Assertiveness - learn to be the best of you: Self-esteem | Norina Nour | Skillshare

Assertiveness - learn to be the best of you: Self-esteem

Norina Nour, Life Coach @Aniron

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6 Videos (14m)
    • Who is your teacher

    • Introduction in Assertiveness

    • What Self-esteem is?

    • Understanding self-esteem

    • Development of self-esteem

    • Cultural differences in self


About This Class


Learn assertiveness with life coach Norina Nour in her course series Assertiveness - learn to be the best of you. In this second 13 minutes course – Self-esteem - you will understand what self-esteem is, its development and how the environment shapes our self. In order to better understand self-esteem, Norina Nour will introduce the notions of self-concept, self-worth, self-respect and cultural differences in self to you and will ask you to work in two related projects. 

With this course series about assertiveness, as well as the other courses that Norina Nour will teach, she is aiming to prove that self-care is not selfish because if you succeed to care for yourself, you will be able to properly care for others.

This course series is created for those who are having hard time saying “NO” to people or feel they cannot offer their real opinion on different topics because this may create conflict. No previous knowledge or expertise is needed. By the end of this series - Assertiveness: learn to be the best of you - you will be able to be an assertive person.

This course series is designed with: 

  1. clear information, 
  2. examples to improve your understanding of assertiveness and help you implement the methods to enhance your communication. 
  3. practical exercises

Here is what we will cover in Assertiveness - learn to be the best of you: Self-esteem:

  1. Introduction in Assertiveness
  2. What self-esteem is?
  3. Understanding Self-esteem
  4. Development of self-esteem
  5. Cultural differences in self





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Norina Nour

Life Coach @Aniron

I have always been passionate about the human nature trying to know everything about the human body, psychology and its spirit.

With my medical background, I dedicated 12 years to neuroscience research and in the past 4 years, I used my knowledge and experience in the personal development industry.

I LOVE to help people in understanding how our body and mind work. I am also dedicating my time to teach people how to embrace the self-care concept.
My ultimate dream is to cre...

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