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Audio Editing And Recording with Audacity - From Beginner to YouTuber

teacher avatar Peter Johnson, Web Developer, YouTuber, IT Student

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (26m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Interface Overview

    • 3. Importing Audio

    • 4. Audio Recording

    • 5. Audio Editing

    • 6. Audio Exporting

    • 7. Conclusion

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About This Class

Audacity is a free, very capable, award-winning audio editing software that is used by thousands of people worldwide to edit audio for podcasts, YouTube videos, speeches, and more !

 This video class will teach you the basics of the Audacity starting from :

  1. Audacity Interface overview
  2. How to Import Audio
  3. Record Audio
  4. Edit Audio  (add effects, remove background noise, tips for crisp audio…)
  5. Exporting Audio

Also, in this Video I’ll explain some useful shortcuts and essential tricks as we go along. It's a really good way to learn the basics of Audacity, if you have the basic foundation it's really easy to master the next level of audacity..

I have integrated all the things that I wish I knew when I started out on Audacity so that you guys can understand and grasp things easier.

 Requirements :

  1. Audacity Software (Windows or Mac)
  2. Microphone (Any)

 In Brief :

Make your very own audio recordings, import audio tracks from external sources, remove ambient noise from your audios. Normalize your audios so that they have an even, full volume. Use the filter curve to make your voice recordings sound much cleaner, crisper and clearer.

I'm Exited to see you Guys…

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Peter Johnson

Web Developer, YouTuber, IT Student


Hello, my name is Peter I'm a Web Developer, IT student, Youtuber and Online Video Editor with 6 years of experience editing short videos for commercials and social media skilled in Final Cut Pro. Received unsolicited positive comments on my work from 97% of clients. I'm really excited to Share my Skills.. 



