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Art of Deep Meditation - Learn to meditate deeply by Pallabi Bhagawati

Pallabi Bhagawati, Teaching Pet Care & Meditations

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9 Lessons (14m)
    • 1. Definition 720p

    • 2. Benefits of meditation 720p

    • 3. Beat Procrastination 720p

    • 4. I am nothing 720p

    • 5. I want nothing

    • 6. I do nothing 720p

    • 7. I judge nothing 720p

    • 8. Focused Awareness 720p

    • 9. Free Awareness


About This Class


Meditation is the very breath of life. The word meditation in India, as pet Vedas and Upanisads, is signified by "DHYNA" meaning concentration and contemplation. DHYNA is a pathway of shifting one's awareness from one state to another. There are various techniques and principles have been established to define meditation in more modern and scientific manner. As far as the modern meditation is concerned, basic principles could be summed up as Focused Awareness and Free Awareness. I will elaborate everything in details during the entire course.


On successful completion of the course "Art of Deep Meditation" you will learn,

  1. Golden rules of deep meditation

  2. Learn to achieve deeper form of meditation - techniques and tips

  3. Overcome obstacles in attainment of deep meditation

  4. Warm up Pranayanma and breathing exercise that helps in attaining focus and deep meditation

  5. Tips on maintenance of consistency in the meditation practice

  6. Learn about focused and free awareness

  7. Student will attain calmness of mind, become stress free and organized

  8. Bonus MP3 for practice

  9. Lifetime access and access to frequent updates and new additions to the course

  10. Certificate of appreciation upon successful completion


  • If you are a Beginner, intermediate and advanced mediation enthusiast

  • If you are looking for inner awakening, happiness, peace and progress in life

  • If you are a spiritual enthusiast

  • Anyone aged above 15 years and beyond


1. Definition 720p : No, Misty. My name is Olivia polity, and I welcome you to my course out of deep meditation on the very first class, I'm going to discuss about the definition on the history of meditation. Meditation has got a long, glorious history off 5000 years from now, if you look at the ancient transcript off meditation, it will age back almost 1500 BC From now on, that was the age of Vedanta. Well, modern meditation can be defined as the shift one's awareness from one state to another. That means as a meditator, you are totally aware of your actions doing the meditation and you maneuver or modulate your state of mind, usually from sad, too happy that in some kind of lower end to the higher end, this is the shift or consciousness. This is one of the ancient form of mind programming that has been practiced by the people all around the world from the ancient times. Initially, meditation was confined to India, the ancient India, which is way larger than today's India on. Later on, with the expansion off the Buddhism, the meditation got the place all around the eastern part of the world. Later on towards the beginning of the 18th century Meditation got the introduction into the western part of the world with the expansion of the Buddhism and Vedanta philosophy off Hinduism rapping out for now. But I know that the definition and the history I have shared with you is not enough. I know you want to be PS. You want to learn more about it. So I would like to encourage you to reach out to me and write to me. You know, if you have any question, any queries in your mind and do write to me and I will see you in the next video. 2. Benefits of meditation 720p: There is an ocean full off benefits of deep meditation, meditation, Kenbrell about peace and tranquillity to your life. And most importantly, if you meditate deeply every day on a daily to daily basis, you will be free from your long term depression and anxiety problems. Hundreds of research has been conducted on the benefits off deep meditation, how the meditation improved the state of your mind and how it works on the nervous system. Daily meditations increases the production off dopamine, endorphins and serotonin, and these are happiness Horman's, which leads do the reduction off the depression and anxiety in you. And apart from that, it brings about happiness and concentration in your life. There are new hours, other health benefits off deeper form of meditation, like it helps in regulation or blood pressure. Blood sugar. And it also prevents cancer and other lifestyle diseases. So when you meditate every day, you get both the mental as well as physical benefits, and you blew. Does it the reason why I always insist people to meditate daily at least for 10 to 20 minutes, because it is for the benefit off You. Meditation are the very breath off life and we should always practice it on the daily to daily basis. Now I have a task for you. Why didn't you come up with 10 different numbers off health and mental benefits off meditation? Apart from those I have mentioned in this lecture, please do this and try and is at your whole. And just list them out before you start to meditate on. See you in the next lecture until then. 3. Beat Procrastination 720p: Welcome back. My name is Bolivia proclivity. And in this lecture I'm going to talk about how to overcome demon off procrastination. In the previous video, I have discussed about why we procrastinate and some of the reason behind procrastination. And in this video I'm going to share some of the tips and tricks to overpower procrastination. There's so many way you can avoid the procrastination, but I am going to share you three major drinks that helped me personally. Number one. You can start with two minutes off meditation every day, and then after that, gradually you can increase the amount of time. Number two. You can actually are set an alarm. I know it is little bit old school, but it works when it comes to meditation. And her is the meditation mantra. The mantra social Seagram means when you are about to do something great, you do it now because your time starts from now, you should not delayed. So this is the best mantra. Tow, Avoid procrastination. I recommend you to chant this mantra early in the morning before you meditate. It will be a great reminder for you that you are going to meditate 4. I am nothing 720p: welcome again to my course Art of deep meditation. My name is Valerie, Part Gravity. And this time I'm going to discuss