And let's just okay, so on to use a commander called extrude or took out has it as it comes is usually set up to do two day if you you may not see if it's free. DIY tools menu here. If not, just right Click go over this bar. Right click. Uh, on go shirts, ups, Freedy tools. Okay, I don't really quite that you'll have this. And this is our basic Freedy commands. Now, I want you to click on this one extrude and then we click on our external world, both external walls. Okay, I'm right click and you can see now won't extrude his Loubna stories to give Something has said dimension dimension with zed axes or a height. So how high do we want our buildings? Dio to be Sorry. What Saying he's got nice high time Now let's say 2.5 mates is so 2500 millimeters return. I'm gonna go. That's an external wall. Okay, so I just have a few different ways to go about free day. Um, I'm trying to show you the basics and show you how the Freedy works and also cut. So I'm not necessarily going to duty the best way straight away. If people have got some freed experience and may be looking at this now and saying Why have you done your external walls like that? Well, I'm trying to give people good grounded in it's different aspects of freely, so they understand it. And I want you to see what happens here. It looks like we have a free day external wall. But what we've actually done is with extruded to rectangles. So if you draw a rectangle on, did you extrude You have a box? Okay. What we've got here isn't a narrow, freely wall. It's just a box within a box. And I can demonstrate that if we go to Allah, visualize And if you don't have this again, right click here told tops and click on Visualize. We looked at this visual style visual style with how things appear in our drawing area. So I'm afraid a This wire frame is good for letting you draw, but not so good fillets. And you see how things are going to look so we can change this. We got a few different options. Some of these Kentucky. Quite a few computer memory, up, especially complicated joints. Really? We want to try and use to the wife frame on hit, and certainly why would you need it? Okay, that you will see what we've got here is a box under slightly bigger box because of the way we extruded two rectangles. That isn't actually what we want. Look, it's no problem. This is how you do free d modeling. So we want to go so solid editing and click on subtract slept objects. So slip box, Right click. So what's solid surfaces? Arranging to subject so in avoids what do you want to subject from it? So we want to subject the small box from the big box America, and now we have Well, this is what we were trying to get. So hopefully you can see that and see how that works were originally we just had a box within a box. Now we've subtracted the small box solid from a large box side. And that's given us our outer wall that we wanted. Okay, so well in the walls. Because we did this kind of polly line shape. We shouldn't have a problem If we just click on Extreme, we can just extrude up our inner walls. And it was 2500 and that is a solid again. We can do it on the wall. We could have some. Both together. So now we have our internal walls of our office. Were there out so well, but we don't have any dolls, and we don't if anyone does so it's not much use of a moment, Andi. So we need to create a door or we need to create an opening for door. Okay, so what I want to do is go back to top view on board. Let's go back. It's a well off to the wife for in view, and I want to open up. Our are about 30 building drawing. Go to models place. Okay, so if you can t dolls come home, I'm just draw a rectangle on the opening on. Go through that on every dollar position. Okay, We'll put one. Yeah, Okay. I'm just going to change that to External wall. I want to change these ones. Too internal. Gonna select similar there on just just some kind of base point. I'm going to draw a circle and you'll see wife. I'm not saying so. Then we go to our copy to copy out of the joint. Not this. Copy the clipboard, Copper. I slept these and we'll copy around now. Go parts while Freedy building. Andi, go before you pay some. Go back to your you and you'll see why. So now we'll go. Prices block. Andi, we can move this. We'll move it from a center if you don't get this is down here, objects snap. And you need to make sure what center circle is on. It's blue and you'll be able to go to the center of a circle and we want to snuff it. I'm not gonna The reason I went back to his viewers, we may have. We wouldn't have known if we were snapped on that corner. All that gone. Okay, But once we've done that and we could slip this on will explode it. We'll just get rid of that circle. We only use about to make sure we brought a visit at the right point. But we've now got our dolls. Yeah, So some of you may have guessed what's coming next, but we're going to go to freely Tools extrude. We're gonna select these doors. Okay. Right. Click on. We're gonna Extremism on our door is about to meet. Make sure you're going up much, you know, pointing down because we're going in the direction you where your cursor is. So we want 2000 God dolls, and it's just the same as we did before. Aggressive chat now. So we'll do. External doll. First, we're gonna extract from that right click. We want to extract this some trucks over there. We go on. Now, do this internal wall subtracting 34 Clinton and again on this one for me, Dr. Against Tracked from here one, my friend. There we go. So now we're going to visualize on. Have a look on the head of you. You can say we have taken out dolls we haven't had our actual dolls in, but we've cooked the opening in the walls. Okay. And what will do the next lesson. Well, do a similar thing will cut some openings for the windows. I'll see you in the next lesson. 18. 18 Creating the Window Openings: Okay, so here we are. Let's look at our windows. Now. We're going to do exactly the same as we did with the doors. So let's go back to talk to you. If that happens, you can rotate with these. Okay? Um actually, it's good to mother. You can keep up, but I'm a little draw. Some right jungles. Windows are. So let's copy that it which disease? All the same size. Yes, we did. Okay. Okay, let's copy these That son girls. Okay, we'll go to our fraidy building. Um, under way. Will placed his block. We will move this circle gun using may snap. So, uh, Okay, um, just sort concert. We during this good parts by a friend. Okay, so for our windows were going off 800 million. The knife, a 1.5 window. I'm in 200 mil for Valente. Okay, so let's grab that. We will move now. I have a sec. Would not weaken do anything much in the accident, so we can also move just by clicking and moving. So an offer one to make sure we're on even basic coordinate. But just like we did, Rex and why we could just move it generally in that direction and then type in 800. We've lifted up 800. Okay, I must explode and get rid of that. And then, just as we did before Well, quick. Extremely well. Sluts. All these rectangles. Well, make sure in MCR it sounds well Teoh 1500. Okay, maybe we have our windows on same again. We will subtract from here. Right? Click and select H window. Okay. It didn't look like anything happened then, but if we go to fish, allies go to hidden. We can see with you can actually see through a window seat up aware. So we know we've subtracted it. My eyes have Afridi model of all walls. It's in the next lesson. Well, actually create Start to create some windows to go in here, on doors to fill in these blanks and make it look like an actual model. Okay, I'll see you. Even excellence 19. 19 Creating Window Frames: Okay. Windows? No. There are literally hundreds of styles of windows. Then if you're doing this for real, you would probably even of a riel window. You could look at and copy all you have specifications of a window or you would have 12 d drawing. But you would know what that window looked like. We're kind of making this up as a tutorial. So what I'm gonna do is just quite basic window. Really? Um, and I'll draw it in two D first. So for just double check, the size of our opening is 1.5 by two meters. So let's just start in your drawing here and let's draw a rectangle, which is two meters by 1.5. Okay, Now we'll have a window frame, so offset, Let's say 75 millimeter for the main window, frame this side. Then we'll have, uh, what's officer 50 first? Email. And we can put that this is a very rough drawing of a window. You've probably noticed. Um, 50. So let's make so your window doesn't in any way need to look like mine. Draw any kind of window you want. Um, we're just trying to get a basic shape. I'm going to extend. Okay. Okay. So was the basic window shit. Like, we'll just trim these. It's out here. So true. Okay, so probably another 75 per 75 square frame of mind. 50 by 50 square insides. We will have something's of glass. So God, we don't know Andi. I'm just going to to copy. That's Freddie. Drying paste is a block. No. Well, you can see that window is not in the same orientation as I get. So we want to rotate this. So it's the same orientation. Okay, so we want to be able to rotate this, so we need to wrote change the UCS. What we want is our is for hours said to be along this line when we use these commands were actually rotating it around. Visit axes. If you look at axes, we rotating it around, Was it so in order to stunned this up to the same orientation, we need this axes here to be set. That would mean we add this was X and this was why. So if we go to new UCS, various ways to do this, um would know where we want Outset axes so we can click that on its asking for our Jim origin is Ah, we want bothered somewhere along there So vast change downs that axes Now when we click Comeau tight, we can wrote site that surrounds it mark. So after we don't, we can just escape out. Go back to World wcs World Cordon put it. That's no um, changing UCS let up can seem complicated. At first. There's a lot. People have been using cup a long time. We still can't get their head around use. Yes, you may need to rewatch that again. Just practice with it yourself. The way to think of it is to look at this useless icon on. Just think to yourself. I can only wrote, say always commands, rotate around said. So where do I need that to rotate it? That's how I do it. So in this case said what needed to be along the axes so you could rotate around Once you come out, you just tell it where you want your said today you could have used as you said and yeah, it's, uh, do practice it and do well really watch that part of video because it It come, It can be complicated. Suddenly it clicks and you've got it. But when you learn, it can be complicated. Okay, So what I'm gonna do, I'm just gonna move this with the building. I'm gonna go to this front view here, okay? I'm not gonna let us draw on this window. But problem is, our again I use this is wrong. We really want X. And why, in this case, it's easy to change because you all you can do is you can go to this UCs use yes, and just select the view I want. I want my use us to represent this view. So you just typed me because there you go, X, and you've got why, Okay, so I'm gonna leave. This is a block, because that will allow me to trace over it. But for wait'll Curtis's, remember, we did our who did our walls with the internal on the external on That is pretty much what we want here. So I'm going to do the external again by two rectangles on the internals. I'm going to just do one pull a line right around. Yeah. Okay. So we've got we can now click on our block and we can click Delete. And now we've got our external frame andan internal frame. Okay, so let's go back to this view here and let's go to freely tools extrude We will do our outside frame well, extruded up this way and 75 75. Okay. And again, we just got to rectangles. So we slightly out to one on. We want to subject anyone we know how thought frame our frame is 75 millimeters our internal. It's 50 millimeters, so we want a bit of a step in to the window, so I want to grow up this. We want to move it. We've got 75 minus 50 is 25 divided by two, So we'll move it. 12 Misdirection. 