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Audio Recording & Editing for Beginners

teacher avatar Javed Hassam, Adventurous Filmmaker & Graphics Designer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

19 Lessons (52m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Lec 1 : Get Audacity

    • 3. Lec 2 : The Settings

    • 4. Lec 3 : Recording

    • 5. Lec 4 : Selection Tool & Time Shift Tool

    • 6. Lec 5 : Noise Removal

    • 7. Lec 6 : Multiple Tracks

    • 8. Lec 7 : Change Pitch & Change Tempo

    • 9. Lec 8 : Amplification

    • 10. Lec 9 : Echo

    • 11. Lec 10 : Robot Voice Effect

    • 12. Lec 11 : Alien Voice Effect

    • 13. Lec 12 : Radio Advert

    • 14. Lec 13 : Telephone Effect

    • 15. Lec 14 : Class Project

    • 16. Lec 15 : Managing Your Files

    • 17. Lec 16 : Demonstration

    • 18. Lec 17 : Export

    • 19. Lec 18 : Congratulations

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About This Class

In this class you will learn how to use Audacity (which is a free and powerful audio editing software) to your advantage in order to record professionally your audio.

You will learn how to:

  • Get Audacity from the internet and install it
  • Put the correct settings before recording your audio
  • Remove unwanted background noise
  • Work with multiple tracks
  • Add various type of effects to your audio
  • Change the pitch and tempo of your voice
  • Produce Radio advert
  • Perform voice over for different characters

This class is absolutely for beginners. However if you follow all the lectures and practice the lessons, I can guarantee you that you will be at an advance level at the end of the class.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Javed Hassam

Adventurous Filmmaker & Graphics Designer



Javed Hassam has  been an independent filmmaker since the year 2007. He likes to write stories and make movies out of them in order to entertain people. When he produces a video he absolutely has to get involved in each and every part concerning the stages of production. In other words he write his own scripts, draws for storyboards, works as a film director and camera operator. Sometimes he plays in his own movies and as a video editor he edits his videos in the post production process and creates his own special effects using sophisticated software like Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects. He also creates his own sound effects and soundtracks using software like Audacity, Adobe SoundBooth, Adobe Auditions and FL Studio.

