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Artworks with collage and pen for beginners


Artworks with collage and pen for beginners


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10 Lessons (59m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Materials

    • 3. Sketching ideas part 1

    • 4. Sketching ideas part 2

    • 5. Preparing a collage paper

    • 6. Project 1

    • 7. Project 2

    • 8. Project 3

    • 9. Project 4

    • 10. Last tips

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About This Class

This course is for anybody from kids to beginners and art lovers who like to experiment with different mediums and techniques.

In this course, you will learn to make mix media artworks. You can develop your own ideas and sketch them or you can even use the provided sketches. You will even prepare your own watercolor collage paper which will give a customized look to your art. Using all these sketches and collage paper, you will create your own projects!

The materials used in this class are very simple and easily available.

At the end, you will see more examples of artworks which were done using this technique. You can apply the gained knowledge and create more such creative paintings.

Enroll now and learn these easy to follow techniques in the comfort of your own home.

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1. Introduction: by doing work, you don't need to have any background in trying to take this class. Moody's reviews in the class are very easy to get, so I hope to see you in the class. 2. Materials: way before starting class. Look at the materials we need to do the projects. So first of all, I have these magic papers, which we really need to sketch out some ideas. Then I have so sized drawing papers, we will need them to do our final projects on to make a Kalashnikov. Then I have a watercolor palette, and I always squeeze out the water colors from Jews. Then we have various sized precious. The bigger drudge is number on. The smallest is number on. I have a boy for one. I have to find Linus when this point through. Second this pointy on find five. You can even use Sketch Benson Marco's instead of thes then I haven't a razor on offensive . You can't even use a mechanical pencil. Instead of this. You need a pair of scissors on a glue stick on. We will even require a rag. I use court in black because it is reusable on equal friendly. Many people use paper towels are even tissue papers, these other only materials that will need for the class. These are very easy to get materials on. You might even have them already. I will see you in the class 3. Sketching ideas part 1: We will allow some preparation for the class where we will sketch a few ideas. I will provide you the images which we will create right now so that you can direct later for to them Ordell's. You can use your own ideas. Let's start sketching. I will draw a rectangle on one side off the page, which is roughly off the size off our final page. I have a six b pencil with me. You can even use a mechanical pencil. So for the first project will draw a landscape. Here are some mountains. Try to keep it simple. We don't want any details or anything. Baby will just roll forms. I will draw some abstract lines over your toe. Indicate land. I will provide the pdf including these sketches so that you can download them and use them as a reference. So, yes, this is our first sketch and we can place our paper which we have to stick as a collage Over here on, we can raise the lines, the overlapping lines. Yes, we will proceed to the next stitch. Now a rectangle. We can add a trio in this one. So here are the mountains again Andi, Let's draw a three year. It is not an issue If it goes out off the books When more smaller tree over your Onda We can pee start goulash paper here to make it a bit Cereal I like toe are different objects in unusual places. I like to add windows in the sky. It looks a bit interesting. It adds interest individual you are making You can drove in those or plants in the sky or fish swimming in the sky, our flowers floating in the sky You can draw anything So this is the second sketch. We can add more details We've been led these lines here My lines are not at all street. As you can see, they're not even deliberately wavy or anything. But I'm just drawing freely So you don't have tohave straight lines to sketch order Draw. Okay, we will do the next one Now a rectangle. We will go a bit detailed In the next run, I will draw a building your a simple building by drawing a smaller rectangle with a base and some windows. Oh, are a door. We will draw a door forced on a big window of it Grizz. Add some smaller windows. Andi. Some even smaller ones in the middle. Let's draw a horizon line Onda A dream Vegas. So then you start drawing. You get new ideas as you go. I can't even draw a small a tree. Here you can repeat the ideas from your previous kitsch. It is completely fine because that is how you develop your sketches. Should I are mountains. Okay, we will draw clouds. Simple clouds with some interesting details are decorative details. Let's drove and more on the other side. And these are only sketches. We don't have to be super perfect while doing these. We're done with that thought sketch. 