12.5 millimeters on. We just get that slight stepping there, okay? And then we're going to Freddie Tools when we will extrude it. 50 millimeters. There we go. I'm never have our window. I'm going to put this onto the wall in July, which we already have him because we used our Oh, hold joint is a base for it. I'm going to buy land up by blood. So it goes green. So now we have a green window. Um, you can see that these air into parts so we can click about two free tools. Click Union. So your name is basically the opposite of subtract. You can talk to freely solids and you could join them together. So that is one union no, vice a window. Okay, Now I want to position this window, so I'm going to turn on Why a frame which will allow us got to move. Allow us to Gretl in this midpoint of this line here, which we can match up with the midpoint. When you're in wire frame and you start zooming, sometimes it can. It's under your eyes, a bit crazy, but I za current location. So what is in the middle? Uhm, I'm going about to hedge in when we can see it's in the middle, and now we can just copy using any base point on this window. I'm going to use that corner as long as we slept. The same part of each window go as our windows. Later on, we'll actually put some glass in May's, but for now getting a window frame. So in the next lesson. We'll look at the doors, which will be a similar method on, and we will make these dynamic block like we did in the two d drunk. So not only can we flip them, but we can open and shut them as well. So join me in the next lesson. 20. 20 Modelling the Internal Doors: Okay, so in this lesson, we're going to start. We're going to put our doors and we're going to draw out dollars in free day. These are gonna be dynamic blocks like before. I remember going to put them in the correct place. So first thing we want to do is ah, UCs back. If it's not already, put it bucket world, coordinate system. Okay, now we'll go toe over drawing, so let's copy this. Paste it in. So we have our dynamic block that were created in Alfred E Drawing, but it is still just a two d dog. So what's the first thing you need to have medicine to Afridi? Item we can do about. We can. Let's, um Let's put it this way so I could see on double click to go into our block editor. We're in the block. It it's ah, I want a similar view. Okay, I'll do. So again, we're gonna make use of extrude command. Our door opening was two meters high, so we can, first of all, extreme both of these frames. I will go to meet us high, Okay? No, we want the bits of frame along it up. So for that, we can just draw rectangle. I will. I don't For Drew is an actual size or just by eye. It looks like by a brisk It's as good as 30 millimeters. So let's just extrude these down. Oops, It's true. This down 30 meets is there we go. I know it could do a union for these. Free gives it because they love Freedy is there's a lot of extruding subtracted in union. These are very commands Will use a lot We now, if our doll frame I would actually door will be a welcome measure this 1970 So we can extrude this misdirection. 1970 There we go. I don't have a dog. Um I'm just going to put on the dog. Okay, Andi, it could be by land, But still, even though we've drawn this is no actually included, You know, uh, our action, our dynamic block options when he toward these. So if you see these little icons here, this is our action. Mrs. Awa flicked option if you remember in dynamic blocks were created to flip actions and we added these components onto the so we now need toward the Freedy components into them. So if you click it right, click and you see action selection Set. Modify. Selection set. I meant just adverse. Right click. Same for this one. Right click action selection set. Modify selection. Set those. Okay. And now we can close our block editor and save the changes. Now, when we click it, we have these grips still there from the dynamic block. But we conflict. Hold off. Andi will be up to see it now it's a flip it back. We can flip it any way we want. Okay. Okay, so we've got our Freddie. Don't know. But what I want to do, as well as having the ability to change the orientation, I'd like to be able to open and close is doing Freedy so it can show the room in the different states. And for that we use It's a dynamic blocker game, so we'll double click it and we use something called a visibility state. So I'm going to copy this opened off and I'm going toe draw it closed as well, and I just step in a bit, so that would be a close state. That will be the open state. Okay, We got the perimeters and we slept Visibility. We will put our label. But our label No, for now follows. Put it that. OK, so get actions. So we go to that's block editor Visibility states of controlled up here. Okay, so we click on visibility states on, we'll change that one. Rename it open. I have a new one called Closed. So we have two states opening. Closed. Okay, now here we can slept The items you want to be visible. I want to be invisible. So enclosed married, these two to be invisible in open mouth. Closed door will be invisible, and we'll save up. So now we click on a dough as well as these two arrows Re office. Yeah, pull down and we can say closed. Can't see us because we're in missing and murdered. For governments to live for him, you could have open closed on our open mode Can be any orientation. Come close. It okay says it's looking good. Now what we'll do is we'll. But that good home. I'm all just copy this. I put one on every door do external after, um Yep. And we can just already told these now the way we want them. Jim, really open against the world. If you go back to our Hatem note, you could say we have our dolls now Windows and our does. We can close and we can open. OK, so delete this. That's the doors of the internal doors. Andi. Well, look at during a double door next. 21. 21 Creating the External Door: Okay, so we've got a model, starts its look quite good here. Now we're going to created Doubled all in this area here, so we just can use a similar process. Um, way. Don't have a to d block on here. We never created once. It'll create with from from scratch but will use a similar process to this on Would issues a similar process to create it from scratch. So let's go to our top view. Andi. Still one of A's. Okay, Rotates on. I'm going to Thanks. Explode with okay. No, I would like to do Is firstly going to measure the gap, which is important eight meets us. I want to move up so we can see it. So by drawing a line and then we can offset it through So less clusters exploded. Sucking that way, I can show you again. Process. We used to create it. Okay, Okay. So we can move this frame here and then we can extrude Andi, I will just measure to meet us. So Freddie Tools extreme for I was on two friends to meet us. Okay. On again, like we did before. Let's draw a rectangle, Andi Free tools extrude vests. We want to go downwards. It's because coming from a top of the opening so downwards and it was 30. Okay, I will do a union illness. So that's our frame on. We should put on doors on and make it by later. Okay. For the door. I just wanna line along that unused the mirror command, snap into a midpoint. I'm gonna go. Okay? I just want to check these doors actually will fill the whole space, so take one of these consigned from that point. Okay? So we can see how it dolls will not, Actually. I need to be slightly bigger to fill this shape. We can do about fairly simply by just stretching this using the grips stretch this free T shape. We only need to use a possum groups because it will remain a square. A cube. Sorry. Okay, So shall rotate about Buck on. We'll draw our circle. We can use with dream command, draw a line and use our trim command to trim. Yeah, I'm gonna actually delete these on the doors layer. Okay. Now we can just marabout around the way about dolls. So all that's left to do now is to make this into a block dynamic. Look, um, if you wish, you might want to put in good to freely tolls and put in a box shape, have some kind of window he could been subtracted from adore external. Those will probably have some kind of window ing. I let you guys play around on any of this, feel free to change it, make things look a bit different. Encourage that it helps you get used to the tools. But I don't want to go over the same thing over and over again the same commands because that's when courses get really buying. If you need to see it again, you can just rewind it and watch. Watch me go through creating a box subtracted. So I'm gonna leave my dogs like this. I'm just going to turn it into a dynamic blackmail, but type in block Andi, I'll call it Make next next. No, they're off. Um, point, I'll pick. Is the midpoint the option the objects will be evos on. Okay, so now I shall goingto block at it using the offering pellet. I'm going to create visibility parameter. What shall put okay? No grunts of copy the door and rotate it. This will be our closed door was going to put that and I'll copy of that girl again for us tonight. Okay. So back to block it. It a tab on our visibility States, we will have open closed. Okay, close state phase. We'll be invisible. Our open state, no one will be invisible. I'm not going to flip this. Obviously, there's only one Don't actually could flip it, actually, yes, I will do it. Usually a dogwood opening words like this. But I will let me do it just to show you again, because dynamic parts can seem a bit complicated. So I'm going to create new permits, which is flip, and it's going to pay. That would make point. Andi, I'll put the state puts it into Okay, let's move for arrow. So that claims So that action is a flip on this state. Okay, Okay. So action is they flip on this state, so let the objects. There we go. I'm last of no close. Look at it. A safer changes. Let's just testes. So we have our flip. It's actually that's okay. On closed door on that work ive away Yeah. So now we can move our door into position. It's going to grab it there. So that's our external doll, Remember? Good design, actually, having his daughter hitting someone in the faces were walking out of this room. But this isn't my architectural cars. It's a cost. I'm just going to leave that for now. But you feel free to move it. Well, Feel free to change everything, as I say. So we have our walls. We have our doors and windows. Um, no. Very good place to work, mainly because there's no floor, no sailing. So in the next lesson, I'm going to create some kind of flaw, some kind of base for this, and then we're looking putting a roof on it, So join us in the next lesson. 22. 