Attracting more people with script lettering visual | Robert Bree | Skillshare

Attracting more people with script lettering visual

Robert Bree, Handlettering Specialist

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7 Lessons (24m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. What&Why

    • 3. Rough Sketches

    • 4. Final Sketches

    • 5. Vectorizing

    • 6. Effects

    • 7. Thank You


About This Class


In this class i want to show you my detailed process of a script lettering with thick and tasty letterforms. I call it a "chubby"- script lettering style. We go together from concept to the final digitized version. You will be guided and learn from the sketching process, getting ideas from your handwriting, the possibilities of chubby letters, exploring ligatures, applying a dynamic shadow effect, digitizing tips and more.

This class will give you my detailed insights of a lettering process. It is meant for people who want to improve their process working with letterforms. I will talk about the tricks i learned so far trying to help your journey mastering your passion.    





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Robert Bree

Handlettering Specialist

Hi there, i am Robert from munich in Germany. I am a graphic designer with a big passion for handlettering & calligraphy. In my class i like to teach the tips and tricks i learned so far with creating lettershapes. Beside my passion i spent eight years in milano, italy and had a six month working experience in santa monica. I already watched several courses about handlettering. And now i want to produce my own course. Well, any start is difficult, so i hope here is the right place to begin wi...

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