4. Sketching ideas part 2: we will do the next one a bit different. We did three off these landscapes, so we will do something different. Now. Let's draw to smaller rectangles inside this. I will paste the voter color papers in this place. So here I will act some details. Andi, I will convert this into a bottle or a judge. You can see it seemed that this one, but let's draw a narrow mouth for this. We can draw some plants inside these borders. Simple shaped leaves. Andi. Let's draw flowers inside this bottle. Onda Base, A really attractive looking drawing can be made with simple lines. So next we will develop this sketch. I haven't sure variation in this one medias sized bottles and a longer one as well. Add Mount and beasts provider mouth. For this, you can draw a smaller plant in this small bottle. Add a base. The can draw off window in the back to show that these bottles are kept inside somewhere a different kind of a window. For this, we will draw the last one. Now draw a horizon line and then mountains. Let's make this a bit more surgical by adding windows in the sky even some shelves with bottles kept in the sky Add the squares in the middle like re added in these where we can paste our paper. So, yes, we had done. We have created thes six catches which revealed a for too well making artworks. These are really simple ones. If you want, you can experiment with different forms and shapes. You like your favorite, please your favorite plant in the jars or in the bottles and off course. You're free to use thes catches, which I will provide to you. I've made you in the next preparation radio. 5. Preparing a collage paper: way. Have our sketches ready. We will prepare our paper which will have to use as equal lodge. So I have a drawing people over here, which handles Oh, article is really moderately and I have a brush which is number with and I will use only primary colors for this back, which is a question view. And then I will use Crimson lake and Indian yellow so on I won't makes thes colors in the palette, but I will reclaim. Mix them on the people. We will need our bullet for now. I'm taking Prussian blue pleasure in you because really nice grand You letting you thick when applied On paper it it's pigments get separated from water on it settles down on the big but so it gives really nice texture. I'm taking a lot off water as well as a lot off color. So the proportion off water and color are equipped on. I have lorded my pressure with this mixture. I just start from the top and now I will take my next color. This is Crimson Lake and I will just makes this with this view on the paper itself. On I will apply this still hell and now every Take your law And then, you know, Indian yellow and crimson Lake mixes really uniquely with each other. And we warned this mixture to be done on the paper as it looks really natural. And lastly, they will mix oppression view on Have you do the scene right? Mixing these two colors So we will keep this to try and do our next step after this dries. So now the paper has dried completely and we will do our next step, which is to cut this paper in small sizes in squares and subject Bangles. So if you choose the sections where two colors have mixed with each other very nicely. So first of all, Bill, choose this section. Well, they got a rectangle on. Be careful while using sizzles. It's cool. We have Patrick dangling. We can even make a smaller one. No, I got this section, which is really interesting. We've got some big rectangles, some smaller ones, some smaller squares, some big squares. We have sketched many windows in the sketches, so we need some smaller squares for that as well. I've got this section. We'll keep this like this. We won't cut out this part, then dead Ihsan and interesting section where here has been We will even get some plain colors, some smaller pieces. Some strip says. Well, there is a nice orange color which is formed. Will you so will try to get this, Find interesting sections in your painting and got them out in smaller pieces. Even though there is a white part which has lived in this piece it it really looks nice. I will get a plane claims in color. We'll keep these bigger shapes on. We can pretend later while doing the project. Now we are done with all the tribulation on. We have everything we need to start doing projects. 6. Project 1: wear David materials. We have our cutouts on a drawing people on the size off the speak, but is for in by 19 against electron off your favorite cut from these on. I like this one the best. So I didn't choose this. And for the force project, we will be for a before sketch frittered, which is this run. So we have to stake the paper over here. I have a glue stick. You can even use very call for this and try to choose a paper Czestochowa us the chance mixed with each other. You know, I was take the corners. I get a fine line it You can even use a sketch been or a marker. Now with this elected division line off the stool colors on continued this line on the big on board desserts. I've grown Monkton CEO. If you think you can't draw directly a bit of Ben, you can force drove it a pencil and then drove it a pen over it. We don't have to copy the sketch line line, but we just refer to it as in Oh, we will see where the mountains are on. We will see the horizon line on thes lines which indicate land. So we'll just take the reference off this sketch way to draw the lines on. I will draw some vertical lines. Here. You, during these lines is a great practice off. Improving your three angry wear nearly done with this forced walk. I would like some more lines here. All right, so, yes, we have done with that force project. I will read you in the next one. 7. Project 2: now do your next project Every