22 Adding the Base Slab: Okay, so let's We're going to put some kind of based on this. Andi, you could If he was actually designing this building, it would probably sound some kind of concrete foundation. Which would you want? Just draw as we have come before the box. And you'd have the size of a foundation. It might be a big slab, Andre. Fear it might be just under the external walls for the purposes of s. I'm just going to draw. I'm just going to draw surface, basically, which will bay. It's I'm Let's just give it 500 figures and all I'm looking for here is to have something the model is sitting on event. I'm going to create a foundation just by drawing a rectangle. Andi, let's offset that. Um, let's say 2 50 Okay, Andi, let's extrude vote down. I say 600. This isn't a design. This. We would want to see this, um, so that we go toe ahead of you. In fact, I'll show you what we've done here, so this will be our ground. And you can think of this as soil as Earth. This is if we were to construct this office on a Greenfield site. This is our field. So this is here. This would be our concrete foundation. So as we would, we would dig out the void for this foundation. We're going to subtract from this our foundation. Okay? No, If you look what's happened because we subtracted, we've created a void. But we have lost our concrete foundation. We now have the building sitting. Floating over is void, which isn't really what we want. We wanted to keep the concrete foundation in there, but just have it separated. Well, the best way to do about I found on just like everything else. It also covers probably 100 different ways to do it. But for where I like to do this, let me just undo. Okay, So I'm going to draw. I'm just going to put something we can use on. I tend to use little circles eyes whenever I want base point to grab hold of something, I'm gonna go to a copy command. I'm going to copy this out off the drawing. Okay. You can delete right now, so that's copied to the clipboard. So now we can do our subtract a game way tried again. So now we can do our subtract again, Andi. If we go to hidden, the same thing has happened. But because we've copied it to our So I'll click ball. If we go to paste on, we can use this weaken group it by my sense of that circle, Put it back in place. So do some kind of things. Like I know I want to. Something is going to disappear. Copy it, do a commander and paste it bucking. Um, that's quite that's just the way I use. Okay, so now we have our concrete foundation, and we have our ground. So in the next lesson, we're going to look at putting every fun to this building, okay? 23. 23 Adding the Roof: Okay, so one thing we're missing now is a roof on. We're going to make a simple flat roof and parapet on this office, so we'll use our normal Freedy tools we've been using, which is a box tour on subtract. This was extrude. So what I'm going to do now is to create a box and from my corner to that Andi, we'll go. Let's go. 600 millimeters. Okay. So this will be our up stand. Our power pit. Andi, I want to go to why a framed So we could drove inside of this box which will fall over inside of a wall. It would basically be this wall continuing up so we could have drawn it just by making this well high in the first place. But I want to show you these methods. In this case, it doesn't matter as long as it's more than the 600 because we'll be subtracted it so we can just put it there. And then we go to subtract from up right click, subtract up, enter. And again, if we switch to hidden, you can see Now we have this kind of up stun following the profile of our external wall. Um, let me go back toe wire frame and we commend Just create another box. Well, we'll just move this 100 mil. So it's gonna be our flat roof. And any architects out there will know this roof would have slope on. It will be much more detail. I'm much more freakiness in this roof. But this is just basic auto cut Utah really showing your house to job boxes and subtract. I'm not showing your house of your ability, although we will get into that later on when we look at AutoCAD architectural in another cost. Okay, so if we look now hidden, I know you can see we have our parapet and we have our flat roof. Okay? The perp is actually part of this wall so we can make up by the union. Select those two right click. I'm there. We've create one sold well over oil with a flat roof in between. So I'm heading mode. We can't see anything. No, we can go to of the visualizations Onda. We commit this look more realistic which will start looking out in the next chapter when we apply materials and shading and I'll see you in the next chapter 24. 24 Attaching Materials to the Model 01: Okay. Welcome back. We have our model. Now we're going to start looking at applying some materials and make it look more realistic . So we got so a visualized menus here and we could see materials first. We want to do is open up this materials browser. Yours may not look like this. It may look something like this box here. Normal auto. Kind of destructive to the left off Stretched it out. You can stretch out these if you want. We can read them, stretch out the whole thing, just like any of window software. Okay, so we'll start looking up the materials, this materials, libraries. He's a library of all the materials coming off their cup. And so you composing from here and put 20 are drawing. Um, like with other things, you know, took and you have a drawing library, which is the materials in this actual drawing. And you have the AutoCAD library, which is the materials contained in the software. You don't want every drawing have every material or all your drawings would be huge file size. So we go through a library likeness. I would choose the materials we might need and bring them into the joint as we need them. So I think I was site here if we're gonna have a grassed area at least So I'm gonna bringing some grass, and I'm just gonna hold down the left button and drag it, and I've got this selected, so I'm good. So put it up. Okay. Okay, So we've applied some grass to this area here in order to see it. If we go back to this under, visualize this drop down now. So far, we've been going between two D wire frame and hidden switching between the two. Now, we're starting to use materials. We need to use this realistic setting. So if you click crap and we could see but we've got the grass material applied now, this is called realistic, but it's by no means photo realistic. This is very much Justin approximation of our material. It's enough so that you conceive a scale of any any actual shaping, such as a brickwork and things. But it's not photo realistic. If you had all the photo realistic textures, it would take forever to zoom in and panam things like that because it would be using just so much of your computer's memory. So this approximation of the material is kind of halfway between. And it's good enough to see real for how it will look while it's being able to actually draw as well. We'll carry on muddling and this building. I would like to be a brickwork building. So we look for our brickwork here if we go too tight and we auto the menu by type when we confined masonry and we have lots of different types of masonry, I'm gonna use a uniform, this uniform running burgundy. I'm gonna click that and drug it into the wall. I'm going down so you can see that this whilst not being photo realistic, it's enough to be able to edit the scale on things like that. That's okay. Looks OK. You will get because of white works, this wrapping around the top here, which doesn't look very good, but in reality would have some kind of coping stone on there anyway. So let's carry on with our shading for the room for up to be kind of dark grey asphalt. Um, so I'm going to find tight. Let's look at wall paint on a dark gray and no I'm going to see what that's like. It was just a doctor or a kind of world paint texture. This foundation. Well, that will be concrete. So if we ordered by name got to say we will have concrete. There we go. So called great drug around that nobody's window frames look about. So that's what we're gonna make. Those would actually so tight and go toe would and will have something like a mahogany. No gloss. So it stained dark. No glass. Let's drug that onto the mat. Looks OK? No, it's through them all. Remember, I said this. This is the AutoCAD library when we drag things and we bringing them into the drawing library. So what we can do is just select similar to select over windows, bring up the properties and under material for materials with brought into the drawing will be here. And we could just clicking on mahogany swept them all. Okay, Now let's switch to another year here. Good. Underneath. Here. Good. This one. Okay. So look at these dolls. Well, first, what I'm going to do it is I'm going to create new life, create the land called Reef. A correct novel called foundation. I'm going to turn roof off. Okay, So select the roof. Put that on the roof layer on its given his warning because that's going No. We have access to be inside of our building. So for doors, we'll probably want out door frames to be a different material. Okay, so this is a block, remember? So we need to go to our block editor on if we bring me ash ing slut to home properties, our material is hush door. Okay, But we need to remember to Jerry is one of a life state put over are still okay, close editor. Safer changes line isn't still blow because you don't put terrorism, but that's OK. We'll do this store. No, select all properties. Now, all of those have changed. No, these walls, these have a stunted gray. I want those to be. It's got a world paint maps on something. Some kind of office partition, which is probably Let's go. Is linen white? Both those Okay, 25. 25 Attaching Materials to the Model 02: the Florida moment. It's a concrete floor. We could put a surface on there. Let me go to Freedy Tools, and you might want to. What I'm doing here is on holding down shift Onda holding down the mouse wheel. My husband, I'm moving your mouse. You can actually take your view and have a good look around so you could just do a box from my gardener. It's It's not calling, huh? We'll make it one millimeters it all. Even though it's only one millimeter, that's enough that it covers for concrete. That would then allow you to see if we have to have any floor. So so flaw. So let's look at fabric. Maybe have some kind of carpet in here, this plate beige. I don't see how that looks when you could do that for all the rooms. No, it's possible to graze these windows, so let me show you how to do that. I'm going just going to move without so it's easier to work close. I know I'm going to Let's go to this if you here so I'm looking down. I want my I want the drawer a box which will be a thin sheet of glass. So in my UCs to be what was that? Accedes to be here, ex and why? It's true. You use Yes, I don't My that axes follow. Okay, It's good to our boy a frame so I could drop box, and I'll just drop me outside of the frame for now. I'll go from there. This frame steps back the inside parts of a frame stepped back, if you remember. So I need So I make sure I'm selective, the correct pilot. So I'm good to, uh and it literally is two millimeters thick piece of glass. I'm going to do that for all of these sections to so okay to this will go. So the two milliliters and finally okay, it was create a layer cold glazing. I'm going to put them. It's about life. But I'm going to move from for which point? There, that's a good point. And now our glazing is falling inside. I'm going to switch back. It's realistic. Bring a pilot cereals again and let's find somewhere glass. So it glass on. We want clear glass. I'm just going to truck Listen, Rick. Incidents were similar, but sometimes it's just a quick. Okay? No. What I'm going to do here, I'm actually going to delete these windows. Just tired of things off of it. I'm going to make this a block. Okay, look, Commando, I'm going to pick this part. Here is six point slit their objects. Okay? No, I'm going to copy this. I'm going to use this block instead. Now, that way they all of the glazing. And if ever we change anything, we can just change it with him a block. So it's a much more efficient way of working. And if we switch now to realistic, you may see the glazing here. This gravis cross faction by the flavor is our planes playing so of our ex wives that I forgot about the world UCS You'll see it now lives flood. You may be able to see we have the glazing in. Okay, now if we with her I believe that window. If you were to render this now and I can just go ahead and show you I won't put the refund seek and so look a bit better if I assume inhalers. That's render this view and we can cancel out for No, I'm not surrender. Andi, it doesn't look. It looks OK. Doesn't want good, to be honest, because there's no real lighting in here. Anything is just just using the default lighting. So in the next chapter, look at light in this scene, so we'll get into surrendering. More photo, realistic stuff. So I'll see you in the next chapter. 