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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

27 Lessons (1h 20m)
    • 1. Welcome to the Course!

    • 2. Content Index

    • 3. Why Process Simulation?

    • 4. The Chemical Process

    • 5. Adding Components

    • 6. Choosing a Method

    • 7. Hi there!

    • 8. The Flowsheet

    • 9. Flowsheet Manipulation

    • 10. Unit Operations

    • 11. Adding Streams

    • 12. Heater

    • 13. Flash Drum

    • 14. Reactor (RStoic) + Adding Reactions

    • 15. Valve

    • 16. Take a break!

    • 17. Distillation Column (RadFrac)

    • 18. Distillation Column 2: (Distl)

    • 19. Compressor

    • 20. Pump

    • 21. Running the Simulation

    • 22. Getting Results

    • 23. Exporting Data to Excel

    • 24. Downloading the Results, Spreadsheet and Simulation File

    • 25. Course Closing

    • 26. Wrap-up

    • 27. Continue your Training

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About This Class

This is simple course on Plant Simulation will show you how to model the most used and common unit operations present in a chemical plant.

We will model a small plant including several "basic" unit operations such as:

  • Pump
  • Reactor
  • Valve
  • Heater
  • Distillation Column
  • Flash

This is helpful for students, teachers, engineers and researchers in the area of R&D and Plant Design/Operation.

The course is didactic, with a lot of applied theory and Workshops/Study cases.

At the end of the course you will be able to setup a simple simulation, run it, get results such as heat duty, composition of streams, overall material and energy balances and some other specified unit operation parameters.

This is recommended specially for those willing to start their journey on their simulation/modeling via software career.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Emmanuel Ortega

Passionate Chemical Engineer


I've been in the Chemical Industry for about 3 years. I love applying all my knowledge learned in University to the Daily Engineering Life. From working in a Petrochemical Plant as a Process Plant Designer to working with textile material from Polyester Yarns; I could teach you a lot of how it is important to learn the Engineering subjects!

My expertise:

Chemical Process Design Plant Design Heat Transfer Operations and Equipment Design Industrial Polyester Yarn Online Tutoring

Right now I'm preparing online material for Engineers all over the world. I have a dream in which online education will break all barriers and let Engineers all over the world learn easier and faster! Please join me in my quest!

The Courses I design are entirely dynamic. You will see theory an... See full profile

