Authentic and practical violin fundamental techniques !! (No music expeience required) ! | Chuchao Wang | Skillshare

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Authentic and practical violin fundamental techniques !! (No music expeience required) !

teacher avatar Chuchao Wang, Life-long Violinist.

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (31m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Violin Structure

    • 3. Bow

    • 4. Holding the Violin

    • 5. String Tuning

    • 6. Empty String Practice + Cleaning

    • 7. Conclusion for the Fundamental Course

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About This Class

Hi, :)

My name is Chuchao.During this course, you will learn how to play violin from the very fundamental elements such as the structure of the violin and recognize the strings.  I hope you enjoy this course and have fun. If you have any questions regarding to this course, then please let me know and I will be more than happy to help you. Thank you for reading the course description. By doing so, you have already demonstrated that you are able to take on the course. :)

Best of luck,


Meet Your Teacher

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Chuchao Wang

Life-long Violinist.


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1. Introduction : Ah, way. Hi there. How are you doing? My name is Rachel and I have been playing Valley and for over 15 years. The reason that I wanted to create this course was because I wanted to show you all of the fundamental and practical techniques, your own, a play violin and play. Well, now, with that being said, this course is after going to be divided into several sections, for instance, my section is actually going to show you how toe hold well, incorrectly. And the other one is going to show your whole ball correctly. My responsibility, June, this course is to show you all the groundwork. In order for you to succeed, your responsibility is to actually implement them on practice. The things that I have said I feel very fortunate to be able to share my experience up here . So poison over the course. So that can help you through a chief. You go. If he encountered anything that you didn't understand, you intercourse the points. I mean now I will be more than happy to help you. Thank you very much for watching this introduction. I hope that I can see humor courses. I'm here. There. See you soon. 2. Violin Structure: Hi there. My name is true, Chow. And thank you very much for taking this course. And today we're gonna be talking a little bit about the structure of the bombing. Now, the bird first part is gonna be the scroll, which is this part over here. So you can you can either call a escrow are the valiant head. Okay, It's gonna be critical, but may purpose are how to holding the belly. So next up, we have the toning box or the paint box right here. So they're section art in this part. Okay, so he's right here in this section, so it can be either called the tuning box or paint box and in their pick box, but had four of those toning pigs on each one of those turning bags. It's gonna be in charge off one of those strings. Okay, but for what? So now all we need to remember is that these things are cartooning picks, and we're gonna be talking like them or in the toning valley in section on the next stuff. But have the fingerboard, which is stay section the mic section. We're here, and the reason that it is how the fingerboard is because we're gonna be personal word. I've had fingers onto it the majority of time, but my point whelming Okay, so I was like this. Okay. And the the backside of the fingerboard. Only Richie's only section is coming called the belly neck. Okay, so we're gonna be holding the neck like this. Okay, The valiant bridge is going to be this whole thing over here. See, it's very important because it's Warden Entire four strings. OK, there. See, there's a kapil here. That's because the bridge is sporting and careful stream. Okay, You need to make sure that this absolutely straight. Otherwise, you pay Paul's the entire four strings, they're gonna fall a swell so you can check a like this with your eyes from my side and through the other side. So that's my straight then in this go, OK? And if they spend, then you can put your finger like this and then hold you put your finger unit and then, uh, push it a word this way, but that were OK. So after we talk about the fingerboard and the valley Enbridge, we're gonna talk more bitter about the section between them. Okay, it is very important because we're gonna be spending all the time queen swelling in the section between No, on the fingerboard or the bridge by the section between them. Okay, so now if I want to play the four stream, I'm gonna be a little bit closer. Toe the fingerboard you are to get a better quality of sound. Okay. Ah, uh, no. For the third string reduced E, I'm gonna be movie Olympic. Closer to the bridge, But no, too much. Okay on. And then if I want to play the second stream, but she's a I'm gonna be moving on. Okay, even more closer to a bridge. Okay, Theo. Now, if I want to play the Eastern, which is first re, I'm gonna move to very close to the bridge. But now, please remember that now on the bridge. Okay. See, now the cartel Salander is much better. A. So you need to be able to control the the bow on the strings. The sound hosts which artists to possibly hear their purpose is to reject our sounds more efficiently. And if you look inside there, there's a piece of paper that's gonna be saying who's who's the maker off this well in. And that's in rest. Which is this one over here. It's critical for us. We try to play Vueling, okay? Because we're gonna have to use this part. You ordered the whole valley. And if you look closely, they're two little metal wholesome here. You can adjust it with a honey metal bar over here, stick into it and then you can screw in order to, uh, adjust chin rest on Libya, tighter or looser. And now we're gonna be talking later about the micro adjustment or the fight owner straight here, which is discussed a little guy. See, it is the complimentary device to the tuning picks. Which are those four guys right here. Generally speaking, we used the tuning pegs first to a justice strings. And then we used fine tuners right here on the order to adjusted. Distressing will be final. I wouldn't recommend Teoh east off Waltham because they're gonna be affecting your quality of sound. May apply Valley and the