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1. Introduction: Hi, guys. My name is Peter Johnson, a youtuber. For the past six years on in this particular video, I'm gonna show you guys how we connected your order using audacity on guys. Ask Fiona. We will be making yourself an online, softer nor nice audacity available for both of those and Mac uses. So, guys, us, you know, in any Orland content creation or you place a key role. Basically, we are conveying our convent and no later through the medium audio. So it is really important to have a really crisp on em back, full audio in our content creation process. And that's exactly what I'm sure you guys in this particular video. That is how we can return order in the most effective manner to get the maximum in Baghdad off the audio on a side said before we will be making use of ferocity. Every or Lina software it. So, guys, I have a little It's particularly video class, starting all the way from the basics. That is that the interface overview. If you are a beginner order, if you are new to audacity at first just seeing all those tools like this monitors might become a bit overwhelmed me. But guys, I will take you through different tools. What you can use them for what is their true purpose or we can implement them on that makes things easy and it will be able to understand the different purpose offer tools under what is the true potential of audacity as well. Moving on, I'll show you guys are you can import an audio the right way on the right for matter to him or the Norden audacity for a smooth workflow on moving ahead. I will be sure you guys have. You can record. I know you. That means I'll show you guys have you can too. So the microphone, how we can fix some off the common issues a lot of people are are facing audacity on. Afterwards, we will be moving on to the main part off for the are you know that this audio anything we will be implementing some start medical effects on our order to make it a bit more impactful. And Chris Onda, that makes a lot of difference in the audio on. At last we will become bearing our role, or dio as the last of the digital audio. So that makes a really good combined somebody bean What in back have we provided to the editorial and committed that off the roll video? On moving to the end? I will show you guys how we can export the audio. The right format in which you can export and also how we can choose between a wide were ideal for order four months as well. On that perhaps about the BDO class Orner, the basics of ferocity. So, guys, in spite off how expensive your microphone is, it is really important to make you so far the resources that you have. So, guys, if you are really having the inbuilt microphone off for us smartphone, it is really sufficient. Creator Really good sounding audio Onda adapted Guys, I hope to see you guys on the other end. 2. Interface Overview: Hi guys. Come to the first video. And in this video, I'm going to give you guys a basic interface over the offer or not. City, if you are a beginner order, if you are new curiosity at first it might see a bit are difficult to understand. All these tools, sliders level sexy tra. But trust me, guys want to get to know what these tools are and what's their purpose. It'll be really easy to understand and implement them. And that's what excited me. I'm gonna do through this particular your video class on the To make things easier. I'm gonna add an audio file onto my timeline, but we already have on a dedicated order, important video in the coming class. But for the sake of explanation, I'm gonna add an audio file onto my timeline. So, guys, as you can see, I have our night and order If I loaned to my timeline notice actually get to know all these different tools levels likely succeed Tra Onda. Let's start from model left side on DA. The first level here is no nasty playback level. So as the name suggests, it actually provides to the level based on the playback volume. So let me just play this particular order for you and I see and see that a while I'll play this particular audio track The level get are just based on the Indian city off this sound Onda inserting situation unit optimizer audio so that your audio falls in a specific sewn so that, uh, while the user listens to your audio, it will be really a smooth and our diapered glory have the feel off it. So in that particular case, this particular level is really important so that we can monitor your playback awardee level on moving to the left again we have the microphone in boot level and it's also another important factor that you need to consider before your recording. Or were you so, guys, one of the fact that you need to consider is that you need no automaker or you're too loud . That is, as you can see, that in my audio is almost reaching the red zone. On being a beginner, you need to keep it a bit of in minus total and minus six. That is the sweet spot to get some really good audio. In my case, I can not just study high end off my only wild price protection. What? Basically unit to keep would be doing mine. Estelle on minus six on how we can do it. So basically, we have a trigger right here is known as a gain trigger on. Do we really help off this particular trigger? You can decrease the high end off for you are ah already. Also, basically, you can decrease or in Greece of the gain or for your audio. Since I'm using an external find number would mixer, I can control it externally. But in your case, if you're using an inbuilt microphone, order a lovely microphone. Nick and I are just again right here to get your order level four billion minus total and minus six. So that's how you do it. And that this particular level is known as the microphone input level. And at this particular rigorous tenacity gained trigger on going to the right be have body playback, William. So basic relating greases or decreases the volume on DA That's it. So, guys, here we have some important tools like the Kartal Chicopee tool Andi paste, Tool on. We have some other two tools right here. So to demonstrate what they are, I'm gonna select a particular part off my order. You. And as you can see, that at this particular tool is named as a dream outside selection. So basically what Indices data when I say like this particular part off my audio And if I click on this particular tool, it actually say, Lex, only this particular part of the audio and the terms out all the other part. So let me assure that a CNC that when I click on this particular tree mortal, it only selected that the part that I have selected and trimmed out all the rest off my audio. Andi, I hope you guys got the basic idea about the quantities on this particular tool is so they excite opposite. If I click or not, the silence or the selection, it actually the leads to the selected