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1. Welcome to the Course!: I just wanted to give you the welcome tothis course to these ethnic plus introductory course and, as the name stated is a very introduction toe a spend. Plus, we're going to model a very basic process. We're going to learn the basics on what toe act to this Malaysian. What's the scene? Malaysian? What's it's used for? And important results that we can get from it. Especially what do we need? Toe stay the simulation, the property environment, what type of competence we can, what type off flute packages or method we should use, which are the recommended one. And once we finish with that, we start learning a little bit on the flu shot. If there is nothing more than the area in which will be adding the unit operation processes the streams, energy material streams, Andi placing which will be running this Malaysian, we will be adding the important and require data for each off the streams and units and eventually we're going to run the simulation, see what can we get from the suffering percent and stated it's a very instructor level. It's only one hour on the link, and I hope that you really, really learned the global idea on how powerful asked McCloskey's. And hopefully you want to learn or train yourself for further Aspen Tech education for instant aspen high seas or continue with spent loss. So I will be here present. If you need to have anything, please at it here, in the comments or in the discussion board, we will be discussing, especially your doubts, your comments and how to simulate maybe something related to the process. Once again, I want to give you the welcome to this course on. I hope you enjoy this course. See you in the next video. 2. Content Index: So let's take out the index that we will be working on. So first, we're going to give a little bit introduction to Aspen. Plus so what? He's what you school for? What's the simulation like? And so on. Then we continue with our chemical process. What are we going to model in these specific course? The unit operations, the streams temperature, pressure type off unit, abrasion, etcetera. Then we go directly into the requirements or a simulation set up essentially the least requirements for the property environment, which is essentially just toe provide the competent list and the methods for the fruit package. Then we see a little bit on simulation environment, which is the next step after completing the property environment. The first part will be essentially talking about what's the flow? Shit. How can we manipulated flow Shit? How can we had streams, unit operations, etcetera. Then we continue with this second part of the simulation environment which is actually adding our unit operations. How to add all the input data have changed data and how to connect streams, how to feel all the required data using the next water. Then we run the simulation and get the results and making little analysis on what's happening with our plan we had ever. We cannot for ever how to develop the problems we got and see how can we could improve the process and then we make a final conclusion. We review what we learned and finally, a bonus section. 3. Why Process Simulation?: so I mean, we have to solve these guys. These say chemical plant a reactor a year has a scrubber, has saved the country which supports liquid from maybe other sold its or at bay present. And we have these distillation column. So let's say we have all the temperatures, composition and number of place. We have everything to calculate the process, and suddenly we have a change on pressure. Or maybe he's temperature right here, fails and increases by two Celsius. Or maybe the master no increases due to the demand on the plant. So how can we model these without actually modeling each time would be given temperature? That will be a really very difficult task to do, especially every day, especially. This is a very complex plan making having these everything changes. Let's say we have this chemical plant this plant number one, that's it. This plant number two, this is unit number, tree and unit number or well, each depends on the periods. One a changing one will make attention to, which makes a change in three and so on. So how can we model these without actually going one by one? Modeling by heart typically is why we used process, modelling, process, modelling and simulation. It is very important in the chemical industry, especially to get actual data. It makes us not only a issue work, but faster. We take this time to analyze the data. Then we take multiple and simultaneous processes. Pro simulations. We can think different real life's in areas. So that's also good. Different change on raw material, for instance, Now it also loves us toe calculate the pricing and cost depending on the raw material, the plant cost utilities and so on. And it is interesting in order to see us stated before, what will happen if there is a change in temperature or pressure and see right here all these? What if scenarios are here? That's what I will say very interest. Not only that, this is already a very common practice in the industry to believe that chemical, oil and gas plants are already simulating processes, especially with high seas and aspen plus and, well, other kind of industry. More generic or brought industry production of ammonia gas, hydrogen gas, lower alcohol industry and so on. Some benefits besides, the one we really saw is well, we can calculate specific date down stream flows, the composition changes. Check out physical properties, how to define on understand the signing operation of unit operations. And we can very fight math and every balances from Plattsburgh phenomena, especially on this dilation units and salt. Okay, it's help US design, which decreases the time with this weird decreasing number experiments, and we can do less and spend less in people. That's because we already know the results. So we go with a much more informed data rather than actually do the plant or Philip tent by itself. Now operations well, it helps to improve existing process. So if you have a process, you can simulate it and check out the what if scenarios eventually get a decrease on, maybe he duty or increasing purity and so on. Also, couples for safety and houses check out which species streams Unit's operations are in a certain and plenty of water that you got here. It's better, Of course, it's much better to have a curriculum on simulation. It makes you better engineer, especially if you're going to press injuring. That's almost a a must. Now. It's also good for analytical an American minds because you understand easily. You can separate, distribute and split a problem, and it's a work for you. Understand the plant composition, how it can be model, How can it be changed and so on? Also, it's good for the booking and picks many times and re elect you don't know how to fix or the buck. You can do it on the plant. And if it works on the simulation, maybe hopefully it works on real life. Now, that's why we use chemical process simulation. 4. The Chemical Process: This is our process, dirham, which we will be working on and this applause and in the flu should Google be adding the streams on getting operations or blocks? So let me talk about first our process. We got these pre actually, let's add all the data here. Smoke There we have the unit or preference year, which it has temperature pressure in Florida and the conditions off the street competitions . So that's the only thing we need. Toe. Define a history. It goes to this hater. This hitter operates at 40 Celsius. That is its hearing from 15 cells used to foreign Celsius at the same pressure. There's no pressure drop. Then we have this feet, which is, let's say that it goes to this flash. The flash operates automatically with a temperature giving up three centuries, and at 10 bar, there's not dropping pressure. So we got here vapor and we got here. Like the vapor is actually mostly natural gas, which is methane pain and a little bit of propane butane on all other nights year olds it. Then it goes to these combustion chamber, which is actually a reactor. It's take a metric reactor, which converts Essentially, all the hydrocarbons lost the air, which is oxygen mostly. And naturally any energy will go directly in and out. Do seal too. And water. We got these. Lower it for the air. Maybe it excess air. We don't still we don't know that, but probably we will know it once we run this simulation and verified this stack gas is that guy's shoulder theory. If it were complete combustion at 100% sure contained on these hell to each toe. Oh, and naturally. But most likely, we're going to happen a little bit more oxygen because he sees in excess now the liquid, which is them. That's a most interesting part, or our process