shoulder pad at its purpose is to help us to hold well and let a bit better. But I wouldn't recommend it when you just started off because it would be way too easy for you to hold valley. And we're gonna have to be able to be comfortable with the valley in breath or without the shore, A path or a short arrest. You out of my vomit. Okay, so if you have to use one of those that I'm going to show you how to start a purple Me, Okay? And then So you're cooperative, Alan, like this. Like, use your left hand to grab the neck of the valley. And then, yes, the buy side first, which is this side And then just like this. And keep the the other side over here and then like this on, then busy. And the birds, then there ago. And that is how you install the shoulder rest or shoulder pad. 3. Bow : Hi there. In this section we're gonna be talking about the bowl of the value in. So oh, here. This part is called bottom. Other bowl on down top here is called the top of the vote. And, uh, or the typical. And this entire bisexual here is made of horsehair. So police, which don't use your hands, Teoh, touch the whole share because there are little spikes in there and even touched with you hand, it's kind of scratched, the lettuce wax off, and it's gonna be much harder to make some real the host years and once way up high, Rosie on a then it's gonna make the hair is much easier to go around to the stream and make sounds you're going to need to tighten the horse. Hairs are time you play ball in, and it is achieved by rotating this weather device over here. So if you put this side this side towards yourself and rotate this metal device cock wise, then the horse there are going to be tightened. And if you're okay, they can't qualifies. Then the horse hairs are gonna be pleasant. And for the Rosen every time when you quite a valid. Uh, you need to apply the roasting to the coarse hairs. Generally speaking is depending on how much Rosen, Euripides, Messiah. The month rose in their pie onto the horse hairs are three strokes. Okay, so that's Brian Strokes. Two strokes on three strokes us for how to hold above with your right hand. First up, you need to use this'll part of your first finger on the right hand. The this part over here, put it down to the high part off the bow here, like this. And then Yep, You got it. And, ah, second finger to the little piece of wood over here. Uh, this part. Hold it like this and then interlink with your thumb. Bo here. I make sure that your number is up end and then like this and third finger to the Ah, this part of here. Oh, here. Okay. And then your pinky or here practice. And if I want to demonstrate it with her hand, there is going to be like this. You got it. Also, 4. Holding the Violin: Hi there. So in their section, I'm going to show your health whole dwelling correctly. No, it is very important to make sure that you have the right posture. Okay, So you, in order to hold about me, you need to use your this part of the neck. See, uh, to put down to the chin. Rest over here versus this part. Okay, so it's like this. No, it is very important to keep the boat we had over here to a certain height. So actually, a lot of students are that they can make sure that they do a ones correctly, but over time, the bombing had is going to be like this, Right? So that's that's not an option. So we're gonna have to keep it in a certain height now, on to the next part. Held your practice holding around. Well, you make sure you have the right posture first, and they imagine that there's a war here. There's only had their some war, and then you put it, put a bomb, we head out to the wall and then drop here on my hand and then stays culture for five minutes for the first time. And then 10 minute terminus for the second time and then 13 minutes for the third time. OK, I know that it is gonna be a little bit uncomfortable uncomfortable at first, but believe me, it's gonna get better, Okay? It's gonna be, uh, like when you're sleeping like this, it's gonna be very natural. 5. String Tuning : Hi there in this section, Bergen to be talking about the streets after value. So if you hold your bowel in this very that's the string, it's going to be the thickest one. Okay, so it's key. Okay, Now the eastern is going to be the finish one, and the D string is going to be the vicar's one. Okay. From G to E is going to be so, uh okay, is I am day. Okay. Now I'm going to show you a simple and effective way to associate music. Nose with mothers. Now, you could have your hands like this. Found a thumb. Your my hand is going to be. So write me for so, uh, she okay. And then for the lighters there, See? Okay. Yeah. All right, G. Hey, May. Okay. And for the next note over here is going to be see again, which is so she though. Okay, so he said full psycho. Let me do that again. So from the sun week of your life hand, it's gonna be So write me. Uh, so, uh, she and then for the letters there C d e g a big Okay. Don't know. That's a seven and for the next note is going to be a an eighth. Okay, so he's ended a full psycho. That's the simple method. And now we're going to be talking about how to adjust the bombing strings, as we have already discussed before. Each one those tuning picks is associate with one of these strains. If you're turned, it takes upward. Then the associates string tone is going to be higher. And if you turned the picks downward, then the associative string tone is going to be lowered so you can see the top right hand toning pig is associated with the A stream and the bottom right hand 20 pig. It's associate with the e string and, um, top my hand toning pig. It's associate with that piece string and the bottom left hand. 20 Pig s a social, but that he strain now. It's very important for you to not exerting too much force onto the toning pick when you turned them because the strange met break. If you do that, so uh, only just their life. Okay. And now I'm going to demonstrate the things that mentioned it is a very good practice to play the Gentilly being adjusted valley strings because it's going to make it much easier for you to listen. And now I'm going to turn on my electronic toner toe Adjust my a string. Okay, So if the sound that toner makes on my a stream makes arguing agreement than a means them in a strange created And after that I'm gonna use my a stream there, just support the e string, which is the second string to the first ring. OK, so if my second string and first ring are you in harmony, that means that my e string is