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Audience on Facebook: Custom Audience, Lookalikes & Saved Audience

teacher avatar Rita Zinger, Facebook Advertising Expert

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (19m)
    • 1. Introduction to Facebook Audience

    • 2. FB Audiences Explanation

    • 3. Custom Audince

    • 4. LookaLike

    • 5. Saved Audiences

    • 6. How to use Lookalike & Custom Audiences

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About This Class

Facebook is a great tool to use for your business promotion and by using Facebook Audience you can make sure that you make the best of it from each dollar that you invest. 

I will take you step by step and show you how to create and how to use your Custom, Saved, and Lookalike Audiences. 

Check my promo video for this class to find out more details.

Everything that we'll learn here is fresh and just got updated in 2019, Facebook is changing very fast, so that's why I've collected only accurate data for you right here.

So if you are looking to promote your business and get more clients or sales, Facebook is a great place to start!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Rita Zinger

Facebook Advertising Expert



Hello, My name is Rita! I am a Digital Marketer and Educator. Nice to meet you :) 
You'll find many classes about Facebook Advertising, that will teach you how to advertise your business or how to become a Campaign Manager for an Advertising Company.  

Everything I teach about is based on my personal experience, I try to make my courses as practical as possible so that you will learn only the things you will really need. 

About me:

I work in Marketing space for more than 9 years now, running campaigns for different companies all over the world (the United States, Germany, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and more). In this time I managed advertising budgets from $1000 to $500K per month and ran campaigns for F... See full profile