So film-making is s... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hello. My name is Jarrett Hussam and I am an independent film maker. Welcome toe my skill share clothes in this one we are going to use for Dusty. If we have powerful or do editing software which is available online to record and aided our audio, you will learn how to remove the background noise from your audio. How toe Add interesting effects to your voice to make it sound better. And for your close project, you will have to come up with a scenario in which will have to perform the voice over off to different characters. At least you know Dusty and you will be able to do it by the help of the effects which you're going to learn throughout the lectures. And I am going to assist you in doing your project. Andi, I haven't example here that me show you. Hey, wait. Please don't do it. I have no choice. This is the only thing left to Dio I am solely cape. Then this is the end. I will not forget you. Goodbye, my friend. So if you already let's get started 2. Lec 1 : Get Audacity: Hello and welcome to this close. I hold that this will be very Ben if show for you. Um, I believe that it will be so without losing any time. Let's get stolen. We are going to download her dusty still go to your browser and type o dusty click on the first leg and, uh, hit Download. So dusty. So if you're using a Mac, just click on this link here, Or if you're a PC guy, just click on this one, and, uh, download whatever version you see here. So by the time I am doing this, the US version is two point free point free. Still, I am going to download this one. Gay sil, download a dusty window. Install. Um, I already have a destiny. I think that will clear this one. Okay, once it is done, just open it. Double click and runs a application. It just, um, English. Next. Next. Okay. Yes. - All right. Now you have it. 3. Lec 2 : The Settings: Okay, Um so open. You owe Dusty and make sure that you microphone is selected here. Make sure that your playback device is selected as well from here. And, ah, choose stereo from here. Stereo recording. In order for you to hear your audio fruit, both channels makes sense. Okay. Good. And make sure to check your project rate. It must be at 44,000 and 100 hoods, and you can check it from here. Do go, Teoh. Aided preferences and now quality. So you can change it from here. 44 100 hoods. You don't know to. You don't have to know much about it. For now. Maybe I will explain to you Ah, on it later. So click on OK. And now we are ready to do our first recording. And this is what we're going to do in the next lesson. And so see you there, guys. What 4. Lec 3 : Recording: Hello and welcome again in this lecture, we are going to record some audio. So I am going to hit the record button here, and I will start talking. Let's do this. Okay. Now I am recording my voice. And as you can see, while I am speaking where forms are being created here and this is good, this means that my voice is being recorded successfully and that my microphone is working fine. And yes, this is great. I think that I am going to post this recording now by hitting the, um, post button here and now I can catch my breath and rest a little bit. And whenever I am ready, I can hit on this Burton again, and it will record on the same track just like this. Okay. As you can see, it is now recording on the same track on This is awesome, isn't it, Onda? Yes, I think that's it. We're going to stop this recording now by hitting the stop button, and we have our first track. So, um, you can navigate through Ah, the timeline by dragging this born here. Okay. And you can choose your selection tool. See this icon here. Just click on this one. And, um, click of the beginning on a hit play in order to hear it. Okay, Now I am recording my voice. And, as you can see, while I am speaking, were forms. Okay, so good. In the next lesson, we are going to cover more about it so you can practice. And yes, see you in the next lesson. Take care by 5. Lec 4 : Selection Tool & Time Shift Tool: hello and welcome guys. In this lesson, we are going toe cover. Maura, about the selection tool and the time shift told here. Okay, um, let's say that I want to select part off my odio. So with my selection tool selected, I click and hold at the beginning of it and drag it to the end of it like this, and then release the button. Now, if I want, for example, to delete it, I just have to press on the delete button on my cable and it is gone. All right, now the time shift Dole just selected on a click on the audio truck flick Hold and drag it along the time line so you can move your audio track along the time line. And this stole is very important, as you will see in the next lessons. So that's it. And Ah, yes, you can zoom in and zoom out as well. So, for example, if I want to see ah more details off my audio this way forms here. I just have to press on this icon, um, zooming So this don't it? I can zoom out as well by hitting this icon And ah, that's it for this lecture. See you in the next one. As usual. Take care 6. Lec 5 : Noise Removal: Hey, I hope that you're doing good in this lesson. We are going to remove the background noise from your rodeo. So I am going to hit on the record button and after, like, three second, I am going to start talking on. I will explain to you why I am doing this. So let's go. Okay, Now I can start talking. And the reason why I did this is because I wanted to have Onley my background noise at the beginning off my odor trucked in order for me to select it later and to remove it, um, throughout my odor truck. So we are going to do this. Just let's stop this on. Um let's go. At the beginning of it, I will select on the you know this. Ah, the part where these the noise and let's listen to it. Okay, so now with this