Asymmetrical Drawing & Lettering with the Golden Ratio | Chris Heath | Skillshare

Asymmetrical Drawing & Lettering with the Golden Ratio

Chris Heath, Writer | Designer | Illustrator

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10 Videos (22m)
    • Asymmetrical Drawing & Lettering with the Golden Ratio

    • Introduction to Asymmetry

    • Drawing Tools

    • Abstract Lines

    • Abstract Rectangles

    • Swiss Style Numerals

    • Roman Style Letters

    • Dividing a Line by the Golden Ratio

    • Grid Setup

    • What's Next?


About This Class

Have you ever wondered how to use the golden ratio?

Let's face it; it's not the easiest thing to wrap your head around. The math may seem mind-boggling, but here's the thing — it's actually quite simple for artists, designers and architects to use.

In this class we explore, through a series of simple drawing exercises, one of the golden ratio's special properties. This property can best be described as balanced asymmetry. The golden ratio is one of a number of useful proportions that can be used to introduce asymmetry into our work, and to do this in a harmonious way.

Symmetry is easy. Asymmetry is just as easy if you know where to begin.

All you need for this class is:

  • to print the grids that you can download from this class
  • some pens and pencils
  • an eraser, and
  • a straight edge, e.g., a ruler

So lets get started...





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Chris Heath

Writer | Designer | Illustrator

Congratulations to John Kaye!  John's name was drawn out of a hat (well actually a bowl) and his year of free Skillshare Premium is on it's way courtesy of the Skillshare team. Thank you to everyone who entered, especially to those who watched more than one class. I do hope you all enjoyed and learned something useful from the classes. Hope to do it again some day.

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