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Astrology Charts -- How YOU can Benefit from Astrology Today

Sean Michael

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11 Lessons (1h 23m)
    • 1. AstroIntro

    • 2. Foundations 1

    • 3. Foundations 2

    • 4. Planetary Relations (example)

    • 5. Cusps

    • 6. Locations

    • 7. Careers

    • 8. Career Houses

    • 9. Holistic Applications

    • 10. In Depth Astrology Chart Reading

    • 11. AstroOutro


About This Class

Have you ever wondered how Astrology can actually be useful?

In this course, students will learn how to use astrology to benefit their every day life with theory as well as applications

Isn't Astrology just 'woo-woo' pseudoscience?

This course addresses why many believe Astrology is an unhelpful pseudoscience, and how you can still leverage the power of astrology to make more informed decisions about your life

Who should take this course?

If you see yourself as an infinite source being here for a purpose, this course was designed especially with you in mind !


1. AstroIntro: greeting source players, and this is just an introductory video so that we can get familiar with each other. My name is Sean Smith, and I'll be your instructor for this course. Useful astrology. How to benefit from astrology today and this course you'll learn how to really dive into the models of astrology to apply that information in ways that maybe you hadn't really considered or had a really known how to apply before and then some useful considerations for how to match that information with your life in a holistic way. I'm really excited for this course. This is my first course. So if there's anything else that you want me to add after you've gone through it, if there's anything that you would like me to explain further, please let me know in the comments of the messages. Thank you so much in good luck 2. Foundations 1: Greetings, fellow source players. This is gonna be the foundational basics lecture or we just go over. You know how to get started with the course, and we're gonna get started by you having a visual representation of your natal chart. Maybe you've had it drawn before. Maybe you have had it, you know, listed out to you. But it wasn't. You didn't get to see the interactive online version. Maybe you have. But just so that everybody's on the same page. I definitely want them to see their interactive visualized charts. Would you can see the sacred geometry. You can see the aspects, etcetera. It really helps you to get a foundation and going to intermediate and advanced levels of astrological understanding, especially in terms of useful astrology. And you see here and tell you the theoretical differences between Siri's and the palace and the vest and all that stuff. That's for a different course for a different day. This is about be useful, getting the great our. So what I want you to do is you'll see in your assignments that there's a link. You follow that link, you put in your astrological information and you'll get a chart like this, OK, And then, um, just to quickly go over, kind of maybe. I know some of you are familiar with this already, but there's definitely gonna be others of you that are kind of like what is going on here? So I just wanted to kind of show you that each of the Zodiac signs has their own symbol. I'm sure most of you know this, but if you don't, that's OK. It's totally cool. This is, of course, for everybody to make something of their lives with this information. So it's all good, like we're all welcome here. So just to start with, it starts with the Aires and then it goes tourists Jim and I cancer Leo Virgo, Libra, Scorpio. Sanitary is Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces. And then the different colors are different elements got fire, Earth, air, water, fire, earth, air, water, etcetera. Now you'll notice that the colored objects are different from the great out objects, and that's because they're more major body. Is there more important again? A little bit, uh, earlier in the course are in this video. Even I mentioned that, you know, Siri's and palest are just not as important And that's because they just don't have as much energy with them connected to your your source. Being that started that they're completely irrelevant or they're completely insignificant. They're just not as important as your sun sign because, you know, the sun just has so much energy. Just are so connected to it. So for the purposes of what we're gonna be looking at, will mainly be looking at this stuff that has some color to it. You know, it really is the more important material. But for now, just go to the link that something assignments Get your natal chart, interact with it, see if you can kind of get familiarized with it. And if you have any questions, feel free to message me. Thank you. Good luck. 3. Foundations 2: greetings, fellow source beings, and in this lecture will be going over the planetary relations. Now, this is still a basics fundamental lecture that I'm sure a lot of you already know. But I just want to make sure that we're all on a similar background, similar footing, so that when we do get into the more applied information that nobody is left out because again, I want everybody to be able to benefit from this course. So if you already have an idea of the planetary relations energies, then feel free to skip ahead. You know, it's definitely not gonna hurt you. Um, it's definitely information that people do know about. So with that being said, I don't want to spend too much time on this. But if you look at your natal chart, you'll notice that there's a lot more going on. Then just your sun sign, which is what a lot of people get confused about whether planetary relations, Because a lot of people say, Oh, you're a Leo, you must be really in the leadership. You know, you're probably the president of F B. L. A. And etcetera, etcetera. But that's not necessarily the case because Maybe you have a lot of showed back energy. Maybe you have a lot of liber energy to balance it out. Or a lot of water energy to balance out the fiery nature in you, you know, and you'll find that if you look at your natal chart that a lot of the times, you will have some kind of energy to balance out the strong polarity. Like if you have a lot of air use like war time energy, maybe you'll have, like, a lot of, like, Capricorn and energy to bring you back down to Earth. You know, um, it really just depends on you as the person. But, you know, if you noticed, um, each of the the Zodiac signs have a planet, and those planets have different energetic traits to them and one way that you might want to look at it. I'm not saying that astrology is a science, but I'm not going to say that's not I'm not gonna make argument moment way or another. But I am going to say that you can connect different models together to make like a different model. That's gonna be kind of a theme of this course. and the application part of it is connecting different models together in one you know, model that I'm sure ah, lot of us know about is the e equals M C squared model which says the end and she is equal to mass times the speed of light squared. So, you know what that means is that a massive body like me, Nomar's are even Pluta, which isn't even that massive compared to some of these other ones. But it is massive compared to us, right? Um, you know, these massive bodies have energy that displace towards other energetic bodies, depending on their distance. And since the planets move, that could be why someone that's born under Scorpio has a different energetic affinity than does someone that's born under Aquarius. Now, I'm not saying that this is, you know, scientifically back some people. Well, that's just pseudoscience. You know, it's just a theory, you know, it was a hypothesis is just something to think about to apply to what you have going on. And, you know, like we definitely have the Eagles. EMC squared is, you know, not pseudo science. It's just like how it applies. Everything else is you know it's it's still relative like it's just, you know, some people might be pseudoscience to other people. It could mean the world to, you know, like I'm not trying to attack anybody. I'm not trying to defame anybody. I'm not trying toe make argument. I'm just saying Have It's like a thought experiment. You know, it's like a