Asymmetrical Drawing & Lettering with the Golden Ratio | Chris Heath | Skillshare

Asymmetrical Drawing & Lettering with the Golden Ratio

Chris Heath, The Geometrical Design Guy

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10 Lessons (22m)
    • 1. Asymmetrical Drawing & Lettering with the Golden Ratio

    • 2. Introduction to Asymmetry

    • 3. Drawing Tools

    • 4. Abstract Lines

    • 5. Abstract Rectangles

    • 6. Swiss Style Numerals

    • 7. Roman Style Letters

    • 8. Dividing a Line by the Golden Ratio

    • 9. Grid Setup

    • 10. What's Next?


About This Class

Have you ever wondered how to use the golden ratio?

Let's face it; it's not the easiest thing to wrap your head around. The math may seem mind-boggling, but here's the thing — it's actually quite simple for artists, designers and architects to use.

In this class we explore, through a series of simple drawing exercises, one of the golden ratio's special properties. This property can best be described as balanced asymmetry. The golden ratio is one of a number of useful proportions that can be used to introduce asymmetry into our work, and to do this in a harmonious way.

Symmetry is easy. Asymmetry is just as easy if you know where to begin.

All you need for this class is:

  • to print the grids that you can download from this class
  • some pens and pencils
  • an eraser, and
  • a straight edge, e.g., a ruler

So lets get started...