water that is that this particular audio and keeps all the other part, as you can see. So basically, the silence audience selection the leads to the selected audio part and keep so the rest off the audio on DA second see right at the border is not completely removed. It actually silences todo Andi cannot fill the gap by clicking the delete Aiken and ah, that's it. So I hope you guys got the basic idea board of these two tools I still on. We had the basic undo and ah, are you totally had the magnification tool. And if you click on the magnification dual it zooms in on, it zooms out and we have two different. A specific magnification tool on the first tool is known as the fits election to it. For example, I knew this room window only this particular part off my audio I can select the audio and click ona this particular fit selection magnifying tool on it assumes onto this elected part off the audio on. If I wanted the full bit off my audio like Anglican, this particular I can end it. Ah, and largest the order to fit onto the timeline. Andi. Ah, here we have the playback speed basically can increase or decrease the playback speed off the audio. So moving to the left side, we have some important tools right here on DA the 1st 2 light years. Don't answer the selection tool on with the help of selection to look and select different parts off the audio track. Onda move into the next tool. It's known as city envelope Tool. So basically looking about enveloped. Enveloped tool is a tool that can help you create irregular audio in Greece or order decreased. So let me is to show that and I have a limit up tool Selected sausages without a MacArthur changed into a upside down pointing arrow. So I click on this particular part and I won't decrease the volume. Onda, right? No. I'm gonna create an order in Greece right here on the created order. Decrease right here. Onda, I hope you guys got a basic audio off for envelope tool. That means you can create irregular order in Greece or order decrease using the envelope tool moving on. We have a draw to right here. This is not asserted. Broad tool on a draw. Italy's Northern Lord off for use for us. Basically disused by, ah, music production companies to get the full potential control off the rodeo. So I'm gonna click on in the assume total right here on dressed women by pressing or not the place to Michael and as you can see that nice to all the way in. Ah, the timeline displaced the individual notes off the order track on by Israel proper draw to like and customized individual notes on Basically this used by the Muse separation companies for the extreme control off the rodeo on being content greater. I never used to the drawing tool on DA That is what brought to lease. Now let's click on a the full with the magnifying tool to and large the audio track of within on the timeline Onda. We have a magnifying too right here. We have a time shift tool, which helps to move the order track of within. In the timeline on, we have a multi tool. So what is marketable? Multi tool is a tool which comprises off all the other tools that is a multi tool, comprises off the selection tool. Then develop tool, the drawing tool magnification tool. The shift it'll all comprised on. One particular tool is known as the multi tool, So please make it out of my car, sir. And as you can see that even a press shift on my keyboard, it changes onto this election. And when I pressed control. It ingested magnifying. I'm an oppressed comment. It becomes so the shift to do so. I hope you guys got the basic idea about the water Marty to east on ga. That is so the main tool compartment off audacity. Now let's move to the transport toolbar. And this ridiculous actually started to try and support tool by and we have the basic And also I can t like what? I can skip the video to the right end skip the baby to the left and to stop play and post on guys one off The cool thing about art as it is that I consider the situation which you are according on audio. So you PRESTA Corrigan and that you started recording or or audio under the particular interest. And you came to a situation which you need to refer some books said to get some more information. Onda, In this particular case, you need nor stop that according and start over. Instead, you can just press it the post Aiken. That means or that city poor sister. According on at that time, you can't do your reference. Come back and again personal record. I can on the recording starts from the place where you post it, So it's really see you need notably started from all the way beginning Do are accorded can just pause it and are recorded a record. I can again the rest humor recording. So I hope you guys got to. Basically, they were that as well. Microphone selection. Teresa. If you select this particular option, you can select your microphone on one of the common mistake or common problem. A lot of people faces data. They fail to choose the microphone. Daddy's audacity fails to list your microphone right here. Onda Ward is our solution is data a lot of people plaguing dealmaker foreign with the audacity turned on. So if you or putting velocity on afterwards plugging a microphone, audacity fails to organize it. So what they do is you need to close audacity protected in a microphone and restart ferocity. And only then or does it take an agonizing microphone and your microphone gets the list right here. Onda moving when we have the channel. According So basically, I'm using an excellent mike, so I choose one mortal on. In most off the other cases, it will be to Studio on year I had the playback speakers, so I'm using my defaulter laptop speakers. And if you are having external speaker confused that here as well moving to the bottom body here we have the present rate on DA. Since using audacity, I have been using Ah 44 100 as my rate on the four almost all content creation this particular eighties a sufficient. But if you are on the port cast or here according you can in Greece. So the rate on here we have the snap to duel start in any selection, total duration or fear or U S. Listed irascible. So, guys, this is the basic interface over the off audacity. And there's a lot more features like If you go to fix section, we have a lot off different effect, attic and implement, and I will be talking about some of the important effect that we can implement. A while we do the order, anything that's are coming specific class. So this is basically the individual review off audacity, and I hope you guys understood to the different tools their use on how you can implement in the right way on da now let's move to the next year, that is, I'll teach you how you can import of you doing the right way in the right format, so I'll see you there. 