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Audacity: Producing & Recording with Powerful Free Software

teacher avatar Bharath Kumaran, Blogger/Digital Marketing Expert

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (18m)
    • 1. Audacity Introduction

    • 2. Audacity Lecture 1

    • 3. Audacity Lecture 2

    • 4. Audacity Lecture 3

    • 5. Audacity Lecture 4

    • 6. Audacity Lecture 5

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About This Class

Welcome to the video course on Audacity. If you are a beginner and if want to know more about the course.

First, you want to know about audacity and how to create an audio without any noise. You are interesting in creating an audio and you like this course and it is very helpful to edit your audios.

First, what you going to learn is what is an audacity. Audacity is a multi-tracking audio editor and recorder, it's available for free software, it is easy to use your audios.

This audacity will be operating with Mac OS X, Windows, GNU/Linux and many other operating systems.

This is also called as open source software. Let's have look at the features of audacity.

Having lots and lots of effects can add to your audio, that includes speed or pitch of recording

You can cut, copy, splice or mix sounds togeather

You can edit WAV, AIFF,FLAC, MP3, MP2 and Ogg vibes sound files

Can also convert your audio tapes and records into CD and digital recordings and recording any live audios

And have record computer playback on any windows vista

These are the features of audacity. If you want to know more about how to edit and record audios in this audacity. Let's watch our video.

End of the course, you will get the better knowle

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Bharath Kumaran

Blogger/Digital Marketing Expert


Bharath Kumaran is a Digital Marketing Expert and Problogger in India.He graduated from Bannari Amman Institute Of Technology with a Elelctrical and Electronics Degree and is now working as a Full Time Skillshare Teacher and problogger at .Bharath has helped plenty of Leading brands In India and All Over Globe on social media marketing and Search Engine Optimization.

He is a passionate blogger and Internet Marketing Expert.He ‘ve been gaining blog knowledge since 4 years.He ‘ve been helping lot and lot of beginner's to turn master in blogging.

He had helped lot of students to increase their blog more proftable and they call him as "Strom Instructor".

He is a crispy minded and helping handed person to educate depth kn... See full profile