selected good to, I will go to effect noise reduction and get noise profile. Then I will select all my ODU trucked just by hitting Just by clicking here and everything will be selected us You can see and I will go to effect again and noise reduction again. But this time Let's preview it. Okay? Now I can start talking on the reason why I did this. As you could hear, there is no noise on. You can play with the settings here as well. If you want to reach to increase the noise reduction. Just drag this boy here like this. But don't go crazy about it because it may affect your audio. So this, like this is good. When you're satisfied, just click, OK? And then noise is gone and you know you okay now I can't. Your audio is Kriel clearer. Okay, now I can start talking. And the reason what? Okay, that's it for this lecture. You in the next one they care. 7. Lec 6 : Multiple Tracks: Hey, welcome. I am very happy to see you again in this lesson. We're going to work with multiple tracks, so let's do it. I am going to record something he I am recording on my first older truck. So I'm going to stop this and mute the first struck in order for me not to get distracted by why I am recording my second try. So press on the record button again. And as you can see, it is recording in an another truck in you want. So this will be my second truck. All right. With my time shift, all I can reposition it to the place I want it to be. So maybe like this. Let's here's ah whole thing he I am recording on my first rodeo truck, so I'm going to stop this. And as you can see, it is recording. Okay, so let's create 1/3 1 This time I will select my selection tool, and I will click on the I would think where I want my older truck to start recording, for example here. And I will hit the record button again. And this is my third truck. All right? As you can see when you press under record. Button it. Create a new track dramatically. But I believe in the older versions of audacity. You cannot do this. You will have to do it manually. So if it is the case, it is no big deal. Just go to trucks at new and choose you. Tre, If you're using a stereo truck, just select it anyway, create and in the truck so and you can record on this one, too. Okay, this is my fourth trucked. So let's say I want to listen only to this. Or do you hear? All I have to do is to celebrate, and every all the other audio trucks will be muted. So and this is my third truck, so you can huge celo. And if you want to, we rename your trucks. You can do it. Just click here on name. Maybe this 11 to Yeah, so good. Course. Okay, that's it's pretty easy to use trucks in audacity. Andi, just practice on. See you in the next lesson. They care 8. Lec 7 : Change Pitch & Change Tempo: Hello, guys. In this lecture, we're going to act so simple effects to our audio. And they are the change beach effect and the change tempo effect. Let's do it in this recorded audio, I'm going to add an effect to it. Okay. Select your old your truck and go to effect and change Beach drug. The boat is the left to decrease the pitch and to the right to increase your pitch. So, for example, put it two negative 10 on preview it and this recorded audio, I'm going to add an effect to it. Okay, Ana, to increase the pitch, Just drug this to the right and this recorded audio, I'm going to add an effect to it. Okay, This is a change beach effect. And let's go for the change tempo. So, in this one, you can change the tempo is the timing of your, um, your order without affecting your voice. So let's try something in this recorded Oh, do I am going to add an effect to it? No, the slower. Now, that's school. A big fuss. Then maybe in this recorded audio, I'm going to add an effect to it, but And that it seems the next listen 9. Lec 8 : Amplification: Hey, welcome. We are going toe amplify our or doing this lecture that's do it. So as usual, I am going to record something and I will apply an effect of this. Are you? Select off All of it Go to effect amplification. And we're going to increase the volume of this audio. We are going to give it more power. So there's a number here. So what? It is telling me that this is the highest it can push my odio before it starts clipping. So if I want to go a birth like 10 for this would attract, you will see that I will not be able to click on OK, on if you want to experience clipping distortion anyway, just click on allow clipping. But, um, you don't want to hear. This is this is going to be horrible for four years, so seven. Okay, um, let's hear it. So as usual, I am going to record something and I will apply. Okay, So control Z to undo. Okay, controls it. Let's Here is the original one. So, as usual, I am going to record something, and I would Okay, so this is an amplification on days in another way to do it. Andi, I usually do this method. Still, select all of it as usual and go to effect and normalize this one. You have to put a number here and you don't want to go above zero. But there, Waas, you will experience clipping. Your order will be distorted. So go below zero. Like negative one on. I usually go to negative free cell. Okay, so as usual, I am going to record something and and that's it for the amplification effect. And ah, one more thing. Sorry. One more thing. Um, you can decrease the audio from here. It just decrease again like this. So as usual, I am goingto and increase it. So as usual, I am going to record something and okay, that's it for this lecture. See, in the next one. Take you 10. Lec 9 : Echo: Hey, I hold that you're doing good in this lesson. We're going to apply the echo effect to our would you? So let's to record something. Are you as usual? Hey. Oh, As you can see, I make sure that I have enough time here in order for my effects to work correctly. If I don't have this year, it will go