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Asana For Project Management.

teacher avatar Timothy Cunningham, Online Instructor

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (11m)
    • 1. Welcome!

    • 2. Asana Class What Is Covered.

    • 3. Making A Project For Your Team.

    • 4. Daily Tasks For Your Team.

    • 5. The Biggest Benefits Of Asana.

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About This Class

Asana is a web and mobile application designed to help teams organize, track, and manage their work.

Asana simplifies team-based work management.

This Class is going to give you a rundown of how to use Asana for both yourself as an Entrepreneur & assmall business owner.

Asana can be set up from the website by clicking this link - Asana Software

Meet Your Teacher

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Timothy Cunningham

Online Instructor


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1. Welcome!: your heart is turning black Tran is a feeling I know what an A You won't fall in love again opened up to man Its absence be let 2. Asana Class What Is Covered.: Hi, everybody. And welcome to the cross that I on asana. So signer is a great project management tool. If you are an entrepreneur, if you're a business owner and you're working, you know, with staff you want to collaborate with them On what tasks that have to go. But what toss that actually have to complete that sort of thing. And also great. Obviously, if you're an entrepreneur and you're working and attain maybe in a team of freelances or in a little startup, it's great for organizing your day and the rest of your teams. They you can set tasks and time on deadlines as well as, like, work floors and that sort of thing to make sure that everybody is on track. Sorry. First thing what you guys need to do is go to assign it up combo you, which is just here and just click on, try for free, and then you just need Teoh, create your account on you ready to rock n roll? Okay, so we're gonna go over the free version, okay? Which is you know, you can try it out before you before you buy. If they give us a premium version a za free sort of trial run. We're going to go over that with you guys as well. Okay, so, yeah, get all that done and I'll see you guys in the cost. 3. Making A Project For Your Team.: our guys. So we're gonna go over now how to set up a project for you. Tame. Okay. So that you can say you task for them, all right? And what they have to do, And you can obviously set times as well. So this is just gonna be really a defeat. Guys, Toe. Manage your team, Andi. Easier for them to keep track of what they're gonna do. What specific times of while? Okay, so how you do that is you just got a new project, and then we're gonna click cross functional project plane. Okay, use template. I'm gonna call that daily tasks, okay? Always have the project. Name is something that's relevant. Okay? Toe what they're actually doing on Have little united your own little kurds for what eight specific project is for. So it's easy if you to keep track as well, cause you've got 20 different projects that annoying things that aren't relevant to what you're actually doing within your team get confusing to keep track of what projects are relevant. Specific. 10 members, whatever it is that you're doing within your business. OK, so you can set the privacy settings, obviously, if its profit to you if it's obviously instead of tossed list that you have to, you know, worry about that. You don't want your team to worry about what payroll and that sort of thing. You can just select profit two year. Okay, But we're gonna set a toss list for which is gonna be public D company. So just quickly cry project our godson ever. You feel you're projecting everything said we're just gonna move on to the next lecture. Campbell gonna run through had a set of a daily toss with detain and over so organized everything within the Asano are Project management tool, okay? 4. Daily Tasks For Your Team.: now we'll vases just templates. Okay, but this is how it'll appeal. So what you do is you can just go into this Hell, we're gonna give you an explanation, okay? Or a little demonstration of what? The templates. Fool said this could bay set up crm. All right, we're gonna click on this. Okay? Now you've noticed he that's not assigned 21. We can obviously sign it to myself or in black team members. Okay, So, weaken, we'll do that. Obviously, if you get a more vicious into the rain mail and they'll be able to access the sauce specific project Judeh Okay, you can set it to repaint. So if you've got members within the attainment through the same thing every day within the drub, OK, that's basically Tom's. You can set this to rape eight. Okay. Sogard from here, Ray Pay repaid seven days off to completion, so we'll do it every 30 days. We want this to be completed. Added utahn. Okay, so we can set 10 o'clock. I am all right. Every diet, 10 am. This will come up for your team members and we're gonna set the priority list. Obviously, will do it high. I will say Set up CRM can log in through a lot programs and this one could be check Siles blades from last night. Obviously, if you your stuff is going home and you've run ads, feed business or ever not they still unable to mark a check. The sows leads that have come through over. Not alright. And just make sure, you know, see what's there what's relevant And it could be into their styles leads into the crm. Okay, and that will be done. So when you're stopping by, you'll settle these toss for every specific