Audio Editing in your Music Productions

Gary Hiebner, Sound Designer and Composer

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7 Lessons (31m)
    • 1. Introduction to Audio Editing

    • 2. Tracks, Parts, Regions

    • 3. Using the Grid and Snapping

    • 4. The Audio Editing Tools

    • 5. Using Fades on Your Audio

    • 6. Using the Audio Editor

    • 7. Extra Audio Editing Tips SkillShare


Project Description


For the class project try edit your own audio parts in your DAW

Follow the following steps:

1. Record or Import in an Audio Part into your DAW

2. Run through the different audio Tools and see how they work

3. Add Fades to your Audio Parts.

4. Open the audio part up in your audio Editor, and see what functions you can apply to it

5. See if you can Reverse an Audio Part

6. See if there is a Tab to Transient function in your DAW, and how it works.

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