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Attain Personal Mastery: Learn to Have True Control by Mastering Yourself

Zainab Z, Simple and Easy Courses to Achieve Success

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7 Videos (14m)
    • Introduction

    • Have a Truthful Look

    • Try Atleast

    • First Step to Realizing Your Goal

    • Build Your Confidence

    • Tell Yourself You Can

    • Conclusion


About This Class

A Course on How to Truly Master Yourself and Gain True Control Over Your Life!

Formulating limiting beliefs can really hinder our accomplishments. If you believe you will fail, your subconscious will make sure to produce actions which support this belief.

Are you facing these issues in your life?

  • You cannot figure out how to control your negative thinking.
  • You don't understand why you keep failing.
  • Success eludes you even after trying so hard.

In most cases we get very anxious or nervous whenever we are trying something new. We let our thoughts rule us, rather it should be the other way round.

You will learn the following from this course:

  • The First Step to Realizing Your Goal.
  • Trying At Least Even if You Are Uncertain.
  • Building Your Self Confidence.
  • Have a Truthful Look at Where You Currently Stand.
  • And Much More...

This course is a powerful tool, if applied correctly can help you achieve mastery in every area of your life and equip you with everything that you need to know to succeed!





Zainab Z

Simple and Easy Courses to Achieve Success


I am Zainab and I am extremely grateful to get a platform like Skillshare to teach what I am passionate about.

I am full time entrepreneur with a couple of successful businesses. Over the years I have learned to use various tools and techniques to achieve success on the internet. I would love to teach people what I have learned over the years. My areas of expertise include online entrepreneurship, internet marketing and personal development.

If you have any queries...

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