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Art project for kids: How to draw and color a Paul Klee style cat

teacher avatar Ritu Kaul, Artist, Youthful, Optimistic

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (22m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Materials

    • 3. Drawing the cat

    • 4. Coloring the cat

    • 5. Final touches

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About This Class

Unlock the door to discover the magic in you with my classes. The idea behind each and every one of them is to help children get exposed to a new and wondrous experience. I've loved art for as long as I can remember and there's no better feeling than putting pen to paper and unleashing your creativity. You can feel so many emotions at once. Art is powerful enough to extract what you are feeling and put it into a picture. It is something where you can tell a story without having to say one word. Join me on this journey of self-discovery. 

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Ritu Kaul

Artist, Youthful, Optimistic


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1. Introduction: I've always been in a foreign part of my life on I realized that videos like I can harness my love and Alan for our share with. I hope that after this video, your accident dog, this video will be feeding the famous. This cab is a full fed project for young, and it's a shame we get it to you. So the idea of this lesson is to understand that I could be anything and they didn't know. Now let's go discover your own unique 2. Materials: Okay. Now I'm going to introduce you to the materials that I am using. So first off, I'm using a three join people. Any enjoying people this size will do but things Is this specific? I'm using the crew schedule. It's one GSM. This is what I'm using. Digital on. Moving on. I'm using oil pastels. DeCarlo You can use chalk, pastels or crayons as well, but they will not give you the same effect. And that is why I don't commend you used pastels. I have two sets. This one is a smaller one. And this one is a bigger one. Both are different brands. You can use whichever brand you feel comfortable with. Next on, you should have a sharp no A days. Oh, and pencil by your side along with a jeweler. We won't be using this much, but this will be used for the starting part. I recommend you use a joint pencil. I am using the you can t see it. But any drawing pencil with work, make sure you don't go for the dark one. And lastly, I also told you have a tissue people by your side at all times because if you need to mean the all best. For example, the top off. This is doughty. And if I use this on paper, it's going to get smudged with the other colors. So simply wipe it off and it will become clear. A passion this when you're coloring, you don't want your joint gets months with the Collins we've already used. So you usually take your crayon, place your palm over the tissue paper and color, and then move it. As for where you need to go, that's all you have. Thank you. 3. Drawing the cat: Okay, So now what? I need to get started with the joy. So first I have my pencil. Oh, Daddy shopping. We're going to take your on. This is going to be a problem. It doesn't have to be exact. You're going to try and just make a tiny blocks for where you think the sender is One day, remember? Doesn't have people back and then enjoy your centerline doubt. Now, you don't want this to be very dark, because in the end, you are going. Now we're gonna take three fingers and place them on the edge of your people. And just one point. Do the same for the other side singles. A tiny point. So I have those two points there on my standard line down now, from the bottom, we're gonna take about four fingers. So just wear your pinky and and mark another boy. And now what we're going to do is way are going to think thes two points down in a code, forms a double you, and we're gonna drink it down till this point. Start by now. This isn't perfect. I have come to define you could just start over. I'm just gonna that try again and again. It does not have to people back. Just make it how you want to bring it down and drove it up. Now I don't like that. It's going so down again and go this now, remember, always can not George do daft? Because you don't want ghost lines when you and I'm just gonna think the other point down. So you have the basic you can notice it isn't full, but that's completely fine. Your cat doesn't not have people. Next, we're gonna go ahead and make the next so you could do again sleeping spaces, or even for from the line here on. That's where your neck will come down. No Jew lows for this you do not need. Okay? And then I'm just gonna meet the dunk like so. Now, at this point, you're going to make a hot. So use the Sandline as send of your heart. You can make it as big as you want. That's my heart on moving up. We're gonna dig again about four single spaces. Mark a point, and this is so now we're gonna make an almond shaped for the I'm going to bring its edge and then you pull it back from there. Way have an almond shaped for the foot high. We're gonna do the same on the other side way. Stop this. Fine. And then Okay. Now inside to make the people's we're gonna do another Armand Footboard ago. So, like this notice the one i small of the Diablo, and that again is fine. Now we're gonna again, doctor, at this point and caddy it out, is gonna find the full head. You doing your people? Everything is. So now that we've done that, they're just gonna connect the newest. So again from this one, we're gonna bring it down and connected to the edges. Okay? Just gonna is that. There we go. And you've got the basics of your cat. Now, if you want, like I did, I mean cheeks, you can do that as well. I'm just gonna take one single point on each side to show my kids will stop. This is totally up to you. You can make all you could make your It's your being. Do you want to make it your style? Whatever you feel like adding you could do that. So I have my cheeks on Our cat is done. The joining 4. Coloring the cat: Okay, so now it's time for my favorite part. When Colin the cat still don't worry about outlines or anything that will come in the last , you will extend. And so right now I'm just going, I I'm starting. I'm just gonna damage again. So if you see it's doing the dirty side of your to shoot just job like Rudy didn't around it. You should get so you can, Johnny Mize it. But you might wanna, over time, have some similarity. So, for example, Joinem using this, the food spot on the eyes. So I would not want to repeat this color because there's already a lot. However, if I would do the Chiefs in that state off base, then I'm gonna be that bank, maybe in the forehead or the eyebrows off here so that some batter on Otherwise, it's going to be do colorful, and they're gonna be too many dollars. You don't know where the focus on so good ideas to be. Maybe just to the gallows, used and minimal. So now, - so always remember your issue whenever young being around, because otherwise your hand might much and it might go over. - Now we're gonna go ahead and color in the cheeks. I think I want to do a knowledge. And, yes, these colors tandem. But that's the wood boy. Make it as colorful and vibrant. So now, like I said, how do you want to use Maybe do the same toggles in two places, So I'm going to do that with the audience since the cheeks was really small. So I'm gonna do the same with your head, So I'm gonna have some balance. And right now you can actually use the center line. I should mention this at the start. Go ahead. And it is a center line before you start. - And I think that I might just go with it that I wanted that I decided on the idea. So I'm gonna come back. - I'm gonna do the cute booth. If something like this happens on finding take, you get, you can always 5. Final touches: So now I'm done with my cab on if you want, So I know the background is quite clean. So now this is entirely optional. If you want, you can go ahead and Joseph back on. So give it a nice background. You need to follow the full thing, whatever you want to do with it. So right now I think I want to go with strikes using this color. So, Grace, this is the cat up Now. I've finished with holidaying in the next videos. You will understand how out sign it. Add finishing. Okay, so now this video is all about putting the final. So all you need is a black pastor shopping or any on your issue. So now we're gonna post outline cap, and you're gonna do it with the oil master. Yes, it will be a little, but that's spooky. So no , you're helps you find it. Now if you want way now with you. You Hi , guys.