26. 26 Setting up Cameras in the Scene: Okay, so now we're going to look at the rendering and lighting faces off Afridi design First, I want to switch to two d Y. A frame. It can get better knowing with various materials, flushing as you slept with and things. So it is better to working way for him a lot of time now when doing Afridi visualization. But lighting You don't really want to be swapping between these different visual styles all the time just to see how it will look that will get quite cumbersome. Also a lot of time. You want a specific view Now think of this like taking a picture If you take a photograph of a building and you set up a nice angle and it just looks just right, you're looking down. Or maybe looking up onto the side, something like you think any photographers out there will know that getting the right angle of the photograph is one of the main most important things. So if you've taken the trouble to NVs isn't gonna be a good angle. So I'm not photographer, but so you you went to the trouble to get good what you thought was a good view of your building from a good angle, you know, showed all that you wanted to show You might be wants to tell someone about this doorway here. So you you set up a good view of that door. Okay, But then you went and did something else over here. And you will. I want to get back to about previous view. I want to get back to a previous set up. Well, you are going to want to save those views in Freedy, you are going to want to save for specific location you took image from, especially if you're rendering. And then you change that You want to render the same image again, but with different settings. You don't want to be having toe find exactly the same the same area again. But you never probably would be able to get the same angle, zoom and everything again. So what we have in also, could we have cameras of these work just like cameras in real life? Really? You could have video cameras for doing animations. Well, we'll leave that for now. That's that's getting more complicated, but we'll just think of it as a normal one shot camera for the time being. So appear we've got a visualized top. We're Freddie told what we've been working quite a lot for. It was cost. We also have visualized if you don't have that again, just move off to a blank part of it. Still by right click, good show tubs visualized and puts a quick It will be a tip next to it, and it'll appear okay. And here we have all our lighting, more materials, options, cameras, rendering all those kind of things. That's what we're gonna be moving on to now. Okay. Okay. So first we want to set up a camera and we will use this a view similar to this. Okay, so I'm going to go pay. I'm going to go create camera. And all this does is bring a camera into the into the drawing, which we convert manipulate, so create camera and you'll see without pressing anything. You have a little icon of a camera here on the way this works is your quick ones. Slight way when you come, right to be so if it was on a much if it's on a tripod, this is where you would just place it then you want to select a target. Now, this is just what is your camera point? Is it gonna appointment Over there, Over here. What's going to be pointed at our building? Okay. And you can change everything later. So the moment it's just a case of getting it in the drawing was gonna quit, and I like to name him. So click on name, and I'll just I will just call it Come one for now. But if you were during a kind of complex render with lots of different views, you might have one pointed out the main Darcy, you call that main door camera amount of one point in the roof roof? Come. You know, you could call it whatever you want, but we just have one to show how it works. I just come. But come one, I'm going. I'll just click it exit. Okay? I'm Mrs Outcome. No, leave it in wire frame. Oh, and just clicked once on that camera and they will go. It brings up this window here on. This is as you probably guess, but she's the view looking for about Cameron now, just like we had a way of frame and the different visual styles here we can change from simply so we could go to the white frame on here. You're probably gonna want to leave. This is really stood. And now you can Levi drawing his wife frame. And you can view it here from a realistic setting. What? You can't dough isn't if you try and patent myself. You can't change the view because this view is this camera. Okay, When you click on the cover of this will appear now, we can manipulate this. So we have different grips. Remember our blue grips wherever you see these, it's something you community like, so I'll just go through these quickly. But the grip on the camera will move if you click right and you grab it. This will move where the camera is placed. So you basically moving your camera on the tripod? This is if you if you I'm gonna keep doing this because it is easiest way teacher. I'm relating it toe real world. If you were to pick up your camera on the tripod and walk along with it, that is what you doing here. And you can move it in in the flat plane, but you can also raise up. So, you know, if it was on a drone or something growing up in the mail? Maybe. So how on the ground. I don't know how you do that, but you can go left and you can go around. You could move it further away. You consume it, right? Okay, so that's picking up a camera. I'm walking around with it. Okay, Now we have here. Make sure it is too close together. Here. You've got your distance, but you want That's a narrow. You want this box here? That is your target. So when we move this, as you can see, even though we're picking up and moving on camera is because we've set a target mobility. It's gonna automatically always point at what, but our target. So as we move it, it's always tilting and rotating. Always point at the target. Okay. And that's because we've set out. I get here. Now we can change the target, which is just basically what our cameras looking at. We can change that. All right, moving this box. So our target is going to pay these dolls here. Okay. Okay. Now this these are his hair. These? Ah, the This is for photography times. Now, this is a lens length F O v. No, I'm not a photographer, but I know what it's doing. Just by clicking on that, it's is because depth of field I'm not sure because I'm not photographer Bruise. It's like a zoo. Okay, um, Caesar. So you consumed right now we consume out. Now we don't move it on camera. We don't moving. Target. We're just zooming out. Okay. Again, if any for doctors that I will be able to explain. It's better if I may. For what I do, I generally movie camera, get it to where I want behind. I mean, for target. Okay. I might not do a better soon, man. I'm never Controls are used. They because get enough. Took very just took with fiddling for May to get the right kind off. Sure. Talking, talking door. Okay, Anyway, let's just so I'm just going toe anyway, that is our camera. So you could have you could have multiple cameras in a drawing. You could create another camera, and you could maybe pull out here, leave a name is you've got different views. So you can provide one. You could have felt one. Okay, looking up. No, however much human, if you like this what? You zoom in an editor. These comers are always going to stay. Where? There. Okay. It's always gonna be the same view, so you cannot flee. Save you have these powerful drawing and as you change it And as you work on the drawing as you move things around, you'll always be able to go back to the very same ridge. I'm really render it from exactly the same place, the same target, the same zoom settings. So that's really good for rendering. You want to use cameras? Don't just rendering. Don't just try and zoom in our route render of you because you'll never get it right. Okay. With cameras, you can find a perfect view. One that looks really good shows what you need to show and just save it and use it there. Ok, so I wouldn't put those Then you got himself. Now I save your drawing them. They're very They're not going anywhere. Okay, so that's covers. Next. We need to start looking at lighting so we can light now saying Okay, 27. 27 Enhancing the Environment: huh? Okay, So I just want to say a bit more about cameras first. I didn't show you When you when we have this preview here, sometimes you want this view being your main window. Um, so you can right click your camera and you can click set camera view. And now we have this and I wouldn't go. OK, but you can still pan and zoom. It doesn't affect camera. You're not moving your camera anyway or felt this camera views too. Movies, camera, um, grips if you move and you want to get back to can review enough to do is find your camera. I come and again, right? Click set camera view. Okay, Maybe you want to change the that one, so make sure you escape. So you haven't still got this selective A man, right? Click centcom Review. And you switched here for and again you could move off, so we'll switch to this camera view here. This is getting about No. When we start looking at lighting, one thing we have in cap let me go to our realistic view, you know? So cut. Okay, So the very fact we can see this building at all means there must be some lighting in V. Joran as default. Otherwise, it would just be dark. You'll be pitch black, so the light and that comes in a default is called default lighting. And you, mace. When you start adding lights, AutoCAD will ask you at some point, do you want to turn default light enough? What's happening is article is sensing that you you creating your own set of light and the default lighter willing to fair with that. If you were to just like this with a single spotlight from here, when you would expect to see shadows in this area, But with the default lighted on, that might not be as obvious. So it will ask you once you start creating your own lights, it will ask you if you want to turn default lighting off Andi, if you get in a bit of a mix, you playing about like you messing about and you can't get