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Artificial Intelligence - Data Processing with Python in HINDI

Shiv Kumar, Programmer & Data Scientist

Artificial Intelligence - Data Processing with Python in HINDI

Shiv Kumar, Programmer & Data Scientist

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8 Lessons (54m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. What is AI

    • 3. What is Intelligence

    • 4. Types of Machine Learning

    • 5. Basics of Python Programming - Part 1

    • 6. Python Programming Basics Part 2

    • 7. Steps in Data Preprocessing

    • 8. Project - Data Preprocessing and Label Encoding and Decoding

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About This Class

In this class "Artificial Intelligence - Data Processing with Python in HINDI", students will learn about Data Preparation and Data Processing done before using the raw data into AI and ML algorithms.

This class covers the basic concepts of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. 

This class is focused on data processing techniques used to process the raw data and make it good enough to be used in AI algorithms so that good predictions and results could be arrived through the data.

This class covers the below data processing techniques:

  • Binarization
  • Mean Removal
  • Scaling
  • Normalization
  • L1 Normalization
  • L2 Normalization
  • Data Labeling
  • Label Encoding 
  • Label Decoding

This class will be useful for graduates, post graduates, IT professionals, Data Analysts, Data scientist and students interested in Data Science and AI domain.

The class project will be implemented in python programming language. And, so prior python programming knowledge would be helpful.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Shiv Kumar

Programmer & Data Scientist


Hello, I'm Shiv Kumar. Programmer by profession and also by nature. I have worked for more than 10 years in IT and software industry. I am here to share my expertise and knowledge.

