Astronomie für Einsteiger | Michael Schnitzer | Skillshare
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9 Lessons (30m)
    • 1. Grundlagen der Astronomie Intro

    • 2. Archaische Astronomie und die 1

    • 3. Archaische Astronomie und die 2

    • 4. Polaris Das Auge des Hurrikans

    • 5. Zirkumpolare Sternbilder

    • 6. Tierkreisbilder 1

    • 7. Tierkreisbilder 2

    • 8. Planeten und das Sonnensystem

    • 9. Abschluss und Projektaufgabe

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About This Class

In dieser Klasse geht es um Grundlagen der Astronomie im Stile der alten Völker unserer Erde.

Du lernst die Grundlagen um mit bloßem Auge Sterne und Sternbilder zu erkennen. Mit Hilfe von ein paar Tipps, kannst du aufgrund der Sterne feststellen welche Jahreszeit es gerade hat.

Dieser Kurs versteht sich auch als Grundlage der folgenden Astrologischen Kurse

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Michael Schnitzer

Astrologer, Astronomical Facilitator


I am a astro- facilitator which helps you diving into methods of modern and ancient astrologoy which can be used to do either character analsis or prognostics. My aim is to provide astronomical input so that you can get out  to connect yoursell with the nightsky by knowing how that all works.

Adittionally I show you different methods (from 2000 years till now) how to interpret that celestial bodies to help you contextualizing your own life.


Ich bin ein Astro-Berater, der dir zeigt welche antiken und neuen Werkzeuge der Astrologie zur Verfügung stehen um sowohl Chrakteranalyse als auch Prognostik zu betreiben. Ich möchte dir praktisches Sternenwissen an die Hand geben, sodass du selbst am Abend hinausgehen kannst um dich mit dem Sternenhimm... See full profile