3. Importing Audio: Welcome to the second video. And in this video, I'm gonna show you guys have began important audiophile under Order City. So basically, we have a three different ways in which you can import an audio file and audacity the first ways that they can go to file in both audio and against electoral reform. Muddy fall order a pop up dialogue books. Under the second waste I do You need to use a keyboard shortcut. That is a common shift I for your Mac and control I for Windows on DA from Money Fall Order Dialog box again accused of the order file on about the third and most easiest way in which you can important audio files that are taken directly drag are your audiophile on the order City Onda, you have got to your audio file on the timeline and that it so these are three different ways in which you can add audio files and audacity so guys don't know for the most important thing that you need to keep in mind. The starter or that city do not support all audio file formats. So some of for the supported order file formats are A and B two, b three and before f l A c w a v etcetera. So if you tried to import any other audiophile Stan and the Priest Addario file format, what as it will provide you with a warning stating that or that city you know, supported this format on one of the easiest way to fix that particular problem is that we cannot convert the rodeo off island. Oh, the pre leukocyte format laid by audacity. So that's it. You have an order file or not? The timeline on Once you have an audio file on the timeline, you can make yourself for the transport toolbar that can play a rodeo. You can stop your order. You can post your audio. You can escape to the left end, skip to the right and on DA. That's it. These are some of the basic functions I don't know for the really good practice that you need to follow while a rethink or the orders they decided. You need to say there were cars in a specific time, in trouble, and for the first time, we can go to file, see project and say protect us and save your projector specific location followed by. You can diss click on a the say protect or command s or control as to save your project frequently. So these are some offer the really more than things that you need to make Not while you import an audio file on the audacity and ah, so that's it, guys, we have in bordered on audiophile curiosity. So in the next video, I'm gonna show you guys, Have you can a didn't audiophile? I will be sure you guys summary legal started. You said it can implement a get a really good audio quality. So see you on the other end. 4. Audio Recording: Hi, guys. Welcome to the third video. And before moving onto the audio editing video, I'm gonna show you guys have begin recording or the using audacity on guys. As I said before in my first video, you should always blood in your microphone with audacity. Closed Orly, then. Or does it? They can't organize your microphone and your microphone will be listed right here or not. The microphone listing on DA You can choose your respective Mike from here on. Once you have confirmed that you are my card, the next step is to record our the order itself on. There are two different ways in which you can record the audio on that The first obvious ways to click on the record I can right here. And that starts the recording process on guys. There are situations in which you are repeatedly recording audio to get that perfect order you want on in that situation. Always clicking on the record I can can become a bit difficult. In that case, you can use the keyboard shortcut that issue contest R on your keyboard and that also trigger to the are according Mordaunt velocity. So, guys, right now I'm gonna record in order for you. So I'm gonna click corn on the record I can. Right here. Hi, guys. My name is Peter Johnson. So, guys, if you remember in the first video I told the guys that taken pause recording anywhere while you're recording and you can continue according from the excited same position that you have posted by clicking on the record I can. So right now I have posed to my recording exactly right here by pressing, deposed liken. Now I'm gonna press. They are Ah, shortcut dorma keyboard to continue my recording. This is an order. Tests are using audacity. Ondas again See that we have actually recorded on order using audacity. And, ah, if you notice I have actually left Ah, three second, a blank space before my recording. So this is really important in So in the next video, that is audio editing part. I want to remove the background noise. So this is really important that you leave a bit of space that is at least three seconds off a space before your according so that elastic and recognized if there is any our background noise. So keeping are the audio extremely silent can capture all the background noise on in the noise election process or acidic and analyze the background noise and remove it. And that's why I have kept a three second off a blank. That is silent audio on the right knowing were not discussed. All for this particular part right here. Onda, let me just play that for you. Hi, guys. My name is Peter Johnson. This is an order. Tests are using audacity on that. This is basically the most easiest way in Michigan record in order using velocity on DA. Now let's move to the audio editing process in Michigan. Show you guys some really important strategical part that you can follow to get some really good sounding audio. Andi, I'll see you there. 5. Audio Editing: Hi, guys. Welcome to the fourth video. And in this particular video we are going to learn how you can 80 10 audio on guys. Everything already is really important. Insight can give the impact order for the audio. Moreover, it can provided the required feel to avert audio Onda. Since you have already learned the basic tools, what is their use and a basic interface overview. It is really easy to learn more things about audacity. There is a lot of really good resources available online that you can refer to get a lot more information regarding in depth or you're editing or ferocity in this way the global glass. We are going to learn some basic strategical or urinating in fact, that you can implement and or the eclipse to get really good. The sounding audio on guys has some effects can depend upon person to person, and I will be talking about that as well. And ah, right now I'm gonna record a fresh new audio track so that we can start from the absolute scratch. So I wanna click on a direct course. Aiken right here. Hi, guys. My name is Peter Johnson. Andare. Welcome to the BDO course in which I'm gonna teach you guys the absolute basics offer audacity. So, guys, I have recorded a fresh new audio track on Daz against E. I have actually left a three seconds off a free space on the assets and revolt. In my previous video, we did so to remove the background noise. So I'm