Art to Digital: Watercolor Florals

Lauren Pace, Create Your Passion

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    • Art to Digital: Watercolor Florals


About This Class

Florals and watercolor are my favorite combination. Learn how to make your own watercolor florals and then how to digitize it using photoshop or elements! You can use this method to digitize any watercolor artwork, make duplicates or upload to the web.

If you are looking for starter supplies, follow this link to learn more about some inexpensive products that can easily get you started with watercolor! HERE

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Great Class Thank you!
This is a very basic class, helpful for beginners wanting to scan and re-size their artwork. One technique for making limited color adjustments is shown as well.
Lauren has been major inspiration for me through her amazing social media page, and I was so excited to learn directly from her! It helped me learn new tricks and tips in Photoshop I never utilized, and it was so worth taking the class! Loved it!





Lauren Pace

Create Your Passion

I am a maker of all things. If I see something I want, I find every possibly way I can make it. It started with making bow ties for my wedding, then I dabbled in hand-stamped jewelry. My passion is in creating, but I hadn't found my nitch.

Then one day, I tried hand lettering and calligraphy. That led to watercolor. For several years now, I have been self-teaching and playing around with illustrating, watercolor, pattern and logo design. 

I have illustrated a children's book with my watercolor. I design some of the best selling fabric and wallpaper on and WeaveUp. I have created exclusive fabric designs for several companies and continue to also design custom logos. 

I love the world of designing and creating.

follow my Instagram @pace_made or on Facebook Pace Made Designs