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1. Introduction to Facebook Audience: hello again and in this section we're going to talk about Facebook audiences. We're going to learn about custom audiences about lookalikes, ends about safety audiences, whether we actually need audiences on Facebook. Well, first of all, it helps us out. It saves us time, because if we're going to save our audiences on Facebook, we can reuse them in our other competes, which can save us time. What are custom ordinances? Custom audiences are people who already interacted with a page instagram profile or any other content that we already posted. So those people familiar with our Brent we don't want to just waste her money on advertising. We want to invest each and every door. That's what we want to collect. All those people who already so our brand who already so our products and familiar with what we have to over and later on, we can target those people with different product or different over. Or we can use those people in order to build a similar audience in another country, for example, that will help us out in our future campaign. So stay with me and let's start this section 2. FB Audiences Explanation : It's time to talk about our audiences on Facebook, which are very, very important. What kind of audiences do we have? We have custom audience, we have local accordance and we have saved audience. You can the familiar by now with safety ordinance because you saw it when we were working on our asset to create our targeting saved audience, those air. Actually, our targeting options that we save in order to use it later in our next campaign. Let's begin with our custom audience before going into any details. Let's try to understand what is cast of audience exactly as it sounds. This is audience that we create by ourselves. Let's see, what options do we have on Facebook? Fourth, that those are options that are available to us own Facebook. We can collect audience that are visiting our website. We can collect audience that are visiting are up. We can upload at least of ordinance. We have some kind of emails, phone numbers and so on. We can just uploaded. We have video on Facebook so we can collect those people who are watching our video. We have different events so we can collect audience who attended our events or who were interested in our events who have instagram. We can collect audience from instagram as well. We have Facebook page itself. We can collect ordinance that engaging with our bait or looking at our posts. And we also have a thing that called instant experience. There's a specific types of ads we can collect, people that for engaging with only those types off ads. Now let's talk a little bit. Why do we actually need those type of audience? Well, obviously, saved audience will save Erstein. We can reuse them in our other campaigns for custom warrants. Those people who are already interacted with our brand. They saw our product or they are already familiar with our content. So we would like to keep them round in order to do some returning. Or we're going to use them in order to create it, look like look alikes. They save us money and they save us time. Let's joke about local eggs and see what it is. Local ex on Facebook There are actually people who are similar to your custom audience by their characteristics, meaning if you're targeting, for example, women or men who want to get feats in summer. So you have people with certain sets off interests, people who like fitness people who are looking for specific diet right now, people who are doing some kind of activities right now, those people with a very specific set of characteristics, you want to keep them around. So let's say you already Iran your campaign and you already find your audience right now you want to increase that number. But instead of using interests and behavior and demographic options on Facebook, you're going to create a custom audience. And based on that, you're going toe. Create a look alike, so you're going to use custom audience. You're going to collect people who interacted with your ads, since those a retarded organs and based on that, you're going to create a look alike in order to understand how lookalike actually works. Take a look at those circle. Let's pretend dance in 1% circle. There is a little circle there that contains your custom audience. Those are people who already store your ads, since you want to get more people to see you add with similar characteristics. When you create it look like it actually creates audience that are similar to your custom audience, and if you're going to look, it is going to be your 1%. So those are going to be people who are very much similar to your custom audience. Another circle a bigger 12% those other people. So we're going to get even more people from your custom ordinance. They're going to be also people with similar characteristics, but they will have some additional car 36 as well, and we have another circle off 3%. Those people who do have same characteristics as your custom audience, but they will have a little bit more characteristics as well and so on to we get to 10%. Of course, the small the percentage, the better your audience. But it doesn't mean if you're going to use lookalike off, 10% is going to be better targeting. No, you contest it off course. Maybe there are some characteristics that he didn't thought about. Maybe people who like fitness, they also read a Discovery magazine or watch a some kind of television program that you didn't even thought about it. Facebook will going to figure it out for you based on your custom audiences. So now you know all three types off different audiences on Facebook that we can use in order to improve our campaign and improve our targeting. Now let's go into Facebook's menu and try to see it by ourselves how we actually use each and every one of them. 3. Custom Audince: we're right now using ads manager Many, um, and from here, in order to grow and create a custom onions or a lookalike, we're going to click on our left, all the tools and we going to choose audiences that are in assets category. And here we are at our audience menu here. We have a lot of different things, but you need to look on the audiences right now, and we have free types of ordinances that we've been talking about. So for our custom audience, we have another option to create an audience. We have a website, traffic up activity, custom file, video, elite form, instagram, business profile and more. The common one is Facebook Page. Let's see, what options do we have for our Facebook page? First of all, if you have more than one Facebook page issue going to choose it from here by clicking on this arrow and shoes in your Facebook page now you have an option that says everyone who engage with your page. We can choose anyone who visited your page, people who engaged with any boast or add people who clicked any call to action button. This is important when you advertise anything with an called to action button who clicked on the button itself. You can collect those people, people who send a message to your page and the interesting option as well. And people who saved your page were any post. So let's say anyone who visited your page we can go go heads and collect people from 365 days. So it's like one year ago. Or we can collect recent people so we can play with this number, as we want just for two weeks and depends on actually your goal or your advertising. If you know that in those three months you advertise a specific product that you never bean advertising before, so you can just limit your customer. Jen's for those days, and that's it. What you can do here is just name your audience. Name it so you will understand what type of ordinance this is. So let's say noble name, it's and everyone who visited my page so page visits and I'm going to create it Now I have page wheezes right here. I will see a size off those audiences, and I can see that it's ready to be used and I can also see a date of creation. I can go ahead and create as many as they want in urgent great customer. Answer. Just click on, Create audience truce, custom audience and I can create with every once I can create audience from my website traffic. It looks like this. As you can see, my basal needs to work for that option and then I can choose all website wizards. I can choose people. Who is it? A specific page? And by that I actually need to type my specific your l for that page. If you use in a specific lending page, you can type it right here. Visitors by time. Yes, I also have that option right now on Facebook. Here I can choose it even by invent type, so it's view, content or page view as four days. I can go up to 180. That's a maximum amount of Jay's on four Might website truck. Another interesting option for my custom ordinances are people who toys to my video. So what I'm going to do, I'm just going to click here on this browse button and choose how do I want to split those people. I can split them by people who wished only three seconds, 10 seconds. Or if I want to have people who wished 90 5% off my video and by clicking on choose video, I'm going to see all the posts that I have on my Facebook page. And I'm going to choose the right one with the right video that I want and collect people from it. Also here you have up to 365 days. Let's see. Ah, let's go to instant room Business profile. Same idea here. As you can see on not much changing, doesn't mental. What are we choosing? The main use Bredemeier stays the same. We have any all people, and we have people who engaged, visited our profile, engaged with our posts and so on a little bit similar to our Facebook page. Don't forget to name your custom audience. Otherwise, if you create more than one, you just going to go lost 4. LookaLike: Let's continue talking about our audiences and let's take a look at our local accordance. But we can look like it says that I need to choose a source by source. It means the Titans like my custom ordinance for that one. And here I need to segment audience location and those are my percentage. I can create 12 free and up to 10. So let's see. Name off my custom ordinance page visas. I'm going to go here look like type page idiots page visits and I'm going to select location. I can select either country or I can select a region. So, for example, Europe area. Let's say I want to select everything from here all those countries. I can, of course, exclude some of them if I don't need. And let's say I want a great 1%. So I just click create. I do need to name those audiences there been named by themselves, we will see in a bid. Oh, here it says that thes sources actually too small, so I need to choose another source. It says that it must have at least 100 people, as you see it named this audience by itself. It just took my custom audiences. And it says that it's looking like 1% for this specific region. And this is my custom audiences name, and it's also populating populating. It means that it's about to create it. So we need to give it a little bit of time in some cases, this couple of hours. In some cases, this couple of minutes, Facebook thinks time to create it, and then we can use it freely whenever we want. So those are for our Luca legs. We can either go from here and choose our percentages a region, or we can select our custom audiences from the list. And just by clicking here on this menu, weekend shoes create a look alike, and by that we're making sure that the source is already selected. So it's kind of easier toe work like this if you want. But you also have another option just by clicking, create audience and choosing look like 5. Saved Audiences: and the last option that we have for our audiences is the option Off saved audiences. Let's talk a little bit about it. We need to go back to our ads manager. So what we can do in order to save her audience? We go to our asset level and let's say we already created a campaign and we have an ad set was a certain targeting option. We already choose who we went to targets, how old of them and so on. So we just go ahead here and click on Save this audience. We give them a name in this option. We have a fitness people here, So fitness USA, and we just saving these data. So the next time when we want to target same people, we just will go tore at Set and we're going to select are saved audience by going to our audience. And as you remember, we talked about this first line that we're not using if we're new, but we're not new already, so we can quicken use, saved audience and we can choose audience that we saved right now. Here you go, Fitness USA, and we're going to have the same correct readings that we use in our previous targeting right here. So for our audience is this is a fast way to do it. 6. How to use Lookalike & Custom Audiences: we saw how to create custom audience with so how to great look likes. But if you want to use it in your campaigns, we have to do is go again to ads manager. Create your campaign. Go to asset level because that's where you actually choosing your audiences. Click on your ad set, click on EDITs and from the main you that you need to be already familiar with. We have audiences right here, and we've been talking not to use this first line if he knew, but we're already not new. So we're going to, uh, use this line as you can see custom ordinances. That's what it says. So here we can adds a previously created custom audiences local it. We named our custom ordinances the certain way. As you can see, I have more than one, and right now I need to know how didn't name it. That's how I will know what exactly should they choose? As you can see on the right, it says customer list and look like so I need to know what I want to use and I need to know was the name off my audiences, and I'm just choosing it, and that's it. I have this audience right here. I hope by now it really clear. How do you use your look alike and your custom audiences?