gonna selected the silent but right here. Onda basically water. Does it list the starter? It analyzes this particular silent part right here. So since it is a silent part or lead the bagger noises being highlighted in this particular area. So Ordaz city recognizes that as a tea bagger noise on when we ah, play the noise reduction effect to the end. Iron or dio track porosity basically already know what is the background noise so you can remove the background noise from the entire kip. So that is basically what is gonna happen. So we have selected a this island barred right here. Now let's go to defect detection and let's click Oona Noise Election right here. Get noise profile. So right now, audacity has the noise profile. Oh, for this particular part, basically, that is the bagger noise now honored Circle Corner Command A or Control E to selected the entire ordeal clip. Let's again go to effect. Click on noise reduction and click on OK, and right now, what a city has to remove for the the background noise. In my case, I'm recording this particular or dio in a silent room on DA. As you can see, I do not have a lot of background noise. So if you are having a background noise like the noise of a fan or an A, C is a really good way to remove the background noise and get a clean audio. Onda. No, we have come leader, the four states that is very moody background noise. Now that media stream motor the empty spaces right here on, we have trimmed out of the empty spaces and now let's move to the second state. So, guys, right now let's a selected the entire ordeal Clip on dollars move to defect section and here we have an option named us Ah, filter curve Basically, in the previous versions offered as they did this wasa named also Equaliser, but with the determination diversion or does it? Very namely, Taus awful Turker So now let's click on it and immune dialog box off pace and are moving down. We can click on Manage option again on factory presets and let's click on of the bass boost option right here. This is the particular part of a tested before is dependent on individual priority. In my case, I already have a base. See, boys, So I'm gonna be crazy based boost effect. And if you are having in less busy ways you can and just keep it on another default settings, that will be sufficient. And once you have us that tell your base boost arrangement, click on OK to apply the effect. And as you can see that in my studio, waves have enlarged a bit since we have provided with a bit of Basie effect. Now let's go to effect again. And ah, I won't normalize my audio on basically after hiding in your father The effect I are basically normalizes on dress code effect again, again or scored two. Ah, filter coat click on manage factory pres it and ah never skillicorn a treble boost on now that the same guest here as well. It actually depends on your individual priority and I'm gonna decrease my trouble, boost your hospital and only click on OK, toe a play the effect and to make sure that you always have the entire ordeal Clip selected on da No, let's go defected. Normalize the audio clip andan other smooth to the third stage That is basically we are gonna add a compressor basically compressing recess and altogether part off for the order like a base trouble and various other parts. Now let's go to effect again. Go to compress right here on I want to leave it or another default sitting on our click on OK, on da again I'm gonna go to effect on ironically called Normalized to normalize my audio clip. And I said, guys, we have completed the basic audio editing for another audio clip on right now. Let's actually hear our audio and are ironically Connolly play Aiken right here. Hi, guys. My name is Peter Johnson andare. Welcome to the BDO course in which I'm gonna teach you guys. The absolute basics offer Ordaz City as you can. Ah, here It's a really good sounding audio nominates Come barrier. The pro audio file on da the a dictatorial file and alerts on allies for any difference. Hi, guys. My name is Peter Johnson andare. Welcome to the BDO course in which I am dirty to guys. The absolute basics offer audacity. I guys, My name is Peter Johnson andare. Welcome to the BDO course in which I'm gonna teach you guys the absolute basics offer audacity. So that's it, guys, To be how come later the audio editing process novel, its move to the exporting process in which I can assure you guys are we can export and order filed out over that city on I was you there. 6. Audio Exporting: Hi guys. Welcome to the fifth video. And in this particular video, I'm not sure you guys are We can export are an audio file out of ferocity on da CNC. We have got a beautiful that beer deterred in the last video. And I want to show you guys how we can export that this particular audio file out offer or that city on guys to export an audio. First off, we'll go to the file a section right here on moving down. We have got on export option Onda in the export option in the top three section here against you that we can export of the order you as MBI three w a b or or dizzy. In my case, I export my video in the MBA tree format on guys. If you want to export your audiophile in any other format rather than these three, you can just click on of the export order right here, Onda, a new dialogue box appears And first of all, you taken into your name. That is the name off the audio file Onda here you can switch survive the location due to the audio file should be saved on moving down. We have the file type, and as you can see, that we have a wide were ideal for file format to be Tuesday from Andi. In my case, I'm gonna choose Himba Tree Onda here again, customizer any off for the audio file settings by? Basically I keep it us our default on once that is done basically corn and they say vikan right here on day. Ah, if you are on the music product indican under the artist name Amanda other criteria right here on Day one is a distant Just click on the OK button right here on. That's it. The order will be saved our to the specific location. So this is how we can export on order file out of ferocity and ah, that's it, guys. Now let's move to the conclusion. Video analysis. You there 7. Conclusion: So that's it. Guys, I hope you guys got the basic idea. Board Audacity. What is audacity? Is it true potential? So preaching about what we have learned that we started all the way from money basic interface or of you moving on. And we learned how we can important audio how we can record and audio. And most importantly, we learned how we can return ordered by limiting some strategical step Onda. At last we exported the video as well. So dies it. Guys, please let me know what you guys start thinking about at this particular ridiculous in the review section. I'll see you guys with another video until then by