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Article Marketing - How to write your way to Riches

teacher avatar Brian Cliette, I help Businesses GROW and SCALE Quickly

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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About This Class

Quickly increase your business sales by driving more free web traffic to your web sites even if you hate writing!

Learn how to leverage articles into one of the most powerful online marketing methods. Use these strategies to get high powered articles on the first page of Google or Bing accumulating a mountain of clicks and a giving your website a high search engine score boost in the process.

Articles are not only the highest converting traffic on the Net, the synergy created with articles can help your site in more ways than one.

Meet Your Teacher

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Brian Cliette

I help Businesses GROW and SCALE Quickly


I help Businesses GROW and SCALE Quickly. Via High Velocity User Acquisition & Data Driven Growth Marketing!!

Meet the Mad Scientist of Digital Greatness.

What do you get when you combine a data geek, a social media master and a growth marketing connoisseur?

You get a mad scientist named Brian Cliette. Brian has been working his brand of magic for more than 10 years, serving the hospitality and digital media industries with a unique, holistic approach that allows him to see the entire picture, tear it down and rebuild it into something amazing.

Brian gets a lot of joy from helping people and companies to be better than they were. He's a people person, a problem solver, and holds an unusual balance between the analytical and creative sides. After trav... See full profile

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1. Articlemarketingshortcourse: Brian Flat here and wanted to put together a quick course on article marketing. So in this particular course, when you're talking about exactly what is our marketing going to talking about some of the pros and cons of article marketing as a traffic generation tactic also going to be going on some of the tools, they can help you further leverage article marketing as digital channel in traffic generation strategy. And then I'm going to talk about maybe some of the pros and cons of article marketing because they are limitations to Arkham Market. And there are some upsides toe article marketing as well. So that is what I have planned for you. So without further ado, let's begin. So what exactly is article marketing? So our market is more of a philosophy and kind of somewhat a component of content marketing . So here we're taking an article that we write on a topic. This topic should relate to. The market that we are selling in are the market that we're offering our service in, and then we should find websites, relevant websites where we can take this article and post it now. Typically, article marketing became all of the fat in probably 2000 6789 8010. It's somewhere around 2010. 2011. Things started to change, but pretty much. Then article market was done. You write a ton of articles, you submit them on very popular article websites. Such Azizi articles. You have some type of call to action at the bottom of your article. So you have some wannabe. My call to action is that you have article, let's say, on chiropractic services in Denver, Colorado, and at the bottom have a called accident. Hey, have unique higher practice service from Colorado. Click here to set an appointment. Click here for free consultation. So you have some call the action. You're trying to get someone to take some type of action so they click through that link and then they go to your website chiropractors, uh, denver colorado dot com. And there you have some type of lead generation form or you want them to submit the name number phone number to set an appointment coming for some three consultation, um, some free review to living in a back pain or whatever you're promoting at that point. So that's how Article marketing kind of began. And I probably published hundreds of articles of probably 708 100 articles over that four year period that this type of article market was in fact. But now, um, article market. It has kind of changed into what I like to say, uh gets blocked. Posting. So let's say there's some bloggers within the niche so that some blocks within the pain back pain niche and you reach out to the people almost blocks a hammock. I practiced in Denver, Colorado, and I write a couple of articles a couple of times a week from the topic of how chiropractic practices can alleviate back pain. You tell them that you're willing to write for their block, and most people always need content. So mostly broke pretty up to that. So you send them email, you send them black holes, they'll post it. And at the bottom of the block, you may put a link back to your website Chiropractic Services of Denver, Colorado. All right, may have some quote called action. A picture of some social media links from people can get in contact with you can start following you when your twitter and your Facebook page. So this is kind of the new age of the Neo article marketing that I really want you guys to start thinking about. So the whole concept of taken article and put in a bunch directories is no longer an effective strategy, a no longer fit for effective tactic. Although article marketing still in effective strategy, it's just kind of changed a bit. So it's manifested to say into kind of gifts, hosting or blog's, and our to take your content and posted on websites like LinkedIn are very popular social networks. For example, I have a very active, um Blawg on LinkedIn, so it may not be brian client dot com, but if you go to my LinkedIn page, you can see all the linked impulse. Are they? Which is the linked in blogging platform? You see all the articles that I've posted there, and at the end of those articles, I do have some call to action. So that hasn't changed. Is this where you place the articles has changed with the tactic of where you please, the article has changed with the concept of write an article on finding placement for it and hopefully getting traffic back to your site are to your social media following that has remained the same. So that's essentially what article marketing is in a nutshell. Have a piece of content. You find placement for that content, and you have some type of call to action where you try to get people from where you place that content to somewhere