will be there. Pressurize it from 10 bar to bar with this ball. Then we bring these feet. First column The first column will be model with a rap Frank in a clean room conditions. It has 15 stages. The Phillies at the eighth stage. It has a partial vapour. Pass a this liberate the 20 killer more for hours. We should be 20 kilometer per hour. Dan has a reflects off $5. These right here is five more. The pressure off operation ease 1.95 are. So we're assuming there is no pressure drop off course in real life. That does not happen. We will assume this is correct. Now the paper should be mostly liquefied petroleum gas. It's essentially propane. Ample thing as well. We're going to have a little bit off the thing and methane and maybe some more heavy others . Then in the bottoms we'll have the second feet which go to the installation unity he sees called or what? This will be model with the distill Call it. It has 20 stages and 10 will be defeat Stage right here We have a total condenser, so these will be liquid and we have you a border which is at 2.10 bar. In this case, we do have a pressure crop. So it starts from 1.9 bar here and it drops up to we're down to 2.10. So he's feet. So did this leg will be liquid. And he should be mostly hydrocarbons containing six coverage that he's been seen and seek low except and these bottom products should be pressurized. Actually, it will be increased. Maybe it has a pressure drop off the next stream off 0.5 hours, or we need to increase. It has an efficiency, and thes contains mostly hydrocarbons with seven Carville's that it will be the total when she's been seen and a midfield. So this is our process. Try to learn it. Sorry, I forget compressor. This compressor wheel act isn't tropically has an efficiency of 88% and shul increasing pressure to pipe are to remember. It starts from to bar and we should increase it to five are no playing up here. So try to remember at least all the unit operations on important Street. So the unit's operations are heater slash you reactor compressor. The distillation column, which will be the rat Frank, This second estimation column, which will be desolate and these bump right here. That's where the people important streams will be, of course, in its streams, which is thes one. And these were here, which we need to state the compositions, and this will be the product strips. You also need to happen as well, because those are the let's say the things we want to learn about on eventually. Well, of course, you need peace streams well, the stream, the stream and TheStreet so And he's so these are process tried to trinket, if you can. So groups. I have three, the image already printed. You can print this directly so you don't have to go to the video section or these light section your spent it and you can relate it much easier. 5. Adding Components: so you can see we are right now in the property environment and we have this red message right here which hes it requires input in order to be complete and continue. So the first things when it do is to add the competent list. So let's go to our presentation right here and check out what the winning physical properties They are looking swinging to feel confidence, which are Metheny think propane with things a coaxing benzene, toluene and the air companies. So let's do that at school. Who? Our civilization and at them we can either at the molecule and will panic. You can sticking name, which I think is the pieces. One thing. Pain or we can if we don't know the formal name, Weaken directed Search out here saying and wait for it to load May times. It's one of the top three searches. Let's wait for it. Fine it And it's right here. Just verified that the alias is actually before Mullah. So we know that cyclic saying has six governments and 12 patriots. Let's double click that, and it has been at it. Now we need told Wayne and see, and we need to add the air companies, which is mainly oxygen, and next. So this is how we feel the competent list. It's so easy. Don't worry if you missed any component, for instance, years focused on the hydrocarbons and then you are working in this simulation and you remember that you need to at a It's a Airstream years go here at your oxygen and naturally into the companies, and that will be everything. You won't have any problem adding further Collins. So see you in the next video, in which we will be working on the myth. 6. Choosing a Method: So now that we have filled up the component least we need to fill up the property method. The property method well, essentially just a matter that will be used to model all these literal properties. For instance, year relationship between methane and ethane. How they interact their activities to ask cities, discussion densities. All that physical properties will be model with these method. Right, here's Let's go here. These are companies. The next step is to feel, at least already metal and well, let's say you don't know. For instance, in this case, we do know that we need to use pain Robinson charities. But I said you don't know. So let's go to the metal assistant and the method of system will help you to choose the best method for these properties. So let's say you can choose between the process type or the competent type. I would choose company type. We do know this a hydrocarbon systems. So let's just have a carbon system. Do we contain petroleum assays or several companies? No, we don't. So, yeah, I spend recommended to use either pen Robinson, which is the one which will be using. He saw the red Li kwong equations or the league as the doctor. Anyway, you can choose between them. Spend Robinson. If you have any doubts on what does thes mother lose? Well, essentially the paper. Make sure we calculate the gas city coefficients stances anthem be entropy gives reentry will be calculated with these also the gases coefficient stated before the activities and so on. Let's go and choose these Pang Robbins here and you can see it will choose all these data. But we need to continue and randy method because actually the method requires the parameters we can steal at the winery interactions by hand type it one by one But this is a suffer simulation magic We just take your next And as you can see, the method Ron the interactions for us. So we have all the interaction between them, etc. The oxygen ETRA gaining traction didn't seem nitrate interaction Still Wayne and the thing So all these little compounds instead of actually we putting all the data our method has working all for it for us. So you can see we have all blue check mark. We can continue to the simulation environment and start working with our flushed 7. Hi there!: other guys. I'm really happy that you are taking thes curse very severely. You are watching this video already. It means that you're right. Took at least something first Lessons on one off. The most important parts I want to ask you here is to leave a honest review. Please leave a comment if you like it. You didn't like it. Be the more specific you can so I can improve for the student that have already enrolled now and for all. Future stool. It's so we can not only discourse but all all their forces I will be creating here. So I really appreciate the time you take It only takes about maybe wanted to minutes and it would really help me as an instructor and all the students as a community learning community. Thank you. 8. The Flowsheet: So now let's talk about this immolation environment. The first thing you will note in the simulation environment east that we have these little , little this big area right here, which is a white or blank area. This is our working area, this cold closure. We also have plenty off bother manners which are not present in the in the property environment. And you can see we need to stay afloat at least one stream in order to work. So well, this is overall the simulation environment. We don't need these right here, so let's get rid of it. This is the model palette. We're going to see it later. And, well, let's start read the manipulation off the flow Shit. 9. Flowsheet Manipulation: whenever working with the flow shit, you can ab streams at blocks and they will be added to thes folders right here. So let me start by adding a material stream, which is one of the most ca moments. This is district these material stream, and then me change the name and say this is will be the prayer. Now we can add a little blocks, right? You look, number one you can name me that makes you and well, let's say we consume means, um, Out move, Trudy to the lotion. You consuming here always whenever you're far away from defeat and it will some two feet The process since the president right now is on the stream and a mixer that will be the Now let's say you don't like this image. Let's say you have actually a different process. This