ArtWorks! Art Therapy: Enhance Creativity & Personal Development

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16 Lessons (1h 39m)
    • 1. Course Introduction

    • 2. How To Get The Most From This Course

    • 3. "Namaste Figure" Learning Exercise

    • 4. Chapter Two: Introduction

    • 5. Getting Lost In The Process

    • 6. Learning A New Skill

    • 7. "Zen Tangle" Learning Exercise

    • 8. Chapter Three: Introduction

    • 9. Recognizing Pain and Loss as an Opportunity for Change

    • 10. Challenging Yourself

    • 11. "Changing Perspective" Learning Exercise

    • 12. Feedback for "Changing Perspective"

    • 13. Facing Your Fears

    • 14. Gratitude vs. Complacency

    • 15. "Gratitude Tree" Learning Exercise

    • 16. Course Congratulations and What's Next


About This Class

Do you struggle with anxiety, sadness and disappointment? This course teaches powerful, simple and approachable, Art Therapy techniques to reduce anxious and self destructive behaviors.

Pamela Malkoff Hayes will share many innovative art exercises that will help to put a stop to the catastrophizing thoughts and negative self talk. The art exercises taught in this course will help you problem solve, change your perspective, and move towards a place of acceptance and gratitude.

Art exercises, demonstrations and interactive discussions will be utilized in this innovative course. See how these techniques encourage thinking outside the box and using materials in a new way. You will be able to look at how external influences affect us and earn how to set aside ego-based reactions and replace those with thoughtful responses that will result in improved interpersonal relationships. Experience first hand, while making your own art, how doing something uncomfortable can empower and help to integrate both negative and positive.

Immerse yourself in Art Therapy

Chapter 1

  1. We will look at the origin and the science of Art Therapy,

  2. And how art can be used on multiple levels to really understand and change how you live your life.

Chapter 2

  1. How to use the art to reduce anxiety

  2. If you are a perfectionist, the art activities will show you how to accept your mistakes and recognize your frustration without giving up

Chapter 3

  1. Learn to tolerate anger, sadness and other uncomfortable feelings

  2. You will actually have tangible techniques to express and transform these feelings

Chapter 4

  1. Increase your gratitude and become a more balanced person

  2. While letting go of the fears that are holding you back

For each of these topics, you will actually be making art right along with me, but don’t worry, you don’t have to be the least bit artistic. I’ll guide you in using your markers, crayons, and paints in a way that is easyand approachable.

This program provides you with experiential learning activities, downloadable PDFs, additional videos designed to help you integrate all this information in a very accessible way, and you even get a certificate of completion for finishing the course.