philosophical idea to consider. So with that being said, you know, that's pretty much the wrap up for this lecture is just that Each of the astrological signs have their own planet or their own group of planets that have different traits that make up different, energetic affinities towards your own individual natal chart that nobody has the same natal chart. And that's why, ah, lot of the times people will say, Oh, horoscopes are bunk because they'll only be looking at your sun sign. They won't be looking at every single aspect and affinity in sacred geometrical interpretation that your chart has to offer. So if you have any questions, feel free to message me. Thank you and good luck 4. Planetary Relations (example): Welcome back. This is just a example of the planetary relations and how they may end up causing some interactions with your chart and with yourself and with your personality that you may not have expected just looking at your son signs. So, for example, let's say you're some Sinus areas, and a lot of us know that areas are pretty intense. You know, they can definitely be seen his energetic or some may even say that they're aggressive, you know, they just have that really high, strong energy about them that they're kind of famous for. You know, um, men are from Mars. Women are from Venus and things like that. And so let's say that they're Venus does. And cancer and cancer is known to be more sensitive. They're known to be, you know, easier to hurt. Right? Um, more caring and more heartfelt. Right. So if you have a combination of those two thin your dino, you have Ah, diametric. Pull. Right. So you're gonna have parts of yourself that are really, really energetic. Have parts of yourself that are really, really sappy, really, really sensitive. And that's not a bad thing that, you know, it makes you a more robust person. All in all. But if you were just looking at your sometime, you wouldn't even know about all of the extra beauty that your character has. Now it goes for beyond just Venus. You know, it goes for every part of your chart, and it goes for beyond. Just astrology in general goes toe everything that you can combine with. Astrology goes, you know the other way around where if you're just looking at the other stuff, it's not as useful is if you look at it with your natal chart and mind, you know, so that this kind of like a micro example from more macro example of how to use models in a way that, combined with other models to really benefit you in the long run. Good luck. 5. Cusps: greeting fellow source beings and empowerment and abundance to all you guys were getting into, the more entertaining them or energetically, you know, motivating material. This is kind of the mix between the fundamentals and the applications. All kind of coming together. Call a lesson in the one lecture, and then we get on just a pure application, which is, or all really excited to learn about. So we'll try to keep this one short and suite of the idea of a cusp is the idea that instead of you know, a planet or aspect or a calculation, having one constellation energy to it has to. Okay, so if you look on my chart, the most obvious one is my ascendant. It's literally right on the cusp. It's like I can't think of a more ideal situation that for explaining the cuts. But now that's not the only thing that you can say is the cusp. It's actually in a range of dates for the Custis that I have put on the screen. 5 17 to 5 23 6 17 26 23 center. A lot of them are like 17 to 23 19 to 25 like the end of the team to the middle of the twenties range for these on. So if you look like my sun sign is in that range, so it counts to cuss. You know, my Saturday, my mercury there on that range councils accustom my Pluto's my true north note those kinds of customs. So, you know, basically that the just of it, a lot of these have different kinds of energy that you don't hear about. Sometimes you do hear about him like the cusp of oscillation. I actually know a girl that's a cancer Leo and that perfectly describes her. One minute she'll be, you know, all super high, up, energetic and like, really, really happy in the next minute. She's, like, really depressing, like she just completely oscillates like she forgets stuff. And then she remembers its You know that it's just kind of person that she is so like that one word really describes her and so kind of you, and that's her son sign. But, you know, look at your chart to see what kind of customs that you have had that applies to the energy of that planet. And then, you know, try to see how that applies to your life. You have any questions about that? Let me know. This is getting into the application. So again, this is more the theory. But if you have any questions about this, please send me a message. Good luck. Thank you. 6. Locations: Welcome back team. And then this lecture will be talking about locations. And by that I mean cities, states or provinces, countries, even continents, they all our locations. When I say that and they all have charts, they all had their own horoscopes. They all have, at their own astrological significance to them. Even where you're standing at right now, where you're sitting down at right now has its own astrological significance relative to the rest of the world. That's in part because it has its home location, and it's also in part because there was a time period when that location was actually settled in That time period plays an important part in why it has the energy that it has. It's usually called Inc Date. So to the right of the screen, now you'll see where I stay at It is Tampa, and this is the astrology chart for Tampa, and if you notice it has an interesting amount of energy, a lot of it's towards the end to, but also it has a good amount everywhere. But if you notice it has the same sacred geometrical trinity between pissy Scorpio and cancer, as does my medical chart and that's not a coincidence. I'm sure if you look at where you live, which I want you to do at the end of this assignment, you'll notice that there will be certain things that match Earl line with your natal chart , and those are important to get you where you want to be. Let's say that right now you live in California, which you want to go to. Florence like you, helps you to use that energy from where you are to go to where you want to be and not be so down about where you are in the moment and instead, so use it to your advantage. So again, it's not just even just cities that have it or even just states, but also whole countries have this energetic flow to them. And so what I would like you to do is to find, you know if you live in a city, or maybe it's a bit more difficult if you live in like a town or a rural area. But you should be able to find, at least of, um, some of the more major spots they're Inc date. You gotta look up There Inc days some of the charts are already available online. Fight more Major cities like the Tampa chart was already available with a simple Google search. But if you can't find it with a simple Google search, all you have to do is search for the incorporation date and then put that into the tool that I provided earlier. In this course, you can find the chart for pretty much anywhere. You suffer like extremely rare areas, very, you know, like 1000 people or less rural areas may have some difficulty finding those, but everywhere else you should be pretty good. So let's start with where you're at now and then Look at some places that you're interested in, maybe are interested in a couple places like I've been interested in, probably like 10 different countries. And I narrowed it down, finally, to Portugal Lisbon, and it wasn't just because of this chart, but a lot of the reasons that I wanted to go matched up with it had a lot of pi ce and energy, and I started to see that the more that I noticed a chart, you know, they have some other things that are going for them to like their healthcare, their retirement, etcetera. But it all goes back in a way to the chart because that's why has energy that it has. You know, if you believe in astrology, which I'm sure that you do for here. So with that being said again, just go check out some places that you live at now, whether that's your city or your state or your province were depending on if you're an American or not, and then go and check out some places that you would like to visit or that you