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Audiobook Publishing Basics

teacher avatar Vincent Noot

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

25 Lessons (1h 58m)
    • 1. Lesson 1 Welcome

    • 2. Lesson 2 Scaling Up

    • 3. Lesson 3 Get a KDP Account

    • 4. Lesson 4 Get an ACX Account

    • 5. Lesson 5 Outside the US UK Canada

    • 6. Lesson 6 US Address with Reship

    • 7. Lesson 7 US Bank Account

    • 8. Lesson 8 Author's Republic and Findaway Voices

    • 9. Lesson 9 Niches to Avoid

    • 10. Lesson 10 Good Niches

    • 11. Lesson 11 Keyword Research Organization

    • 12. Lesson 12 Amazon BSR for High Demand

    • 13. Lesson 13 Best Seller Sort

    • 14. Lesson 14 Audible and Kindle Bestseller Lists

    • 15. Lesson 15 Audible Autosuggestions

    • 16. Lesson 16 Low Competition

    • 17. Lesson 17 Get Writers

    • 18. Lesson 18 How Many Words

    • 19. Lesson 19 Create an Overview for Your Book

    • 20. Lesson 20 Increase Chances of Bounties

    • 21. Lesson 21 Best Selling Titles

    • 22. Lesson 22 Piggybacking

    • 23. Lesson 23 The Right Penname

    • 24. Lesson 24 Ordering Beautiful Book Covers

    • 25. Lesson 25 Edit Audiobooks

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About This Class

Publish Audiobooks and Make a Killing in Sales on Amazon

Both left and right, we hear of inexperienced individuals who jump into the audiobook publishing business and start making passive income, sometimes even as high as five or six figures. And although I cannot give you any promises, I have cashed in on it myself. In fact, 80% of my income consists of audio books. It pays for all of my bills and more. Books I published 3 years ago, are still making money. Go figure.

Recently, when I was watching TV, I saw an Audible commercial. Amazon is doing everything in their reach to pull people into their audio book store and to gain a higher market share. This means they are getting more and more listeners and customers each day.

The demand is increasing. As of now, estimates are that just in the United States, about 85 million people listen to audio books. Audible amounts for about 41%, experts say, so about 35 million listeners. Stats also claim audiobook customers listen to an average of 15 books per year. That means almost 1.3 billion books are being listened to each year, just in the USA alone (about 0,52 billion on Audible). These are amazing business opportunities!

But the competition is increasing as well. More publishers are finding out how well audiobooks sell, and every day, new books are being published. With about 425,000 published and about 10,000 new titles arriving each year. So how can you even compete? By knowing what you're doing! By knowing where the money is! And still, the ratio customers to publishers shows us just how great the opportunity is. Listeners across the world are waiting for your books! There aren't enough out there yet!

When I tell neighbors, friends, and family what I do for a living, most of them admit to listen to audiobooks quite regularly. If there is anything on the rise, it's audiobooks.  There has never been a better opportunity to publish a truckload of audio books and make considerate profit. So my invitation to you is: Don't be left out! Get your hands on that money now while the market is still hot, new, and on the rise!

