Asian Style Salad+Rice, the All-time Perfect Lunch | Grace Aw | Skillshare

Asian Style Salad+Rice, the All-time Perfect Lunch

Grace Aw, Asian Vegan in Transition.

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7 Videos (11m)
    • Introduction

    • Ingredients Preparation

    • Double boiling Rice

    • Seasoning for Salad

    • Salad Making

    • Getting ready to serve

    • Alternative ingredients


About This Class

In this class, i show cast what makes up the Asian flavours. 

I used orange peels, although it's not produce of Asian. I used shredded matured coconut flesh as a texture enhancer. In the videos, you will know what are the alternative ingredients to replace the things that you don't have or can't find. I demonstrate how to make a salad with Asian flavours with seasonings and flavourful vegetables.

Some people are always in doubt how to really clean the vegetables, in this class you will learn the basic and cheap method.

Not all rice cookers do their job perfectly. If you really have problems with dried rice, uncooked rice, or too much moisture in your rice, do spend some time learning this DOUBLE-BOILING method. It can almost guarantee a bowl of perfect rice! 

If you prefer SLOW method, so do i. Instead of using a food  processor, i prefer cutting them manually. I will show you how to fine-chopping vegetables in a quicker and easier way. You will see how to peel ginger with just a spoon too!

In this lesson, you will learn:

  • how to clean vegetables
  • double-boiling rice
  • easy way for fine chopping vegetables
  • Asian seasoning
  • enhancing texture to your salad.

Check out the Class outline.

Check out the Introduction Video

Check out my Teaching Class

In the class project,

You would explore the basic combination of a tasty salad following the formula: 1 to 2 types of leave/s, 1 to 2 types of flavourful vegetable/s, seasoning, oil, seeds/nuts, toppings. 

You would as well try double-boiling with other grains.

My classes are orientated to people who are health conscious, who are trying to change their diet, who is in transition to be vegetarian or vegan, who look forward YIN-YANG balance in meals, who need plenty of energy and keeping the body hydrated thorough the day. 





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Grace Aw

Asian Vegan in Transition.

Hello, all!

I am Grace from Malaysia. I am born Chinese Cantonese.

I would like to share my ways of smoke-free / little smoke cuisines method and recipes.

During the transition to become a vegan, i still take some fishes.

Other than that, i have eczema. Thus, you may find many of my recipes are free from night-shades as well!

Feel free to share with me your ideas!

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