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1. Introduction: Discard those don't make OSU or ascii is classmate up gas, Florida Tech, It's mayhem, artificial intelligence, GO Python programming kid through seek Niki because it's getting a or is reticular classmate hmm, they can make edict up processing. Jessica. Artificial intelligence. Algorithms may data or proper leave your LEA. So just like the optimal group, What the heck he, artificial intelligence and machine learning and deep learning gap wounded he does, I implement sub C java dot important. He's have warhead data. I've got him on our data here at UGA. Though Hammadi machine learning artificial intelligence algorithm may hum Gebusi data call huge cutting it, Tommy particularly up properly, just name willingly or do Hamada business distant school. But hot, hot duck and cutting K Hami proper predicts since namely buying me how my droplet and it just steam will bang. You're going to want our data accessible process, not LA hotel. So it's classmates and me, Hey, gunning Iike, artificial intelligence algorithm medical, properly huge clinically how my own CD dot processing it makes guide you which cannot guess the hungry duck or preprocess goes up, the heat gets hungry. Deco, we hit that Manasseh thing, cookie Hammadi bus, artificial intelligence. Yeah, machine-learning Eddie, blending your data science skill, you'll be beat out. How will rot a doubled to help see how my process got lucky. He gets a process curriculum. Process could not hold the head Jackie, come home with him. Machine-learning algorithms, yeah, artificial intelligence algorithm, a huge career to hit that. And it goes from labor, had thought bricks and milliohm achieved the subway up to make business decisions go layer by him. Though. I gotta up or down, no Heck, yeah, trick facility intelligence. Algorithms, data SET properly huge getting good data process can think about too, is classmates, cookie Janiculum, oligarchic, Cassie, data processing, hold the ceiling, delivers our data science. Me, dog got up to the just be Heck, yeah, Britannica data processing, artificial intelligence, my Python programming get through, Cassie got stuck. The handle is glass co-op, joined a leaky or mammals Dunlop say ugly, let January just mayhem, planning a key active silane diligence. Gao, Hey, all hum. Guess a, data processing gets depth school, AGI, follow the hand. 2. What is AI: Lecture on data and artificial intelligence k, basic concepts. Kibera, my art if cylinder isn't SGA hotel janitor, he is class Gary Altair, computer Yamasaki nuclei with Scott K, but we're going to carry a cuckold knee, Q1, Q0, chump, dammit, they disagree, disagree with Gardasil domain Anki, verticality or some mix up a cargo comm connectors on them. A computer system. Suck the comics that, yeah, artificial intelligence, number of comparators, sense kicks, aka combinatorial Massimino in some case GroupMe, but demand Mullaney, AP courses cut the hair, Yannick artificial intelligence to have computers go in sono kit and assaults Nikoli. In some cases, I say intelligence could have loved kinetically garlic or artificial intelligence come Kim Wilson, John McCarthy. Artificial intelligence gave father jokey. John McCarthy work. I take E but demand machine, VCs, demand computer program, banana yucca, Kenya, engineering hair, artificial intelligence computer, bonanza, guy computer, already know time machine but it was cool in some Katara socially or some of the negatives activity in a Kelly Key has annually classic computer through what your software but the money so sterile seat the register. A man, but the metastasis or the hair is bad God then Cauchy's. Okay. Yeah, Thank you. Mano must discuss this all started on mercy classic. The Him and intellect, the hint or eczema circle help connect ecosystem. We can't get the hang of it but demand software or system because it can Nikki adapt. But it's at then Kp earlier Amaka of your cut the hand computer system is up the codon Carter way monarchy. The gossip was Ashok, your layout, yeah, cackling machine or some much orbital Heartbreakers at the edges among Chicago is Picard. Ai can almost see nucleosome on what's going on. This is through module humble show. Stopper buys up the hand. Jagadish intelligence machine code, yes, software called mono Jesse intelligence is socially or somebody Nikki intelligence and IQ is someone's diary. Then ICA, apraxia or artificial intelligence, bought, bought a jump or took a heck, UK, yeah, happy up taking a caregiver said intelligence gets thrombocytes software. But as you can head to our human intelligence case, obstacles they occupy quickly add that, add up to you, which leaves such Qie Gei items keep basis prep cornea and the high that they have a rich kids up say Madison, Janet, Garcia, Woyzeck, artificial intelligence cardboard but our would rather face recognition. You have artificial intelligence cup like Barbara without our SRT SAT like an uptake in COVID. 19 kills situation three mosque append knee and hip and cool heijunka neighborly, a webcam Jobin eigenenergies software like giga and jokey. You see in Santa Fe school. Or they can hear, but that's what the heck is insomnia face, but mosque by an eye on IEP. And these are intelligence developed Guernica come home, artificial intelligence key. So I'll say color, but the hint to you, Hey, artificial intelligence, cake and production, ugly electron become artificial intelligence. Or Python kiss up gas, implement galactose Kibera them, again, barring gay. I believe Jeremy 3. What is Intelligence: So this lecture I am running a key artificial intelligence coup. See Contiki, catch, rotate, Lou Hamer, artificial intelligence is a messy, messy or artificial intelligence. Cachaca, come at a heck a second, cut the hair. Or actually we intelligence, or AI, or artificial intelligence, Cassio says simulate car tire. So that's a sudden may be joining a artificial intelligence in Quito, SymbolTable. Minsky Cassio composed of intelligence, competition Corrada her Saturday, I'm Dan. Artificial intelligence? Yeah. Learning kidney prokaryotes. Yes, LET hemlock is like karma, delegate those subsequent Lambda let the hacky artificial intelligence technology. What is the need or necessity of artificial intelligence learning artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence, just like I'm non-techie, atoms must be no, can be run in Salakhutdinov demand Banana click, you have the hay and there are two cylinder and scattered them must be no coup in some or just white, black. Mulatto. Or in some justice, Nikesh jumped up. The ecosystem. Or use of classical thing is a common route data through the algorithms get through the hip. Yea, got a multi-pass guy carrying or Kush, color is prokaryote, just lucky, artificial intelligence. Data get through. Any key Artificial Intelligence and data get navigate up with an average of all the Secchi up of normals in the movie they can Ag experiences. Kyle Harper, seek the hint. Yeah, distance. Let the hand draw her experiences. How might they previously were were they had Lakeland was killed, he says but he come up near future no Naoko lip at the him to do will be experiencing some gunk up. They're like No poor IQ later, hey, all the experiences to be experienced him let him walk. My really remarkably how my knee, my incomplete data keys that are comfort I have auto state upon Amara, the MLK, analyze Turkey future visions, lead ahead. Reciprocal say mano must disk data could track length acceptor. Is Lee Hamilton. The second monomer. Mosul data trackers are collecting machine. You have some thinkers of the Islamic Yoko. Automatic blockage or rotor. Mano. K. The mark, sometimes dagger and looser terabytes of data. They, they mix up or molecules analyze growth or mono must discuss Qu and less caloric approach. Somebody like us. I had no, We analyze carbide easily humbling to gioco, artificial intelligence goes through as if connected or authority or terabyte debris down hotel must inquire cetera and connect. You won't attack on less useful information. The sucker. You see data say mass in six of the House, Arctic fussy, gesagt or Turkey the horizon, a valid characters at ionic ETO, repetitive tasks. Hotels can machine shop prep, are going to lose it. Artificial intelligence, algorithm or drink ALL to reproduce Dusko will not occur around sick or subtype mass into planning ahead. Yeah. Could say six at the hair up QC cassock die. And it kept do via beta logos, keep receipts, pay, artificial intelligence system, don't rebel occurring. We could go, he'd drink, or September could call it better bonanza, her essay, he, EIA was tricks of a measure of this real-time analysis is a volt the hell yeah, real time response disabled. There won't be artificial intelligence get through I'm low. Pass at the head or body. Had IC, CV, the taco analyze course of the hand, Orozco we see spam look like was two weeks ago I went to real-time response pass of the hand. Eia bought duck. Halakhic system, a 100 percent accurate name or the elegant per week. You will be a courtesy him 90 percent, 95 percent for improvement for them, but they propagate then what body will be able to hold the head, you say cancer, Cage aux central to him because your MRI, CT or MRI data has a multi It was cool job. Ais systems analyze what the head to scan, scan Eden CALEA, the rocket shatter McCarthy had bought, sorry, model. I once was the heck, artificial intelligence intelligence intelligence. Gardner. Yeah. Yeah, MAU, customers, envoy, sickness on crack or knee or the smooth DC jam carry some a shock or volcanic activity. Which arrow for somebody who has, aka the Arab Revolt of your gardening. Garnish harmonic or curly, or nicety, you go unequal connected chump