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Vincent Noot


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1. Lesson 1 Welcome: Hey, it does this picture of this fist because I only want people in this video course who are determined to apply this and to really go for. So I hope that was you. And if it wasn't that spine Teoh, You know you could do with your life if you want. When I think about a big opportunity like this when you can make thousands per month and if you do it right and you do the initial work, you could make thousands per month passively then yes, you need a little bit of determination. You need Teoh to work hard and you need to show that you're willing. Teoh don't go to distance. You know what I mean? As I said in the sales video, there's a lot of opportunity. There are millions of people listening to audiobooks right now, and people are just hungry for audiobooks. Why? Because people don't want to read. So people are not good at reading. Some people just like to close their eyes, sit on the bench, lie down on the beach on ah r in a hammock and just listen to their, you know, to get a little MP three player or there. Whatever they have nowadays, their phone and you can play audio books and they love audiobooks. I actually don't mind audiobooks either. I am listen to a lot of YouTube videos, and it's kind of like an audiobook. Except for, you know, I just don't watch him because I just want to listen to what they have to say. So audio books are on the rice. There's more and more people listening to audiobooks. The economy is growing, and so a lot of people have money for audiobooks. So congratulations on buying this video Course you can cash in on creating all your books and making a lot of money with it. And I'm not gonna promise you that is gonna go really fast in the beginning. Maybe it will take a little while. Toe take off. You know, maybe it will. You will have to get into a routine to us, understand what you're doing. But in this video course, I'm going to give you a jump start eso that you know what you're doing so that you can avoid all the mistakes I've made down the road in the first year. I probably only made between $501,000 per month with audio books. And right now that's a lot more, because now I understand what I'm doing. I've made a lot of mistakes. I bumped into a lot of, uh, things that I wouldn't want to repeat again. And I'm gonna help you avoid all that. I'm gonna help you do it the right way. And at that way, yeah, it's still gonna be an experiment with covers and titles and all that kind of stuff. It's not always an absolute science, but with my ideas and with the steps that I'm going to give you, you're gonna be able to find markets and you're gonna be able to find customers that are really ready to listen to your audio book. So I hope that wasn't a lot of fluff. Let's dive in and let's do this because you're gonna make money with audio books 2. Lesson 2 Scaling Up: okay, And I mentioned before on YouTube videos. We're gonna talk about scaling up. So how can we skill up the fastest and one of the fast way to scale up its still outsource things? So some people outsource their cover. Some people outsource their books. Some people, most people outsource the narrative for the production of an audiobook. We're gonna talk about all of those in this video course. Personally, I don't outsource everything because with outsourcing comes a cost. So basically, I figure out cheap and fast ways to create content and covers etcetera so I could keep my costs low and have a high volume. But that's the game I play. There's other people that play other games, and there's really different ways to make money on Amazon. You just got to be aware of the risks and opportunities of all of them. So we're gonna talk about the first way. The first way is to have hundreds of books. You go into smaller niches with low competition. Let's say, for example, what is a high, highly competitive niche is the ketogenic diet, or Bitcoin, or essential oils? Those who have a high competition and a lot of people going after those niches, so those are not the niches. You're gonna be it now. What's a smaller niche? A smaller niche would be maybe a psychological disorder. Or maybe it would be, ah, parenting trend. Or maybe it would be a practical skill, like do it yourself or maybe some kind of other diet that's less known. And the ketogenic diet as a smaller niche would be something like how to have better marriage conversations or something like that. Those air, smaller niches. There is definitely a lower demand for it, so you're not gonna make as much money per book. But it's easier to dominate those niches with a handful books. So that's why I go after a lot of small niches with a lot of books that in those books stand a better chance to rank higher and to get the majority of the sales in that smaller niche. But then you need a lot of them because the demand is lower. So, uh, the second way you can go is have only a handful books, and you get lots of reviews. He always have to have lots of reviews, because if you're going after competitive niches. You're going after niches that are high in demand. So there's a lot of customers buying books in those niches. But you're also competing to a lot of other against a lot of other savvy publishers. So you need to have a lot of reviews. And, as we all know, a lot of reviews on Amazon or fake. So that's the game, and a lot of these people play you. Sometimes they show these screen shots, and they're like, Look how much per month of making. But that's not always true. It means that they make the lot in a few good months that they have. For example, somebody could show a screenshot of five or $10,000 promote and say, Look how much per month I'm making with only 50 books. Well, that doesn't mean they're gonna make that money every month, because in these competitive niches you get kind of a beginner's boots, you know, inaudible. There is a section that says new releases and you know, their book might be newly released, and so customers are going to check it out, Gonna see like Oh, that's a good bulk And so they're gonna buy that book because it's new. But then after a while you use you lose that beginner support boost, and then your book is going to drop in banking because there's constantly new people coming into that niche. Let's say you do with the paleo diet, there's books being released every few days in the paleo diet, right? So ah, yearbooks going to stay on top for a little while if you get enough reviews. But if you, uh, you know, it's it's not gonna last typically. Now, if your book is longer, that gives you an advantage. If it's really good or if as really good cover or as a lot of reviews, all those those things give you an advantage. But typically a lot. A lot of people I talked to that play this game. They're like, Yeah, I'm a $50 the first month or $200 the first month and then it dropped and dropped and dropped. And now I'm only making $5 a month right, and they spend a lot of money on reviews and about on a lot of other things. And a lot of these people outsource that books through expensive writing services. So some of them I show revenue Screenshots. But my doesn't even mean that they make a lot of profit. Uh, close its heart. Like I said, if you're lucky, if you're lucky or if you do it the right way if you're smart enough to do this, Yeah, he could make a lot of quick cash, but for the long term, uh, high volume is typically the best way to go. Now, some people aren't authors. Okay, authors, that And if you're an expert in your field, if you are really good at something like your the TV, massage, their paste or something, then you will have no problem making money. And Amazon We're not even gonna go that vote. But since you bought this course, I don't know, maybe maybe you're most likely. You're a nobody in most people's eyes, right? And that's okay. That doesn't mean you're not. You're nobody just means that most people haven't heard of you. So going Teoh make money. Publishing means that you have Teoh right under pen names or under your name, and nobody will have heard of it. So you're gonna have to have keywords, and you're gonna have to have a following. If you're an author, especially for fiction, and you want Teoh make a lot of money with your novels or novellas, you need to have a fan list and email addresses that every time you will release a new title, you email that list and some of them will buy your book. And we're gonna talk about how you can do that on Audible, especially. And in the long term, that can pay off, too, especially if you get a lot of fans. But, yeah, those that three roads were mostly gonna talk about how to do that the first way, and we'll mention this a little bit, too, throughout the course. 3. Lesson 3 Get a KDP Account: Okay, let's now talk about how to get a KDP account, and it's actually one of the simplest things ever. So if you haven't had a KDP account before, you could just create one. Just be careful that if you're in the same household with your partner or with someone else who has a KDP account, they track I p addresses, and they don't want somebody to have multiple Katie P accounts. If you have multiple KDP accounts, you need to have limited liability companies. You need to create a company name, and you need to do it from a different I p address because actually, they don't they don't want it. So, uh, that's the only way you could do it. Now, if you just have one KDP account, it's really simple. You just go to Katie p dot amazon dot com. You sign up and that's it, that you feel out of password and a few data, and that's really simple. Now, once you're in your KDP accounts, you're gonna see ah, number of tabs, and that's really simple to you have the bookshelf tab, which you can just go down here and create a new title. I always first create the Kindle e book. And then after that it says, Hey, would you like to create your paper back? And then I just click yes, and then that create a paperback and you don't have to buy any of these books in bulk or something. It's all on demand, so it's all risk free. Then there's a tab for reports. Now this desire free downloads, a lot of free downloads compared Teoh paid downloads, of course, and and ordered paperbacks you could go to month two dates. I kind of like that feature to, because you can put the books in order. Top tabs on KDP is where you fill out your tax information, your account information you need to attach bank account. So it's all very simple. Once you do all that, once you have your account in your routing number and all that you want, you have that all filled out the tax information you count information, etcetera. Then you just click on save and then you can start publishing and publishing is an equivalent for up loading. So really, that's all it means. So publishing isn't the hard part anybody can publish because you could just upload a book . But how to create a good book and how to no, make it sell. That's That's what we're gonna talk about in this video, of course. 4. Lesson 4 Get an ACX Account: it's really easy to get an A C X account as well. A C X is the audible book accounts that Amazon users, and so it divides it the audible to Amazon and iTunes. And really, it's a simple is going to a c x dot com, and to sign up now and then, you can create an account, and as you can see, this is a new account. There are reasons why I created a new account, which is actually different than KDP. And KDP doesn't allow you to have multiple accounts unless it's under a different identity or an LLC. A C X actually has a different rule. They allow you to have multiple accounts, but they warned that if they see that you abuse this feature, that they will terminate all counts related. So you have to be cautious of that and make sure you don't just start creating accounts and getting codes in a in a shady way or something like that. But, yes, you can create multiple counts. And so this he's a new account that I created on. There were several reasons for that. As you can see and hear, it says how many projects I have so have 44 projects that have been started. They have There's only been nine completed, so that doesn't mean that they went live. So that's why I have no sills yet. There is one program. This will always say one unless they come up with another one. This is the Bodman's program, so there's a romance package that audible subscribers can subscribe to. And that just goes to show you how competitive and how much in demand. Romance books are right, so there's so many sub stops up romance niches that you could go into eso, this one says in production, Soapy. The narrators are still producing these books. These ones are being checked, but a C X quality team. This is how the offers I send. So some of them got rejected or they they went wrong with the communication. So that's why not all of them are in there or have to rescind on offer because they actually, uh, accidentally clicked on decline. This is how many are open for auditions. So when people do an audition, they can start narrating my book, uh, then titles that are not posted or just things that I uploaded that aren't finished yet. You can go to your message. You need to check those a lot because you don't need to communicate to your narrators. This is where you add your title. Here you can search for producers for higher entitles accepting auditions if you're a narrator. But I don't use this become Azuma publisher. Right. So this this is where you get searched for narrators if nobody doesn't audition for your book or if you can't get a good deal, Uh, this is where you adult titles, all these other things. I don't really use them. These air, just social media suggestions and all that stuff. Uh, this is not very important either You can check their their rules here if you want their terms. And if you go to your name at the top left, you can go to account settings. And here you need to fill out your personal data, your tax information and your bank information. If you don't do that, then you can't start. So you have to make sure that you feel this all out tank in from a tax information to bank information. All of this has to be filled out in order to receive payments. Really, That's all the way there is to it. I mean, you'll probably be going a lot to these auditions, wants to the production to have the complete to shoot product. And here you can look at your sales dashboard so you can just click on this and then it says so these are you have to read these numbers too, So we're gonna go for that. So these are a L unit actually just explains it all over here. But just understand that these the L units aren't of once that people buy with their free codes that they get. These are the wants that they buy through audible dot com and l see are the ones that they buy to amazon dot com. That's the simplified version. The bounties. I wouldn't worry too much about that because it's really hard nowadays to get bounties. They kind of messed up that program. Here's a total unit sales, so you can look at all your books and just compare. You can also click on these so it sorts them, so that's really nice. I had used at a lot just to see which ones are doing the best Seize the day you can see like Okay, which ones are doing best inaudible, which also doing worst. Which ones are being bought with the codes a lot and which ones are doing best in total, and then you can sort them by title or by author name or something like that. So you couldn't fill up specific dates here, So, uh, yeah, that's that's on. And then here, you couldn't look at the earnings ports. I don't have anyone yet because this is a new account and you could just look at the ones you know, that you can look at all the little numbers that they give you when when they pay you and then you can see I have this book made $5 this month. And this book made $50 this month, and that's gonna being really helpful to read those numbers because that's going to help you determine which titles worked in which keywords you wanna try out next and which ones you want to experiment with and stuff like that. Like if you have a book about the human brain or something, and it's making $50 a month and another book about parenting is only only making $3 month. Obviously, you gotta put more brain books out there, or you gonna put more things that are related to it. Or maybe the cover just made itself. So you need to analyze those things. 