it to work properly because you just started. You can just turn default writing back on, and it will be well looked like this. So just bear that in mind at some point, is going toe pretty early on as we started nicely will ask us to turn that he felt like enough. And that's all day for writing is it's just the light that comes in is also kind of allows us to see our drawing area. Okay, so the main light would have it also cut And Maria world is sunlight now, depending where you are in the world, you will have different a different angle of sunlight and depending what time it is Where your home. A world you are different angle on Maybe no. Some, like all different, very amounts of life, you know, took out You can actually tell it where you are in the world So this is where all the guy gets really clever. If you are designing a building, you can put it in the exact place in the world on the sun will be represented in your render as it would bay in that place. But that day and that time, which is which is quite amazing, really, when you think about it and I'm gonna show you how to do that now it's fairly simple. You just tell it where about your building is and we could do that under this visualized, it's up again. We go to sun on location, okay? And we go to set location. Now, before I do is I need to do I need to tell you this is quite a powerful option that oughta go gives you. And it does this by having its own map. Um, you do need to be sounding to your auto desk account to do this. So if you've subscribed to want to cut your boards, also cut be signed in your computer. Don't be is an offline or anything like that, All right, What? We're if you chose to have some kind of dodgy pirate version of Also cap. While you're probably not gonna be able to Davis e, I won't even try. Um I don't even know how he's pirate software work. If if some kind of correct but let you use Google or something, I wouldn't use it to. You really don't want to pay? I mean, I wouldn't use pirate So frail certainly wouldn't be connected to the Internet while I was using it. It's just so much spyware. So many viruses, it brings him. Nothing is free at the end of the day. If the software is being freed and someone's getting money probably by you by it starts up on any computer or by selling your details harvest in details of your system. Who knows what this is? Why I don't switch pirates off these days. It is so much could be given away. So I'm gonna assume and you meet a notice. Davis tutorial, You've got auto cat from Autodesk again. You can look in the bonus content in this video. You can click with that man and get all took up. You don't need for full version. Um, Father, you can't decide not to cut lt. You need full auto cup. So you need to be signed in Teoh user account on to go to set location and it will ask you from map or from file. Now you can get files from you might be given a GS fell from a surveyor If you work with surveying companies off Spain details and may have give you a whole load of survey data which includes the jazz found. In that case, you can upload that most people nine grades of this too tired issues up on that. So click on them out. Okay. No, I'm in London. So this is where I'm grades. Put our building, but you can put it anywhere in the world you want. Just follow along. You can choose somewhere. You complete way. You actually are. Um, say for purposes of s, I'm going to I'm going to. And you might recognize this. You might know this is Buckingham Palace, where the queen lives. I'm going to build our house in McQueen's God. Pretty sure she won't mind. But there you go. I'm gonna build it. Uh, okay. So you right. Click drop mark of their stomach where your building is going to be quick next. No, this is where it gets complicated when we use X Y and Z coordinates. So far, we've had a zero. Is there a point in our drawing? That's just a random place. And we using x and Y and said just to show which direction we want drawing. But when you start moving on using surveyors, details on big projects you will be using an actual great things will be given to you is nav ings and east things, and depending way around the world, you be using a certain grid system again. I'm in England, so I'm gonna use a British national group. But you could be any of these, depending where you are. Swiss. Spanish? No. So I'm going to see is a British national grid two years. Whatever you want. Whatever you want. Um, you to say so I'm in Britain. I'm going to use that open ears. I mean GMT or UTC gmt, UTC For those who don't know, it's it's the same in winter in summer is different. Um, because we have spruce some daylight saving time in some ways different. We're going to British summer time. What? I'm gonna use this. Okay, So JMC and our units are in millimeters refused millimeters for outside. Leave it about. Okay, Next. Now. Nothing's really changed. It are drawing. Yeah, but all took up now knows where we are. We're in the Queen's Garden. Okay, So what we can do, we go back a pair and we can turn sky background on. Okay, Now, if you just put up, you can see that. Where is Skye? Off We have this distinct plane on the greatness that Zafar playing. If we turn sky on, we now have an actual sky. Onda blurred her eyes and Andi I think area of sunlight when we consent on background elimination and you'll start seeing highlights and shadows now during Okay, we've got no shadows on You've full shutters and you can see even more of these highlights and shadows and you can see we're definitely gonna shut over. Okay, so now he knows where we are But we could also set the date, But so you can tell it You can put in exact date here under time. You could have it with me today for go So sky you can say soon comes up The sun goes down About time If you every move mind to Suma So we've got environment on things looking a bit more realistic now Okay, So British National Groot you to say we've on the living on So, UTC I'm going to leave it on UTC Um I do actually have two options myself because I'm in London. It's winter UTC gmt of the same thing in summer Jim tv Jim T in summer jmt is different by an hour because we have British summer time. Moment doesn't matter. I'm just gonna leave it. UTC Keeping our drawing isn't always been millimeters, so leave it millimeters next. Now, you can see done here is asking us such a point for the location. Um, I'm just gonna leave 00 for no. And now it's asking us for north direction. So we know our building is in McQueen's garden. But how is it orientated? I'm just going to say that's north, okay? It works. I'm There we go. We know I am a craze guardian. We are diverse as a visualization thing. And to use materials, we don't need it now, so I'm actually going to believe us. Okay. And now we have our building sitting in the Queen's Garden off Buckingham Palace. Okay. And you can see very London. No, this is pretty amazing. Nothing too much to be able to put your building on a real world map like this is great. Now, you may notice as soon as we had our location, we get given a new tub here, this geo location tub so I can click up. No, this map can get a bit cumbersome. Um, it uses memory. When you put it around a lot. It's constantly regenerating you could change it so very much. This is gonna probably work a lot, but it's not gonna give you much, you know, mixture of it, too. I could just turn him up off for now. Okay? No. You can also edit your location. You can move around. You can change market change, location, all these kind of options. But that is your environment settings. So that's how you build a house in the greens. Gotten go. Next, we're going to look at the lighting options to make this really look realistic. Comtech it to the next level. 28. 28 Lighting the Scene 01: Well, welcome back to Buckingham Palace. We're still here. No one's kicked us out yet, so let's now look at lighting this building. I'm going to turn the map off for this. I'm gonna go out to visualize. Now. You might have just looking at this, but it looks It doesn't quite look the same as it always has. It is a a bit of a perspective going on here, and that's because we are us. Perspective. You slowly so camera at some point, and that's put us into a perspective. You, which a camera does by default, and you can see where buildings kind of be long Gate in its size is giving us his depth perception. That perspective you gives, you see the walls get narrating. It's a move away, and you can change that. You can click on here on custom view. You could have parallel all perspective, so parallel but since but that's how we were. So everything remains parallel perspective so you can change out setting here, generally surrendering in views perspective looks better, but for actually working a modeling, it could get a bit tiresome, so I like working. I'm parallel, so I want to talk now about lighting? No, let's go back to our come review. So we come right Click camera. Right Click it set camera view. Okay, my number's going when Albert I want to Just going to realistic. No. Also cut by default Has it a set of lighting that it loads up with If there was no light in it all in this drawing, it would just be black. We wouldn't see anything you've drawn. So it has to be let somehow. And it does that by having a default set of light in which kind of gives it a blanket light , very some dark and lighter areas just to help highlight things. But it's only slight it really It's kind of an all around overhead lighting, which is fine for drawing in, but it doesn't look very realistic. And if you did actually want lines, if you handsome spotlights here and you wanted them shining down, you want to see whether shadows would be you could all you wanted to actually, you may have some light units in here. You could actually create the lighting points on those lights and see how the building will be lit in your life. You can also see how the sun will like this building Wherever shadowed areas will be that kind of thing. Um, as we start Adam Mayes lives. If we were to keep his default set of lighting on, we wouldn't see the true effect of these lights because it would be interfered with this default lighting So fairly early on, when you started in lights, Arctic cod will ask you if you want to turn the default light enough and what you should do if you want to see how your lights will effect of you If whilst you're beginning and you getting used to it and you experiment and you get into a bit of trouble suddenly everything's doubt. You can't see anything because you like to point around way. You can always turn default light on. Okay, But it will as you start as we start. I didn't like something is drawing. It will ask us to turn yourself. Now, the first we want to do is turn this guy on again, all to cut nose whereabouts. Where I am a world. We can use this to tell it the date and the time. So if you know your location in the world The date of the time you can work out where the sun is going to pay. So let's turn on We're gonna turn on the sky background of illumination. Okay? No, When you plan, you can see we have very Carides in line here. And also we have a son coming from my sets in place. Okay, By changing the date and time, you can change the lights. OK? We can also turn on full shadows that he's going to give us shut out on our building. Okay, now these shadows aren't as a parent yet because we've got default light. And as I say, the default light shines pretty much everywhere. So what we want