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Assertiveness - learn to be the best of you: Basics

teacher avatar Norina Nour, Life Coach @Aniron

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (12m)
    • 1. Who is your teacher

    • 2. Introduction in Assertiveness

    • 3. Understanding Assertiveness

    • 4. Understanding Passiveness

    • 5. Understanding Passive-agressiveness

    • 6. Understanding Aggressiveness

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About This Class


Learn assertiveness with life coach Norina Nour in her course series Assertiveness - learn to be the best of you. In this first 11 minutes course - Basics - you will understand what assertiveness is and how to recognise it. In order to better understand assertiveness, Norina Nour will introduce the notions of passiveness, passive-aggressiveness and aggressiveness to you and will ask you to work in a related project. 

With this course series about assertiveness, as well as the other courses that Norina Nour will teach, she is aiming to prove that self-care is not selfish because if you succeed to care for yourself, you will be able to properly care for others.

This course series is created for those who are having hard time saying “NO” to people or feel they cannot offer their real opinion on different topics because this may create conflict. No previous knowledge or expertise is needed. By the end of this series - Assertiveness: learn to be the best of you - you will be able to be an assertive person.

This course series is designed with: 

  1. clear information, 
  2. examples to improve your understanding of assertiveness and help you implement the methods to enhance your communication. 
  3. practical exercises

Here is what we will cover in Assertiveness - learn to be the best of you: Basics:

  1. Introduction in Assertiveness
  2. Understanding Assertiveness
  3. Understanding Passiveness
  4. Understanding Passive-aggressiveness
  5. Understanding Aggressiveness

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Norina Nour

Life Coach @Aniron


I have always been passionate about the human nature trying to know everything about the human body, psychology and its spirit.

With my medical background, I dedicated 12 years to neuroscience research and in the past 4 years, I used my knowledge and experience in the personal development industry.

I LOVE to help people in understanding how our body and mind work. I am also dedicating my time to teach people how to embrace the self-care concept.
My ultimate dream is to create life-changing self-improvement resources for humans that aim to be the best of themselves.

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1. Who is your teacher: My name is not in a north and I'm your teacher. Today I'm a medical doctor who dedicated 12 years to research mostly to narrow signs. And in the past four years, all mag knowledge and experience were transitioned into a great nation called personal development adventure. I'm passionate the boss of God concept, and I'm here to help you understand how our body and mind work The course content exercises in quizzes in your hand will help you transform yourself. Be the best you can be on help, others to live their lives at their fullest potential. If you have to desire to learn how to express you want while being mindful off the opinions , warmth and feelings of others, or have the willingness to develop more honest and open relationships, we should take discourse. Uh, at the end of this course, you will definitely be able to speak up and stand up for yourself in clear, respectful ways. Made decisions without second guessing yourself have more self respect, and in return you earn the respect of others become a stronger communicator 2. Introduction in Assertiveness: more and more people around us seem to have aggressive or passive attitudes or even worse, Ah, passive aggressive behavior in everything they do. That's why I believe this course should exist. This course was designed for those who are from 22 let's say 50 years old. Men and women with a level acknowledge in human behavior and psychology, from beginner to intermediate. The course may be beneficial for those who were working in the corporate environment. Those were looking for a job or freshly graduated school, even for entrepreneurs, the experienced ones or for those were attempting to be. And for I stayed home parents as well the courses tractor in sections. Each section has a few electors, exercises and crazes as others going through life transitions or looking to get ahead in your career or just being simply a self motivated to us. You will find this course the best tool to learn how to speak out on bond. Stand up for yourself in clear and respectful ways to have more self respect, and in return you will earn the respect of others also to make decisions without Second West guessing yourself and finally to become the stronger communicator you are dreaming at 3. Understanding Assertiveness: assertiveness is about finding the right balance of saying no to others. Why saying yes to you? Assertive people have the maturity and self control to know what they want and how to get it without infringing on other's rights. They never lose side off the idea of self respect by using words and actions to express the boundaries off what they need and want in a calm, clear voice, maintaining the posture that convince confidence and composure, the advantages of being assertive are it empowers you to become a strong communicator. It gives you confidence and enhances your surface team. It helps you gain others respect while improving your decision making skills. It encourages you to make decisions without second guessing yourself brings you more self respect, and in return you will earn the respect of orders, feelings of being ignored. Organ coursed will be replaced by feelings of being on the Stoute and in control of your decisions. Warning. There are these advantages as well, like you are not liked all the time. You will not be able to make everyone happy or you may be accused off aggression, anger and hostility 4. Understanding Passiveness: passive communication assumes that others will understand your wants and needs, even if you have never communicated them. Silence and assumption are the hallmarks off this type of communication as the keyword disrespect passiveness is defined by lack of respect for oneself. Passive people, this record, the opinions, feelings, needs and wants. They have this remarkable habit of placing their desires below others. Being passive will not win you many friends and even less likely to get you what you want. Passiveness takes away the bar off a person who stays quiet or allows others to decide what it needs to happen. Passive people do what others want them to do to earn their approval without question whether they like it or not, passive people may be recognized by insecurity. They lack an AK rate, healthy appreciation for the own talents, abilities and self worth fear. They worried that they will not get what they want, that they will lose something they need all already have, or that they will be rejected shyness. They are unable to speak up or communicate because their personalities one off a quiet reflector or they're more off late back person. The desire to fit in with the peers, social backings, olders and pressures do not to keep people in the place. Everyone knows someone who has been ostracised from a group for disagreeing with the start of school or expressing a desire to have personal needs mad if those needs conflict with the needs of those higher up in the Yorkie, the more dysfunction of the group, the more oppressed individual becomes and finally, lack of self direction. They do not know what toe ask for because they do not really know what they want. 5. Understanding Passive-agressiveness: many people who do not know how to get what they want from others in a direct manner use passive aggression. This behavior is not healthy and does not help develop happy, trusting relationship with others. Passive aggression is when people use covered, sneaky Andi indirect matters of being aggressive. They do this because they cannot express anger or be direct about the rial emotions, wants or needs. Fear is at the root of passive aggressive behavior. Fear of being rejected. Fear of having to deal with another's anger, fear of the consequences that will result if they assertively asked for what they need and fear of asking for what they want. Expressing their true emotions or a meeting. They need the other person. Passive aggressive people use or display the following behaviors. Forgetfulness, for example. Oh my God, I forgot a bad day or oh, I forgot to call the client story, blaming like it's not my fault. Time late. Look, I have no force. Nothing is my fault. Okay? Lack of anger while never or rarely showing anger externally. Oh, directly passive aggressive people retaliates in an underhanded way. Obstructionists. This behavior involves never really giving others where they won't don't need, in fact, going out of the way to deny others what they want while pretending all the why to have intentions off filling those wants and needs. 6. Understanding Aggressiveness: When people think of assertiveness, they usually think of aggressiveness. Although it is coming to mistake or confused to their very different, the difference can be summarized with the simple word respect, aggressiveness, Lex. Respect. Aggressive people do not show respect to others. They're quick to shout or threaten people and invade their personal space. These individuals are so concerned, expressing their opinions that they will make a scene to be hurt. Aggressive behavior is characterized by a complete disregard for others needs wants feelings or even personal safety people who conduct themselves this way, then to stand up for themselves immediately, even if it means stepping on others. The behaviors is a demanding, angry behavior where sarcasm will become threatening or violent conflict with aggressive people, maybe transforming to physical violence. Aggressive people overreact, making a mess and angering people to the point that no one wants to give them anything or people give them what they want out of fear. Instead, off cooperation