5. Lesson 5 Outside the US UK Canada: So, unfortunately, if you're not a U. S u k or can a Canadian citizen, uh, CCX won't transfer the money to your bank account or send you a check, which is kind of racist if you think about it. But yeah, if you live in a different country, you can still receive money and we're going to show you that in the next two videos, and we can get a U. S. Address in the U. S. Bank account and it's really simple. And if you just do that little trick, you can still get paid and you can still make money from a C X. If you're If you are US, UK or Canadian citizen, it's gonna be really simple anyway, so you could just sign up for a C X and fill out your data data, and they will take care of it. 6. Lesson 6 US Address with Reship: Let's talk about how we can get a U. S address to ship they checked to. So, as you know, s E X says Nope. You can only get paid if you're in the U. S. U K or Canada. So there's a just a simple trick. You go to re ship dot com, and so they will mill the check to you because they can't wire transfer the money to your bank account, right? So but, uh, they or yeah, I guess they could, but it's easy to have them. Just send a check to re ship the reshape address that you're gonna select. And it's a $5 sign up. That's for your first package. So basically what you're doing is you're just paying $5 per shipment, so it's just five bucks. It's not that hard. Right? So I'm not gonna fill all this out. You just sign in, you select a U. S address, and then and then you get this field, you have to fill out your actual address. So you're building at issue actual address, and then they're gonna ship it to that Anderson. It's gonna re ship it directly to your current address. and then they give you the option to pay per package membership or to do a monthly membership. So monthly membership is $30 for 10 packages, uh, or to those for each package, over $10. But you don't need a package over $10 you don't need $30 promote for 10 packages because you're only going to get one paycheck every month from a C X anyway, so you don't need 10 packages unless you wanna ship other stuff but whatever. So, yeah, I would just do to $5 per package, and then it will just cost you $5 promote to get that. But then you can receive a C X checks in your own country, which is really handy, and you could make thousands of dollars if you do the publishing game there right away. 7. Lesson 7 US Bank Account: Okay, I'm in the US, Okay? Looking me. But if you're not in the U. S, then it's important. Teoh again and bank account with higher near. So really, that's that's all it is. Uh, so you kowtow, pioneer dot com and you sign up and I'm going to do all this. You look, you can just enter your name, email, address and stuff like that to contact details, the security details. People from Pakistan have done this, so it's really simple. It's really easy if you have any questions about it asking the Facebook group and me and other participants of the course will answer that. I'm not gonna go over all of this, but just know that you could do it through pioneer. 8. Lesson 8 Author's Republic and Findaway Voices: Okay, This video will be about authors Republic and find a way voices. And to be honest, I don't really use them, but I'm going to show them to you a little bit. I'm not gonna walk you through all the steps of signing up and uploaded your books there because I personally at home do it. So you might say I'm not an expert in those fields, but I just wanted to give you the option. Mostly, when I want to point out is the pros and cons of these platforms and why I stick to a C X for the moments now you might consider on other platforms. But I want you, Teoh, look at the pros and cons of both and then make your own decision. Basically, these platforms are like a c X a lot. I mean, the process is getting started is easy. You created projects, you select a narrator you review and approve your audio book and you published a tribute and see your cells. There's nothing more to it. It's just like all the other ones. And the benefits is that it sells to multiple platforms. So see, and this is the main benefit of state they distribute to all these other companies. So Walmart Google ums on audible to distribute all of these, right? But that's the point. If some people goto audiobooks dot com or scribbled or place their or to get their audiobooks, they you know, they might see your book. And it's not just gonna be on Amazon and inaudible and iTunes, because that's what a C X does. So that is the big benefit. But I think a lot of these others aren't even that big. They have 60% of the market combined, and ah, yeah, it's just met. Yeah, and there's other cons about that. But you know how it works is really simple. You could just get started in the yeah, same thing with Authors. Republic would say they pay 70% of the royalty since he of what your audiobook earns across over 30 major channels. So and this has two steps, all outlines. You get started, you do all that stuff. I think you could just start working here, and I think they do have codes of some form, but and I don't think you get paid for using these codes. So that's the big downside to any way you could do more research on these platforms. But here's some things to consider and that put that in and we're document here is the best part about other websites is that you have you'll reach audiences on those websites. Okay, so that is the only reason why you would do it. Really? If you select finally voice the authors Republic, you can get only 25% on your A C X books and no promo code. So the big downside is that the A C X won't give you those 25 US and 25 UK promo codes, and that is a major bummer. You don't want that. So maybe if they get ever get rid of the promo codes altogether, or they don't have him out publishers and authors anymore. Maybe that's when you want to switch to these other once. I don't know when that's gonna happen or if it's gonna happen. But, yeah, you miss out on 15% on a C X, which is a big market, right? And so all the promo coach used to you miss out on that 15% and after one year you can go from exclusive on a six to nonexclusive. But if you do that two months, they will get suspicious of your account. So you could reason to say, uh, okay, I'm just gonna get the promo codes that I want for my book and go exclusive for the 40%. Leave it for one year, then switch to non exclusive and then put it all the other websites. You could do that. But if you do that with a lot of books, yeah, they're gonna look into it and they're gonna think like, oh, he wants to see is the codes. And, you know, stuff like that, you know, Amazon is they always get suspicious over nothing. So, with finally voices or authors Republic, you can receive between 70 and 90% of the royalties of the platform. I think it's higher and find a way voices, but but I'm not sure that, but anyway, you gotta look into that. You can think. Oh, so that's 70 to 90%. That's way better than 40%. But that it that's not what it is. It's 90% off that 40%. So it's It's only, uh, 36%. So? So if you publish it through, finally voices on your book is. But it's not 40% 25% right, because it's not exclusive. So let's say put it on a sex for 25%. And then you put it on finally voices for 90% that if somebody buys it through fine away voices through a C X are audible. You don't get 25%. You get 90% off that 25%. So are finally voices. Takes a cut too. So, like I said, the best part about these website would be because they distributed to other websites. Now, I don't know how high did amends on those other websites all experiment with it a bit, but yeah, you e I don't use it at this time because of that, because I rather have the probable codes from a C X and a rather get the 40% and I think audible Akamas growing. I've seen ads on TV about audible and you know how Amazon is. They always take a huge loss of billions of dollars upfront just so they can get the customers and so they could get the majority of the market share. And that's what they're trying to do right now in 2018. And I think they're probably gonna grow. They're doing everything to beetle their competitors. If you're KTB, account gets terminated. Listen to this. You can create a limited liability company and get a new KDP account, plus a new A C X accounts. So instead of saying like OK, again, do anything with these books anymore, I'll just put him on Finally, voice and authors or public. You could still get the KDP account, put him back on there or put different books on there or put him on a C X. So that doesn't mean end. You get to 40% right? So it doesn't mean that it's always a better option. So this is another reason why I'm like, you know, that this is not a good option for me. At this moment, it is allowed to have multiple 80 X icons. They say that however, if they see suspicious activity in one account and is linked to another, they have the choice to terminate both or to refuse codes for both. So you gotta think about that, too. Obviously, if you have a limited liability company. It is not necessarily linked Teoh a personal account so they might not see the connection. But if you if you have two accounts there clearly linked to each other by back account or email address or something else personal data and they see that you are you know you're doing something sketchy on one account that they're gonna look into both so that that is another thing you need to take into account. You have to think about that. But yeah, you can have multiple a C X accounts, but I think that all they want to do is not make sure that you don't start fishing for codes and selling them on eBay or something like that. So ah, just be aware of that. This is a reason why I actually don't go to these platforms because I get codes for a C X and I get full 40% so that is worth it to me. You could look into this and you can look up stuff on the Internet about this, but I for now I don't recommend going to those 9. Lesson 9 Niches to Avoid: this video will talk about some niches to avoid, and you could take a snapshot of this and to say, OK, let's look at it myself. I won't have to listen to the video, but I still think it's good to go over them and why they are important to avoid so cookbooks. Obviously, cookbooks won't be very good audio books and actually audible dot com says it somewhere. I forgot. I have to look it up, but I don't think that's very important. It says. We recommend not putting cookbooks out there. And the reason is because a cookbook, you know something is going to say, uh had two tablespoons off of curry and then adds to teaspoons of sugar like something some people listen to it, but it's really they don't sell well, even even if you will get him out there. Inaudible approves, they just won't sell well, so that makes sense, Right? Audible also has something against a lot of people uploading public domain. It actually says it actually says on their website that they don't want that. So classics like a little princess or the Little prince, or what else you got robbing a You know the fairy tales that Disney uses wallets own Crusoe Scarlet letters. You know all these things that have been expired and they don't have copyright anymore. There are rules on Katie P for that to you can't just upload it without having certain illustrations or adding commentary or something like that. So unalterable they don't want it because then everybody's gonna get those books for free and they're gonna upload the same books. And when you look at their websites, see at the top here where I'm hovering over my mouth, it says audible to come over 425,000 of the best on your books and original content. Why do you think they mentioned that? They mentioned that because they want customers to come to their website because they have a large selection and they have original content. They want people to know, like look these air not all the same books. You're getting different kinds of books, so there's so much to choose from, so that's why they don't want public domain. Otherwise, everybody's gonna upload the same books, sci fi and fantasy. Now it doesn't mean that there's no money in it, and obviously if you author and you're gonna drive your own traffic and email addresses to it and you get a fan list, it could be very profitable. But for me, it hasn't worked out because I don't have a big following and I put a few fancy books out there and they just dropped to the bottom, and it doesn't mean that they can't sell it all. But what I noticed, too, even when I made sure they ranked on talk because I got ways to do that by distributing codes and having people download my book and all that stuff. So So I found people that wanted to do that and so that my book ranked higher. But even then, organic stills were very low, which with the organic sales, it means, I mean people going to audible dot com and looking for a keyword like fantasy or something , and then finding my book and then clicking on it. A lot of people in this genre are looking for specific famous authors that they've heard of our that they've become a fan of their Siri's or they see him at the bookstore or something like that. Plus, you gotta think sci fi and fantasy is mostly for men. There's also some for women out there. I'm aware of that. But ah, lot of guys like toe read fancy and sci fi because there are no own little world fighting with swords or no shooting laser guns and in space or something. And so there's a lot of fighting's a lot of action, a lot of politics, and so a lot of guys are into these books. But guys is not the biggest target market. When it comes to books, guys have less time, usually because they have full time jobs. Guys don't read as much on every every book. Bub and Amazon. They have all shown that women is the biggest target market, and you go think about the fact that most authors, most writers, most narrated our guys because they're trying to make a living with their, ah, being with what they like to dio. So if you, for example, you go after the sci fi market, it means you have the lowest demand and the highest competition because most writers, airmen and most readers are women, so it's really a market that I don't recommend. I've tried and tried it out and I don't work. Chills books is also very low demands. A lot of people buy books for themselves, not for their Children and with Children's books. Here's