director head. And it can have multiple intelligence head or humble, sorry, calculations phosphorus at the hair. How much it has some awestruck the hair up, new memories. John Kerry prop cross at the Hindus analyze concept behind him. Low intelligence gets through the hint or a CD intelligence canonic, a picture to rehost or better in some QC be filming. So abundantly take intelligence kicking the prokaryotes, the hand. Harvard gardener or a murky, because MANOVA, we know he's up, say, senior intelligence demo for Calico, linguistic, intelligent, not narrators, auditor's intelligence. Some good map with the NDK, your musical intelligence or allow. Logical mathematical intelligence is making mathematical calculations about the high spatial intelligence. Body kinesthetic intelligence. Intrapersonal intelligence. Or interpersonal intelligence. Interpersonal intelligence. Okay, So these are the types of intelligences in the landscape regarding dopamine neurons in the human, they can recommend them to intelligence kink integer say, I will bring it up gas sector intelligence system. The second redeeming, oppressively general cardiology JOCO was pretty been Caltech API reasoning are called learning, agility, local Lancome patio, problem-solving skills. Get me a TA up to gioco. Problems are the host go up quickly learning and subsequently gel the soccer ball through the problem-solving. Be intelligence, ex parte, perceptive, up gossip or SIP, creativity, gioco, GAVI, intelligence, behave. The audio part, psi intelligence, linguistic intelligence, a movie up, UPGMA intelligence score the SAT ahead to lecture me, Hamnuna, Jackie, intelligence care, hey, are to present in billions. Cassie could cohesive the heck as a respondent constructor, I guess MOC and a Cisco SAP, the head real-time response less at the hand. 4. Types of Machine Learning: Lecture, we haven't done any key machine-learning kidney apricots hotel. And it keeps us inland in kidney type or types up machine learning. So subsequently have a good manager or the heck is C Kinney Art Gallery learning Calcutta haha seek NACA. So you can make up our agenda on Okay, Madam, say Johnny, Costa Rica or the Gerhard cannot escape at Harper, uh, machine learning is precapillary with acid costs up the hand is a computer we can get set turkey route may perceive acid causes a tie. We see through lymphedema Titanic, yeah, artificial intelligence car for you. Do computer system cause postural CIP program pH in our dataset seek money or unobtrusive, better banana, he jumped up or down, cut the head and it gets covered up guys comfortably. Hickey. Artificial intelligence. Computer systems go, computers go as C, drinker, not good. This may appear barber program really connected. You wrote an apology. Yeah, Jackie was happy, can be sent another programmer. Lucky. We now program leaky. He discusses see clinic ionic data to be a bingo civil long category or IQ experienced a huge Canada AGI keep predicts in school, the nuclei are kicking school lady CALEA to give basically who GKE, Cassie, artificial intelligence or machine learning outcome what the Him more loops in most inland Nika multi-focus computer go. Monroe has to ship given us fatale group say C can a key on what the Dina, hey, Yankee machine could see he decisions Liga could see CK gap, upsilon, the heck, Eastern Turkey seek gases through TGS, a cliche. You see ACLU, keep the mucus up to get us a titanic Jeju guessing machine. Go home, look brain carrying a machine, gases see keyguard called citizen because what OTA? Alcohol. Okay. Jessica, B2B data can help us. It was keep processing the app will keep the joke is absolutely as a data with a near days, yeah, could protect unhealthy hosts at the hand. Is an input cat Harper machine data Coke push back on Muslim cackling Equidae time acoustic pattern kid, the last category is secure better. Nonetheless, a K and you'll be homoerotic experiences what the hell, it was pretty hungry. They thank you honey, which elicits tuition me. Yeap at unthought Omri, good essentially at the Humira mind as a process cut that off. I got home same pipe cut back on the plant on same type Christian school letterhead or seem that a thick machine learning algorithms. We come cut the head Joham, look up an IT project to wireless mics and when they can get machine-learning cape protocol, machine-learning algorithms for strokes the program Kibana computer system who's seeking Him, whether it's Capti in them cool. They create yep. Upper castes. It may work, give it gag is missed. Supervised learning or unsupervised learning. Machine learning algorithms, cool. So what he could gag a heck classify Gai, gai unlucky machine learning TO per galaxy or they're supervised machine learning or unsupervised machine learning to subsequently I'm done lytic, you supervised machine learning algorithms scaffold the heck. Yes, such a big, bulky, genuinely machine-learning algorithm as you see by the red tip, gather at the heck. Do you keep it totally? Does it say algorithms, the clinic, you, the echo separate correctly? They can take on new Alice's check your loop Minnesota as the hair. Yeah, Nikki, happy guy that Jackie do harmonic by the data set or the head data's, it will be data Holger, porch, gap, gibbous, equina, say auto sweetness, Vapnik customer, KD that a customer gets it can it can get credit or get up capacity this dataset, I would label it ISTE, does it. Say he hummed algorithm cosecant, keep record the echo. So two categories, clean up some of sector peak, beachhead, Jesse, classroom about JOCO, see cut that was replaced for cardiac. Awesome, Yeah, that's like the head is that AI ML algorithm is some arbitrary number called fallacy. He jhanas out there, hey, Chad, later courts, so he gets up, label because the head, I'd be happy hump by Alyssa he machine learning code, but other things, It's a Portuguese decapitate data. Say thank you, Have a good day or be okay for those all up. Machine-learning algorithm could level Garcia, but auto key for to adopt CAHPS could take a whole year for Toby leak I had or will Barbara Russi poured over the the hair although separate, That's a deck eHarmony protocols for public. I was curious as we walk now portraying cup that ugly bad job who say up, we're not live bulky away for today, the end DACA, the war was fought on my pattern could do auto set, but that's a deck GUI labeled by Libby produced per photon we Latin auto spirit level, dot-dot-dot is not labeled. For Toko. They kick or say magically go off feed. We're willing to forego it could take at the East Preclassic supervised learning, uh, Tom crack the hair, supervised learning, quote though, for GKE, problems may classify. The Hezbollah had your classification or regression. Classification. Problem. Could hum, look huge gap the hinge on Hawaii plus categorical data or just say key. Your BMR bus categorical data, what they had to say hmm, load categorical algorithms, huge gap, they hear those note that the Grecian trig recently hm, was through moonlit output Jaffe homemade. Output means the hake value group majestically through the whole kilogram or as a humanity. While I'm Luke or decreasing code, you just got to help classification me. Yes. Carla. Up as the oaky, hard, dark goal ES6, delicate classification, Georgia and out the door TO made up go outward root node i, o say classification problem got the hair. Supervised learning algorithm, machine learning k. The second nouns that, but that's the tank is precalc and machine learning algorithm mic ECP polygon Madison. For that occur next query, our check tightening your TA APIC. We be supervised learning and unsupervised or EA kinda keep opera customers. Yeah, pill, unsupervised learning, algorithm Chobani he system. Suddenly a kid, yeah, that I hate you sick, which looks kick him attack at the hey, he said is precast on data modeling shaky, I'm on a bus input variable x, the output to variable lingo. Got your psyche algorithm. Hey, so I also have dual Gas Act the Hickey and it's dark gray so he doesn't heal. Government doesn't check on a yoga algorithm grade that made the setback and coordinate. Remember that got the hay and solicit some nutshell corneum. So Michelle may revise it together. Any Quito unsupervised learning, I will say though bug over again by clustering of those association. Clustering is some assembly. I made the diamond and hit some local coordinate your sucked out the indicator we are but the doubt That was my red clusters, but I'll make a general told you yet. So I'm gonna make it the rotor without our calligraphy non-coupon. A curried Nikki will harm to others. Some more heat. Gardner, our alcohol may associate silky Vodka. They associate scenic Sacco Associates since our cercaria, thank you for Easter lucky someone who only a local coordinate gossip double THE O homeowner data called Body. He seek our own character without our own good alcohol coordinate. X and y. Don't know collecting energy as taking a hug job. Milky subgrade recurring thing. Is that a case? So CSN support group for that company who associates and problems that they have it almost in learning algorithm and you see him hold their hands. Reinforcement learning algorithm is lucky machine-learning algorithm called group both come together. Yeah, Hi, yay. Algorithm visits to New Relic alias system corporis. What's it got to him? More groups. The IEP must include essay, what are our say? I've got to Columbia Law. Our throughput, the Tico glucose could couplets Sitka, the algorithm which layer, the most basic thing or so, taking a clinically solitude, some more gap. But CAPTCHA can make ecosystem of the hair Marco nearly procure yesterday, the reinforcement learning algorithm guy equals that, or Hey. 5. Basics of Python