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Art du Jour: Three Little Postcards

teacher avatar Lucie Duclos, Design + Mixed Media

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (17m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Materials

    • 3. Background

    • 4. Postcards

    • 5. Words

    • 6. Merci!

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About This Class


Here’s a sweet little class to cheer you up! Cherry blossoms, beautiful foliage, and an imaginary garden, Art du Jour: Three Little Postcards, will show you how lightness and color can brighten up the darkest tones. In this class you will learn how to create 3 postcards using just a few light colours on a black background. We are going to explore 3 different layout options, leaving space for your own copy and using line work, dots and stamping techniques to create cheerful postcards. Download my list of words and wishes (in french and english), or come up with your own quote, haiku or word of encouragement.

This is a fun and easy project that you can do under 30 minutes. Make one, make two, make three or make a big stash of them so you always have one on hand to send away to brighten someone’s day!

If you feel like sharing your postcards in the project section, I would love to see them! 

Find me on instagram @lucieduclos for inspiration and new postcard ideas. You can use #3littlepostcards for sharing ideas and pictures on instagram.

Thank you so much for watching!



Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Lucie Duclos

Design + Mixed Media


Hello, I'm Lucie and I am a graphic designer and mixed media artist. I work with a lot of different mediums and techniques from pen and ink to watercolor, monoprints, encaustics, collage, acrylics and bookmaking. My work experience is in publishing, packaging and textile design. I have done packaging and illustration work for Harry & David, Smith & Hawken, UPPERCASE magazine, Danone and Salesforce among others. 

I grew up in Montreal, Canada, then moved to the San Francisco Bay Area, then to Port Townsend, Washington to finally end up right back in Canada, but on the west coast, in Victoria, British Columbia. 

Check out my latest class on Skillshare: Art du Jour: Inky Doodle Notebook. In this class, you wil... See full profile