the thing with chills books kids become He's become brainwashed by propaganda through ads that come big companies like Okay, all kinds of big companies by So they become a Paul Patrol fan or Disney fan or ah, my graft fan or a Pokemon fan on all these all these things air trademark. So if you're gonna go after trademark keywords, you're taking a risk of getting sued by these companies or getting your books taken down in your whole Amazon accounts. Delete it so I don't recommend that. But if you have an original Children's story and you want to put it out there, well, then it's hard to bank high because nobody ever heard of you. And even if you rank high inaudible dot com, nobody's gonna look for it. So even if they see it, they're like, Yeah, I'm going to skip this because I don't know anything about it. They don't trust it. Kids are stuck on one thing. They're always like, you know, I like Fortnight's because it played all day. So I want to buy a fortnight book. So that's what Childrens are looking for. So Chills Books is a very good market for those who have big brands and a $1,000,000 company and a trademark name. But for little publishers, trust me guys, I have a few dozen Children's books and they don't make that much. I think they only make a small handful of sales every month. And at least I made my money back. But it's really not the best way to go. Programming books can make some money, but I have some programming books, and you know, there's very technical how they're going to read these formulas. It's just not a very good book for to listen to you so And this saying applies Teoh practical books like how to draw I'm gonna have a how to draw book. I've actually seen a few how to draw books inaudible, and I'm like, Well, how you gonna do that? Because you can't even see it and same thing with knitting or soap making or stuff like that, and it just doesn't work that well, Uh, and then religion. I think there's a big market for religion. But I also think, for example, Christian fiction or something, or Christian nonfiction, especially. They learned something from the Bible or, you know, their preachers or there pastors or something. And so they want to put their book out there and make money with what they what. They love their their religion, and so that's very competitive to I do have a few, uh, religious books and they don't make that much money, Just tell you so that's from my own experience. 10. Lesson 10 Good Niches: So now let's talk about some good natures you should go into First is business Business. Could be anything from investing, too. Job hunting, Teoh Crypto currencies, running a business management sills. Anything like that, right? So there's a lot of sub steps up niches in business, and people want to know about that because they want to make money, right? So it's a lot of entrepreneurs in this world. There's a lot of people work a job, but they want to invest just like you. You want to know more about publishing. And yes, even how to self publish is is a key word you could go after, although I think that's probably very competitive. Then there's history. There's so much history in the world, and you could definitely make money with history books. I have some history books, and some of them do really well. Other ones don't, and it's always about you hit a miss. But if you do it well enough, yeah, there's money to be made in history, and that's one of those natures you can endlessly put new books in because he can always come up with a new topic from history, right? It's We got a few 1000 years of Brits and history. There's a lot to be said, Uh, dieting. Yeah, you gotta be careful with that one. Like I said, there's trendy diets like the paleo are ketogenic diet those air usually really competitive for a while and then your book and back and talk because there's high demand, and if you do right, you can you go compete with others. But then it will drop in ranking fast after that most of the time, unless you, you know, happen to find a way to stay on top. But even then it's It's hard Teoh to go after those. And then there's smaller diets, like less known diets. You could go after those two. So I heard of the anti inflammatory diet or some other things like that. Intermittent fasting is one of them. You know, stuff like that you could go after those, and those are less competitive. Uh, but there's also a lower demand. So just a pencil you want to do with that one Advice with dieting books is be very careful , which died. You select because, uh, day blocked one of my diet books because apparently it was copyrighted, and that gives me a lot of trouble. And, uh, it wasn't wasn't pleasant. You got a check, you got a double check with diets because somebody might just copyrighted because they don't want anybody else to compete, Which is really mean. But somebody else might be the person who invented it to diet. Might have called it after himself or might have called it something and then copyrighted right away. And then it became a trend. So you gotta be careful with those self help. It's a very big niche. Could be anything from like happiness, motivation, self esteem, uh, affirmations, just that kind of stuff. And there is a lot of competition in that market. But if you find the right keywords and self help, I just mentioned a few, but those air, you know, highly competitive. But there's other ones that are less competitive, and people actively search for that. There's a lot of demand for self help, but yeah, just know what you're going to start, because there is also a lot of competitions. Then again, I do have some self help books about happiness or in their piece or something, and I released him a like three years ago, and they're still making a few dollars every month. So even though they might not be banking on top, there so meant much demand in that niche that even the ones that don't do really well we'll stay still. Make use of passive income years from now, if everything goes well, romance. There's tons of sub niches you got like African America and you got historical you got, uh, and you got all kinds of ways. There's some people that want, like explicit sex scenes, which goes more towards the erotica is younger, and in other ones they want just to clean romance. You know, the that. The things that does this, the story, you know, between the two of them and so many sub niches. You know there's Western. There's cowboy, their Southern. There's a mystery romance because, you know, you could put romance in any story and women by so many romance books. And that's really dubbed biggest market on the exterior of the absolute biggest market on ah, on Amazon and and also inaudible. And maybe you can find a sub niche that isn't very competitive and put on a lot of romance books. Now the good thing about fiction books, it's that you can endlessly put new books out there because you can always come up with a new story like If you do something like the the paleo diet, you know what you're going to write about it. The pain would have died for beginners, for people want Teoh only meat or something, and then you have a few creative options. But then it stops, and then basically, you're putting the same information out there again now. Romance. You can also put Siris in there, and that's another good thing. If people start following your series and you build an email list than every time a new book comes out in the Serie on, Siri's you can send an email and you can get downloads for that book. Mystery. Same thing. You got thrillers. You got the mysteries. He got the cozies. He got the all kinds of stuff, and there's a lot of sub niches that are high and demand. People love mysteries because, you know, somebody got killed and they're all curious who did it. And so you spread out clues throughout the book that is a lot of sub niches in their psychology happens to be a pretty good niche to I found some psychology books sell. Okay. Other ones. Not so much, so it just depends. 11. Lesson 11 Keyword Research Organization: okay, we're gonna talk about keyword organization, and some people make this way more complicated than it needs to be. Basically, what you got realizes. For example, if you take Ito Jennings diets, okay, everybody's going after that. Nowadays, if you just make the title ketogenic diet, it's more competitive than if you make it Pito Genic Diet Cookbook. And that's the title. So if you go for Ketogenic Diet Cookbook, it's less competitive because there's less people searching for that long of a keyword. See, people are lazy. They don't want to look for long till keywords, right? So if you tried out that if you try that first, it's usually better. Because then there's lower competition. When I advise you to do is to pick and niche or or ah, genre with multiple topics or Ornish's armor that you can put many different stories. And because then if it's a good niche or if it's a good Shauna, you can endlessly keep putting books out there. And then once you have high volume or you have MAWR, you have a brand, or you have something like a pen name that people love, like they love your Siri's or they love your kinds of books. Then you can keep putting books out there. If you have something that stops, then you're gonna compete with yourself. But she's not a bad idea, but it's better to have an endless amount of ideas. So, uh, yeah, so it's an infection. That's a lot easier in nonfiction. Yeah, there are some topics that you could put a lot of books out there that evolve around the same topic. But if you pick something that's just kind of dead, like, for example, I have a book about ear infection. Well, sorry, but there stop much more to say about ear infection. And actually that books were doing not so well. So I stopped putting any books relating to that topic out there. Uh, then you start with a less competitive keywords. I just told you that. And you see how well they dio if it does well, like said, let's say paleo diet for beginners does well okay, which, you know, that's been a very competitive, but okay, whatever. But if you do paleo diet for, uh I don't know for vegan, so let's didn't pick something else. So essential oils, there's a lot of different uses for it, right? So if you do the essential oils for four cats, that's that's a different sub topic than for dogs or for for colds or for allergies or for vegetarians or for cooking. Or, you know, or for kids. You know there's there's all kinds of sub topics when you talk about essential oils. So first you do that, so you get less competition. And if they do well enough that maybe you could put a few books out there that just say, essential oils, the big guide or something where you can also dio is heaven essential oils Get four Children book and essential oils for cats and essential whistle doctor and such oil for I don't know, sniffers, whatever, and ah, and then bundle them. And then you have another book that you could just call did uh, complete Essential Oils Guide is giving ideas right? So you could do that in any niche that you can find sub topics now the big guide, and then it just involves all those books and you don't have to reveal right anything because you have those books you just copy and paste and put a different cover on them, and then you have them in a bundle and we'll talk more about bundles later in this course. But that is definitely what I advise you to. Dio actually put a lot of audio books out there that I'm like. Okay, if I don, I will bundle them up and then I'll have another book out there if something works. Yeah, just put another one out there and see how that goes. And analyze which book sells and why. And sometimes you can't know. Sometimes it's just mo mentum. Sometimes a book just takes off, and I don't know why. Sometimes you can see the cover and see like, Okay, this one just looks better. Or this is just what people are looking for in this niche. Or maybe I didn't get enough reviews or enough. You know, Mitt, Maybe the book isn't long enough, so just always compare and see why at one book worked better than another 12. Lesson 12 Amazon BSR for High Demand: Okay, So if you want toe, find keywords and really be sure of how much demand there is by using the Amazon bestseller ranking BS are I just abbreviated it? Then you could go to the Kindle store and find out about that. You can also look at it inaudible, but it doesn't only gives you the competition, right. So here, get the top titles. I'm gonna go to the sponsor once cause that the systems count. So if you're looking for African American romance, for example, which I used in one of my other videos Ah, you could just right click, say, open a new tab. And that way you could just see how high they are. Ranking in the bookstore, Kindle store, paperback store or something like that. See, So this one's ranking really high? Anything under 100,000 is doing pretty wells selling a few copies per month, maybe even a few per week. Anything under elect 300,000 could make you like $10 maybe Tony Olds Month. But this is, of course, insane. But it's it's not just because these air regular sills these are also two pages read on the Kindle Unlimited program So those help to count Ah, thank your book. So obviously these are all very high because their ranking highest in a competitive romance things he 988 and then you could see the categories in which they drank too. So, um, there's, you know, these are all very I But if you take, for example, something that is like, uh well, uh, how to ah, Alzheimers or something, right? Alzheimer's and see their set 6000 results, which is a lot. So I'm gonna go for something like that and these ones look like they are traditionally published. So I would look for something smaller, like this one, and then see like, Oh, let's see, 330,000. So if you rank in the first page for that keyword you're gonna you could rank at three or 30,000. Which could you give you 10 20 maybe $25 a month on average. Eso It's not that great of a keyword. If you think about it now, if you wanna instead, right click on all of these and ah, you want to just see them all in one shot There is a tool and I think almost everybody knows about it by now. It's called Katie Spy. As you can see, I don't have it on my chrome browser yet because this is a new Mac book. But honestly, I I have been using it in the past, and, uh, I got it on my other computer. I'm totally honest about that. I'll leave an affiliate link at the bottom. So again, small 20 or $25 commission. If you buy it through my link, it's recommended. It shows here how it works. Hello? Was that I could say and welcome to K. I have no time see all that, But yeah, basically, is one of those chrome extensions that show you all the banking over a year, and it's really simple. And eso yeah, it comes in handy. But as I said, you don't I need it per se on, especially if you just analysed audible market, which which is something I do a lot more. So if I want to know about his younger like Alzheimer's, I'd look it up in here. I'll just look up Ah, 141 results and I'm like, OK, 140 results. So that's eight pages. There's a lot of competition for such a small. It's such a small keywords, you know? So I think Alzheimer's Ah might not be a very good keyword. I think there's a lot of professional doctors who write about that topic, and they have, like six hour nine our books. So I think it would be really hard to bank hair. Uh, on the other hand, there's there's