mixer, you say static process static mixtures. So let's change the icon. Click with the right bottom and you will have these main is right here. It's a chain Chaiken until one that you actually, like so sane also connected much. You say much more rustic. Uh, but she will heat work. We don't want that within these. Now this say t you say cross? This is more like a vessel and these is what I wanted. This is a static mixer in a top A pack. Sorel. It's choose one. So you can also rotate the second You want to change these right here. But we're not going to do it because then the in it will be right here. Still, you can move it, but because we rotated it, it's to the right side. So typically Well, I leg starting the press from left to right. So let me let me manipulate these and move it to the site. You can also move the tag. Always. You can remote to take it. You don't want to hide it. You can hate the i. D. It showed. I actually prefer showing the eighties. Don't have it. You can add some annotations you have, or you can show the global data you have. You can also change a little bit on the collar styles. So, for instance, if you want to show these say new process, maybe you want to add this, that this is actually not existent. Maybe it's a very high size of pipe, so you can change it if you want. Maybe this is very hard. So you want to add it, right? Maybe it's too called. So you want to read it and look how it changes. Actually, whenever I see simulations, I never see people using this. So this is a very interesting way of showing new theoretical pipes. Maybe say, Well, I know that we're modeling with a cold stream, but I want to show with group and so I'm going to use the default color for okay. We can also add, well, a swell we can remove. So let's choose thes one right here or click it and Click Express. We wanted to let the blood. Yes, I also want to leave this stream Yes, and many times you will not be able to bring it back. So let's click controversy, which typically will be undue. But in this specific case, you can have a new units or a curious to try to avoid that takes suppressing or removing streams. We can also add streams for heat. You can also add streams work, and you can always add different type off looks. We're going to see that I just wanted to show you how to be able to manipulate the closure . Now let me go back. You are in this tree. Moment is right now and you just want to select You go here and you will be able to snakes . So you essentially this is most off what I want to show you. Always be aware that whenever you money politically flow shit the's holders real change in the total amount of units. So you have plenty of streams. You will have a plan to your father's You have one one block right here, which is not the case right now. But that's adds, Let's add three blocks. They will appear in the blocks it's not to treat for even if you change that safe left to it would change name This is reactor. They will change as well. This is what I want to show you on the ice. You don't need that much into the manipulation is very intuitive. And while many times you have doubt always go to the help 10. Unit Operations: Now it's time to talk about unit operations and unit operations are essentially all the blocks that are present right here. Some units operations are very interesting, such as reactors, distillation columns and other our very simple, such as simply being a mixer or exploder, maybe a flash straume or a heat exchanger and so on. Even between hitting changes, you can have a very complex here change system right here, or a very simple one, which will only model the heat amount for the heat to cure required. So let me give you an overview right here. This is the mixers, or spitters. Essentially, they will either join or speed streams. Material streams. You can also add heat, the streams or extremes. Etcetera. Separators are essentially based on one single stage, a equilibrium base. So, for instance, flesh two will be used to separate paper and liquids. Hey, the cantor will be used to separate the heavy liquid and lightly quicks, and someone senior will be used to heat or cool. This kid exchange will be a little bit more precise on the amount of strange requirements. Be cold and hot streams and so on. We have columns D c state this religion column units, and this is a simple distillation. This is much more. It's a complex and this more detail distillation model. You have distraction, more diffraction, and you can also model absorption units, and so are typically will be using these asked distillation columns or absorbers. We have two reactors they will be based depending on. For instance, this one right here will be four steak a magic reactions. This will be based on a certain field, and these two right here are based on equilibrium reactions. It will calculate he keeps free energy, and they will use the K value in order to see which reaction is favorite and the activity who actually calculated in order to achieve equilibrium or we have thes the CST are, which is the continues to your tank reactor or the pluck flow wrecked, even batch reactors. We have better change your shower relatively seem to it in the columns of reactors, their palm compressors, a multistage compression evolved and pipes if you want to model some pressure drops. Manipulators were not introduced these ones right here, but they're also very interesting, especially when you are working with a complex system solids. Well, we're not going to use solids, but you can use some separation. Solid manipulations crystallize er's and saw one. Or if you have a model, you can use it by yourself. You just need to input the data and that say you have this model, which is a pretty unique model. Four membranes. You just add it. And that will be so whenever you have doubt simply go here. Just were in this simulation environment opened the simulation environment and unit operation models and each unit Operation Model East. Explain that, say we want to understand the are Start the reactors to commit locally based, and it's it's a the reaction kinetics are unknown or unimportant. For instance, in combustion, we don't care how it goes because we know it's fast. We just want the outcome which will be temperature and the mass balance. This the chemistry is unknown or you can add it and you can simply specified the extent of reaction or conversion. So this is one of the simple one. The Geo is to kill based on reactor state commentary steel without kinetics being the important factor used at the jail decision data and the reactor will calculate all the pertinent. So this is the most important part of the unit operations just to know where they are placed. And in the following videos we will be working with the plant and adding all the input requirements for each unit operation used. 11. Adding Streams: So in this specific case, we will be in putting all the data require for the new streams. So where you have to raw material streams, which is the train fit, which is the essential feet. We will be working on its 100 kilometers per hour 50 Celsius at Tim Bar. So we got the smaller composition right here and we got the Airstream, which is also raw materials. We need air which is pressurized at Thame Bar, 50 sell shoes and 1200 kilo mo per hour. So let's do this. It's the first team that's called these the feet. Perfect. Perfect. Now let's add the air. Let's go here and click here. So the prophet you can see we need 15 sales is and Tim bar. The basis will be Moeller basis 100 killing more. Yes, ensure that we're using killing more power. If we were using kilograms per hour, you need to check it out. But currently we're in the Muller basis, so we will have to change the mass basis where you see more per second. You can do it this well more per second this year. But in this case, he's killing up her our now the basis will be more fraction. So she's more a fraction. And now feel up all the components. So let's go back here. We need 15 15 5 pain is paints 7.5 11 living for between. You keep saying 12 and since 20 enter luminous 19. So we ST zero and see this is now. This is not fully defined. As you can see, it's now blue check mark. It's very important that it's blue check marks. If it is not such as air, you need to go fill it up. Secure. We know it's 15 cells is we know it's time bar. We know smaller basis. We know it's 1200 so it is interesting that we have cereal for every single one piece is pure. There's just defined the oxygen and the tree. They should have always won. On this way, we add streams. Thes are now fully defined 12. Heater: So now it's time to add all the blocks or unit operations were going to start with. The here here is in the junior tap right here. We can choose either the heater or he could change. We're going to use thes your liberation. The