about the first golden rule off deep meditation. I am nothing before you meditate. Just give up all your notions about yourself and prepare to be nothing. Forget about the fact that you are a mom, Dad, brother, sister. Or forget about your financial situation, your intelligence, your sexuality, etcetera, etcetera. Just be nothing and feel your original self withdrawal from the material possessions and attachments for a while. For next 10 to 15 minutes, it will help you to stay connected with yourself for a few minutes. So this is actually helpful for the next level, which is meditation because for meditation, you don't need to feed any attachments toe towards your surrounding or towards anything other than yourself. So, toe, bring yourself back to yourself. This is very important to feel the nothingness. In the next video, I'm going to discuss about the second Golden rule on the meditation. Until then, the part 5. I want nothing : welcome back to my course out of deep meditation. My name is Bolivia proclivity. And in this lecture, I'm going to discuss about the second Golden rule off deep meditation. I want nothing for next 10 to 15 minutes. When you are going to meditate, just remove all the preoccupation off your mind. That means you say to yourself that you expect nothing out off this meditation process. You just want to meditate. When you were preoccupied with the expectations and results or meditation, your mind will not be able to focus. The realities you are at any time. All the time will be concentrating on the results off the meditation. So your mind will feel the restlessness. This is the reason why you should want nothing. You should expect nothing from your meditations. All you have to do is to breathe and glide in the next video. I'm going to talk about the third golden rule of meditation. See you then. 6. I do nothing 720p: welcome back to my course Art of deep meditation. My name is funded people gravity. And in this lecture I'm going to speak about the third golden rule of deep meditation. I do nothing. I just feel that you do nothing. Basically, for next 10 to 15 minutes, Just prepare yourself and say to yourself that you have nothing to do. You are not connected toe any form of karma. When you withdraw yourself from the bondage of karma, what remains with you is nothing but simple breath. So for next 10 to 15 minutes, just prepare yourself to breathe, breathe in and breathe out. In the next video, I'm going to talk about the fourth golden rule of deep meditation. 7. I judge nothing 720p: welcome back again to my course art of deep meditation. I'm Pahlavi, part gravity. And this time I'm going to discuss about the fourth and the last golden rule off deep meditation I judge and nothing. Now, this is very important when you start to meditate, just acquired a nonjudgmental mode and do not judge yourself most of the time we failed because we are attached to the result off a particular task. Now, in this case, don't expect anything out of the meditation. Just you meditate. You just decide that I'm going to meditate and that's what I'm going to do. I'm going to breathing. I'm going to bring it out. This is what I am going to do and do not get attached to the results. So basically, don't judge yourself. Don't get attached toe. The results of the meditation results will come automatically. Just prepare yourself to meditate in 90% of time before others let us down. We let us down. It is not a good habit for as it is, not healthy. So this actually becomes applicable to each and every task you acquire. You take up in your life. In this context, you are going to prepare yourself to meditate. And even in this time, when you judge yourself, you won't be able to meditate. So don't just judge yourself. So this is the fourth and most important golden rule off meditation. In the next video, I'm going to talk about some other topics. So this is the end of the golden rule of deep meditations. Just practice them at your home. 8. Focused Awareness 720p: welcome again to my course art of deep meditation. My name is Pahlavi Productivity, and in this section I'm going to discuss about two very general types and tack Knicks off deep meditations. One is the focused awareness, and another one is the free awareness. Let us talk about the focused awareness first, in the focused awareness meditation, the meditator tries to focus on a single object during the entire meditation session. In this particular type of meditation, the object of attention could be anything like breath or movement off a body part like heartbeat, etcetera. The meditator can also visualize on chant a mantra or focus on a physical object. Basically, the object of attention could be either emotional or physical or both. As you practice this particular type of meditation and daily, slowly and steadily day by day, your concentration on the object that you are attentive to increases on all of the distractions around you starts to abolish. It is difficult at the beginning. This is the reason why I recommend you to close your eyes and shut one off the five senses that you regularly use in order to connect yourself with your external world. When you close your eyes and practiced this type of meditation. The deft of your concentration increases and you come up to be a better meditator wrapping up for now. And I will see you in the next video. But before that, I want to encourage you to use the question and answer platform in order to reach me. I'm going to help you, and I'm going to be there for you. 24 7 Just ask me any question regarding meditation about this course, and I'm going to give you all the answers you were expecting. 9. Free Awareness : welcome back to my course Art of deep meditation. My name is Ben Dipippa gravity. And in this lecture I'm going to speak about the free awareness meditation technique in this particular general form of meditation technique. We, instead of focusing on one single object, keep our minds open and we allow the thoughts toe come in and go out into your mind. We allow the thoughts to come into our mind and but remain completely non judgmental about it. As it comes, it goes away. It I Newt's automatically. In this type of meditation, we remain mindful about all the physical and emotional activity that happens inside and outside our body. We just make on effortless presence into the present. The idea off, open awareness meditation is being present at the present, and that's how we are able to connect with our self and our outside world simultaneously.