other ones to do so well. Ah, and yes, you can analyze Kimmel Store, but I usually go to the audio book store. I just wanted to share this because somebody shared this in one of my Facebook groups. And it's a nice way to Dio to see how how your book is ranking in Amazon store your audiobook. So not not inaudible store, but in the Amazon stores. So let's look at it, and it's kind of funny. It's called Camel camel camel dot com. I don't think I need to put a link output leaking underneath this video. Sure, and uh, and then you just look up your book on Amazon. You look up your audio book, so don't, uh, don't look it up on audible. Look it up on Amazon. So what I did is I just want to audible audiobooks where you could just go to books. You could type in the title with another keyword, and then audiobook sees That's how I found it. And so this is my book. And ah, you copy this whole thing the u R l but not everything behind this behind this slash Because this is the A s i N number. That's all you need That this is if you're gonna do this, then they're going to see what you look for. And they're gonna track that and all that stuff I would never, ever include this. Yeah, uh, do control C o r. Command. See if you're an apple like me, and then paste it in here in search and then, uh, see and found your book now and then you scroll down to the bottom, you'd use product details and tutta. It shows your sills, Rick 13. Lesson 13 Best Seller Sort: Okay, let's take a look at a keyword called on gold infesting. So a lot of people investing gold. And frankly, I don't have any gold investing books, so I don't know exactly how well they will do. But as you can see, a lot of these books the guy to gold vesting stock markets, digital gold, you know, stuff like that. None of these have the key word as the title, which means that they are not really savvy publishers. You know this. Some of these air just they're gurus or there they are. They have a following, so they might be in stores or something, although this one looks very, it's a social, very amateurish stick. So this is also a very simple title, right? But, you know, this is one of those keywords that apparently people are typing it in. But there's nothing is not much coming up. That is exactly what they're looking for. So it might be a good keyword. Now I don't want you, Teoh get stuck on this like, Oh, this one's wrecking on top. So it's selling the best because that's not always how it is. For example, it's sorted by relevance So you can also look how fast these titles arrived so you could go to newest arrivals and then you see, like, Oh, Bitcoin and the stock investing. These ones have been released pretty recent. So release date, see and sent, even says over least date. It says here on the side says also in the last 90 days there were two books released and in the past 30 days, just one. And then you can also sort by best selling. And then you get really what sells the best has sent so that you can see this one sells better then then these ones that if you think like oh, these ones are better selling better rights to income investing secrets and stock market investing for beginners. But this one is actually selling better to stack silver, get gold, right? So because if we sort by best selling, then oh, wait. So that's a different one. Yeah, So this one selling better than those ones and this one selling you can better. So I suggest you always look at that because some of my books are ranking highest for the keywords in relevance. But then they're not selling the best and eso. That's just just something I wanted to point out. You can also sell sort by running time, and then you can see some books or just 10 minutes. Oh, my goodness. 21 minutes. Okay, You can also do average customer reviews, but on a lot of reviews are fake. So see, and a lot of these get only 25 reviews because they have 25 coats distribute. So this one got to extra. This one just got 25. Exactly. See, they're all about around 20 this one. You know, maybe it did something else. Or maybe it's a different kind of book, not a self publisher, but yeah, Once you see these 26 reviews, you know that most of the time they're self publishers because they use the 25 codes, and that's it's Then they stop. They get 25 reviews. Or so there's something around that, and that's where they stop and see. This one, for example, might be traditionally published or six hours in length. Most self publishers don't do that, especially the ones that is just after the money. So, uh, yeah, you can look at those kinds of things and compare 14. Lesson 14 Audible and Kindle Bestseller Lists: Now some people say that it's good to look at the best sellers in the Kindle store and Audible bookstore, not don't get me wrong. You can get some ideas from that and sometimes he could see like Okay, so there's a high demand for that. But I advise you not to take it too seriously, because whether the chances that you really going to get into the best sellers, that's gonna be really hard. But when you look at best seller list, the best thing that you can get out of that is just to see what's trending and what people are buying. And so the best sellers kind of represent you know what people are looking for. So if you create something similar, that could mean that that's a really good market, probably also competitive. So these air the best sellers. Uh, obviously a lot of these are traditionally published, and they have a big following or you know they're famous authors. So but you can ah, you can use these titles, maybe for inspiration. And as you can see, sometimes there's romance books and there. So there's a memoir. So you cried about that, And so when people aren't looking for these books because a lot of people are looking for these books actively, right? See, these are popular books. So when they're looking for a title like that, you could use elements of that title. We'll talk about that in a lesson 22. I don't know that. That's one way that some people make some money because it piggyback off of other people's titles. So, um, but as you can see, there's a lot of mysteries. It might be some romances, memoirs, stuff like that. And, ah, yeah, he's a real big authors, you know. So but then here this is, for example, how to grow your sills. So obviously have freelance to freedom, you know? So so those are nonfiction books you can look at to growing leaders into leaders. Okay, So catchy title. Uh, but that most of these people have a following, and so it's hard to compete with them directly, But you can definitely see that there is a demand for it now. Inaudible. You could just go to browse and then bestsellers. You can also look at new releases like Okay, what are people really releasing or coming soon? You know eso what have people recently put out there? And as you can see, there's not that many self publishers out there as compared to, like Stephen Kings and the In the Diary of a wimpy Kid kind of thing. These are the new releases and, as you can see, these big companies and yeah, also a lot of erotica, publishers and stuff like that. Fancy publishers. Ah, there's a lot of authors out there that, uh, they want a piece of the pie and they have a following. And as you can see, they actually have the hunger games that I was that a new release? You get that, what? Maybe like two second version or something. So here's Thomas Cromwell. So there's something you wrote a historical book. Here's a book about running, so that might be a keyword and see you see, you could see there's a lot of fiction, a lot of fiction. Most people want to listen to fiction. Nonfiction is actually a small piece of the by. Most people just want to sit back and listen to the story, and there's a lot of money to be made. A nonfiction. I've made tens of thousands of dollars in non fiction as well. Yeah, in, uh, eviction. Yeah, there there's a There's a big open market, and the key words are a bit more complicated. See, Plant based solution. There's some nonfiction books. Here's some romance books. You know, it always got that nice guy in a suit and he just happens to be a billionaire. Maybe, And then here's ah Oh, yeah. So here's ah, more new releases. This this Rachel Wallace has a really big following. We actually listen to one of her books. Wasn't too impressed by it, but because he gets tens of thousands of sales, So yeah, these he's just get released like crazy. No Terry Pratchett. So, yeah, that's always funny. And then these are the best seller. So a lot of fiction again. See, there's that other book from Rachel, but also there's no everyday meditation dare to lead. So there was a nonfiction books, right? Sleep better. So every breath I don't know what that is haunting. So there's a or a book, so yeah, you could definitely get ideas. Maybe you wanna write a book. Wild out. Sleep better doesn't mean it's gonna get the same success. Here's another running book. Rules for Life, you know, doesn't mean they're gonna get the same success just because has the same keyword. But maybe there's a market for it because obviously they're in the top best sellers. So obviously, a lot of people are buying it here in the power of habits. Maybe can write a book about habits. You look at the competition, you know, as a lot of competition. I would say If there's over 50 or 100 or a few 100 then that means there's a lot of competition audible now on Kindle. I would say, uh, if you're looking at the Kindle store and there's like, for example, do you look at habits? There's over 10,000 results, but here there's only 980 results. This is why audible audiobooks are such a great opportunity because there's always less competitors. You look, for example, uh, billionaire romance. You're in the romance very popular, right, 40,000 titles. But if you looked at up here, there's only 884 titles, which is still a lot, but it's way less competitive and it's because a lot of people just put up books on Kindle , but they don't think about that. It's worth the investment to put the book out there on Audible or even just a royalty share . We'll talk about that later, too, so, yeah, there's always less competition. 15. Lesson 15 Audible Autosuggestions: Let's look at auto suggestions on the suggestions basically means that if you type something in that, it automatically gives you a suggestion of what other people have typed in so that you kind of know what other people have been looking for. So, for example, if you're looking for, let's say, uh, zombie romance or something, uh, if you type in the word zombie, okay, so then you see what people are looking for. For Zombie Zombie, Samuel might not be a good idea because it's probably a specific book, but fallout that probably, too. But if you just look at this zombie apocalypse books, you can put that in brackets or in your subtitle somehow. And that could be a good keyword or Zone B Road or survival guide or something like that. So let's let's say we picks on the apocalypse books. See, there's not that much competition, but there's some really no good fiction books out there. They're all bit longer. Uh, by the way, if you want to see if you're if there's a demand for short books, you just go over here and you look at length and could see that the majority of 6 10 hours . But there's also books of the 3 to 6 only wanted three hours on, and there's five books that are under five hours. You can even click on that and see what there is. So here you go there. So maybe survival essentials. Apocalypse. So these air just really short books. And if you put a few books out there, totally compete. I don't know how much demand there is for, and that's the only sad thing about Audible is they don't have the same ranking as they dio go Teoh to the best seller ranking. I never click on sponsored APs because then these people will lose money, right? So let's, let's say, let's say you want to look at the ranking of this book. Uh, then you can look that up here and you could see C 1240 24 paid and Kindle store. So that means there's high demand because it's selling a lot but inaudible. You can't really do that. You can only see how many competitors there are. You can see how many hours they're being narrated. So then you kind of know where the highest demand is or well actually where the high supply is. You know, that might be a big men for short ones, but you don't know that, right? And then they're they're in different categories to So there's to call me books. Uh, under one hour. You can cook that away. Let's pick a different example. They're ketogenic diets. Of course. Now you can see what people are looking for. Now this the ultimate beginner's guide to perfect you to diet is a specific title. And my suspicion is that somebody hired a virtual assistant, told them to look for this specific title that a lot of a lot of these virtual systems looks for this title. And so then it started popping up in the auto suggestions because I didn't look for this. And I bet customers only for this, either, because it's just too and add 2.5 hour look. So and it see it as 55 stars. You know, obviously those are just purchased reviews. Um, yeah. If you look up ketogenic diet, you see what other people are looking for for beginners, you know, intermittent fasting. Okay, so this is also specific for women. Now that could be something a plan or vegetarian. That vegetarian is a sub target group. So maybe knows, see thistles more specific and honestly see 26 ratings, all five stars. So they just distributed the codes and, uh, just told him like a review. My book. I'll pay you a dollar or something like that. That's what these people did. Um, then you could see, Yeah, these all short books, because how much are you really going to say about the ketogenic Tired, uh, vegetarian if you can get a breakfast recipes. But like I said, recipe books, you gotta be careful with that because it's not, I demand so it's better to have a book about a diet, then to actually have an accent cookbook, you know what I mean? Now, if you look up just ketogenic diets, there's 307 results. Okay, so and then you look at the hours. Most of them are and have 123 hour in length. So that sort of high supplies, it's because a lot of self publishers go after that niche. Now that's just a example. But if you do essential oils, you see all kinds of things that pop up in the auto suggestions. See aromatherapy young living. Okay, I wouldn't mess with that because that's a brand. So that's trademarked or no coffee, Right? It, uh, of the Bible for dogs. See, that's it. Something that you could look for medicine for pets, natural remedies. Now, that would be something people are looking for. And again, you can see some books are a little longer, and then you only have 28 results. But you just have essential oils 185 years old. So it's a lot harder to compete. Seeing still under an 85 is not that bad. I'm actually not. I think essential oils wouldn't be so bad on audible. It's really bad on Kindle C type in here. Uh, just in the Kindle store, Essential oils. You get over 3000 results and it's probably really hard to compete with these books. His top books. So you have 900 reviews. Good luck with that. So, yeah, for all the bullet could work, they don't have as many reviews. Ah and ah, and there's less competition 16. Lesson 16 Low Competition: Now let's look at some books where they have very low competition. I mentioned ear infection, which it was really stupid of me to