heater. It's one of the samples units. Let's call it Peter and we need to define it. So double click it. You can see it's not really fine, so we need to define it Now. We're going to define these s temperature and pressure. We know the pressure will be in bar because it's in the same pressure and the temperature that we want to achieve its 50 senses. Sure, it's 40 sevens, and we need to state that both faces vapor and liquid parabolic. All these steps are not required. As you can see, the block is now. Heater book is now solidifying the's way. We have finished, particularly you want to hold, he put. So let me connect him so he's now connected and this will be a defeat if we were to run it . Actually, that's wrong. Let's say you want to run it. We will have been defined, which no errors so that's fine, because we have everything so we can still publicly and check out the information results will be here heater with results and we have completed the paper friction heat due to requirements on DSO. So the way you can see if you are able thing today that correctly I'm going to do that in order unit operations. But this is very important to you to know that you can always shake You are running out the unit operating correctly if you are putting all the data. 13. Flash Drum: So now let's continue with the flash unit that you can see. We need a flash which operates at 40 cells. Use. And remember, this is flash unit to school here on the flash using the separator block. So let's go here and this is our lash. Click it at it. It's changed the number flash, and that you can see it will require three streams one in the stream which is defeat, and one going out in the 2nd 1 going out. So this will be the paper stream. This will live stream. So one important thing right here is to note that even though if I add the's and stated asleep quit and thesis paper, it doesn't matter has been will not know the This is not a instruction. It's simple. A definition off the stream, the name of this room. But the paper was still go here. Let's say we do. Safeties will be liquid to Even though I saved this liquids and is liquid, these will still be calculated as a paper. Okay, so we have defined these and we're still acting that double ticket. It's now for the complete. Typically, when we treat this s at theocratic really state that the temperature remains fixed and the pressure remains fix you wanted as well. You could say toothy equal serum, and it will be still defined. But yeah, it's simply state that the temperature the same. And since temperatures fixed, these will be state that asked, Fixed right here. Off course. It's going to have vapor and liquid. So let's make this valid faces. Let's run it and you can see everything is fine at school to the results. There are no problems and you pick here in the flash, you could check out over the the results. It has a baby fraction. It has he duty and so on. He did these almost serious. You can see to the minus 11 power off course. It's zero. In real life, you will not be hearing these units 14. Reactor (RStoic) + Adding Reactions: So now let's add the reactor chamber which will be actually the combustion chamber were going to use a stick you metric reactor. And because we have plenty of more data we need to go to the next this life. So important things to define is either you choose, it s a theocratic which will be heated, people zero, the pressure will be 10 bar or for the temperature cannot be stated because we want to know the final temperature. Okay, so reactions are given. Here's to commit 100% and this is going to be a little bit habeas because we need to state each combustion equation because we don't know we're going to have, let's say, a little bit of two line or maybe syrup incense. The best thing is to add all the material which you know it can become busted. For instance, nitrogen gas. Well, leave it as it is. It's not likely that these comforts toe any knocks, so this can be ignored. But all the other ones Ostby State that said that scoop here this at the reactor directors are in director tough. We're going to use the are stuck. So we had it. This is This will be the combustion chamber at reactor. It needs at least one stream. Going out off course is going to be our final. It's called and this one will let's because paper is kind of confusing. That's assumed this most naturally. Not for against. Okay, so let's school through. Actor Let's say we are going to shoot. His duty will be Syria. I think we're not going to cool it down or hit. The pressure will be operated. 10 r and technically speaking, this is on the paper. All the now the reactions I will definitely recommend you toe Either skip these or fast forward because we're going to take a little off time. Just pay attention on this one. The 1st 1 and then you can fast forward methane and oxygen produces sealed too, which is not present. And that is what I wanted to show you guys. No worries. I stated before, whenever you have to add a new components, just go back off course he is. They want to change it and what run the method. But as you can see, the method is in full Iran. And once we run it, the new interactions are calculated, so continue with your reactor for two things. One, the 1st 1 was sealed due to and water. So the one of the things that unlike that much the's right here is that you actually need to input all the data, so you need to know the balance. In this case, it's OK because I know how to balance the reactions. But many times it's kind of TV's with the finest one. With respect of a thing, confidence would be a thing. Occean. We'll produce hell, too water. So this case is relatively easy because we're assuming complete combustion off the materials and fully compassion that is all these converting to C 02 and H Door. It will be interesting to assume that Onley certain percentage is based on. That's a only 50% based on the unit of ethane or propane. Or maybe even I don't know. There's subjectivity for pink. Well, actually prefer converting to carbon monoxide. And so, But in this case worries this is going to be the easy case. You need to learn first how to use thes. Then you will start wondering how to actually model the units. The Street. Four based on for pain. No, the thing was staying here. CNN Water actually, let's go back here is still remain to retain 13 8 stew. 13 8 13 eight face, Of course, vomiting. This is six. Look saying oops, course it cannot be present world sites, she cooks saying, will be one nine six. Only two left. Which scene these two 15? Well, thanks and finally, total Buoying. One problem here is that you don't if you don't defined, it'll win reaction. For instance, you assume it's going to be okay, that they will not react well. It would have to be going out of fuel reactors. Aspen will not model it, and we let assume that this is a combustion chamber. That's interesting, because you know that if you have open flame and spark, it will actually combust. So that's important to remark that this model is not that good. You know, if your I assume there will be compassion, you need to state it for sure next. So that's running the combustion key. Hopefully, there are no errors. Wait for it. There's an error in the combustion chamber That school should get out. It's only a warning. So he'll be fine. Okay, essentially states that it's normalized. That's fine. That's today serious. Every just a warning. Actually, we can ignore it. It's fine. And this mainly because we don't have inlet. So we're assuming that there is a reaction and there's no reaction. So that's run that again, pages full of defying next steel. We have warnings, but that stack composition you can see there's only sealed to water, oxygen and nitrogen, which assumes that there waas fooled rash. That's that's fine. We don't need to know much more. We are. We know that these working. So let's I assume that this is fully work. These watched the reactor. 15. Valve: So now let's continue with the power, which is very easy. Now. We have already calculated he's one right here, So let's go and check out the ball Ball will change the pressure. So go to the pressure changer tap. And here it is that me here calling all, Let me connected. And it will require, of course, one of it. Let me bring this here and he's appears it's called. These will be the 5th 2 number ones. Let's call it feet off Column number one. The only just ensure always to click in the operation. The only parameter that I need to state either. It's going to be a pressure drop or an out of pressure, since I know that I want to achieve two point cereal bar. I cool. Stay directly. The of the pressure really in evolved. There could be paper liquid, and I'm going to let it, but I'm pretty sure this is going to be mostly liquid, so well, I didn't know there's going to be a mix, so be sure to ensure that thesis. Okay, we don't need to add any other parameter so we can go and count. You can even run it just to ensure that you have all the data. Complete warnings are the same because we already know that the reactor had some warnings, but it has run, and this composition should be calculated. And they are so that's the involved. 