Programming - Part 1: So it's electron, we haven't done anything in Python basics. So Python is actually year for our class on Python programming language. May casually project Python programming language and getting it on my plate and got a basic understanding one about GOD or recently my body. Quick then he can say Python key basic steps. Introduce Carola vital, basically akin to a high level general purpose programming language. A, your object-oriented or interactive player, a programming language VM to Python. Q are neither ODA up a tangent matter really. What we're getting is subsequently year IQ object oriented programming language, or is close to man up is crippling language. Ketotic acids. Is Christ, the matlab web development clickers at the top, it's got multiple uses, 0, the heart Dracula but half-filled stomach area, or the burrito costs but is key heck is good. You all good readability. Walk our feet, Egypt to understand ironically, by tomato coordinate Gaia telescope query English language domain name and have a basic understanding of Arab king Muskegon, top English language called a parsec Toyota python caught COVID Park a bot attack up some US upto until unless we want the complicated the accuracy special part, particularly CagA cornetto. Of course I'm going to limit the catabolic integrate basic code accordingly again, to up around the semester off the hook topic and neck ecosystem. So it's going to schedule readability or work African bulkier. Not yeah, he got R&D Python. It's an idea that popular Olga RGB or it is called multiple film. A huge keyguard ahead and convert, blah, blah, blah, blah, when machine learning, everywhere, harder, that is core huge together. So it gets up separated again. Philosophies of 20k is key, quadrillion multi, body at sea when I get here. Or is casual language constructor would be object oriented, approach, facade, bonanza. Go Programmers go help Carter, Hey, clear, logical or small or large project. Don't know CALEA, what court looks at the hair. It wanted clarity, satellite body logical approach has appeal. Court looks at tail, logical coordinates of the law. I'm going up toward us, a project become corrupt or via blinks at lab or hot, very large-scale industrial level k, However application, yeah, free the actual publication you have. Kissy order aka could become continuous map, Python language columns. A huge cost of the hole. By IQ interpreted language year old or satis hat is my upper body data. Complicated code lignocellulose in part the schedule syntax or word coffee, simple as index market programming languages could do Lama coffee simple. Recording subsequently approved our lucky Python go. Guido, van Rossum knee or MISO bagasse, some nice Rebecca between 1985 to 1990. Keep the neuron is called Create getter. Or in only. Python is economic. Capital overlap tacky Python. Python, snake K, number. Rossum in cool estimate TV peeks water that Monty Python's Flying Circus, Flying Circus activity. So drag this key creator, Monty Python. In Python, normal eukaryota. What the person there or sit around the Python programming language would have looked better than the known it was programming language can now Monty Python. Since biomolecules canal by conduct the Odyssey is kinda Python programming language. Python programming language cupula. Put our source code. Gnu, general public license, GPL. Get through our level here. Hearken it was Kodak electrical subtypes freely available or Python freely available there. So we are happy solved by the autophagy Python. Go home to Beringia Python programming language called QSTK, to just document app covert Iraqi interpreted high level general-purpose, object oriented or interactive programming language. H0, heart the Rockefeller my web, blah, blah, point h4s crippling how hard you guys are. Huge. Data is GitHub Pages. Then whenever the egg is, syntax, I woke up is impolite or EEG to understand satisfy Python programming language called C can abort. The asana is Quito. Do Bolton a learning curve and coffee are sand will die or they readily upper body come up. Python programming language can muster been unethical. As far as we know that we scheduled learning curve ever coffee, axon, hey, copy. Less time-consuming up often is it comes from a Python programming language, co-pastor costs or pill, or discuss impulse. Syntax B is coffee's help cut the hair. By Tang to help Wu scripting or automation may go off coffee, Jada prefer to keep bought. Shortage motor tasks automated clinically is Quito scripting or coffee comma t2 are commissioned me to do multitask go automatically animate both the data frame for carry out. We'll start this up recently asked me last year for five years may data science, machine learning, data analysis, data visualization inside if we keep demand burrito or demand me subsidy either the programming language, huge key area, data science, data analysis. Yeah, data visualize on your machine learning, deep learning. In theory. Artificial intelligence inside it will, may have Python or Python command. And I gather hair. Or EC Leah Python programming language are going up seeking it our core data science machine learning, deep learning. Data visualize some data analysis, business analytics inside it will map, cup like area per nanometer. Garfield Bassanio, we inhabit coffee extensively. Python code. Inside it will map item eight min programming language or 90, 80 percent cases miniscule, huge clear that those regular programming language, R, programming it to coffee each other. You'd gather lake in Apigee. Oh, Python, I will number one petal length. And if we were to give me a correct yup. Python programming called Lenny, go consider cursor. By can do hey, is kept by time may body comprehensive, standard libraries digging a huge curcuit Bahasa, it does cause uneasy. Bought GMB, quote by a cheap costs are going up. Java. C, Yeah, C plus, plus negative y-coordinates, Leonato, co-op, coffee, Jadi, number of landscape coordinate neighboring leaking API by 10 messy Bahasa libraries developed eating edges, go up huge Turkey. One task, coca pick gum, number of lines, Kobe, achieve constructive. Or is ribose study our libraries with again here. Just go up. Huge costs of satis up is scheduled community support, a war coffee, a better hey, buddy. By concrete, support community hair. You open-source project ethyl is my upper body or check Almaty support by the diagonal up the honeybee. The Hebrew Jacobi doubt that the ACA he'd be up. Capoeira gave you have facade or the Wahhabi up Google Chrome window or sorry, I say website Miliangas, yup, yup, go. Similar problem facing people, Melodyne Galois, Pepco at Chicago support women, the AIGA body but is used community support, multicore, Python way onside it now. The other support our cook to C23, a programming language with technical anomaly or via carnality Python code, not Jada, popularity, milia, the center. Last decade, me or RGB by Bottega are huge on a wall or subsidy, but our region documented by labor that industry demand, Yuki Python. It's the model we have level up when silica is kept brings a leaky update every lesson data science, machine learning in theory, both the high demand filling Mick Jagger, a hetero, yeah, happy up go. But what the Java programming language of Python, I would remind me, right? Yeah, Or do is go down those. Give me the one caveat though, not in nice, I really wanted to as a Python programming may acquire a T Cassie salary. We mitigate the hazard like machine learning developers, data scientists, and AI developer. He said, yeah, data scientist or data analyst. Data visualization in solitary macaque, you can see Sally mills that Theodora, core Python programming language have the handle to yield our Python Cave Aramaic. Introduction, keep icon guy out is Coupa Cafe. Allylic germanium. That energy gets the hump. Python basic SCO, understand getting NMAC or Python basics datatypes, Vergara, but don't want lochia is classmates and nebulae project map with Tory as Anubis in tech school. Or skip cos Omega m0. Ugly lecture me. 6. Python Programming Basics Part 2: Am I gonna keep Python programming language? Guy is kick-ass features thing on hungry python programming language to buy Nike are going Hmm, data science, machine learning. Yeah, feed, data analysis. Yeah, database relation, just like any HIPAA law Kathy, hey, Python, programming language, data science, machine learning, deep learning, filmmaker coffee Jada primarily used karyotype or is a hammy gamma k. Yeah, Rami, machine-learning algorithms like an eye on core machine learning models. Manana here, machine-learning per project Kanai, yeah, feet, deep planning copper now a tensor flow per night. Now, Python programming language can be Galatia or is classically be Python programming basic allegory here. So easily money. Put your lectures by a Python programming language could be six cos the chronically, though, certain contains video call to subsequently by 10 programming language class in texture seminal element, I add up coffee asked simple or easy to learn? Simple syntax. So up just like a DEXA to print a little pocket sprint can Nike, hello, data scientists. So of course in my print or bracket macro halo data scientists, string pass canal or the Sqoop job run carrying it up. Oh, output Malaysia. Hello, data scientists, which we are going to connect up as a print cast up hold. Those are TJ, C Programming Language Clinic as important to the icky user input Comcast's really lovely boss or a programming language and the cow or the coffee, complicated, what the heck? You get input core, Lena, Python may be simple. Yes. Or key supports cap. Currently in a Catholic is you just say to Cassio, who commit Gulati API symbolic input function here is