put a book out there, but it was really cheap because nobody's looking for it's, you know, we is looking for and, you know, I just put my book out there. It's not very good seasons. My pen name, Melanie Salmon is the only book I have. Understand pen name. But yeah, if somebody's looking for your the only book out there now, that is a very bad example. But there's other niches and keywords, and I won't tell you which they are, because I want to keep having a monopoly there, that my book is the only one out there or I dominate the space because I have five books and there's only two or three other ones. And yeah, then every time somebody looks for it like, Oh, and there's on your book about that and I get the sill because there's hardly any competition. So there's really small niches like that on. I'm not really sure that telling you which exactly that there should be. But for example, now, if you look at spirituality. There's a lot out there going to spirituality. See, there's 20,000. But if you narrow down a bid like Shawcross, uh, then it's only 246 results. Now Kundalini, for example, is only 47. I do meditation, and this is only 15. So then you can narrow it down a bit and seeing so here. If you're gonna compete for kundalini meditation, it's actually not that bad. If you have 10 books or 15 books, you have half the space. And, uh, there's not that many books being released, I think because you see in the past 90 days there's only been four books released. So if you pump out like 10 books in a month and you do that for a few months, then you basically dominate this keyword just because the majority of the books are yours, you understand how easy it is once you get what you get good at publishing audiobooks to dominate a niche or a keyword. And that's why audiobooks air such a good example of the competition is way lower. If you look at here, for example, yeah, there's this 687 results, which is still okay, but for for Kindle, it's OK, but it's a lot more competitive. And, as you can see, yeah, wow, you know, it's like and it doesn't mean they're all related to kundalini like, I mean, look, third eye awakening the diesel like so, publishers are trying to like crime a bunch of key words in there that are related to the topic. Si on. And then some of them have all these fake reviews because most of them are fake. But by the way, did you realize that most reviews on Amazon or Audible are fake? Okay, so that's touches Stout is that's out of game means Ah, fake reviews on Kindle? Uh, yeah, it's very risky to do that, because if you get a lot of they could just block your account or could take a delete to review. So you lost all your money or yeah, one person got sued for it. But of course, the chances are very low for that. But it's kind of risky, um, inaudible. You get 25 coats and they want you to get reviews. They even say that, and we'll go into that later. But yeah, it's it's very different gangs 17. Lesson 17 Get Writers: so how to get your book written and I actually don't outsource a lot anymore. I did it for some time, but I'll tell you about that in a bit so you can go Teoh up work and that's one website upward dot com, and you can find freelancers there. And as you can see, some of them have, like $60 per hour, 40 MPH. You can negotiate with these people and just contact them and say like, Look, uh, see, she says. I'm award winning something, something something. And yet, you know, that might be kind of expensive. I think some of them are cheaper, but some of tomorrow it's a really low quality. I've had a few I can actually had a few up work writers that were really good and really sincere, and they weren't plagiarized or copied or and they were just really good writers and I checked for grammar and they were really good, so you could find some good writers on up work, which is probably the cheapest option out there. Another thing you could do is go Teoh 25 dot com, but I actually don't recommend that anymore. I did that for some time, and I noticed that a lot of these, uh, so this, actually, this is an editor. Formats. You're able, ghostwriter. Okay, so but a lot of these are and see this one might be legit. Sees from the United States. If they're from Nigeria, they're always plagiarizing. And now you might be surprised. If you ever order a book there and you take it through the plagiarism checker, it's going to say that it's not plays rights, but that. But that's because the book is encoded. And they encode it with some kind of thing that if you take it through a text to speech tool, you could just look that up online, By the way, a text to speech tool. Then you can actually check if something is plagiarized, because if it's not plagiarized, it will read it. How it is if it is plagiarize. If it's if it's encoded and we'll read all these like that, like like that, right? So that's what they do on five for And yeah, seeing that actually got, like, a lot of money back from fibre. When I realized that and said, Hey, these people have been plagiarizing these books, so you got to be really careful with fiber. Actually, there's there's someone up work to that do that. So are some of them. Just They just will replace a bunch of words with synonyms, and and then it just looks like really batting. So I wouldn't advise you. Um, actually, yeah, up work. You can look around their blood fiber. I really don't recommend it anymore. And then there's the rider solutions, which obviously does a pretty good job. You know, they're not always did high top notch. Best quality looks out there, but whatever, it's just ah, so if you have a number of words off, you have 16,000 word book, then it's already $240. So these people are like, way overpriced. And it's not like you're getting, you know, the best selling novel. The next thing that will hits New York Times bestseller. You just going to get a book? How is just a bunch of information that you can find online, but you can't find it online because, you know they didn't copy it. It's non plagiarize, so at least these books aren't plagiarized, and they're pretty ca manically correct, but they're really expensive. So that's another option. I've done it a few times, but I don't recommend going here either. Uh, epic rights. That big right was pretty okay. I was kind of satisfied with some of their books. I've used these guys about 10 or 15 times, and as you can see, it's 150.8 400 words. So that means 10,000 words is $80 for the basic. If you want higher quality, you can also do it. I hate that. This, like, moves all the time. $4. That's $100 or $120. Uh, the only downside of these guys is that they take a long time, and some of their books are a little bad if you take the lowest option. So I had to grammatically correct a lot. They say seven days. But that's for an article. So usually if you get a 10,000 word book, it takes about five or six weeks, so then it's gonna take a long time before you make your money back. So that's the downside of them. I used him about 10 times. The books are pretty good. They're not plagiarized. Yeah, it takes a lot longer to wait for them. And if you take toe, take the lowest quality one that might have some grammatical mistakes. So if nothing else, this could be an okay option. What I recommend, even more than outsourcing your entire books, however, is that you use one of the strategies that I use to write my own books. And we'll talk about that a little bit in another video. Not gonna put everything in there because there's an entire writing course about that, and I'll tell you what I recommend doing that. 18. Lesson 18 How Many Words : Okay, let's talk about how long your books should be, and really, there's no rule about it, But you just have toe. Think about these things when you decide how long you're gonna make your book. So if it's between zero and one hours, the price is going to be 3 95 Ah, and so these are the prices for audible. If it's 123 hours 6 95 3 to 6 ah hours, it's 14 95 6 to 10 hours. It's 1995 and 10 plus hours. 24 95 approximately. Sometimes they very, but it's No, this is This is a general guideline and you realize that 10,000 words, it's about one hour now. A narrator, maybe a little slower. So it's gonna take a little more than an hour, or it may be just too fast because I'm talking too fast, kind of right now talking really fast, right then it's gonna take less than an hour. But this is how much it and usually is. So, um, what I would advise you to dio it depends on what kinds of books you want. Do you want a short book? Then Yeah, you can do it. 8000 word book. I definitely recommend not to go under. Actually, that should be like 6000. 6000 is really the bare minimum of guys. If it's under 6000 words, you're going to get swamped with one star reviews, and everything's going to say like, Oh, this is too short. Even though customers aren't smart enough to figure that they can see how short it is on the sales page, they will still buy a book expecting it to be longer and then complain about it in the reviews that it's too short. I've seen it so many times, you know that I've seen it on Kindle to like the divided book there like Well, I expected this to be a little longer, but it's only 30 pages, and I'm like, but it says on Amazon, that is 30 pages. So how come you didn't see that? You know, So they allow customers are they just imposed by and it just click on stuff, you know? So they just and then the credit cards get charged and, you know, sometimes they don't know what they're buying. You know, we've returned so many items to the store to so they don't know what they're doing. Always so. But, yeah, I don't go below 6000 words. I think that's a bare minimum. I think that's even a little low. I would say 8 to 9000 words is better if you're gonna have ah, cheap book. But generally, I think the best way to go is between 10 and 20,000 words. Because then you get a 6 95 book. It's not too long. Doesn't take too much of your time or your money and ah, and then it's kind of a decent, small short book. You know what I mean? If you want to go higher than that, fine. You know if if that's what you want to do it. But just realize the price is gonna go up after three hours. Uh and ah, so people are gonna buy your book with their credits, which is still OK, you know, that's that's still gonna pay for that, right? You can only paid half of what you usually get paid if they buy with credits. But um, that's okay, you know? So that's why I say 35,000 words. If you're gonna dio 40 or 50,000 words, it's still gonna be 14 95. So you want to have your book, that it's right above that price point so you can make it as expensive as possible. Why would you want expensive? Well, because people want longer books anyway, and they'll use their credits. Some people will even pay $15 for a book like that. But that depends on how interested they are in it, right? So So you have 14. 95 is definitely good. Ah, good price. They will by the with the credits like that. But yeah, three hours. Plus it's 35,000 words. So what you could do to, of course, is to have 31 our books and they get 36 95 books and then bundled up in the 14 95 books. So it's above three hours, and then you have to be in shorter books and one more expensive book. That's another way you can do it. So, uh, that's what I advise you to dio. That's how long should get him. The bare minimum actually would advise you not to get too many 6000 word books I have a lot of books that they're 10 to 15,000 words for nonfiction. But even for fiction, if it's short novel, people will be pretty happy with 15,000 word books. Now, if they really want to listen to a longer novel or something done, yeah, you want to make 35,000 minimum? 19. Lesson 19 Create an Overview for Your Book: Okay, let's talk about how we can make an overview either for ourselves for writing a book or for our writer that we hire. And like I said before, I actually recommend using the building book strategy that the K Ninja has in this course or writing books yourself with my creative writing profits course. But if you're if you determined to really outsource all these stuff because you don't have any time or you're not very good at writing, then, uh, this is you can use this for outsourcing it to what you should do, and we're going to go back to the key toe genic diet is look at competitors. So I just typed it in. I right clicked on a few of them. And, uh, first of all, we're gonna look at the that look inside and then see what was going on in there. So here's the overview. There's the content page age. This is all recipe. So if you're gonna have a recipe book, then yeah, it's not gonna do so. Well, inaudible. So this is probably not very good. Book 100 plus easy recipes, right? Get it in a cookbook has not a cookbook uh, complete guide. Okay, so that's probably a better one. It has meal plans. I don't know what's people in meal plans, but Okay, so it's seeing a So here is the people that wrote it, and then you could just actually, you could just take a screen shot of this, and we're gonna do that. So this is a Mac Ugo command shift four. If you're on a PC or laptop, you could do that in top. Right? And you could just actually take this screenshot paces in there based in here. And of course, this is not, uh, gonna be complete total overview. But you can use this as a guideline about what do you want to write? All right, so let's see, it talks about the failures of modern nutritional guidance so you could talk about chapter one and nutrition, right? Just, you know, guidance. And you can even read through it. What she says you can also. So this is just spying on the competition, right? Um, flawed dietary guidelines. Okay. So you could talk about carbohydrates. You could talk about the disease tree. You talk about cholesterol, there's all sub topics you can use, and so you can give these to your writer twos like, Hey, I want you to write about this, and you can even take this and, of course, takes a little bit of work. But you can say nutritional guidance. Sub topics hand just Google that see, what are their age. Dietary guidelines. You could just answer the these questions. You can actually just copy and paste these questions and rewrite them in your own world. Words. And then, no, You starting to put a book together? Eso That's one thing I would do is to go to the content pages and and just ah, see what they're talking about. See what they put them put in there. You could do that with several books and mix and match them instead of just taking everything exactly to sit if you want to be creative, right? So maybe even want to do him in a different order. You want to talk about intermittent fasting may be in the fourth chapter instead of night. Ah, and you could go here. You could take other things like troubleshooting. OK, kiddo, flew. Was that acne in Sonya? You know all these things that have to do Nikita diet, Okay, And then another thing you could dio and that's something that somebody else recommend to is to look at the reviews. And don't look at five star reviews because even look like No, no, I don't really trust those. I always look at the three star reviews guys goes. Nobody buys three star reviews. Nobody the only, but because it brings the average down so they don't bind for themselves. But they don't bind for the competitors, either, because it looks positive. So it's only gotten okay. And then you can look at what these people say. It's not about the stars above. It's