Artistic Headpiece: Creating something beautiful

Sylvia Muller, Skillshare Cooking and Makup Artist

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9 Videos (56m)
    • Intro

    • Observing the headpiece

    • Gathering Materials

    • Making the base

    • Making the petals

    • Making the headpiece

    • Covering the base with feathers

    • Making the center with the ostrich feathers

    • Final Words


About This Class

Explore how designer Sylvia Muller creates an artistic head piece. In this class you will be able to analyse and make a plan to create any head piece you can imagine with paper, fabric or everyday objects. Her class has the target of creating something beautiful and out of the ordinary. This class will give you tools to go beyond your imagination. It is perfect for creative people and those who love crafts. But no prior knowledge or experience is required, even for people who don’t consider themselves crafty. It is a handson project.

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Wow! I wished that this tutorial would have been available 40 years ago! I Love, Love, Love this instructor and the ease in which she teaches her classes! Making an elaborate headpiece such as the one demonstrated has always been my goal, but I could never figure out this procedure in the past. I am 79 years old and ready to use my imagination to design and create headpieces that I could only dream about in the past! Thank you for allowing others to learn your techniques and use them to create designs of their dreams!
Very creative work. I love it.
Rosa Suen ♫

Skillshare Coach: Follow Me ☺♫

Very artistic. Just beautiful! Thank you for your creative ideas!
Anna Lynd

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Sylvia Muller

Skillshare Cooking and Makup Artist

Graphic Design. Studied Graphic Design in Mexico City where I live. I work in our Architectural Firm with a specialty in space Planning, Planeaci?n de Espacios, Responsable for the Concept Image of their New Office Space. Also supervise web page, client's presentations, office furniture selection, color schemes, ambience and branding options for the new working space.

Cooking. Taken serveral course over the years, even at Cordon Blue of Paris, France. ...

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