Artificial Intelligence: Build Your own Self Driving Car Software App within 1 hour!

Rakesh Chinta, CEO NAG CORP, Harvard University, Google

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4 Videos (24m)
    • Setting up the py community and creating the project

    • Building the project part 1

    • Open cv project part 2

    • Implementing hough transform


About This Class

In this program, you'll learn the skills and techniques used by self-driving car teams at the most advanced technology companies in the world. ... All the above payment plans include the costs of Unlimited project reviews 

Hiring partners tell us all the time that they want candidates who are excited about the field of autonomous vehicles. That’s part of what makes the Udacity Self-Driving Car Engineer Nanodegree Program so impressive — students from around the world have sought out the program in order to learn about the field.

In addition to the twelve different projects students must pass to earn the Nanodegree credential, many of our students go even further and build independent projects of their own.






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Rakesh Chinta

CEO NAG CORP, Harvard University, Google

Rakesh Naga Chinta is an Entrepreneur, SDE Intern at Google, Strategic Business Analyst, Author of several best-selling books.

A Harvard Alumni, with a burning passion for problem-solving and Entrepreneurship.

Previously worked as Software Engineering GSOC intern at google, Now is running several startups and ventures: where his skills are tested and sharpened every single day.

CEO and...

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