to use the app are many variable LEA it may make paella comment or longer or as a heme and eq variable is pay me. Those recommend logger to get though. A is equal to b quarter the Watson era is coming to around corona to Yap image a prompt IGA, input your comment. One. Yeah, happy again my LIGO. Hello. To enter carbon atom J. Iga. Input your comment or you happy the key Hello, print or Kiara. Do longer to undermine the local etc. and Karoo. Top comment one to Malik. Hunger Games say come in to Manga in Port kinetically, malignancy or data scientists. Or enter corona. The key APIC, comment one, hello, are coming to data scientists tear up. I've got my Monaco except print Camacho, Caligula can knock out one because the top LM ACO Program II print cannot simply. Kilometer on Chromium, the hilum. Later, I got a really cool image, a data scientist or put new layer. I've got my happy e plus b Turkey is caruncle route or muj. Hello, data scientists or put me AIGA. So yes, impulse input, Joe Frank Sinatra, escape through hmmm low user input, less laser. Or a plus b will simply Eukarya. Though no string called Hello coordinators, additional concatenate cardigan except Georgia got Ami output delta E plus P. And Nikki. Hello, data scientists up you happy, so I'll attack. He gets icky ham looks simple. It is sunny or subtracts and perform Carnegie. So yeah, happy to heck ERP Joham, look input layer nij string. For me, Jarrod, and I am Cu, which mathematical calculation? Cornetto. Oh, Jessica, Jessica karma. Or you happy, make three. Enter Korea. Permit number inter-Korean leaking your input function, I would drink it on a layer or yeah, female 7 to military or seven. And Turkey. Is CO3 more clarity than equally. Okay. Five or six enter Castle. Five or six minutes after I got my a plus b root of 56, output Molina job chemo to output my expert Corrada KE phi plus 6, 11, right, Let's just 56 to go. Hmmm Luke has a technical name, is Kelly. I'm looking to input link a input function say JOB, intercalate goes Corn Blue, convert, cutting a integer me. So yap, I'm look int pit bracket or a scan that I'm lucky in PUT link. So do we input user, enter chemicals, come look, boy, stink group me, AGA leakiness camera, which is inform them through integer cannot carding. I say he may X or Y DO input longer. Or just lucky hop a five or six, stinky Thuraya are hammer out, put 6 million Jesse him look. Now pick int function call huge cutting a year and I got the job. Usually string enter Canada or SKU, number way into generic convert card they go or freedom. Mathmatical of reseller and simple form codifying it. Oh, yeah, Happy Math or a speech day they DO. Okay. So yap and number 1 support the minus 7 and Turkey are five, we interpret them. While or number two, my six enter, cut down. The RPM may enter q, number 15 and number 2, 6, hamburger my X plus Y Karo for mageia or portfolio by 11 to the KMP up Hamlet mathematical operation performed Kirkpatrick on the data output will lie 11, 5 plus 6, 11, Nikita symmetric P6, kooky, happy string permit with the string. Now say you had other Muslim different, say 56 simulator leaky many API. You'll be string through plumbing numbers, input, rails command a into gamma convert Kyoto, yap ME. Output five plus 611 million for user input like a mathematical operation P perform cursor to the whole of the Katamari calcium know deviant gossip. They support many African 45-year pylon number. All my square divide cannot shut down 90 or so. Yeah, happy. My x divided by y comma output Malaysia, five, 45 divided by 9. So much output will have five as he, he, um, calculation, I'm look seven into five. Are you happy? My current over X into Y with 35 output layer. The ERP, yay up. Mathematical calculations weaker suck the hand. Or mathematics, mathematics operators. Operators are plus minus mathematical operators to andro. Python programming way you got there pretty simple Logisim, narrow math niche got the hum of Nippur Python programming will be a plus b, a minus b. So which got stuck the half hour magically, thank you. Python programming with Keith innate that are key datatypes or neither types bought the general reauthorized kiss Happy variables. As I noted, the garbage on look E or B huge variable, a variable. Sum, a geeky storage point with that, Yes, ma'am. Up now, Value Scorecard, the end just like ERP, how many X-Men? Seven or five. Or X into Y. And the X or Y variable in the locomotive Laker came out, put 35 millimeter XOR y, yeah, pay hmm variable to give me valuable give up or mapped cache, key, kidney Typekit eat at I, scopes Python support that, That's a python. Numbers, string, list, tuple, or dictionary, give fast the rocky data types GO Python, support carta, python programming when he passed the hurricane data types or numbers, string, list, tuple, dictionary, above each kicker in 30 CPU gunning you can numbers Cook has a huge cut, the string Cook has a huge contain leashed Cook has a huge cut. The hair, tuple cookies he uses got there or dictionary, cow with a high Python programming language. Is Kwame actually say something? So subsequently I'm only thinking number data type, cout that the number data type, there's a cap of fatigue and numeric well which cost organically what the hay or number objects are created when you assign value. Number object up clear to digest moves. Cuando will value, assign current then Jessica, x equal to 20, just him any x equal to 20 assigned to job number type a numeric datatype number, carry it over to you. Number object Hogan x object technically number I guess the helium is kx is equal to 28 or ERP. Iq numeric datatype create opaque object. Numeric object lead, okay? Y is equal to 30 to IQ. Why? Numeric datatype, Ghetto, Ghetto Jacobi x, y, or print x plus y getting it'll either, I'm really happy. X minus y getting it on me, minus 10 million, got the happy Jesse him Look value as anchor thing. Yeah, data type, your data object. Giddy it with a number object, could eat what the heck. Do. Those ledger data type of string data type, string data type, Java, Python, me, Python. Normally I'm no string which contains yellow data line. Yet Doobie, hmm, Look, string huge, contain characters, string up connectors, Yeah, character cargo, communists. And you've got those is StringBuilder, string data type. We call the string data type normal to program languages, you've got this empty NACA, a sequence of characters or a string, both at the string datatype. Python mode that you happy my string data type STR, credit card, All these values, tokens. Oh, hello, data scientists. Abigail Moscow print can knock out to my print SDLC aroma. So yes, yeah, Joe, object to object. And a print SDLC or WaterMe. Hello, data scientists Malaysia, I got to my second character, print can knock out auto mechanic or print STR bracket where one-on-one kalguksu CKA for decent dose renumber pay. Joe. Joe indexing her port G21 to say stock over 2 or 1 p e eight of those are number 1, index over so, yeah, happy. Str 1, equal print carry, nothing happened. The case tier 1, e output level. So the key Happy Fella, put up with a string, print or Ziga. Those remarkable character I will print or diarrhea or print STR three to five week academia, fourth to fifth. And the fourth week either 012341234, so forth say, Oh, yeah, output malaria is he gets up, good. We're here for two. And yamaka, they got flip connectors. They ended up with lots of IP character care. You know, 1234. Loss ME and etiquette or data scientists to give me an approximate or put my data that I'm low string into for Catholics, same string, Hello, data scientist, I'm a very happy my name truly cutoff four times more data in yellow data scientists in order so cyclic AMP, they grow 4 times c print why? I got him longest me. Which AD Connect Jackie. Hello, data scientists 2021, Toyota a plus j, concatenate operator. Huge category is STL object may. 2020, one, anyway, endogenous Three, happy homage output Malala overhead, low data scientist plus 20, 21 to hello data scientist. 2021 as EMEA output means I got to yoga. Python may string Catholic, I'm Kathy. Yeah, particular stinky character, Sqoop, index, whites print kinda Chapter 2 as a huge costs up the whole, the whole number datatype declare a string datatype deadly at these Elijah important datatype for Python. The Python list Caltech list may look different. Type K, data across torque the hair is big bracket key under. So at least one manipulate gauges many. Loci. Parsons can now move this around. Coach. Numeric values. Store curricula can do so at least minimum edges may be many numb or quotes, numeric values. Data here about at least one coping connects auto print list 1 customer, 2, euro list, Missouri print print list 1 of Biola, anyone Droga ramp, what Pinker, Degas indexing, lapping with zeros. Rotate 0, 1, 2, 3, 4. Okay. I got my API R3 Karoo. Yeah. For current list of four corrode. So yummy. 