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Assertiveness - Saying No, Delegating, Negotiating

Chris Croft

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    • What is Assertiveness

    • Assertiveness : How To

    • An Alternative to Assertiveness

    • Delegate

    • Too Perfect

    • Personality Drivers

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About This Class

Assertiveness - Saying No, Delegating, Negotiating 


In this section we will be creating room for you to create the life you dream of. Right now you may be stressed or over stretched, and so have no time to either do things that make you happy, or make progress towards your goals. By using these practical, simple, and extremely effective techniques you can cut out weeks of unhappiness and time wasting from your year to give yourself huge amounts of freedom. Your life is only time so it's vital that you spend your time wisely and are in control.

Chris Croft is an international speaker, and widely published author, who's been teaching Delegating, Time Management and Assertiveness to companies for over 20 years. He's taught all over the world, as well as online, and has an entertaining and practical teaching style. This course is guaranteed to keep you engaged and amused, and teach you life changing skills for home and work.

The course overview includes:

  • Negotiating win-win outcomes at home and work
  • Being assertive, not aggressive
  • Saying 'No' and choosing happiness
  • And lots lots more!

By mastering assertiveness you can take control of your life and start saying No to things you don't want to do, and leave room to say Yes to things you love. Saying no needn't be difficult or uncomfortable - by using these practical guides to skills like delegating and negotiating you can become an assertiveness pro. Assertiveness is often mistakenly confused with aggression, but assertiveness is simply calmly stating what you want and being confident that you deserve what makes you happy.

Let's get into it!





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Chris Croft is one of the UK's leading trainers and provides a wide variety of courses designed to involve, inspire and motivate people of all levels. To date Chris has trained some 87,000 people and enjoys a 94% rate of repeat business. Chris is also a successful author, with his first book 'Time Management' published in 1996 to wide acclaim and has since been followed by fourteen others. His tip of the month email goes out regularly to over 10,000 people.

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