Assertiveness - learn to be the best of you: Self perception | Norina Nour | Skillshare

Assertiveness - learn to be the best of you: Self perception

Norina Nour, Life Coach @Aniron

Assertiveness - learn to be the best of you: Self perception

Norina Nour, Life Coach @Aniron

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7 Lessons (25m)
    • 1. Who is your teacher

    • 2. Introduction in Assertiveness

    • 3. What Self-Image is?

    • 4. What Ideal Self is?

    • 5. "Bill of Rights" of Assertiveness

    • 6. Self Talk

    • 7. Practices that increase self respect

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About This Class


Learn assertiveness with life coach Norina Nour in her course series Assertiveness - learn to be the best of you. In this third 20 minutes course – Self-perception - you will understand what self-image and ideal self are and other components of the foundation of self like your rights, the concept of self talk and the feel good activities that you need to do. In order to better understand self-perception, Norina Nour will introduce the notions of self-concept, self-image, ideal self, self-talk and "Bill of Rights" to you and will ask you to work in two related projects. 

With this course series about assertiveness, as well as the other courses that Norina Nour will teach, she is aiming to prove that self-care is not selfish because if you succeed to care for yourself, you will be able to properly care for others.

This course series is created for those who are having hard time saying “NO” to people or feel they cannot offer their real opinion on different topics because this may create conflict. No previous knowledge or expertise is needed. By the end of this series - Assertiveness: learn to be the best of you - you will be able to be an assertive person.

This course series is designed with: 

  1. clear information, 
  2. examples to improve your understanding of assertiveness and help you implement the methods to enhance your communication. 
  3. practical exercises

Here is what we will cover in Assertiveness - learn to be the best of you: Self-perception:

  1. Introduction in Assertiveness
  2. What self image is?
  3. What ideal self is?
  4. Understanding "Bill of Rights" of assertiveness
  5. Self Talk
  6. Practices that Increase Self-respect and Healthy Self-worth

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Norina Nour

Life Coach @Aniron


I have always been passionate about the human nature trying to know everything about the human body, psychology and its spirit.

With my medical background, I dedicated 12 years to neuroscience research and in the past 4 years, I used my knowledge and experience in the personal development industry.

I LOVE to help people in understanding how our body and mind work. I am also dedicating my time to teach people how to embrace the self-care concept.
My ultimate dream is to create life-changing self-improvement resources for humans that aim to be the best of themselves.