86.701234. Yeah. So yeah, hey, hello, is cool. Opposite Joker, they decay, print 1, 2, 3. Yummy second. Say thought that too they go second. Joanne CRM hair or 4.87 a is either a say I'm at 22 and oligarchic thought elements a and a key aha, say pleura and how my print cartographer, 4.87, George already 6.7. See that it gets at least two into two-coloring, at least two Amara year. The adiabat is cool when carrying out the one Danny 34, one 1934 ethical KC mail list when data is me, shale mental, Jenga, elements appellate away, repeat or DAG. I see, I got I'm list 1, list 2, concatenate, archaic nihilist, Manasseh. Print, print, list 1, list 2, coloring Islamic management, zara does my list one or list cookies are elements. And at least one key is our element or list to KSR element milkshake and Alice coming Monday, I got to get up. Python programming may use on Ebola list data type, the number hermetically a string, the clear or logistically album delta here, Double-click, Double-click coffee important data type in Python. Well the coffee extensively huge care that coffee Jada are tuples kind which contain tuples. Kay? Tuples work by the polyene. Keep a lot of electronic items go. It's single, variable mesh token, Nikoli huge carry out the hair, the hair, go hmmm, loop. Body bracket can then create Catania see happen Middle East can eat together. The buret record could use GitHub, Bitbucket, go, you happy I'm look, small bracket call. You're getting a tupple scope, create kinetically parentheses kinda, or least, gag unleashed Kwame permanent equal to score bait costs at the leaking tuples go from low VQ bourbon unequal update leak as like the hand. Though, tupples Comey, because technically tuples, we'll read only listing and an EEG. But I got to admit apple, banana, the war whose Q and a king and a GSA. The CLEA couples go read only list. We got a couple create clinically up to symbolic tuple object using Malacca cannot brag air, couple can numb the algorithm any APA table and Anya multiple. What is kinda the small bracket? Yeah, parenthesis can have many. Tiger, lion, Lisa Bardot, flux. Animals can nominate or print, might have a carbon atom J, sorry. W0 is kinda data Huawei print or diarrhea as a man mit Apple took yeah, cat right back. Simple, Jessica, I'm knee lift with the cutoff seems that our guy ERP BV. Yeah, baby up wind costs up to print multiple. Moreover, the pleura complete tuple print or Jarrod, eight mermaid hunker down. And they can print my tupple burrata Polak opened their first element of the tuple as a kind of width up Tiger up omega bilateral element and print off my temple up to 0, multiple of 1, 2, 3. Well, of course second to the lens TO line your part. Again. Third element that coming era. Or two to n j second to n Malacca. Your pardon Fox, or scrub, my topple to Miyako can't read batter into two cunning. It'll get red bet. Get read by technique to permit Zara is physics elements only. Don't know. Tuple, cocoa trap, door, NACA, concatenate cannot stop it or might tuple plus microparticles? I don't know. Okay. Miles south as anger or EEG net upon omega j. Elements for a seeker cap, tuples, baby, same list, Keith, array of results for one constructor. No, I'd be happy to. Tuples. May up duplicate values be delta to the Secchi money, happy with this character apple clear cases of potato, onion, chili, broccoli, pumpkin, or free seminary. Put it around the ERP tuple credit consistently, equally exit Filter1, incorrect concrete topo map. Duplicate values could also allow death. We have this preprint carbon atom J, tuple print, or the array up equate a running era. What are the magneto? You are duplicate values, quote Apple, allow contact or couples may have duplicate where lose Co, drugs up there. Quite the cut. Nine-year. I see here there are tuples. Got Lintner find Canada, Tokyo tuples like it. Namely maintain just simple LEN, length, function, alien, art, APOE, tuple can numb and you'll be ethnically at caja CRP tupples column with the E-jet or Pascal than a LEN, LEN, LEN function College. Nikki Len function returns a number of items in a container. A container guy wages it or with the cake, topper length or len, wedges getting the job number of items in the tuple, the KDIGO, the opposite, six when you think of the 123456 elements at all, yeah, six upto the technical milia as here are typeof, topple down, the chatbot up type, or tuple cannot connect with our caught up on me. I'll be happy. A caffeine pressing keys the economic dx0, your sacrum and make a mixed couple, man and I'm the goods we have non-defective. It string yup, yup goods. We'd also have those supports. Key money up into the air, got 56 8 number Dahlia, a logical way earlier true for a number field strength, a thicker mix. Data types in Nepal create mixed datatype was my money or other mix doubled my type, but that can knock a hole to the thickest type, make camelCase cut tibia polynomially, I guess the key type, we just call it Toby tuple or multiple data type thing API. The BB, homie topple him into any tuple Kudu data type or the hair. It respect to up the elements and datatype. What I am Nikki is my string here, or integer BLA CON is k2. Direct API got I would type up the tuple. Tuple is seeking a happy couple of analogies, permanent, simple numbers tracking what is crabby type or a mic on Earth again, Ambani, arable keys cut, I beat tupple. He AIGA, the cost bucket of bulky tuple cargo type. What I walked up on. In respect to key apostolic, historic event of an opposite character, string, recruit, abuse clock, DO type of our toppling over absolute numbers for truth of USCA. Longer one numbers, tuple USCA. Type. I go about opening up a door, datatype, same, numbers, strings, lists, tuples. You chart the record data types, Kwame, MNIST, so much Leah. Examples we have radically agree or patois data type, Python, dictionary, datatype, nickname, data type, calotype, Python, me, dictionary, Joe Ty. Key value pair me. Data Kwashiorkor can Nikoli, huge caveat that Jessica dictionary, normal English, huge cut those. Maybe Caltech it later. What are the health risk? Meaning the Altai, the word or meaning seems that I say happy to hear. Key or value gets a key. Topics in Paula. Phonetic. Create Qur'an mighty man. And I'm the oldest mummy brand is this model Intel I7, hot year up manufacturing year. 2021. The, the, yeah, happy to make good data type credit corona, dictionary, python, main, just Mickey. Key, value, you'd count key advocates, brand a risk of alloca, S's. Yeah, picky can model a horoscope value k, Intel I7. Are you happy do keyhole year hay or evaluate 2021 for Easter aka dictionary, python recreate gossiping or is co-op, printer might continue PupCo pleura, pleura and dictionary, key value pair map or different committees. I got off my school, print colored dots, the key up. Brand SS, model, Intel I7, year 2021, Jaco. My dictionary yet extremely key values are the technical MSAG, dosage. I got to update the key on a pole or leashed men blueprint Canada, USA up my dict, August, model up a geeky value of a basket of good takeaways cover elements that Otho, my edict of model Jaco, the, the GKE model, key value K, Intel I7 Modelica. You value a i, Intel I7, ERP Eigen till I seminar me, I'll put my data. I see you are going to yet passed Grottoes covalent 2021. I'm Emily AIGA. I'm going to put a dictionary print growth omega0 predicts negative printed when Jackie, I've got my kids chunky dictionary, macaca won't promise, and Muslim domain, my dot-com. The function could use Ganga or emojis Arctic each month, Dang it the brand model or the area team. Good Yap, a huge gig antics name with a warm and we'll get SAE where Louisa, my huge corona or emojis, sorry, values. They can equal Miliangas to Dick's NADP, caffeine, interesting TDM or yeah, happy because ladies up multiple Jacoby huge costs of HSHP up and quit blog develop, career swap it and I blogged me, convince later or you just k was crushed or karaoke comment Carnevale user can numb k. Right, was cut Command K through up. A huge cost up to your comment, a Pictionary mortgages me up. The name, come into those Nicaea wall up distinct warmer when you construct your data, which constructor conceded post Nick, Yeah, On say block title pic, yeah, we'll be up is medial to the WP block develop chorale will hop app might dictate ICA huge costs of the WHO comment code or comment SRT. Do Command key. I use a net YuJa information or time of NO naught kinetically historical mucolytics and edit, copy up the stomach or SOC 30 coffee, which will hold on for a year. He predicts nato Hamlet. Python, Cave, patch, basic datatypes, numbers, string, list, or dictionary. Cool. Now pay, it's just so much the Autobahn is classmates. But Nikoli, what is the case that the IRA or a male? Python com, Python programming key variables cavity here it was McKinsey data types, what the JSR region cardiomyopathy do. Python basics a or scabies is Mamluk advocate, program Coke so much banging. It is a decision-making to have Python will work as a leaky gut. The electrode is a gamble because at decluttering, the hopper supports Kojiki, Jessica COVID, 19 percent Toledo Coffee. My pandemic, corrupt and architectural. Yara, Sandy countries coffee is C is correct. You happy do vaccines. Janitor continuing with the Giardia, won't 45 plus Sharia though? Yeah, happy. I got up. Support IQ, SRF, table up Korematsu, use a chicken a chat. Thank you. Oh, vaccine Kelly eligible hay and he had the RPM example application map. Your code looks at the oaky age, a Copic variable, logo Eugen, intercutting, or YuJa, age, greater than or equal to 45. Hetero Home Ec, simple message user called this a panicky. You are eligible for COVID-19 vaccine, right? Or else, Hello, print costs, octane message key. You are not eligible for COVID-19 vaccine as of now, please wait for your time. Thank you for your next simple decision-making guide. Jump all over Python ME or the Python way if or else. I see you've got the if or you have a JOB apple criteria, the Nike is greater than or equal to 45 feet. I'm calling huge carrying your audiogram looked print statement, the thing Aikido, BM, look at the eight criteria for pillow, the Ithaca hmm, you gioco, print Conoco, authentic EOM stippling isotherm, boy, happy. There's a pair whose keep up and look huge. Carrying else gave up, resemble a column. Then you can have em look wavy collectively the race lambda direct calling huge turkey print, cutting edge uv, I'm no message then I got then gets a kiss, kiss me. You are not eligible for COVID-19 vaccine as you have not, please