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1. Grundlagen der Astronomie Intro: Yeah, absolutely. Comin up in the meeting 1000 I'm going This island Appreciate me saying stuff on astronaut me owned after Loki, money motivates you on his delight in the NAFTA limits you bring in. Give me that else to fuel to side. Hey, it's rows. Shouts like this on your opinion. Tell you when you come out with us for bean war in formats shown help Vidas for two near total bastards. Is Phillips off the sign for tickets saying body on cell phone the entire understand flight to the west Side. Anderson, this is so mine. Zeal Mini bar for tips. So, arch, I share gastronomy. No, I think you're talking about turkey huntin the hunt with a mountain Emerson wasn't struck Story in Khan Younis flexed. Actually, I prefer Turkey was involved in the past My house to get to a canon certain feeder to a cane and name next season. How the midst of a been the nurses in president done shouts like this video 2. Archaische Astronomie und die 1: Yeah, Groomed line. The astronomy. Um I commend my nonsense. Are you Aisha? Gastronomy vile. The ability seems still a polka. No, before it till it's cool. Pay order. Soca families out of family or the gap does off. Gained is cool. Armenian went on to gain the stair Manage Damn pill. That's a canon wants wa Before I am our girl, we knock them Olga beside him English in Hye's the hair fermented Manal finding gabled sand patients done. Punk decides the Arab HD is the middle point When don't these middle punk the DNC Plenty Greek goddess on the on the but home vile the start insecure tortoise TRD d a farm bill in Brooklyn You stated some passion contactar off Nam here on field November 2 the new insulin Hamad Moon Nokia Rodham Suit vest kidnapped for him on Turkey in I am Stan build Stein, focus If you have Muscle Man whole from him is and get out of deficient Done humbly his client after Peter Sweeteners. Yes, dear. And so vita because it this is my new perspective. Only Candace Concepts my home don't tear and bringing on last inside Mullen Titra for four time citing Just see the city style build ability against equipment near and ensued. And she gave him was off here, across the home become Serios staying in Sudan. Hawkin, ALF, don't get invested For an portly staff, you is the house to be illegal. The elder you're tightening within toilet program. Solar systems cope gets a desktop feel mean club soda fry was FV nickeled else to be big toe held here? Yes, the camera can soon. Can you smell anemia? 3. Archaische Astronomie und die 2: vehicle. Hm. Biggest scene the other predictive for hours and get seen. Fun vest now off. So it's a sign our geek and Inwood tigers in on talking Alice to be vehicle gained if down the most mouth I want investment. Monta. It's divided vehicle that held it. Is the TDRs time brutal T he added, Here in my name, Yeah, In your template on he's only here competition the access of try ons Muncie and high traffic tonight on, uh, the infinite enough to not have cook it soma violent d north. I could be there. That's only to give antis You're getting inventor is the north hard coded talking I go there the event on the in thickness as cooler when you It's guild sentry Sean was perceived . He's only predicted tourist us yaar talk and tear Christ younger than luv And some fresh bananas were so much missing here it's what shall helps 20 Sunday toe frontier Christ Jungfrau used the young throw only threat 90 predicted listening to Ricky assistant respond and family services. But that's fighting Vivi Goto this on it on the has to be going there than a model site would be direct does Afghanis on there in Austin. AutoZone taking the sun. Interesting. It's wide. The vehicle we worked this moment it's only toe. Try stamping on balance he turned me down. Be honest Time in our charge nostril of me Cumbia CMC body in his car upon Come here then warned MUTV than matter According nesting planet Definite That area Police missus TV No spends any karate hinted us on this 100 you beat a day off. Say hello. I'm not to Xeneize point, We have no our seat ramp Lanie, there's a tool the attention the currency from C span ins meet them flying algae Broonzy Part and signing Going in Mark your about the no guns class. I'm human. So seediness so like my palace since my baby boom and was held in this decent so first team committee into clothes to stand in him speaking life 4. Polaris Das Auge des Hurrikans: No one The Alstyne schlitter beat me. I'm not him, Lord, Into you Come. This is a Makoto give food C minor Norden story nt in betweens Wiser in and Emma contest Stan Builder So say Nordoff, assume to sing their Hateley here and not by Clarin Bitter guns toe hello Cable to see nous on small This is the grocer back and said here Dykes from Gross Martin He has this I'm rot He was mistreated by the rod This is silly Latiff Like it It's