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1. Who is your teacher: My name is not in a north and I'm your teacher. Today I'm a medical doctor who dedicated 12 years to research mostly to narrow signs. And in the past four years, all mag knowledge and experience were transitioned into a great nation called personal development adventure. I'm passionate the boss of God concept, and I'm here to help you understand how our body and mind work The course content exercises in quizzes in your hand will help you transform yourself. Be the best you can be on help, others to live their lives at their fullest potential. If you have to desire to learn how to express you want while being mindful off the opinions , warmth and feelings of others, or have the willingness to develop more honest and open relationships, we should take discourse. Uh, at the end of this course, you will definitely be able to speak up and stand up for yourself in clear, respectful ways. Made decisions without second guessing yourself have more self respect, and in return you earn the respect of others become a stronger communicator 2. Introduction in Assertiveness : more and more people around us seem to have aggressive or passive attitudes or even worse, Ah, passive aggressive behavior in everything they do. That's why I believe this course should exist. This course was designed for those who are from 22 let's say 50 years old. Men and women with a level acknowledge in human behavior and psychology, from beginner to intermediate. The course may be beneficial for those who were working in the corporate environment. Those were looking for a job or freshly graduated school, even for entrepreneurs, the experienced ones or for those were attempting to be. And for I stayed home parents as well the courses tractor in sections. Each section has a few electors, exercises and crazes as others going through life transitions or looking to get ahead in your career or just being simply a self motivated to us. You will find this course the best tool to learn how to speak out on bond. Stand up for yourself in clear and respectful ways to have more self respect, and in return you will earn the respect of others also to make decisions without Second West guessing yourself and finally to become the stronger communicator you are dreaming at 3. What Self-Image is?: to be an assertive communicator, you must stand on the strong foundation off self and have the view that you are a person worthy of respect. If you do not have a strong foundation to stand on, assertive communication will simply not work for you To bring a strong foundation means toe . Understand the elements of self concept like self image and ideal self. To ignore. Lead your rights and to talk to yourself in a positive way in order to give yourself courage, respect on the feeling of self worth. The most important thing in building a foundation off self is practicing what you learn. You will have project, and I insist on this costing your result. That is the only way you will have a complete understanding of how this foundation works. Let's see what self image is. So since image is how you see yourself, this may be how you see yourself physically or your opinion of who you are. The way you see yourself is important as it effects your self esteem. Self image includes what you think. You look like how you see your personality, what kind of person you think you are, what you believe others think off you how much you like yourself. All you think others like you on the status you feel you have. How you see yourself doesn't necessarily have to reflect the reality. Indeed, a person with anorexia who is thin may have a self image in which the person believes they are fat. A person says image is affected by many factors, such as parental influences, the influence of the friends and the inference of social media when taking guns. 20 statements best on answering to the question. Who am I? People? Responses were related to the following categories. The first category. Physical description, for example. I am told. I have blue eyes. I am a brunette. The seconds category social rules. We are all social beings whose behavior is shaped to some extent by the rules. We play this rose help others to recover ninth ours, but also help us to know what is expected of us. In various sit Misha, for example, I am the CEO off my company or I am a god Mother. The third category person. Personal traits. The's are the third dimension off our self descriptions. For example, I am impulsive. I am generous person. The last category existential statements the upstart wants. Like I am a child of the universe. I am a human being. I'm just the number. Typically, young people describe themselves more in terms of physical or personal traits, whereas all the people feel defined to a greater extent by their social rose or use existential statements. 4. What Ideal Self is?: Let's see what I do yourself is ideal surface. How you wish you could be A 90 itself is essentially on ideal future version off you that encompasses your personality, believes values and behaviour on the various conditions. We usually can say that your idea or surface, who you want to become or is the best version of yourself in every situation. The idea you is therefore you. However, it is not the person you are today, but to rather the person you are striving to become tomorrow, next week, next month, next year and so on. And yet this idea itself is not a state of perfection. It is not a fixed destination or finished product. In fact, it is far from it. This ideal self is constantly evolving. Andi changing. If there is a missed march between how you see yourself, your self image and how you wish you could be your idea yourself, then this is likely to affect how much you value yourself with its self esteem. Therefore, there is an intimate relationship between self image, idea yourself, Andi self esteem. All three components off the self concept. A person's idea itself may not be consistent with what actually happens in life. Andi experiences off the person. Hence the difference may exist between a person's idea yourself on and actually experience . This is cold in Congress, where a person's I d yourself on actual experience are consistent. Very similar. The state of congruence exists rarely, if ever, does the total state of Congress exist. All people experience a certain amount off in Congress. The development of Congress is dependent on unconditional positive record. Car rotors believed that for a person to achieve self actualization, they must be in a state of Congress, while we all tend to distort reality to a certain degree, Congress walkers when self concept ISS fairly well align with reality in Congress happens when reality does not met up to our self concept. Rogers believed that in Congress has its earliest roots in childhood. One parent's place conditions on their affection for the Children, Onley expressing love If Children earn it through certain behaviors and living up to the parents expectations, Children being begin to dissolve the memories of experiences that leave them feeling unworthy of off their parents. Love, unconditional love, on the other hand, helps to force the Congress Children who experienced such love feel no need to continually distort their memories in order to believe that other people will love and accept them as they are. 5. "Bill of Rights" of Assertiveness: In order to develop a healthy sir perception, I will present you the bill of Rights of assertiveness that will help you to improve your believes about who you are on the value you bring. They will provide the positive support you need. Toe ace into the assertive process. The set of rules by Manuel J. Smith will give you internal fortitude and serves as a reminder that you are worthy of respect. Assertive right one. I have the right to judge my arm, behavior, thoughts and emotions and to take responsibility for the initiation and consequence. The behavior of others may have an impact upon me, but I determine how I choose to react on deal with each situation. I alone have the power to judge and modify my thoughts, feelings and behaviour. Others may influence my decision, but the final choice is mine. Assertive right to I have the right to offer neither reason nor excuse to justify my behavior. I need not rely upon others to judge whether my auctions are proper or correct. Others may state disagreement or disapproval, but I have