wait for your time. Thank you. So ES6 or Quito message, then it gets simple. Our decision-making can jump Olga. If l sky huge turkey is could a home run carrying it to Yahoo money each goal ERP, hardcode get 34 is co-op low ERP. And you have too many API but I attacking calcium in portly thing to copy up in, put, leak NP up the cost of the hill. Yeah, pick your money and portly at the happy you just say up in Port leaky age stroke or suck the WHO or fill up if or else condition floppy dots up there. Decay. Though ethical k. Suppose you have a huge age, 78, hey, or a Peace Corps and convert somebody it could ITO you are eligible for COVID-19 vaccine or decay. The ilium is called user input lake and economic ecosystem. Kalita him. To help him, I simply score to copy corona or Nietzsche. Jackie, I'm looking at bay. Each good and happy I'm logging. You would just say in Portland, gain or lose Kwame lobe. Please enter your age. The rpm, you go bowling achy, bleach up, not H in Turkey. I think that all. Please enter your age. You get agent or categorise calm blue in DMA convert, cutting it off. You happy. I'm look, if in school school leakage equity, the app is currently supports key, you just enter the age 29 and marketing. See you, I'm loco output camera. You are not eligible for COVID-19 vaccine as you know. You happy only body. Quick that he can say application developed coeliac, job, home user, apnea eligibility, cut your costs at the Howdy, happy. I'm look. You just see in Portland and the RPM hardcore nickel and silicon Logging API criteria, the lucky you just carried about 45 yellow signal data. Vaccine, ukulele, violin, the portico do slay huge router War II delta, what P9 to AARP. I'm a mosaic. You are eligible for COVID-19 vaccine for acyclic, a simple GUI which Karski up Python McCarthy has any say, quote, looks up the hill. And I'm no, 4459, Dolly, is Toby Wu eligible for our cannot break. I cookie happy. I'm low. Input. Numeric linen throwing up and look again, 44, buidling it OV one output has a AIGA. Okay. Gap Mamluk excerpts and handling Turkey squats you say are flawed organic NAV or Java defined application. I grew up and I thought up, but ACIP, the hope is that it gets him a Python programming basic cable. Umami selected me, Yana. 7. Steps in Data Preprocessing: Scott, I'm getting a coffee. Machine learning algorithms CALEA, Yeah, Nikki, artificial intelligence, Gilead, your data or gassy hmm, process cut the hierarchy. Hammadi is Glasgow. This TVA gets unlucky. Machine learning, CALEA data processing gets a key guard or lecture we haven't done enough to use mcons at step 10 or ugly lectin project getting here or they can get, gets embedded depth processing, got the hand machine-learning. Who me to update any given we're humble host Saturday doesn't know what. Licking your data abroad. A good look. Augment what the hair, they don't want machine-learning algorithm get input. Good group member Duncan nakedly, how might you say it started getting huge, full-day damaged by the Leakey. I'll select the whole D here. Yeah. What yeah. Go ahead. Yeah. A 108 up preprocessing the spit them out. The head loss. This also domain hump Gas Act Thank You. Machine Learning algorithm called the it up for them. Can they say Hadley, how many Dakota pre-process can apart the hay and we read audit up a passe up good business. The Delete, it will stay up. Machine learning algorithm pour directly need this at the hand. We'll see how my belly bleed process garden to hold the hair. How many data preprocessing kitchen through Parthia was cool math, but I'd like a home got data preprocessing, may hungry duck or the Omid data make Gao, Hey, get an SID column Seq ack, Gauss me, our switch and I opened up the head gaseous which now swimming missing here. So subsequently hum it was dw so much enough or the head to the FAA very first step door that will yield that yam was stayed up. What kid that he gets is sum j equals macaca. Good outlooks. Can I get equal Home Depot, some modulator here, Peter was the double and Elyse got the hard. They take loosely dynamic gap or two missing values, ECA with Gallo. Thank you. Do they take attacker the hint, you'll just see Applebee's this gets through OB Bauhaus study columns to hold the handle missing values because subtlety and ego McCoy values. And then your audiogram will say directly machine-learning algorithm for the day the correct output, namely that cookie basale, you just scaleable Sadducee locally whopping values in your God, we see Hamada prediction for a particular those at day 0 process calculus. But I cannot, cosmic gap which backwards missing values are missing. And Missy where leuko home look, good. Oppressed processing steps get through on missing when the school yeah, to eliminate got the thing. Yeah. Periosteum gets a huge full-day does it. But they thought steps in data preprocessing and make our Becky, I'm ERP Python language mispredict Coke or newer layer for data. Preprocessing elite. In steps go hmmm, no pollen kept saying it, but we'll get back a joke. What I got, I got the, I think you do a PMI. Python language may say is Galen and baggages and we'll say hmm, long import guards, there was good, bad hmmm look. Preprocessing, postdoc guard the handwash preprocessing may bind Reggie, sink up your home, look getting it. Or PM, local Min removal, getting unlucky. It will be mean values, how setting or WorldCat I'm getting if scaling, getting it, it deskilling, field hmm long normalizes and Yang and normalize and maybe L1 norm lesson L2 norm, right, isn't gonna use I'm locating a pretty damn load data leveling account getting a or data leveling or data encoding. Major steps I was coding for local NHS icky Beckett just going port cannot sample labels defined enough. It training levels, court Gardner of field performance, could they cannot be encoding that I ordered lists are going to look at Ethel gap will tell me with that field performance score and the court decided our data preprocessing steps and to let Jeremy gotten a wildly 8. Project - Data Preprocessing and Label Encoding and Decoding: So is selected Mamluk is project coconut here or I guess I am logged data, preprocessing, cut the hair, Python language, cool, huge, GOT game machine learning algorithm. Kelly was given, I mean, I'm looking here, project Carnevale him though subsidiary ledger step here, data pre-processing, k are all technically or smell no DACA, Becky Dolby, usual packages, edge OPM, look back at it. Huge gonna gathering and data preprocessing and back edges or home look Python, me, import, collect the Hare, talks up, sit by and large. Joham local num by huge getting it. So import numpy as np, mother's paella. Lie no, Garfield hmm, cackling Occam. Our preprocessing package for huge Carnevale skill onset or HMO from SKLearn import preprocessing, step, leaking your RPM is quote cohort anchoring a happy home look. Step core anchoring it or feed him Lou? Yep. Yes. Step import or Jagger Tom Lou I've listed here are glass tip your head simple data CU, part of acid can now hold the hay. And if you sample it occurred to find nowaday to ky hm, login, happy QC up data could use Nika. Hello, yeah, pick up and I take data and defined getting your or other RPA, Hamlet's gioco category. Yeah, the cab looks at political civil unrest and you're happy. Macaca, rocky input data queryable layer, object layer. Now, Are you happy? And NumPy? Np dot and you can NumPy add equal, huge IQ, adequate curtain will just make the data over to East that are say hmmm, no big, adequate candidate. Use my sample data, your Nicky. Yeah. Marek, sample data overdue. Step 2 here is could we unload or uncle Lincoln? Hello, Google Colab mic array, Google Colab. Do pretend Not bad kid that I, he got nor bad AARP up. Machine learning gap. Vitamins are deleted according goal, not be installing a giveaway you which got sucked back up. Handy to lay a three-year ignored by the jab, jab, jab, they're going up the call with the app via a particular order portal. Except Dorothea Dix lists that you could do via cold liquid L is given a mapping API looks up though Jackie, My name is merely Carl warhead, the coffee Tao, the hijab apical, but that'll take yap for gasoline, LIGO detected many API. Now assemble data. Liang is Cooperman initiative to sample data. But if I sit back and you're quiet, connect whether you smoke or simple data, Cool. I'll prove acid, carbonic acid. They had jackie help us do that, but preprocessing technique or whole logo cross-docking. How i'm, I'm nucleus then getting it to ERP money. Akan NumPy at equal, but he wasn't gay and you can buy it at equal. Defined gay and NumPy Edit Cut it out is common to input data is stored. Step 3, you have web preprocessing technique. Cool logo is gender, mm PCB preprocessing technique. Or legal guardian mania in the US got to him. So data preprocessing technique, data pre-processing tech company to warrant gear gap bilateral technical me which kinda yeah, that way. Binarization cap to bind register and cavitary data preprocessing technique hedges copy of the hijab homie, oppressed some Catholic millennia ago Boolean militiamen. But the Nicky, Our checked out here just like eHarmony and NumPy, adequate gadgets. My 2.11 minus 1.95.5 minus seven by nine. E-commerce ribose numeric data. Hey, you have Hm is numeric data code. Binary data are gonna miss it. Convert can handle a binder adjacent technique. I hope you can now what the heck? I'm named that because it's a sole Mancur 0.5 carpool in input data. In built-in with the scalp, you're carrying a happy to threshold value arrows. Go home, look 0.5 months. Yeah, happy. Hmm, load huge. Getting a preprocessing to how many happy import data preprocessing package, school, pay processing cluster, huge