would like to moved to. And again, I'm not suggesting you just pack up your bags and move this soup. You planned out experience, but it's definitely something toe look into, Like I would really be interested in finding other places that have the same sacred geometrical patterns that your own chart does. I would really suggest that it would definitely help you out. So with that being said, good luck and much abundance to you fellow source beings 7. Careers : things in this lecture. We're gonna go over careers and your chart. Now, for this, we're gonna actually use your dominant sign. And when that I don't necessarily mean your sun sign. I mean, the sign that has most of your energy. Okay? Or maybe it's a couple of signs. Usually it's like 2 to 3. So just as an example will go to my chart real quick and we'll see that most of my energy is towards the last three is like the majority of my planets. Right. So come over to the chart. Well, look, you got Capricorn consultant, Aquarius teacher, Pious e social work. So me even making this course, it kind of makes a lot of sense, you know, that kind of energy about it. And just because these are the ones that are listed doesn't necessarily mean like you're confined to a box. This is just a general idea to get, you know, you brainstorming and get you particular questions. If you have ah, particular chart that you want me to look at, please, by all means, I'll be glad to do reading with you. I'll be glad to check it out of glad you give you my suggestions on what I think would be a good career path. Maybe you have some tricky, dominant signs where it's like they're opposing each other. You know, are you know they don't really balance each other out, But really, they're like butting heads. It feels like you kind of have a war going on. That's the casing on my door. Could you? I'm glad to help you out anyway, that I can. I'm here to help. OK, so would that being said. I kind of want to go through them. If your dominant Sinus areas, you definitely want to consider doing something with, like, military or strategy, whether that's like, you know, like international politics, it's, you know, global strategy for a consulting firm. I know I said Consultants is Capricorn, but it's like, you know, these kind of blend in with each other, right? So with that being said, going on to tourists, you know, like even as a areas right, like tourists as banker areas, you could technically also do a banker position because it's so like that competition that firing energy. So it's again. It's just an idea, but like the typical tourists would be awesome, banker, You know, with the dominant energy, Especially if, like, their either their home energy isn't Tories so that, you know, um, there, Chiron or they're mercury even, you know, just like just there's so many different ways. Like tourists, energy could be good for banking and finance and accounting and all. You know, all those different business strategy positions going on to Jim and I, you know, any any kind of talking anything is like right at the gym in Eyes Alley, or like communicating with people that could even be, you know, uh, an author, not even just a journalist Or, you know, like another kind of writer. But like actual book author, you know, it could be a blogger. There's just like anything to do with communication, really is of German eyes, Ali for cancer. You want, like usually cancers a lot of like more stay at home or like they bring the home to the office kind of energy. So maybe, like a floral decorator designer, etcetera, house cleaner, personal chef Leo is all about the leadership. I know I mention this a little bit earlier, but it's really, really big. If that's something that is dominant in your natal chart. You know, I want to be surprised if you're, like, really big into, like, activist movements. You know, the green movement, whatever happens to be like That's really where those people shine, you note little pun intended there, but going on to a Virgo Virgos are really warm, Even though they're like Earth sign their like, you know, they cheered, E, I guess is actually better way to say, you know, I've never met like a nun. Personable Vario. So hospitality is usually really good with them. I know one Virgo that, like just is going to like a top hospitality program. She's amazing at it, you know, like it's definitely something to consider if you know you're born under the Virgin. Um Libera, I think is like the most a debt at judging decisions. They make, like the most natural judge of ah position, whether or not they want to be like like a political judge, or they want to do something that, like requires sound judgment, definitely considered that because they are really good at looking at both sides. Ah, Scorpio. You know you want to get into you know that more soulful, mysterious part of you that really nobody. But the Scorpio really knows how to do or really can do really, even understand. So the like that artist part of you definitely comes out with a Scorpio sanitary ISS are like the quintessential philosophers. They're so head either so rational, you know? So, um, if anyone's going to make it as a philosopher, you know, definitely they probably have a good amount of sanitary. IHS energy Capricorn Again. I think we mentioned these three already. Capricorn Consultant, Aquarius teacher, Pricey social worker. They're all kind of have the similar energy. They're all the end of the cycle of ale are more mature soulfully. They don't really need as much money, right, Because that's kind of like a beginning of the cycle thing. They've probably already experienced a lot of money in the past. Now they're looking for like, a more soul rich ing experience. So if you have that end of the cycle energy, think about how can you then richer soul. And if you guys need any help with in years again, please feel free to contact me like, um 24 7 You know, I'm available and again meter just suggestions. So, like natural, there's like thousands of careers and with the way that the economy is shifting with, like the digital technological biotech revolution. You know, a lot of these jobs are going by the wayside, and we have a whole new wave of jobs coming up. So definitely be on the lookout for that. Like, you know, I'm saying I try to do some research, try to see how you can combine the old with the new. I'm actually going to be doing some more information about the, you know, combining technology with spirituality. And you know how to maintain a level head and just be relaxed and shoe and still find yourself, though in this coming digital age. So you know that this section is, you know, always gonna be something that you have to listen to it in your heart to. And I'm not saying that I'm like a career specialists or anything, but I definitely kind of have my plan figured out now. It took a while, but this one definitely is something that really, really helps to know yourself. Know thy self know your astrology? No, your chart, and just that you'll notice that things kind of line up your you'll be like, Well, I was interested in that. Wow. Did have this proclivity back in the day is and it all comes together until you finally unearth exactly what you are here meant to do because you were here for a purpose, especially if you know you're a source being you're interested in combining bunch of different ideas so that you have the spirituality and the practicality, which you know, if you're here, you probably are interested in that. You definitely have it in you. So I hope this this video helps you, you know, jog your noggin, I guess and, uh, give you some ideas. Help you bring a storm one last time. If you need any help, please message me. Please ask questions. This is my first course again. Probably mentioned that before, but I'm here to make more videos for this course and, like, really making a stellar course. I just need the feedback of what you guys were really looking for because I just have, like, a whole bunch of random information about this stuff jumbled up in my head that I want to get out and share with you guys. So if there's anything, any questions, you have it all. Please let me know. If you just want me to answer it in the message, let me know. If you want me to make a whole video about it, let me know. I'm here to help. Thank you. 8. Career Houses: source beings. And I just wanted to continue with the career