like hail and it will stop. And we don't want this. We want it to go like hey! Oh, hey, O N e d case. Okay, so select all of it. Good to effect Ekho. Now we have the delay time and the decay factor. The daily time it is simply is the amount off time between each time it echoes and the decay factor. It is about how much volume is left after the first decade. So, for example, if I put one here and born five here, So the decay factor, um after the first ah, echo, it will go half of it and then half of that and hopeful that and it will continue to go like this. Still complete silence on it is difficult to explain and toe understand this, But you will get an idea when I apply the effect to my audio. So let's do it. Um, okay, let's hear it. Hey, you. You, you You get an idea. Okay, They send another effect, which works like the echo. In fact, it is called the dealer effect. And, um, let's recall something and use it. Okay? Hello? Okay. As you can see for this one, I have not allowed more time here. This is because Dele effect it will put automatically the amount of time needed for the effect to work on Lang. The echo effect. So well selected a factor. Delay. And you have some settings here, um, allowed duration to change, so it will put automatically the amount of time needed. And let's put, like, seven free and number you can choose intemperate. The number of echoes as well. Andi, let's hear it. Hello? Hello? Hello? Hello? Okay, so that's it for this lecture 11. Lec 10 : Robot Voice Effect: Hey, how is it going? I hope that you are having fun with so dusty this lesson. We're going to go to the next level and we're going toe applies the robot voice effect to our audio and we're going to create this effect by ourselves. So let's do it. I am here on Earth to save it, not to destroy it and I won't go back to it. I am done here. Otherwise it will be too late. Okay, let me remove the background noise quickly. Let's normalize it now with the oh Joe selected. Just press gun control or command the on your keyboard to duplicate it and select the 2nd 1 Go to effect Bus and Tribble. Make sure to increase it to the maximum. Oh, like 27. Andi, everything is fine. Click on apply. Okay. With the 2nd 1 still selected, press on control or command dio new people to duplicate it with the 2nd 1 still selected Good to affect change pitch and ah, put it to like a negative 27 29 or 30. It depends on you. Get 27 is fine, okay? And ah, it's like the 3rd 1 Go to effect change beach on and put it like negative Live in and press . OK, just reduce the getting a little bit. Well this Onda select all of them Good to effect Fazer. Make sure to increase this to the maximum 24 Onda. Everything is fine. Click on. Apply Now Let's listen to it. I am here on earth to save it, not to destroy it and I won't go back to it. I am done here. Otherwise it will be too late. Cool, isn't it? Okay, so that's it for this lecture series. The next one as usual. 12. Lec 11 : Alien Voice Effect: Hello and welcome back in this session, we're going to make your voice move scary. Let's do it. Hey, do you remember me? We were friends back then, but now we are enemies. His my recorded audio control de to duplicate. Choose the 2nd 1 Good to effect. Change speech. Put it like me. Plus 22. Press on. Okay. Make sure your second truck is still selected. Control or command e duplicated and choose the last one go to effect. Ekho would like 0.5 and ah zero free and ah, reduce the gain. A little bit for the said one. And the 2nd 1 And this, um hit you? No, Just Onda. Let's hear it. Hey, do you remember me? We were friends back then with now. We are enemies. Okay, That's it for this lesson. I hope you will like it. 13. Lec 12 : Radio Advert: Hey, welcome back in this lesson. We're going to produce our own radio advert. So I am going to import. My music would have found on YouTube. So in order to import things in a dusty just click hold and drag like this. Oh, you can go file import I owed you. Okay, So, file import, or you can just drug it like I did here. So his mind music. Good. We're going to use this one and let me record my voice very quickly. I want to move this. Hey, what's up, people? I hope that you're doing good. It is a perfect time to record your audio, isn't it? If you like my class, please share it with other people. Thank you very much. You are all some students. Okay, We're going to use this. So let me zooming in a little bit, okay? Remember, each time you do a recording, just leave some time here in order for you to remove the background noise. And this is what I am going to do after normalize it. So no, my eyes No, um noise removal. Get nice profile. Okay. What we are going to do is at the beginning off the advert. I want the music to kitchen. And as soon as my voice starts, I want my music to decrease in volume gradually. And this is what we're going to do with the and we look tool. So just click on this and hear my voice Start from here So good to your, uh, music Trucked and click here just before this and click just decided like this. Okay, now click here. Click hold and drag it down. So you see what is happening. So at the beginning, the music, you know, starts normally. And when my voice kicks in, I want my volume off my music to decrease in volume. So on drank, drugged, drugging it down in this. So it is fading, you know, gradually decreasing its volume, you can adjust it and us just click and drug. So now it is lower in volume. And I wanted to be louder as soon as my voice and stops. So click here. Here, two point and increase. Make it same. Same level. So my voice stop here. So here and yeah. And now I have to reduce the volume off my music again. Here. So two point and algae And I want my music to get back to do more. Okay? Yeah. Here we are. Let's listen to it. Hey, what's up, people? I hope that doing good. It is a perfect time to record your audio, isn't it? If you like my clothes, please share it with other people. Thank you very much. You are? Oh, some students. Okay, that's it. And I hope you like it. Ana Soon is the next lecture. 