to dio is we want to create alights. Okay, Now there's different types of light. We have a distant light, think of distant like a bit like sunlight. It's like coming from quite a long way away. It's gonna be very wide, kind of Lightman creates Blunkett shadows in one direction. Okay, but it's coming from a long way off. So it's always shout out, is gonna be in the same kind of direction like you would with sunlight. A spotlight is, as you think of a spotlight is shining usually down but doesn't have to pay. Um, and that's coming from a specific point in a specific direction. So that's gonna highlight and throw shadows in a specific direction. Point light is a certain point that creates lights in all directions, So think of a spotlight as you would a lump on your desk. It's froing light in one direction only point light was if. Imagine if you just have a bulb and didn't have the lump shade. It's a bull, but will for light all over. If it was a a perfect Globe didn't have a light 15 on the bottle, which is just a globe of light. You would get like in whole directions, where the spotlight is in a certain direction, but both fees, our local light. So if you put them in a room that would throw like from that point from that spot, Distant is bringing light. Informal will think of it like like it's coming from a direction going from an awful coming from the east throughout the whole drawing. Okay, okay, I'm in a Web light. Um, I would like it's a bit complicated. Generally, if you had a certain like you knew the specifications of it, you could have files given to you by lighting manufacturers, which will have all the details of output on the type of light it gives. And you cannot load up and create a distinct light revolver Manufacturers settings off little a light map. I would forget out for now. It gets very complicated. I would just use these free. Um, these are all you need a distant light spotlight on point like, Okay. 29. 29 Lighting the Scene 02: So? So I'm gonna click on distant light now you're gonna get this message. Um, lighting is a very complex subject. You could do it, hold you to me calls. And, like, Mr Not cover, it's all it can get. Really complicated. Basically, what this is saying is, um we've already set a location, so it knows wherever son is, it might put too much light. And if we created of a distant, like distant like is like the sun, it's far away, like one direction. For now, we're just gonna allow this for this tutorial. I'm gonna demonstrate how this works because you may not want to use the actual son. You may want a specific amount of light and set your own sudden values. So we're gonna create a distant light. Now it seems what direction is like coming from. We're going to say this direction. I went to an author off. Okay, um, like direction, it's over our building. We can name the light intensity factor status. I was going nameless, distant Bezerra one. Okay, so we have a lights in my No. Okay, So if we go to slut now, view with one click here on will go to camera one. This is a no voy of change in Algeria is here. Custom views are cameras without it that was also contemporary, Never renamed. I've been switching to realistic. These are very quick ways of changing the view. Um, I don't use them that much. I don't know why. I think it's just one of those things because I let a long time ago before they were available. Really, If you using learning cup now get used to using them, it is a quick choir changing between view. You'll find your pick up certain ways of doing things, and you'll go to those used those ways. Some commands. You pull down some commander, he's a ribbon. It's, I hope to you really and you'll get your own wear defects. So that's a quick way. I'm going to come review and switching to realistic. Okay, okay, now distant light because it comes from far away. We don't actually have a Nikon like we do for camera. Become Ray's sitting. A distant light is way off in that direction somewhere. So if we want to edit it, how do we select it? Well, for good two lights, I don't make it easy. Not so good. You click on this little arrow here to expand this lighting box. And here it will give you the lights in your model on by clicking a distant light comes up , OK, And when you can right click and go to properties and you can see all sorts of things so you could change the intensity of us, you could make it much brighter, but it is a distant light, so it's very subtle kind of lighting. You can change your color. Maybe it was a reddish light, but you'll see a lot of these will come up when you render. Um, so I just wanted to show you how a distant light works. Think of it like a sunlight. It's Ah, it's going from a long distance. It's coming from quite far away. It's just doing this in one direction. Okay, we're gonna do it up. Okay, So that was Ah, an overview of lighting. It might have seemed a bit complicated. Lighting can get complicated. What? I'm gonna do it and we're gonna put some basic lights in just to shave a process. One of the best ways. Like most things and carries to just put some lights in play with the settings until you get the look you want. OK, so we're going to create I'm really create a distant light on. I'm gonna allow this. Tonight's I'm gonna put one on this side, Shaunie. Miss Why, OK, and I just I'll just leave it on the default name. I'm going to create another distant light which is going to shine on the other side. I'll just make sure that the scene is lit from both sides with a kind of blanket lights. I'm not. I'm gonna craft a a spotlight which will be from above. Andi, that will shine down into a joint. Nowadays, you probably will needs a manipulate him a bit because I am afraid the environment can get a bit cumbersome but want to move it almost, but not quite directly over. I was saying no, that's okay of where the spotlights work. Like the camera. That is the point of our light. So that is place. Our actual light is situated. We have this outer circle here, which is this is the area of it is affected by the light. So the main kind of being, but also any extra light coming from here. Any lights at all? It's affected in this outer circle. The inner circle is where the main focus of allies. So this is where you'll get the kind of hot spots and things like that. Um, I'm just gonna leave it about that, Okay? I'm gonna leave it like that and we'll see how that looks. So and I'll join. We have a distant light from the outside, a distant light zooming distant like from the outside, a distant light from kind of a front underside. I'm in a spotlight from above. I'm not should give us a It should give us enough light. So weaken completely let but also provides some interesting shadows and things. And we'll see that more when we get into rendering. Okay, so that's a basic overview of the lighting. Again. Just play around with it. Um, if you actually have lights and you're drawing a few words of jaw, street light may be outside your building or a wall life. You can put a spotlight quite like in there to put on the type of lights that you can actually receive. A building little you could even maybe have a night view under Davia where you turn the lights on and off. All sorts of possible Teoh really encourage you to just play with it. And, um, yeah, I'd be interested to see what people come out with, but that's a brief overview. So in the next chapter, we get surrendering. Well, we'll see the effect of these likes a lot more good. 30. 30 Rendering 01: Okay, so let's do some render in here. No. Now, you know, visualized top. We have his render option here. What rendering is is taking something from this kind of state, which, although we've got brickwork, it doesn't really realistic. Um, you can actually see some. I shudder as being forms of walls from our distant lights here, which is quite cool. That's like going through the glass. I'm putting it on the wall. And what is really cool, right? You see the kind of haziness on the shadow it's out. Two point I Well, my line. But if you look at the shadows of the window frames blurriness, what one actually is that is the light going through. Ah, glass on the beam of light, being sharing affected time, a glass How powerful auto cut is. It knows that this is glass because we told it so It's actually scattering the light as it goes through the glass to create his blood sugar, which is quite amazing. But this is just our drive. You render view, everything looks even better, and you can control it even better. Okay, so let's try. Let's just try rendering out what we've got so far, so I was size. We can change depending what you do with it. If you put in a on a website, which is a common thing these days, I'll in some kind of print Brookshire or something. You may want to change the size. The thing to remember about render is it takes a long time when you're rendering. It is not an instant thing. When you get onto animations, it can take. I was It could take days, the free day kind of animations that you see that Disney Pixar animations They have massively powerful machines to render. They have these things called Render farms, which is just banks and banks of machines to do. They rendered uneven man. It content weeks of doing rendering on these huge, powerful machines. We're not there anything like up, and but it still takes. Quite while it's still no instant on the mall, you bump it up your settings. You know the mark you put in your resolution when you put your resolution or change certain sayings, the longer it will take, so just better at night. Initially, when you just setting up the lights signify right, it's easiest to just keep him fairly low. So let's go medium called. We're gonna render it in a window so you could have it rendering straight into a view part of a drawing our region. In this case, we just wanted to see what it looks like. We're gonna render in the window. Um okay, so let's put our let's just friends or we've got here. Okay? So put down again will expand. This s we're going to render window. You have to be the set medium. We don't want to give the name of the moment. Leave always is sleeping draft. Just click Rendah. Okay. Medium range lover is completely damaged but is not restored. So if you get this, this is to do it the first time. Also come being loaded on the machine. Uh, I'm gonna stolen, like today. Okay, so this now is rendering in your seats is initializing There we go. So because they've resuming its very blood, the resolution was low. This is kind of a draft just to see if I lighting is any good on. And I think I was fairly good. We've got everything's lit up. We can see some shadows here, so That's good. So hot a man I'm going to So I don't know about ground on a bump this up a bit. Let's go. Full age Day. Let's go to high quality and high. Okay, let's friend. Who again? Now, this is good set longer. Now what I'm gonna do, I'm gonna pause the video. Now when I start reading really is high scenes. You don't want to watch my computer working away, so I'll stop pausing it. I mean, Paul's a recording when it's done. Okay, So 100% rendered and you see it's looking a lot better now. We have a shadows. Don't say I want to see fear our glass. So we'll have to look for some razor. It's no rented for glass, but it's looking a lot better. Inside looks so far. So close up. Okay, so what I'm gonna do this time, I'm gonna trying render render again. We'll go, um, flesh day game. We'll go. Hi, I'm going to It's on the environment on, um, image