section two a little bit more of an advanced topic. Maybe you could say intermediate topics for some of you guys that know ah lot about astrology. And that's your career houses. Now there are, I believe, 12 houses. And the second, the six and the 10th house are your quote unquote career houses. Now, your second house is your income. You're six. Health is your work ethic. And your tent house is your life path, your soul path, your you know, trajectory on life. And for me, I just use this as an example. My second houses cancer. My six house is Scorpio and my tent house, his prices and each of those will have its own set of benefits, its own set of pros. And so, instead of challenges, its onset of cons. Okay, so you definitely want to look at your 2nd 6 and 10th house, see what they are. Do some research, and to you know what, each of those consolation I mean, general, what they mean when they're in those houses, Because those three things, knowing those that understanding those are key to having a strong sense of your career. If you guys want me to help you read it. You know, I'm here to help. If you just want to do it yourself. Kind of like, you know, introvert, that's cool, too. But, you know, you've got to put in the work. So for this section, just check out your house is your second, your six and your 10th and do some research to see what that really means for you. Because if you find the story you know have kind of like they have that trinity for me, you know, they probably have some kind of a connection for you, the three of them. I know a lot of people hear about the second house, but they don't usually hear talk of much about the 10th House being part of this from what I've seen in my research. But it's definitely there. Maybe you guys are looking at different something. You see this all the time, but either way, it's really useful to use. The history is sort of like a quote unquote holy trinity of your career. Good luck 9. Holistic Applications: Greetings, fellow source beings. And in this lecture, we're gonna go over some holistic applications that you can use with your chart to sort of navigate your day today Life a little bit better. And the first thing I want to talk about his relationships. Um, you know, for this one, this convey e easy for you can be hard for you. You know, usually there you got your people pleasers, you got your people people, and then you got you know, you're more introverted people. And definitely I would say that, um, I'm kind of like somewhere in the middle of sometimes I'm really, really extroverted, and I really, really like to And Iraq with people And then other times kind of like, stay away, Let me let me do me. But, you know, it really helps to know, like which signed you interact with. I know a lot of people are a lot of people online will be like, Oh, you know, um, Tauruses great. With Virgo and torches Grape. ICI's not another not I don't really necessarily believe it's like that because I'm really a big, uh, interpreter of like, ah, full chart, right? I really believe that. You gotta look at your whole chart. You gotta know who really vibes that you like. I met a Leo. That was like, Man, I I'm really, really able to connect with pie. See, that's really weird. And I was like, Dude, I'm of high season. We're having a great conversation. He need to know that he's like, See, I told you, but I could just tell your prices I like and like, online, you never really hear that Leo and Paice he's really like, interacts well, or at least I don't really see it from what I look at like just from the sunshine. But like our entire chart really, really connected. And that is something I want you to consider. It's like you could do some research on this one online if you want, but I really believe that this was going to come from within to kind of take a momentum check, like Okay, these kind of people, I vied with these kind of you, but I would like for me I know that I, like divide with auto Djimon eyes and people that have cussed energy like the customer energy really interest me. So you know you got to find you and that kind of blends in with lifestyle. Like, you know, you can be out doing a bunch of different fun stuff. You could be going to Disney World if you're close by or whatever theme park is close to you. You know, I'm saying, like, six Flags or if I don't know, like, it's just anything crazy, you know, like you be going out partying. It doesn't have to be like a crazy theme park or whatever. It could just anything fun and like know what you're drawn to and why you're drawn to it. Why? Why is that what? You wanna have fun? Or do you like to just read? You know, I'm saying he likes to just watch interesting thriller film Ah, it knowing like why you have the interest that you do is so powerful in like you can definitely see that with your chart as like, part of it as like a tool going into a bunch of other like, you know, psychoanalytical ideas and models that you can check out in. That brings me to my next point, which is spiritually escapism like this is supposed to be a tool, you know? Next, right, that this is supposed to be a tool. Okay? It's not supposed to be like the be all end all. It's not supposed to be something that you based your whole life around. It's like, Oh, I'm a cancer. So I have to do a stay at home work job. No, you don't have to do that. Don't let it get into this escapist like be all in all mindset that could really, really hinder your development. It could really You know what was meant to help? You could end up hurting you. So just be careful of, you know, escapism with this and use it as a supplemental tool to help empower you because that's what it's really about. This is posted in power. You don't let people be like, Ah, this is just pseudoscience or I don't know why you listen to that and like whatever it's like, you were drawn to it. You like it? You think it's cool? Just don't go overboard with it. Just don't go crazy. Just hope you like. Oh my God. This is like the secret mathematical formulas of the universe that nobody understands this stuff. besides this? A select few. Why is it like this? You know, you could say that about any kind of field of study out there. You said that about psychology. Say that about math. You could say that about physics. You could say that about biology or computer programming. You know, with the AI coming out there like every single like model or frame of looking at the world helps and lends itself with other models that you gotta take into account. So definitely, you know, use it to its fullest advantage. But don't use it as like a magic pill that's going to solve all the world's problems. At the same time, there's takes a balance to, um, and we already went over hobbies, So that's just a couple of holistic applications. I know that there's, ah, lot more that you could put in this section, but I don't want to be too long because I really felt like, ah, lot of the major things were covered already. So if you guys need anything else, please again, let me know. I know kind of talking to tear off with that, but especially in this section, I feel like there's just a lot of holistic applications out there, but I didn't wanna sound to pre she So good luck again. You know, abundance to you. Good fortune. I really, really hope that this courses helped you guys out and we'll have a couple more lectures. But this is pretty much to mean potatoes, so peas. 10. In Depth Astrology Chart Reading: What's up, fellow source being that Sean again and we're back here with another video. This time it was a requested video for something that I think is a great idea and in depth reading of an entire natal chart. I did a lot of thinking about who did I want to do. You are like what a place that I want to do and all of this And I decided to do it for a day for a day that I was just feeling good, like it was a good energy day. I would just go, and I would do it for that actual piece in time. And the reason I decided to do that is because then you can do it for anything. If you know how to do it, for if you know how to prognosticate a day, you can do it for ah person. You can do it for a business. You can do it for a location. You can do it for a state. You can do it for a country, you know. It basically all comes back to the energy for that day in that location, so that's why I decided to do it for today, April 24th 