about what they say. Let's take a look Zone says signs behind Keto diets. Okay, so there we go. You could take this. And there's science behind the Cato diet. Uh, you want a book out to beginners? Which does this? No, not that I wanted to know I would start. Okay, so how to start? How many grams of fat carbs and protein and the reason why I'm going to these reviews? Is it because this is what people want? This is what they're saying. Like I wanted this. This doesn't provide it or this does provide it. I like it because And so if that's what they want in Taquito Diet book, then give it to him, you know? So that's and and then you gotta organize these topics a little bit, but the it's it's very simple. This is what people want, so that's what you give him. So that's what you put in your book. So that's what you had to your on your writing. So, for example, let's let's see, based on a Now that I've read the book, I'm skeptical. Ah, at the purchases over the top of reviews Yet because a lot of five star reviews are fake. Duh. You knew DRAMs on or what writing style made me think it must be cellphones. I flipped to see the publisher pierces the tiny company and says about 150 books. Okay, blah, blah, blah. I suspicious. Okay, are back. Fake reviews have paid purchases, page views. Welcome to Amazon. Okay, um, as far as a key to a way of eating itself does believe it's the best way. Okay. Why? Okay, Sorry. Go. It's a lose weight. These misspelled lose its loose to be healthy. So? So you could put this in there, too. Because this is what these people believe. That's what they wanted me about. Why the Hedo diet is the best way to lose Newser. Lose weight and seeing So you could go over these reviews poorly edited. Okay, whatever, Um, that's what he needs to understand. Why, if you're looking for something to just tell you what to do, want to do it? This isn't the book for you. I want to know why I should be doing something or else I just feels like a chore. So Okay. So you could make up 10 reasons why mosquito diet is is so effective. Something like that, At least Favorite, I don't want this mother. Okay? I find it challenging to continue reading, so yeah, go over these reviews and go to a different book. See what they see about that dairy freak. Ito very disappointed that this is a dairy free book. The description doesn't mention that anyone, So maybe you should do a separate chapter eso not make a dairy fee and then say how to make the kiddo diet dairy free. And it just devote one chapter to it to see how, like analyzing this. I'm looking at their content page I'm looking at They're, ah, reviews what they say. And then this is what people want. This is what they have. This is what got them all this attention and the high ranking and Amazon. So that's what you should put in your book. And then it becomes actually a decent book. And then if you get some reviews and get a good narrator you're gonna actually make your money back on the good profit. And maybe, you know, Keto diets very competitive, so your book might sink to the bottom, but, ah, any other niche? If if you do what your customers want, then you could make a pretty good profit because it's, ah gonna be recurring every month. 20. Lesson 20 Increase Chances of Bounties: okay, The only way I could see you receiving bounties unless you get really lucky or when the lottery is by having a link in your Kindle book and having with these hundreds of downloads a your unique referral link, which is a totally awful program. They did their Teoh get rid of all the people that weren't actually really referring people . But they just happen to be lucky enough to get there first Book town loaded as as the one that people downloaded when they signed up for audible. So now that it's not completely passive anymore, and we have to do our own marketing to get those bounties, you can pretty much kiss him goodbye. But this is the only way I could see. It still may be working a little bit. Somebody calculated the chance than being in one in 10,000 or something because, first of all, they have to sign up for audible through your unique referral link. Second, they have to buy your book as the first book on Audible and Third. They have to stay an audible member for 3 to 6 months or something like that, and then you get seeing $75. So Amazon presented it as an opportunity, which is really kind of a sneaky way to go about it, because it really was an opportunity that made it harder on us. Anyway, Let's stop complaining and see what you can do. Just maybe get a bounty every once in a while. And yes, I got some bounties the 1st 2 months after they installed a new bounty program. But that's just because there was a little left over here and there and and I'm not really getting that many bounties anymore. So, uh, what you got to do in your book somewhere in the beginning and in the end, that's what I would recommend if you want to spend time on this. If do you think that's worth your time? You could test that, you say recommended. Get the audio book. I hired professional narrators who maintain quality quality standards. Teoh bring contents of this book to life. Listening two on audiobook is nice. Glenn, you're in the car driving, closing your eyes for doing something else. This is Dulic, and then give them the link. So first of all, you go to your unique link. See, here's my book A tractor dreams toe Get bounty. You are l So then you copy and paste this u r l This is in your dashboard. So copy you, Earl. You put this U R l Here. Then you put the picture there because you wanted toe get inspired. So you copied this picture from your folders, Paste it in there. That may be making a little smaller. Then the picture you also do inserts lick, you insert the same, I think this one, poppy, but that year. So if they click on a pitch picture, they get there too. So, you know, I'm not really doing this a lot. I've been with a few books, haven't seen any results yet. But this is the only way I can think of getting bounties the legit way. Yeah, if you want to give it a try, go ahead. I mean, you could see how this could potentially get you some bounties, right? Especially if you get home is to download for a book. So, uh, yeah, I would say Try it out. If not, then don't waste your time on it. 21. Lesson 21 Best Selling Titles: Okay, so let's talk about bestselling titles. How should you structure your title for your book to rank for keywords? And I've talked about things like this in my keyword research course too. If you're interested in more stuff like this, you could buy that as well. But I'm gonna give you the general gist of it, and this is gonna be really helpful. It is really not that much more to it. If you think about it, even even if the keywords don't do well enough, it's still gonna be about sill. So if you drank force or category or in a certain niche and your book doesn't meet the criteria of this, they could still rank higher just because they got more sills. But this is a general rule to go by because it will optimize your book to have a better chance to bank for those keywords. Okay, so if we're talking about nonfiction, it's very different than fiction for nonfiction. What you do here is it is an example, and we'll go over the criteria first, and then we look at the example how this meets the criteria. Okay, So first in what you do is the exact keywords you want to compete with as the title. So if you want to compete with Kato Diet, which, like I said before very competitive market, so if you want to do that, go for it. But I don't have any key to diet books. But if that's something you want to compete for now let's say you want to be less competitive. Maybe you want to make the title like this. You want to make it taquito diet meal plan because then it's a little less competitive. Uh, but still, and I don't think it matters that much of the searches are ranked by relevance. So if you Duke Ito diet, uh, that that is the exact you work that they're looking for. And so that's what you will rank high for Now you want to put other keywords that are smaller. That's a long term long tail keywords in the subtitle as well, and you want to start out with the one that is most relevant and that you want to rank for a little bit as well. So other keywords he wants rank foreign subtitle with the most important one is the First Board. If possible, but it has to make sense, Right? So if you want to say Kito de Dakedo Diet Cookbook Ah, and it doesn't make any sense in the context. You mean the sentence that is the subtitle has to make sense and not be grammatically incorrect. Of course so, but in this case, it could be possible. So let's say I want a rank poquito diet, and that's my most important thing. But I also want to make a little bit for if people type in Keitel Diet meal plan now, some people might type and ketogenic diet. So, uh, so maybe you want to add something to this meal plan for beginners. Um, for so you could put he paedo genic, diet beginners, uh, for losing £10. Or you could say to lose £10 in 30 days. So what you can see here is I have other keywords like ketogenic diet or for beginners. Oh, our meal plan. I have those in subtitle, but I want to rank mawr for meal plan. So what? You can also do if you say like okay, I want a drink for Keto diet, but also for kiddo genic died very I You could show this to the beginning so you could say ketogenic diet meal plan for beginners. Right? So you could do that too. Just depends on what you want to rank for. And the subtitle should also have a promise. A catchy phrase or benefit that makes people curious or desires. So they should look at the subtitle. Go like I wouldn't lose £10 of 30 days. You know, I got to get this book because they're gonna tell me how to do it. So in a way, you're kind of seals writing in the in subtitles So you have to be a little creative and puzzled this together and have, ah, catchy curious making phrase in the subtitle that makes them Golic. Yeah, this is what I'm looking for. I want this benefit and then at the same time, tryingto squeeze those keywords in there without making it look awkward. Now, if you couldn't talk about fiction, it's very different. Fiction readers don't want a key word as the title because it makes it look stupid. And then you just turn the rink. They are real readers. They enjoy a book so they want a sub title in the subtitle that is related to the book that you know. And it doesn't even matter, because if you put the keyword in in brackets in here and we'll go over that a little bit, so a cool title that the audience will appreciate. And so this is for a fantasy book could be Disorder of Cormac. And as you can see, I already put the sword is kind of the key word for fantasy. But you know, it's not as relevant, you know, it just doesn't matter as much the words like dragon and orcs and elves and stuff those air keywords to for fantasy. But for example, if you if you look at so mysteries or some other books, they want a liberation, which is that the words begin with saying letter so or they want something funny, like something that sounds funny, right? Or the romance books. You know, there is a whole different way of putting titles in that, too, but yeah, but they definitely use keywords for all of them. I mean, if you look at, for example, the look of romance, you see modern romance, you know, uh, bad boy Hafia romance so they do put keywords in there. But you know, the title is his, you know. So the title is catchy, but they do put these keywords in there. And then they put the crime family Siri's book once so they do put some kind of stuff as a Siri's. They're always Siri's, but even the ones that aren't Siri's, so they're not only serious, I just contradicted myself. So breeding rights, it's a virgin Cinderella romance, so they didn't see they put Virgin romance. They put that in there. Cinderella romance. They do put that in the subtitle because they do want to rank for key words, but they don't put it as the title because they don't want to make it. Makes it look cliche. It makes it look stupid if it's if it's the title. But if it's a subtitles, he Scotus time travel romance. See that keyword is in subtitle. And then here You got book one of the Siri's So you put a Colt subtitle Wit a keyword or two in it so you could do champions of the L. So there's another no, or, And then I just put this young adult fancy. Siri's so you can put that in brackets and niche. Now, you don't have to have a serious. You could just say you are no adult fancy, right? Or ah, you could put in subtitle As long as it's in there, the order doesn't matter as much. Okay, because of fiction, you have to have, like, kind of a following. You have to email them, and and you just have to have a high fall humans. There's other tactics for fiction than for nonfiction, right? So So, yeah, that is, uh, that's really it. That is, uh, the breakdown off how you should organize your titles. 22. Lesson 22 Piggybacking: Okay, let's start talking about piggybacking, which is something I have done sometimes, but just depends on Ah, I don't know. It doesn't always proved to be successful. Actually, the guy from Kale, Itics said. You can get some success with it, But if people are looking for a specific title and they see that yours is just a knockoff, uh, they don't really, uh, that they're not really happy about it, so they might just give you a bad review or something. Still, you could get some initial sales, and it's not always bad. So let's take a look at an example. So let's take our beloved key toe diet book. But it doesn't really matter that I take same example every time There are tons of ways to look for keywords. Be creative about that. I'm just taking this because it's first thing that pops into my mind, and it's really easy to see that as an example. So the key dough we set diet, Let's see, it's drinking pretty high Seas has a lot of reviews, so it's probably really successful as a lot of sales. It's a longer book might even be traditionally published. I don't know. But then you look at the subtitle says, Reboot your metabolism in 21 days of burn fat forever. So it's see it's It's a promise. And it's something that people want right to the ultimate beginner's guide to Perfect to a perfect deal. Diet OK, shirt What you could dio to get to get elements from this title and subtitle is basically say something like Taquito Boost, Reboot Factor or something, and make that your title the Taquito Reboot or Cato Metabolism, boost or reboot or something like that. And then take those elements so you could say Reset jerky Toe or something like that. Reset your metabolism in subtitle and so you just take these elements and and then what you do to is to just you can combine the narrator and an author. So instead of having a pen name, it's that says Marxists, and you call your pen name Mark Curren's Caesar. Then you combine them, so that is one way to do it or you today, Mark Sanders, remark Johnston, and that way you could kind of use their success and piggyback right off the back of them. So the same thing goes for fiction if you for example, if you have mysteries and you want to write a fiction mystery novel or something and you think OK, the cold dish of Walt Longmire mystery and a lot of people are looking for that and it's very successful, but you should also do is celebrate by best selling that you really know what sells best. So then you go for OK to ruin can