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Article Keyword Density Checker in C# from Scratch

teacher avatar Krishnaa Kumar, Your Best Mentor :-)

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (17m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. User Interface

    • 3. Removing Punctuation

    • 4. Keyword Count

    • 5. Keyword Density

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About This Class

Hi Everyone,

In this class, we will create a very simple application to get keyword density from an article.  Make sure, you have some basic knowledge of c#.  If you dont have, then you can simply follow along because creating such application is very easy.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Krishnaa Kumar

Your Best Mentor :-)


I am a software developer. I have been developing softwares for the last 3 years. I know many programming languages and would love to teach you all of them. I create mini-projects for beginners in various languages like C#, JavaScript, CSS3, HTML etc.

If you are beginner and wants to start with some mini projects to learn basics, then just don't be reluctant, Enroll Now!

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1. Introduction: hi, everyone. Even if I previous class, I taught you how to create it toe to get a keyword count from an article, and this would have a great tool. Go take your identity from an article. This will be a lot put. Let's start typing rookie words. The first will be a suing gaps. Next will be in small letters, and the third will be optimization. Now click on check button and this will be output. You can see this is a key word and the sticky or identity. Make sure you have some basic knowledge off. See shop. If you don't have, you can simply for a long. Because kids that application is very, very easy. Seeing the glass. Have a nice trip. 2. User Interface: Hi, everyone in this really look over the G way I'm making use of in studio 2013 Goto file menu New and select Project Select Windows Home Application and given the name key word doing. Heard the okay button knowing you'd two decks boxes One for the article one for the G word and 1 40 lizard this stretch this a bit. Make use off group box here, Andi, Next to be are people your textbooks Here. Make it multilane on make divert around 4 50 Place it here somewhere instead. Tricked like this we need a scroll bar. So here we go to school by section and make it work together. No, select another group box component and place it here. Make it keywords. No, you textbooks and place it here. Make it multi line. Stretch this. Make it around 25 perfect UNESCO balls. What will be work? Decaux, Nordeste Korpi this? Yes. Do it and place it here. Great. Just get this like this. Nice. So this section is for the key word. This will be for the desert and this was before the article is the named to the extra article this to txt key word on this will be the extra result. Nobody. The button. So what we can do? We just more Oh, are down a bit like this and we can have a button here somewhere. So this will be a Burton. Just study this on you. The name the X d Jack Next will be Jack. And let's make it a bit bored. Both men, Let's naked. All gaps. Nice forming will be keyword tool and start position will be sent the screen Now go to debug menu and select Start without debugging and this is our foot. So we're done with the user interface The next we will start with recording process See the next video. Have a nice day. 3. Removing Punctuation: Hi, everyone. So far we're done with the user interface. I will start with according process. But first of all, we have to make some changes in the do it in himself. Name. We have pretended to beauty in Jack Mr the extra check. Just click on this button. The first thing that you have to do We have to remove the situations in an article. I already got a sample here and here. You can see I have this Goma. This full stop Nazi. How we can do that? Do you see spring Getty? It will be to remove and we want all the stinks. Do you want to remove? And those strings will be Call now then. Full stop. No community. Very evil Which is a type string. It will be article. It will be called to the extent article dot Next. Let's make yourself for each group here. String punctuation in are dealing sorry for this It should be do it removed and article will be cool. Particle dot replaced Your character will be this situation on look and his drink call to the expiry article Door decks basically reassigning with all the value is in the article variable without txt, articles or text so that we can see that all the conditions have been removed or not. Let's in the application. Copy this district in the article section. Click on this Jack Burton and you can see the doctor is going and become One is gone so far . We're done with the process off the moving deep intuitions from an article. The next would you will learn how to get the key word camp. See that extra deal? Have a nice day. 4. Keyword Count: Hi, everyone. And this would have learned how to get the key word count. Since we can have multiple keywords in this section and article will be in this section, we can make use off for each loop to look through all the keepers and will Jack one by one rather that keyword exist in an article or not. Let's see how it actually works. First of four could move this piece off board and make use off for each loop sting he works in the x d. You were dot lines because we'll have one cured, but like no, really. The patent identify the guild in an article and that Britain will be this one. Make sure you have this name space on the top of your cord. We'll make use off match collection hell and be matters. Then that X close and it will be met. His mentor input will be article, and this will be a partner. It'll make use off in statement to Jack the Mattis phone. Don't not. So they met his count. You want to open some text to the result, and it would be that the work plus the iPhone? Yes, the come It is Mattiace dot com Tamarindo New Life. Possibly copy this else to the matches nor polled. It should be zero. Oh, you can make it like this. No, on the application. Copy this. Articles and this detail. I want to check for the down s evil in the small kiss, which is Hill and you. And here and here, cert four times in this article. Now click on this check button. And this is the word so far, applications working absolutely fine. And we are getting the key. What count in the next year? Level local. What? The cure Density selects rodeo hell. When I stayed 5. Keyword Density: Hi, everyone. The previous 11 has seen how to get the key word count And this river alone. How bigger de keyword density to get the cured entity is a very simple formula, which is this one? You need a word. Counterfeit article divided by the keyword count. Let's see how it actually works. Because the word count we need a method and it would be a static method Britain type will be in on the matter. Name will be. What? And Brooke will be article from a string article. Maybe he's off match collection glass here, then God X close matches matter What is article and the person will be this one. Just copy this and Mr To and they're done the collection dot Go. No, we did some mortification here. Do you see Very well here it will be called. You heard the word con trust. So we'll call the work on method. The article is a mito No, we're divided the matches dot and we need to delude this and make it count dot to a strength because we're gonna take your identity. So we have to add a percentage here like this singles in this case We're done with this. Now on the application. Copy this particle. Mr Hill. Q. What is a See you click on Jack Burton. The cure densities. Tell person you can add multiple keywords here. Just do this. This one. Also start writing your keywords, cost and gaps. Find small letters like 3rd 1 more. And that will be okay. Optimization click on Chek Matter. And this is the were never the project. And this is the final out would see the next video. Helen, I stay.