2019. So I hope that you learn a lot from this. And before we get started, I do want to say that everyone should have their own style, like just because I do it this way doesn't mean that a it's right or be that you should do it that way is just how I've learned to handle it. And I have learned to use it to my advantage in going about my day to day. And honestly, you should actually have your own style about it. Like think about different artists like different song artists. You know, not everybody likes one kind of music, even does one kind of music. But that doesn't mean that not too different. Artists that are in two different genres aren't both really, really good at making music right or even two different actors that are actresses that have totally different styles. You know, like you should definitely come up with your own secret sauce. So I want you to kind of use this as a brainstorming technique, it to make your own system. With that being said, most people, when they make don't system, they start their own system. Even some people that, you know, do this for a living. Um, start with sun sign and I would suggest that you wait on that. And the reason being is because I know that, you know, everybody learned that to begin with them, it's a tried and the true, you know, good old son sign. It's like, you know, uh, have a lot of sun gods. It goes back, Um, definitely helps you get out. The Matrix, which is a big thing that I'm really excited about, you know, is hoping you guys get out The Matrix. It's definitely like my purpose, I feel like, is to do that. And astrology is just one way to do that. And I'm sure that, um y'all are on your own path to figuring it out. How to escape the majors yourself. Sorry for this little side note, but again, like the sun sign is a great place to start when you're beginning. But think about it like dominoes. Okay. Like for you to have, like, a really cool pattern, you know, you can push it, knock it down. You know, it goes it looks really cool. But before you get there. What do you have to do? You have to set up all the dominoes so that they look right so that you have the structure the way that it needs to be before you let that initial force go and just knock everything out. OK, so that's kind of how I see the some sign is, you know, once all the other pieces air set up, then you go to the sun sign Wien, you knock it out, then you see the whole picture. Okay, So what I like to look at first and you know, you mentioned this before is the sacred geometry. And mainly I like to look for triangles that might not be what you into. Maybe you like pentagrams. Maybe you like hex A grams. Maybe you want to look at the palace first. You know, there's so many different ways that you can set up your dominoes. But the main thing that you want to do is find a system that works for you to set them up, and I'm gonna show you mind. So again, I look at the sacred geometry and I specifically look at triangles. Maybe you like squares. Maybe you like, you know, pentagrams, I don't know. But maybe you do like triangles. You know, like there's a reason that, you know, there is, like, the Illuminati triangles, right? Quote unquote illuminati. Um, you know, I call it the powers that be personally, but, you know, you got to conspiracy theories out there and much love to them because they have a lot of interesting information. You don't hear other places, but with that being said, triangles have a lot of importance in sacred geometry. You know, they represent the Holy Trinity. They represent stability basis is, you know, like especially like equilateral triangles are like almost equilateral triangles, you know, in that way. So that's something that has always resonated with me. Um, you had to find your own secret sauce again. But if we look at this chart, we see that there are two we see immediately. This red one, this fire one is, you know, like, just taking up half of the whole, um, circle pretty much, you know, that's crazy, right? Like, there's a lot of energy going about with the fire today that, you know, if you were just looking at the sun sign and you're thinking tourists you might not have seen. But actually, you see, it's a cusp energy because you have the tourists and the fire sign. Aires. So that's where you have this fiery energy. But because it's a triangle and triangles have, like a base and stability about them, it's actually fiery passion energy that you can use and direct towards something creative. You know, something like are not even just created, but something that you're passionate about. Just it's basically ah, lot of strong energy directed and to a certain way, and we see that the three points of it are Jim and I Sanitary ISS and pie season. That's really interesting because you know that Jim and eyes about connecting with people we know that sanitary iss is about the philosophical thinking right. And we know that prices is about spiritual, intuitive understanding, okay, and about like, ultimate understanding of how this matrix system works. So if you see yourself today, are you remember what you did today? Looking back at this video going on, you know, did you connect with people? Did you do anything philosophical that would maybe was out of the ordinary and did it somehow relate to your higher purpose to your You know, I'm saying like, uh, especially if you have, like, a connection of fire science in your chart, somehow like, how did this connect with you? And there's one other thing that's very interesting about this. This holy triangle is that you see that you have your gym and I again you're sedentary in your prices. What's a commonality between all three of those signs? They have a dual energy about them. You have the two gem in eyes. Okay. The two faces of the Gemini I you have the two fishes of the pie sees, and then you have the the man Archer. But the beast Ah, you know, lower center of sanitary iss. So they all have kind of this dual purpose to them, which again goes with There's a lot of fiery passion energy, but it's directed to a certain kind of energy. Okay, And we look at the other triangle and it's an air triangle. OK, which is kind of interesting to see, you know, we connect that to it's looking like again Jim and I this time Airy's and Capricorn. Okay, so not the same dualistic nature. It's not as big of a triangle, either, Okay? But we do see a lot of, um, beginning of the chart energy here. You know how it's connecting going into the future. Especially with you have Mars and Jim and I will get into that a little bit more later. But that's probably why we have the triangle here with Airy's okay and connecting that the late daddy of the game right now. Capricorn. Let's see if we can just, um, see all that's connected to just Capricorn for a second. You know, check out that. Okay, um, that's not showing anything. So it seems to me when I read this, you have this early energy. Okay, Which is like the spring energy. It's April. We're going into spring, right? Um, being held down by Capricorn. You know, it's bringing it down to Earth, which is back to, um, going into winter. You know, the fall time going into, You know, it's not quite winter yet, but it's getting there. You know, um, and for me around here, this area, we actually have a cold front right now. You don't really usually see cold front fronts. And florida, Um in April. I mean, sometimes you do, but this is really interesting to look at it, and it's coming from the wind. Okay, so it's coming from the air. And if we look at it more of a person perspective, not necessarily just the seasons or the weather. We know the air is the intellectual sign. OK, like the cognitive thinking signs. So this again goes into, like, some kind of concerted effort to to kind of like level up your creative energies, you know, like to just level up yourself. Maybe, and it's on. Weighing is going back is getting held down by Capricorn, which again is like the sign of power and the sign of, you know, like material realization, not necessarily like financial material realization, like with tourists, but more of like, just like anything that's in the physical like you have it. I think about like a king are like an emperor, like they have, you know, the lavender. They have the gold. And it's not just about the wealth astonishes about the financial Well, it's like actually having the material about it. You