really steal much from that. Uh, but if you have something with a subtitle, for example, pray country for old men. Okay, so you could take this and turn it around and it won't be copyright. You gotta be careful not to take anything that it may look like copyrighted. But if you, uh if you call the title Old man's Country a murder mystery on, then the pen names you could say Cormac Special Teoh or Cormac Owens or something. Then you basically kidney combining these things. And then if people look specifically for that book, they might see your book to so if they look for, uh, no country for old men, See, they look for it. And yeah, like I said that the cons are that if they see your book with almost the same title. They're not gonna go for that because they want this specific author and they don't want anything else. They don't want cheap. That that did over China. Cheap fake product. You know what I mean? Not made in China. They want the real thing. So nothing against China right away. But you know what I mean. So, uh, yeah, that That's why some people say it doesn't really work. Other people say it does work because they look at this, they look for this book and then they might see the thumbnail or the picture or the other titles that are similar and like, Oh, that might be interesting, Teoh And they just click on that. You know how people are there, impulse buyers. They said they look for this book and they're like, Hey, that looks actually really cool. And they're gonna add that to their carts. So that's why sometimes it could work. So there is a broke pros and cause 23. Lesson 23 The Right Penname: Okay. Now, when it comes to choosing a pen name, it really doesn't matter as much. The most important part about choosing a pen name is whether you choose a mill or a female pen name. And then when you write a book, make sure you don't refer to you, your husband or your wife, if you know what I mean, right as a woman or a man. If you're trying to reach a certain target audiences, you know what I mean. It's OK to have a female pen name just to read a Teoh to apply Teoh appeal to your readers . I totally think that's it's OK. Some people think you should only write books under your own name. I actually never do that. You want to conceal what kinds of markets you go into because you're a publisher and you don't want anybody else copying your success. Now it's stupid, but that's how it is. If you write Ah, for example, a romance book as a man in certain niche, nobody's gonna read it because they're sexist. So you're gonna just put your name there is a woman, and, uh uh, this is the pen name. This is the author name, uh, whatever. We're not going to talk about that too much. Okay? Some things you could do to pick the right pen name. And like I said, I'm pretty random about this. I don't look into this too much because I don't think it's that important, but it might help you a little bit. So first I look at book club book, but because it's the biggest email list out there with actual readers, and as you can see the majority of the readers or women now, that doesn't mean it counts for Amazon. But I think it also accounts for Amazon that the majority of women are reader. Readers are women because they have more time in their hands and they don't have full time jobs. They live longer, etc. Etc. Etcetera. Now, if you look at this, there's a lot of mysteries and thrillers science fiction, fancy romance, and those are the things that are really popular here. Some other stats about stuff like that. Just look up book bub about book of subscribers if you want to know more, but if you get as you can see, the majority of them are around 65 years old, right? Or or more so I'm just gonna take that number 65 years old. So that leads us back. It's 2018 now, so that's 1953. So I looked up the most popular baby names in 1953. You can tell just Google this, right? So a book for, for example, romance or mystery. Uh, novel target. Two words. Women could be a pen name like Mary Roberts or Linda Jane Jamieson or Debra Roberts or Deborah Michael's. Or, you know, Patricia Job sent or something like that so you could pick one of those names. Then they have to first and the last name be something that appeals to them because the age appeals to them and then also the gender appeals to them. 24. Lesson 24 Ordering Beautiful Book Covers: Okay, so I do all my own book covers, and I have a pretty cheap video course about that. How you can get photo shop, CS six for free or see us to and how you can create a beautiful book covers just within anywhere from 5 to 15 or 20 minutes. Now you could say I could get him for $5 but that's you know. Then you only get the Kindle version. Usually don't get all three of them for a C X and for paperback and for Kindle. And then you can't make changes and it still takes time to contact ah, designer and explained everything to them. So So those are just some reasons why I do all my covers by myself now only link to my video course for book cover design at the bottom. If you're interested in that, go ahead. I love doing book covers. If you're not, I totally understand there's a lot of publishers that don't do their own book covers because they don't think it's worth their time and they don't want to figure it out. So this is what I'm going to show you, how you can be a lazy bum and book outsource your book covers. So first of all, you could just google it and nursed Honza websites that just, you know, go to you like and buy my book covers or design your book covers or 99 designs. So if you do a little bit of research, you could easily do that. Then there's thieves book covers that they have these templates and you you click on them. There's there, said book covers. Usually that really beautiful. Another $70 are kind of expensive, but they're also really beautiful, something you might not be able to get for five or 10 or $20 because you know the use certain images so you can use those and put your own title on there and order that. And that's usually really good for fiction, especially, uh, and see. Here is another one templates. May. I can get these templates. Here's just some inspirational things, so you can just if you want to know if inspiration could just also goto audible hdx of Call More or Amazon and just look for Let's Say you do dystopian Parker Lips zombie thing, I would just type it in and look at the other covers and see what kinds of stuff they do. So here you see a picture of a guy with the back to the viewer and then the big background behind it, because it's apocalyptic. So and so all of these have that. See this 12 has a saying pattern. So maybe that's what readers and listeners want because that's what that those the ones that are selling best right? See this until Wizard of the Wastelands. It's a sill wet. And then the big shady background eso So those very common. So, yeah, that's how you do research. You could just also go to Amazon very simple in ways much of your time. But you could go to the books or to the Kindle store. Doesn't matter, I guess, and you just look up epic romance or something like, Oh, this is the kind of stuff I want. And then you compare these local these little magical things. No, I was as magic. If it's epic, like snowflakes or something. Ah, and then that's what people are looking for, Right? So, uh, then there's book over makers that you can use. You could totally look into that. I don't use those. I used photo shop on my own imagination. You could go Teoh websites like picks Obey. Picture Bay has free images so you could search for something spiritual, for example, and these ones are sponsored. But these ones are all free, so you can use those for your covers. And I refer to that in my book or a book cover design course to. Then there's websites that if you can't find the right image here, you just look up Loyalty. Three stock images, right? Do the same for videos and all that other stuff. So I stock photo Getty images. So it's a really popular big stock photo. I want to just buy a picture for $10 or something, because sometimes you can get him cheaper, and you need to know these plans that they have. So you get, like, so many credits for so much money, and then you get so many images per year. But yeah, sometimes most times thes paid ones have the best images. So if you look for a woman, for example, I'm looking at other women. Don't tell my wife, then see, you got some really good images. There was a woman who was in the kitchen. If you have a good book now for audible cookbooks aren't the greatest, but yes. You see, that could be your funny one. And when I won't bore you with all his research, gonna dio uh, gonna tell you about fiber and up work again. Those are websites where you can go, Teoh outsource things. If you go here and say book, cover and sink the year Now, of course, want to see pictures. So I think five for has an advantage like that. Because here you have to have You have to see what they make, Ryan. Something you have to click on their profile. Don't you know? You see you then It has a video. I know that music. Then you could see what kinds of cover she's made. No, uh, no. Bad made all these covers, so yeah, you can either outsource it or I could make this covers easily from what I teach me course , Uh, then here is bunch of designers. I've seen these ones a lot of times, and it's probably because their most popular and they get ordered the most, but yeah, they'll make it for five bucks for the secure version. However, I wonder how much did he charge for? Oh yes, you. So if you do it for create space, Uh, then then it already costs more. It's even the spine and all that stuff, but they're really beautiful and they say to do for five bucks, so they probably used templates. No one is gonna be really specific with them. Like I said, I was on all the ones myself. But there's some things that will take me a bit more work to do, So I might actually use one of these and see if I can see if I can save myself some time that way or get the better images because these people are invested in those those royalty free image stores can because they got, like, a subscription and stuff. So for them, because they pay, like $5 a year, that each image, it will only cost him 50 cents or something. Now, I don't know if they use the same image for your book as they use for other people who order similar books. They might because five. There is a website where there's a lot of scammers, but you're gonna have toe do your own research on that. I guess 25. Lesson 25 Edit Audiobooks: we're going to talk a little bit about editing audio books, and we're gonna talk mainly about audio books that you received from a narrator. So definitely you don't have to edit anything about them, but you have to check on them if you want it to be perfect and just take a little bit of time to listen to whether they did a good job or not. Now, if you want to edit your own on your books and you narrated your own audio books, of course have to just use audacity. And I'm not gonna put a whole audacity manual in here. There's YouTube videos for that. It's very simple to find them. So let's take a look at a book that I got back so called the public speaking necessary tips to nil it in front of a crowd. So it's it's got the keyword in the title. It's got a catchy subtitle and then a pen name and ah yeah, it's 0.7 hours and because I thought public speaking with such an important part that such an important part was the pronunciation and and the way they narrate the book, I was willing to pay a little bit more. So I paid $50 per finished Our I only said it looked at some of the ones that were 20 or $30 per finished our and this one was just a little bit better. So since it wasn't that long, I didn't make that much of a big loss. It was 38 50. And so would you want to do is go to produce audiobook this tab and then you can see all the files here. And first of all, I would recommend that you download all the files and put them in separate folders on your computer. Now, why do I recommend that? Because through my expert, because of my experiences through the past four years of publishing, I can tell you that you don't know if Amazon is going to do something really mean and stupid and mess with your account and your books and your revenue and your royalties, even when you think it's unfair. Even when you talk back to them, they are ridiculous sometimes. Okay, so it's unpredictable now, in a way, audiobooks are pretty reliable assets, and it is less likely that audiobook accounts or books gets terminated or blocked or eliminated. Then it is that a Kindle book on the E book or paperback will get eliminated or blocked or something, or even evening old KDP account, which, you know, they terminate accounts left and right, and it's just a mess. OK, so but there's a lot of people that have said Okay, my KDP Acom got terminated. Some of them started an LLC and started a new one other ones to stop publishing altogether . And but the a c x a cones. A lot of times were intact. Still, I don't trust him if you want to, then go ahead. But I don't know what they're gonna do to me in the future. And they've already did stuff that I thought was well, was unfair and even talk to lawyers about it. So what I want to do advice is to download each of these files, put him in a separate folder that just in case if something happens to Europe a C X account , you can still use these things. Put him on final a voices, authors or public, or use them as the narration for video courses, slideshow or something else. You know, just Or you can sell them. I don't know, but, uh, have them as a backup somewhere. Because if they're just here, you know, there, once you're counts gone, which they control, all your files were gone that you paid for. So luckily, this hasn't happened to me. I still have my A C X account. And, uh, it might my old one. And then and then this new one, which is totally allowed to have more A C x accounts. Anyway, what you want to do is just listen to them public speaking all the necessary tips to nail it in front of a crowd. Yeah, and you just want to see introduction. I have spoken to your doing. Therefore, I compiled a list of quick gonzo. You just want to go through these files on Listen to them. You could do something else in the meantime, or you can skip a little bit through them. And then you also want to see if the audio sample this one. If that if that was good enough introduction, I aware and that he refused to go and a positive anxiety. Curiosity is why we sometimes don't turn off the TV so So yeah, There you go. That's how you do it. That's how you end it them. And if you see anything that you don't like, you just send them a message. We say, Hey, it's tip 23 minutes. Ah, 00 21. And there you had, like, this weird pause or something, and I want you to change the tone of that. And they can easily do that if it's a small correction. Yeah, and I don't do that with every book. I don't listen to all of every book because that would take me hours. I'd have, like, 40 books or something, but I dio kind of skipped through it and kind of see if they make any stupid mistakes. And once that I paid more money. Like I have had one book that I paid $100 per finished our because it was very important that they did the voices right in the in the fiction story eso I paid more. But then I was also more critical. I was more picky about it. So uh, yeah, that's how you do it