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As human beings, our greatness lies not so much in being able to remake the world as in being able to remake ourselves” - Mahatma Gandhi

This class is about learning how to create powerful goals that allow you to live your possibility. It’s an outgrowth of Susanne Conrad’s i gol u movement, founded on the idea of creating greater good in the world, starting with you. 

You’ll leave this class with the tools needed to set an intentional vision for your life. You will design your own personal legacy--unconstrained by the past--as you articulate a vision and translate your vision into a framework for your goals - goals you can declare and make happen. You will learn to set goals in at least three domains in your life: personal, health, and career.

This class is grounded in a philosophy of learning by doing and learning together. You’ll complete a project of setting your own goals and will benefit from one another’s feedback, accountability and encouragement along the way. You will update one another on your progress in the online Classroom and meet up locally in small workshops to discuss your projects and unstick any classmates who might’ve gotten stuck.

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Susanne is a compassionate and enthusiastic teacher. She expresses her points and presents material in the video taped office hours very clearly, and anticipated questions and concerns of students. She provides great resources that allows us to work on our vision statements, goals, and declarations on our own, and also provides feedback on what we post. To get to learn from and to be inspired by Susanne is truly a gift and incredible opportunity.
I really appreciated all the resources, videos and exercises Susan provided.
You rock! Keep it up and bring your class like this one.





Susanne Conrad

Director of Possibility at lululemon athletica

Susanne Conrad is a communication advisor who has worked with companies and individuals for over 25 years, helping them improve their interpersonal and business skills to achieve happier personal and professional lives. She leads her igolu program with managers and executives at dynamic companies such as lululemon athletica, helping them set a vision and dream for their lives while supporting that dream with short and long-term goal training. igolu (pronounced I-Goal-You) is a body of innovative communication, vision, goal-setting and leadership training work that Susanne also certifies others to lead and teach.

Susanne’s educational background focused on Communications and Visual Arts, which led her to the understanding that people need a vision in order to fully realize and manifest their dreams. Her early career focused on environmental analysis and communications, serving six years in governmental consulting roles in Washington D.C. as well as on-site decommissioning of the Rocky Flats Nuclear Weapons facility outside of Boulder, Colorado. Her communication experience continued with consulting projects for the City of Boulder, where she worked on a variety of health, safety and communication issues. Throughout her professional experience, Susanne recognized that the solution to most technical issues the world was facing could be solved with better communication skills- between regulatory agencies, governments, community members, and those performing the actual work. At this stage, Susanne began exclusively focusing on helping solve the bigger problems in world by being a better communicator and teaching those skills to others. In addition to starting her own consulting firm, The Conrad Group, Susanne worked for boutique communication firms that provided strategic consulting for companies such as Sun Microsystems, the Hilton Corporation, and Hewlett Packard.

While her career was in full motion, Susanne also earned an instructor black belt in NIA, and is the founder of NIA Santa Monica.  NIA is a fitness technique that combines elements of yoga, martial arts, and dance. Susanne especially loves leading NIA retreats and sacred adventures and being with her family. She recently co-lead an IMAGINE ETHIOPIA global stewardship adventure with imagine1day.

Susanne is happily married to Brett Conrad, who runs Longboard Capital, She is the mother of four children, Surya (31), Chandra (27), Hunter (19), and C.J. (16). She and her family live in Santa Monica, CA with their dog, Roxy.

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