know how, like for me, I like, um, I have a set up that's able to record this today. Nobody else is at the house. You know, nobody else is around really doing anything in the other houses. There are out and about doing their day. So I like. Today was a good day for me. I was home today. Eso I actually had the perfect timing to really do what I had to do. And I wouldn't have been able to do these more Heady, more air signed things are these more passionate things in mind if I didn't have the structure in the material that Capricorn is drawing if you see like, everything is coming back to this Capricorn connection really today. And that brings us to our next point of what I want to look at because we see that Capricorn is the moon is in Capricorn. Race is really important. The moon is closer to us than the sun is right. And if you know about the Saturn moon matrix and Saturn is in Capricorn to this Saturn moon matrix is huge for escaping the game matrix as a whole. Okay, so the fact that they're both in Capricorn, that just goes crazy. But the reason that I'm talking about Moon in particular is one. It's obviously like the closest body that we have to us, but to go into the next thing that I like to look at after sacred geometry. Okay, so the first thing, number one sacred geometry for me, the second thing, which is what I suggest that you start with until you really know your sacred geometry is the true north note. And the reason that is is because to me, from my experience and always from me, this money, you might have your own. Maybe it's Palace. Maybe it's the Vertex, but for me, the true north node is what a lot of people think that the sun sign is okay, like a lot of people see like they ask you what your sign and you say your sun sign. But to me, the the ultimate connection, the ultimate acknowledgement of who you are as a person isn't your sun sign. It's not your moon sign, really. It's your whole chart. But if you had just to pick one thing to look at, I would say I would argue. Even you know me. I don't like to argue, because I don't really feel like, um, you can usually get a lot from argument. But I was going out that far with this one saying I would argue that the true north node is the moat with the single most important thing in your and in a person's chart. Now, you know, it can be different maybe for, um, location. Maybe not so much. It really depends. But from me in particular, like the true North noted probably the single most important thing in any chart. It doesn't matter. It doesn't matter what it is. It could be a corporation. That could be, you know, the day, OK. And the true north node is like basically all signs point to that. You know, I've seen it Doesn't matter if the sacred geometry doesn't touch it at all. But you might look at this immediately and say, But Sean, you just talked about the sacred geometry so much you said that you do that before you look at the true north node. Yet there's nothing connecting any of the sacred geometry to the true north node. Why is that? But this is exactly why I look at the sacred geometry first. Okay, It is because if you look at all that analysis that I did, where did it lead to lead to Capricorn as a base? Okay, what's the true North node cancer? What? The planet for cancer? It's the moon. It all goes back to the moon. That's why the true North notice in the movie look, the whole all of the energy is getting pulled down. You know, there's literally, like from the sun to with Taurus Direct connection right to the moon today. You know, saying it's literally all like it's connected to pie, sees prices going back to the moon. Jim and I connected right there. Boom, boom, like it's literally all going back to the moon today. And I, like you, argued that Are we? We reasoned that we didn't argue it. We reason that from first principles of the sacred geometry that it was all going to Capricorn with the Saturn moon matrix. Saturn Moon, both in Capricorn. What's the true North note again? Cancer. That's it's all going back to the moon today. Okay, on the moon is in Capricorn, and so that's why I like to start with the sacred geometry. It's the perfect, the perfect example, you have a lot of fire, an air energy that's being held down by the earth. OK, but if you just looked at the sun sign at first you would miss almost all of that. You would just know that it's it's earthy energy, you know, you want to know that there's a There's a lot of creative, heady energy at your disposal being held down by the Earth. And that's why you know, you have a tourist son. Okay, You, um if you just started with the true North Noten's ah, cancer, you want it like again? You wanna have all of that background information? And that's the perfect example of why I like to start with sacred geometry as opposed to the sunshine and why it makes more sense to start with the true North node as a second piece. And why, like any of any single body of any single calculation, I think that the true north node is the most important one to look out for your chart. Um, for me, like I have Ah, I have an ascendant cancer. I have ah, son prices and I have a true north node Scorpio, and that's a holy trinity right there of the water signs, you know? And I definitely connect with Scorpio as the most of, like, any sign that, you know, like except on Earth thing, though. The secrets Because I have the rest of my chart. Uh, outside of Scorpio. A lot of people that have the Scorpio energy do they like to hide the secrets of the Matrix . I like to unearth them. But today, uh, is again Ah, cancer day. That's a day of the home. You know, the day of the moon be having more power than the sun. If the true north node is in cancer, then why would you want to start with some? Fine makes no sense. You would weigh What more want toe check out what's going on with the moon today, right after true. Nor note is in Leo. Then it makes it starts to make more sense to start with the sun sign. OK, but, um, we haven't got lucky today that the true north node was in the Moon song, which we already went over. It's kind of a more popular, more powerful object toe Look through. But, you know, again what? Which ever signed. That is in you definitely want to look at, um, where it is. You know, if it's Virgo, you want to be looking a mercury etcetera. You know, uh, which signs? Air which planets by now. So we actually got lucky in that Saturn, which is Capricorns Planet is also in Capricorn. That's, you know, that says a lot and Pluto's, you know, we're all we're on right now. Um says a lot about what's going on in the world right now with, you know, all the new presidents and prime ministers getting elected. You have controversy in Canada. You know, this goes into politics. I don't want to go too much into politics with this. I just don't want to read the chart for the day, but it just connects to so much different stuff. If you're ableto understanding and go in depth so again you have step one, check out the sacred geometry, learn what shapes resonate with you and why. You know, I know a lot of people that the pentagram resonates with them, and I'm not even talking about just for astrology. I don't really know people that, uh, going this in depth with astrology. But I'm just talking about in terms of sacred geometry, like as a different topic. You know, like they really fuck with the pentagram and not even on like a satanic dark energy, but just like in like controlling spirits, you know, like, say, ounces and stuff like that. They're really into that. What? What what What are you into? Only you can answer that right, but Step one sacred geometry step to true North note. And for those of you that I don't know that your north node is like what your higher calling is like it's It's like not what you see on the surface of a person. It's the exact opposite. It's like it's almost like the truth. It's like the true lil, if in reverse, almost like the true lily his and prices like that's like the dark side of it, right? The true north node is like the light side of it. So you have, like your yearning your gang almost between those two things, except that the true north node, I would say, is a little bit more all encompassing, like the true Lilith is just where is that dark force coming from? Where is that sub conscious energy coming from? It's interesting that that's and prices because, as we know now, that