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1. Audacity Introduction: Hey, guys are This is the found off income cracker dot com today. I'm going to teaching. You get your own audio using audacity here, everyone off temps low, clear crystal audio, but practically. If you are occurring any audio, you will get plenty off nighters, even dogs, birds, small creators sound from neighbors. Sound from your fan television except trust. So in real practical scenario, getting quality output, it's very difficult. So there are plenty of so first available. Make your audio crystal clear, but it's acts more box. So here, I'm going to teaching you. You're one crystal clear. Are you using free Cassity? It's a open source software creating equal for all. So if you are really interested in creating your own crystal player audio in Durham, a course on loan quality audio 2. Audacity Lecture 1: here. Lecture one. We are going to learn. Find the audacity software share. Google it our city. Here, enter the keyword are a CD. Sure, you're find the atrocity team that would see share. Click on the city team dot org. Welcome to our nasty atrocities. Free Open source. Cross platform software for recording 100. You Needing sounds are Cassidy's available for Windows Mac Lennox, Another operating system check or feature released on the forum here. Download our audacity to find 12 January 20th 2016 Our City 2.12 released. So if you are RINOs user Reconvene knows if you are a Mac user. Pecan Max on install RCD here reconnoitered downloads lead Restoration of velocity 25. Dirty can be curiosity is violence here. Download your Alas cities offer After installing the audacity software here, the screen will appear like this. A blank screen here before on the card you are Are you here? I'm bring some interaction. Doris D. Here file. He's very adding a new fight. We can you if you're already having any audio for its click on open here. Reason files close Save projects Here Project as so compressed to copy of Project. You need to meet at it. Out it Export audio Here it undo Delete duplicate removed. Special clay bone reso X address here. Transporter place. Stop here. Tracks yard in your practice. Kid. Gender. He had a remembering. He added. Nice. Silent stone brought. Resent them. Ticket here. Affect. Amplify a auto duck base in trouble Change, but change speed changed him publicly. Moral X address. You're that up in deal tools available here. Analysis here. Reality. More plug ins here Based to find her, we'd find out care. Silence Finals. I want to find out. Except us here. Help for him here. These are all the terms that you know we are going to learn. Here are Look at the I can't scared or burn icon here, microphone. Here you are. Carrying out your warm. I go from here. This is my one. Microphone loose. Nobody. Microphone here. Pecan blues, noble microphone. I think these are all the tools we are going to learn are actually having plenty off tools . So for particular tools only we are using. So we need to I learned that particular tools 3. Audacity Lecture 2: Hey, guys. Welcome. Do Next lecture. We are going to learn. Create your own. Are you are singing using audacity? Here, take on transport here. Record here. I'm lively speaking on record here. Hey, guys, this is the founder of income cracker dot com. Yeah. Here these are you having plenty of disturbance, like, so desirable. Many sounds getting from live audio. So we need to Yet it those kind off particular argues here. I heard he added their takes on twice the regular sounds. No sound except us. So we need to create crystal clear audio. So I will showing exactly how I had anything. My previous videos on our electric six at Ross. 4. Audacity Lecture 3: we come to new lecture now we are going to learn your digital recorder sound Here, look at the rto. Have you seen my audio Here? This is my are your track I'm paying Locate become Lie Lincoln speaking on record here. Hey guys are This is the founder off income cracker dot com Here, look at the sound like sound here. It will disturb your readers the next here Move your most towards and drag uber Morse cure disease Our particular area physically can play this share. It's also an external disturbance So we need to reduce. He could Fernald said Have you hear that sound? The sound will also be on Hollywood Brdo So a very faster tool. We are going to use these our city Nice removal here You always find your nice here drag your nice under play after finding exact nice click on nice reduction Here, click on affect noise reduction here. This is our nice direction Tool Salik A few seconds off. Just nice. So our city knows what to filled out. Then click Get nice profile here, Steve. One click on Get nice profile here. Effort, Noise direction! Get nice, Fulfill After 17 your nice values. Select all off the audio. You want filtered? Choose how much nice you want filled out and then click OK to release NYSE here. Always said your nights reaction decibel 12 since DVDs explains aerodrome frequency Moting bandit three You're nice. Reduced residue here. Click on produce a network. It now are Click on. OK, always get nice profile on Click on Prevue After get nice profile, enter control you here. Your whole rto will eliminate externalize So here the effect Nice direction. Okay, here it will process are playing nice direction share Look, a deer audio here I'm like Have you heared any nice in previous audio? We hear some external is no pecan green button if you finish still nice persist So we can you are selectively area on affect Nice direction Get nice Nice profile then control year Then again click on effect Nice direction she and we'll get it Really ganar playing nice direction off that getting exact nice direction again Simply con external disturbance area and check it out once again Now our audio external nice will get shattered No player with video You're I'm lively speaking on record here. Hey guys, are. This is a found off income cracker dot com here. These are you having plenty of disturbance like, Yeah. So I think we had eliminators externalize here. Nice having plenty of nice Laker tix sound car zone by zone on external zone. Except for us. Now we a limiter external zone its structure. We are going to learn a lunatic songs. 5. Audacity Lecture 4: Hey, guys. Now I'm going to teaching you You did your one pick sounds here. I'm, like, really speaking. Hey, guys, this is a found off income cracker dot com here. Look at me now. You are dio Hey, guys, this is a found off income cracker dot com here. Look at Arctic towns. We need to eliminate exams. So here, click on, drag your most heart start point win point here, click on green button here. Exactly. Find Dixon here. Go to effect. Nice gauge here. Prevue carefully can preview it will appear Silence. So clearly gone. Okay, you are takes on gone on you again Play some irregular disturbance available. So here again, from start point to in point Here, click Konjevic. Nice get okay, so external ticks and the regular sounds will disappear. So we again play your audio. Hey, guys, this is a found off income cracker dot com so you're already will become pure, So you will eliminate pick sound easily 6. Audacity Lecture 5: Now we are going to look make killer audio equalization under normalization, we need clear audio quality. So we need to implore. Are you sure? I'm recording? Hey, guys, this is the founder off income cracker dot com today I'm going to teaching. You are a city tutorial on eliminating nice removal local The moral The moral treat six Address here after creating me Hey, guys, this is the founder off cracker dot com today. I'm going to teaching you ferocity tutorial on urinating. Not here. We can control you the next to the effect. Normally he's here normally fusion before my want on our mission. We need toe amplifier wise so quickly can control you here. Effect. - We need to amplifier wise here. Click on control plus ta here. Yeah, here amply fate. So before him want to Amber fate We need to increase the new peak amplitude he had prevue. Hey guys, this is the founder off cracker that completely I'm going to teaching you after increasing amplification. Click on OK. Our new audio will became more sound after that. Click on control, you hear? Effect anomalies apparently can preview. Hey guys, this is the founder off Cracker that completely. I'm after hearing the administration, click on walkie. After lately, Control year. The next day again. Equalization here. Equalization is very important yet Click on draw Salako Which co do you want? Your one prefer here? A AM radio here. Prevue. Hey, guys, this is the founder off cracker dot com here. It's carrying a plenty off Salako Upton care walkie talkie guy Here. 100 here, Trumper. Hey, guys. Just found off here. Basket. Hey, guys, just so far he had vast boot reboost here. Bass boot. It's a preferred audio one. Hey, guys, this is the founder off cracker that company today I'm going to teach you after Yaron your preferred Salako on click on walkie. Always stick before if you can. Okay? Because you're adding some letter coast Make your rto yuko so always keep your mind. Your audio should be a clear one. We told you Corn Hollow. Hey, guys, this is the found off cracker that completely I'm going toe teaching You are Cassidy tutorial on urinating here. Look at the audio Something Our audio looks echo So if you feel your audio having a cool now that you equalization if you are good with the normalisation. Then don't go on equalization so equal issues and help your audio don't become some other here. Telephone. Walkie talkie bass booed Exodus Here, guys, this is the founder off today I'm going t o. So I think we had learned simple and crispy course on I see more remote. It sounds adding amplification, adding equal issue Shin Getting our musician exodus create your one selling. So this course, especially for music lovers, audio editing presents except for us, I think this course killed you. Make your audio constantly.