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Audit: Make Your Online Course a 1K Bestseller

Franki B. Kidd,

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8 Videos (22m)
    • Audit Your Way to Success

    • Don't Make These Mistakes

    • What is an Audit?

    • Audit Tips 1

    • Audit Tips 2

    • Audit Tips 3

    • Audit Tips 4 (Coincidence!)

    • One last thing!


About This Class

 If you are currently teaching or thinking about creating an online course that earns you passive income, then this class is for you.

In this course, you’ll learn from a Skillshare teacher (that would be me FBK) who experienced success on Skillshare very quickly.

The way I became what I call an averagely – fabulously Skillshare teacher and increased my Skillshare earnings is by auditing my classes.

Doing so allowed me to share my passions but to make money online and to get my classes to trend pretty fast.


In this class, you will learn simple ways to tweak (audit) your class so that it trends and possibly becomes a Best seller. 

These tips are very SIMPLE. The only way the won't help is if you DON'T try them. 

This audit tips I share are NOT rocket science, but they also don't work unless you implement them.  

Click & Enroll and let me show you some tips to make your Skillshare class a success.

If you are not a premium member please email me for a free coupon to this course.  Currently there are 25 free spaces. 

[email protected]





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Franki B. Kidd

For my writing students, check out my popular Nonfiction . 



My Skillshare Success Story.

From $200 to $2000 in a couple of weeks. If I can - you can too :).

Franki (FBK) is a writer's writer. She's an author who writes with a colorful simplicity.

The hundreds of eBooks that she's written for clients through online freelancing sites have become hot new releases and best sellers in their category.

She prides herself ...

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