mine with the magazine tile from Carlos Payan Canavan Vying Second all of them grows be any moment Anything grows and violent, different nothing by ization union fear Yet that most northern sign it's gets a trick Many the Hindery access disbands here is it buying? Stand on silica food Small feeling of you know toe train graph through a *** where the finish out a march fish half island there mystics for a dame Mystics system than Finnish practitioner from alga This hurricanes thought for still held It's what he has done Pull Ashton by attractiveness Pull Ashton zones at the exciting A Norge damn room! Mr is the organist Hurricanes was he needs toot bile that gun system on him home Thes poll Ashton roti it It considers fortunate ponds and ensure monitoring Shin off on creatine Chill like a punk treaty. Yeah, and now they're middle bunk. The shelves. It's an image. Smile here or not on the you see the gross Yvonne, begin t three Enough. Crank the air throat That's your own Treat it across your bang gig And in what? Tiger Sin Viol City Aref Invest The host street leads the office Cancer home on the political K gated Woodside us in We just see the instigator Still apply is the pool after gone to him three t b I know Regan Film home Decent Central island punk, that is Answer notably for him is poor yet such joy sign and quick We are here This is no linking him a pores Western country You, Mr Business off Very Bridon karate Always defend it So bashful We had credit pain first in at symbol phy a tick and help crowd nervously here Friday Vilma Cuatto Well, so any 1000 circuit seen grads. It's mousy MBA seen Gladys any foulest on mostly fear and 100 mile mining Faustian Reinbott common will come so large. 10 while the heard this notch dance and three deep fried The private grad answer finished me off seven feet six crowd we get scared out is theory this notch Downs, single fee, etc. Crab ba finished me on the cuatto? No, I insist Kratz. And they had this cancer crucial here. Feeling off? No insist Rat the Finnish Michelle nor poll conveyer Mine Polaris my notched and I'm hold it. Sound on Alice Verzi Sore on dream eso you vita in a suit and feared in the will of toe die total shit bag. You know, that's where most of the last shred onto recent more befriended me on a war room treaties the sectors concept crucial. 5. Zirkumpolare Sternbilder: sneaks did must meals and town seen soak in anti Circumpolar stem constant come from still cool are as it was. Vasi whom mine and fixing boots Perfect. The construction fortune versus is as easy Whom? 17 Palash Be vegan The optic ants in our 6%. This is the fourth time from Circumpolar National and implanted by owns health gain without any won't again. But in a top tier Christ build planning this only Dechaine in Austin trying in student Jorge Now who can invest Sir Campbell Ashton build since the cantina de facto fumes from system. But in Hauritz is your anemia. Once I laughed, the showdown via bones are last See so Circumpolar elite I'm here incline environment. There's a busy in free adults were canon as wounds Ah, um close a line. They know it's designed not They're in for guns now And pull Ashton is my laptop some to sign? Begin to my soul. Try signing signing tax Little picking under performance You wanted Telkom Pola to see in this is that city in a cup solemnity? So the crunch limits is so formal. Tuition incline and bargain them Grosbard! You're funny. No, he Don your door slamming me my room. Calm down some some cough so it's sweet enough. Don't get it in carefully sourced and careful source is eyeing a cure. Official. Kooning Flu That much tourism Tyler It's the good NYSE toe European soccer about a deficit . Was Cooney consigning? Frau Issuance Tim Johnson under body. Cassie PM This him is me, So I need nothing grows Mark tried the life sister. So Canon on gets Nishiura fed the Islam itself feel for the initial official saying the elastic. It's my wreck, Ryan says. It's on my country stamp. It is our guns. 50. Order, my countess. Cancer? Yeah, you want to say in the traffic Kleiner bag and que officials because you'll be a I want here contact that could well said by a little system. Beat it up. Her answering circle pull are in down and 6. Tierkreisbilder 1: in these Elect your own Sean be Owns Tear Christ builder Han Investors skips worth tear Christ builder When Canty out So funding chance I hung Fung in Twitter Swilling clips Living on Sir Vita Disdain in the Beletski own mitten Tear Christ Bill and Im Himmel How Wendy posits yone off grown for Naina By the end of the era of the great amounts of breaking common make Megan's arranged basically sympathy in Saudi. If the inside India can't take outside, meet an actual India Christ build on him. Um, him It's hard. It's something. Begin Aliso Erdogan ports which not Austin on some decent suit. Austin off. Um, it's have fun in Milan. Last