staff member. Okay, so when they come in, that would be like, OK, cool. This is a heart party. Sorry. They don't really have to think that Just click on this circuit what they have to do this morning. Okay, cool. Captain said on my say Aram. And then when they look at it, I'll just take days as I go along. OK, so it's a lot easier for them. They came trumpet track as well as you can to say where they're out with everything so you could make in a completely different spot. Then where would you stop in Mazar. Maybe you're fronting another part of the business and you can see what they have done. A specific time this quick, all of this. And thats done finished. So we set some tasks there. You don't need to set some tasks, okay? By setting a sub task, it means they can't just continue by clicking this here. Okay, So if I didn't set a some task and I just had something like clean the carpet, all right? And priority put that as a medium priority. Maybe when they take it, it will just be removed straight away. Okay, so yet that's how you set up a project plan for your time, Obviously, because we set up some tasks within this one here. Okay, So if ticked, all this off we need to do is you need to go, Mark completed, and that's it. And that's done. Ok, now, if you want to add team members that don't have a sauna, Okay? What you do is you just go to invite and then put the email address, okay? And you know just who you want ad in to your 90 specific project. You can also connect your existing email contacts with this little button here. And obviously this is where you choose your starting project. OK, so it already hasn't filled out here. A sonnet are is exactly what projects have. So you can just click daily tasks and then we're just putting the A mile. I don't give my own way. Mel addresses out the ages putting a mile, and then you just hit Send. Okay, so you have. That's how you say you will daily task for your time And this talk right hand corner Here, you can check you will completed toss of what they've completed or even if you're doing yourself personally, you can check what you've completed and in complaint, just obviously save what needs toe still be done. OK, so that's how you do you daily tossed least for you tame so hurt that helped cause and I'm please stick around for the next lecture 5. The Biggest Benefits Of Asana.: so basically everything in a sauna can be broken down into two categories. So you've got your projects. Okay? Which is you consent to different departments and obviously my tasks you're gonna be using . There's three things to manage everything within your business. OK, so daily tasks, obviously that convey for your staff and then different projects, projects as well. The case of this compay full may marketing. Okay, so that's the best thing about. Obviously, this sheikhoun set things that a private just two year So you'll have this. You will have a little lock button there. Okay, so that just indicates that it's for your eyes only. Okay, you can share this with the other team members, but that's the best thing about it. You will have different projects on the side here that you'll be ableto sort of segment into different departments within your business to make sure that you know where the specific projects and everything is going. All right, now, obviously, you can import spreadsheets as well. Sorry. Obviously en garde. Laden's spread shape and then select fall to import. Okay, So the best thing about this is if you've got things that you want to manage yourself before handling a T attain. Okay, you can obviously, you know, import something from Google Sheets. Guettel, the doctor that you want correlated properly, all right, from Google shades and then pull with the safe. A fall from here. Okay? And it doesn't just incorporate with Google Sheets. It's obviously got air table as well as trailer Rickel, Smart sheets and monday dot com. All right, so it's got a quite a fib. Univ. You know, obviously, functionality for you, in my experience, is the best project management software. A few tame. I've used a lot of other ones in the past, and it's big, quite clunky and doesn't give you a many options, and it's actually can be quite complicated at times. But I just find that dishonor is definitely my simple years, and you've obviously got your nervously on the Utah I should get you color as well. So it tells you exactly when things are scheduled for what and now what falls you've actually attached to those wells are, Yeah, all your attachments and tasks can you know for a specific conversation will pee under that task. Wished sorry if any of you tame of talking about anything. It will p obviously in here, huh? Say you guys, I hope you enjoyed the quick loss on asana, the Project management tool. Please don't consider it so Use it for you within your business and managing your stuff within that business in the toss associated with them. It's really handy, man. You can enter all this at once here, down in the daily tasks and made to sign it too. That staff member. And you're not gonna have to be going over bar things with them every single day, maybe things that you've told him once or twice before. You know domain and have indicate tone pretty in their daily task list to remind them every single time. It's just going to save you time and it's gonna make your business run more efficiently. So I hope that hope cause and yet take care have enjoyed the class both for a liminal. Hey went in the discussion area, blurred. You know how using asana and how it's been affected your business. OK, take care, Run