else. You're trying to drive traffic through that article content. So what are some of the pros and cons of article marketing? Some of the pros and that is a somewhat three traffic source. You typically don't have to pay the post on social media sites. You have to pay the postal medium dot com our post. Don't link. Then you don't have to pay to post on Facebook. Typically don't have to pay the post to gets blocked on someone's block. So that is one of the upsides I got started. I was in grad school at the time when kind of this constant by Travis Sago. Uh, this bum marketing, constantly stalking ones, coming up bodies, articles and post them all over the Internet. Getting traction that way was working. Um, so it was kind of a low hanging fruit because you're going after what we call long tail keywords, keywords. You don't have a lot of competition. You've taken all that those keywords creating content for them than posting on websites that have hot pay. Drinks are they were kind of a k A very had a good relation with ghoul. So these sites were ranked well. And typically, if is a low hanging fruit keyword on a site that Google like in that particular article that you posted with rank in the top 10 drawn you a lot of traffic. A lot of eyeballs to that article and again, the more I have also that article, the higher ranking. That article is in the search engines. More likely, someone's gonna click through to your call to action. So the more traffic you get to your site for free, essentially, I mean, the only cost was the time that it took you to write the article hits name Bum Marketing. Travis Sago, the guy that actually coined that term still a very big Internet marketer. Someone and I'm a big fan ever have a huge amount of respect for out of Arkansas. This is a really good guy, very family oriented guy. He kind of came out with that term. And the premise of is that he could go on any street corner anywhere in the United States and get someone that was homeless so knows a bomb. Maybe that's no repertory. Maybe some of this a vagrant and take them to the public library. Teach him how to write an article where to post that article, and they could be making mining within 30 days. So that was the whole concept behind marketing. And again, it's the same thing with article marketing. Same concept put into the other piece of content. Finding a place to post the content. Getting traffic from that Posted content to your website are to the Philip program that you're promoting or whatever. So those are the pros now. Some of the cons are is that you have to be good at writing. I have to be pretty disciplined about writing. You can't outsource articles, and that's what a lot of people doing. That's fine, But then again, this isn't such a free method. If you're paying to get someone to write articles But if you're comfortable writing articles yourself, then ah, this is 100% free, um, type of marketing channel for your mark, But one of the caught causes that you do have to write another con is that you may have a high level rejection. So maybe everyone that you offered to do against block for may not accept your offer are. You may try to post your content on sites that your contents not appropriate for. So, for example, if you're in the gambling niche, not a lot of websites I'm going allow you to post articles regarding gambling on their site . So there may be some limitations there to the titles products of service to this you're promoting again one another. Cons. Another con is that this method of marketing does take some times. Article marketing does take time. It's not an overnight thing. Um, I have had articles rink within Google within two or three days, and that's typically not typical. Tipple could take anywhere to 30 days of 60 days. I might have to do some back links building again. That may cost you some money of trying to build some back links to some of these articles are getting these articles indexed in Google that may take some times and technical know how. So I guess that could all be considered a con overall and all. There's one surefire method of kind of getting your name out there are really starting to grow. Your personal brand is really taking high quality articles of great content, posted member strategic places and just continue to do that over and over and over again. OK, so this is a long term method. It does take time to get attraction. Once you do it, I mean, you could have several 100 articles up over years, period. You know, if you made the goal of writing one article every three days, you could literally have ah 100 articles at the end of the year are a year from now. Yes. So that's kind of one way of looking at imagine amount of traffic and branding. You know, someone Googles your name and they see 200 articles. Imagine all the cool search results related to your name and how you come up for the content are for the space that marking the space that you're within me. Although you could use a pseudo name if you're in a certain niche that you maybe don't want associate with your name, but we all have those online. But for your personal brand, article marketing is a great channel as well as a 40 you some brand ability. So what are some tools for article marketing? Unlike a lot of other channels, we need a lot of tools, really. With article marketing, you need more. So, um, some research tools and keyword research. What, you want to see some keywords you may be able to rank for relatively easy, and then you also want to be able to research blocks within your niche. And I mean, this could be done with several Google search parameters. So you might want to Google, uh, the term global search parameters. You can easily find sites that specialize in your niche, reach out to those block owners, find their social media reach out to them. On Twitter is pretty effective way of rdm in them on Twitter or Facebook and say, Hey, I came by your block. I'll love to publish articles within your niche. I'm within the same niche these economies sample arcs up time before and kind of develop that relationship. S oh, really? Too many tools aren't really needed to get started. Just really need a word processing tool of some type so you can write your content up. You need some keyword research tool army that tons of those out there that you can just kind of research keywords for. Ah, and then you just need the ability to reach out to potential blocks and research different social media websites, our blogging platforms where you can