Audio Recording & Editing for Beginners | Javed Hassam | Skillshare

Audio Recording & Editing for Beginners

Javed Hassam, Adventurous Filmmaker & Graphics Designer

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13 Videos (59m)
    • Intro

    • Lec 1 : How to get Audacity

    • Lec 2 : Recording your audio

    • Lec 3 : Removing background noise

    • Lec 4 : Working with multiple tracks

    • Lec 5 : Amplification

    • Lec 6 : Echo effects

    • Lec 7 : Having Your Home Studio

    • Lec 8 : Robot voice effect

    • Lec 9 : Make your voice sound scary

    • Lec 10 : Make your voice sound better

    • Lec 11 : Producing radio advert

    • Lec 12 : The Class Project


About This Class

In this class you will learn how to use Audacity (which is a free and powerful audio editing software) to your advantage in order to record professionally your audio.

You will learn how to:

  • Get Audacity from the internet and install it
  • Put the correct settings before recording your audio
  • Remove unwanted background noise
  • Work with multiple tracks
  • Add various type of effects to your audio
  • Change the pitch and tempo of your voice
  • Have your own home studio with a budget less than $ 300 (Bonus Video)
  • Produce Radio advert
  • Perform voice over for different characters

This class is absolutely for beginners. However if you follow all the lectures and practice the lessons, I can guarantee you that you will be at an advance level at the end of the class.





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Javed Hassam

Adventurous Filmmaker & Graphics Designer


Javed Hassam has  been an independent filmmaker since the year 2007. He likes to write stories and make movies out of them in order to entertain people. When he produces a video he absolutely has to get involved in each and every part concerning the stages of production. In other words he write his own scripts, draws for storyboards, works as a film director and camera operator. Sometimes he plays in his own movies and as a video editor he edits his videos in the po...

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