Astrophotography Basics Part 2: Merging two photos in Lightroom and Photoshop | Paul Gana | Skillshare

Astrophotography Basics Part 2: Merging two photos in Lightroom and Photoshop

Paul Gana, Landscape and nature photographer from Colorado

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15 Videos (1h 60m)
    • Hello and Good Evening or Afternoon

    • Lesson 1 Compositional considerations

    • Lesson 2 Milky Way

    • White Balance Seem Off?

    • Foreground part 1

    • Foreground Part 2: Last of Lightroom

    • Onto Photoshop: Taking both photos into Photoshop

    • Photoshop Transform tool

    • Selections into a Mask to blend the two photos

    • Lake Reflection: Adding a Milky Way reflection into the lake

    • Adjustments on Lake Reflection Part 1

    • Adjustments on Lake Reflection Part 2: Revenge of the Clone tool

    • Final Lesson

    • Bye Bye

    • OPTIONAL Complete Workflow Lesson


About This Class

Ever look up at the night sky and marveled at it's magnificence? Do you love photography? Do you want to learn how to capture the stunning nighttime sky in all it's glory?

I know I do and I get out every chance I can to photograph our night skies, and from me you will learn all the steps needed to make each night shooting session successful

This course is part 2 of my Astrophotography Basics course and includes an advanced post processing lesson. Part one can be found below and is the prerequisite for this course

Astrophotography Basics Part 1

In this lesson I will be teaching you how to merge 2 different photos taken from different locations and times to make a single image. Sometimes photographing the Milky Way with the type of landscape that you envisioned doesn't always workout, In this course I will teach you how to photograph a foreground subject matter from a different location/composition and or time, then seamlessly merge it with a photo of the Milky Way

This course will be utilizing my most recent photos taken so you will watch me create these composite images from scratch



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Paul Gana

Landscape and nature photographer from Colorado

Growing up I had a passion for illustration and cartooning. I even had, at one point, an ongoing comic series called Unkempt Man sadly that was set aside, people thought I would be crazy to try to get something as bizarre as that published in that time period, but with the creation of South Park, Salad Fingers, Happy Tree Friends and Cyanide and Happiness in the following years, perhaps I would have been safe continuing it. Anyways, I was also dabbling in photography though it had not yet bec...

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