16. Take a break!: hi, guys. One of the most important parts I want to give us a tip is to actually rest between the simulations. You need to take a little bit time between each simulation, especially if you're taking one hour, two hours each time each session. Just stop it. Go out, take a break. Take it. Coffee. 80 maybe even a year. It really helps for you for your help. Also, you being working, Maybe, I don't know. 2 to 3 hours trying to stretch. Stretch your arms erased. Try to move them your next, well, shoulders. It's really important because it will help you not only to connect your mind with your body , but it will also help you to get into the simulation. Maybe taking a five minute break. We'll take you or will save you Terry minutes off simulation. So that's one of the most important parts, even though it's not actually related to ask him directly. But it's a very important part on taking any type, of course, especially on bankers. So go out, take a five minute breaks. See you then in five minutes 17. Distillation Column (RadFrac): So now let's add the distillation column that we need. The 1st 1 is the Rat Frank, which is one of the most complete or most detail columns, especially for distillation columns. We will need the number of stages total, the number in which we will be adding the feet, the type of a convention which is partial operator. The desolate rate, which will be 20 kilometers per hour. He reflects rate, which is five. Muller that he's five. He's going back to the column, whereas wine is going up as a product and the Operation Pressure will be wanting 95 bar. So we assume there is no pressure as well here. Mixers. No, we need to go to the column tab at the rap Frank, which is here, and you can choose between all these you It's right here and the truth that we want that the standard column. So let's at these ass call along what it's this year, and we know it needs one fit and at least two prophets. Those here I was here let me name these when asked feet number two, because it's going to Second column and let me add the's ass no ploy loves or that's just late one. Now we need to input the data. As you can see here we have mostly everything. Okay, but the columns, that's double click the column and first things first we need to add the's s an equilibrium operation, the number they just are. 15. The condenser you as the partial for that, that is. We air recirculating or we have reflects off the paper. The reward is a cattle valid faces off course are old, and let's go to the distillate rate will be muller 20 more per hour reference racial A stated five streams. We need to stay fit stream, which is the eighth stage. Okay, Vapor is going to be one like it's going to be 15. That's fine. Now we need to steady pressure. We can add a pressure profile section pressure drop or simply at an all girl pressure state , so I'm going to assume there is not dropping pressure. So by doing these, the column will be stated. Asked 1.954 condenser. It's okay. You don't need to state any temperature recorder. It's okay. You don't need to stay. So let's go to the main closure and Ron this. Hopefully everything goes fine and stated, No, ever. That's awesome. 18. Distillation Column 2: (Distl): So it's let's continue with the distillation column Number two, which will be much simpler. Column. It's essentially distill the I is TL. It has 20 stages, 10 feet as we're going to feed it in the tent stage. It's a total condenser. The desolate figuration will be on takes. The ref routes will be four mauler, and in this case we're going to consider a pressure drop. So it goes on the top one Pernetti on the bottom 2.1. So first things first, go to the column, tap and choose to this field. We're going to have one in it. Let's assume we have yeah, all its two outs. This will be the six stream, which is essentially been seeing and cyclic saying, See seven stream, which will be the pull Wayne ST Now, at this. And as you can see you once again, we need to define block number. This block columnar number stages 25th stage traffic ratio, I think, was five. Sure. Four distillate treasures. 65 I think so. 60 Contents or type? Yes, Total condenser pressure 90 To say what? Just to be sure. Yeah, and as you can see, that's everything we wanted to know. So there's much simple asked the rat track using it to know the stages with stage reflects racial, given the desolate flow, etcetera. Now we run these a just. We just want to ensure there are no errors. They are not so these will be already stated. It has converged these worthies, distillates or distill. 19. Compressor: now let's continue with the process. We have already added the columns. We need to add a compressor and a pump. Let's start with the compress room. It stayed there. He's a compressed with 88 Eastern Tropic Efficiency. So let's do that. Compressors are once again impressive changers. These over here, you can use whatever you want. Let's assume the image we want and it will click Well, actually, let's change the name first. We have been groomed. That's obviously compressor. We have a in. It's the just the late one, and as a product we have these, it's called. This is Be liquefied petroleum gases L. P G. Guess which essentially pertain for pain and double click it. The type is going to be easy entropic. You can use whatever model you want here. Really? Choose season traffic for the normal Isn't Tropic one this charge pressure? We don't have it. What? Right years. So let's go back. I think it was five. These five are So this is a two bar and it has no drop to 1.95 remember? And we need to increase it to five hours on the school. This church pressure is 5.5. Bar is in traffic. Efficiency must be stated in traction. 85. You had mechanical, you can add it. In this case, it's often no interest and weak run. Hopefully, everything goes fine. Yes, let's go back to the flu shot and it's check out the liquefied petroleum gases. You can see these mostly propane and what pain and something. So, yeah, I think it's fine. And now let's continue with the pump. 20. Pump: So our processes right here we are almost done. We have added these right here. The blasting distillation column. The confessor's let school back and see the Yeah, right here. We need the pump. It has the pressure increased thesis important not to add a pressure. The church, but increase. We're going to to your 0.5. Bar off whatever pressure was previously stated on these sun. Typically, when you have a process and you just know that you have a pipe large enough, or maybe you have some height that you need to recover and they will stay too well. Typically, we need a 5.5 bar extra pressure because these will be the pressure drop in this pipe. So we have the statement and the efficiency. So let's go back. Choosy Pressure Chenier right here at the pump and we need in its We need out it here, and this will be see Sam crowd. So actually change at the bottom. The C seven product, which will be sent to the I don't know. Maybe the client may be inside another plant. There's another plant or maybe factories. We need to send it that way. Double click it to define it. This a palm church pressure. Remember, this is not what we want. We want the pressure in Greece on five bar pump house and efficiency office 67 67 66.7% or 667 fracture You can see now it's everything that fine, Let's run it, state that no errors and we are down with assimilation. 