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Attracting Wealth Through the Law of Attraction: Magnetically Attract Wealth Into Your Life

Malak Safar, Entrepreneur. Personal Development Coach

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10 Videos (18m)
    • Introduction

    • 1 What is the Law of Attraction

    • 2 Objective Thinking and Subjective Thinking

    • 3 Stop Default Processes From Ruling Your Life

    • 4 Pivoting Your Thought Process

    • 5 Right Mindset About Money

    • 6 Steps for Wealth Manifestation

    • 7 Balancing the Inner and Outer Self

    • 8 Why Doesn't Everyone Use Law of Attraction

    • Conclusion


About This Class

Learn How to Accomplish Your Wealth Goals through the Law of Attraction

Learn the secrets behind the millionaire mindset and inspiring others. If you do not know how to have the millionaire mindset you are spinning your wheels. There's a wide disconnect between ability and action in the world that we live in.

There are millions of individuals out there who are capable of doing something. They may even have the right academic qualifications and some may even have an experience. But then these individuals aren’t putting their talents to the right use. 

You might be facing these struggles:

  • Understanding financial empowerment..…
  • Knowing how to manage your money...
  • How to identify business opportunities…
  • Teaching all these things to someone else!
  • Many more horrors…

Well don't worry…

With these strategies that I’m about to share with you, you will have no problems when it comes to achieving the Millionaire Mindset!

In these course, you will learn all about:

  • What is Law of Attraction
  • Stopping the Default Processes to Rule Your Life
  • Pivoting Your Thought Process
  • Having the Right Mindset About Money
  • 5 Steps to Wealth Manifestation
  • And Balancing the Inner and Outer Self






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Malak Safar

Entrepreneur. Personal Development Coach

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