post your content, and it's pretty much of a simple way. Ah, hints going back to Shabbas say goes bum marketing term. You know the idea as a set was just you could take a vagrant off the street and get him rolling and making some money in 30 days, but is posting strategic articles, places getting traffic back to some type of really offer what you will get paid. So not a very complicated method still is not the same as it was when it first came out, but still very effective. If you're consistent with it on great way to get content out there, this works really well for more sophisticated markers, for it's kind of the top of the funnel were kinda gets and brand recognition out there, eh? Probably not gonna convert a whole lot of people right away with this. Sign up with some of these methods were great for a kind of top of the formal brand recognition. Getting people to kind of come to your side, become familiar brand, educate them. Your product is great for that type of traffic. Okay, so this is kind of code traffic that you're trying to convert, Uh, you know, to try to get them to your sites, you can later hurt. Sorry, I'm so it was kind of the basic tools that you need to get started getting started Article marketing. As it says, Simple is having keywords finding, writing some articles and placing those articles Now one suggesting on one piece of advice that I'll go into going to this additional tips later when I talk about advice for success in article marketing is to make sure that you're riding ton of content so used to be times we could write 100 words 300 words and be ok, but really, to get traction in the search engines to really have a perceived value of people. They're gonna read article, share it on social, probably around 1000 words. Case that might go back to being a concert is not as simple. Is writing a simple basic article. It's kind of like You almost got a really roll your sleeves up. Really think long and hard about a topic, really, Devon, to that topping and add value in 1000 words are more. I've even seen articles now in 2000 words and temperament. Once you go over 2000 word Limit is perceived to have a high level of value. It's more like a white paper than this is a standard block post, and typically people like to share that type of content a lot more so really to get started . Is this to fire up your Microsoft Word Are your office? Are you know, pad or your text foul and really to start up writing up some informations and valuable information that will be valuable to a reader in your given space you're giving ah product arena and getting started. Reaching out to some place is the place that content. That's the quickest way to get started inaudible Mark and that is gonna conclude that's gonna conclude. Um, my Sorry. So advice. Sorry. Almost cut you guys up. I want to make sure you give you guys advice of ice on article Marketing is make sure the number 12 um, that I give people when you're doing any type of content is you want to make sure that you're consistent, so make sure that you right at the same time per day, preferably are the same time per week and this post and write consistently. That's the easiest way to really get traction with article marketing. Our any other type of content marketing is to do it on a consistent basis. So if you're going to produce a video on Tuesdays and Thursdays producer video on Tuesdays , Thursdays. If you're going to write an article or block pulls on Tuesdays and Thursdays and writer article on Tuesdays and Thursdays don't have has early. I'm going to do article just article marketing. Spread it out. Some blocks don't get traction that stop. This is something that you're really got. It's almost like going to the gym. You got to go to the content gym and every day, okay, at the same time, you gotta work those muscles so that you become a even better, um, rider. And then once you start writing these articles and use, find that you know it's relatively easy for you to pump out content now. Some quick tools that did not share with you here, and I'll go back to these tools. There's one website that are really like call rev dot com, our TV dot com and this This website allows you to upload recorded content. So I because I'm recording this video, you could record a video on YouTube. Of course, an audio. You upload that video of that audio. Sorry, you upload the audio to rev dot com, and they will transcribe that auto that audio into a actual article so they will actually type up that article for you. So that's one way to really be able to pump out some of these articles for your content Marketing strategy is to get someone to transcribe again one kinds. You have to pay someone, but they they have the best rates and the highest quality that I found of anyone online. So that's one tool that I've been able to leverage another tool article marketing especially. But those and intimidated by the idea of this writing and someone view in your writing and maybe in very critical of it is graham early dot com Gramley dot com. It's kind of like spell check on steroids really checks like maybe 250 different riding points and really helps, Um, dramatic. Make sure that you're riding is grammatically correct and make sure your read abilities on check and all types of other really cool features. So one technique is to record your video, our record, your article instead of typing it. Senate to read Blackcomb, getting in the type it up and copy and paste sanity. Graham early dot com to correct all the grammatical stuff, then printed out, read it and make some corrections. And then you have the basic workings of a really high quality article. So that's the process. It does take some time, maybe takes your writing a little longer. But for me, for example, it takes me a while to really right good quality content. So that's something that I want technique they're really trying to work on. I really want to make sure that I share that with you. As always. If you have any questions on article marketing or anything online marketing, feel free to reach out to me. You could find me on social media it Brian Cli it b r I n client cli e t t our post a discussion question on discussion board are shooting the email on anyway. Get in contact with me, and I'm more than willing to help you any way that I can. And hopefully this has been insightful and gives you a nice, good solid overview of article marketing, the pros and cons, the tools and advice and tips for article marketing. I'll see you in the next video.