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1. Introduction: 2. Materials: So for this class, you'll need some cardboard, any kind of cardboard that he can paint and you'll need some sandpaper like 100 Grip is probably good if you don't want to make your own. You can buy the black drawing haiku card by ASEM lt and they're fabulous and they're ready to go and you'll need a hole punch. You can make your own to your own corner to with scissors. Ah, unit ball Stig no broad and white or post a paint pen. You'll also need some black just so. Or you can also use matte black acrylic. You'll need some acrylic wash paint or regular acrylic skewer. You'll need a pencil with an eraser on the back. You'll need a fine black marker and some ah, a glue stick in some contact paper, and also you'll need a phone brush, a ruler and also, um, a hole punch and some ribbons if you want 3. Background: So because we're gonna work on black, you need Teoh. Create your both card, your black background for your postcard first. And, uh so you cannot going to show you how to do that with Jess. Oh, or if you want to buy them, already made, you can get this little stash of black drawing haiku card from S M L T. Art there really wonderful. And they're fabulous, actually. And they're really great to work on. The texture is really smooth, and they'll already have around corners and everything. So if you're going that route, then you're ready to go and you can go to the next video, if not to you gonna use recycle cardboard if you wanna. You know I love recycling stuff, so I obviously always have cardboard around. You can use a cereal box, anything that you have like cookie box eso I do. I cut it to about ah four and 1/4 by six. And, um, I used just so to do Ah, the texture, the background. This one is really great from Daniel Smith, But you can also use regular Matt acrylic if you don't have Jessel and then first what I do is to take off that kind of, um, shiny finish. I use sandpaper. Eso I just I just go roughly on the surface so I can take, you know, at the shiny part. And also, it helps, um, grip the, uh It helps the Jess Oh, dear. To the surface. So to apply to just so I use a foam brush. And, um, first you want to put it on something because you want to protect the back of your postcard . You know, if you don't use anything that it's just going to slide around and the back is going to get a little bit messy. So I use contact paper because I use contact paper and for everything if you've taken my other classes. So I want to keep my my back of that, like the craft color Ah, side. I want to keep it clean. So that's why I use contact paper. So the first coat I'm going to do is I'm gonna go in one direction. So this first coat going to be, um, the long way. So I'm gonna I'm gonna feel I'm gonna make a first thin coat. Um, horizontally, I guess. Or is it Vertical e don't know one direction, So just go in one direction, and when you do the other side, then just make sure you go in the other direction. So when it's dry on, then you can go and put another coat, and it might It might bend a little bit, but that's okay. Don't worry about it is going to flatten out. Um, you know, when it when it dries completely. So now I'm going to go and do my second coat and in the other direction and ah, and then you let it drive, and then you go to the next one because you want to do three of these. Okay, so now this is pretty dry, and I can just remove the back Ah, by, um, contact paper and I can use it again for something else, and you can see that it keeps it pretty clean. It's not perfect, but, you know, it doesn't have to be perfect, but at least it's clean enough that you can write on it if you want. So, um, the next thing you want to do is do some around corners because I think it really adds a lot to it. So if you have around corner punch, then, um, you just punch the corners and that's pretty simple. If you don't have one, what you can do is just do it you know, by hand. Or if you want to just trace your corner with with something round, like this one. Is that the cap of my post ca pink pen? And so it helps you make him all Even so Ik do either way. And there you go. You have your your postcards and you're ready to go to the next step. 4. Postcards: So for our first postcard, we're gonna do a blossom theme and we only going to use two colors. And, uh, we're gonna just do some three little branches of cherry blossoms. So we're gonna use our signal a unit ball signal for that and then to do the branches. Then we're gonna you We could use also your postcode paint marker if you prefer, but I really like this. Thats particular pen for that because it makes it really smooth. It really glides nicely on the paper. So three branches on the left hand side keep it simple and leave space on the right hand side for copy that we're gonna add later. And now we're gonna add some color. So I want to do a nice pink color. So I'm using titanium white in Scarlet and also going to use a secure and I'm gonna use both sides of it the flat part and also the pointy part that I'm gonna use to paint. So I'm gonna put, um, start with white and just at a tiny bid of the scarlet and start mixing it. I would say, um, just be careful because you don't need a whole lot. See, I don't haven't put enough, Didn't put enough white. And I put too much red. So yeah, you want to just put more white and at a tiny little bit of red, that's pretty good. So 12 34 five and that's it. There's a flower that's your flowers. So you keep beating that Ah, the way around another flower. And if you look at a branch of cherry blossom, you can see this like flowers and also these little buds that are really cute. So I think you want to add some of those. So you want to kind of make a mix of little buds in, ah, little flowers for your branches. - So next I'm gonna do the inside of my flowers with white dots and I just dip my pointy side of my skewer in white paint, and I like the kind of unevenness of the little dots when you use paint instead of using your marker or you post a paint marker, and I add little thoughts everywhere here, um, in the little little shadows or little highlights on my little buds on to give it a little perspective and my last step is to just add little lines with ah, pencil inside my flowers. I just do three lines on each pedal, and that's it. You have your little branches and you are ready to go to the next postcard. But first, if you need Teoh, clean up some areas you can just use your black marker to, you know, fill little spots. Okay, so, postcard number two, we're gonna do some foliage this time, and we're going to leave this side open and kind of work on the corners. Ah, so the upper right corner and the lower left corner, and then we're gonna add some leaves and, um, you know, little flowers and stuff, but we're gonna do mostly leaves on this one. So we're gonna add some foliage on each corner of this postcard, and for this one, we're also gonna add two colors. So we're going to start with white. And don't worry if there's holes or, you know, don't put too much stuff because we are gonna add some color to it. So this time we're not going to use a skewer. We're gonna use the eraser off pencil, and we're just gonna You amusing green here like green. And I'm just using the pencil, the areas air on the pencil to just stamp, or you can use anything else you want. But for this one, I'm just stamping little buries, I guess. Imaginary Berries. So now I'm just going Teoh add some line work and with my black marker inside my Berries and ah, I'm gonna add Probably use my skewer to add some white little details here and there. And I'm also gonna go in with my skewer to add some little dots with the red and with the green. And that will be my my second postcard Sorry for 1/3 postcard, we're going to do an imaginary garden. So we're gonna work on the bottom part, and we're gonna leave the top part of our postcard blank so we can put type there. So if you can put yourself a little line if you want, and then we're going to stamp with our pencil eraser, and I'm gonna use bright aqua green and vivid lime green and scarlet, and I'm just gonna put some shapes. So when I'm done putting shapes and dots, I'm just gonna draw my line for my flowers and my stems and just add some white details. And it leaves and basically put everything together that we've been working on before on the other two postcards. And, um, add some, you know, you could bring in your skewer again toe add some little touch of paint here and there. And ah, it's going to be a beautiful imaginary garden glowing on the dark. Congratulations. I love it, huh? 5. Words: So now you have you three little postcards, and all you need to do is add some words on there. So I have something for you. You can do your own or you can download. Ah, the page that I did for you in French, in English. And you can cut out your little words and decide what you want to put on each postcard. So this one, I think I'm going to do, um, dam in French because I think it would look really pretty. And, um, I have two different typeface for each thing. So one is veteran typewriter and the other one is neutral, I think. But this one is just a regular, um, think it's Neutra regular. So I'm just gonna Yeah, I think I like it just like that. Very simple. And, um, I'm gonna work on my next one and this one. This one I think I'm gonna do, um, thinking of you or you make me happy. Have a bunch of lines at the bottom to that. You can cut and mix and match if you want, but yeah, I like this one. You make me happy, and then I'm gonna work on my 3rd 1 And this one is very festive looking. Some thinking Ah, happy happy birthday would be a very good one for it. So you have you have you three postcards now, And all you need to do is, um, use a glue stick and, um, put him on. So again, you can print your own Siris of words in your own language. Ah, you can, you know, the sky's the limit. Really? You can do whatever you want. And, Harry, have you have you three little postcards? And the other thing you could do is add some details underneath. So, you know, had little dots under your, um, lying or this one. I'm gonna pull heart over the I and, um, for the happy birthday. Maybe help a little festive lines on top. Eso you can add. You can still add little details. And then another thing you could do with your postcard is to turn it into a little Hank tag or just add something to it so people can hang it on the door, are in the window, or you can attach it to present, which would be quite fabulous. Honestly, Eso Ah, here you go. you have your little hang tag or postcard hanging postcard, and here's your other postcard, and voila! Put him in the mail and your friends will love you for it. I guarantee it. 6. Merci!: Thank you so much for taking my class. I can't wait to see your little postcard, so please upload them in the project section below. And if you want to know about your classes or giveaways, please follow me on skill share. And if you're looking for more inspiration and ideas, you can also follow me on Instagram at Lucy. So I hope to see in my next class ibn toll.