India. Really? Teal, this is in principle is departed ecliptic Assata. But it's only off, kid start through our planet Back to Lufkin. Um, it was after the AL step A vehicle darkie wrote that zone on Saturday even air there. So being a hungry person, it is when you skydive Severe last in the zero tion when so our shot of the only a state here keyed Davidoff. Yeah. DaVita had the island. My contacts down. There was no meeting. You're gonna click and coming off. Still, Lariam there is here. The sister Hamel. We left only hamara ambition Arman and I'll is there mentally here? Uh, this main dish half their bitter guns into the Santa Montecito. Okay, lets Yolande from here. Now here is an M. Gordon and Schmidt for healthiness now and in fact, his feet so bashful. Al owns forest. Figured leads to hinder anything at me. Muscle arm wishes for help Mr. Relative Klein is stumping the cry from vision for here on Deficient and It's and Ford. And there's it because it's the screws distant because a year when you need so little hoses the in fact Mr Advertised its session adores gift It's life. Isha, if appointed sing to you. Meet the team style I, Alicia the Sile I would It's nothing Victor Sean were comped there. That's you have to build on. This would hear Russian anger toy that meet and see even turning that into a reckoning. Kroszner von dislike him was to get Incline. One doesn't defeats it. Your play yard meet down and media Maya, really, I I'll see on Alki illness The health stiff tell in this inseam gift seems rest Dungan. And it's so not unfinished ears. The shiatsu inherits Mr Here and all the Baron and off our rubbish there for again There. I ravish people are official. The Koran are ambitious. That, um, only hobby here. It's my home now. Yeah, I'm home. Ana. Yeah, young one. Despite the whole mysterious hawking Scarecrow cistern Bill, its inventor Secrets juiciness. Yeah, Bishnoi thing. There's no question here. Nothing. Should you game, Sean. It's filling out. Six Willinger relative Grossest. Stamp it. This this Dump it plus on looks. And I'm him initially. Disarm Vitus. No toast now. Gate Ali now falling into your Christ like builder for she see him. Afghan spoked with a long son Victor Most non sued us. Ah, well, I'm here. It's by a brutal recreation with Loki, then Castell. This isn't Blau life under seconds. I can just tell in temple looks There is orange on how Millicent so good. So I can on the router statement outlining become distance down for months alone. And in order, young girl mitt theme. Uh, or young metal keys. You gonna one thing or your neighbor? Plain and once. Ah, a pack of vaccine. Been here toe scene. It's feeling it yet state. Now here it's a much bigger cribs, So expect a cool ariston build wild if Turnesa um like ah Loy the shame Basil Human mayor Next after cloy immensity Afghan spooked for ships here should meet along summary This is the most of them. Get some creeps common. And here, Humvee Island and a sailor's Austin Alistair's interfering present iced us again. Now off the sullenly knee ecliptic leaked. It's on the video here for by again concealment You Sean Dean, cops this Lubin Afghan and me Sinem health still on Father and force Contact life This is their equal lose they lose this the initial nomis kind of rubbish on Regulus iss Their client Cooney. Yeah, I'm bidding. We don't say closest and build. But you never to be seen. Chmela, I'm in there from bloom here. Speakman, France. This lieutenant. What? The nebulous from Houston able of Cline ish months 10 about Frenchmen embarrass him, Turtle. Hostin matter obviously comments here. Clouds have seen Jesus 7. Tierkreisbilder 2: done now they live in your city. See visitors from Austin for shoot you compound growth The stand built on smart Yeah, can build a Jungfrau since bodies only defended See him a thought then empty inside is in September. Um, October He nine Ga Thomson Artist down it whom order in stand built young fellow hunter tuned Meet the hunter Just think young with the windemere clicks as a divine river line on the September Divine Liza hand Miss hum Bahia Poornima I mean allow ah sparked off e A ticket Tried a area. Um the nama is speaker but this is the health system in the young front young forget assembly can now in most now this comes in and this is getting modest. Get out of here is the speaker I wanted to wish me get out of it. By the way to Schnell Protein Done this near disconcert him Basin train What's the media's on that end of our get August down a bit This new soul spectacle Leah I'm him. It's have seen this brisket alongside above US interests entity. I'm hearing Scorpion when one does Corporal felling out equipment He had signed him down with women here in shock A discourse. Corpulence Feeling a Copan here. So I understand. Isn't buying down Truman algae moving in Juvenile Shamali Can this northern stand? The students My mom get