Art n' Play Mini-Series: Blind Contour Drawing | Riana Samaroo | Skillshare

Art n' Play Mini-Series: Blind Contour Drawing

Riana Samaroo, Artist, Mixed Media & Illustrator

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5 Videos (25m)
    • INTRO: What is this All About?

    • What is Blind Contour Drawing?

    • Let's begin: Draw What You See

    • More Examples and Practice

    • One More Angle...and Closing Remarks


About This Class

This class is the first of my NEW mini-series called: ART N' PLAY!

The intention is learning and re-learning old techniques that you and I have probably taken in a generic high school art class! Remember how FUN those were!?!?!

In this series you will be reminded of 3 main things:

  1. YOU are creative!
  2. Have FUN with art!
  3. Don't take yourself too serious...

If you're looking to take a class to FREE your mind, loosen up and gain confidence, this is the perfect starting point.






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Riana Samaroo

Artist, Mixed Media & Illustrator

Hi there! I'm Riana, Owner of and the creative behind RiCreation!

  I believe that anyone can create!

              We just sometimes need the encouragement to believe we can and the push to just do it!

My goal is to stir up your creative juices inside and encourage you to grow in it!  

I have always lov...

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