cutting it or was Mameluke bind, Dr. Jason bind, bind right here. Methodical, huge carrying a function called loose, killing it through yap and they came by and write data. 0, 2 is scheduled set whichever I wrote 0 to one upset customer being happy my new 0.56, yeah, wire together or the average threshold manage the F 0.5 or transform input data, input data Qualcomm lacrosse been palace I for easing for date, I don't know. Medicare is combo. Binary may transform Karasek those Guillaume looked preprocessing dot bi erasure method call huge, correct. So lambda 0.5 DRY or eschar on carbon EPA Hami. Hami binary data means I got oh yeah, Mara, your data numeric method 2.1, I will get 1. Okay. So East Delhi is Casey Hamada update. I do eval binary data me that the WHO to go ahead and do our glad she's a warhead, mean you move one yet, equal MC the poor, some money preprocessing technique, edgy scope your machine learning with Gaia, the hay, more rupee is your feature vector came at them, say P0, feature vector, vector, ku, mean Kmart them say cut mechanically care the head Jackie has suddenly Perkins ditto, MPI generator poster without hokey, say pellagra, where we had us up the hand on pneumonia. Yannick is sampled data, don't want that but mud atonic key pre-processing technique called Okazaki. How reached the Python code called licks at the he or isn't data Kim may mean or Manoch, which luckily for us it costs at the hand. See you. Mean monarchy with a standard deviation. So, yeah, Happy hump. Locally kingly mean is equal to input, excess equal to 0. Our footprint standard deviation input data dot std, who's getting into Yammer is the standard deviation those for the tika or eschar mean hummingbird, Idaho. Yeah. Mean Hooker, 1.75 minus 1.22 standard deviation it not I Omniture the area code input data key module which Glencoe hot Are they got A-bomb cackling good data, scale. It objective. Carrying your preprocessing dot is Kilda huge car K is your input data, how Mary pass him. Specific mean or standard deviation, cohort, ionic ecosystem delegate. Those symbols are each step preprocessing dot-dot-dot scale or data, input data to her Mariah Guam recreate Kieth IRP is cool. Calculator skill. Can they go, it's missing a mean or standard deviation. Core. Part of the graph is concave up the camera, I mean, you'll have 1.01. Do we Easterner Division 1. So you have a mean or external division. Pull that other that I've lashed to our graduates each other way scaling equal to E, scaling big data preprocessing techniques. The scope look feature vector scale to really get at that feature vector is killing chaos at the heck UP hubs. Caveman, guy, Janacek, Monica Beach, windows up their head through six of them. Kazakh thing is scaling multiple records. We have omega and thick E coli, so WIDA, walk you get groups it buddy at shortly or numerical Python, porn, Kemalist say Hmm, up new input data, keys, scaling car sat, there are tapped feature vector, cars up the hip. The min-max scaling data's killer min-max guy up, I'm look, I'm no huge killing a minmax scalar function f preprocessing me, though is called a huge calendaring app. If featuring him then gets 0 to one cave each way. Or those ROM huge carrying a min-max fit transform Hamline. Yeah, by min-max, a huge courage or homey data. I always give us a bloke occurring lucky min max data underscore, scalar, underscore min-max function type Schelling goes Can the transfer function for each car can look it up, put transform connect courses currently or jom is quote core anchoring it The Hami data. Joe Mulago is pre-calc or Malika do min-max skill data hub, ionic or covalent bought the company UVA min-max SCO scale cards. They are glad your technique or data processing or data processing technique is just cope look, feature, vector, ku, some source it can make luckier than normalized connecting the care that, yes, our money pay money per feature vector come up. Nikki Lee, is that a cost normalizes some chaos authority air. So L1 normalization Caltech say comes to, come near petulant group may be jhanas that the head is that our costs are one acre montelukast and so that got the head Jackie. But take multi may want a more local homicide, ICA, hey, Python, quote, kilowatt, I guess like nothing happened. I'm logged data for normalized killing gay is Gilliam locale, which kind of pre-processing normalise. Franca, huge carrying or input data, Xiomara data and draw an accurate guess and pull that elbow in Portola or you happen normalization. Hmm, L1 norm. Joe have our ALU anionic am look choppy but our egg alone normalizes some cool huge cannot have the javelin, miss it on carrying autonomy. Yea, I'll put Malaysia. Dismay how mesa schedule some bokeh will one Kibera body Yoga do slideshow, L2 norm like this and L2 number, isn't it? Stick come work a rubric yes, or the hay is direct us harmonic current will look awesome. So did cut that Jackie workbook or Yokohama ISA. Equal is an input by unquote group method. Yeah, happy we have looked preprocessing dot normalize or ERP input data or you happened on L2 leaf and a half? Yeah. Well, I am not alone. Huge. Gather you happy I'm Louis LTE. Which current year or scheduled Como gappy print though yay print connect with me or put me liga up to our glass tape. Head leveling data, labeling the data, hump Alice age and taking machine-learning algorithm coag negative product metadata key offset tau, theater, eat, unimaginable our sector Yankee data for machine learning algorithm k input correctly bayonets aaaa, pixel level piazza here, and it will be, I'm loved it also then go see leveling, keep Auth0, the other gelato Theo that archaea, the embargo liquid water, the color barrier backup data or data per boss or a label and the label substantia the group mythos append Jackie sub those are ABC, yeah, pin up A0, B0 psychiatrists and kept 0, 1. This attain is scalar may machine-learning someone's it, got it. Yeah, check out. Thank you. Determine number level Halakhah. Yeah. Number labor has 01 to the other weatherman easily. Yeah. The data on Europa hetero system counterparts in Galatia? Yes. Subdue label go, numeric, rope me but the Nikki pre-clinical level encoding Catholic gap and global level and putting a volume is seeking a 12 level uncoating step scout the hair. Is Mamluk ballet. Required packages go import cutting in NumPy you on a scale answer preprocessing. Feed him look, Look. Sample, labeled score defined. Getting at the app, I'm looking at it. You find carrying gifts. Input levels got just my blue, red, black, green essay, which colors can look. But if acid, Quran, Yamada, sample level, say when I'm looking at getting a label, creating and training of label encoder object is tipped me hm, level and curdle banana or is a process it can Nikki, God, I've got to him. Is Gilliam cackling a preprocessing dark level and field encoder dot fit our freely hub AM logan put level core basket thing here though you label encoder period cost data bus. So the Bellingham, you unless the code and Ghanaian. Is what, a step or a schema this one is to get the label encoder Readtopia. Step forward, you have warhead checking the performance of encoding random order list. So random order lithium monomials condo, They can kill him a negative test level and look green, red, black. The idea encoded values, yap and quartered or transform per keg is test level go. And we'll gather pascals, dingy or print carrying Academy, Camelot at the upper levels, green, red, black. And then we'll get is Kiva them encoded value list encoded when homolog is numeric values, McKenzie convert, cut. But a Whoo, yeah, but they cannot the app, I mean, new numeric values, Mick Jagger, one to 0. And coordinate well, yeah, water levels are green, red, black, or the OPM encoded values will get numerically sunk capital, where you will get 12 tomorrow. I'll be up and they can get checking the performance by encoding random set up numbers is a step Mason, York's AND gate and a model list could be quote, Guard Kippur, the Sankey judge, can Nicholas, Thank you. Happen quoted values and then get 3, 0, 4, 1 or decoded list toga encoder, dot-dot-dot, even worst transfer and coded value. Hmmm. Look in what's transformed and coordinate value copra causes carrying it is quite a second anyway, I'm encoded value, you will get alone cackling again, a happy home. And quoted level Joham AG encoded values, hey, escaped via Amara, labeled have wood or Nikoli hmm, simply adding a cap list decoded value is encoded value. The court clerk Amika, is 3430411. That negative voice is getting it. So yup, yup, yup. Go decoded valid McKamey data. White, black, yellow, green. So yeah, happy I'm Nick, actually occupy only have make desk level career. You see a message term called trachea or field. How many operand values, the encoded value 3, 0, 1, or skip a space may homie decoded level the outcome. White, black, yellow, green to yellow jacket, the hanky decoding or encoding or decoding card. The hand sample levels key is precocity. Year ago steps a war data preprocessing steps, a jackhammer, Jana, key, data preprocessing, McKenzie step sequence a genome huge Catania, second boundary, Jessica huge, cut them. When do we value scaling which cut the hand normalization this memory and melanomas on the L2 norm resin could use QA leveling up data. Hominidae car assembly will duplicate the heck at them and quarter could use cut the calcium level in the heart gets AMP level would be cool because they have a good project, may have me then I can look at the preprocessing data. Preprocessing indeed labeled Cohen code or the court costs at the obvious that he could project gossip the hint or AP1000 I sat there. Constructor here is classical, technically a couple hotpots. So Priya