juice. This sketch which we did together on We will pain these trees on our main paper. So forced the village jewels are cut outs and steak There I will take this one will make this two story on. We will give it a base. Here is our base on. We've got destroyed. One side leave realistic thes like this and the next set out on the base. So yes, our building is ready Hand. We will paint that Greece. I hope this eight number fresh on I will choose Crimson Lee, please. Lots off. Load your brush with this mixture if you want. You can even draw the shape off the grieving best. But I'm doing this directly with a brush first being a circle and then extender SoCal from both the sides way. You can see how we can voter a complex form of a tree in a super ship. Even let this try and work next smaller tree. In the meantime, we can draw windows on the building has my shine, Linus, this is 0.3 number Aval draw a big window First, some vertical lines in the getting grills and we will draw windows Yours to draw over this paper. You should choose a light colored paper so that we can see the black lines. We are growing over it. I will draw some more smaller windows. I'm I'm one more big Quinto here, little girl. One door. All right. Our fourth story has dried and repainted Next tree again. Take dreams and make. And this is a smaller tree. So you can see that I painted over this force tree. So it gives really nice, transparent effect Let this one dry. Trees have cried completely on. We will do our next that just draw some more forms over this e I have my 0.5 fine liners and I will draw Ah horizon line here. I won't go over this color park. Draw some clothes Run on this site on when on the other I used a dinner pen to draw decorative details off clouds. So I took 0.3 number China. We can even drove and more committed And one more here way have covered or book with Klaus on. We will give a base to these trees. So Bill drove an oval shape on one more oval shape here. So, yes, they're done with our second project Now on. We will do something different in the next. 8. Project 3: Now we build worth or project. I have selected this sketch and these papers so we will stick them first, - Really painted in creation on everything crimson Yaeko gain and then applied Discolor. Very likely. Clean the brush and then take clean water on Just touch the tip of the crash. So this applied drill color the colorable spread in the plain water. Well, no more. I think it's more a fresh on. We will pain some lease. Here it is. One the last we can paint this splash with bugler just pain. 10 lines indicate battles and when more, slower. So we'll let this dry. And you were Ben book after this. Now that the color has tried, we are ready to do our even foresaw the base off these barkers some horizontal lines, so show it's Mt. No, - draw the blunt way people draw these flowers. - So , yes, our third act book is done 9. Project 4: Viva Jews and more complicated sketch to do the last project we're doing. So I have selected the sketch. I have selected these papers on forced Stick this paper before tasting. Other details forced Draw the mountains on Now they pay some parts to show windows. So when from this side a smaller one years we can cut a strip short for the ship. So let's take this year. That is one more shares. No way. Can't stick some tiny parts to indicate voters. So we've got district in short pieces. When the cape or a junker on when water we need more to keep on the top We will quickly steak all these parts. No way You there were more Wait, don't basting. We will color this land The vivid ill in the car project like in June Color No, no, no. And then clean your brush Big plain water on while applying this water just touched the tip off your brush to this applied red color. This is how you will get nice creation after this dry ice Fyvie do the next. Everything has dried completely on will draw some three days using a pen they will draw these borders forced. We can't even draw a door Here it is kept on the top says on the second door is on this show. Do you? We will drove in 30 days. You can choose any sketch I have provided on absolutely dates you like? I don't know. I was often more window in the middle. We give this shape of base and some more days. - You They were where I find a lot of work is ready to. I hope you enjoyed these projects. 10. Last tips: Now that we have completed all of our projects. I thought I was showing you some off the artworks. I did. Using this technique, I have to off my sketchbooks with me. Forced People, Look at this one. This is the fourth start. Work at great. With this technique you can see how videos sheep jars I have drawn on The plants are off live in ships. I have even are crying these leaves with a pen. We have done something similar to this. I've drawn many windows in the sky, on on the door on shown a shell. But just then, some simple compositions some more Just as you go on drawing, you come up with different shapes which might not even exist and reality. I have drawn many hands over years on a stick. These trips I have tasted this, but on the maybe Look it on the sketchbook. This is my goddamn sketchbook. We did something similar to this in the second version. That's it. I think you want more ideas. After looking at these examples, you can develop your own ideas and present then using this technique. This technique is very relaxing and fun to do I hope you will enjoy creating on Don't forget to share your art works with me. Thank you for watching.