based lighting. A lot of this stuff. It's trial and error. It's so advanced. It really is a case of selecting some things and seeing how it turns out. I'm gonna leave the science. Is there? Okay on. And make sure vis materials and textures is bond okay? Again to my I'm gonna put background illumination on. Now. Let's try, Don't drive up and again I'll pause the video. Come back. Okay, so there we are. Now you probably notice that did actually change of you. I cancel the previous Rendon, Just sweet shrimp to have a camera and then raised up zoomed in a bit. I wanted to just look at what something was glass here. But looking at either end about skin a lot better now it's really starting to get it. And we have got, you know, we've got shadows turned off. So it's by far it's far from be optimum. It's fat. We've got a lot of things Still we could turn on, but I want to look at his glass and see what's going on here. I don't know if you can see there is, you can see where the wall is. So we are getting transparency on it. Um, we're also getting reflections on this side. It's reflecting hot dogs. So where is getting more reflections? And we are transparency, which may be to do with the thickness. We made it. I'm going to look at these settings. I'll get back. Okay. So what had rented this again? Um, it's looking. It's looking better. Okay. I know. I've got less about block. The photo glass was kind of Doc. One thing that was happening went, if you remember, when we was clicking on Render it was Oscars to install the material libraries s. So I went ahead and installed those and restarted I'm not same. So fame issue because it was a fresh install of alter cut off this machine amusing. So if you get that message, I recommend you do go ahead of installed those libraries Arista, and you can see what's happening here. You can see, um, our distant light is coming through the glass, and it's creating a shadow for window on here. So we get some really good lighting effects. We're getting kind of hot spot here from a spotlight. MK Arness. It really is quite impressive. Remember, he still got shadows turned on, so we're still seem like a bump it up a bit, but yeah, it's looking quite good. So what's close up 31. 31 Rendering 02: no longer do I'm gonna actually really draw the, um, the grass playing we had earlier. The map doesn't render. It's not HD. Obviously, it's just big maps not giving up, So that's not gonna render. So we need I just want to put this grass playing back on. We're good there. I'm going to copy. Um, put out when I want it placed in. Okay, I remove it. So we have a Jim Pickett on top of each one. Um, a magic box. Okay. Quite big. It's just good B two years. I must move that somewhere in a little. Reflect. Okay, Now we can do, uh, subtraction. Sirkin, subtract. So there we go. We've actually got perspective When you perspective, my zoom can be a bit unwieldy Shut as a flu. We're gonna make this. Um, we've already got our grass on there. Goods of right click properties material will choose grass. Okay, I'm gonna turn a roof buckle now. So, Thomas room, let's go to realistic. I just don't see those windows a bit. I want to move it about that. Okay. I'm going to go to visualize Brenda. Environment was 10. I render environment old now AutoCAD has what it calls image based lighting. Image based lighting is a kind of a friend and 60 degree image that is contained in things like reflections. And you can have he could have images of things like so it is a dry lake. But here I say so it's going to put him No. If you remember, we parcels in booking in Palestine amount. That is really just a kind of low level. You could miss render mode here, but we're in this realistic mode. You can take a snapshot there, but you're not gonna render him up. You're not gonna render good in big map or Google map for anything like that, because it's not HD render intends to be localized. Um, a localized height haemorrhage process. If you wanted to put yourself in book in the garden of booking impassive render you would use an image of booking policy wouldn't use Google Maps service do different things there. The main purpose of putting you in the locations to get that But daylight with sunlight settings right for the data datum time. It's a bit gimmicky, really. The fact that it puts you somewhere map I wanted to show you that. And you can use it. No. Emma Renda saying, um but yes, you can use mainly used to blending two roads and things like that to show how something's gonna blend into the world system on the road network. It's not something you use for render, but you can use these default images. Put yourself somewhere. Um, why you'd want to put yourself in a gypsum crater? I don't know. I'll put yourself middle class of ah, um Snowfield in a village. Yeah. Go for it was a big bridge. Both are kind of background, always just default. Can alighting. You could have for your overage look best. We'll go out to the village and I want to see those doors. Okay, so I need to hurt. One is for girls. Give me a bit Will. Basically one. Okay. Welder. Okay, we got our environment on about that background. Andi, you've got Let's put full shadows on shadows, OK? We're going to go forged a TV. All right? I after, say, on render him window. So let's go, Quickness. I'm an al Come back and we'll see what it looks like. Okay, My we are so still bit grainy on. We could bump up the seconds even more, but it would set forever. Boat. But you get the idea. We've got our ideal image in the background. We could have done something with grass to make it blend in better again. It is justice refinements. Feel free to feel afraid to mess with lighting, different images, different materials. I'm really just trying to show you how to do something. What is capable off. You know, I don't expect yours to look anything like this to put your lights a different place. Use different materials for dolls, that kind of thing. Yeah, so you can see a two D drawing get into quite a good render fairly easily. It's no be interested to see what you do is well. Feel free to join our Facebook page Facebook group and upload images used on yourselves will be very interested to see what you come up with. There we go. That's rendering 32. 32 Walking and Flying through your Model: Hi. Welcome back on. And one thing I want to do now is I want to go back to this a model and show you something else we can do. So I'm just good to go to Geo location. Um, show on map is off. I'm going to miss your lies, its environment. But it's turned the environment off. Okay? I miss you. Just help speed things up and what I want to share you. So we're in perspective. You, um whatever. Michaud now only works in perspective. You and it Is this appear on the animations which is visualized up. We have this walk. We also fly on welcome fly settings. The settings these were meant more sense when I show you what it can do. So for the moment, I just want to show you Yours may not the same if your settings on the same. So I'll just show you on my screen for now. If we could come walk when it lets, says it comes up with window here And what was his good? Oh, this is gonna let us walk around our building. Okay. And there's some certain controls for this, which is the the W key on the keyboard is forwards s is backwards. A move left on day is move right. Okay. And if you hold your left button of your mouse down, then you can actually move around. So by holding the left puts move your mouse on. This could get is quite Trickett context. Some getting used to those of you play games, computer games, that kind of thing. Probably pick this up. Really? Is it because it is like those kind of a bit like the call of duty, game fortnight, that kind of thing. But if you don't ply them, it is going to take a bit of practice. Best thing the best way I found it. Just hold down your left foot and get used to look around and then use the forward key to move on. You'll say you move whichever way appointed. So few move around with the mouse key. You can walk away and I usually just keep a left foot and held down. Put around, move about and you will end up getting a bit that lost. Um, you can always go backwards on that works the same way. Whichever way you pointed. Basically now. One thing you might notice. We're just gonna walk straight over building. If we were walking, we would really be about 15 feet tall to get this view. Also, if you notice how fast we're walking, that's quite decent speech. But you can change easing my settings. So we have here walk flight step sites of us. Basically how maney for each step. How many units is it? And we're in millimeters. So 800 millimeters. That's about the average. I'd say step for nuttall. Um, steps per second. That's kind of an animation thing. So how fast is it now? But how? How much your stride would being a step. And that's how many steps per 2nd 10 steps for second. That's going some and Mary will. But if you were to put up down, it can get a bit slow. Construction blowing eyes, basil remain two settings. Okay, so Okay, so one thing I just don't actually just stop the video because of just dumb a Rendon recording when you do Rendon on and a lot off anything like that, using a lot off your computer's memory every quite powerful machine, but still it. I love a memory usage seems to remain even when you start rendering. I know if it's a something of a cut software, windows software or both, but it just seems to slow down after you've been doing any kind of rendered. So my advice is, after you've done anything like that, say, if you were closed on restart actually, re stumping machine just seems to clear out and get your memory back that you've been using when rendering So after doing anything, especially because we're changing a lot of settings of things, having a bit of a play around with the render. And we had a lot of memory still that seem to be stuck. So I've just restarting machine. I'm gonna do this walking now. Um, let me just change these settings. Actually, I'm gonna change up from 10 25 OK? I mean, click on walk, I'm gonna hold down my left foot. I'm gonna move forward, and you can also opened down by moving fault. If you were to point, Okay, we hold down my left, but, um um and pan, if you hold down the mouse wheel, you could move up and down, so I'm gonna get to something resembling human level. Okay, hold on my left foot's and to look around and then with a hot press W can hold to be okay, which will make us walk forward. Okay? And we're gonna We're gonna basically just walk for this dog. How are looking out? Building. So there. No, this isn't high end Freedy kind of world ground silvery separates offer which will do that a lot better. This is just on extra little friggin auto cut in small spaces. Likes it can it can be a bit cumbersome. You see how it cuts through the walls? Kind of your view Implying is bud, it doesn't give you a bit of a failed for it. It's to be honest, I would usually use, um, something like that. Place some cameras inside the building if you wanted just a view of if you had some Floren , maybe a cap it all Some floor tiles. Um, maybe some wall finishes and you want to see that camera? Man, get a good view from your camera. This is generally used for bigger areas because of white cooks. Your view and it cuts through the walls. But I thought something interesting that show in this guy's you probably won't get much benefit from it. Maybe if you talk. If you were to walk around, you can move sideways, so sometimes you can make nice little animation videos off around the building. You can use the Fly Command, which works in a similar way, but it actually allows you to go up. I actually prefer this when during animations around the building, because you can. It's a so, but you'll see. It's also quite jittery when you try and move. So, yeah, it's something I wanted to share you. It's not necessarily I would have cut AutoCAD strengths very some software called Novice Works. Which does this a lot better, especially to get into the high end kind of architectural stuff, which will do one of the classes. You can get some really good walk arounds. I've done walk arounds at work, walk around areas full of pipe work and things like that, and you can see where clashes on where you'll step it over over pipes or bump into pipes. That kind of thing to go to the um, to the max Now we also have things like virtual reality goggles so it can actually walk around buildings that look and put the goggles on and see what it's like to walk around a new railway station, all that kind of thing. See what the end user will experience just by using the cover model? Well, a c e. I mean, have a play around with that. You can these seconds here, you can record. So once you get a nice little thing going, you could recalled it if you wanted to send someone. It had been a model rather and send lots of different images of different views of this. Well, that well, you could just go around the zooming, shoving that what that looks like, that kind of thing. And then you could save it as a file. But yeah, that's it. That's walking fly. 33. 