operated. Okay. After that, I'm gonna use my a string to adjust 40 string, which is the second string to 1/3 string. Ok, okay. Now might be strings after it as well, if they're not in harmony or not, are created, then turning the hex work or downwards, You were to adjust a higher or lower. Okay, Now, after I just my d string, I'm gonna use my G string to adjust work the G string. Okay, If they're your harmony, that means that my G strings operated as well. So which composed this entire process off toning the valiant strings 6. Empty String Practice + Cleaning: The final section of this course is going to be about health, a pied anti strings, which means to play Eastern a string history and G string and how to ship between them. Now I'm I seem pretty simple to others, but there are several important standards that we must meet, you know, to play like a really violinist. First off, there are three most important things for us to note when they play any sort of music work . They are ocracy off the music notes, found themselves the temple and understanding off the music work. The fund appoint can only be achieved when the 1st 2 requirements are met and playing, and he strings is a great way to train for the balance of temple and right hand skills. These other possess requirements when we play it the empty strange. The very first thing that we need to pay attention to is that we want our boto carving onto the strain like a knife instead of a are flatbread onto the string. Okay, He ordered to do that. We need to turn the ball out of it like this, Okay, like this, and then put it onto the street by re Gentilly. Okay, And second thing that I need to address is that we need to keep the bombings to the same Broadway play. The empty string. You see, Aleppo a Well, in Bo is gonna be the bottom. The bow is gonna be heavier and the tough the boy is gonna be a lighter, right? So on when they play it at the bottom of the boat, I need to laugh it up a little bit in order to keep the violent the same. And under tough the boat, we need to apply a little bit off wash so that the volume is gonna be the same. A spot on the top. Okay, so that demonstration, he's gonna be like this. Okay, Andi, third thing that we need to keep in mind is that we always need to keep our both straight. Okay, When we played the anti strength or any other music works. Oh, okay. Because I've seen way too many students that cannot keep their ball straight. It is going to be quite like this. So, uh, you have a need to keep the ball straight. And so in order to do that, we need to uh, a bottom abo red meteo re truck over. Right arm out of it. You can see this motor right here. Just re crack a little bit. So and then it can be straightened on the top. Always you extend that were right arm a little bit. Okay. The one of the best methods is to use a mirror so that when you bring a play valley so that you can see all the time that you boys gonna be either straight or bent. Okay? The next thing that we need to pay attention to it. Three years a metro, known in order to controlled temple. Okay, either the electronic measuring them over the mechanical to met a metronome, other guns. Beefier a smile so you can set a speed to 60 practice. So for this exercise, we're gonna be playing, uh, clone 1 to 81 Miss Thea idea Bottom of the boat and a is at the top table. Though it is going to be like 123 more. 5678 C Now, among the palpable On day I'm going. I'm gonna have to go back 12 through a more five, 678 and then now, among the bottom of all. Okay, so we need to pay attention to the distributing our ball space evenly. Okay. The U three implementation is gonna be like this. Oh, okay. On the very next thing that we're gonna have to a pay attention to is that we need to keep our, um, very hand Opal don't work instead of like this. Because if we do this, then it means that our hand is stiff and it's gonna be one. But our way on me stiff than Oregon tear apart is gonna be stiff, Isobel. So it's gonna be very tiring to provide. Okay, So keep it downward. Cuban realized the very final thing that we need to pay attention to is that member switch one by string, toe another. They're shooting the air cat between them. Meaning when I try to switch one eastern to history you shook out, it's gonna be so There shouldn't be like the this motion or here or this motion. They should be a smooth as possible. Okay, It's like when your drawer drawing a circle, they should be a test more where you're stretching the between the streams. Okay, so the demonstration is like, I think Theo entire practice should be like this. First off set your metronome to 60 and then first thing a mirror. Like I'm facing my camera right here and then practice like this. I know that these requirements for point empty strange my seem tedious at first. But trust me, they're gonna be very beneficial for you in the long run. And I would recommend you to spend about 30 minutes and an hour to a practiced and history in order to get the details right after we played a bellowing. And it's very important to clean there as well. You. So you can use either a piece off queen cough or a deer hide. Uh, I mean, these touch my shorter Respert here ago, and we can either start from the front of the value or the fact the valet. So I'm going to start from the back of Ali just like this. And then just kind of like this and in knickers Will and the poor, the front, uh, there are rows and Russell two over here, on the strings or underneath the strings. Right. So we can use over clinic off or the air hide, uh, like this, and then put it on to this stream and cleaning like this and for the Rosen browser toe underneath the stream, we can always, uh, change the shape of the cough for your high like this, and then who's out for? And that's pretty much how you clean the belly. 7. Conclusion for the Fundamental Course: congratulations were making to the end of this course on very part of you. Playing Bellen is about paying attention to details. And I think you have ready and learning right now. Some say that fundamental course is the most difficult part of the smelling study curve. And you have already made through it. Remember, practice makes excellence. So police practice. Andi, I promise you that you will be excellent. And if you have any questions, are positive or negative feedbacks towards this question, then police only for review. Andi, I will do my very best to get back to you. Um, I'm Church. How Thank you are much for taking this course.