21. Running the Simulation: so typically you will air all these streams and eventually cast around the simulation, but that you have been seen. I waas running the simulation whenever I added a unit operation. This is awesome because you ensure that you will have no problems with the simulation and remember these step by step so you can also run it. Let's say Aricept, Or is that this immolation? Yes, off the block or the compliance. Whatever you want. I'm going to reset the simulation, and these will start all over so I can do it step by step, running all together or yeah, essentially that one. You can run step by step. Let's do it and it tells you step by step. Now it's time for the flash. Let's run the flesh and that you can see you will see all the results gathering together eventually. What you want is to run all the simulation, and the most important part is to verify that you have no errors, especially very important Evers bluest control panels right here it will state all the errors, block it, pump it, say's everything here all about the errors, and it's very important to ensure that you don't have important Evers, so it stated warnings for issue during the input. Translation. So that's fine, because warnings are just little details. Sometimes there are important details, for instance, that you don't have a liquid winner. When you stated that you wanted a liquid stream, inlets or outfit, maybe you stated that on the paper fraction paper was allowed and you have a fraction off paper liquid, so it will stay the error and the warning story. Then there are the warnings, which are more serious problems. For example, if you don't convert the column so you state the conditions. And I don't know if this were imagining west nitrogen and oxygen and you just use to atmosphere and temperatures are about 100 sell shoes. Well, that, of course, would not separate nitrogen and oxygen from air. So the important part is always be sure that you don't have warnings and the most important part never work with neighbors Onley if you are sure that that ever is okay. But typically Evers are not welcome, so try to avoid it now. In the next videos, we're going to see the results how to check out the results. OK, say you in the next video 22. Getting Results: So let's check out the results. Results are very important because we do this in relation to get results and see what are the conditions, temperature pressures, energy requirements, compositions, Topol stream in its outlets and so on. So you can do these here and there some summer. You can check out this stream. All the streams are dependent here. You can also add the stream table here. You want to? I don't know. Maybe you want to have proper access. It's all here. I really don't like this when you get 20 off off unit's operations. So I really prefer going here and you can add a but Cherokee by streams and so on. You can even add. They user specify table. Which on the states, for instance, I don't know. The total more flow, the mournful compositions, your mobile kilograms per hour. Maybe you're working with plenty of units, so you want to know kilogram per hour and kilogram per second. The temperatures pressures, vapor fractions. Plenty of these interpretative you are most likely not going to be interested on. So you can do that that right now we're going to see how to go directly to the results. So let's say you want to know the heat deity of this heater right here with click here results and you go check out the temperature pressure. Some of them are in potato. Some of them are calculated later and you can see I cannot modify these right here because these are results. Not in predicting, so the heat duty. I can change it here. I don't know. Maybe a one kilowatt per hour. You know what our you know whats? Well, of course, power. So it's on the killer. What? The killer Jews per hour images per second and may I want whatever unit you want, maybe even horsepower. If you are using a pump, let's go to the results of the pump. Let's say the efficiencies here, the network requirement that's used a horsepower is right here, so you need very small amounts, very small stream. You can also check out the streams right here. You can even change the type off form, but I really prefer the full former, and this one right here is the stream off stack gas composition so you can see there's no methane, nothing any hydrocarbon. It's not present because we combusted them all. Converted toe CEO to water, and there is excess off oxygen on the night train should go in and out without direction. The perfection, of course. He's 100%. Guess maybe you want to check of the temperatures or what's the temperature we achieved? The temperature is 1000 cells use because, of course, we're combusting hydrocarbons, so that's are actually very interesting. It will be also good to see how much energy we can convert. I don't know, maybe toe hit energy and then to mechanical energy. What else? Let's see. What what are the temperatures outlets off the off, the some of the extremes right here. So the temperature out without the first column he's 25 cells use, and this one right here is she'll be something about 3 50 cells use on. Well, it's one hunts 13 self, just so you can see the profile temperature right here. That's interest that's sick are for the last because of the products electrical. How is C six compared with other materials? So we don't have methane or a thing, So that's a very good prepared, technically speaking, actually, technically speaking, we don't have any off light gases we have mostly cyclic saying mostly been seen on almost nothing coin's. This is a very good separation ship now the chick O C seven, which should be told Wayne alone and that you can see you. We have no methane, anything late gases, secret status, almost nothing been saying it's almost nothing compared to the hallway. So this is a very good separation. L P G guess now we have plenty off all gases off thes. It's mostly butane, ethane and propane. Really. We market as nickel quite petroleum gases, the propane ambled thing. So maybe we will went to recover this thing fractured. But this was not the scope of our presentation, but that will be a very interesting way to state. Maybe you have this in your work. You would state that we should recover. Maybe it's worth to recover thes natural gas and separated into the combustion. You could also state that what will happen if we decreased the moral Florida oxygen, assuming that we still have full complete compassion. So this way you can check out the results. Andi, Essentially, that's what I want to show you on this view. You can always check out directly the streams. You can go through the reports, results, reports, results, summary streams. If you have a custom, you can also add it. And most importantly, you can take out all these Include Excel. 23. Exporting Data to Excel: So let's assume that you went to convert all your dating to a spreadsheet. So modified all the data. You just need to go here in the recent summary and click on the streams. Custom select. Here. This bottom will select everything a copy. Go to excel and copy and paste it. Now I'm pretty sure you all right. No help working Sell. Typically, what I do is to choose everything at filters to the streams and get rid off all the information. I don't care, and typically I will form of all the let's say he see, these two streams are important, so I will add them. Scoot. This is a product and let's say the stack gas will be this one. The bad one. That's what I do. You can do whatever you want. You know how to use excel and, well, the awesome part right here that you can work and graph and do whatever they you went to manipulate. So this way we can always export data to excel 24. Downloading the Results, Spreadsheet and Simulation File: I'm going to prefer a document in which you will be able to see the typical questions that you will get from these immolation. So some examples will be What's the heat duty from the heater? What's the heated for the condenser off the distillation columns and the re boilers of the distillation columns? What are the purity? Ease in the products line? What are the more floor? It's what is the final temperature that would be achieved by the combustion chamber? What these D workload off the compressor and the pump? What is the less the perfection that is the relationship between the gas and liquid? We can also state what else? Let me see what that will be. Most of the problems that we went toe solved the heat, all the equipments duty. You can also check out the pressure drops. You can check out temperature profiles, composition profiles. I'm going to do a document you can don't let it, and most of the answers will be present as well. So Wanda Coleman will be the typical questions. Try to answer them by yourself, and the second document will be the answer to those questions with all the numerical baker . So there will be a one example the composition off important streams. So the C 67 liquefied petroleum gas, the natural gas and that gas you want toe identify the compositions right here. So I'm going to upload them into If you're watching these via video, just go here and get thesis ICT. If you are present in you, the me check out the course discussion board and there will be the link or check out the link on the description there will. There should be a document on these video as an attachment. Any doubt you may have just sent me an email and if you needed to commence in older, four months, you needed in PDF or you need them in spreadsheet, Excel on someone, you'll send me an email, and I will send you all the document. If you need the simulation as well, I would tend if you needed another version. Maybe version seven, version 8.5 so one can send it for you as well 25. Course Closing: guys. I am really happy that you made it. You finished all the lectures, and I want