33 A Look at Object Based Design: Okay, so this is the last chapter of this advanced costs. We've learned a lot of his cause of second of drawing from this two D state, right up to Freedy Rendered model. Um, I just want to talk to you about the way our toe cut works in terms of the object based software. So what we've done so far is with Freedy modeled our building using the Freedy solids extrude box, that kind of thing. Um, but you are so cut. That was only ever a Afridi element. No matter what we drew, it was just Afridi box or, um, some of the kind of solar driven extrusion. When we look at this plan here, I'm going to Afridi view. We know that this is an external wall. We know that this is an internal wall. This is a door. This is the window. But if we click on it, a market properties well, it's just a hatch to auto cut. It's just a poly line. You know, the door is just a block Also cut doesn't know over. It's a wallet. Doesn't know that it's a door, so it treats everything the same all freely solids it treats the same blocks the same, and this is basic. Also cut. There was always two versions. Two main versions. Vodicka. There's lots of different auto test software now, but for years there was always two versions, and that was playing out account. And there was also cut architectural. I used because a see, now it's autocorrect actual. There's also what occurred mechanical. A nautical electrical on the architectural, electrical and mechanical what they now called tool sets. So whereas before you had to buy even AutoCAD auto cut architectural or mechanical Now when you buy also, could you get the others basically for free? Which is an amazing deal? So that means everybody who has also cut has access to the architectural tool set off a mechanical or electrical tools. I just want to show you the architectural tool certain how this object based design works. So if you go to auto desk on subscription site, you'll see the odds of that software and a lot of options for add ons under verbal of it all sets. And that's where you can download the architectural little. What I will do is it will give you a whole new piece of software took out architecture, and I just want to show you how this works. So I mean, I want to contact touch here. You'll see a lot of it is the same. So you have modify drawl. You of your lines applied. You have all the traditional to cut commands. You kind of usar took a architectural or mechanic electoral as plain old article if you want, but it does have some differences. And if you're drawing this kind of thing, that building louse, you'll see how much easier it is now. So where is before? We would have our wall in two days and we would extrude it. That would be Walter was. Well, now all took out actually has commands for Wall Door window and it it will draw these fires . Object based design. So let me show you. If I click on Wall, I get our properties box here and it's going because it knows it's a wallet. No, that's drawing. A wallet can ask us a lot more options. Is that width height? So let's have look at these. Let's make our height 2500. Okay. Oh, what? Free 100. Justify now. You'll see how this works as a drawer it. But basically, we're gonna follow line. We can follow the internal Well, we could. Full of external, we may have even followed a center line. And that's basically what it's asking here. So I'm going toe click on left. Okay, now I'm going to start here. I'm gonna click. I'm gonna draw and you'll see, but it draws this wall. Okay, Andi, it's automatically might ID wall. Okay, so if I click on it, it's a wall. It's not Freddie solid. It's not extrusion. It's not anything like that. It's a wall on all took up knows. But it's the wall, so it can give us all these extra properties about the width. You couldn't go into all sorts of advanced out. You could even create your own style of. Also, if you're a certain build up, she will build in your household was coming as a a kind of modular designed building with a timber structure and insulation built in. You can have your own, but there's loads of styles included, so you can browse the style of brick cavity walls. Um, I must from us. What we need is here actually be an external brick cover. Two of insulation. Okay, so we couldn't put out style. I mean, we could slept on wall Kevin T Well, on their ago. It's It's created this wall which has got external bricklayer, everything material. Everything is already done. And we could was created another style. Let's have a stud plastic partition. Okay, Andi, pull up. So now I'm gonna draw another wall. Um, this is going to be yourself style partition. I'm gonna full of us blind here. Our internal. Okay, I'm mad. Same again. Andi, I'm not being I'm just demonstrating a software someone we don't do everything. I just want to show you how powerful this is because as I've drawn that wall and intercepted the previous well, it's ultimately finished everything off. It's kind of trimmed everything. If we if we could have a realistic view, you'll see this external wall. We have an internal a coveted on an external visa partitions with plasterboard, See? And so now I'm going to go to door, was gonna leave it at this standard door, and it will say, Where do you want it? We want to in this wall. Okay? Whereabouts in the wall and you could you could type in. So you could of it. The meter off there For now. I'm just gonna plunk in anywhere I'm gonna put on there. Okay? I'm not asking my door. And remember, down on that block, it comes in as a dynamic block. So you condone 100 giveaway. Switch around, actually go. That's why a friend. But it puts the door just by using these scripts, you can change the height. Or you could put a high today so you could make it 2100. Go on. It actually trims around it. It does everything. There was no need to do unions and subtracts all that kind of thing. And if you decide to move this door, everything will move. So that a cook in the wall, everything. And that's the same with windows again. Leave it. I'll show you The different stars get all ticket. Comes all sorts of styles of windows and you can create your own styles. You could import styles if you want to just want to win doing that wall I thought this window on may be still height was only 800 When you say and you end up very good drawing. Done. Ah, lot quicker. And it took us to do our Freddie model. Now I know what you're probably thinking. If also cut now comes article. Architectural now comes free of all ticket. Why I showing you all this other free d modeling with boxes and extrusion is well, that is cut mumbling, Freddie model. It is Freedy solids. Not kind of thing. And extraditions, even when you're doing this kind of thing with article architecture, if you have the software, it's not gonna You're not gonna find everything you need in the library. You know, it is gonna be all sorts you need to make and model. So learning Freedy Cup for basics is what you've learned in this video in this course, the Freedy at it in Freedy modeling, subtraction union, all that kind of thing. And even when you're going to the object based off for, you're still gonna fall back on that a lot. Any shoes you got, miss? You need to know about Freddie Mumbling because it's clever is this is all it is really doing doing all those Freedy commands we've learned automatically. It's true minutes subtracting It's modeling with freedom solids with the library. But this software, if you don't act sexual stuff, is much more intelligent in terms of the options it gives you. And that's what object based is. It means this is an object, a wall, not just afraid he saw it. This is a door. This is a window Ravan just never afraid. Decide the number freed. The sword window will have different options to adore on a roll, and you can go on the you can go into insulation values and all sorts of things with you could do the stairs of everything much easier for the architectural drawing. And now, because it's free, it's a good thing to learn when you have when you have to make a choice between being auto catch or article architectural. Sometimes it was difficult choice if he was doing lots of different things. People go for article, so I wanted to shave this. My next costs will probably be all took an architectural, and we will really go into debt, will come up with much more advanced building with different floors, stairs, all that kind of thing. There's also some good rendering tools and things in here and lighting all that kind of things better. Clues is basically a free D package Ravina two D and three D package. Uh, same That does not good to D capabilities. It will automatically when you got to takes place, it will automatically do a lot of the things for you. Uh, so the whole you could weaken easily do a whole course on this All took an architectural. I'm not. Will probably be the next custody. For now, I just wanted to show you where Cat is kind of going with the object based stuff. But what we've learned in this calls is what you need. If you're going to freely. Card you need is your basic kind of freaky education. You need to know that stuff you need to know the subtractions and unions of Freedy solid edited extruded because you will use on all software. I use it. I used lots and lots of different cuts software and I use ever basic principles of freedom model. So I hope you enjoyed it. You see, this is interesting. Andi, I'll see you in the next cost. Also. Please do join our Facebook group and join out. Go to our Facebook page. Have look around. Please upload images of drawings you've created Freedy model. You're gonna love seeing that stuff. People aren't doing enough. I really like to get people get involved with a group, show what we're doing and people learn from each other. I'm always there to answer any questions, So yeah, I look forward senior on the group to