open offices free Normal I into someone hanging this bill. Now just put it on. Get rent! Be think Target one scorpion. This scorpion isn't classicists. Vintage down, Charles. Mothers stay here in soon Al Queda Swimsuit off now! Kate no! Afghani. Hold enough. I just think numbers are normal. Was under SC by Pakistan. Been directing soon? Often Destiny. Kurt. Sorry. Or any needle? Rexona diagrams. Spahn done, uh, to follow harm. The the Scorpion had island Tolin sheet and the Antarctic artist I'm here to say in the absolutely Sherman and ours ours Bottom arrows on Hunty Anti Keegan Maris's insight, amount of soda Engage peeler This miles countrymen saying dance class so seen Don't pencil money. Ghana Kids from flight of a common IMA beat a little northern here. There shouldn't say true taste Stand built Turkish mid night off the shoot distance down built there. Woman isn't even Brock. That's next on my countries. By the fee left on, then should soon Alice mom on? Um, yeah, Ryan. Lifting new organs, courts anything with nine from income. Well, you know. Yeah, I'm in insurance. Mark Billson decent That I down the eyes a spork and shoot design. Ensign, I can Tower Mensch. Hi. Uh, Tia had felt no cheating book. Sauntering area, this is can tell us what this is. Honey. Miley Shit! Are you ready? Support Guinness. Mention uncommon going to Steinbach time brokers Any country to seeing you meet. And her None. Cops Uh, the corpus. I mean, I then it I understand. It's much once I Intertype down, don't have you hear investor Monroe Montanes say feel fantasy brow. These are tiles to a canon about arrest system. Sean and I like Louisville Vasa Trigger off the tune. Family informed us he a practice and I am Istres. NASA faked. She gets make their delight Distance Stanfield on dancing with Shaun Reeder. I'm fishing. It's official meeting. My Alicia did it to summon help. It won't eat up time. We take a lot. That is fossil. Mother after implicated in its world 8. Planeten und das Sonnensystem: I need my in game and Amita. It's only done come tomorrow, committing a sales their extent aeration pond like basic ban TV news at the Super Christ Run the Bon Ton, The elder at the Life, The Lip, Tisha Pan Tomorrow similarly loutish upon a Muslim question file, Mr Sania said, Here's a relative right? Make fun us on. He is a relative now. Well done. Miss MacDonald began to invite our skin. So you, Peter, they don't in for help. Mr. Sony Statement. It's kind of convened. Oh my God, I'll skin contents in via by Saturn. Don't love with us via from decent bunkhouse Things are told relative light. I'm not human. I can't come in a condom Use does no model on time So one been listening. I can see you know my read this gun set in Super Organist. Muslim year on. Get Schmidt we discount says soul. Interesting tons. The Mr 40 Sony's Your Kindness Weeks on and fixing flexor now e the fleet. The prices Nick Mary commits my hunger. Yeah, 1000 kilometre prosaic Kunda Story one trickle axis as afters, Gunn said, Um, his neck Standish. It's on the NEA now. A little bit in the helix. Him as a guns told her. Yeah. Do you say him is fun? Solar systems coat for the desktop. Out some Hendy order. Food is tablets over on the island on tick your template ship Nancy. Still Lariam outfit is handy Said so. I'm feeling money, Yannick, balance one of the unhindered, So I can Tisa had been solar systems cope coming in from my sort and bleak for this Colonel say constancy. 9. Abschluss und Projektaufgabe: would leave. Asked me. Find the shown does here Dorky, hardened. Helped a dirty insulin like Joan and gun inside off his son. Christian discipline. Become the imam him Clara warden on the How many's uninvited gate them put in power cantons 50 or asshole under flat surfaces and also does him. I feel I've from the bottom arm the house again. Completely. Here The Numeric Kent or think Roseanne Barr. This one ordinance for Austin. Firstly, any Munich main contact to trade. New by Project Sua Striped mia with a no besser math. I'm four tones that design on the break a projector. Indecent course for RM Leap Ling's stare built can tear cry spirit signed until come. Polaris Build sign March 4. Doors remained place here, so an Astro photography, um, with annoying smartphones. With yourself, him allies Stand him up. A sound for me when we're time contact common, Hubertus predicted. Christ builder Smith. The vital videos. Ralph Darren, after the said isn't born Schlanger toe? Asked Loki. That is too far. Amendment to show on B here. Christ size behind Philistines only. Women off Source. Abstract is videos. Tell a Gila Bend, Martin, come in. Damon's astronaut Amish front Yet House can't own dined from house and I'm not human sidefooting. There's always a story on this injury to study in it. Donkey midfielder health mark some kind from Michelle remind with this rating else, but that mission. Austin I.