14. Lec 13 : Telephone Effect: Hello. And welcome back in this lecture, we're going to add and interesting effect to our audio. And that is the telephone effect. Let's do it. I am going to use this audio truck to other effect on it. And I'm going to stop this recording right now and applies effect. Okay. I would have normalize it, then selected and go to effect filter, curve or equalization and make sure to flatten it. Dragged the line below to negative 30 decibel and dragged your point here to like, Ah, 130 herds at another point. Beside it on drug it too. 600 hertz and pull it. Just push it above two zero decibel. Good to you. Ah, free. He sows in herds at the point here and bone beside it. And drug this one too. Ah, then Southern herds and put it down 20 decibel. And what I like to do is I try to make it like a curve here. So something like this and here too. Okay, Something like this. And click on. OK, let's listen to it. I am going to use this audio truck, other effect on it, and I'm going okay, If you want to add the effect again in order for it to sound more like on telephone just school, just repeat the effects that go selected. Good to effect. And, ah, repeat filled acres or control or command can do it several time depends on you. OK, so do it one more time and let's listen to it. I am going to use this audio truck, other effect on it. And I'm going to stop this recording right now on applies, and that's it. This effect we can do the old radio voice effect as well. So let's try. So in this recording, this old truck I'm going to add on another effect you it. So Sam normalized then, ah, cuticle flat in it and draws the line below good to your 300 herds and push it above 20 dissemble. Then go like Teoh Ah, 7000 hertz or something in between six thousands and then Southern herds here like this two point and drug this one down like this. Okay. And here you can have had more distorted point and play with it. Just some peaks like this and preview it. Play with it until you're satisfied and then take on. Okay, so let's going okay. And then good to effect compressor. So make this negative. Like the d Disable the threshold and free to one as ratio. Nice floor. That's negative. FDA is good, Ana, Let's try normal. Isaac first. So in this recording in this old truck, I'm going to add on another effect. You it. Okay, that's it. I hope that you like this on on. I'll see you in the next lesson. They care. 15. Lec 14 : Class Project: Hello. And congratulations for reaching this for I am very proud of you. Go now in the whole next level and keep on practicing. You will keep on getting better and better at audio editing and recording. And from now on, I am going to assist you to help you in doing your class project. As I told you, um, you will have to create a scenario as you as you cross project in, which will have to perform the voice over off to different characters, at least in a dusty. And after that, you will have to upload it on YouTube and share it with us on Scotia. Yes. I used your UL link and pace it on a scale. Jha. Okay. And ah, I have an example here off my script and you can hear the audio at the in my intro video and do something simple. You don't have Teoh come up with some something very complicated. Okay? But it is up to you, right? Your ideas After that write your script and if you want, you can share Ah, your script with us on this closure, I will review it give you feedbacks of the best I can. So do that happen. And after that I will see you in the next video, so take care. 16. Lec 15 : Managing Your Files: Okay, guys, this lesson is going to be very important, as I am going to show you what you should do before you start working on a project on whether you're working alone with colleagues. Whether it is a video editing, video editing project, sound editing, project animation, you should proceed like this. This is how professionals do. Okay, so let's do it. So in our case, before you start recording before you even start launching Oh, Dusty, create a folder. Give it the name of your project. And inside this folder creates up Polo's. So, for example, I will have my working files inside this folder. I will save all my working files. Um, you know, Dusty. So while I am working on a dusty, I will have to save it several times. And I will say with in this particular location, and I would have a full live for mind. Ah, sound fix. Will you be using sound FX in your project? Sound effects. I mean, rain, guns, explosions, and you will be able to find those effects on the Internet. You can find some on YouTube as well, and they are paid sound effects and free as Well, still, will you be using them? If Yes, just great a folder and put everything inside this folder. Okay? Every all your sound effects should be inside this folder. And I would have a folder for my music fell into using music, but it put it inside this folder. And, um, I I will have a folder for my research. Maybe I will have a folder for my script. You write your script and put it inside this folder and a four, therefore mine. Ah, final boarding. And I call this gold. You can call it final. So the final product, I will put it inside this folder. So, for example, if you're working with your colleagues and you, you have to do the first part of the job. So you do it, you create this folder on you save all all the things that you need to save inside this folder, and then you give it to your colleague and he will continue working on it. So it will be easier for him to continue working on the project if things are