that's about like where all the a final matrix understanding goes to is in prices because it's the last sign. But the true North note is a bit more encompassing. Okay, it's literally like your ultimate purpose, your ultimate destiny. What's where What's gonna happen for the day? You know, Or and if you were born on that day, that's like what's gonna happen in your lifetime? You know, like that's It's so important. Like I can't overstate how strongly I feel connected to my true north node mawr than my sun sign Mawr than my moon sign more than my send it, it's like just what I feel the most connected to is the true north note. And maybe, you know, for your second step and reading a whole chart, you have to find out what your most connected to. Maybe it's Jupiter and you know, But for me, it's definitely the true North. No, that's where I all that's the first actual location that I look at after I look at how everything how everything is connected on And that's why I like to do the sacred geometry. First is it's how everything's connected. Okay, so step number three that I like to look at set enough. The dominoes. Still, we're not even getting to the Sun sign yet. Step number three is I like to look at the season's okay, like and there's two ways that you can look at the seasons to theirs, Um, the Zodiac quote unquote seasons. And then there's actual, like, weather seasons. Okay? And they're different. Uh, because if you think about it like, ah, Airy's is and March right? So that's like actually, um, they they're they're they're kind of different, like they don't match 1 to 1, But they pretty much do. I guess so. Excuse me for saying that they are completely different. I guess it sort of depends on, um, where you live in the world. Really? Um, because it's like, inverted right, um, and also, like for for me, I live in Florida, so, like it's quote unquote winter, but it's not really like it's never snowed here. Since I've lived here, it's it's note here, like in the 70 or something like that. They still tell the story to this day. Like, you know, the people that have lived here like a really long time if you didn't take a drink real quick, Okay. So with that being said, um, it really depends on where you are If, like sometimes the seasons kind of connect are like our oneto one. Sometimes they're almost like it. But what I like to do is, since this is an astrology, uh, study is to use just the astrological season. So you have, um, three. You're gonna have four different seasons. You could have three different seasons if you notice it goes fire. Earth, air, water. We said this before, so that could be one season. Or it could be the 1st 3123 areas tourist Jim and I. Then the second, which is kind of weird because, um, if you see the cancer is the first water sign. But it's in the second part because water is a little bit more mature, then everything else. That's why prices is the last time. I'm not saying that immature is bad because again is yin and yang. You know what they said? Sometimes I say anything is good and evil, but like you need both. You know, um, so that's the third thing, as I like to look at the seasons and not just the seasons, but where is most of the energy located? And if we notice we have a lot of energy in, like, this agitate areas Capricorn area, and we have a lot of energy. And like this, weirdly enough, this pie sees Aires tourists. You know, this and the again you got to kind of switch it up. It doesn't like necessarily had to be 1 to 1 anything. But it looks like this is its own season. Quote unquote, right now is like, it's like a pie season airy season, tourist season. Okay, there's a lot of energy even everything else is going back to that. You know, it's connected to the gym, and I is connecting to these two, which is noticed. The only planet. Okay, The only planet Mars that is not, um in either this season or this season right here connects to both of them. Okay, so there's just a lot of energy going on on like the end of the season in a cycle and the rebirth there is It's like a beginning, and rebirth is basically what what I'm getting from the season's right now. It's not like a continuation is like the only continuation part like bringing it forward is the gym, and I sign. And that's only to connect, to communicate the death and the rebirth cycle that is going on right now. Okay, so that's the other thing that I look at is the seasons. The sectors that and again, they don't necessarily have to go 1 to 1. They can go 1 to 1 with the weather seasons. Okay, spring, summer, fall, winter. Um, with that being said, the fourth thing that I like to look at before still not the sun sign we already mentioned it only because it actually already connected. Connected even more than it does normally. And that's the Saturn moon matrix. Okay, and that's something that, like, if you don't know about it's kind of outside of the realm of astrology. It's literally like, um, something completely different. Almost it connects in terms of like everything is connected. But it's like this idea that we live in a matrix world, and it's controlled by mainly Saturn. But in the moon was, you know, fostered here toe help amplify the signal of Saturn to us to keep us in a certain consciousness range. Okay. And, uh, this is something that, like, resonates with me. You know, it. Maybe it doesn't resonate with you again. Actually, you need your own special sauce. But escaping the Saturn moon majors escaping the major in general is just a huge goal of my life. It's a goal that I want to help with my family and my friends and maybe other people. And I don't mean like, even so you on that with any I don't have any products or services. I only have these courses and I don't get paid that much for these courses are not trying to, like, sell you guys alone or anything. It's just literally like my passion. Like I had a review say that I came office kind of cell Z and I apologize if I do that, I just I'm so passionate about escaping the Saturn moon matrix for me and for anybody else because you are me and I am you. So if if I know that like my own body is escaping, I still want to help other people escape. Or at least if I feel that my body is escaping, I still want to feel like others bodies are escaping to. So I don't mean to come off in sales. And if I do, I'm sorry. Um but that's the fourth thing that I look at is the Saturday matrix on my own astrology charts and is really interesting that they're both in Capricorn and they're literally right next to each other right now in terms of like, how their inner light compared to the earth. Okay, that's what I like to look at these kind of sharps. Um and so that just tells me again going back to the material like it's really important for you to leverage that to get to your goals today. Okay, with that being said, I know I say that phrase a lot, so I'm sorry, but, um, I'm only human. Number five is Finally we go to the moon and we I I said it in a mood. Ha, no. Finally, we go to the sun. Finally, we go to the sun and check it out and knock down all the dominoes and, you know, it's really funny about this chart is we look at the longest connection and it's straight to the moon. It's straight to the moon. It's true. And we have an ed sign to Mercury. We have an air Sinai said head sign, which is the air heady sign of it, uh, straight to mercury. And then we have a connection to Paice is it's looking like to, um, Neptune, I guess. Yet not too. Okay, So, uh, yeah, like sometimes you'll have a way more intense moon our son. So I keep saying that way more intense sun sign connection to knock down all the dominoes. But this time it's just was straight to the moon, you know, like the moon, which we already had an analysis for earlier in this video. It is just so strong today. And if you know about the moon, it's like, you know, your your subconscious in a good way now and your true lil it is. You're conscious. Your your your ah, not your conscious your evil, your dark conscious. Whereas your this just your subconscious like, you know, if you thought if you know about like Freud, the conscious mind like it also connects to your soul truth, but not as much as your true North nude. But today it does because it's in cap. It's in cancer. And the moon's in Capricorn. The true north noticed cancer. Okay, so normally it would like the sunshine we just knock all the dominoes