the option to disregard the preferences or to work out a compromise. I may choose to respect their preferences and consequently modify my behavior. What is important is that it is my choice. Others may try to manipulate my behavior and feelings by demanding to know my reasons and by trying to persuade me that I am wrong. But I know that I am the multi mind judge assertive right tree. I have the right to judge whether I am responsible for finding solutions toe others problems. I'm ultimately responsible for my own psychological well being and happiness. I'm a few concern and compassion and goodwill for others. But I am neither responsible for no. Do I have the ability to create mental stability and happiness for others? My actions may have caused others problems Indirectly. However, it is still there responsibility to come to terms with the problems and to learn to cope on the own. If I fail to recognize this assertive right, others may choose to manipulate my thoughts and feelings by placing the blame for the problems on me. Assertive right, for I have the right to change my mind. Nothing in my life is necessarily constant or reject. My interests and needs may well change with the passage of time. The possibility of changing my mind is normal, healthy and conducive to self growth. Others may try to manipulate my choice by asking that I admit error or by stating that I am irresponsible. It is nevertheless unnecessary for me to justify my decision. Assertive right? Five. I have the right to say I don't know a certify. Six. I have the right to make mistakes and be responsible for them to make a mistake. It's part of the human condition. Others may try to manipulate me, having me believe that my errors are unforgivable, that I must make amends for my work doing by engaging improper behavior. If I allow this, my future behavior will be influenced by my past mistakes and my decisions will be controlled by the opinions off others. Assertive right? Seven. I have the right to be independent off the goodwill off others before coping with them. I would be a realistic for me to expect others to approve off all my actions regardless of the merit. If I were to assume that I required others goodwill before being able to cope with them effectively, I would leave myself open to manipulation. It is unlikely that I require the goodwill. Andi cooperation off others in order to survive a relationship does not require 100% agreement. It is inevitable that others will be hurt or offended by my behavior. At times, I am responsible only to myself, and I can deal with period disappeared disapproval from others. Assertive right? Eight. I have the right to be illogical and making decisions. I sometimes employees logic as a reasoning process to assist me in making judgements. However, logic cannot predict what that will happen in every situation. Logic is not much help in dealing with wants, motivations and feelings. Logic generally deals with black or white all or non and yes or no issues. Logic and reasoning don't always work well when dealing with the great areas of the human condition. Assertive right? Nine. I have the right to say I don't understand on the certified right. Then I have the right to say I don't care. As a child, you were probably given things based on your behavior. Good manners may have Gardner the next rest mile or perhaps a favorite treat from adults. If, however, you were thought that good manners meant never saying no or questioning others. You may have carried that mind sent into your adult life. By emphasizing this bill of rights in your mind, you will begin to understand yourself and the mental waas you've created over the years. More completely, you realize you don't always have to say yes or have all the answers. Knowing this will give you the courage to stand assertively. The limits that have made you a passive communicator can be removed here and now used his rights as a step towards respect for your own needs and wants. Being a person who is not assertive doesn't mean that you don't have valuable things to say . It only means that you need to work on finding your voice to say them. 6. Self Talk: another way to develop a strong foundation off self is through the use of positive self talk. The self talk is a dialogue that goes on inside your head. Studies suggest that 80% of the talking we have with ourselves are damaging. When you say here or think damaging statement, you are, in effect, seeding your unconscious with ideas that take root and grow into a negative and restrictive self perception. Negative talk. Create a negative self perception, which hinders one's ability to be assertive. To change yourself per section, you need to change yourself. Talk. Stop saying carnal things about yourself to yourself. Like I and stupid. I cannot do anything right. Start saying statements that are positive and encouraging a firm words that promote a strong and healthy self esteem. Find the next a list of positive statements designed to develop your self esteem and encourage you to stand up and speak out. I am a strong and confident communicator. I am worthy and deserving of respect. I easily express my thoughts, opinions and desires. I stand up for my rights. I feel safe and secure about asking for what I want or need. I easily ask for what I want. I afford that Leslie exercise my right to say no. I allow myself to receive from others. I am important. My views are important. My life is important. I trust him believing myself. I do not let people and outside influences. This stabilized me. I am in control. Not this. The internal shift you experience. When affirming these statements, they will give you a strong inner voice and a sense off apartment. 7. Practices that increase self respect: practices that increase self respect and help the self work with the Bangladesh into your own needs and wants. Listen to what your body, your mind and your heart are telling you. For instance, if your body is telling you that you have been sitting down too long, extend up a stretch if your heart is longing to spend more time with the special friend to it. If your mind is telling you to clean up your basement, listen to your favorite music or stop thinking about thoughts about yourself. Take those thoughts seriously. Another practice that increased self respect would be taking very good care of yourself as you were growing up. You may not have learned how to take good care of yourself. In fact, March of your attention may have bean on taking care of others or just getting by or on behaving well. Begin to take to take good care of yourself. Treat yourself as a wonderful parent would treat a small child or as one very best friend, my treat another. If you work on at taking good care of yourself, you will find that you will feel better about yourself. Here are some ways to take good care of you. It helped the food and the void foods containing a lot of sugar, salt or fat exercise. Moving your body helps you to feel better and improves your self esteem. Arrange a time every day or as open as possible. When you can get some exercise, preferably outdoor. You can do many different things. Taking a walk is the most common you could run, right. The bicycle. It play sport clam bop and danced there several times. Put on a tape or play the radio and dance to the music. Anything that feels good for you, the personal hygiene test that makes you feel better about yourself. Things like taking a regular shower bath. Washington Styling your hair, trimming your nails, brushing and flossing your teeth. Have a physical examination every year to make sure you are in a good health plan. Fan activities for yourself. Learn new things every day. Take time to do things you enjoy. You may be so busy. All feels so badly about yourself that you spend little or no time doing things. You enjoy things like playing a musical instrument. Ding, a craft project flying a kite or going fishing. Make a list of things you enjoy doing. Then do something from that list every day, up to the least. Anything new that you discover you enjoy doing. Make it a point to treat you well every day before you go to bed each night. Right about how you treated yourself well during the day. Another practice that increase self respect is doing feel good activities. They will help you feel better about yourself and rain Force your self esteem over the long term. Please check this lecturer Resource is for a complete least off, good activities.