organized. Well, us. This this one. Okay, so this is very important. Create your folder creates up photos and put everything that you will use and inside your project inside audacity in this folder. So very important. Do this and I will see you in the next video They care. 17. Lec 16 : Demonstration: Okay, guys, by now, you must already have your folder on your sub folders. Ready? If not, please do so. And after that, watched this video as I'm going to explain to you to demonstrate to you in this lecture how I personally work with audacity professionally, whether if I work on a big project on small one in a company, this is how I proceed. So let's do this. First of all, I would like to record all my older first, So let's do this. This is correct. A one talking. This is correct. It too. Nice to meet you. I am character one, and I don't know what I am going to say. Corrected to again. Character one. And I have the final woods. So this is all my recordings. And before I applied any effect to my audio, I would like to save it still file save eyes and I would choose my project file. So I'm going to look for it in my guess. It'd this one on. I will look for my working fire. So all the time I save, I will save my odor. Testify inside this folder. So working files and I will call it my project Name like and rule so. And this file I would have all my my recorded odor without any effect applying to them. So keep this folder safe because if later you mess up with your audio and you cannot get good, go back to your previous one. You will always have this file so you can rework on it later. So this is very important. Just save this. Just keep that, okay? And this is what I use what he dio. And after that, I can start applying all the effects that I need to apply it. Still, for example, Um but before that, what I do is I like to, you know, for each character I want all my audio for For example, for this character, my first character. I want all my odor to be on the same truck so I will reposition them. Who is my time shift door? I will drag old my the the audio awful character one on the same track. So on this one, crack Tawan corrected to crack to one again so I would drug it up here. So on this trucked all the audio for my character one and on this one for corrected to This is correct. The one talking. This is character too. Nice to meet you. I am character one and I don't know what I am going to say. Corrected to again Character one. And I have the final woods. Okay? And now I can apply, for example, the noise, noise removal effect. So I make sure I always have sometimes here, in order to select the noise. Fact Nice removal. Get nice profile and I will say all of them not playing on apply that effect to them. And if I want my toe applies a robot voice effect to the corrected to I can do it. Just select it like this. So it is easier. This is why I would like to lie for each character. I have a track in which I could all its odio. And after that why I am working. I will need to see if my project several times So fire save eyes and I will save it like this This one I would call it like my project name and 001 And if I if I come to a point where I have to save it again. I go to file save eyes. I don't save it on the same file. I would call this one's Rose or two and I will continue to do the same. Each time I save, so does your free. So for example, if you mess up in this file, you always have a previous You always have a backup Teoh to rework on it. So this is the purpose off doing it like this. So in my working fire, we have like 0010020 is your free. And if you're working with a colleague, you give it this folder on Gwen. He opened this file. He will choose the latest one, for example 00 free And hey will continue to work on it. So and this is how I work and it is very useful. Vory it is safer to work like this. And I think that's it. I hope, too that it is very This lesson is very when it showed to you, Andi, I am waiting for your projects. So work on it and let me hear it. So take care and have fun with Dusty 18. Lec 17 : Export: Okay, Exporting your audio Very easy to do. Just go to file export and you can choose to export on the your selected selected Will you like this one? Or you can export the wall project so you can export us and be free. A wave save and OK on. That's it. 19. Lec 18 : Congratulations: Hey, congratulations for completing all the lessons. I am very proud of you. You are now in a whole Next level, your new beginner now And ah, congratulations for that. Let gives in Dutch. Okay, I would like to know What is it for you after that? What are you planning to Dio? Do you have something in mind? Are you, for example, going Teoh? Create a new YouTube channel and use your skills to come up with amazing contents? Are you going to use your skills to create videos? Um, let me know because I believe that I can help you further because I am going to have new courses. You related courses on nine, for example, that have a video Basic video editing goes for beginners already available. So if you don't know about video editing, I think that this is going to be the next step for you. Video editing is very important because ordinating video editing the booth works hand in hands together. So make sure to check that goo and then learn video editing as well. And if you have you got basic video editing skills and basic audio editing skills, you can come up with amazing things. You can create a lot off interesting contents, for example, teaching online like I am doing right now. Okay, so, um, I think that's it. Continue to learn new things, acquire new skills. Use them to your advantage. Okay? Don't let you, for example, this skill that you have acquired Don't let it go to waste. Use it. And I hope to see you soon. Okay? So take care. And my boy.