down with the day is such a strong day for the moon that it kind of just wins out. Um, and that's basically how I read my charts. Um, I know a lot of people do it differently. Um, boat, something else that and like like at this point, I would I'm pretty comfortable with Ah, the chart, right? Like, touches me. Some people they want to go into death toe every single one of these. But the beauty of starting with sacred geometry is that it does it for you, if you like. If if you start with the sacred geometry and then go to the true north note and this is why I do it this way, is that literally every single one of these things is already accounted for between the sacred geometry and ultimately the true north node. And that's why do the 12 combo the 12 points and knocks down. It sets up all of the dominoes and then, you know, it's it's all good. We determined that the moon has the strongest interview for today. Ah, a priori without even having looked at the true North node yet. But some of you, I feel like, are going to not want to do it that way. And you're gonna want to look at every single one of these individual things. And the thing is, is that like, um, my philosophy with it? And you might disagree, And that's totally cool is that the sum is greater. The the total is greater than the sum of his broken parts. You know, if you know that saying I probably said it a little bit wrong, but it's ultimately about like, how is everything acting together? Then what's going on in any one individual spot? But for the sake of a complete video, I am going to go in, check out every single one of these songs for you guys because that you know, that's something I I recognize that some people are going to be, uh, wanting. Teoh actually read their charts like that, and that's a totally cool way to read your charts. Um, I hope that I kind of opened your mind to a different way to readers hearts, that it's still intensive. Like this video is going on probably close to 2030 minutes. I can't see the exact time right now, but about that long. So it. So it's not like I'm doing it to be lazy or anything. It's just I generally believe it's amore completion ist view without going into, like the my new show of It, because you can kind of get lost in the details. But again, we already went over. The sun sign is and tourists. So it's like the earthy energy connected to all the Capricorn energy. Um, the mid heaven being and Tory's is interesting because, you know, it's like, uh, I definitely some people are going to feel like are going to feel like the North node is, uh, secondary to the mid heaven, you know? So, uh, not me personally, but definitely you gonna wanna look a German heaven, and you know that the tourist goes back to you know, your financial stability to just be a Chiron and Chiron's and areas right now. So you have a lot of that fiery energy still, you know, in the mid Heaven And it's also your 10th house, Um and you're definitely gonna want to, like, kind of paid since into your houses. I kind of do it again instead of me doing houses. I like to do this season's, but are the sectors but some people like to do it by house, and again that's gonna be that's gonna have to ultimately be a decision that you make, right, um, looking into the degrees in the minutes Like I personally used to use degrees in minutes. If you see, it has mid had in seven degrees 20 minutes and tourists I used to use the degrees in the minutes and we can come and check this out. Actually switched to the sun sign for ah interpretation of the fourth degree. Ah, benevolent looking man chops with would. He is surrounded by an orchid with trees, peaceful, patient and generous character. One is aware of one streaks and use the person earnestly. Success could be achieved in agriculture are boring culture. Animal husband, treatise degree in the case that in spite of trying youth goes, are achieved in life is full of a contentment enjoys related with nature. And that odyssey sound like it pretty on point description for today. But, um, even if you read and their notes sections, um, it has its own disclaimer. Um, this is the reason why they're not included in the Asher things Reports is because authors give different meanings to symbolic degrees. Um, so they're basically what that means is that is subjective, you know, if you had to you, you know, like like everybody has their own subjective opinions about what the degrees mean. And it goes a little bit too much into the my new sha. But if you want to look into the degrees, then by all means do it. You know, I'm saying, like, it's really easy. You just go and what you want to know it? A certain degree means you just rewrite here. You know, I'm saying for every single degree and I will tell you I don't have 360 degrees memorized, and I don't have all the minutes for those degrees memorized. Um, so sorry again. And one the human, but, uh, I don't I used to use them But I found that a lot of the time they were more wrong than right, you know? So I just don't use them. Like a lot of times, there were either like, half right or they're just completely wrong because it really depends on how much you've escaped the Matrix, you know, But going on toe, we already kind of did areas. It's connected to everything because of the fiery. Uh, I said, Everybody's Mars. We are, uh, of the fiery energy. That's about the day, you know, it's it's just really important for today. Toe beyond the attack, Me on the forefront. I had a call with my brother, lasted almost two hours. He's a gym, and I and we have got so much accomplished in that phone call like we were just so on point with our our energy. You know, if not for like, our go getter mentality with the with the Mars and Jim and I, that probably won't happen, Juno. And not to ease point. But Juno is also in cancer. So we have, uh, corresponding to the adaption of your marital partner and then the events defense of individual rights, which today I'm going to say, goes with the true North note only because it's so strong that defensive individual rights , okay. And if there's anything that you don't know again, you could just, you know, research in a little bit. Warren depth. I did. I do know about the Juno marriage, but I was like, That's not relevant today, at least for me. Maybe Maybe you're getting married today. It would be awesome. Or maybe you got married today and you're looking back at this And like, Wow, there's no way that he did it from our marriage date today. That'd be crazy. But, um, again, this is, uh, the most of these minor aspects. I don't really pay attention to him too much. Besides, I pay the most attention to the truth. Lily or the true North node, the true Lilith and Chiron are the three fortune. I guess for on fortune are but mostly distant, your north node. Um So the East Point is the son Leo goes back to the song which goe 11. AstroOutro: welcome back, infinite source players, and this is the end of the road of our journey. In useful astrology had to benefit from astrology today, but the journey is really not over. It's a continuous process that you will get better at with time as you practice more and you get more familiar with the material and you learn yourself more. In this course, you learned about how to get an interactive sacred Geometrical natal chart. You learned how to use that with your planetary relations. You learned how to use that with both where you live. Now on where you would like to live, you learn how to use that with your career, both for planning and as well as your house is in your income and your soul journey. You also learn how to balance that with holistic applications and models that make an actual astrology that help you out again. This was my first course, so if you have any suggestions, any questions, comments, feedback, please let me know I'm here to help you guys as best as I can with this information and grow forward. And you know, if you want me to make another course going in death. I would love to do that too. But if there's something that you feel deserves more explanation here, I definitely am open to revising this content to make it as good as possible. I definitely want you guys to become masters and your chosen field. And I want to be able to help you along the way. So thank you so much for spending the time with me. If you know you have any comments? Just hit me up. Okay? Thank you so much. By