you to know that not every single student that starts courses finish them. So feel proud of yourself. I feel proud of you that it took the time to improve yourself to prove your location and toe get better in Aspen Tech. Softwares in this case has been plus simulations. And I'm pretty sure you will take advantage This course, especially if you go and go away to assimilate new processes in a mule suffer, you will be able to at least understand that you must stated properties. You must know how toe status, relation and how to work with the flow shit to get results. And what is their parking put? Maybe some on fixing problems that building Evers and someone. So I'm very happy for you guys. And once again, you have any doubt that you might got on the course and I will be willing to answer them in the comments section or the discussion work. So once again, I'm very happy for you and see you in the next course is if you're rolling one of that 26. Wrap-up: let's make a wrap up off the course or a conclusion. Closure. I'm really, really proud off us. Is that you made it? Not all the persons that start a course finish it. Actually, I was reviewing my analytics on the curse on previous courses, and I've seen that 1/3 off. The people will actually start the course and Onley about 20 to 30% will finish the course inside off those people that actually started the course. So about 10 to 15% is theatrical amount of person that finished course. So you're one of them. I'm really, really proud that you take the time to improve your suffer modelling technique. You curriculum as an engineer, and I'm pretty sure that this will at least work as a post on your city, your curriculum vitae. And what? Least but unless let me show you what you learned. So first things first you can, in theory, model a very simple process. I know this who s not a very complex process, but this is a very introductory course to aspect. Plus, so I want you to learn that real life processes might not seem that complex to model and backwards. Very single processes in real life are cool. Become complex the model een software modeling. So you now know that you just need to things toe have a physical property environment complete, which is the competent list. You know that you can add or remove whenever you need, and you need to choose a method package which will be run and get all the important properties which are used in the simulation. Now, you know that the simulation environment is nothing more than the flow shit running the flow shit and adding streams, input, data and blocks which are nothing more than unit operations as stated before, guys, you know, plenty off unit operations. Right now you know the here, which can also be the cooler because the input date is the same. You also know the flash separator, which is very come to separate the liquid from the paper. You also know distillation columns. I know. Maybe this was not a very in depth curse, but at least you know how to model. Do you require that? You know, pressure changers, the ball compressor and d pump. And you know, most importantly, that you can always find for help and check out the inquiry later that you need in order to start this relation. Also very important. You know how to run the simulation and at least the taxi warnings and w also tried solved. Avoid warnings and Evers and so one. You also know how to get the results, and once you get them, export them to excel so you can manipulate it into a much more understanding. Or, let's say, friendly or the other colleagues for your boss, for your students, whatever now stated before and now he's one of the most important parts here. The results are nothing. If you don't make an analysis analysis I require, especially if you are an engineer, you want to optimize, you want to improve, you want to decrease cost and environment, asserts safety. House arts Maybe so. This tool is nothing Without creativity and analysis, you need toe try to search other options. So in this example, why do we need a distillation unit? Why couldn't we? I don't know. Maybe instead of two we need on the one or maybe maybe even tree will be better. It will be a little bit expensive, but you will see that in the long run is cheaper because we're saving. I don't know a thing. We're selling it instead off combustion. Why are we boring? That is because we need to burn it because we don't have a plan that can use methane and ethane property. So also, why do we need to pressurize that? Why waas the compressor that high? Why do we need five bar? Maybe you can ask yourself, Maybe the claim requires this at four bar, and I am adding one bar in order to a boy. Pressure losses. So let's go and check out Why is there a lot of pressures? I don't. There are plenty of things you could be thinking, and this is important off the engineer. That's why a computer will never replace an engineer, because engineers will think outside box. You need to go further and well. Essentially, that's what I want to show you guys. I know this is a very it's a simple course, but I'm pretty sure you enjoy it, and you have learned at least a little bit 27. Continue your Training: in case you were wondering what will be the next step? Well, you can continue with your education and training with Aspen Tech as follows. Well, I'm going to show you the aspirin plus offers and Aspen High Seas suffer. They're similar in that they air used to model processes. But of course, each one of them has different applications. Rial life. You will either work with aspirin plus or has been high seas. Well, first things first we were working with aspirin. Plus, so the next step will be enrolling to a basic course, which will show you a little bit more in unit operations. More how to get help. More reporting, more on how to solve mornings and Evers Inter Mediate Course will most likely show you moron, logical operators, moron and sensitivity cases, analyses and so on. The advanced course will be a little bit more specific on unit operations that are not that juiced. They will be more on the type of industry you working for, and I think it will be much more nici applications. Also, you were went toe world with dynamics, maybe even their economic analysis, heat exchange analyses and the safety analysis those will be most are more likely to be specific courses. If you want to learn more on the basic course, I was telling you Well, essentially, you have everything here. You can click post on reddit. I would explain it. It's more on the unit operations. More on the, uh, let's say it's much more workshops in case studies. You will have to work more on simulations, and you will be ableto do more complex simulations, more company ins to choose different packages. Morgan and operations, better reporting and better analyses with falter optimization. More on technical stuff, more on physical properties. How can you add your own substances? Petroleum essays, how to add graphs, maybe property, substance, properties and so one you will be able also in footer at dance courses. Toe increase? I don't know, Maybe much separation. Rector Engineering More on CST are more kinetic theory. More equilibrium. Understand more unit operations and specific course. Well, you will have much more. It's a specific on Junichi and house. Well, we will add more logical operators took. This will be Aspen. Hi seas is a pregnancy Miller. You can take it as well. I'll recommend because it helps you. Maybe you like it much more bean working with both of them. I actually I think high cyst salad with more intuitive. But loss is also very very. It's a powerful, so it depends on what type off process you're going to do. I can say you overall, which one is the best. It depends mostly on what type of process you will be working on. Also has been high says it's much more used in the oil and gas industry. There are specific courses for that. You can work much more for petroleum assays and with heating change. So it's last but not least and really wanted to thank you that you took the time toe take this course. Hopefully you like it. Police leave a review. It really helped me, especially be specific. Tell me what you like, what you didn't like and off course I will striking proof for this course of bacon and if not for for their cases, typically they tell me that they want me to be more dynamic to show my face, and I will definitely try to do that in further cases in future cases. And yeah, whatever you reviews I really appreciate it. If it's five star review or once a review, I really, really appreciate it. It helped me to improve for you and for many other students. So, yeah, essentially, that's all I wanted to show you guys. I really appreciate it and see you in the next course is if I see you. Or maybe I don't know. You never know when you're going to meet a fellow engineer, but